this is why i shouldn't have a blog

  • Levy: (sighs as she stares at Gajeel, clearly pining for him) Why are boys stupid? I've been dropping hints that I'm into him and he's been dropping maybe hints at me I think but he won't ask the damn question! This is why I turn to books!
  • Cana: Maybe you shouldn't pine for him and be bold!
  • Gajeel: (casually butting into the conversation) Yeah! Bold is sexy! But who is the guy? I have to make sure he's right for you first.
  • Levy: . . . (internal screaming)
  • Cana: (bursts into fits of laughter and walks away)

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I have seen a lot of people, including this blog, saying that a dog shouldn't be moving when using a rigid handle. Why is that? Also, why do most guide dog organizations use rigid handles on dogs while moving if you're not supposed to do that?

It puts torque on the dogs spine that can cause injury. You need an angled handle like a guide handle or a pull strap to prevent injury.


Boys like him don’t come wrapped in pretty packages with bows and ribbons-
Boys like him come in sleepless eyes and bruised knuckles.

They see girls like you, with wide eyes and soft lips-
And crave for that vulnerability.
So they wear a smile that’s almost too bright and hold your hand almost too hard,
And they love.

They love you until your heart bleeds and your eyes sting, they love you until you’re too blinded by the daggar they’re twisting into your ribcage.

Girls like you though, they believe that they can kiss their knuckles until they’re healed. So they wait around for boys like him to grow up.

But boys like him don’t grow up, they drain-

and it works every time with girls like you.

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #108

Part 2 of this thing [X] :3c also inspired by Yamato’s pose~

Also I just realized that I reached over 2100 followers, thank you guys!! I have no idea why you follow this trash blog but I glad you do UwU here have this Laz

Did someone say more flower crowns? Probably not but here you go anyway.

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Like we shouldn't even have discussions, it's just common sense not to tweet @ them or comment on post about 'them getting together already' like fuck off if you do this.

Look, everyone knows this is how I’ve felt since the beginning: I keep all this shit off my blog because I think talking about it before it’s an issue just makes it an issue.

But this isn’t the first comment like this I’ve seen on Facebook/Instagram, so it’s definitely starting to become a problem and that’s why I wanted to publicly post my opinion about the matter

I’m still not looking to have a big discussion, this will probably be the last that I post about it, but like… I needed to say something because I know who/how many people see my blog and tbh I figured I should use the platform I have to get the message across that people need to grow the fuck up and learn to be respectful

This show is Ryan’s baby and if you can only talk about a non-existent relationship at him, that completely disregards all of Ryan’s hard work and is just really fucking rude


Black Velvet

Why She Chose Anora
  • Mama: You know what made me pick?
  • Me: What?
  • Mama: It's political so you probably shouldn't talk about this on your blog thingie... but people voted for Trump saying even though he had no experience, we should give him a chance. Seeing as how THAT's working out so well... I went the opposite.
  • Me: ...
  • Mama: Seriously. That's the main reason I chose Anora.
  • Me: So... you're saying Anora is Hillary Clinton?
  • Mama: Basically. I can't possibly say (in good conscience) that Trump shouldn't have been given a chance but Alistair should. That's hypocritical. I couldn't NOT pick Anora based on that thinking!
  • Me: I'm cracking up so hard right now.

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Read someone saying they don't really want to know how lesbian sex works and you replied that they shouldn't be on this blog?? The hell? Just because someone doesn't want to know how people have sex doesn't mean they're against lesbians dating???

I was replying to teal0wl in the comments, and if you take one second to look at their blog bio it says “don’t drag me into your non binary femi**zi cancer”. that’s why they shouldn’t be on my blog.

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Hey! Love your blog. I haven't been on the past few days since the stream but I wanted to ask. Why did you attack Fresh during that stream in front of all those people? I understand if you had beef with them but if that was me I'd feel very attacked. Especially if it was from you senpai. Couldn't you have messages them privately? I follow them and they are such a sweet person. They shouldn't have been bashed publicly....kay bye. :3

// First of all: I didn’t ATTACK them.

