this is why i love wgm

wanna one go couples as variety shows

we got married (that wrist pull though)

celebrity bromance/wgm ????

i live alone together

real men ??? (from their teasers? but its mnet so probably not LOL)

1 night 2 days (if they played games for lunch it would fit perfectly)

It’s a Date

Anon asked: could you do a haechan we got married scenario pls :) similar to the Mark one but you can change the theme if you want

yO I LOVE. MY KIDDO. so much that this turned out longer than i anticipated but whaTever. i also still know next to nothing about wgm so. here you go i hope you enjoy.^^

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Jungkook’s ending his 3years relationship with Jimin out of sudden and no one knows why. 2 months passed without any news about Jungkook and suddenly the TV’s going crazy about the Jeon Industry’s newly published heir. (6/?)

PS : I actually made this AU as a filler since I couldn’t update the WGM AU for a long time, my schedule is a bit of a mess atm. This au should be lighter than this, but idk, the more I update, the more it complex? With all the drama and.. Well death. There’s love affair and hinted infidelity too.. There’s mpreg also. Why I tend to make everything darker that it should be.. Sigh.
Mamamoo reaction: their s/o going to WGM

Anon asked: Their girlfriend is called to be in the we got married with another idol

Hwasa: Is a little jealous, but not as extreme as other members *cough*. She trusts you, but when she watches you on television with all the editing and stuff, she’d find it really awkward and weird.

“This doesn’t feel right..”

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Moonbyul: Wouldn’t be to fond of the idea, to be honest. Moonbyul likes to have you for herself, she doesn’t want to share. Even if it’s just a tv show, she  just wouldn’t be happy about it.

“It’s just frustrating to watch. You shouldn’t be pretending to love somebody else…”

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Solar: Was on WGM herself, she wouldn’t be jealous or anything. She knows how the things work, and found it quite funny herself, so why shouldn’t you do it? 

“You’re going to WGM? How exciting~~”

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Wheein: She knows it’s just a tv show, so she doesn’t really care about it. No, she’d even think it’s hilarious to watch the episodes with her members, including you to make it extra embarassing for you.

“I hope you two will be a better couple than Eric and Yongsun…” *laughs, gets hit by Yongsun*

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WGM Taeun Couple Final Episode Recap - 2014.01.04

Part 1: At home with mission card

Taeun is looking at the mission card 
T: First love
N: It’s movie ticket
T: We’re going for a movie then…

Naeun BRI
Q: When seeing the mission card…?
N: Well….There were no thoughts in my mind. I just don’t know what is needed to be done, what I need to say, and what should I do. I really don’t know what should I be doing now. 

Taemin BRI
Q: When seeing the mission card…?
T: That moment I just feel speechless..? I really don’t know what to say to Naeun

T: What’s this, is this a joke?
N: To the youngest couple, today is the end of your virtual marriage. Divide the things you have at WGM village land no.2 (Taeun’s house). Have you last date at the movie theatre. Is this a mistake? Us?
T: Pack stuff. Lease has ended. We can just go to next door.
N: Should we just borrow a room?
T: What should we do?
T: It is really ended…what to do
N: It feels weird, doesn’t it?
N: Not sure what should be done and what should be said.
T: yea..
T: It ask us to divide our stuff so…
They start going through their items
T: You brought along this picture the first time when we met, no?
T: It was spring then. We have been together throughout all 4 seasons, didn’t we?
N: Then I’ll take this too!
T: You want to take this? I’m annoyed by it.
N: Need to take this too *pushes Taemin towards the box*

N: At that moment, we never thought this day would come, right?
T: If I’m to go back (when first met) at this moment, I think I can treat you even better since I know better about you. Now then you feel more comfortable with me. 
N: I have changed a lot. You have made me changed a lot
T: Really? Is it a good thing?
N: Yes, thank you
T: Should we go to watch movie?
T: I wana leave here fast
N: Why do you keep wanting to leave?
T: Because I’m feeling attached to it
N: If you stay longer?
T: Yes

Part 2: First love movie watching

Taeun drinking the wine made by them at the grape farm
*Below all said when they were watching their own movie, First love*
T: We are really cute
N: You were really touched? *When showing the scene where Taemin say he is touched that Naeun learned how to cook for him*
T: You like me?
N: Yes
N: Block your ears, quick! Block it, block it!
N: Can you now say that (the whisper) to me again?
T: Should I do it again?

