this is why i love mblaq

SPICA was one of my fave girl groups and it hurts so much to know that idols that have so much talent never got the recognition and love they deserved. Their voices were amazing, their concepts unique, and it really makes me so sad that they are gone now. I saw it coming from the lack of interest people gave them; but it still hurts.

I hope they continue doing what they love and that they live a really happy life each of them.

On another note, I don’t get why people have to be like “I wish a boy group would disband to compensate for ggs” like, that is not going to bring your girl group back and why would you wish this for someone else?

I stanned MBLAQ and then Lee Joon and Thunder left; SPEED was an amazing group too and they also never got the recognition they deserved, Lunafly had to ask their fans for money to be able to do another album and Teo left. Boy groups also lose members, boy groups also disband, don’t wish this for someone else, stop spreading hate.

Instead of that make people aware of the underrated idols, make people stan these groups that are amazing, don’t let these groups go unnoticed.

This is a sad day for kpop.

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The whole group plss LILY ❤

*sings* OH MY GOD THANKS!!!!!!

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*shuffles around a bit* 
*mumbles* Hana..dul…sET


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Kpop Scenarios Masterlist

|REQUESTS ARE OPEN| This is the masterlist for kpop scenarios. It will be updated weekly as requests come in. Don’t be afraid to request anything! I really don’t mind ^.^

























Super Junior






Favorite kpop tracks of 2013

Here’s a list of my favorite kpop tracks of 2013!
the list includes 91 songs that you’ll be able to find below,
they are listed in alphabetic order + a link that will take
you to the video so you can listen to it.
I’ve been asked numerous of times to share my 2013
tracklist so here it is, hope you enjoy! Be sure to reblog
or like the post, It would mean a lot to me~

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no, I PERFECTLY UNDERSTAND what you mean about having the entire OT7 as bias... because i, myself, am also an OT7 hoe! (sorry, you're not a /hoe/, i am.) anyway, i completely love THEM ALL. i have been a fan of a few groups before but i have never really liked ALL of the members but with BTS, it's very hard not to swerve lol. now, i kinda know why you write for yg/jk most. another off-topic q: how did you come to like bts? and of all groups, WHY BTS?

No I am totally, one hundred and ten percent a hoe too, my pal. And precisely! Why specifically stan one when you can … stan them all haha. MBLAQ is the only other group that I have properly stanned like BTS, yet I only ever biased Bang Cheolyeong, even though I did love all of the other members. He just latched onto me and never let go sdfghjk.

I came to like BTS very slowly near the middle of 2015. In April, I discovered Namjoon through MFBTY’s song Bucku Bucku and I thought he was a solo artist (furthermore by the fact that he had a mixtape out). I listened to his mixtape on repeat until I eventually came to realise that he was the leader of a kpop group called BTS. At this stage, I Need U era had not yet started, and I was admittedly not very keen on their songs that were released at the time (at this stage, I was focusing a lot on Korean rap artists rather than pop) though I ended up binging on their Bangtan Bombs and fell in love with them for their personalities and antics.

I Need U came out, and I adored it. From there, I went back on the MVs and came to really like WoH era, and thus, my second bias (Namjoon was my first) was decided the moment that Kim Taehyung licked his thumb before starting up the WoH chorus. So yeah, that is how I came to fall down the hellish rabbit hole that is stanning BTS!

  • Me: is there a word for wanting two people to fall in love more so than you want someone to fall in love with you?
  • Friend: … you mean shipping?
  • Me: … this is why we're friends.
  • Friend: I always thought it was cuz we share the same OTP?
  • Me: no, that's why we're BEST friends.

From A+ to MBLAQ (2012)

First off thanks to SINAQ for subbing this 

I hadn’t seen this video in a really long time and with what’s going on I’m really glad someone else posted this on Tumblr.

I have said before in previous posts how much I love the A+ fandom and this video shows why. We don’t talk about what MBLAQ can do for us but what we want to do for them. We are nothing but grateful to them and for everything they’ve given to us even though we aren’t able to do as much in return. But we try and will always be there for them.

