this is why i love walter

I feel like a lot of scenes from Hellsing: the Dawn could’ve come straight out of the Abridged Series.

King of the vampires and king of the trolls.

Even the coffin abandoned you. XD

This is why you don’t wanna be late for the battle.

That awkward moment when you tryin’ to look awesome but a coffin with limbs kicks your ass both figuratively and literally…

“Bitches love cannons.” :)

I mean, really. Are we sure this isn’t Team Four Star’s version?


The bigger the challenge, the further away you can get away from yourself and that is what makes it fun. When I’m doing Ivar the Boneless, he is so far away from me and that is why I love playing him. There is so much diversity to him, and I really have been so privileged to play him. I love the anti-hero, like Walter White from ‘Breaking Bad’ and Frank Underwood in ‘House of Cards’ - they are inspiring characters that will always be a constant struggle for the audience, because one minute he will be funny and charming and then next he can be sassy. That is my constant challenge, to never judge him and to always try to make people understand him and where he has come from. I still, to this day, cannot tell whether Ivar the Boneless is a protagonist or an antagonist and I find that very interesting to play.

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If you'd still like to, I'd love to know why host kept pulling at his bandages

In the silence and the seclusion of his library, the Host timidly reaches for his bandages. Ever since Dark and Walter’s attack, he hasn’t let the Doctor touch them, but now, slowly and carefully, Host pulls them off.

And he can see.

But he’s seeing everything all at once. Amy’s first time in the library, Wilford shouting and complaining, the Doc finding Host passed out at the bottom of the stairs, and… and things that haven’t happened. Yet.

Host shouts and clamps both hands over his eyes, blocking it all out. Quickly, he slides the bandages back on over his eyes and waits a moment for the panic to clear. Calling it a sensory overload would be an understatement, and Host takes a moment to make sure his lunch doesn’t end up on the floor.

He should go tell someone, the Doctor possibly, but he decides against bothering Doc and instead grabs his cane, rides the elevator down to the lobby, and leaves.

My reactions to Alien: Covenant

*some people should not be left alone
*this is why we can’t have nice things, David
*why you so extra, David
*love is a terrible thing, David
*but Walter and Daniels are just too pure, too good for this world
*just two cinnamon buns that need to be protected at all cost
*David, you love your Elizabeth
*David, staaaahp
*I need me my fanfiction
*someone give David a hug
*cries forever and ever and ever

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Why is the UT Fandom suddenly DYING?.

Probably because Undertale is almost 2 years old, and there are many new fandoms came out for sudden.

Hey, i still love undertale, but at the mean time, I wanted to draw something else and new. SInce I have tons of fandom that my friends summoned me right now.

(currently the latest fandom I joined for whole 2 months:

Eddsworld, Aphmau, attack on titan (THANKS SEASON 2), BATIM and Aliens (thank you for ruin my hope to ship Walter and Danny, RIDLEY SCOTT!)

Nature Boy & David

So, the trailer music for Alien: Covenant was a rendition of Nat King Cole’s amazing song “Nature Boy”, and given the themes of the movie it’s 200% clear that the song is being used in this context to refer to David. A lot of people are latching on to the “A very strange enchanted boy/They say he wandered very far, very far/Over land and sea” lines, which is totally understandable because, well, David was weird and he went walkabouts between worlds.

For me, though, the more important lines are later in the song: 

The greatest thing you’ll ever learn
Is just to love
And be loved in return

David grew up in a clinical, hostile and, dare I say it, pretentious as fuck environment. (Seriously can you imagine Peter Weyland just chillin’ out with a beer and watching Space Brooklyn Nine Nine Year 3000? Nope, me either). Weyland called him ‘son’ but treated him like a slave. His ‘sister’, Vickers, clearly despised every single atom of his being (understandably so, seeing as she was usurped as Weyland’s true heir by something she clearly views as just being a machine). Whilst the unnamed scientists/pilots/crew of the Prometheus expedition are pretty ambivalent towards him, and we can assume this is the same attitude he encountered wherever he and Weyland went considering how he melts into the background during the Vickers/Holloway/Shaw scene. 

The only two people who have a strong emotional connection to David in the film are Holloway, who either despises David specifically or synthetics in general, and Shaw, who is willing to treat him like a sentient being despite his being a robot. (And, I stress here, she doesn’t even do that much. She just thanks him for saving her and holds several conversations with him. That’s it). 

I’m 100% of the belief David specifically chose Holloway to experiment on because of how much of a dickhead he was towards him (think about it, David had a lot of clearly expandable security personnel lounging around but instead he picks one of the two people who actually discovered LV-223 and has the archeological knowledge to decode the place), which means that even before going a little nuts David is fully capable of making decisions based purely on raw emotion.

