this is why i needed love more in hq

let me help you fall in love with tanaka’s character (i’m gonna cut some parts from the first volume of the manga).

this is tanaka ryunosuke. he appears for the first time in the manga on vol 1 . he’s a second year and as you can see, he’s got that delinquent boy look going on. oh, and you’re gonna see that facial expression a lot, it’s his signature. it’s meant to intimidate people, but, no, just no, it’s hilarious af. 

guys, guys, guys, tanaka is a dork. we love dork characters, right?

he’s so simple minded. he’s just like bokuto. i’m dying.

whether you’ve watched the anime or you’re reading the manga, you probably know that the weird duo knocks off the vice principal wig, leading to daichi kicking them out of the gym. this scene is right before any of that happens. daichi is trying to talk to hinata and kageyama, but they’re just too absorbed in arguing that they do not hear him. tanaka is scolding them because daichi san is talking. he respects the third years a lot and wants the first years to respect them as well. we love respectful characters, right?

and here is the part where i start talking about how good of a senpai (and a person) tanaka is. this guy wakes up at 4 to let those two practice in the gym without daichi knowing (heh). this is obviously not the only time tanaka looks out for his kouhais. there are so many scenes in which you can see tanaka taking care of the kids. my favorite one? it’s probably the one from the OVA. if you still haven’t watched it, go watch it, because if you still think that tanaka’s nothing more than a funny gag, you’ll understand that you’re wrong. so wrong.

he is such a caring person. karasuno, his teammates mean so much to him. when hinata and kageyama don’t pass their exams, they need to re-do it, but in order to practice with the others in tokyo they need a ride. in the OVA you see tanaka asking his sister if she can do this favor for him, at first she tells him no because it’s an at least four hours drive, but then she sees her brother counting his savings. guys, guys, guys, here me out, tanaka’s willing to use his own money for hinata and kageyama. unfortunately he doesn’t have enough, but do you know what he does to provide a ride for them? he kneels in front of his sister and begs her. and he did not tell anyone how hard it was for him to provide a ride for hinata and kageyama. y’know, he deserves being called tanaka senpai by everyone everyday of his life, tanaka is the man

but this, this is probably what i like the most about him. this is just an example, okay? here we have tsukishima, telling them about kageyama’s nickname. tanaka has never liked people talking shit about others. look at his expression, he’s mad. he’s gonna scold tsukishima, but daichi stops him. this happens not a lot, but a shit amount of lots. tanaka is always ready to shut up people who belittle others. he steps up for kageyama, he is always there for hinata, he’s always ready to say “no, don’t say that you’re great” whenever someone is self depricating or he’s ready to fight whenever they talk shit of his friends. he’s such a good character, guys. 

(oh, and have i already told you how strong this person is? when oikawa’s targeting him he puts himself together. all by himself. most players wouldn’t be able to do that, they’d be so down because they’d made a lot of mistakes, but tanaka? not tanaka, bitch. tanaka is stronger than that. tanaka is better than that. tanaka slaps himself and receives that powerful serve.)

tanaka is in my top 5 favorite haikyuu characters and now you kinda know why. i think there’s so much more i need to say, but this post is getting too long. but please, give a little love to tanaka ryunosuke. call him tanaka senpai. he deserves it.

listen…..we gotta talk about yamakage


This was too much. It seriously felt like the world was caving in on me. My mother, my perfect mother, how could she be so heartless to my dad? The man who loved her with all his heart and soul, how could she? I thought they loved each other. They always said they did. Part of me was beginning to wonder if I wanted to meet the man who had single-handedly torn my family apart. 

No, not single-handedly…

Cherry Blossom: Why?

The shame of her actions marred my soul as if branded from the inside.

Why so serious?

It’s cosplay time!!

so basically i read some fanfictions depicting Kuroo as Joker and Tsukki as Harley Quinn….I NEED MORE OF THEEEEEM!!!!! Crazy! Kuroo x Crazy! Tsukki is love lol. Also i put the mouth tattoo on Tsukki for 2 reason, first, he OWNS Kuroo ;) (no kuroken plz) and second….

