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You know what Liam has said made think...he kinda said he was told there'd be a hiatus, it doesn't sound like he actually had much of a choice in it. He said Niall was against it pretty much. So I wonder who said it should happen and why? Cause you have harry now living out all his dreams. And maybe babygate would have been too much to pretend when being interviewed/working every single day? Idk I'm kinda concerned. Not like they ever say the truth in interviews or anything but yeah.

And anyway my point was also that Liam said he wasn’t even thinking about releasing his own music first and that he was surprised Niall did so quickly. So it seems they didn’t go on a break because they wanted to release their own stuff. Maybe it was just me thinking that that’s what they wanted us to believe, that there’s a hiatus because they all wanted to release their own music but…I guess not.

harry was living out his dream in one direction too, and like he said he didn’t want them to burn out, which is fair enough. i’m sure they all weighed in to some extent. i wouldn’t worry because at the end of the day they all love each other.

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I have to say Julie picked the worst time for evak to hold hands tbh like she knew evak fans wanted that and knew most of the fandom would have a meltdown but?? this clip was suppose to be heartbreaking? It was heartbreaking but all I see is happy tweets because evak finally held hands? I'm not saying i didn't like evak holding hands because hey I love these boys and I'm so happy for them but it's just too much?? horrible timing. she should of just made evak stand with the boys or something.

Its like i wrote this, i agree. The timing……… first its the 21:21 a day before the hiatus ended, then evak holding hands in slo mo for like 5 seconds. All these things would totally be chill with me if it didnt happen at these moments??? Evak could have been holding hands and standing with the boy squad even, that could have made it lowkey. That insta pic - altho i understand why- didnt have to be posted on the 21st of may lol, 21:21 can be on any day and everyone would still go wild about it (not to mention it looks like it was a spontaneous decision by mari to post that)

all these evak moments would have made me beyond ecstatic, if only they weren’t part of moments where we were supposed to be focused on sana’s pain. If only they didnt make 95% of this fandom completely forget about sana. It wasnt even that these evak moments were ‘big’ bc they’re not. They’re not even taking up much screen time. But still, a 5 second scene of them holding hands vs the rest of the clip of sana in pain was enough to ignore sana bc 'evaKk!!!1111!!’ So yeah - screentime wise they’re not big at all, but this fandom? This fandom makes their 5 seconds suddenly add up to 6 mins bc what else was in the clip? Idk, sure not sana suffering.

And i dont want anyone to tell me im exaggerating bc im not. I’ve looked on people’s blogs and tags, ive seen how the only one mentioned is isak and even, ive been disappointed bc they were people who were so supportive during the posts3 hiatus. But once evak comes on screen its all unsurprisingly forgotten, some cant even mention sana ONCE on their blog, only having her on their blog when its abt isak lmao im sick of it.

Okay I just freaked myself out

We all know the t-shirt thing! It was a big deal in season 3. Even and Isak wearing white t-shirts, when everything was great. Then they both wore black t-shirts when Even was depressed, and then back to white again, when Even was feeling better again? Isak was even wearing a t-shirt with Edward Munch’s Skrik, when he didn´t have contact with Even and didn’t know what was going on. There’s a lot of symbolism in their t-shirts - and we had no chill over it last season. Not to mention the Jesus tee, that both Eskild, Even and Isak has shared.

This season so far, all of their t-shirts has been white (when their t-shirts has been visible). When they were moving in together, when they were making out in the classroom, when meeting in the hallway (we couldn’t see Isak’s t-shirt there), and at the karaoke bar. All white tees. everything is great!

But then I went back to these spoiler pictures. An noticed Isak’s t-shirt!

Isak is wearing a black t-shirt!!… I may be hella reaching now, but I am slightly freaking myself out atm. This is the bruised-Isak pic, that was released before the fight, but as written earlier, it adds up to the black eye in the hiatus trailer. So this is something happening in the near future - most likely in eps. 6, if you ask me. 

A lot of people has also suggested, that Isak is carrying Even’s denim jacket. It’s hard to see though, but he usually don’t wear this color jacket. Last time Even was at home being depressed, Isak wore his jacket to school?? Tell me I am delusional, please. (the jacked thing has been cleared up. I was delusional!)

I am so concerned for Even, I can’t help it. How is he dealing with all this? I know Isak was the one physically hurt, but this could effect Even a whole lot mentally. He doesn’t shy away from blaming himself, and this conversation is just stuck in my head (even though it happened on Even’s lowest)

- “Jeg bare vet at det her ikke kommer til å funke.”                                                (I know this is not going to work out)

- “Hvorfor sier du det?”                                                                                     (Why do say that?)