I think my favorite line in there is, “Rather than the best one that everyone envies, there’s only one MBLAQ and they are irreplaceable." 

It’s 7:45am in Korea right now, the members are probably all asleep (or at least I hope they are because I’m sure they’re exhausted). I hope they wake up seeing all the messages and love we’ve been sending them. I hope that rather than be sad for what’s ahead, they feel hopeful knowing that we are there and won’t go. 

I haven’t heard a single A+ say that they’re angry at any of the members, and it will stay that way, Forever MBLAQ, Forever A+

Thank you MBLAQ for the last 5 years

Prompt Combo-To Go Game!

Mystik Imagine’s very own prompt challenge is finally here! Create your personalized request-to-go ;)

Rules: Pick a combo as a request and message it to us. We’ll write it in the form of a drabble, one-shot, or anything else we can make of it.

Leave the requests in the format: Settings - Quotes - Song Title - Lyric - Bias Name  

           For example : X-17-45-89 - Jimin  or   7-15-X-X- Kai

You can include two or three of the four categories in your combo it’s your choice so get as creative you like! Any category not selected from can be replaced with Xs. 

(We will still only write for the Kpop idols included in the Rules of Request page)

**Improper formatted requests unfortunately will not be fulfilled so please try to follow the format and let the games begin <3

                                - Mystik Squad :) 


  1. Bathroom
  2. Bedroom
  3. Airport
  4. Kitchen
  5. Amusement Park/Water Park
  6. Bus
  7. School
  8. Hospital
  9. Hotel/Motel
  10. Library


  1. “I miss my mom.”
  2. “He’s behind you.”
  3. “After all, tomorrow is another day.”
  4. “Let go”
  5. “I don’t trust words, I trust actions.”
  6. “You make me want to be a better man”
  7. “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn”
  8. “Ain’t my style”
  9. “My company took my phone.”
  10. “You pervert.”
  11. “Life is too short to wait.”
  12. “I want a hug.”
  13. “Can I sleep with you tonight?” 
  14. “Marry me right now.”
  15. “Karma is a bitch.”
  16. “I can’t live without you”
  17. “You can close your eyes to the things you do not want to see, but you cannot close your heart to the things you do not want to feel.”
  18. “She got hit by a car?”
  19. “You still live with your parents?” 
  20. “Can you cook me dinner?”
  21. “Ladies don’t start fights but they can finish them”
  22. “Mine’s the one on the left.”
  23. “Let’s play a game”
  24. “Hurry up, we’re gonna be late.”
  25. “What is on your head?”
  26. “You, me, 7 o’clock, tonight”
  27. “You got into a car accident?”
  28. “You don’t understand! I never said that”
  29. “Take it, I dare you”
  30. “I’m the king of the world.”
  31. “You spent the last ten years being irresponsible”
  32. “Are you gonna eat that?”
  33. “Pain changes people.”
  34. “Do I look fat?”
  35. “Teach me”
  36. “Hang up the phone before I do.”
  37. “I will punch you so hard.”
  38. “Take my hand, don’t be scared.”
  39. “Close your eyes.”
  40. “I don’t want to call you.”
  41. “I’m also just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.”
  42. “I’m giving you five minutes before I call the cops.”
  43. “What the hell are you doing here?”
  44. “Me or him.”
  45. “Do I look like I can dance?”
  46. “I’m not leaving.”
  47. “You remind me of my mom.”
  48. “Wait let me explain.”
  49. “What the fuck are you wearing?”
  50. “She had found something that would mean she would never have to be poor again, but there was a catch.”
  51. “Dance with me.”
  52. “What time do you have to be back in heaven”
  53. “It was just for one night.”
  54. “Why is your underwear hanging off the doorknob”
  55. “Are you seriously choosing food over me?”
  56. “He’s been staring at her since she walked into the room.”
  57. “You shouldn’t do that.”
  58. “Do you wanna start a war.”
  59. “Breathe.”
  60. “Chase the Stars”
  61. “Go ahead, make my day”
  62. “Do you want to die.”
  63. “I need you.”
  64. “Make me an omelet I can’t refuse”
  65. “You don’t think that was just lemonade, do you?”
  66. “Fuck it all”
  67. “Buy me ice cream, the right kind”
  68. “Are you PMS-ing”
  69. “Did you just rob a bank?”
  70. “Where’s my cinderella shoes.”
  71. “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”
  72. “It was beauty that killed the beast”
  73. “Are you crazy?”
  74. "I wish I knew how to quit you.”
  75. “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in”
  76. “You had me at hello.”
  77. “You’re so cheap.”
  78. “Beg for me.”
  79. “What is that stain on you bed?”
  80. “Why didn’t you come yesterday?”
  81. “Your lips look so lonely would they like to meet mine”
  82. (Takes a picture of her) “I want to show my mom what my next girlfriend looks like.”
  83. “Fuck Me”
  84. “I aim to misbehave”
  85. “Silent People Have the Loudest minds.”
  86. “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!”
  87. “We slept till noon.”
  88. “I wanna be the one you love.”
  89. “Am I dreaming?”
  90. “You, me, hand-cuffs, interested?”
  91. “His girly friend.”
  92. “I don’t give a shit”
  93. “What the fuck are you?”
  94. “Do you want anything from Burger King?”
  95. “How much is it though?”
  96. “You have to make sure they don’t run out.”  
  97. “Hit Me and I swear…”
  98. “I’ll jump off…”
  99. “I don’t understand, all my life I’ve been waiting for someone and when I find her, she’s…
  100. “Why did you break into my house?”


