this is why i never make texts posts

ive been saying im gonna fill out the paperwork for my name change for like 3+ years and i still havent and its gotten to the point where people ask me when i will finally get to it and its…getting worse?? because all it does is make me feel shit because i actually do want to do it, ive wanted to for years and yet just the thought of dealing with…anything is so overwhelming i get stressed just thinking about it and then i put it off again and…yea.

meanwhile im really happy for others who do that or make any kind of progress but at the same time seeing it now makes me kinda sad too because gdi why am i such an idiot who cant even fuckign mail a piece of paper

I have to get this off my chest

I’m genuinely curious why people have such an issue with people shipping Tarjei and Henrik.

Shipping is not stalking. I do not spam their social media asking about it (I have never even asked once) I respect their privacy.

All I am doing is simply appreciating their chemistry and thinking they’d make a cute couple, what’s wrong with that!?

I’m seriously wondering. The only argument I’ve seen is that they’re real people; NEWSFLASH! People fall in love literally every single day. Why does them being actors make it any different for them!? Do you know how many co-stars have fallen in love for real? Thousands. If not hundreds of thousands. Hell, it might even be millions! They are not robots. They are capable of love, why is me thinking they are in love such a horrible thing to some of you? I truly don’t understand…

Canada:… why am I here? When you call me and show up with a flamethrower things never turn out well. 

America: I figured out a better way to make cookies! Listen, I did the math,  and if it takes 10 minutes for them to bake at 400 degrees than it should only take them 1 minute to bake at 4,000 degrees! 

Canada: What?! No! You dd the math but not the science, Al, you can’t-

America: How about 4,000,00 degrees for 1 second?!



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One thing I liked about tonight’s episode was almost all of it the one flashback where Alec and Jace are training and Jace was all “I’m the flashy one that draws out the enemy” and then Alec is the one that finishes them off.

Because that’s how combat archery works? The whole point of an archer having their team’s backs is to make sure that the enemy doesn’t get to them.

Which is why I’ve always rolled my eyes at CC’s idea at Alec never having killed a demon by the beginning of the book series – where he’s 17/18 and has been hunting for at least a few years by then? 

Oh “he’s just there to have his family’s backs” yeah, how? By shooting an arrow at a demon’s leg and hoping it slows it down? NO. Alec would go for the kill shot to MAKE DAMN SURE that that demon doesn’t get to Izzy or Jace. No ifs, no buts.

Honest to gods, the idea that Alec doesn’t have a high kill count (in the books) is HIGHLY UNREALISTIC. It also shows how unknowledgeable CC is about both combat archery and long range combat in general.  I’m really glad that they did away with that notion from episode one and I love that it’s being reaffirmed here.

don’t mind me I’m just over here getting emotional about Sourcery and how most of the people Rincewind meets in the book for longer than five seconds is trying to be someone else

from Conina the born warrior who wants to be a hairdresser to Nijel the spindly awkward grocer’s son who wants to be a hero to Creosote the seriph without an ounce of poetic talent who wants to be the poet

and Rincewind, of course, the wizard who can’t do magic, but who insists that he’s a wizard anyone, and he’s the one who says, “It’s vital to remember who you really are. It’s very important. It isn’t a good idea to rely on other people or things to do it for you, you see. They always get it wrong.”

and he says this to a small boy who has never been allowed an identity of his own bc all his life his father’s been training him to take part in his quest for vengence

and like, none of them end up exactly where they want to be, but equally importantly, none of them surrender who they really are, either

wanting to be something doesn’t always make it happen but not being it yet doesn’t mean it won’t ever happen, either

wanting is a start, it gets you somewhere, and it’s up to you to go the rest of the way


WHATS UP BITCHESSSS I’m jk I love you all 😘 even though I don’t know you… anyway that’s not why I cam on here for. I got a new phone! :^D so that means I’ll make text scenarios! Maybe I’ll even make one right after I post this o: you never know 😉 Also I want to wish everyone a happy new year and have an amazing 2017 let’s pray this will be SEVENTEENs and GOT7s year because of the numbers.. you know.. I’ll get off now love you all! c: -anon kyutie

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Why the hell hasn't anyone made a post about Ben's acting skills yet , i mean did you see him slay his role in TLD ?!??

Here we go then let’s make this one it!

I first saw a few things trickle out after the screening saying it was one of his best performances to date. My first thought was .. he really could top Richard III?? 

OF COURSE HE CAN. I have officially learned to NEVER underestimate the whispers about ‘Benedict’s best performance’. TLD proved that some of his best acting can be seen on the small screen. Amazing, when you think about it.