- “Fordi det er sant. Jeg kommer bare til å såre deg. Og så kommer du til å hate meg.”                                                                                                                      (because it’s true. I am going to hurt you. And then you are going to hate me)

I need something to calm me down. I should not use the hiatus to freak myself out like this. I am in nodoubt Evak will be fine. But right now I’m worrying about Even and about Isak.

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I am a bit new so my opinion isn't 100% firm about harry and Louis relationship yet and the biggest thing that makes me ??? is that I don't understand how it is possible that there is such a difference between their situation.. do you have any idea why Harry is able to seems detach from all the mess and not Louis? How is that possible? That one seems incredibly stuck in the worst stunts ever and the other one is pursuing his career free of all of that? Thank you :)

Hi anon,

Sorry– I forgot about this ask for a few days.

I guess your question might have been prompted by Harry’s appearance in NYC last week, with Jeff Azoff. He was rumored to be meeting with Columbia records re: his solo album.

The next day, The Daily Mail in the U.K. published an article stating as much, contrasting Harry’s beatific airport pap photos (and photos with stalkers) to Louis’s disastrous LAX arrest. Unsubstantiated slander of “woman-hitting,” emotionally volatile Louis was reiterated in this article. He was again painted as an unreliable father. All stories we’ve read before from U.K. tabloids associated with the Bauer Group, with ties to Simon Cowell.

Read more about this connection here:

I guess my line of answering is:

Harry hasn’t done anything to encourage this line of thinking. He literally has not given any statement on it. He has not given a statement about his solo album, either. It’s not because he is being coy–because he clearly is getting some blowback from fans about why he hasn’t said anything. Fans are curious and impatient. His image has suffered too.

And making a public statement, in the general public’s eyes, would only improve his image and increase his visibility. It benefits Harry to make a statement.

So why hasn’t he?

Why haven’t his managers at Full Stop? Why don’t they address industry rumors? Why are there so many leaks coming from Sony, including statements by Rob Stringer, while Harry’s team has said nothing? What is Sony’s objective in publicizing Harry if Harry does not confirm?

Alternatively, why has Louis’s team said nothing to refute his public image?

These allegations are clearly slanderous. Louis has not been tried in a court of law. No one has given sworn testimony. His arraignment date has not come to pass. Emotional states are purely speculative. No official statements have come from anyone quoted in the article. His image has suffered from false allegations (U.K. And U.S.A.).

So where is his team?

And, why are these two always tied? If they have been enemies for three or four years, why keep writing articles linking them?

They’ve been on hiatus for 15 months. If they really disliked each other so much, they should already have deleted each other from phone contacts, SM, etc. Why keep in touch with your enemy? I don’t store the contact information of people who hate me, anon, do you?

Their airport sightings literally HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH EACH OTHER. They aren’t even on the same side of the country. What is the purpose of linking them?

If I knew nothing about One Direction, I would experience a cognitive dissonance from the way the article swerved so awkwardly from “angelic Harry” to “devilish Louis.” The purpose seems so transparent, it’s embarrassing.

Except for one glaring fact.

They DON’T hate each other.

The band united to support Louis during his X Factor performance.

They came together as one band to accept their Brits for best video 2016. @srslycris and @lawyerlarrie
have great posts about this.

They tweeted in unity to wish Harry a happy 23rd birthday.

As Harry’s has said, “Draw what you see.”

1. There are restrictions on their public statements.
2. The images are being manipulated.
3. Their relationship with each other is good.
4. None of the four remaining 1D band members have been allowed to be specific about their solo projects.
5. Louis has been photographed to write with songwriters from Warner Chapel. He may very well have a solo album in the works. They are all working hard.
6. They are fighting a silent, bts, very ugly and drawn-out fight.
7. Recording labels have a history of screwing artists over.

Believe in our boys. They are the same good people you fell in love with. They haven’t suddenly been blinded by fame. They want to make music for us, and they have been working toward that. Every event and every article doesn’t need to be dissected for whether Harry is defending Louis. Trust them.

The people manipulating their image want us to have doubts, to fight within the fandom. Not only that, they are trying to divide the band members themselves. For years, the boys have had psychological manipulation in the guise of “protecting the 1D brand,” down to the way they move, talk, dress, look at each other, answer certain questions. Zayn’s recent article in NY Times Sunday stated he had anxiety when he was in 1D. He had an eating disorder because he wanted “to have control over one thing.” Is that really a surprise?

It’s infuriating, what’s happening to Louis right now. But it’s temporary. It’s going to end. This abuse has an end clause. Art is long– Louis is young and he’s going to fight it, with the support of his boys.

Sorry I went off in such a tangent, but I wish we could see past these media games, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Let’s be smart in evaluating the data, and not be so easily manipulated.


