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Sry if i am a bother I am new in this fandom and have a question. Is the couple Mayumiko part of the main cast- and has a posibility to become canon like the rest (if they do!!) or is it impossible bc they are 'two guys' (tho that shouldn't matter)? I am curious wether I should go all in or will end up getting my heart broken? And why is it called forbidden love in some chapter titles? I really hope I am not a bother.

well the biggest plot point going for mayumiko would be that mayu and mikorin interact regularly through mayumayu’s art blog, believing the other to be a cute girl. tsubaki sensei generally hasn’t shown a negative attitude towards homosexual relationships. 

i kinda wrote a lot so im going to put the rest under the cut

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fibro!tsuna and coping of pain
  • tsuna: i have.. fibro,,
  • tsuna: basically Pain
  • therapist: i'm very sorry to hear that.
  • therapist: let's try meditation. it will help you block out the sensation of pain.
  • tsuna: will it let me blacklist my entire body
  • ...
  • hand: *blocked*
  • foot: *blocked*
  • 3 sq in piece of skin on right thigh: *blocked*
  • tsuna: you're all blocked
  • tsuna: none of you are free from sin.
  • tsuna: or pain.
  • reborn: too bad real life doesn't work that way
  • tsuna: you're blocked too.
  • ...
  • tsuna: *leg starts spasming*
  • tsuna: excuse me teacher my leg is dying i need to take a walk
  • teacher: ..shouldn't you usually rest if your leg is, um. dying?
  • tsuna, already packing up: look buddy i don't know what kind of Normal World you live in but in My world when My limbs start dying i Take A Walk
  • tsuna: bye
  • gokudera: *leaves with him. makes 'i'm watching you' gesture at teacher.*
  • yamamoto: *haha water triiiibe*
  • teacher:
  • teacher: they're not coming back are they
  • teacher: it's barely noon,,
  • ...
  • tsuna: let's play a game!
  • tsuna: it's called 'guess my pain levels'
  • tsuna: pick any number from 1-100
  • gokudera: juudaime that's kind of a, uh.. dark game to play
  • tsuna: nonsense, it distracts me from eternal death
  • yamamoto: i love guessing games!
  • yamamoto: 87
  • tsuna:
  • tsuna:
  • tsuna:
  • gokudera: you sonnuva- I DIDN'T GET A TURN I WAS GONNA GUESS THAT
  • yamamoto: haha! luckyyyyy
  • yamamoto: what do those numbers stand for anyway?
  • tsuna: how many specific points of my body are currently vying for my attention by telling me they're each undergoing the slowest most painful form of necrosis ever known to mankind
  • gokudera: oxidation?
  • tsuna: oxi-wha--
  • tsuna: i hate you all
  • ...
  • tsuna: okay but tell me
  • tsuna: how exactly does that possession thing work
  • mukuro: why are you.. asking...
  • lancia: don't remember much of it. i think it makes you black out the entire time.
  • tsuna: sounds convenient
  • tusna: i have Chronic Pain And Fatigue though.
  • lancia: ..he won't feel it? probably.
  • tsuna: alright. here's the thing.
  • tsuna: my attendance is horrible
  • tsuna: mukuro i need you to go to school for me for a few days
  • tsuna: also please adhere to this very strict sleep schedule or i s2g if you overwork my body i will find a way to transfer all the accumulated pain onto your body
  • mukuro: do i get a choice in this?
  • tsuna: are you throwing away your Get Out Of Jail Free For A Few Days card?
  • mukuro: you drive a hard bargain, vongola
  • lancia: i can't believe it
  • lancia: you've given him conflicting emotions
  • lancia: truly you are a miracle worker, sawada tsunayoshi
  • tsuna: the only miracle i wanna work is on me
  • ...
  • mukuro, in tsuna's body: kufufufu...
  • tsuna, in their mind: Stop Laughing
  • mukuro: what
  • mukuro: you're supposed to be asleep!
  • mukuro: my possession should be suppressing your conscious mind!
  • tsuna: if i can wake up from feeling like i've taken a hammer to the better part of my sternum, i can wake up from you being a creepy dick in my body
  • tsuna: Cease And Desist
  • ...
  • mukuro, in tsuna's body: yamamoto-kun, how does my hair look?
  • yamamoto: *squints for a heckuva long time*
  • yamamoto: ..looks the same to me, haha. did you do something new to it?
  • mukuro: just a small addition.. is it not noticeable? i thought it was quite clever.
  • yamamoto: ???
  • mukuro: *tries to indicate the pineapple tuft hidden among tsuna's already tufty hair*
  • yamamoto: i don't see anything??
  • mukuro:
  • mukuro: what a waste of effort.
  • ...
  • mukuro, in his own mind: get out
  • tsuna, in mukuro's body: no
  • tsuna: it's cold and wet and i am restful
  • tsuna: i have slept so much. not a single headache.
  • tsuna: kinda hard to breathe but i'm not too surprised by that
  • mukuro: the week is over and so is our deal
  • mukuro: i pranced around in your body, freaked some people out, made gokudera question his sanity
  • mukuro: your bully may have a crush on my laugh
  • tsuna: ?? which one
  • mukuro: the loud one with the sword
  • tsuna: that's a little disturbing. i'll try not to laugh like you then.
  • mukuro:
  • tsuna: *whining* five more minuuutteesss
  • ...
  • tsuna: aaannnnddd now we're back to pain. pain, pain, pain. 24/7 pain. i didn't miss you. i mean, i kinda did. it's really numb without you. felt weird.
  • tsuna: kinda like i wasn't really there
  • reborn:
  • tsuna: well, it was good while it lasted
  • reborn: maybe warn me next time before i shoot mukuro dead and you with him
  • tsuna: wow that's a little drastic just because i let a known criminal who tried to kill me walk around in my body for a week.
  • reborn: your self-preservation instincts can be really ludicrously terrible sometimes you know
  • tsuna: look me in the eyes and tell me you've never wanted to be free of your own body before
  • reborn:
  • reborn: shut up and go back to sleep