They put wrong tattoo on both of his hands :P

Reasons Ryuunosuke Tanaka is a Godsend

Tanaka is always trying to help others and make others believe in themselves! His energy and his passion might come across as overwhelming but it’s usually cause he cares so much! I’m so happy to see Tanaka touched on a bit more in the newest chapter, cause honestly I never understood why he doesn’t get all the honeys!

(BTW I feel you gurl, I am decently tall and it can be a pain sometimes but give it your all and be an awesome vball player! Ryuunosuke and I will be cheering!)




3rd and 2nd year relationships are bad ideas in sports animes…

Thank you so much for over 10.000 Followers!!

You guys are the best! It´s overwhelming! ;A;) I received lots of cute messages and it makes me so happy that I could share my love to Haikyuu with you the past month! ;_;) I didn´t expect that many people likes my junk-art ;7;) 

Thank you so much!!!!!

(My BokuAka Doujinshi is still in progress and that´s just a sneak peek >< I am so sorry if some of you are still waiting for a reply! ;A;) Holidays are soon so there´ll be some more time for answering!) >//<)

I have a headcanon/maybe-canon-observation that yamaguchi sometimes will project his problems onto other people to deal with them. When he has an isssue himself, he’ll sometimes see that same issue in others when in reality it either doesn’t exist or it really isn’t something that bothers the other person. Ofc tsukishima is the closest to him, is also a bundle of issues, and they both have social problems and a relatively cautious natures so yamaguchi often will project onto him. However, what bothers yamaguchi isn’t always what’s going to bother tsukishima. He’s going to get it wrong sometimes. He got it mostly on the nose with the motivation thing, but yamaguchi was speaking from a very personal place and I think tsukishima kinda knew it. Yamaguchi literally said pride was all they needed. But tsukishima didn’t exactly feel the same, pride mattered but not like that–hence why he said he couldn’t “just accept that” and went to bokuto and kuroo for their opinion afterwards. And I imagine yamaguchi doing it more often than just that once. It’s not like he does it with every single thing, but certain overwhelming problems he finds easier to deal with if he just… gently shoves it onto someone else…. Never consiously, but he is vaguely aware that he has this habit. On that note, i love character flaws.

Ok I’m tired of this….I don’t understand why all the fandom think that Kuroo is a rapist or something like that…can we see a fic where he has just a normal relationship?! he is just a tennager please…he is only a 18 years boy who loves volleyball….he deserves to be in a healthy realtionship!! this boy is just a dork and a cutie in my opinion he needs more love

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How about a scenario where Iwaizumi's S/O was forced to have sex (non-con) when she was younger and she was afraid to tell him but one day they are about to have sex and all of a sudden she starts freaking out/ having a panic attack then she breaks down bc has to tell the truth... (you don't have to do this if you don't want to ik it's a sensitive subject)

So, Anon, I made some changes to your original request (I’m sorry!), but - as you pointed out - it is a sensitive subject. And since I, myself, have not experienced this particular situation happen to me, I am afraid I will be unable to correctly represent those who have - and if this is you, Anon, I am terribly sorry that such a thing happened. No one deserves that.

But what I have experienced is a moment in my life where I had to confess to my boyfriend that I had slept with a previous partner before him. And while he was very accepting (and pretty much told me it didn’t even matter since I was with him) I was still very worried about it. While it is getting better - very slowly - females today are still expected to be pure whereas males are expected to have experience in sexual relations (which will always baffle me - where are they supposed to get the experience from, huh?). And while it doesn’t seem that high of stakes, I think it is something that people of today have to deal with in terms of anxiety and reaching understanding as well as acceptance.

Hope that’s okay, Anon!


Why did it matter? It shouldn’t have mattered really and considering the kind of society they were living in, it was to be expected, right? This fear that built up in the back of her mind as his lips traveled along her neck, the anxiety she felt as his hand pushed at the hum of her shirt all over the fact that he didn’t know.

And as her shirt was peeled away she thought of how long they had been together, about how much he trusted her. Iwaizumi had always been so patient and willing to be kind to her, she didn’t know how she could allow herself to repay him by lying. Her hands trembled as they tugged his hips to hers by the belt loops of his jeans because, god, she wanted him.

But not when he thought they were to be sharing their first time together.