  1. Fix You
  2. Why Did I Fall In Love With You?
  3. Dope
  4. Am I The Only One Like This
  5. I Need U
  6. Someone Like You
  7. Lady Luck
  8. Tell Your Friends
  9. Stop, Stop it
  10. Confession Song
  11. Tell Me Your Wish
  12. Let Me Know
  13. The Most Beautiful Moment In Life
  14. Put Your Hands Up
  15. Spine Breaker
  16. Dear Santa
  17. Catch Me If You Can
  18. She’s Mine
  19. I Dare You
  20. Back to sleep
  21. Look here
  22. Sleepless night
  23. Stealing your heart
  24. All in my head
  25. Rum till I die
  26. My Answer Is You
  27. Love the way you lie
  28. Parallel Universe
  29. Wet Sand
  30. I Like You
  31. Can’t stop
  32. Throw away your television
  33. Give it away
  34. scar tissue
  35. blast doors
  36. Wake up
  37. warm healer
  38. photoshop handsome
  39. nasa is on your side
  40. the peaks
  41. If You Do
  42. Perfect Girl
  43. We On
  44. If I Ruled the World
  45. Only Look at Me
  46. Stay With Me
  47. No More Dream
  48. We Are Bulletproof
  49. Say Something
  50. Call Me Baby
  51. Hold on we’re going home
  52. Lock Me Out
  53. Love Me Like You do
  54. Stitches
  55. Maniac
  56. One Verse
  57. We Are A Little Bit Different
  58. My Turn to Cry
  59. It’s Cold
  60. Out on the Sun
  61. Miracles In December
  62. Cash Me Out
  63. I’ll Show You
  64. Can You Turn Off Your Cellphone Please
  65. Missing You
  66. Without Me
  67. Sing For The Moment
  68. Excuse Me
  69. Let’s Not Fall In Love
  70. Hold Me Tight
  71. I’ll Back Off So You Can Live
  72. What Is Love
  73. Paper Hearts
  74. Truth Or Dare
  75. My Heart Will Go On
  76. Me and You
  77. Love Yourself
  78. She’s a Monster
  79. Kiss Me Through the Phone
  80. Call You Bae
  81. Thinking out Loud
  82. Battle Scars
  83. Playboy
  84. Too Little Too Late
  85. Where Are U Now
  86. Eternal Love
  87. Bonnie and Clyde
  88. Love Me Right
  89. The Way I Am
  90. Mockingbird
  91. Ass Like That
  92. Shake That
  93. Love Yourself
  94. Till I Collapse
  95. Guts Over Fear
  96. Just Give Me A Reason
  97. Stick with You
  98. Some Nights
  99. I’m Your Man
  100. Hello Bitches