After it aired I was astounded. Powerhouse, top notch acting. He raised his own bar so high I wonder what performance will top it next (because he will top it, it’s a matter of when and what with, possibly even next week’s episode). On twitter I wrote the words stunning, fabulous, layered, gut wrenching. It still applies. I’d add in that he makes it look effortless,

I never see Benedict in Sherlock. It’s hard for me to find him in there. Sherlock is Sherlock. TLD just proves Benedict is probably one of the best actors of our generation. I feel incredibly lucky to watch him work and build an acting legacy that will last years and years to come.

Massive credit as well to Martin, Amanda, and ESPECIALLY Una. My god that episode was a ringer for us all. All of them pulled out the stops, held back on nothing. And look what we got for it. A masterful piece of work thanks to Moffat’s writing, Nick Hurran’s directing, David Arnold and Michael Price’s score and holy crap the cinematography. TLD included some of my now-favorite-EVER pieces I think I have ever seen. Neville Kidd, wow. Deserves so much credit for that.

I’m still completely in awe of everything this episode gave us (plot, storyline advancement, acting, directing, score, script, cinematography). I’m feeling the need to watch it again.

Did Usopp write this post

how are you gonna argue sherlock is gay based on circumstantial evidence and then ignore that he’s trans based on circumstantial evidence. how are you gonna say one thing is stupider than the other or more of a reach than the other when they’ve been equally as explicitly stated. why are we all agreeing sherlock and john were texting each other based on a Feeling or better yet making up code systems but as soon as someone notices something that can mean sherlock is trans IN A WAY THATS NOT EVEN A STRETCH COMPARATIVELY suddenly we’ve gone too fucking far. just admit that without big name meta-ers holding your hand, you would have never gotten to tjlc on your own and would not have seen sherlock holmes as gay in 1895 because that’s what i’m feeling rn. and yes, i will be rude about this, in my own new post, not naming names, which is nicer in my opinion than people jumping onto someone else’s HARMLESS post just to refute it for no good reason.

Why I want Haikyuu!! to last for two more Nationals...

Just look at all this provocative love support…

I mean, by the time they’re third years, we can all expect them to have matured a lot, get along better and cooperate more smoothly in play…

But I hope these rivalries and such never fade out just to make room for them to grow into a more fortified team. I hope that they always keep each other on their toes.

That’s the best thing about Karasuno first-years dynamic, imo.

There’s never a dull moment when they’re around because they’re always challenging each other. Snarking at, snipping at, throwing shade at and bickering with each other.

Especially the old couple bickering part.

That I can’t live without.

Kagehina bickering, Kagetsuki bickering, Tsukihina bickering or all three of them bickering at once with a riled up Yams jumping in on occasion while the new recruits look on in fear as Yacchan casually mothers them away cuz “oh, don’t worry, they’re always like this” and she’s gotten so used to it that she’d break out into a panic if they weren’t fighting and all that…

Hmm, yea, that’s a nice mental image. XD

And of course, it’s not just Karasuno but pretty much all of Miyagi that knows about “those rowdy third years” (cuz it’s so obvious they’re going to go to Nationals every year after this one, y/y? 8D) and how no one is surprised that they’re still getting caught up in little brawls on their side of the court even though they’re in the middle of friggin’ game.

It’s pretty much their trademark.

Basically, I want my adorkable, gradually-developing-mutual-respect-and-friendship-but-still-behaving-like-awkward-five-year-olds-wow-there-should-be-a-word-for-this group ship of first years to stick around for a long time.


Watching the homestuck fandom rise from it’s slumber to flood my entire dash with the exact same snapchats 5 times over in a row, occasionally with a different caption or two, is so god damn entertaining. Reading all of the commentary and reactions in the tags, seeing everyone collectively freaking the hell out, laughing at all the shitposts and jokes, im so happy its back. I’m so happy i get to be a part of this ridiculous, silly and convoluted mess with everyone else. I just keep refreshing the page over and over again with a big dumb smile on my face. 

I love this fandom so much.

I finally understand why K2’s death really gets to me: we’ve never had a droid we’ve grown to know and love die.

 People, yes. We’ve had favorites that die and its sad and its horrible, but a droid? There has never been a droid we’ve come to love that has died. We’ve always thought that “oh yeah the droids are always going to be safe” but K2’s death makes us realize that even the droids can die. It puts the fear in our hearts that maybe next time it’ll be another droid we love, like R2 or C3P0 or even BB-8, who gets killed. It’s always been safe to love the droids as charterers because they’ve always been untouchable.

Until now.

Why would I want to be a ReCub?

What is ReCub?:

ReCub is a community we spent a while putting a lot of thought into. We had wanted to start our own community previously, but never had a perfect idea until now! ReCub is welcome to all regressors except those in the communities that will be listed below under “who is allowed”. It is a safe community and a safe tag meant to make everyone feel safe and happy, and to be expressive of their age regression/animal regression in a safe, soft place. ReCub goes side-by-side with pet/animal regression as well as regression in general! ReCub itself stands for “regression cub”. It’s perfect for those who are small and also regress as animals, too! But, you can be both or either one and you’re still welcome here!! Our community is fun and loving and still taking it’s sweet time to grow. We truly hope you can be a part of it!