Taemin BRI
I said I love you….and I’m going to love her in future too. I just follow my feelings. Am really thankful..because I like her.

T: The feeling became more realistic now, doesn’t it?

Naeun BRI
It doesn’t feel real when we were packing our things at home. After we leave home for the cinema, the feeling slowly became more realistic and “ah…it was like that then” All the memories came back.

Taemin BRI
Q: After watching the movie…
T: I feel like I’m going to cry. It tugged my heart. At first it didn’t feel real (ending) but when it started, the reality came and I realize..ah..this is the last.

Part 3: Facing reality after movie

T: After watching the clip, I feel that…I understand now why people say it is like seeing their first love. It really feel like that. It was like a dream of first love
N: When we first met, I was excited. When we went to make the grape wine, I was really happy. Haeri (the place they did hand cast and prank)…
T: It was unfortunate?
N: It was not unfortunate
T: It was good
N: If anything, it helped me a lot
T: This is the end for us if we stand up now, isn’t it?
T: It is not like we will not be meeting forever and let’s not meet again. Let’s not be too sad about it.
T: Why?
N: Well….it’s too bad
N: Thank you
T: For?
N: Thank you
T: For? What are you thankful for?

Naeun BRI
I’m just thankful to him. I have changed because of him. Although for the first time…..but he somehow made me knew how does love feel like? So I’m thankful to him.

T: I could have treat you even better. I wanted to treat you better or express better. Like, “I miss you” I can’t do those well. I feel bad that I’m clumsy at those. *Taemin is mumbling and his sentence are not making sense here, but he meant to say he is sorry that he didn’t treat her better than he thought. Say, he might want to do action A in his mind but he did action B* 
T: Why are you crying?
N: I’m not crying, It is tears of happiness
N: I’m sorry, I really thought I’m not going to cry
T: You are really kindhearted

Taemin BRI
She seems really sad, and thankful. Of course, I’m even more thankful. Together we feel it, and became closer. 

Part 4: Goodbye

T: Do you have anything that you wish from me for the last time?
N: Totally a lot
T: What? It feels scary
N: Can I say all of it?
T: Yes, tell me all. Why are you smiling, cute.
N: Sing for me
T: Sing? It is nervous to sing when you ask for it in a sudden

Lyric of the song Taemin sang:
Can you please remember just this?
That I was once by your side
Once in a while, thinking I might bump into you on the street
I look at my shabby self in the mirror and make myself over
You aren’t sick, are you? I’m very worried
Though you must be happy, I will pray for you
Remember, even when you meet someone else
That I was once by your side

T: Remember that
N: Should we take a picture? For the last time? No! It is not going to be the last, right?
T: Yes
N: Should I grant you a wish?
T: Then my wish is, don’t get sick
N: Once again, there is nothing that I can give/do (to Taemin)
T: Why is there none. I can feel all of it.
N: No….
T: I really can feel all of it

Taemin BRI
Q: 8 months of WGM…
T: It really left a lot of memories. Feels like memories are left with me til I die. WGM is really unusual. 

Naeun BRI
Q: 8 months of WGM…
N: I’m seriously going to remember it for the whole of my life. Within my 20 years, it seems like the best gift to me.

Q: What kind of memories is left?
T: It too feels like first love to me. The first love that I dream of, was with Naeun, it felt so. Therefore I’m thankful to Naeun for giving me that kind of affection.
N: Husband…seems to have became my first love.

Taemin BRI
Q: What kind of wife is Naeun?
T: She felt like a really good wife for marriage. Someone that you can tell is a good woman and it feels like I’ve liked someone like that. 