A CrissColfer Masterpost of Masterposts

















There are many more, but sadly a lot of CC masterposts have been deleted as their OPs left the fandom after Glee ended and moved on to other fandoms. Someone should create a Hedwig CC compilation about ALL the Hedwigs (Broadway + tour) and it would be interesting because honestly it’s a CC treasure trove of proof we have since Glee ended: the Colfur jokes (starting on Chris’ birthday), all the different remarks about “Chris Colfur” (“I get it in bulk” “I have a special order” “I know a guy” etc), the stage door interactions with fans about CC and Chris (THE HAT!), the paps pics of Chris “drunk” the closing night, beardie changing seats to be carwashed on the Dublin kiss anniversary…

Still going strong, my friends…

Monarch - Damian Wayne X Reader

(A/N: I’m back from the dead! I apologize for my hiatus, but now I should be able to get back to updating this blog more frequently.)

“What do you mean you can’t go there? He has Y/N! Nothing matters except getting her back. Come on, we’re wasting time!” Damian shouted. Bruce shook his head.

   “I’m sorry, Damian, I really am. I know how much Y/N means to you, but you have to wait for your brother. I cannot go there, which is the reason Joker took her to that location,” he said calmly. Damian wanted to scream.

   “Why? What the hell is so special about the Monarch Theater? She could be dying and you’re making me wait? I’ll just go alone!” he raged. Bruce put out a hand to catch him, but Damian evaded his father’s grasp. He stormed out of the cave, somehow managing to avoid Bruce on his way out.

“Damian, stop.” The older man’s orders fell upon deaf ears.  

Robin couldn’t even recall most of the fight. His recollection was blurred by the rage coursing through his veins. The clown himself hadn’t even been there, a fact that made Damian even angrier. I would have made him suffer for this… the boy thought to himself. He was pulled from his musing by Dick.

   “What the hell were you thinking? Robin, you would have died if I didn’t come in when I did,” he scolded. Damian ignored him.

   “Belittle me when she’s safe,” he said, continuing to search for Y/N. Dick sighed but gave in. It wasn’t long before they found the girl. As Damian took in her appearance, he let out a sharp breath. She was barely conscious, decorated with bruises and dried blood. A rag gagged her mouth, and her leg was bent grotesquely out of shape. A bloody crowbar lay near her.

   “Y/N!” Damian called to her. “Dick, get help, she’s here!” Y/N raised her head slightly, clearly exhausted by the effort. Damian ran to her, untying her bindings. When he pulled the gag out of her mouth, she coughed.

   “Robin…” she whispered in a croaky voice. Tears mingled with the blood on her face. Damian took the mask off, letting it slip to the floor.

   “It’s me, Y/N. Damian. I’m here,” he said softly, gingerly taking her into his arms. It was then he realized how bad her condition was. Several of her ribs were broken and her heartbeat was incredibly faint. His heart, however, slammed harder against his chest with each wheezing breath that escaped Y/N’s lungs.

   “I knew you would come for me…” she said, wincing when Damian strengthened his hold on her. There were so many things Damian wanted to tell her he was sorry for. Letting the Joker get her, not realizing what had happened sooner, taking so long in coming for her… words started spilling from his mouth, but his apology was interrupted by her coughs.

   “You’ll be okay, Y/N. The ambulance is coming, you’ll be okay,” he said shakily. She shook her head slightly.

   “Everything hurts so badly,” Y/N murmured.

   “I know, I know, but everything will heal… Just stay awake, keep going…” he tried his best to comfort her. More tears fell from Y/N’s eyes.

   “I don’t… Damian, I don’t know how much longer I can… I think I’m dying, Damian,” she whimpered. He shook his head, almost able to hear his heart shattering.

   “Don’t say that. Don’t. Y/N, I love you more than anything in this world… which is why you have to stay here. Stay with me,” he begged, voice cracking as he spoke. Hot tears ran down his face. A broken smile graced Y/N’s lips. Sirens could be heard outside.

   “Just hold on for a little while longer,” he said desperately.

   “Your mask,” she responded weakly. Damian nodded, quickly fastening it over his eyes just before several EMTs flooded into the room and lifted Y/N from his arms. A haze descended over Damian. Dick appeared at his side, guiding him out of the building.

“It’s probably not the best idea going to the hospital in costume, but I’ll drive you as soon as you change…”  Everything Damian heard sounded like it was echoing through water.

“You can’t die,” he whispered, watching the ambulance drive away. “Please don’t die.”