“Wait, wait, please wait,” her voice left her breathlessly - shaking even - as her hands pushed his away before they had the chance to start tugging off her shorts. Without hesitation, his hands pulled back, body straightening as his eyes took on the effect of a deer in headlights. “I… I–” she attempted to speak but got caught in the landslide of emotions of ‘what if’ and the outcome of each; tears quickly found their way to her eyes.

“Whoa, hey,” his hand reached forward then, hesitating for only a moment before taking her face in his grasp, thumbs pushing away the salty liquid, “we don’t have to. Not yet, not until you’re ready.” His reassurances only twisted the blade that was stabbed into her heart.

Shaking her head, she reaching her hands out to his bare chest, fingers unsteady as her lip quivered. “No, I want to,” her voice was quiet, hesitant, “I just… I’m not… I’m sorry…”

Brows furrowed as he watched her, failing at all attempts to understand what she was trying to tell him. After listening to another round of beginnings of thoughts, Iwaizumi shushed her gently, touching his forehead to hers so their eyes could meet even as she tried to avoid it. “I need you to breath,” he told her as her intake of breath increased, “relax and breath. Then tell me what you want.”

It took a couple minutes, but together they brought her back down to a reasonably level and he, again, waited patiently for her to speak when she was comfortable.

“This… isn’t my first time,” she was finally able to get the words out, voice wobbling on the edge of breaking again, “I’ve, uh, had… sex before.”

“Oh,” was his immediate response, his gaze dropping to his lap where his hands now resides, his brows scrunching together as he let his new information mull over in his head. Now it was her turn to remain patient; what would the outcome be to her admission?

When minutes passed without a response, she spoke again, “I’m sorry for not telling you sooner. Does it… bother you?” And she was to terrified, because what if it did? What would happen to them then? There was no going back in time to change what she had done, but–

“No,” Iwaizumi’s gaze rose then, a new determination to them, “I’m not bothered because it doesn’t matter.” The answer surprised her and she was sure the emotion was displayed on her face with the way he smiled kindly at her. “Because you’re here with me now. Now you’re mine and it’s the you now I love. No matter what’s happened in the past.”

She needed to more as she dove in to press their mouths together with a new vigor, her hands drawing him closer and he followed suit easily, allowing her to guide him. Skin on skin ignited new depths to their feelings and she silently wondered why she was so worried. For when their bodies were at last joined and their moans mingled together in the air around them, she realized nothing else matter but them in that moment.

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I love ur drawings and those funny faces I draw haha anD I love u for drowning ushioi cause there's nt enough of this ship we need more ushioi I do for sure cause too much of iwaoi is bad for my health *kisses*

Aaaww~ Thank you so much dear~ What can I say? I’m rarepair trash. And since you brought up iwaoi anyways, let me just say… consider this: ushioiiwa

She’s Electric (Futakuchi Kenji + Nametsu Mai)

Idek why I chose that title but I’ve been having a lot of feels about these two lately (thanks to @starlity‘s artwork) and I need to write something so I guess it seemed to work. I promised @kairoskenji that I would write something and I swear I’m gonna get this ship out of the dock

Also tagging @hq-rare-pairs because this pair deserves more love

“I’m so proud of you!” Dateko’s adorable manager squeaked, running out to her team after another big win at the Interhigh tournament. She did her usual routine, high-fiving Koganegawa, Aone, Jingo, Onagawa, Obara, and Sakunami, in that order, before springing onto her boyfriend Futakuchi’s shoulders. The captain caught himself from falling over, even though his small girlfriend is a feather compared to him. It was a tough match and although he needed to get his energy before the next match, he appreciated the display of affection.

Futakuchi put her back on the floor and planted a kiss on her forehead, lovingly cupping her cheeks. “Thanks, babe. We couldn’t have done it without you, you know.” 

The team followed the couple out of the gym on the way to the lobby to get some lunch. They had two and a half hours before their next match and had plenty of time to eat. The rest of the guys broke off one way and left Futakuchi and Nametsu to have their mini-date.