  1. “So many temptations everyday.” - Got7, Girls Girls, Girls
  2. “The promises we made disappeared”- BTS, Let Me Know
  3. “You have no skills in your pockets, so poor.” - BTS, Cypher 3
  4. “Now I can’t live a day without you,” - BTS, Hold Me Tight
  5. “This is Kingdom, I’m King, Your Dumb.” - BTS, Cypher 2
  6. “You old caterpillar”- BTS, Cypher 2
  7. “If you didn’t mean it then why would you say it.” - Jasmine Villegas,  Didn’t Mean it
  8. “And some nights I’m scared you’ll forget me again.” - Fun, Some Nights
  9. “We are still young and immature, don’t worry about it.” - BTS, Nevermind
  10. “What have I done?” - GLEE
  11. “This ain’t love it’s clear to see, but darling stay with me”- Sam Smith, Stay with Me
  12. “Will you marry me.” - Jason Derulo, Marry Me 
  13. “Forget the me that you loved and just rememeber the bad me that made you cry, Even though I can’t say the words  ‘I love you’, I love you” - Kill Me Heal Me OST 
  14. “You took my heart on my sleeve for decoration.” - Rihanna, Work
  15. “I’m above the imagination in your head.” - Taemin and Kai, Prettyboy
  16. “I’ll give you a different kind of trust.” -Taemin and Kai, Pretty boy
  17. “Hello from the other side.” - Adele, Hello
  18. “I’m missing more than just your body”- Justin Bieber, Sorry
  19. “I’m in love with you, why are those words so hard.” - GOT7, Confession Song
  20. “But with what I gave up to get, it was bittersweet” -Eminem, Monster
  21. “Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars.” Ed Sheeran, Thinking out Loud
  22. “What am I supposed to do, after we’ve done everything that we’ve done”- Drake, Jungle
  23. “Are you going to keep doing this to me.” - Jimin ft. Xuimin, Call you bae
  24. “Stay with me, please don’t go.” - Celldweller, Stay with Me (Unlikely)
  25. “Engrave this in your ear, I will never leave you alone,” MBLAQ, Its war
  26. “Uh, and that’s a long ass ride.” NCT U, 7th Sense
  27. “I live for the night that I can’t remember, with the people I won’t forget.” - Drake, Show Me A Good Time
  28. “Such a rush of emotions” - Micheal Learns To Rock, Eternal Love
  29. “I can do this all night long baby,” EXO, Love Me Right  
  30. “It’s just me and you”- Cassie, Me and You
  31. “Maybe I’m the one you’ve been waiting for.” Cassie, Is It You
  32. “I almost feel like I have to check the temperature in the room.” - Eminem, Beautiful
  33. “It goes round & round, why do I keep coming back, I go down & down, at this point, I’m just a fool.” - BTS, I Need U
  34. “Now there’s just no chance, for you and me, there’ll never be.” - Justin Timberlake, What goes around comes around
  35. “Girls are like an equation, us guys just do them.” - BTS, War of Hormone
  36. “But to live doesn’t mean your alive.” - Nicki Minaj, Moment 4 Life
  37. “Wanna take things nice and slow,” George Nozuka, Stay Up
  38. “And all the clubs you get in using my name.” - Justin Bieber, Love Yourself
  39. “Take me to the distant past, I want to go back”- Everything Everything,- Distant Past  
  40. “It’s You, and Me, moving at the speed of light, into eternity.” Chris Brown, Forever
  41. “Its ugly but thats all I want.” - Everything Everything, Warm Healer
  42. “You leave me breathless.” - Shayne Ward, Breathless 
  43. “If only i could lie down next to you and share the same dream with you.” - Tiffany, Only One
  44. “what goes around comes around, now reap what I’ve sown”-Jhope, 1 Verse
  45. “I don’t care about girls, I play with them once, then say goodbye” - BTS, War of Hormone
  46. “You don’t deserve my tears, I guess that’s why they ain’t there.” - Beyonce, Best Thing I Never Had
  47. “I want to take you home to my place.” - George Nozuka, Talk to Me
  48. “You know how the time flies, only yesterday was the time of our lives.”-Adele, Someone Like You
  49. “My pride, my ego, my needs, and my selfish ways, Caused a good strong woman like you to walk out my life” - Bruno Mars, When I was Your Man
  50. “There’s no religion that could save me, No matter how long my knees are on the floor” - Bruno Mars, It will Rain
  51. “I fall in love with you every single day”- Ed Sheeran, Thinking Out Loud
  52. “Under the sun forever, Just the two of us.” - BTS, For You
  53. “Struggling to Pay Rent.” - Ed Sheeran, A Team
  54. “The plan was to drink till the pain was over, but what’s worse, the pain or the hangover” Kanye West, Dark Fantasy
  55. “I don’t know much about fighting, but I know I’ll fight for you.” - Beyonce, 1+1