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But by saying that D should refuse gay roles due to taking them away from actual out gay actors, that should also be applied to Harry Shum and Matt Daddario on Shadowhunters playing a bisexual and a gay. Or Jack Falahee playing Connor on HTGAWM who refuses to say his sexuality. Shouldn't what is for one should be for the others?

TBH I’m not a fan of any of them playing those roles given the number of unemployed young gay actors running around Hollywood, and the still infinitesimally small number of queer parts the industry creates. But there is both a qualitative and a quantitative difference between them and Darren.

If you count Glee, Hedwig (2x) and this new part, this is Darren’s third/fourth gay role. In terms of substantive parts that he ever played that means that queer parts make up the majority of his CV. I don’t think the same can be said about any of the others.

But more importantly, my beef is not with Darren playing those roles in the first place, but with him playing them while his team constantly sponsors promo articles of the “…played by Darren Criss, who is in fact straight in real life…” variety. How many of those did we get before both Hedwigs (and do people really think that the same circus isn’t going to start up again when this comes out)?

Non of the others you mention seem to feel the need to play up their sexuality in quite that way in the media. Non of the others are nigh on constantly shadowed by their different-gendered SO. I collect Play Bills and guess what, almost no other actor ever gives “big xox” to their partner, gay or straight, in a 100-word bio. For some reason other people don’t have to constantly prove they’re straight while playing gay.

And one last thing to think about: if we don’t push for producers and casting agents to - at the very least - cast out queer actors in the queer parts (never mind the straight roles) then closeted queer actors will never feel safe coming out of the closet.

And isn’t there this guy we all think might stay in the closet because he doesn’t feel safe coming out right now? Isn’t it a shame that more isn’t done to make things easier for the likes of him?

