this is why i needed love more in hq

listen…..we gotta talk about yamakage

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Would the admins consider doing a day centered on Konoha, like the Kinoshita night from a few months ago? This wonderful boy deserves a lot more love and recognition than he gets, and it would make me so happy to see him get it. While I’m at it, I think other good characters deserving of a night also would be Ennoshita, Shibayama, Komi, and Reon, to name a few. And Kinoshita. He /still/ needs more love.

You know what…why the hell not? I friggin love Konoha, and he’s such a gem. I would love to do that this Sunday, which is the 12th. 

So, if anyone has any Konoha fics/hcs/art/edits/etc that they’d like us to share on that day, please submit a link to it (makes it easier to find for us, but we’ll reblog the original to make sure you get the most notes and traffic) and we’ll post it on that day. We’ll also reblog all the Konoha stuff we’ve had previously, as well as whatever else we can find.

I’m actually super stoked about Konoha Day. February 12, friends. Please come and participate!

Ok I’m tired of this….I don’t understand why all the fandom think that Kuroo is a rapist or something like that…can we see a fic where he has just a normal relationship?! he is just a tennager please…he is only a 18 years boy who loves volleyball….he deserves to be in a healthy realtionship!! this boy is just a dork and a cutie in my opinion he needs more love

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Hello everyone!! I noticed my dash isn’t full enough of manga/anime or stuff  I love and I also started new things recently. That’s why I need to follow new blogs that reblog one or more of the following (in bold are the ones i’m most interested in):

Bungou Stray Dogs
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures
Haikyuu!! (i’ll never get tired of hq stuff)
Yowamushi Pedal
DRAMAtical Murder
Diamond no Ace

Tanaka-kun wa itsumo kedaruge
Fullmetal Alchemist
Ace Attorney
Detective Conan
Kuroko no Basket
Love Live!!
…..and other sport anime, i don’t care which one

If you have a tag system you’d make me the happiest! You just have to like or reblog this post. If you reblog, please tag which one of these you usually reblog! Thank you!!!!