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What is whitewashing?

Whitewashing i basically when people edit idols skin to be much lighter than it actually is. This happens alot with kpop idols  No matter how pale an idol is there are always people who will edit their skins to be lighter and i don’t support that. I love seeing idols actual skin tones other than edited versions of them. This honestly pisses me off, and the fact that it done often to many idols makes me even more pissed off. The same people who claim to love their oppas and ajummas are the same ones editing them to make them ‘perfect’. I hate  this and will never support it. 

many people don’t understand the issue

Why do Kris, Lay, Luhan and Victoria deserve hate? Not because they love their homeland but:

-China lost at the Hague. The Philipines had enough proof for their territory. Everything came to a conclusion. 

-These people spent YEARS OVERSEAS being exposed to such networks as Facebook, YouTube but are still ignorant enough to acknowledge China’s ridiculous plan to own the whole South China Sea.

-Not only did they post it on Weibo but also on Instagram. Clearly, they want to get on their South East Asian fans’ nerves and dgaf about their feelings.

-I will say this one last time, South China Sea does not belong to China only because it has a “China” in its name. Stop being delusional. 

-If you want to support China only because your oppas and unnies are on their side, please do some thorough research on the international websites to realize how disgustingly irrational you are first.


Come on now… Let’s all be adults about this. Although Tao says it’s not smoke (you know he said that to protect you guys, he doesn’t want you to be disappointed in him or worried about him). There is NO WAY that is fog breath! He was either smoking or vaping. I should know, I was in London at that same time he was there for FW and photoshoot, I mean the weather was cold but not THAT cold.

Scratch that last comment, even I got confused about what Tao said >.<! So to clear things up here are things that he said:

- 151120 Tao’s Weibo update and the smoke (fog breath) comment, was about him filming ‘Railroad Tigers’ movie in Shenyang.

- Tao later wrote a comment about the #/London picture saying “this was for a photoshoot”.

I don’t know why people are bashing him, he’s a grown man. He can make his own decision, he’s growing as an artist. He’s not the same “clean cut” EXO member anymore, so of course he’s gonna experiment. He’s gonna do more “risky” things.

Doesn’t mean it’s all bad, I personally love seeing this whole other side of Tao. All ranting aside, he’s still the same mischievous kid Tao with that infectious laugh and bright smile. Although I’m sure HL will agree with me in saying that we don’t see it as often as we’d like haha!

In my own country and other countries, the day 0502 has ended. How did you guys spend it ? It's really amazing how (my) birthday can continue for 2 days, this I have never actually thought about. 0502 I am very happy to be able to receive blessings from the world and fans from various places, very happy. But from birth until now, (I) feel the most guilty about not being able to work hard to learn more languages to be able to communicate with more people who love me. Sorry. I love you all. Saranghae. I LOVE YOU.

140503 Tao Weibo Update

Why I love Luhan so much

He has liked a total of 2055 weibo posts, and most of them, if not all, are of his fans’ wishes that they tagged as #Luhanwishingseason 

Some fans’ wishes (note: You is referring to Luhan):
1.  钱家小花: My wish is to let Luhan like my post!
2.  洓桅: I anticipate the day I would wear my bag and go to your city and give you a flower, the world’s best Luhan 
3.  啵啵虎啵啵虎啵啵虎: I hope Luhan that you are well. Also, next year I have my entrance exams so I need to work hard. I hope you can cheer for me.
4.  叫我李豆豆啊: You need to keep being happy in 2016.
5.  一reloaded一: Today is the last day of 2015, I hope Luhan will be happy every day.

Most of the fans’ wishes are “I hope Luhan can like this post” and Luhan has fulfilled their wishes ^_^ 

In the 2016 Video here, he talked about liking everyone’s posts (or trying to).

He really is such a warm person like so many people say. That’s why he is loved by so many. I hope his wishes will come true this year as well  ♥


Ok so now that I am on the train home I can now compose myself and write what happened. It is one thing for me to talk about how sweet and lovely tao is to fans and how I really do support him no matter what. But now that I finally got to see him in a way I never thought was possible (at the airport) my thoughts havent changed, instead it has increased. The moment he entered the arrivals he was nothing but kind to us fans smiling at us, shaking hands with some and especially taking all our gifts to welcome him to London. He laughed a little and smiled as we sang t.a.o to him and even when chanting his name. Like oh my god he even said I love you guys and thanked us. Truly a very sweet guy who really appreciates his fans, i seen that first hand. Also i know you will all want to know, what does he look like in real life ? Well I will say this, he is so much more handsome in real life than in photos. Yes he’s that handsome. His skin looks so soft and healthy, what the heck he didn’t look like he just arrived from a long haul flight at all. And his tan omg his tanned skin is basically a gift from the gods and even then, I am not showing justice to his handsomeness or good skin. Tao please teach me your ways ; ~; After Tao left a few people asked me why were there girls freaking out, who was the guy, was he a celeb? I answered that he is a famous chinese singer called Tao. Even before he arrived people asked us who tao or z.tao was as we had banners of his name and were constantly talking about him. I hope by spreading his name people may go search for his music!! This trip to see Tao was really a last minute thing, in total i will have travelled around 18-20 hours within 24 hours and I swear it was completely worth it. He is so lovely to his fans, I cannot understand at all why people dont like him, he has such a lovely charm radiating off him that you have to see and eventually love. And if I am correct he took my fan letter and I am now embarrassed with myself and will now go and bury my self in a great big pit. Pictures are mine so please do not pretend theyre yours. If you use them please credit me - Heather10016 for twitter or Heather941001 on weibo thank you!

