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I have seen a lot of people, including this blog, saying that a dog shouldn't be moving when using a rigid handle. Why is that? Also, why do most guide dog organizations use rigid handles on dogs while moving if you're not supposed to do that?

It puts torque on the dogs spine that can cause injury. You need an angled handle like a guide handle or a pull strap to prevent injury.


Part 2 of this thing [X] :3c also inspired by Yamato’s pose~

Also I just realized that I reached over 2100 followers, thank you guys!! I have no idea why you follow this trash blog but I glad you do UwU here have this Laz

Boys like him don’t come wrapped in pretty packages with bows and ribbons-
Boys like him come in sleepless eyes and bruised knuckles.

They see girls like you, with wide eyes and soft lips-
And crave for that vulnerability.
So they wear a smile that’s almost too bright and hold your hand almost too hard,
And they love.

They love you until your heart bleeds and your eyes sting, they love you until you’re too blinded by the daggar they’re twisting into your ribcage.

Girls like you though, they believe that they can kiss their knuckles until they’re healed. So they wait around for boys like him to grow up.

But boys like him don’t grow up, they drain-

and it works every time with girls like you.

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #108
Why She Chose Anora
  • Mama: You know what made me pick?
  • Me: What?
  • Mama: It's political so you probably shouldn't talk about this on your blog thingie... but people voted for Trump saying even though he had no experience, we should give him a chance. Seeing as how THAT's working out so well... I went the opposite.
  • Me: ...
  • Mama: Seriously. That's the main reason I chose Anora.
  • Me: So... you're saying Anora is Hillary Clinton?
  • Mama: Basically. I can't possibly say (in good conscience) that Trump shouldn't have been given a chance but Alistair should. That's hypocritical. I couldn't NOT pick Anora based on that thinking!
  • Me: I'm cracking up so hard right now.

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Read someone saying they don't really want to know how lesbian sex works and you replied that they shouldn't be on this blog?? The hell? Just because someone doesn't want to know how people have sex doesn't mean they're against lesbians dating???

I was replying to teal0wl in the comments, and if you take one second to look at their blog bio it says “don’t drag me into your non binary femi**zi cancer”. that’s why they shouldn’t be on my blog.

Nothing makes me less sympathetic toward a character than a “they have been wronged and therefore can never do wrong” attitude when writing them. Like, why is the notion that everyone should be responsible for their own choices such a radical idea to so many (particularly where female characters are concerned)?

And I’m not talking about writers acknowledging pain or trauma, but rather excusing bad choices entirely. Like to the point of having even characters who would have a right to resent their choices rushing to reassure them that “they can do no wrong because they have been wronged,” nevermind if those same characters suffered their own trauma as a direct result of the aforementioned bad choices. 

Essentially they’re just an eternal victim who doesn’t seem to have learned anything from their life experiences or to have grown as a person, and I don’t find that admirable or sympathetic.


And in case anyone’s wondering

Robin’s survival was not just a deus ex machina 

It was something carefully considered in advance because, while I wanted it to happen, I wasn’t going to go through with it unless I could reliably back it with a valid rationale.

So let’s talk about dragons

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overall, when it comes to shipping there’s always discourse and disagreement, and on this website there’s people that take shipping to a whole other level and it just…makes me extremely uncomfortable and is the main reason why i don’t normally ship anything or express my thoughts over something i may ship

people may see this this as being cowardly, but i just don’t like hate and people being mean to each other, so shipping is something that i try to avoid talking about on this blog, since that’s not my main focus, and i mainly see a lot of fandom drama and hate over ships. my main focus is on a plot line of a show and its characters and how it’s delivered, and i love expressing my love over a character and how good a show is, not a ship.

so I apologize if i ever answer questions about ships and i appear uncomfortable and all that or if you send in an ask about a ship and i don’t answer it…its because i don’t want to start any discourse, and i want to keep my blog a friendly place where people don’t have to worry about ships.