Why Gon was the one to arm wrestle people during the Yorkshin arc instead of his stronk Killua bf
  • Leorio: Killua just do it you brat! This way we'll see who's stronger and who should arm wrestle everyone, now shut your trap and do it!
  • Killua: *grumbling* *puts his arm out*
  • Killua: *thinking* I'm gonna kick his ass and get this over with
  • Gon: *puts his hand in Killua's*
  • Leorio: Ready? Start!
  • Killua: *is kicking Gon's ass*
  • Gon: *leans down and kisses Killua's hand*
  • Killua: !?!?!? *blushes and looses focus*
  • Gon: *wins* yay! I won!
  • Killua: *is melting*
  • Leorio: Whut-whut just happened

Update April 24th, 2017: added default replacement versions. One small mention: I don’t have Decades Stuff and can’t check if YSL’s version (whom I got and cloned it from) is cloned or not.

This is an edit of two objects: a gift from Seasons (’Rainbow Light’, the wire lamp), and the disco ball sculpture from Decades Stuff (’Lightsplosion’). For some reason, EA decided to make them decorative sculptures even though they absolutely should be lamps.

+ Basegame compatible, do not require Seasons or Decades Stuff.
+ Rainbow Light costs $25, Lightsplosion! costs $75.
+ Both can be found under Bedroom, Nursery and Table Lamps.
+ They can be adjusted just like any other lamp; you can also pick them up and move them around in Live Mode.
+ Both have 2 recolorable channels and 3 presets.
+ Credit for the Lightsplosion files: Yves Sim Laurent


Default replacements (require Seasons or Decades Stuff)
Non-default replacements

Note: the Seasons Easter eggs are officially on indefinite hiatus as I can’t quite figure out why the textures end up so damn crappy in-game. In other news, I’ve learned to slooowly drag vertices around in Blender! Several at a time! :D


Request: Fluffy Daddy!Yugyeom (gender neutral)


hey~~ I know that the request didnt specify and thats why I made it fluffy, we should all know by now that thats my default setting haha

Sorry for taking so long to finally post these oml~ I had set up the post a few days ago and forgot to actually finish 😂😂 just as an update, the other two admins are currently on an unannounced hiatus so now (and as its mostly been) its just me~~ which is why its taking so long to make and finish these requests~~ Im trying really hard though!~ 😄😄

I hope these came out well~~

-Admin Min-Y 😏😂

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I don’t get how some people don’t understand why Sam didn’t look for Dean after season 7.

Sam believes Dean is dead and when you think about what Sam just went through with Bobby then of course he wouldn’t try and mess with things. The day before Dean dies Sam sees his surrogate father posses and endanger an innocent woman. Bobby then uses this woman’s body to nearly kill Sam in a futile attempt to kill Dick Roman which would have lead to the woman’s death.

Bobby was losing his humanity but had enough of himself left to warn Sam and Dean not to mess with death anymore. “When it’s your time to go, then go” he begs them and Sam clearly takes this to heart. He could see what Bobby was turning into and how much Bobby was regretting his choice to stay.

Even disregarding all the other valid reasons Sam had for not searching for a way to bring Dean back, what happened to Bobby should have been reason enough. (That’s also why I hate the way Bobby is written in Taxi Driver because it forgets everything that Bobby went through in the second half of season 7).

Are You Coming, Amad?

(Not my image)

Ahhhh, first Hobbit imagine and Im so excited to share. This was a dream that I had and I just had to write it out. Please send me feedback! Im seeing a possibility of a series, prior and post Amad/Adad. Let me know what you think! Feedback is always appreciated!

Pairings: Fili x Reader 

Warnings: Battle/injuries mentions, loss of family, cuteness (let me know if I forget anything)

Word Count: 2404

Summary: Reader comes to love a little orphaned dwarf, and Fili reveals his feelings to the reader.

~His POV~

A loud knock shattered the quiet that surrounded him, the room now vibrating with the echoes from the bang on the door. Sleep hadn’t come easy since his last battle, the battle that almost took everything. Nightmares frequented his dreams whether he was awake or asleep, but even worse when he tried to relax and let his mind go. They had all healed physically, with time, but the bruises still ran deep, especially with Fili.

He sat up from the bed, his strong, muscle-ridden arms pushing himself up from his almost-sleep. As he shuffled to the door, he could hear a sign of exasperation from the other side, and upon opening the large wooden door, intricately inscribed with golden inlay, he was surprised at the sight of a nurse. This nurse in particular had become one that he had become quite used to the sights of, as she was the one that he would talk to concerning the little dwarf boy who was orphaned during the BOTFA.

He knew that Y/N had taken a strong liking to the boy, finding a kindred spirit of sorts in him. He tried talking to you once about adopting him, but your reception of the suggestion wasn’t taken well, and you distanced yourself from the dwarf for a little while. Fili took it upon himself after that to visit the young dwarf at least once a day. He would go and talk with him, read to him, sneak him a cookie or three. And the older nurse who took care of him had become someone that he had confided in a lot about his feelings about the boy, and about you.