Naeun BRI
Q: What kind of husband is Taemin?
N: He is a really good husband, really. He always makes me happy. 

Translated by ctrawberry via GOGISubs
Cr. GOGISubs

everybody should watch 1N2D S3

I absolutely love this show!! This is the only season of 1N2D I’ve watched, and I find that people either love it, or they just compare it to S1 and S2 and say it pales in comparison. I’ve never watched the other seasons, but I really don’t think you should judge this season by the way it compares to the other ones. 

I have never closely followed with any variety show, except for WGM for the lettuce couple and pocaguri (and I only watch their cuts). But this one has my heart!!!


1. There is no MC 

A show like 1N2D, honestly, there is absolutely no need for an MC. It’s a show about brotherhood and survival out in the wild, why on earth would you need an MC. Having one creates opportunities for members dominating others and what fun is that to watch? 

2. They’re actually like brothers

Many people comment on the show and say that Joon Young has no manners and don’t respect his elders, or that they don’t like the 3G vs LTE games because 3G always loses. THE SHOW IS NOT ABOUT WINNING OR LOSING THE GAMES. It’s about six men playing ridiculous games that the production team comes up with in hopes of making viewers laugh. It’s about brothers messing with each other. There is no such thing as manners when it comes to fighting for food with your brothers, let’s be real. That’s what makes the show fun. What else do you want to see? Joon Young offering Joo hyuk the food that he earned himself on his knees? Don’t be ridiculous. 

And I love 3G vs LTE, because we all know 3G is probably going to lose, but we root for them much more than LTE. I love Joon Young but Joohyuk is honestly my favorite among the cast. Who cares if 3G loses all the games if they make the viewers laugh and we all cheer for them?

3. Yoo PD

He might as well be one of the cast members. He’s completely ruthless and that’s what makes it hilarious. He gets a fair bit of screen time and every time he makes me laugh. His monotone voice and straight face makes it even funnier. But when he actually laughs he’s the cutest thing ever. 

4. Chemistry

Six men can have chemistry with each other too. There are episodes where the members are by themselves, or it’s just a few of them together, and it’s not the same as all six of them being together. One of my favorite episodes is when they had an all-or-nothing day, where they swear to be loyal to each other, but of course that doesn’t work out. They’re screaming loyalty the entire day, but every single game one person would be like “let’s not, let’s at least have some of us eat”, and it’s hilarious. And they actually look like they like each other, which is a plus. It would be so terrible if they’re just pretending to like each other. 


I started watching this season because Joon Young is in it, but I have grown to love everybody. Even with my bias towards Joon Young, Joo hyuk is my favorite. He was a little bit awkward at first, but he’s really grown to accept his fate as a variety entertainer. He’s absolutely hilarious LOL and I love how Tae Hyun is basically the laugh track of the show lmao 

People need to stop comparing the seasons with each other. This new season is not a continuation of the previous, but a brand new one with four new members. That in itself gives enough reason for you to set S1 and S2 aside and focus on this one. If you don’t think it’s funny then that’s fine, we all have our preferences, but please don’t discard it just because you’re too blinded by the other seasons to see the good in this one. 


“Pose like Minnie Mouse”  -  We Got Married 230


[Ep30] WooYoung and SeYoung selca time

Why? Why took so many photos if you don’t wanna share (with me us)?
You know…maybe it’s a good time to update your twitter? Instagram?

I love how she just put her arm on his thigh like “it’s not really a big deal”.
Sigh…..They look like a real couple.
So cute! So perfect!


you may dislike me because i like APink, i like Naeun.

Just because Naeun is in WGM With your beloved maknae Taemin, you have to dislike Naeun?

I mean, it’s not her choice to be in WGM with who. it’s the producer’s decision. why blame the innocent artists?

I’m a SHINee World, a Taemin biased person. i support them. well you may say because you already like apink or whatever shit. but really, why blame them?

I know Taemin got bashed because he made Naeun cried on WGM etcetc .. i don’t feel good also okay.