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"Wouldn't it be fun to do a lil award thing within the fandom to build community and friendships?" "WTF UNFOLLOWED!!!" God, why are people so quick to assume that others are being malicious? It was a cute idea, how could they have gathered something so negative from it?

i can see why people would feel annoyed by the awards for the exact reason that anon stated, bc more often than not the winners usually end up being the bigger and more known blogs. but like @viktornikiforow commented, even those blogs started out as tiny baby blogs once and got to where they are now by being important contributors to the fandom so i don’t think it’s unfair if they get the recognition they deserve? and there will be so many different kinds of categories that i’m certain smaller blogs will win as well! in the end it’s up to us to nominate and vote for our faves, so if you want the smaller blogs to win, nominate those and show your support! ♥

and like… i’ve taken part in a few fandom awards kind of things before. in some i didn’t get nominated, in some i did, never won anything lmao, but it was always a very fun and positive experience! not only did it bring the fandoms together to have fun and show our appreciation for each other, but i’ve also found many great new blogs and people though them ♥

I should make a blog called “Reasons Why My General Manager is Crying.” Yesterday alone she cried because:

- She got stuck behind a school bus on her way to Staples
- She was supposed to go to the bank and forgot, presumably because of the school bus
- She couldn’t remember the combination for the safe
- She wasn’t sure how to reimburse me for something I’d bought last week
- She doesn’t know how to use any of the computer systems
- Someone from the front desk was mentioned by name in a bad review
- The office was too warm

She had to take today off because “yesterday was a little too stressful for her.”

*Why do some blogs think it’s funny to spite-follow people after they’ve asked for them not to interact?

*I really don’t like having to check everyone’s blog as they follow me only to be met with content that I find uncomfortable.

*I’m sure I’ve been nice about this but if people keep this up I’m not sure what else I can do.

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How do you blacklist something? No offense but Shalidan makes me really uncomfortable.

No offense taken, nonny, you do you and thank you for being polite about this. This is why I tag! (Well, that and a desire to occasionally be able to find things again lol)

You’ll need to install xkit if you don’t already have it (it’s a browser extension; unfortunately if you’re blogging on mobile I don’t think there’s a way to blacklist anything, someone correct me if I’m wrong about that). There’s an extension that’s literally called “Blacklist”, it looks like this:

Install it, then go to MyXKit and select the extension, and tell it what words you want it to Blacklist

(Scroll down, you’ll find a button that says “add words”)

If you’re only doing it for me, I tag by ship name, so get “Shance” and “Sheith” and that should do it. I don’t think I’ve ever even seen, let alone reblogged, anything Shiro/Hunk, and I’m uninterested in Shiro/Pidge for a variety of reasons, so those first two are the only ones that might occasionally pop up

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Out of curiosity, why is something considered anti-black but when directed against natives, it is considered "upholding white supremacy." Why is it not anti-native, in combination to colonialist and white supremacist? Is it because anti-native is not an established theory? Native and indigenous people are persecuted globally in every culture, shouldn't there be a specific term? Love your blog by the way, I have learned so much, and appreciate your dedication to education and decolonization.

Because anti-Blackness is a term that was coined to describe an entire body of work and theory based on this axis of oppression. When Natives (meaning here Amerindigenous people) say “anti-Native”, they’re not coining it independently but because of exposure to the terms ‘anti-Black’ and ‘anti-Blackness’. This is profiting directly off the labor and work of Black theorizers, and directly manifests repercussions (violence) against Black folks. 

Most importantly, this violence is the same pattern of violence which is faced by all Indigenous peoples worldwide, not just Amerindigenous folks. This is in contrast to Black peoples globally, because they are all denigrated and face unified violence, based on a “code” of phenotypic features white people have stereotyped as ‘Blackness’.  

Violence against Black peoples is arbitrary, universal, not exclusive to white people, and dedicated to forcing them into continued enslavement, terrorization, and suffering. Indigenous Black folks, African peoples being one example, face colonialism as well as anti-Blackness. 

The term ‘Native’ is not used the same globally and it is also not used universally. The specific violence, in which Indigenous peoples are disappeared and supplanted, and face worldwide, is colonialism (and genocide). 

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Hi. I'm cis. I'll also be a nurse practitioner in two years or so, and partly because of your blog, I've been giving a lot of thought to how best to be a real ally to trans folk in that role. Could you elaborate on why you think I shouldn't do (1)

healthcare for trans people? I want to actually help and not be an asshole who just thinks she’s helping. I want to increase access to care rather than gatekeep. Is there a way I can do that, do you think?

That post got a lot of cis people writing long thoughtful essays on why like having trans people in charge of or more a part of trans healthcare is bad or whatever, and like, honestly it was a 15 word text post on the internet that was coming off of an incredibly frustrating week in terms of like my interactions w medical professionals.

