this is why i shouldn't be left alone on the internet

Reasons why you shouldn't give your money to Lacey Noel & Missy

When I first saw Lacey’s cosplaying online I thought “oh that’s cool.” It’s not my cup of tea, but I respected it & never thought anything of it, until I saw them in person. Their sense of entitlement filled the room, & they tried to hog every queens attention. Y'all know my relationship with a certain queen (I’m not going to name names, they will probably to tell said person lies about me if I do) I drove 5 hours to see this person & I was driving 5 hours back right after the show. I had to wait until she stepped outside for a cigarette because they were so entitled to spend every minute with the person who was clearly being nice, but you could tell it was uncomfortable. This is all irrelevant because after this I left thinking they were just attention seeking people, & didn’t think of them again. Until they started the biggest twitter argument I’ve ever seen.

I think it was December when it happened. Lacey was getting anonymous hate messages online (which I am completely against regardless of who it is getting hate) instead of handling this like adults (which believe it or not, they both are) they attacked a close friend of mine blaming her for the hate, when it honestly wasn’t even her doing it. Said friend was so honest, admitting what she had done wrong, but saying the hate wasn’t her. When our mutual friends caught wind of the horrible things she was saying to our friend, we stepped in & defended her. Missy was saying vile things about my friend, while playing the victim & saying she said nothing wrong & Lacey was the only one getting hate. A lot of things happened in this Twitter fight, I distanced myself. Yet missy still kept tweeting me. She called us all names, & called my friends school multiple times trying to get her expelled for being a “cyberbully” while she attacked all of us.

I blocked both of them & hadn’t paid attention to them after this all went down. I am an adult who works two jobs & goes to college, I don’t care about drag cosplay. Yesterday, I saw a post similar to the one I’m making now. I thought the post was brave & I read it. It was then I found out they have turned their entitlement into a scam. & I have a HUGE problem with this.

In case you missed it, Lacey & Missy started a gofundme to help them move. This would be understandable if they were asking for let’s say 1K. They are asking for 20K- originally asking for 34 & 45K before lowering it. Regardless of your circumstance, 20K is a lot of fucking money. More money than necessary when moving. I was disgusted they were using their slight internet popularity to try to raise money, instead of saving up like we all have to. My house was almost foreclosed but I never asked you guys to pay for it to stay mine. I can’t afford college but I have a savings account so I’ll have some money when I transfer to university. I’d never ask you for $20 let alone 20K. It’s too fishy. So I went on their periscope to hear their side of if.

Lacey & Missy claimed they only had 60 days (still a long time tbh) notice before admitting their lease was up. Something that you know far in advance. So living their lavish lifestyle caught up to them, but they had plenty of notice. Lacey & Missy said, & I quote, they need 20K so they don’t have to live “somewhere boring.” You are funding them so they can buy more designer clothes & stay in a “fun” place. Also in this periscope they started naming names & talking shit, while Missy said “these are grown adults talking shit about a (18 year old) child!” While she as an adult, talked shit about my friend to no end, who is like a year older than Lacey. Also Lacey said the whole fandom were horrible people, yet expects the fandom to fund her lavish lifestyle.

I had to say something. When people don’t like them they cry jealousy. But it’s because they are vile people. If you think they are a charitable cause think again, donate to the Trevor Project or something instead.