  56. “I’ve closed enough windows to know you can never look back”- Fun, Carry On
  57. “You ever love somebody so much you can barely breathe when you’re with ‘em” - Eminem, Love the Way You Lie
  58. “Her hair falls perfectly without her trying,” - Bruno mars, Just the way you are
  59. “But you can have what’s left of me” - Nick Lachei, What’s left of me
  60. “set my worth alight gather round, I’ll show you the very same, my knife cuts, cut out the rotten things” - Jhope, 1 verse
  61. “So remember me when I’m gone.” Wiz Kalifa, See You Again
  62. “You’ve been havin’ real bad dreams, You used to lie so close to me”- Pink, Just Give Me Reason
  63. “Your sad story that can’t come true.” - EXO, Moonlight
  64. “Love is a sickness, an addiction, overdose, it’s harder to control as time goes by, I’m falling deeper into her.” - EXO, Overdose  
  65. “My blood gets hotter and she controls me.” - EXO, Overdose
  66. “Until death do us part, we’ll be together.” - Nick Lachei, This I swear
  67. “But I like to think, I can cheat it all, To make up for the times, I’ve been cheated on” - Fun, Carry on
  68. “I appreciate the masterpiece that is you because your existence alone is art”- BTS, Just one day
  69. “You made me stronger by breaking my heart.” - Regine Velasquez, You’ve made me Stronger 
  70. “My master, my cruel lover.” - Taemin, Wicked
  71. “If only I had just one day, I want to peacefully fall asleep intoxicated with your sweet scent/ If there’s a chance in my busy schedule” - BTS, Just One Day
  72. “Memories scratch at my heart.” - Shinee, Replay
  73. “Your body movement remsembles a flower petal,” - EXO, Beautiful
  74. “The selfish me who has only thought about myself
    The me who didn’t know your feelings and ignored it
    I couldn’t believe myself that I have changed this much
    Your love can still move me like this” - EXO, Miracles in December
  75. “The me who didn’t know  how to be thankful for love, the me who thought that the end was the end.” - EXO, Miracles in December
  76. “You make me so angry and mad for no reason, I’m serious but you make me into a loser.” - BTS, Boy In Luv
  77. “I want to be your only ace” Taemin, Ace
  78. “Its my show time,” Taemin, Danger
  79. “Where ever we go, my handbag is your waist.” - BTS, Just One Day
  80. “How should I change for you?/Playing mind games? Two-timing?/ I don’t know how to do that” - BTS, Boy In Luv  
  81. “With you, I’m the main character of a movie, as if I’m about to film an action scene to come see you, as if I’ve become a hero.” - EXO, What is Love
  82. “I’ll protect you so no one can ever take you easily.” - MonstaX, Hero
  83. “You’re so beautiful that I have many enemies.” - MonstaX Hero
  84. “I lost my mind, the moment I saw you, except you, everything gets in slow motion.” - EXO, What is Love
  85. “Sharing and learning countless emotions everyday with you, fighting crying and hugging.” - EXO, What is Love
  86. “You never know if tomorrow will be the end, Forget about regrets, don’t be afraid,” - EXO, History
  87. “I’ve fallen for this irresistible, powerful feeling and I’ve let go, of myself.” - EXO, Wolf  
  88. “I can’t get enough of you, I’m in trouble” - EXO, Wolf
  89. “All the guys in the world are jealous of me, they must be jealous to death of me, for having you.” - EXO, what is love
  90. “It makes me mad, I want to be the only one that looks at you.” -MonstaX Perfect Girl
  91. “ remember everything that you claimed, You said that you were moving on now, And maybe I should do the same” - Justin Timberlake, What goes around comes around
  92. “Lying beside you here in the dark” Journey, Open arms
  93. “If someone is next to you, it better be me.” - MonstaX, Perfect Girl
  94. “You’re smiling like a fool” - MonstaX, Honestly
  95. “I couldn’t even comfort you, saying that it’ll get better, that itll be forgotten, so i’m nervous again.” -EXO, Promise
  96. “Are you as good as I remember baby,” - Spice Girls, 2 become 1
  97. “The worst things in life come free to us.” -Ed Sheeran, A Team
  98. “Even if we are apart, our hearts are connected to each other, forever with you.” - BTS, For You
  99. “I’m not that kind of girl, that you can let down and think that everything is okay.” - Karyn White, Superwoman
  100. “It’s like your a mirror, my mirror is looking back at me, I couldn’t get any bigger, with anyone else beside of me.” - Justin Timberlake, Mirrors