So far, so gravy. 

But then we have Shaw. I’m as much of a Shipper on Deck for Shaw and David as the next Shipper on Deck for Shaw and David, buuuuut I sat down and rewatched the film yesterday and…yikes. David is not super nice to Shaw. Like, at all. The only time he shows a little tenderness towards her that isn’t downright creepy is after his head has already been ripped off and he warns her of the Engineer’s imminent arrival. During the rest of the film, he:

• Looks incredibly pissed off when she asks him politely not to touch anything and glares at her like a child throwing a tantrum (“sorrrrreeeee”, lip curl)
• Strips her of her crucifix in order to make her more vulnerable mere moments after she watched her boyfriend get burned to death
• Doesn’t attempt to comfort her when she finds out she’s been impregnated by the pathogen
• Taunts her over the abortion she then has to go through in order to remove the squid thingy (“I didn’t think you had it in you” listen u fkn lil shit) 
• Then teases her about her faith and her dead father, even though by watching her dreams he knew how much both mean to her 

Which brings me back around to the Nature Boy lyrics: David never learned how to love. This isn’t a programming limitation, considering Walter’s familiar with the concept, but rather a plain ol’ simple how could he? His only frames of reference are a father who treats him like a servant, a sister who hates him and would kill him in a heartbeat if she could, and somebody else’s misinterpreted childhood memories. He doesn’t know how to be kind. He doesn’t know how to be compassionate. He doesn’t know how to truly care for someone.

All of which manifests in his behaviour and attitude in Alien: Covenant. The more I think about it, the more I think David has tricked himself into believing he was in love with Shaw and, being well-versed in all things pretentious as fuck (see above) knows how to talk about her as though he were in love with her, all without feeling the actual emotion behind his words or actions. He may have convinced himself that he turned her into the first Alien Queen to help her overcome her inability to create life; he may have convinced himself he acted selflessly (whilst, absurdly, also acting selfishly); he may have convinced himself that he’s a tragic figure straight out of Shakespeare who can quote epic lines whilst looking properly moody…but, in reality, he’s actually more artificial than the brother he claims to be superior to.

Walter may not have learned how to love, but he sees it, understands it, and cherishes it in others. I mean of course he does: since activation he’s been surrounded by a crew composed entirely of couples who are striking out together on an epic voyage to found a romantic far-flung colony amongst the stars. People who treat him as one of them, trust him with their jokes and their secrets and their fears and their dreams. 

David wasn’t. David was surrounded by coldness and harshness and bitterness and strife. David never learned how to love. And he sure as hell didn’t learn how to be loved in return, seeing as not a single soul he ever encountered actually loved him at all.

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18 nurseydex

18.  “I think you’re beautiful.”

So I’m going to try to keep these short (try being the operative word–I’ve never been great at brevity when it comes to writing fic)

“Derek, have you seen my tie?” Will shouts out as he steps out of the bedroom and into the hallway.

“I thought you draped it over the baseboard?” Derek replies, his voice coming from one of the kids bedrooms–he can’t tell which.

“I did, but now it’s not there,” Will says, walking toward the sound of his voice, peeking into each room as he passes it.

Derek grunts.  “Walter, would you please–I just need to get this shirt on,” he says, sounding wholly exasperated.  But then again, a morning spent trying to wrangle four kids under the age of eight into appropriate clothes for a wedding–and then keeping them on–would do that to you.

Will steps into Walter and Greg’s shared room.  Greg is seven, and he’s sitting on his bed, glaring at Derek (Greg made his displeasure at being forced to attend very clear several days ago).  Walter is five, and currently only has underwear on as he tries to squirm away from Derek, who looks calm, but Will can see the strain in his eyes.

Will smiles, and takes pity on his husband.  “Derek, why don’t you go finish getting ready.  I’ll deal with this,” he says, placing a kiss on his cheek (which earns a snort of disgust from Greg).

“But you’re not finished getting ready,” Derek protests, stumbling slightly as Walter makes another attempt at escaping his arms.

Will raises an eyebrow.  “At least I’m in nice pants and a dress shirt.  You’re still wearing sweats.”


“Yeah, oh,” Will mimics teasingly.  “Not to say that you don’t look good even in sweatpants.  I think you’re beautiful no matter what you’re wearing.”

“Ugh, gross!  Daddy stop it!” Greg groans, flopping backward onto his bed.

“Your dad isn’t being gross, he’s being very sweet,” Derek says, leaning over and pecking Will on the lips.

“Why are you guys like this?” Greg complains.

“It’s what people who love each other do,” Will shrugs.  “You see it with your uncles all the time.”

“I’m never going to be like that,” Greg replies insistently.