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When I started this post I thought to write about a plane that crashed, one that never took off, one that returned after just minutes and one full of sleeping people apart from a little frightened girl. Well, as it turned out there is a lot more to find regarding planes in Sherlock BBC. Aeroplanes play quite a big role in this story it seems.


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Oh my God I love your hc!! Can you do how would the RFA+V+Saeran to an MC that is a country singer, and she is well known in America so that's why she sometimes gets recognized in Korea, thank you!!!

I don’t know much about country, so that’s all I got!

Still hope you like this:

RFA + Saeran and V with a MC that’s a country star


  • He found out on a cover of a magazine
  • “Country American sweetheart is dating Korean musical star.”
  • Why didn’t you say anything before???
  • You explain him you’re on a little hiatus in your career, which makes him sad. Talented people should never stop.
  • But he respects it, he also loves how people ship you two online.
  • He goes through your Vevo channel and he l-o-v-e-s every single song.
  • Also glad you’re not that stereotypical country girl with the piggy tails and super short shorts, he wouldn’t be able to hold back the beast if you were like that.
  • He’s more anxious than your fans to know when you’ll be back, he would like to do a feature?


  • Make no mistake, this boy knows a lot about music
  • So he already knew about you, your voice was very familiar to him
  • Although he wasn’t super aware of your career, he got a little sad when you told him about the hiatus
  • Because from what he can remember, your songs were pretty good.
  • And listening to them once again only makes him feel surer: you’re great! Your romantic songs are perfect for your relationship.
  • Sometimes, it’s intimidating walking with you in public and having you being recognized.
  • But you kiss him and reassure him it’s fine, he’s in heaven. Both of you are, matter of fact, you actually feeling inspired by him.
  • You’re composing again, maybe you’ll be back sooner than everyone thinks. Much to you biggest fan’s happiness, who happens to be your boyfriend.


  • Your songs are so good!
  • Of course she likes the romantic ones, but the ones about heartbreaks are even better
  • She gets super mad when you tell her you got banned from a lot of radio stations after protesting for a country music scenario more inclusive for LGBTQ artists.
  • You shrug and tell her it’s fine, releasing your work digitally turned out to be more profitable, plus… you reach more people like this and your message can get spread more easily to people all around the world.
  •  You’re always inviting her to your recording sessions and brainstorm for composing songs
  • She’s blushing hard everytime you suggest something involving your feelings for her.
  • But she was super happy when you got an homage both in American Pride Parade and Korean Queer Culture Festival.
  • She didn’t even got shy when a photo of you two kissing was everywhere in the news.


  • Also found out through the press
  • He doesn’t like having this much attention over your relationship, but… the spotlight isn’t that bad.
  • He knows a few about country music, but it’s mainly the old school type.
  • Since you’re an exponent from the new generation, he doesn’t know much. But he’s glad you’re willing to show him.
  • He doesn’t understand why someone so talented would go on a hiatus, be will respect your choices.
  •  But if you need anything, he’ll pull it out. Do you need a private recording studio? Just go to the second floor.
  • You tell him the only thing you really need from him can be bought. He has no idea what you’re talking about.
  •  He figured out a few weeks later when you released a single, the inspiration was your relationship.


  • Y’all know, right? Background check.
  •  I see him having a very random musical taste, so country must  be a thing he listens too.
  • And since according to Billboard, you’re the new Carrie Underwood, he knows a little about you. And what he knows only makes him feel more in love with you.
  • He likes your songs, but what he really likes it’s your accent when you speak english.
  • He tries to mimic, but honestly it sounds like a drunken Honey Boo Boo, which usually makes you laugh.
  • He knows about the hiatus and feels bad. But won’t pressure you or anything.
  • He loves to watch you trying to compose. When you grab the guitar and paper, he’ll follow to watch you if you let him.
  • Having him around turned out to help a lot on this new single you’re about to release. At least that’s what he read on Billboard.


  • He thinks it’s kinda cool.
  • Not so cool when his brother starts singing “She’s a little bit country, he’s a little bit rock’n roll” for the millionth time. Shut up, Saeyoung!
  • Not his favorite musical genre, but since it’s you, he gives a shot.
  • And yeah, your voice is nice and all, but… it isn’t really his thing.
  • But he also likes to watch you compose, you look beautiful when you’re focused and… super sexy playing the guitar.
  • He knows it’s selfish, but he’s glad you’re on a hiatus, that way you can spend a lot of time with him.
  • When you were setting your comeback, he asked you to keep your relationship in a low profile, at least while you’re not married or something like this.
  • That’s how you found out he actually wants to marry you one day.