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song recs please


Male groups:

  • BIGBANG: Fantastic Baby (x), Blue (x), Monster (x), Bad Boy (x), Bae Bae (x), We Like 2 Party (x), BANG BANG BANG (x), Loser (x), Haru Haru (x)
  • SHINee: Sherlock (x), Hello (x), Dream Girl (x), Why So Serious? (x), View (x), Lucifer (x), Ring Ding Dong (x)
  • BTS: Danger (x), War of Hormone (x), N.O (x), We Are Bulletproof (x), No More Dream (x), Boys In Luv (x)
  • EXO: MAMA (x), History (x), What is Love? (x), Overdose (x), Growl (x), Call me baby (x), Love Me Right (x)
  • Super Junior: Mamacita (x), Mr Simple (x), Swing (x), Bonamana (x), Sexy Free & Single (x)
  • Infinite: Last Romeo (x), Be Mine (x), The Chaser (x), Destiny (x)
  • Block B: Nilili Mambo (x), Her (x), Be the Light (x), Very Good (x), Jackpot (x), Nalina (x)
  • B.A.P: One Shot (x), Warrior (x), Power (x), Rain Sound (x), 1004 (x)
  • TVXQ: Catch Me (x), Mirotic (x), Something (x), Spellbound (x), Keep Your Head Down (x)
  • 2PM: Hands Up (x), A.D.T.O.Y (x), Go Crazy (x), Come Back When You Hear This Song (x), Again and Again (x), I’ll Be Back (x)
  • BTOB: WOW (x), You’re So Fly (x), Beep Beep (x), Why (x), Insane (x), I Only Know Love (x), Thriller (x)
  • C-CLOWN: Let’s Love (x), Far Away (x), Shaking Heart (x)
  • U-KISS: Stop Girl (x), Believe (x), Don’t Flirt (x), Doradora (x)
  • BEAST: Good Luck (x), Beautiful Night (x), Midnight (x)
  • CNBlue: I’m Sorry (x), Intuition (x), Can’t Stop (x)
  • B1A4: Tried to Walk (x), What’s Going On? (x),
  • MBLAQ: Be a Man (x), Mona Lisa (x), Smoky Girl (x), It’s War (x)
  • NU’EST: Face (x), Action (x), Sleep Talking (x)

Female Groups:

