this is why i should stick to screencaps

anonymous asked:

How come you didn't by draw your own icon? I bet you could draw an awesome Daphnie

because i enjoy my legacy of using weird scooby doo screencaps instead

really though it’s because i’m always finding faults with my own art up to minutes after i’ve finished and posted it, so i’d constantly be changing my icon because i’d start hating every new one within a day at most. it’s too much stress to constantly do that, so i’d much rather just stick to silly screencaps from a show i love.

this also isn’t an art blog per se, just a personal blog which includes a lot of art, so i don’t see any obligation to draw my own icon when there are other pictures i’d rather be using instead. i’d probably draw my own icon if i ever made a blog 100% devoted to pure art, but that’s not gonna happen anytime soon so the scooby screencaps are staying