  • He’s fascinated.
  • Your voice, your style, the way you mix old school country with that modern touch, he loves it!
  • He hates when people compare you to other names in country music. At least to him, you’re unique!
  • Even in your hiatus, he treats you like the star he’s absolutely sure you are.
  • He encourages your career a lot, but totally understands if you’re going through a creative blocking or something like this
  • Also has money to support you in each and every way you need and want.
  • But what he really likes is just watching you work on your compositions, he took hundreds of photos of those moments.
  • Some of these pics ended up on the booklet of you new album.

Hey guys, Dresden here. You’ll notice my PR hat slipping as I’m in the middle of college finals and exhausted and hardly have the ability to exist about 75% of the time but wanted to give you a prompt response so here I am.

Below you’ll find an incomplete list of veterinary expenses, examples of other expenses incurred, an accounting of donations both monetary and material, adoption fee earnings, and a quick sketch of net costs.

Selected veterinary expenses:

·         12-02-15: Athos and Astro- Vaccines + HW test: $87.00

·         12-11-15: Astro and Nova- HW prev., Fecal… : $87.75

·         12-14-15:Ath.Ast,Scar.- Booster x3, HW test for Scarlett, HW pr: $144.00

·         12-19-15: Flo HW test, vaccines, prev.- $53.00

·         1-15-16: Nova-Health cert- $36.00

·         1-15-16: Scarlett- HW prev x3- $30.00

·         1-29-16: Baloo-HW test, vaccines- $59.00

·         2-5-16: Baloo-  HW treatment, preventative- $710.30

·         3-22-16: Latte-Spay (sort of), HW test, vaccines-$91.50

·         6-23-16 Night Vale Litter- vaccines and exam $304.00

·         6-29-16: Emma- spay, HW test $151.00

·         7-12-16: Baloo- HW test- $23.00

·         11-1-16: Terrier trio- spay/neauters, vaccines- $117.00

·         11-18-16: Pinon- Vaccines $36.00

·         11-14-16: Emma starting HW retest, starting meds- $100.00

·         12-02-16: Emma- rest of HW treatment- $535.05

Total: $2575.75

Other veterinary expenses not included above are two additional emergency visits (Baloo & Carlos) whose bills I don’t have on hand and don’t want to fudge, and Baloo’s heartworm treatment for which I was mostly reimbursed through donations to his fundraiser.

Gentle reminder- things like donations for those big vet bills always come -after- they’ve already had to be paid at the vet. I do not get special treatment. I pay when services are rendered just like everyone else. So more often than not it’s using up all the available Patronus funds and still having to split the bill onto a personal credit card then  sucking it up (part time dog training does not pay much my friends) until the dog gets adopted and I can pay myself back.

Selected other expenses:

·         Food and chews for Project dogs when donated items ran out

·         Start-up cost to build the foster set-up

·         buying crates for transport (when flying dogs, usually have them cover plane fees, I do health cert and crate and whatnot)

·         gas money for transport which has been a significant expense as only TWO of our dogs have ended up within an hour drive of my location. Most are 5+.

·         Supplies used while raising the Night Vale litter. Whelping space, extra care for mamma, bedding, bedding, and enrichment/socialization items (oh my!). Starting potty training with shaving at 4-5 weeks old is a great idea! Downside- so. many. bags. of. shavings. I think I have one of their vet bills listed above, but there is a second one as well for half the litter.

Donations from Patreon (total to date): $1335

Current Patreon balance: $553

Used Patreon balance: 1335 – 553 = $782

Other donated items: bags of food, chews, and miscellaneous other items that you can find if you scroll back to find the posts where I photograph each donation and thank the donor for it. All of the donations were used by Patronus dogs only.

(Note: I made the executive decision to decline checks that came in over the holidays for personal reasons so the above is the extent of donation accepted by the Project.)

Adoption fees charged: $2,250.00

–“But Dresdennnnnn, that doesn’t add up to the amount of dogs you’ve adopted out through the project!!!!” I know. Why? Because sometimes, I have a dog so long, and I spend time with the right people for that dog and something in my cold little heart breaks and I waive the adoption fee. (Or I’ve been so shell shocked after this summer that I could not find a single fuck to give about getting money in) I just wanted the dogs to be in the homes they deserve. I love them, but they are not mine to keep.

“Net” Project income: $782 + $2250 - $2575 = $457

Which is much less than the total of the additional veterinary and miscellaneous expenses that are listed above. So actually: the net project income has been negative. (I don’t entirely understand this part, I mostly look at bank accounts and cry but my goddess of a helper can explain if this needs clarification)

–“What about service dog training income?” I wish I could say I “do” service dogs for profit. I do get paid to do private lessons with clients- but that’s all through work: I get a percentage of the cost in my paycheck. I’ve sold one dog, and if that person wants to talk about the quality of experience they had with me while here and upon returning home with said dog and how much they paid they can- but it does not concern or affect Patronus in any way, shape, or form as I covered all of that dog’s costs. The only overlap is if a prospect washes then they get adopted out through Patronus- so once that decision has been made their vet care switches to Patronus. Which I now realize I don’t have Hollis’ last vet check up their either but I think you get the idea (waived her adoption fee, the amount of patience both her foster family and her adoptive family had with her actually made me, in a soulless state of existence, cry). But by washing they are no longer “service dogs for profit” so again zero conflict of interest or expense going on there.