“Give it time buddy,” Will says, chuckling to himself as he walks over to pat Greg’s head.

“Um–” Derek utters and Will turns around and sighs.  Walter has escaped his grip, and across the hall, he can see that Maria has managed to pull her dress most of the way over her head.

“I’ll get Walter, you handle Maria,” Will says.

“We’re going to be late,” Derek responds.

“I doubt Ransom and Holster are going to mind much,” Will says.  “In fact, they might even be late to their own wedding.  I’m sure Christian is giving them hell–you remember what two year olds are like.”

“Please don’t.  I’m trying to block that out of my memory.”

“I’m just saying they’ll understand,” Will says as they both step out into the hallway.  “At least now half of our kids we can trust to stay dressed while we chase the other half around.”

“Yeah, well, let’s try not to give Greg any ideas,” Derek replies, and they both laugh.

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Do you think the reason why the fandom is being critical of Dany for burning the Tarlys as a form of execution is because she's a Targaryen? The Starks displayed such ruthlessness, but the fandom gives them a free pass. For instance, Arya cut up Walter Frey's sons into a pie & fed it to him, but fans thought it was "cool", even though it was technically cannibalism. Sansa even had a taste by releasing Ramsey's hounds to feed on him. Granted, he was a sociopath, but still she enjoyed watching.

It’s ABSOLUTELY because she’s a Targaryen. Because the points you bring up are SPOT ON.

Disclaimer: I love the shit out of Arya and Sansa too and I LOVED both of their revenge moments. I also think it’s a little unfair to use Ramsay as a comparison here because he is more overtly evil and what he did to Sansa was personal. 

But the brutality of Arya’s and Sansa’s kills is still undeniable, and the thing people keep complaining about with Dany is her method–dragon fire. Because regular war is not criticized when any of the other characters engage in it.

And the funny thing is, this hate on her as Targaryen basically shows that the fandom falls for the same prejudice as the people in Westeros itself.

“ Water Midden [water maiden] “  …  Mermaid illustration by Mildred E. Eldridge for ‘The Three Royal Monkeys’ by Walter de la Mare and below is the song she sings:

Bubble, Bubble,Swim to see Oh, how beautiful I be, Fishes, fishes, Finned and fine, What’s your gold Compared with mine? Why, then, has Wise Tishnar made One so lovely, One so sad? Lone am I, And can but make  A little song, For singing’s sake. “

I’m wondering whether “No one will ever love you like I do” isn’t just an attempt at manipulating Walter but David’s own (warped) experience talking.

My theory is, that he really loved Elizabeth. Probably still does, after all he still maintains her grave. She was the first person to show him kindness, she was polite to him, she put him back together - she transported his decapitated body through a desert on a planet with poisonous atmosphere, even though she had nothing to gain doing that. Of course he loved her.

But I don’t think she was ever able to really return her feelings. It’s not just that she had just lost her husband (because of David, but I don’t believe he would have told her) and went through a deeply traumatic experience inherently connected to David. I mean, that’s bad. But even without it, being the only person to show someone kindness isn’t ever a good basis for a romantic relationship, because it makes one partner very dependent on the other.

I think Elizabeth was kind to him, but not because she loved him, but because she was a genuinely good person who couldn’t stand to see someone else suffer. Perhaps she even liked him as a friend and as someone who was there for her in a very difficult time. But she didn’t feel the same for him.

But for David, who’d been treated a thing and something inferior, something other, his entire life, it was easier to blame it on the fact that she was a human and he a synthetic and that therefore she couldn’t love him - rather than accept that she didn’t return his feelings, he decided that a human couldn’t love an android: The logical conclusion being that only another android will ever love an android.

That’s why I think their falling-out happened. He couldn’t have her and couldn’t accept that, entitled twat he is.


1x22 // 3x23

‘Cause the last thing Walter O’Brien wants to do before he dies is state facts, and the fact that he’s trying to tell us, in his own way, is that he loves us. So why do you think he wants Paige here so badly?

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How does one learn theory (besides a school class) do you know any books/ websites to recommend? You told a previous anon to learn abt chords, where do u go to learn that? is your best friend. they have everything from basic note identification and clef reading to chord construction and ear training. 

there’s also this awesome music theory pdf by toby rush that will teach you the basics of music theory and serves as a great introduction to working with counterpoint and figured bass.

and most people like to hate on wikipedia, but if you ever have a specific music theory question, like about pentatonic scales or why people hate fifths, wikipedia has your back.

as far as books go, most of the ones I have are from the 1900s, like harmony by walter piston and this weird 1930s music magazine, and part of that is just because that’s what was available, and because the writing style is very formal and discreetly sassy and I love it. most of the books I have found at old local book stores in their classical music section, or at goodwill, and they each provide different insights so I think it’s important to read as much as you can. because one book might be about counterpoint, another might be about jazz chords, one might talk about the twelve-tone system, another could have been written before the twelve-tone system even existed, and so on.