  • SNSD/Girls’ Generation: I Got a Boy (x), Gee (x), Mr Mr (x), Oh! (x), Run Devil Run (x), Mr Taxi (x), Paparazzi (x)
  • 2NE1: I Am the Best (x), I Love You (x), Come Back Home (x), Falling in Love (x), Gotta Be You (x), Lonely (x), Ugly (x)
  • 4MINUTE: Crazy (x), What’s Your Name? (x), Volume Up (x), Mirror Mirror (x), HUH (x)
  • Sistar: Touch Ma Body (x), Give it to Me (x), Alone (x), Loving U (x),
  • T-ARA: Number Nine (x), Sexy Love (x), Roly Poly (x), Lovey Dovey (x)
  • 9MUSES: Ticket (x), Drama (x), Wild (x), Dolls (x), Glue (x)
  • TTS: Twinkle (x), Holler (x), Adrenaline (x)
  • Wonder Girls: Be My Baby (x), Like This (x)

Solo Artists:

  • G-Dragon: Crayon (x), Crooked (x), A Boy (x), One of a Kind (x), That XX (x), MichiGO (x), Good Boy (x)
  • Taeyang: Wedding Dress (x), Eyes, Nose, Lips (x), Ringa Linga (x), 1AM (x)
  • Ailee: I Will Show You (x), U&I (x), Don’t Touch Me (x)
  • BoA: Only One (x), Eat You Up (x), Kiss My Lips (x),
  • XIA: Tarantallegra (x), Incredible (x), Flower (x)
  • Jaejoong: Just Another Girl (x), Mine (x)
  • K.Will: Please Don’t (x), I Need You (x)
  • Se7en: Going Crazy (x), Somebody Else (x)
  • John Park: U (x)
  • Kim Sung Kyu: 60 Seconds (x)

Here’s your kpop starter list anon; I listen to more boy groups in general which is why there is significantly more for them haha. There’s obviously many more good songs but all of these aside from I think 2 are music videos. I spent a good two hours putting this together to enjoy!

Mir's reaction to his sister filming a bed scene
  • Go Eun Ah: I got a scenario for such and such. I really want to do it, but there's body exposure and a bed scene. It's not just a simple love scene but a bed scene.
  • Mir: *as if no big deal* Oh really? Then do it.
  • Go Eun Ah: Your members will probably see me naked! Your friends will probably see too, and say something about it, but is that okay?
  • Mir: If you're going to think like that, why be an actress? Since you're going to shoot it, make people, whether they're men or women, say your body looks great. Also, make men think that Go Eun Ah is the best and make them wish they were the man


Broken(Intro,) - MBLAQ | Anything - Yong Junhyung | Someday - VIXX | Easy Man - Vanilla Acoustic | Why I’m Not? - SPEED | Y.O.U - SHINee | Please, Don’t Go - SHINee | Symptoms - SHINee | Love Hurts - Pro C | Bad Memory - Pro C | Baby I’m Sorry - MYNAME | Hello - NU'EST | GoodBye Summer - F(X) | Hold Me Tight - LOCO | Damage - Mario | Rose - Lee Hi | I Need You - Sunggyu | Please Don’t… - K.Will | Go - Jay Park | I Love You - Jay Park | Different - Giriboy | Lights On - Geeks | ThatXX - Andrew Choi | Baby, Don’t Cry - EXO | KILL THIS LOVE - EPIK HIGH | Your Pieces - EPIK HIGH | Bulletproof - eAeon | Gone - CheonDung | Insane - BTOB | Be The Light - Block B | MONSTER - BigBang | BAD BOY - BigBang | Fiction (Orchestra Ver.) - B2ST | Shadow - B2ST | Flower - Yong Junhyung | Tried To Walk - B1A4 | 1004(Angel) - B.A.P | Rain Sound - B.A.P | Always - Alphabat | Don’t Go - EXO

141130 [TRANS] MBLAQ Speeches @ 'Curtain Call' Concert Day 1 & 2 (English Translations)


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Seungho: I didn’t know time would pass this fast. I tried not to cry this much today. But I’m crumbling standing in front of you guys. I love A+ who have always been with us so much. The first chapter is over now. We existed as MBLAQ because of you guys. Even if we go separate ways, we will work hard to make you remember MBLAQ. We are proud of our A+ who always cheered us.
(About disbanding rumors) Nothing’s been decided yet, please don’t believe anything. Only believe in our words. 