Walking down the hallway, his arm wrapped protectively around his small girlfriend, Futakuchi couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride. His team was on a winning streak, with him leading them to every victory, and he had the cutest manager-girlfriend supporting him. But, he also couldn’t help but notice the looks that Nametsu was earning from guys from the other team. He was seen as a rival, and he was okay with that, but he knew for sure that someone would try to bother her and he wasn’t cool with that. But for now, all he wanted to focus on was her and winning their next match.

“Kenji, can we swing by the restroom?” she asked before they walked down the road for lunch. Giving a nod and a light pat on the back, Futakuchi steered them into the direction of the restrooms. The two were separated for barely a couple minutes before Futakuchi came out and saw two boys wearing burgundy and white surrounding a petite girl in a familiar green jacket.


“You’re such a tease, you know that?” As Futakuchi got closer, he recognized the name on the back of the jackets: Shirato High School. “C’mon, sweetheart, say something. I bet you have a cute voice too.”

Nametsu looked up with a terrified look on her face that turned into relief when she saw her boyfriend coming towards them.

“Do we have a problem here?” he growled, catching the two boys’ attention. Under their jackets, they were in their uniforms and one of them wore a captains jersey.

The captain scoffed. “Well, well, well. Sending your captain to come fight your battle for you. Sorry bud, but we were here first. Wait your turn.”

That was the last straw for Futakuchi. He put a hand on the captain’s shoulder and pulled him away from Nametsu. “Actually, she’s my girlfriend so I don’t have to wait for anything. Now, you’re bothering her and you two need to get lost.”

The other boy, probably the vice-captain, laughed at him. Futakuchi wrapped his arms around Nametsu’s shoulders protectively, ready to fight at any moment. “Or what, pretty boy?”

Futakuchi popped his knuckles and grabbed the vice-captain’s shirt. “You’re looking at my girlfriend like she’s a piece of meat and I’m not cool with that. Get lost, or I’ll beat your ass myself.”

The two boys stared each other down until an officiant came and broke them up before they could fight. They all received warnings and a threat that they would be thrown out for fighting, and none of the third-years wanted to risk that. The two boys walked away and stared at the couple while they walked away.

“Isn’t that the team we’re playing next?” Nametsu asked.

Futakuchi nodded. “Yeah. And we’re gonna beat them down baby, don’t you worry about that.”


It seemed like no time had passed before Futakuchi and the playboy captain were shaking hands before their match. He still remembered their meeting from earlier, how he and his vice-captain had the nerve to go after his girlfriend and challenge him to a fight. He made a promise, the only fighting he would do would be on the court, and he would be sure to win. For his school, and for his girl.

“Ha, if it isn’t Mr. Iron Wall himself,” the rival egged on. “We’ll see who your girl goes home with after this game.”

“Don’t hold your breath, pal. She came here with Dateko, and she’s leaving with us too. Besides, I don’t think she’d be too happy with a boyfriend that smells like cheese.”

The captains walked back to their respective line-ups and Futakuchi got a chuckle out of the other captain sniffing his jersey. During the entire match, he zeroed in on his new rival, showing him that he messed with the wrong manager. Every one of his spikes were shut down, with help from Aone and Koganegawa, and after each one he could see the dejected look growing on his face. It reminded him of the ace from Karasuno, only this time he had a purpose.

It only took two sets for Dateko to defeat Shirato and kick them out of the Interhighs. Shaking hands with the other team through the net, Futakuchi asked, “Guess my girl has a thing for winners, huh?” He didn’t even have anything to say, only a dejected look and a dangerous side-eye. 

Nothing screams victory quite like petty revenge.

This is actually super canon but I feel like so many people don’t know it or over-look it for his surface characteristics? Tsukishima Kei is not an unaffected, cold person. He is actually so affected that he’s scared. He’s seen what happens when people care so much and get let down. That terrifies him. So, he distances himself. He hides behind his calculation and reason. That’s why he’s so impressed when Yamaguchi, his timid best friend who’s never really reached for anything, confronts him and calls him out.

Even more, though, than having himself disappointed, I think he’s even more scared of letting other people down. Akiteru mainly. That’s why he didn’t want him coming to the Shiratorizawa game. That’s more headcanon territory though.

Basically, Tsukki is a music-obsessed, dino-loving, scared to death baby who doesn’t want to let anyone down and it needs to be remembered!

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Zankyou No Terror


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