Who are Mascot & Aslan?:

Mascot and Aslan are two big cats. We wouldn’t call ourselves animal regressors, but we are definitely a tiger and a lion and that was our whole reason for wanting to make a community centered around “cubs”! Many people see us as their guardians or protectors, and because we’re a tiger and a lion, we thought making an age regression/pet/animal regression community centered around being “cubs” would be perfect for those who interact with us! We love everyone, and one of our main goals in life is to help people. A lot of cubs see us as datemates, which is okay with us, we don’t mind if you see us as your carers/parents/protectors/etc.! We are kind of busy sometimes, but we do our very best to keep queues filled! We want to be helpful and kind as much as we can and we want to make a difference in your life. You matter to us, and we’ll try our best to make you feel that way! We’re only two big cats, though, and we do get backed up with asks and other things, but if you’re patient with us, we promise we’ll always give you our best and keep you safe!  🐯💖🦁


What kind of events do we do? Well, we do lots of stuff!!!
Here’s a list of the activities we do so far or that are about to take place:

- Show and Tell (On Wednesdays every other week)
- Stuffie Thursday (every Thursday)
- Fun Friday (every Friday) 
- Movie nights (no specific time)
- Letters day (every Sunday every other week, you write a letter to someone you love and appreciate and send it to them, and show us what you said! it can be to anyone! us, your community friends, family, anyone you love and appreciate!! it’s a way to spread positivity!!) 
- Mascot’s fridge (a day to send in ALL of the art you’re most proud of every other week!) 
- Many others to come!!! We have a lot in store, and hopefully you’ll be super surprised and excited when they come about!!

What’s so special about ReCub?:

On top of our fun events, ReCub is special in lots of other ways! We’re a community centered not only around just regression, but as stated before, pet/animal regression as well! We have lots of big future plans, like a P.O box and movie nights! We’re going to be doing a lot of fun stuff for our community, and Mascot and Aslan are even going to be going out to meet our ReCubs at fur/cons in our suits in the next few years! We plan on our community thriving, and always keeping it safe and as discourse free as possible!

(If you want to use any of our ideas, please ask us, because it hurts us when our ideas are stolen. If you do something like us, please credit us. We appreciate your admiration! But please respect our original ideas!) 

Who is allowed?:

Any safe regressor (age regressor, animal regressor, pet regressor) or system little (DID little) who interacts with our blog(s)/Discord/Amino (can be one or all three!), who does not allow the interaction of the following communities:
c//g///l, c///g///l//r///e, kid////heart, a//b//d///l, lil////tot, ns///fw, pet////play, k//in//k, litt//le///space, or any other community in relation to those, that may have any unsafe ties or affiliations such as those with c//g///l, k//in//k, or immense discourse.
Meaning, to join, you must NOT allow any of those listed communities to interact with you, you must interact with us in one or more ways, and you must not have immense discourse surrounding your blog. All of this is to keep our community as safe as humanly possible, and we have over-viewed all of the listed communities and none of them are safe for regressors, and many of them are also very sexually explicit and/or involved with sexually explicit terms. Some of them also involve a very large amount of unsafe discourse. If you feel these rules aren’t correct or are unfair, you may send a message or ask to @daycarediscourse and we’ll be glad to further explain to you our reasons, but we assure you we’ve made very careful and particular decisions in regards to keeping ReCub safe. 


- Nothing N/S/F/W.
- No cursing in the tag please, sorry! It’s not appropriate for regressors!
- No hate or negativity.
- Don’t use the tag without specific permission or being active on this blog/discord/amino.
- Report anyone misusing the tag/community, please!
- Use it as a safe space, not one for any bad reason!
- Absolutely no discourse in the tag/community whatsoever.
- You must be anti the communities on our banners and not allowed in the community, or at least not allow them on your blog. (This is to keep the community safe).
- You are allowed to crosstag it with SAFE regression communities! You may not crosstag it with the communities that are not welcome!! 
- Have fun! 

Official blogs:



@recub (a blog for recub content)

@recubblock (blocklist for the community, will also be open for reporting discourse/etc.) 

@daycarediscourse (a blog for the discourse or triggering content, you can also report things here)

@carersuggestion (a suggestion blog for carers, but not as frequently used)

How is ReCub safe?:

The tag ReCub is monitored daily, almost all day. We message anyone who has not gotten permission to use the tag and make sure they delete their post or ask for permission. If we run into a discourse problem, we are immediately ready to put blocking into action and not afraid to message them about leaving our community alone. If anything worse happens(such as harassment, etc.), they will be reported to Tumblr staff, and hopefully taken care of for good.
All the members of ReCub are safe and have been around us for a while, are trustworthy, and approved. If they haven’t been around for a long time, we can assure you that we’ve looked through their blog and made sure they are safe before they are allowed to use the tag. All the content they make is safe and it will continue to be safe. We’ve been in the regression communities for a long time, and a lot of them have become unsafe or been victims of crosstagging, etc.. Our community/tags will be constantly monitored so as this doesn’t happen, and if it does, we will make sure that it stops to the best of our ability.