// If you were there in the stream you can clearly read what I said. I have no ill will and wish you the best, really I do.” You would have also read them thanking me for my honesty on the matter. I approached them in the stream because I didn’t want to DM them and make them feel cornered. They didn’t get attacked in the stream, in fact they got encouragement to try and find their own style by other stream viewers.

// Fresh/Bendycraves blatantly copied a friend of mine’s ART, AESTHETIC, AND CHARACTER. They had the same body type, expressions, personality, clothing style, art style and EVEN NICKNAME. They told me they never intended to copy them and it wasn’t their intention to disrespect an artist they looked up to. So I just explained how frustrating it is when people DO copy our designs and styles completely.

// A style in art is a very personal thing. Its influenced by all the things around you and you grow with it. So imagine having a kitten, you raise this kitten, you grow up with it, and one day someone STEALS that kitten and claims it as their own. Isn’t that REALLY MESSED UP? Exactly. So stop doing that to artists.

// I never told them to “stop doing art” or to just “delete their blog” I just explained that I PERSONALLY didn’t like what they were doing and found it really disrespectful. I even went on to say that I hope the anons that were bullying them left them alone and told them I had respect for them as an artist, my only gripe was the copying.

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I've done everything I can think of to try and get some idea of fun back with the show and fandom. I've unfollowed SC and everyone associated w/show. I've stopped following blogs that cause hurt feelings. I've cleaned up my Twitter timeline/blocked. Still, no fun. Then I realized...*I* shouldn't be having to do these things to enjoy a show. The *show/network* should be doing things to keep me as a loyal (paying) fan. Why am I doing all the work here to avoid nonsense I'm NOT paying to see!!


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Sry if i am a bother I am new in this fandom and have a question. Is the couple Mayumiko part of the main cast- and has a posibility to become canon like the rest (if they do!!) or is it impossible bc they are 'two guys' (tho that shouldn't matter)? I am curious wether I should go all in or will end up getting my heart broken? And why is it called forbidden love in some chapter titles? I really hope I am not a bother.

well the biggest plot point going for mayumiko would be that mayu and mikorin interact regularly through mayumayu’s art blog, believing the other to be a cute girl. tsubaki sensei generally hasn’t shown a negative attitude towards homosexual relationships. 

i kinda wrote a lot so im going to put the rest under the cut

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Second KKC Ask Meme
  • Cthaeh: Tell us about a time you caused a negative event by previous actions.
  • Felurian: Tell us a time where you isolated yourself for an extended period of time.
  • Marten: Tell us a time when you were called boring while you were perfectly content.
  • Tempi: Tell us of a time where you let you actions speak for you.
  • Hespe: Tell us a time when you prevented a loved one from doing something dangerous/stupid.
  • Dedan: Tell us about a time where a younger person was in charge of you.
  • Vashet: Tell us about a tough teacher you had.
  • Lorren: Tell us a time when you were furious and wrathful.
  • Chancellor: Tell us about a time where authority defended you to others.
  • Elxa Dal: Tell us a time when you warned someone.
  • Stanchion: Tell us a time you helped someone with their art.
  • Deoch: Tell us a time where you acted extremely out of character.
  • Nina: Tell us a time you saw something you shouldn't have.
  • Abenthy: Tell us a story about one of your favorite teaches.
  • Devon Lochees: Tell us a time you debunked a rumor or myth.

