this is why i love star trek

why i, mudd is the best episode
  • “she’s a beautiful lady and we love her!”
  • kirk basically confirming that he’s attracted to men
  • the really cute kirk & uhura moment after she deceives the androids
  • spock intentionally being illogical
  • kirk freaking out the androids with his illogic and the androids being like “spock help”
  • kirk translating mudd’s explanation of how he escaped from prison
  • uhura
  • kirk: “i am not programmed to respond in that area 😎”
  • uhura slapping chekov “she likes him :)”
  • “i fail to understand why i should care to induce my mother to purchase falsified patents”
  • “why would we leave?” “because we don’t like you”
  • uhura’s wave when they leave mudd stranded
  • spock: “logic is a little tweeting bird chirping in a meadow. logic is a wreath of pretty flowers which smell bad.”
  • nyota uhura
  • the anime point thing that scotty and bones do
  • how the entire crew was beamed down to the planet but only scotty found the bridge gang where’s sulu
  • how they just left norman in the middle of the bridge for like four days
  • scotty’s death scene 
  • communications officer lieutenant nyota uhura

Star Trek + Social Commentary (context in the captions)

Wait a second - if Star Wars is in the past (”Long time ago, far, far away, etc, etc”), and we’re in the present, and Star Trek is in the future… does this mean we could have one of the Star Trek crews running into the ruins of an old jedi or sith temple or something?! Like, not even necessarily saying that that’s what it is, just a bunch of vague “The inhabitants seemed to be some sort of spiritual order,” “But also training areas for battle,” “The decayed remains of some sort of crystal-based technology” comments, just enough to have everyone flipping their shit because hell yeah, dramatic irony, we know exactly what’s going on!

Or, oooo~ running into SW civilizations, but it’s WAAAAAAAY in the future for them compared to what we’ve previously seen, so stuff is REALLY different, who knows what the Jedi Order looks like now, if it’s even still called that, like holy shit, imagine THAT first contact encounter! Imagine how much world-building you could do with both universes! Or throw in time-travel - ST LOVES time travel, and SW loves weird jedi shit (and has a fandom that loves time travel) and just- (flapping arms and uncontrollable excitement). IT WOULD JUST BE SO COOL, OKAY?!? Dang, what if Earth turned out to be some lost colony from the SW area of the galaxy and everything we thought we knew about history before a certain point turned out to be wrong, every single cryptid and fantastical being in our mythos could be based off some real species that got warped and misremembered over thousands of years of retelling like some insane game of telephone-

This has probably been mentioned already, but I have to get this off my chest

So Star Trek:Into Darkness was a great film - in fact, I loved all three movies. But one little thing that always bugged me was how much Bones was downplayed. I particularly have a lot of feelings for this scene:

Now, there is truth to that - Spock did capture Khan, whose blood was used to generate the life-saving serum. Spock risked his own life to capture a dangerous, near-invincible psychopath for Kirk (even though his initial intention was to kill Khan out of revenge and had to be begged by Uhura to spare his life). So I’m not going to deny the importance of Spock’s role in Jim’s revival (I love Spock, love his friendship with Kirk, not knocking that one bit). But tell me, was it Spock who:

- injected some of Khan’s blood into a dead tribble out of scientific curiosity, to study its incredible regenerative powers?

- discovered that the Tribble had been brought back to life, thus realising that Khan’s blood could be used to bring back Kirk?

- had the quick thinking to cryogenically freeze Kirk’s body in order to prevent his organs decomposing to a point that would be beyond saving?

- took Khan’s blood - breaking countless ethical guidelines in the process - and dedicated his time to generating a serum (surely that must have taken days, if not weeks, to generate a successful serum that could be safely used to medicate a human)?

- carefully nursed Kirk back to health?

Nope, all Bones. Now, I don’t have proof as to what happened during the two weeks Kirk was in a coma, but do you honestly think that this man:

… just carried on as normal? Or do you think he never left Jim’s bedside unless he was physically dragged away by other crew members so that he could eat/sleep before collapsing? Of course, Bones being Bones, he’s very flippant when his part in rescuing Jim is ignored:

… even mentioning Uhura’s part in it, because he won’t take all the credit, he acknowledges all who helped. Because he doesn’t care about recognition or thanks when it comes to Jim - he just wants to keep his best friend ALIVE. But why oh why couldn’t we just get a little acknowledgement from someone else about how Doctor Leonard Horatio “Badass” McCoy literally CHEATED DEATH and brought a dead man back to life as though it was just a normal part of a medic’s life?! The fact that he broke several medical ethics laws, thus risking his whole career, just to give the ship her captain back? WHY DOES NO ONE SEEM TO ACKNOWLEDGE THIS?! And don’t get me started on the fact that he didn’t even get to say goodbye and the first time he sees Jim after the warp core incident is when he is lying in a freaking body bag on one of the biobeds.

i want to create a game called ‘trek or fake’ and in it i give people with a rudimentary knowledge of star trek some spirk lines and have them guess if they’re canon or fanfic with the end goal of proving how in love kirk and spock are

candidates include:

- dig it in there Mr. Spock

- I have been and always shall be yours

- captain, you almost make me believe in luck

- why, mr. spock, you almost make me believe in miracles

 - et cetera


Anonymous said to leifor: For your art challenge, maybe Dr McCoy with #4? I always think your art is so fun and lovely

this is a very old request, sorry it took me so long, i was waiting for the inspiration to strike…

the daily struggles of leonard mccoy. also the reason why his hair never stays straight for too long

(the solo pics are transparent)