The take-away

I am a broke ass college student who is scraping by on a part time job and student loans. Patronus is not a money maker. Because of you guys (and the support of others outside dogblr) I have been able to save so many lives, literally. I’ve poured my heart and soul into these dogs and it’s taken so much out of me.

Last summer was rough for me on quite a few levels- You’re welcome to talk to me privately on my personal (keepitupwiseguy) if you have a burning need to know. But park of me broke during the month of July and I’m still trying to feel ready to take on a foster of my own. (For context, though I got burnt out in July I still actively fostered and placed multiple dogs all the way through December) Taking a hiatus is allowing me to get my heart back in the game as well as allowing for more practical matters like building a veterinary expense fund and networking with some truly amazing opportunities in the works for the future.

I’ve been open about taking the hiatus and why. I’ve been open about the continuation of the Project’s Patreon during the haitus. Right now I’m doing what I should have done the first time around- making sure I have a medical expense buffer BEFORE the first dog. It’s pretty fucking terrifying sitting in the vets office, waiting to hear from a tech whether you’ll have to be using half your personal paycheck on the dog or not.

So there you have it. This is me, Dresden, signing out. We are on hiatus until we have at least $750 set aside and I either have a foster who is ready or I am personally ready to take on a project dog myself.

Quick note about proof of expenses: I understand why dogblr is upset with the idea that people aren’t putting their money where their mouth is. I get it. I really really do guys. But I truly don’t have the time or energy right now to find and post every receipt I’ve got. If you want to see a specific vet bill, though, sure, ask away – I can get those from the vet again fairly quickly. And you are always. Always. free to stop ongoing donations on Patreon.

...things I am doing...

Mostly, I’m recovering from the fact that I was traveling for a while–which means, dealing with mail and going to the store and running around etc.

I know I’m waaaay behind on comment-responses on AO3. I love comments and I’m going to respond to them all personally, soon, I promise, but it’s gonna take me a couple more days. Sorry!

But…what’s next for shysweetthing? Who knows! Possibly not even me!

* There’s the thing I promised at the end of Call Everything on the Ice… and that thing is, specifically, a short fic where everyone drags Yuuri about being oblivious. That’s almost certainly next.

Updates on the things I mentioned here:

* Victor with Swords: I figured out why it wasn’t working, and I need to go back and retool my approach. I should probably mark the fic as kind of on hiatus because I know now that I should just…not post fics as WIP before I’ve mostly essentially finished them.

* Along those lines, I’ve written some stuff for my don’t-tell-anyone-we’re-not-rivals AU, but I’m missing a few vital pieces of the story, so who knows what will happen with it.

Stuff I’ve added to the list of things that will probably see the light of day eventually and slowly:

* “The Blueprint” – an AU in which Yuuri wakes up in Victor’s hotel room, post-Sochi banquet. No, he didn’t have sex with Victor; consent is important, yo. But not only did he not have sex with Victor, his drunk self apparently refused to have sex with Victor, on the grounds that Victor needs to romance him further. And his drunk self gave Victor exacting guidelines as to how sober Yuuri wants to be seduced. Yuuri doesn’t remember what the hell he said, but Victor intends to follow Drunk Yuuri’s blueprint to the letter. Probably will end up something under 20K.

* An AU in which just before Japanese Nationals, Yuuri gets drunk after a particularly dreadful practice session. While drunk, he cashes in his frequent flyer miles for a ticket to St. Petersburg, much to Victor’s delight. Again, will probably end up something below the 20K side of things.

* An AU as yet to be titled that is probably going to be novel-length–by which I mean over 80K–when it’s done, who even knows. This is an AU where it’s a different sport (not skating, not mentioning the sport because I know NOTHING about this sport and if I can’t research well enough to do it justice I may change it) but that’s not the main difference.

Yuuri and Phichit are housemates. (Guang Hong used to be their housemate, but he just left, they’re looking for a third to take his spot.) Phichit has a YouTube channel where he provides instructional advice. It’s wildly popular because Phichit is Phichit, do you actually need another explanation? Yuuri appears on his channel, but he’s shy and he only comes on while wearing a mask and using a codename.

On Yuuri’s 23rd birthday, Phichit releases a video about how Yuuri is sweet 23 and never been kissed (Yuuri interrupts: I HAVE TOO. Phichit amends this to “never been kissed sober”), and this year his goal is to find Yuuri a boyfriend.