Just leaving that here…

Raw and Honest Marriage Reflection Conversation with M
  • Me: I'm working on myself and would love to hear if you notice anything.
  • M: Am I missing something you're wanting me to notice?
  • Me: No, not that I know offhandedly.
  • M: I feel like I failed a test lol.
  • Me: I have been working on changing how I view things so that my approach could be better. Would be better. A little cognitive behavior therapy on myself. Thoughts become actions and actions become thoughts. So I'm working on both.
  • M: Awesome.
  • Me: For example like at the park when my friend left and I stayed there with Jumping Bean. I? was on edge watching for any man to enter the area but I stayed and played with him the entire time. And than how I responded to the bullies. I pretty much completely ignored them after immediately dismissing them. Normally I would have gotten right back into their face when they got into mine.
  • M: I'm proud for how you handled those girls babe. And you are totally on the right track. You are having a positive outlook more often than not and you aren't letting the little things bother you as much.
  • Me: I want to do better. For myself, our son, and you too.
  • M: And that's the right order to do things.
  • Me: I'll continue to work on it and improve. I have noticed some personal differences in myself but I don't think they are apparent yet.
  • M: Like what?
  • Me: Honestly? I'm not sure if I should say it. I don't want to hurt you. Do you still want to know?
  • M: Well now I have to know.
  • Me: Honestly, I don't feel like I'm walking on eggshells.
  • M: What do you mean by that?
  • Me: I felt like I was constantly getting scolded by you for the smallest infractions. As if I was a small child getting spoken down to.
  • M: Could you give me an example?
  • Me: If I would say something slightly in disagreement with you you would speak down to me until I backed up. Essentially telling me I'm wrong every time I spoke or did something. I realized just how much that conditioning effected me and how much I didn't say or do something because I didn't want to be looked down at nor spoken down to by you. It made me feel like I could never tell you anything. You would even say a comment or give me a look while my friends were over and I would immediately shut down until you left again.
  • M: I had no idea. I love you babe you shouldn't have to feel that way around me. Glad I left then.
  • Me: I love you so much babe. And I always wanted to make you happy and proud but in the process I've given up and lost a lot of myself and never truly realized how much. How ingrained it had become. I like like none of my passions mattered. For a small example was when I shared something a friend had said, and you gave me that look and said something like "Why would they say that? My friends and I never would," in that tone of voice that just made me disappear. A tone of voice that made me feel as if I was a total disappointment to you. When all that I had shared was that several of my new friends found me attractive, my new friends whom you know are open and honest about who they are attracted to while still being extremely respectable and not going near the boundaries.
  • M: I'm sorry my love. Something else for me to work on while I'm here.
  • Me: It's been years upon years of it. I realized that I go dead silent or worse agree with you when you'd say something that I was not okay with at all that anyone else I'd confront them immediately about. It's all things that all of my friends have been telling me for years but I never understood what they truly meant when they told me until a bit after you left for this training.
  • "You're not yourself around him."
  • "You seem different."
  • "Are you okay? Are you sick?"
  • Are some of the things I've been told.
  • M: So then ... Do you want to try to work this out once I get home or ... ?
  • Me: Absolutely yes love. I knew I was more reserved around you than anyone else but it never hit me just how different I had allowed myself to become for you, for our relationship. I love you so much babe and I always have. I don't want to lose you. I didn't want to hurt you at all.
  • M: I'm not hurt and don't worry about hurting me. It's the truth and it needed to be said. And now that I know we can focus on that.
  • Me: I knew it was an issue and had tried to tell you in the past multiple times but it took a few weeks apart to realize how much. Does me ever telling you something along the lines of my throat closing up when I try to tell you soemthing or my voice getting choked up ring a bell?
  • M: Yes.
  • Me: Or me trying to tell you something and looking away and fidgeting while I tried to tell you something bring up any memories? During each and every of those moments you were employing the scolding voice and/or look. So often that even when you were not yet I knew it was only a matter of time. I was being scolded and punished for any and all infrastructures I felt. You would withhold love and affection and give me the silent treatment too for my infrastructures. For hours at a time. You've sent me to bed too, banished me rather.
  • M: Okay, that one I don't really remember, but I get your point. I have been an abusive shit of a boyfriend/husband. And I'll work on it and pay more attention to you and what you need.
  • Me: I don't think you're a shit, not purposefully, but I do think things were getting toxic between us on both sides. I love you so much babe and I don't want to lose you. I do NOT want us to break up. I want to be with you if we can fix our relationship. I desperately want to work this out babe.
  • M: Let's do it then.
  • Me: How do we? How do we find ourselves and each other again? How do we fix this?
  • M: Be yourself and do your thing while I am here doing my thing. We come back together as each other. Possibly get couples counseling when we get to our next location after my training is finished.
  • Me: What if you hate me? You already told me in November if you met me today as I am as the man that you are today you wouldn't be interested in me. It already broke my heart when you told me that.
  • M: I can assure you that I don't hate you. And we are different people now than we were then. The best advice Dad ever gave me was that love changes because people change. You will love differently because you are different. But it's still love. I still love you babe.
  • Me: Still loving me has never been a question but you were acting and essentially said that you didn't like the person I am today. I've been reserved and holding myself in check for you. I can only imagine how much you'd be against the real me.
  • M: I'm sorry that it came across that way. I love you and only you.
  • Me: I've long ago learned that I've never been monogamous with love. It may be five or more years between loving another, but it is there always.
  • M: And we will work with that.
  • Me: Is this something that will destroy you? Destroy us?
  • M: Can't give an answer to that unknown. Honestly. But I want to be with you.
  • Me: I guess it boils down to one of us will have to give something up. Neither of us has control over our hearts. I know it has been a point of tension in our entire relationship. I tried to be mono for you for many years, but about halfway through your our relationship after you returned from deployment I couldn't do it anymore no matter how hard I tried. Since than our relationship has been open since we opened it, but I remained reserved for you, for us. Nobody else was worth my time and effort to get to know other than Kitten while we dated her and when I met and formed a strong connection with Red Stag during which I've developed emotions for him and him for me. I've fallen hard for him.
  • M: We will do better love. I don't want to lose you, nor you lose yourself.
Jenova Cell Biology Headcanons