G.O: (He revealed that he wrote the song “Spring, Summer Fall and then…” in only one day.) I worked hard writing for you guys. I think I am happy till today. I’m praying that tomorrow doesn’t come. Everything changes as time passes. We all (including fans) have changed since our first album. separation for a short time is needed to change now. We will meet you with better music. Thank you.

Joon: Since our debut, there have been people who have liked us and who have not. However now we are here having fun and also shedding tears together. I feel so honored to be together with you guys like this. Thank you for loving MBLAQ and being our fan since 2009 till 2014 despite all the other groups out there. I hope you always remember this moment. From now on I will collect my mind and work hard, will also go to army and not make you guys embarrassed. 

Cheondoong: It is a hard to thing to take care of someone whether a friend or a family member for a long time. I’m thankful to A+ who cheered us during 5 years that I can never forget. We gave you huge hardships during these years, I don’t know if our music gave you strength as much as the effort you put for us. Thank you for taking care of us till now, I hope we keep seeing each other in the future.

Mir: This is not the end. It has been upsetting that there have been many speculations. We wanted to explain ourselves but couldn’t because it’s a sensitive issue. We are really sorry. This does not end like this. Don’t worry because MBLAQ will not end like this. I didn’t know 5 years time would pass so fast like this. You A+, who were sad when we were, who were happy when were, and even madder than when were mad during this time..I hope you keep supporting us.

If there’s something I missed, will add later^^
Please take out with full credit~~ 



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G.O/ who’s Jang Seungho?
Thunder/ “honestly, I think it’s more fun today.”
G.O/ “you’ll be able to hear most our songs today because we don’t have our individual performances.”
Mir/ “Give me a round of applause. Thank you.”
G.O/ Seungho said that he’d only play if he gets the Grand Piano.
Mir/ “you guys, A+, are beautiful.”
Mir/ You guys are so special and important to us.
Mir/ Someone who seems very shy at first, but he is someone who is a funny and childish hyung. He is Lee Chang Sun.
Mir/ “Seungho hyung, G.O hyung, Joonie hyung, Cheondungie hyung, and finally, A+. I LOVE YOU!”
Mir/ it’s alreadyour ending ment. Joon/ I never knew 5 years would pass so quickly…
G.O/ we cried so much yesterday, so we aren’t gonna cry today.
Cheondung/ I realised how happy I am to have you A+ as our fans.
Seungho/ This isn’t the end, hope you realise that. This is only the end of the first chapter of our story. Don’t be so sad!
Seungho/ I believe we will have more time together in the future.
Cheondung/ I hope you cherish these moments with us today, because we surely will. Thank you so much, and please support us until the end!
G.O/ is this the end?
Joon/ I hope you do your business well. G.O/ wtf Joon/ it is our responsibility to make sure they pee well. G.O/ we care about you peeing!
Joon/ We hope you remember today forever.
Mir/ “We aren’t sad today, because we have so much more to show you guys in the future.”
Joon/ WHAT? WHO CAME TODAY? Thunder/ *glares* Joon/ I’m sorry.. :’)
Mir/ Cheondung hyung, your nose keeps getting bigger…
Thunder/ “why are you suddenly getting me to talk? It’s so awkward!”

The Ending

Even if we go our own ways, we will try so that the name MBLAQ will not be erased - Seungho"
seungho is crying 
Mir cries too
boys cried after surprise vid messages from A+s"

Thunder/ “Thank you. I hope we can make more memories with each other in the future.” all of them are sobbing so much :(
Mir/ “The fanmade videos from KA+ reminded us of our trainee days.”


source: Via @only_seungho 

Translations: @LUVISBLAQ(for day1); @mblaaq (for Day2); @marshmallow1116(for colored text) 

Photo Credit: @Winona_SH; @Psh_S2_Pjs