If you’d like to be a ReCub, send us a message or ask to @recubofficial. We’d be happy to have you in our community, little one! 

so, i have a confession to make. the reason i watched qaf is because of sharon gless. she’s also one of the many reasons why i stayed during the entire show. because who doesn’t love sharon gless. but the character arc of brian fucking kinney is something that i never truly appreciated until i became apart of the fandom here on tumblr because i’m not always too keen on remembering where characters were at the beginning of the show relative to where they are at the end. which is why i need to do a rewatch of qaf soon. but gifing this show, even if most of my gifs are of debbie, i can tell you that brian fucking kinney, even from season 1 to season 2, has an amazing character arc. besides carl and ted’s character arc, his is one of my favorites of the show. like take this scene:

justin was doubting himself. he wasn’t sure he would be able to walk down the street by himself and when he said as much to brian, all brian said was that he was sure justin would be able to do it. AND LOOK AT THE WAY BRIAN LEANS INTO THAT FUCKING KISS. he’s so fucking proud of the little shit that wouldn’t leave him alone. he tried convincing everyone else, and probably himself, that he didn’t want justin around. that the little shit was an annoying asshole, but he was falling in love with the 17-year-old and it scared him shitless. but watching justin get bashed, watching the kid that had somehow convinced him that he himself could love someone scared him even more than falling in love.

i like to think that this is about the point in their relationship that brian starts to become self aware. that yes, he can love someone. that he wouldn’t, couldn’t, be like his father. because who was the one that believed in justin, when not even justin would believe in himself? who was the one that was there for justin when he needed him the most? who was the one that went to the hospital every single fucking day justin was there? briAN FUCKING KINNEY IS WHO.

what if I forgot about the cat, forgot about the kid, and just filled my house with plants for all of eternity.

Internet Friend! Moon Bin

Dongmin | Minhyuk


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• Bin would be the type to talk to you first 

• You two had been mutuals for a while and you always reblogged each other’s posts but never really reached out to each other 

• Until one day you saw a message coming from him • And then you started talking 

• And by talking I mean nONSTOP TEXTING OMG • And he would be texting you and his face would light up and the others would make fun of him for it 

• You two staying up late/ waking up early to try and talk to each other at a reasonable time for the other person 

• Bin always telling you not to stay up too late for him 

 • You two learning each other’s native language 


• Like the first few times you skype or FaceTime he would be wearing his contacts bc he was a little nervous 

• But once he got more comfortable around you he would wear always wear his glasses 


• You two finally meeting in person • You being super nervous when you get off of the plane 

• Bin making sure to get to the airport like 2 hours ahead of time just in case your flight gets in early 

• It doesn’t but he doesn’t mind waiting 

• Him getting more and more nervous the closer it comes to you two meeting 

 • Bin going to look for you 

• Because what if you get lost 

 • That would suck

 • You two looking for each other at the same time 

• And him seeing you looking around and calling your name while running up to you 



• And then he picks you up and hugs you super tight 

• It’s super cute and comfy but after a while it’s like “okay Bin I c a n ’ t b r e a t h e” 

• Bin introducing you to the guys

• And MJ saying something like "so THIS is who Bin hasn’t shut up about” • And you’ll both blush like crazy 

• Watching Minhyuk and Bin do girl group dances 

 • The other members noticing how happy you make him 

• Neither of you wanting you to leave 

• Bin trying to get you to stay and move to South Korea 

• Since you can’t just completely move away he makes excuses to see you a l l t h e t i m e 

• Visits becoming an insanely regular thing 

• Bin being afraid to tell you he likes you because you live so far away and long distance is incredibly hard 

• But eventually one day when you’re visiting him he tells you 

• And then the visits become more frequent 

• Usually you visiting him 

• And your free time is spent talking to him as much as possible 

• And although you both like each other you aren’t really ‘dating' 

• Until one day when you’re at his apartment and he takes you on a real date 

• And that potentially leads into a long distance! AU 

• Loving any time you get to spend together 

• But just in general talking to him all the time and feeling like you could tell him anything and always feeling super happy even when you’re just texting each other because sometimes that’s all you really need

I’m a little confused as to why everyone is so upset about the Final Problem, but then I never expected them to make Johnlock canon, and I know better than to expect good treatment of women from this show. It seems like everyone’s disappointment goes deeper than the queerbaiting and the misogyny though. If someone would like to explain it to me, I’m all ears.