I was writing my hot mess of a fic (this is a thing that happens when a PWP unexpectedly starts trying to develop plot) and an impromptu alien biology lesson happened. All of a sudden I really want to explore some headcanons for what Jenova cells actually do. 

Jenova cells

  • function as cells, i.e. they self-reproduce, respond to stimuli, have the standard nucleus/cytoplasm/organelles/etc. structure
  • they also have two additional abilities;
  • they act as a virus, inserting section of their own DNA into other cells in the host’s body
  • they are able to selectively replicate sections of the host’s genetic material in order to aggressively evolve
  • the ability to both give and receive genetic coding in this manner is why they are referred to as a ‘two-way conduit’ by some ShinRa scientists

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Are you kidding me? Why shouldn't someone draw something the way they want it? Imagination it's great for that, I can imagine anything the way I want it to be, obv same goes for cosplay, but now I honestly want to hear your opinon about drawing

The thing with Rose Quartz is that, she is one of the few animated characters out there who is chubby but is not played for laughs or comic relief. She represents that larger woman can be graceful, kind, beautiful, powerful, a leader, selfless, assertive and all the attributes that are usually given to the thin pretty characters we are accustom to seeing. In animation, chubby characters are almost always someone who is there for laughs, not really a plot heavy/driven character and the main traits of these characters are that they’re nerdy, lazy, evil and just all other kinds of negative connotations. In Steven Universe though we have Rose who is the exact opposite of that, shes known as the leader of the gems, someone who fought against her home world in order to protect a new land because she knew what they were doing was wrong, someone who is such a positive and quite-frankly an amazing role model. While her weight and size by no means define her character, it is just how she looks, she having all these amazing traits about her while also being a larger woman show little boys and girls that your size doesn’t matter. You can be just as amazing and beautiful as Rose. She seems very comfortable with who she is and kids and adults seeing a character like this who is so comfortable with who they are can be rather empowering. It’s one thing to have creative freedom, it is another to take a character like Rose and take away apart of who she is and draw her skinny. You’re basically saying in a way that you want Rose to look this way, that her being chubby isn’t right cause you’re not accustom to seeing others drawn this way. The fact that a lot of artists excuses on this is that “Well, I am not used to drawing characters with that body size” says a lot about past character designs in media and designs we always see, seeing how artists usually develop their craft through watching others or imitating another to form their own style. Like I said before, her weight doesn’t define who she is but what is the point of taking her design and altering her body size. Rose is beautiful the way she is and should be drawn as such. That is my opinion on this topic.