Two days later, Victor Nikiforov, Acclaimed World Champion of Unnamed Sport, having abruptly moved to their location from halfway around the world, answers their housemate ad.

I’m ridiculously delighted by this particular AU, and I’m teasing you with it because it will take me a long ass time to write and I want you to suffer with me because I am a very bad person.

In the meantime, I also need to continue to make a living, so… I’m sorry, I’ll write as fast as I can? Hopefully it won’t take forever.

personal update

so like, weeks into this partial social media abstinence thing i’ve been doing to clear my mind and help a little with my anxiety, i’m realizing i should probably announce that i am, essentially, on Hiatus.

(on tumblr and twitter)

for the most part, i won’t be answering personal messages, asks, or much of anything for a while (i’m thinking maybe i’ll come back around April, for sure). I do still have zine illustrations and samples due around march, but other than the occasional art, I won’t really be present in the social sense.

to all my friends who have been worried or don’t know why I’m not replying, im so so sorry. I don’t know if isolating myself is really a solution to my problem, but i can’t exactly handle interaction very well right now, and I’d probably hurt more than be pleasant conversation company.

this has been going on for quite a while, but im hoping things look up once summer rolls in in a few weeks, when i don’t have school and the social problems that link to it to deal with.

To my child @anetteloli and Putri from twitter, i feel like ive neglected you guys especially. To Anette, i’m sorry we caught each other at a bad time, but i think you’re really wonderful, your art is so amazing and cute and you have a style that’s distinctly you, i was taken aback when i found out you were younger than me and I definitely HAD to be friends with you. I’m sorry about closing off before we could get to know each other more. I hope I can make it up to you soon, once i’ve got myself in a better situation.

To @rnoonjelly, my first wife 💕💕
i’m really sorry if i’ve been more distant before i completely went dead on twitter for the past few weeks. I don’t think i’ve initiated much of the recent conversations we’ve had, and i feel like i’ve been unfair in that sense. you’ve helped me through a lot of my bad moments with encouraging and comforting words, and honestly i can’t thank you enough for being so patient with me. and, um, i guess dropping off the face of the earth for the most part isn’t a really good ‘thank you’ ;;;;

to @oiyama my mom,
i think i’ve been unfair to you the most. you’ve been one of the first friends i’ve made on twitter and you have been nothing but kind and patient with me, and i feel horrible that i couldn’t even have the decency to be there for you as much as you’ve been there for me. i’m really trying to get better, and i don’t know if ive hurt you too much for you to really forgive me, but i hope i can fix things once i am able to;;;

to all the friends i’ve made, thank you so much. i know i made a similar message on my private twitter acct weeks before, but i felt like i had to finalize this, since i’ve technically given myself a definite amount of time to recover so i wont just pop out of the blue. Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me, and since im rarely ever the initiator to conversations, that means so so very much to me. I don’t know if it holds a lot of weight to you, and i don’t /mean/ to say this as any kind of pressure, but your friendships, the comfort you’ve given, our conversations, no matter how short or long, mean the world to me.

and to the people who have given me encouragements all the while, during the times i’ve outwardly expressed my anxiety and insecurities, thank you so so so sO MUCH. you didn’t have to, but you did, and i’m so grateful you guys had tried to give me comfort. i love all of you!!!

iamacolor  asked:

I'm also shocked by the new update. First the fact that they broke the hiatus? why? And with an instagram post from isak?? I'm really happy about him and even but after the last clip which ended up with sana completely heartbroken feeling like she'd lost everything I wanted to know how she was feeling! the first update should've been tomorow and it should've been about her

literally my thoughts exactly.

The hiatus is finally over.

It’s so hard to believe that we’re actually getting a new episode of Gotham tonight. We’ve been waiting for like 3 months. And it seems like even longer if we remember that we had a month long hiatus in december, which was followed by only 3 episodes and then ANOTHER hiatus lol. 

This was the first image of my countdown, which I started when we were already a few weeks into the hiatus. And it felt like it would neverrrr end. There were definitely times when I was like “fuck why did i start the countdown so early, I should have waited”. But I really needed some kind of indication that we were getting closer to new episodes. 

Thanks everyone for following along with my at times inconsistent countdown! And a special thanks to my dear friend @supes9 for always leaving lovely captions/tags on my countdown posts. They always made me smile. And also for filling in for me on those days when I had banished myself from Tumblr to sit in the library and work on my thesis! You’re the best!

I’m SUPER excited for tonight. I can’t wait to see hallucination!Oswald being amazing and Ed finally becoming the Riddler. But most of all, if this episode ends up surprising us by showing us the real Oswald ALIVE. You all know that I’m going to die of happiness and cry real tears lol.