this is why i shouldn't ink

Missing someone I shouldn’t even be thinking about.
—  March 17, 2017

Boys like him don’t come wrapped in pretty packages with bows and ribbons-
Boys like him come in sleepless eyes and bruised knuckles.

They see girls like you, with wide eyes and soft lips-
And crave for that vulnerability.
So they wear a smile that’s almost too bright and hold your hand almost too hard,
And they love.

They love you until your heart bleeds and your eyes sting, they love you until you’re too blinded by the daggar they’re twisting into your ribcage.

Girls like you though, they believe that they can kiss their knuckles until they’re healed. So they wait around for boys like him to grow up.

But boys like him don’t grow up, they drain-

and it works every time with girls like you.

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #108
How do you feel about him now?”
I paused at this unexpected question, and inhaled some vapour to give myself time to think of a suitable answer. I briefly considered lying, before realising that my alcohol-clouded brain had no choice but to be honest.
“I don’t really know. I loved him. And he didn’t love me. Or maybe he did to begin with, but he certainly didn’t when it ended. So I’ve trained myself not to love him. Life’s too short to waste time longing for someone who’s never going to want you.
—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write #2 // vapour
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Ok,  I put the blame on this fanfic squarely on @shinyzango and @themarginalartist for coming up with the concept and artwork for Ink Henry.  I’ve had this on my mind for awhile and I had to give it a shot.  I hope y’all like it.

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*deep inhale* This is why you shouldn't be a bitch to everyone you meet. Now look at you, tied up and blindfolded in what looks like a closet somewhere. No, really, where are you? We'll send someone to go get you.

“Did it take you guys this long to realize I was gone?!!”

ATWQ Character Aesthetics

6/8: Cleo Knight

But Cleo Knight didn’t even flinch, a word for the usual reaction people have to a loud noise or an unfortunate event. I don’t know what I expected to find when I found this brilliant chemist. I suppose I had thought she might be quiet and shy, from all the time she spent in her bedroom working on a formula for invisible ink. But instead she kept walking toward the quivering man in the corner, and pointed a finger at him as furious as the bruise on her wrist. 

If a drink is what it takes to kill the butterflies you gave me,
Then then I’ll make my home in a winery.
If getting high is what it takes to to erase our memories,
Then Mary Jane is my new best friend.
And if nicotine replaces my addiction to you,
Then I’ll kiss my lungs goodbye.
—  I’m done letting you ruin me

Mostly just ink. Don’t know why there’d be much blood ‘round here, but then again, I can’t exactly say that I haven’t seen any…



Why is this done in ink? What are these people doing? What are these paintings? Where is this place? What makes Lemony Snicket’s books so good? Why do you care? Why are you asking these questions? These are the wrong questions #ATWQfanart Thank you Lemony Snicket for everything. You inspired me to read and now, in 8th grade, I have read so many good books and have gotten as many people as I could to read your books. I love the way you write, and I hope one day to publish a book as well. I first want to be on the Supreme a court though:) thank you for inspiring my big dreams and showing me that some mystery and thinking outside of the box will take you a long way.

Why is This Done in Ink? by lovingbooks_forever. Selected by Lemony Snicket as one of thirteen winners of the #ATWQFanArt contest.

I was cleaning my room yesterday when I found it.  Your old, rusty pocket knife was buried under a pile of sweatshirts and dirty sheets.  It fell out of your jeans that thursday night when you said I was all you needed.  You were so upset when you couldn’t find it, but had to rush out the door because she was expecting you soon.  That was three weeks ago and you haven’t called since.
I thought things were going to change that night.  I’m not really sure why; maybe it was because you mumbled “I love you” between kisses, or the fact that your eyes seemed to grow brighter with every glance my way.  But weeks have passed and you’re still with her, and I’m still the other woman that is helplessly in love with you.
—  because you need me as much as that damn knife
Things I Shouldn't Have Said

Why do people say
Things they don’t mean?
Why do they give love
Just to take it away?

Words are like knives
That can help kill or survive.
You braved my wilderness
Only to cut out my heart.

I’ve sewn my mouth shut
To keep from screaming
These words rushing out
Of my throat to confess.

I love you more than you’ll
Probably ever love me.
I give you all of me,
Every piece you want.

I barely get the words out
Before he plunges the knife in.
I should’ve kept my mouth shut.
Maybe I would’ve survived.

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So my drawing Buddy came over annnnnnd......
  • Buddy: Hey I'm finally done with this comic!
  • Me: *Looks up from my character designs* Huh? The one you just started? Or the one you been working on for three days?
  • Buddy: Yeah.....Take a look! I'm pretty proud of it......
  • Me: *Takes her note book and read the comic*
  • Buddy: *Plays with her thumbs* Do you like it?
  • Me: *Chuckles* Love it♥ You know thats my favorite ship! Why would I not like this! *Grins*
  • Buddy: Mines too.....*Blushes and smiles*
  • Me: *hands her back her book* When you gonna Ink, color, and post that bad boy? Alot of other shippers would love it!
  • Buddy: Post it......Like where?
  • Me: Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook. ....I don't know. Somewhere, where people will enjoy your art work.
  • Buddy: No!.....I mean....I'll ink and color it......But I'm not gonna post it.......
  • Me: And why not?
  • Buddy: .....Because.....Well you know I only have a tumblr account and.....Well.....If you look that tag up there is so much hate and harassment. You know I can't handle any type of harassment! *frowns*
  • Me: Oh.....Yeah i've seen it. *Shrugs and sighs* I say you shouldn't let that stop ya but I understand what you mean.
  • Buddy: You aren't.....phased by this?
  • Me: Nah.....
  • Buddy: Why Not...? You draw and write too......
  • Me: Here is how I see it: Those haters.....Well Bashers is a better term.....are very childish. And I ain't aint got no time to be fighting with a child or someone who acts as such. If you strongly dislike the ship, Turn around and get out the tag. Stop filling the tag with unneeded hate and drama. And if people don't tag a peice of art work and it bugs you that much, You can make a public post or ask that person to tag their stuff next time. As long as you do it nicely.
  • Buddy: I see.....
  • Me: People who like one ship have as much right to like that ship as people who don't like it to not like it.
  • Buddy: .....Wha.....
  • Me: What i mean is shippers have the right to ship whatever they like. And other shippers have the right to dislike whatever they don't.
  • Buddy: Oooooh
  • Me: Right. And If you and other people who don't deal with harassment well feel scared to post something as simple as a little fluffy comic. There is a problem. Everyone should welcome all the people in their fandom. No matter what they ship.
  • Buddy: I guess you're right.
  • Me: Tumblr and other websites/Mobile apps shouldn't be a war zone.
  • Buddy: Yeahh......
  • Me: But to get back to the topic: I think you should ink it, add that color, and post it. Let everyone see you're amazing work. But if you don't wanna, I won't make you.
  • Buddy: ......Yeeeeah I might! You really think people would like it.
  • Me: Yeah, FlutterShy!
  • Buddy: *Groans* For the last time.....I'm not a pink and yellow pony! *Whines*
  • Me: *Snorts* You sure as hell act like her.
  • Buddy: Imma tell my boyfriend on you. .....
  • Me: So? I'll kick his ass.....again!
  • Buddy: ........
  • Me: ........*Grins*
  • Boths: *Starts laughing*