TLDR:  Rose is beautiful the way she is and should be drawn as such.

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Prompt: Felicity starts dating her new boss (next season) and Oliver lectures her on all the reasons she shouldn't date him. Basically it's all the reasons they can't date and someone calls him out on it.

AN: I changed it a tiny bit, sorry! I just like to live in my happy bubble where Oliver gets his company back and everything goes back to normal. Also I don’t really like the idea of Felicity dating her boss (unless it’s Oliver ofc) simply because I think she’s too smart to do that unless she really had strong feelings for him… idk, sorry! I hope you like it anyway though :)


“Why are there flowers on your desk?” His eyes settle on the roses the second he walks through the door. Roses. How cliché.

“Because someone gave them to me.” She gives him an odd look and he grits his teeth. It shouldn’t bother him that someone gave her flowers. Why wouldn’t people give her flowers? She’s beautiful, smart, funny, in fact he’s surprised he doesn’t have to deal with this more often.

“Who are they from?” He asks, not sure he really wants to know. He has no claim over her, he can’t control who she dates. So what’s the point in torturing himself with the image of her with someone else?

“A guy from IT. You don’t know him.” She shrugs, turning back to her computer.

“He works in the building?” He asks with a frown, wracking his brain for any familiar faces from her old department.

“Yeah?” She glances up at him, eyebrows raised.

“Felicity you can’t date someone you work with!” It comes out a little more adamant than he intended.

“Says who?” She looks indignant and he just knows that this is going to end up as an argument. But he can’t seem to stop himself.

“It’s against company policy.” It is. Technically. But he’s fully aware that he’s being a bit of a hypocrite.

“We’re not even in the same department, Oliver. And we just had dinner together, it’s no big deal.” She sighs and rolls her eyes at him, green fingernails tapping against her desk. Green. His color. His.

“I don’t want it affecting your concentration.” He knows that’s the wrong thing to say. He’s digging himself into a hole, he should just stop talking, tell her the flowers are nice, and ask when his first meeting is. But he doesn’t. Because he’s an idiot and he apparently enjoys torturing himself.

But why did she have to pick today to get given flowers? He’s had a terrible morning and he’s itching to take it out on somebody. He idly wonders if her new friend has any illegal secrets hidden in that computer of his. Maybe he needs a visit from the Hood. You know, for the sake of the city.

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So there was this prompt a while back from a list of “AUs for when your OTP are both assholes”: “Shouting match over the last Thanksgiving turkey at the grocery store AU.” Which would, in the natural course of things, lead to…

“Blame Typey,” I believe a common expression goes. More-appropriate words were never spoken, as it’s Typey’s fault that these two ideas were put together, and thus it is also her fault that I give you:


“Here, turkey, turkey, turkey,” Myka muttered. Some kind of supermarket theory probably dictated why you always had to hike all the way to the back of the store to get to the meat department. Some kind of annoying supermarket theory that didn’t take into account the fact that it might be Thanksgiving and you might have, oh, eight people showing up at your place in not very many hours, and you would have been ready for that if you hadn’t been held up for almost thirty hours in the Phoenix airport and just got home this morning. Anyone with any sense would’ve just rented a car and driven home to Colorado Springs (only a twelve hour drive!), or bought a new ticket and flown to Denver and then driven (an hour and a half!). But oh no, she’d been stubborn. In an airport on the day before Thanksgiving, she’d decided to be stubborn.