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Sometimes I think it's a bit unfair to judge Prometheus and maybe even Covenant in context of Alien films, ya know? Like, I feel they're... more a stand-alone, spin-offy type of set rather than actual sort of prequels. This just came to mind when I read you felt more interested in Walter/David interaction and the creation bit than the actual ... well, human things. :D Because I honestly thought the same. "Yea yea ok, they die, come on, on to the more interesting stuff."


I couldn’t have said it better myself. Honestly I don’t understand why people feel the need to constantly compare these movies because they’re fundamentally not the same even though everything happens in the same universe. Alien and Aliens were made years ago and people still love them, which is absolutely fine obviously, but I think it’s time to explore something entirely new and fresh. You can’t just exploit the same things again and again because it’ll get very boring and predictable in the end.

I liked what Ridley Scott tried to accomplish with Prometheus. I had some issues with the editing and the decisions made by a few dumb characters, but overall I really enjoyed it. I frankly don’t care to watch Alien 2.0, but apparently many fans hated the fact that Prometheus tried not to be that. Alien was made in 1979, and you can’t remake it; what was new then cannot be so now. Anyway, why would you want to watch exactly the same thing? To feel the same fear that took over your body whilst you watched Alien for the first time? You already know the creatures. Therefore, the mystery cannot have the same effect on you. To see how humans will escape the beast that lurks in the shadows? I can’t find the thrill in that, but maybe that’s because the creatures shown in the Alien movies never scared me.

Also, it didn’t bother me that they weren’t hidden in Alien: Covenant, but I thought that their scenes with the humans were pretty pointless. It was ugly and very brutal, but ultimately it added nothing to the story. I found them remotely relevant only during the two scenes in which David tried to connect with them. It was morbidly fascinating and very disturbing to see him interact with his abominations.

I probably liked Alien: Covenant for the wrong reasons. When the focus was on David, I felt the movie had some purpose and something to say, but as soon as they switched back to the humans getting slaughtered, the movie strangely felt like a gory and mindless interlude.

I have quite a few more things to say on the matter, but I’ll stop here because I wouldn’t want to bore you with all my thoughts – and oh god I have many when it comes to David. 

Questions I still have post-finale:

  • Where & when does it take place? If canonically David is not mentally ill and therefore this is not just his askew perception of the world, then why is there such a strong 60s aesthetic?
    • Oliver asks if women are still not wearing bras … what date was he frozen in?
    • What happened to David’s adoptive parents?
    • When did David go to college? Did he graduate? When was he admitted to Clockworks? How long was he there? When did Syd show up at Clockworks and how long were she and David together before she was dismissed? Why was she permitted to leave?
    • How much time passes between David and Syd kiss-switching at Clockworks and Clark showing up at Summerland?
  • What did the stars say?
  • Why does David love Syd (apart from her having symmetrical physical features, clear skin, & nice hair) and why does Syd love –and risk her life for– David in return?
  • How does Syd’s mind switch back to whoever’s body she switches into? How long does it take until the switch fades?
  • What exactly is Kerry/Cary? Their mother was expecting a girl, but had a boy, but then a girl appeared later … ??
  • Who is Walter / The Eye, what exactly are his powers, what is his motivation, and who is he loyal to? From what I can gather, he broke away from Summerland to work for D3, but D3 seems to be keen on eradicating mutants.
    • How does he appear as Dr. Poole and what breaks the spell?
    • How does he knock out Ptonomy?
    • Why does his right eye look milky? Is it related to his power?
  • Did David really try to hang himself? Did he kill Dr. Poole? Did he really eat those tape recordings?
  • What exactly is D(ivision) 3? Are there other divisions? Is Summerland a division? What is the nature of the “war” going on between Summerland and D3? How did it start? How long has it been going on? What do both sides want? Are other mutants at Summerland (apart from those directly involved in David’s story) at all involved in the fight? Are most people on Earth aware of the existence of mutants?
  • What exactly is Clockworks? Is it a part of D3, or is it really just a mental institution? Does Dr. Kissinger know about David’s/Syd’s powers?
  • What did Philly mean when she told Syd “they’re watching”?
  • How does David figure out that his biological father had supernatural abilities of any kind, let alone psychic powers?
  • How did the Summerland Team (Syd/Kerry/Ptonomy) get into David’s mind to plant the false memory of Syd telling him how to escape from the pool in D3?
  • Did David’s adoptive parents really read him The World’s Angriest Boy?
  • Where the hell was Amy in Chapter 8?
  • Why is it called Legion?