Just… stop hating on Naeun, saying her fake doesn’t make you real. hating her doesn’t make you have a date with Taemin

Just accept it. We’re SHINee’s fan isn’t it? Their happiness is our happiness.
Their sadness is our sadness.

—I’m just another fangirl of APink and SHINee, i love both of the groups. and it hurts me that my twitter tlist seems to hate Naeun because shes in WGM with Taemin—


Love Shot  -  We Got Married 233

Exo Reaction to Their Girlfriend Getting Jealous because of WGM

Sorry about the bit of a hiatus, but I finished the draft sketches as of yesterday. I am super tired so I am just making this and then going back to bed. >_<

I have never watched WGM, but I thought I could handle the idea of their girlfriend getting jealous of it. 



He teased her about her jealousy because it was frankly silly. Just because someone said they liked him didn’t mean he liked them back. She was not impressed. 


He looked down at her with a smirk plastered on his lips, his eyes failing to hide his smug attitude about the whole thing. “I am not jealous,” she said as she rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. “It just makes me uncomfortable. 

His smirk grew. “So…you’re jealous.” 


When she confessed to him that the idol he was paired with made her uneasy because she had said that she liked him in the past, he laughed a little bit. His girlfriend pouted and looked at him as her brow creased. “What? I’m not being unreasonable.” 

Chen winked at her, making it way too obvious on purpose. “Don’t worry, Jagi~” 


His girlfriend took a deep breath after admitting to him that she didn’t like his participation on the show. “It’s not that I don’t support you, it’s just that who you’re “married” to makes me uncomfortable.” 

Kaid smiled and leaned towards her, pulling her into a back hug. “That’s alright. But just remember, I don’t actually feel that way about her.”


When she confessed that she was scared that he wouldn’t love her any more after spending so much time with his partner, he just smiled a little. It was such a silly thought, but he understood that she was actually scared of it. Kyungsoo walked up to her and hugged her gently, shaking his head. 

“That would never happen. Don’t worry so much, alright?” 


They were just falling asleep when she decided to tell him, biting and chewing on her lip as she confessed she was jealous. He just smiled at her and then turned towards her, making an ‘okay’ sign with his hand. “Baobei, don’t be scared. It’s going to be okay and nothing is going to change.” 

“I know, but it freaks me out.” 

He smiled brightly at her. “I promise that whatever happens on the show is for pretend and we are real life.” 


He got a little pissy when she told him what she was scared of because one) that would never happen and two) he wasn’t a complete asshat. She should have known better, but at the same time he understood it was an insecurity. He just didn’t know how to address it or what to say, so instead he sat there looking moody. 


When she told him she was scared of him falling in love with the other idol who had already admitting to liking him back he just sort of looked at her funny, his face saying ‘what???’ without him actually needing to say the words. She felt stupid then and closed her mouth, looking down. 

“Jagi, I’m not going to just go on a show and fall in love with someone I hardly know.” He suddenly smiled at her, taking his hand in hers. “I’m already in love.” 


They were walking together when she decided to just say it, spitting out her fears and insecurities that were both riddled with jealousy. He smiled wide at her because it was totally ridiculous.

Xiumin took her hand in his, squeezing. “Don’t worry, that isn’t going to happen. I promise.” 

Plus Three:


He wasn’t exactly following what she meant. Why in the world would he suddenly dump her for the idol he was partnered with on WGM? It didn’t make any sense to him, but that wasn’t the first time they had a gap in communication. He just stared at her, his face reflecting just how stupid he thought it was until she dropped it. 


He sat at the kitchen table as she paced back and forth, spilling everything she was feeling about the whole situation and never really looking his way while she did it. Luhan sat there amused, finding the whole thing very funny and wondering if she realised the show was for pretend. When she finally stopped and turned to face him, crossing her arms, he just grinned. 

“Wow, Baobei. How long did you think about all that?” 


He got pissy when she admitted he thought he was just going to up and leave her for another person. Tao couldn’t imagine hurting someone that way, especially her though. He hated that she thought he would, but chose not to say anything he would regret, so he just stood there silently pitying himself. 

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