Fine, then: now she was going to keep on being stubborn, keep on and make Thanksgiving dinner at my house like I said I would. She added a “damn right I am” at the end of that, as mulish punctuation.

And there at last was the big freezer, shining like… like the extremely shiny thing it was. No time for flowery language; she was on a mission. She looked down into the case, and just for her, wedged all alone in the back corner, forlorn and most likely freezer-burned, was Myka’s turkey. “Thanks for waiting,” Myka told it. Finally, finally, finally, she was going to be able to get this holiday back on track. She reached down for her prize, this turkey that had so steadfastly held its position, watching its friends bought by happy holiday shoppers over the past week, knowing perfectly well all the while that Myka was on her way. And so now, home to defrost, then cook, then serve (slightly late, but excusably so, given the airport situation) this sine qua non of the holiday meal. She would show everybody, particularly her mother and father, that she was perfectly capable

“I beg your pardon,” she heard, right next to her ear: a woman’s voice, low and extremely appealing, and was that a British accent? Myka could have sworn she could even feel breath on her neck. A voice, and warm breath, and she dropped the turkey, which landed with a crunch back into the veritable snowbank of ice crystals in the bottom of the freezer.

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part 1. I could sympathize with Shishio being confused about developing feelings for a student, and he has always been a bit impulsive; maybe he was just too busy trying to sort it all out in his head to properly give thought to how he was supposed to pursue his relationship with Suzume in the first place. Once he faced that reality, he saw the consequences of his actions and backed out, as he rightfully should.

(continued ask) And while I do think it’s arguable whether it was necessary to completely crush her feelings in the process, maybe he thought her too young and idealistic to simply give up if he explained the situation. Regardless, I could still understand his actions in the past, even if I didn’t agree with them. But his latest development as of the recent chapters just pisses me off. Sure, age doesn’t determine maturity and consideration for your partner, but at some certain point you just realize he’s 25/26 years old getting upstaged by a 17-year-old in these things, one who up until recently couldn’t even stand girls and acted like a brat towards them. All that flakiness, the emotional bluffing, the things he does just to cater to or protect his own feelings. And now what? Now that Suzume is finally ready to move on, he decides to - once again - clamber into her world as thoughtlessly as before, because he can’t stand the sight of her being with somebody else, under the guise of “finally being honest”? Give me a break. What about all those things Suzume’s uncle said? Is he really able to do them? Has he properly given a thought to what this relationship would truly entail, the issues they face, the gaps caused by their age and experience…


You’re not the one who needs a break, Shishio is. I’ll break down your argument in parts by paragraph because this is going to get kind of long, as my answers to these types of questions often do.

First of, there’s a fair bit of hindsight bias here that pretty much all readers are guilty. We lack the ability to 100% put ourselves in a character’s shoes. It’s easy to comment “I wouldn’t have done that” or “That was a bad move and he would have been better off if he hasn’t done that” because we have this “birds-eye view” of the entire story. So it’s very easy to look back and blame Shishio for not thinking the whole thing out. Anyone ever in a relationship knows it’s hard to predict how the future plays. I really strongly disagree that Shishio’s feelings for Suzume are half-assed or ever have been half-assed. Whenever he held back, it was for Suzume’s sake. Not kissing her was for her sake. Criticizing her for working to buy him a birthday gift was for her sake. Initially declining to spend culture festival with her was for both their sakes, as student and teacher. What you’re saying is half-assed, I see as the struggle of a man who isn’t allowed to love the girl he loves. If Shishio was Mamura’s age and thus had Mamura’s advantage, nothing would have held him back. And sure, perhaps it would have made sense to not say anything to Suzume in the first place. But Suzume liked him too. She was the one to make the first move. Do you have any idea how hard it is to pretend there is nothing between you and someone you are mutually in love with? You’re kidding yourself if you say there’s nothing you would have done in Shishio’s place. 

Rest under a read more because length 

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