But this message got sent to me and like, I guess my thought here isn’t like “if yr cis and thinking of going into trans healthcare, DONT” because yeah it would be better to have people who are less terrible providing services. My honest opinion is that *all* doctors and medical professionals should be aware of and attentive to trans healthcare, not only because the chances of having a trans patient are increasing, but also because knowing about trans healthcare (patient autonomy, endocrinology, whatever) is just generally helpful for like practicing medicine in the first place for all one’s patients.

i have had healthcare around being trans in 3 different cities and 2 different countries over abt half a decade, multiple of these places were LGBT/women’s clinics that specifically highlighted their trans competency, or were surgeons who are seen as specializing in trans medicine. Both of the ones I went to recently were not only completely unable or unwilling to get the documentation I needed, but were actively and almost aggressively oblivious to the political situation and my anxieties that resulted in needing an incredibly simple document quickly. At none of these clinics have I ever been seen by a trans woman.

My points here for any cis person who would be looking to getting into healthcare that involves trans people are

1) Listen to your trans patients. Above everything, make sure to like, listen to their concerns and not act as if you are some sort of savior or like know their priorities better than they do. I’ve known my endocrinology better than multiple of the doctors I’ve seen, and I’ve been told incorrect information by doctors and professionals who think they know what I need for a form better than I do, but this is *my life*.

2) Most medical professionals are ime (at least) subconsciously physically repulsed by trans people (particularly trans women i’ve noticed) and stop being able to do normal medical school things like ‘take blood’ effectively when treating a trans client. I don’t know how to get over this, but fuck someone should try.

3) Trans people have healthcare needs that are independent of being trans. Since starting HRT i’ve had more cis medical professionals ask me either about my breasts or how I have sex than have asked about my exercise habits or my chronic pain.

4) Tbh part of the reason that I think trans people should be in trans healthcare is because I think so many of these organizations, medical professionals, etc are making so much money off of us, and we are currently a disproportionately poor demographic. If you know trans people in healthcare w you (particularly trans women, trans people of color, etc) and you hear abt clinic jobs or positions that serve many trans people, maybe those particular jobs that deal w many trans people could be better served than by a cis person, and potentially reccing those jobs to the trans people you know in the field might lead to a more stable community in general in a material sense.

5) Like, I don’t know yr life, and this is probably basic, but you should like… know and associate w trans people in yr day to day life if you are going to make a career off of our forced interactions w the medical establishment (and that’s what it is! we are hostage to gatekeepers every month/period of time that we need a script). Never forget that you are in a v. real position of easily-abused power given by cissexist institutions so that someone can simply exist.

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one month are you dead or hiatus the ask box isn't closed it shouldn't be open on hiatus but i need more breaks after school and homework and stuff so a question to the lapidot fans and blogs especially this one why are we lacking did amedot take our spot did jaspis take our spot what about steven x peridot were losing good ships to 2 or 3 episodes and its stupid all we need is tiny ships to help its not a rebellion and we do have art come on art is higher in other ships now

((i still love lapidot silly!! nothing could part me from this hell couple. i’ve been super busy with school and work- i hope to answer some questions soon!!))

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I love your blog so much! I've honestly added so many of your pictures to my reverse thinspo file. Whenever I'm tempted to eat too much you remind why I shouldn't. Thank you for being such a fat fuck :)

This is why being body positive is so important. Not only because this person is attempting to hurt another human being, but because they clearly need help to overcome a serious eating disorder and likely won’t get it. Several key components have factored into this person getting to this point in their life -

1. Having no exposure to fat bodies represented in a positive light across all media platforms

2. Either no support system or an incredibly shallow, superficial one whose focus is solely encouraging imitation as opposed to happiness

3. A low self esteem that was likely caused by the above

4. A lack of empathy for other people

5. Parents that don’t attempt to foster positive behavioral patterns and instead refuse to confront their malicious shitbaby

And this is just for you, anon - I learned to love my body by surrounding myself with pictures that showed fat women in a positive light. You may not realize it, but looking at my photos will only serve to normalize bodies like mine. Whether you like it or not.

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Hello there Mrs. thebootydiaries! I am a 45-year-old father of two and I have a concern. My daughter has been using improper grammar such as your trademark "sweaty", and I asked why and she led me to your blog. I came across some foul language on here, and I have concerns. Do you have any advice on how to keep my daughter away from things like these that she shouldn't see? Thank you for the convenience!

omg is thi s real

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Your last repub regarding Donald trump was absolute bs, why should politics have to affect the fact that I like your lockscreens? In my opinion it shouldn't, and I honestly love your work but u completely fucking hate it when tumblr accounts do this.

it may not affect the blog, but it does to me, just to think that the people that follows me support him, makes me sick.