TCEF Admins' Perception of Taohun's Relationship
Tao: OMG I’m so in love lets get couples items and tell the world and read all the fanfics and meet each others families!! Sehun: Shhhhh! Let’s just chill. People are looking at us <.< >.> Tao: I just liked a photoset of you on Weibo! Sehun: -cautiously slides Tao a bracelet- Okay, why don’t you quietly enjoy that, my love? ^^ Tao: OMG -takes 9000000 pictures of it and posts them everywhere- Tao: -shows it off on Showtime- Tao: -kisses it on television- Sehun: -facepalm-
[20140726] TAO answering fan messages on Weibo (Part 2)

Part 1 here

Fan: Why do I feel like you are a little bit angry? Are you okay? Please get well soon! MV was so handsome!!

Tao: Why would I be angry hahaha  I wanted to laugh when I saw those… I’ve seen basically all types of people…. I am really bored at the moment so let’s have some fun together. Gonna act crazy for a while, my AB has already been initiated now hahahahah

Fan: Tao-Zi, you are finally back!! Everyone missed you so much!

Tao: Me too baby >_<

Fan: Don’t take notice of those bad comments~~~ People who love you will always be here~~~ Of course I am not worried that you will be affected by those comments, because you are strong enough.

Tao: Haha I am not angry, just dicking around.

Fan: I don’t have that type of luck T_T T_T *a row of little sad faces*

Tao: Why would you not have that type of luck hahah

A few SNH48 weibo reactions to what happened at the AKB48 handshake event

Team NII Chen Jiaying:

Team NII Xu Yanyu:
*reblogged Jiaying* “please…”

Team NII He Xiaoyu:
“Although we don’t know why that person behaved this way, they did something despicable by seriously harming people. I pray the members and the staff member don’t have serious injuries.”

Team NII Lin Siyi:
“I hope our seniors are okay. If you really love 48…please don’t harm people…”

Team NII Huang TingTing:
“How can this be?? [shocked] I hope our seniors are okay.”

Team NII Yi Jiaai:
*reblogged Jiaying* T_T T_T”

Former 1st Generation Wang Feisi:
“When I saw the news, I was immediately speechless… Not to mention the problem isn’t that a man did it, but if you love and support idols, what kind of person are you to injure these girls!! I hope everybody is okay.”

Former 1st Generation Zhang Xinfang:
*reblogged Feisi* “I’m very disgusted by the actions of that person. The girls are innocent.”

140726 Tao's weibo replies
  • Fan: Miss you so much, did you get any insects stung?
  • Tao: Yes... Why you all are not there accompanying me to get stung
  • Fan: Our Tao really didn't undergo plastic surgery, it's exactly the same like your pre-debut pictures
  • Tao: I like natural beauty (handsome)
  • Fan: Don't bother about those negative comments~~~ people who love you will always be there (for you)~~~ (and) of course I won't worry that you'll be affected by those negative comments, because you are strong enough~~~
  • Tao: Haha I'm not angry or frustrated. Just playing/kidding
  • Fan: Tao, you're finally back, everyone misses you
  • Tao: Me too baby
  • Fan: Gege I want to wash your hair!
  • Tao: Come haha
  • Fan: I don't have those fate (of getting Tao' reply)
  • Tao: Why you don't haha
  • Fan: Suddenly I feel very moved, maybe because you are too good to us normally, so we are slowly discovering how good you really are. Some people may be wondering, why get excited over these ordinary photos. I think it's because he's too good already, he doesn't need theatrics, just down to earth images to show that he was doing well in in the forest, and that he's back. His feelings and thoughts are so direct, some people just don't get it. Baby I was born this way.
  • Tao: Oh my...don't worry~ What relationship do they have to us...having you all is enough. I am easily satisfied haha
  • Fan: How will this get to you, we don't see your outer appearance, but rather the strength you bring to us. As a celebrity, it's difficult to find those who will like you and support you. I want to say that I've like you since the first time I saw the ignorant Tao on Happy Camp. I thought you were very cute an genuine. 2 years later, our brother has grown up and is growing, like the rest of us.
  • Tao: Brother... if you mean to say old I've gotten older. My little sisters.
  • cr: EXOfficial