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This blog is absolute rubbish. I'm unfollowing and spreading word to people on why they shouldn't follow it. I'm sick of people praising the nasty art style, the bad humour and horrible display of characters. I'm leaving, and I'm making sure nobody goes to this blog when I'm gone. #takedownask-art-student-prussia

Uh oh spaghetti o’s

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I truly do not see why people are hating on you and I've been following your blog since showstopper was dating him and you were crushing on him . Anyways your a great person this blog is fucking great , people shouldn't listen to anyone's fucking thoughts just go to the person in ask ! What do they have to hide , half the bendy blogs are gone because of this and other things . Minors should know there place , yes I understand u " wonder" but don't wonder in the wrong place . Love ya pop - a fan

// Hey there, thanks for the support and kind words, its appreciated! Let it be known that most of the hate I’ve been receiving haven’t just been because of my blog or the content on it. Rather, it’s because of some silly lies and rumors my fellow artists have decided to spread about me. Now, I would care less if they didn’t like me, thats fine, I can’t make people like me. But, what they’re saying about me have been causing people to put threats out on me and even try to gang up on me on private, group discords. Most of them have never even spoken to me before they decided to come attack me and didn’t even ask me my side of the story.

// I’ve been politely staying quiet as to not cause a stir and lead to the next discourse of unneeded drama, but frankly, my patience has been tried one too many times. This is all I’ll be saying on the matter publicly.

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So you're disappointed with Sam (for the umpteenth time) because he said "We're good actors etc etc" but Cait saying that they live separate life outside of Outlander is ok? So it's ok for Cait to lie but Sam shouldn't do it? Why don't you change your blog in a Cait's only blog? It's always like that with you, Cait gets a pass over everything with you. Sam does the same thing and you always complain. Now you'll call me a Samonly or a Sam mommy, as you always do with people you don't agree with.

When did I say I was disappointed in Sam? You’re turning this into a way bigger deal than I have. Cait didn’t get a pass when she said that. Why are you so desperate for me to treat them the same when they’re different people who say different things? The truth is Sam has thrown shippers under the bus more than Cait. He’s insulted us more. He’s also associated with people who harass and belittle us on the daily. Obviously I’m going to have a different opinion towards him. It doesn’t mean I hate him or even dislike him. I just don’t give him the benefit of the doubt as often as Cait because I don’t feel he deserves it. Yes you are a Sam Mommy and he already has thousands of them so please get the fuck over yourself.

How They Think Tulpamancy Works
  • Raven: Heyo Vamp can I post this photo you have in your phone?
  • Me: Yeah, sure.
  • How Tulpamancy Actually Works 90% of the Time:
  • Me: Hey Raven why did you post this obscure photo of me and a friend from 4 years ago?
  • Raven: IDFK that was yesterday
  • Me: Well shouldn't you have asked?
  • Raven: It's my friend too and we share the same body so get rekked newb LOL

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Okay but why do you defend Snape? He: • Physically abused Harry • Threatened to kill a students pet because he did a potion wrong • (My main point) NEVILLE'S PARENTS WERE TORTURED INTO INSANITY, YET SNAPE WAS HIS WORST FEAR. DONT COME AT ME WITH THE IRRATIONAL FEAR BS, A BOGGART WOULD SHOW A TRAUMATIC FEAR :) • Oh yes, he refused to help a student who's front teeth were magically engorged, saying he didnt see a difference I have plently more and am up for a friendly debate!

i was confused as to why you followed me before sending this ask and apparently it’s for a debate. here’s the thing, this blog and many others have countered your points so often that i don’t feel like doing it again. if you’re so curious, you can go through my blog. 

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That one Rayne girl her writing sucks and i always wondered why and I know now because shes only 12 she shouldn't even have a tumblr she doesn't even post she should be kicked off of this blog

This is not your decision whether or not to kick someone off. You do not run the blog therefore have no say in who I choose as my admins. I apologize that you do not like one of my admin’s writing. Our admins writing are very different. Even though she is going to be an admin, should age be a problem? She is still learning. Plus I barely post either. We have a life outside of this too you know. We’re human beings. We can’t post 24/7 for you and have you hate on our admins. It’s one thing to criticize her work but you’re just hating on her writing and blaming that she’s too young. If you’re going to criticize someone, do it right and then maybe she will learn something. But this is unacceptable. Feel free to give me hate messages but giving one of my admins is unacceptable to me.
-admin m