this is why i love marshall


Lily, there are a million reasons why I love you. You make me laugh, you take care of me when I’m sick, you’re sweet, caring and you even created an egg dish and named it after me. She puts a little Italian dressing on the eggs before she cooks them, it’s called Eggs Marshall and it’s awesome. But the main reason is you’re my best friend, Lily. You’re the best friend I’ve ever had.

Marshall, I love you because you’re funny and you make me feel loved, and you make me feel safe. And for our anniversary you gave me a sweatshirt that says, “Lily and Marshall: Rockin’ it since 96″. I kinda wish I was wearing it right now, because it’s smells like you. But, the main reason I love you, Marshall Eriksen is, you make me happy. You make me happy all the time.

So, as part of my How I Met Your Mother rewatch I just rewatched my favorite episode, 9x16 ‘How Your Mother Met Me’, which is basically the back story of Tracy (The Mother) McConnell.

And I realized something from that episode.

It shows her painting and playing music, showing she has Lily’s artsy side.

She talks about wanting to end poverty, showing she has Marshall’s drive to change the world.

Her drink of choice is scotch and she has a hard time letting herself love, both Robin traits.

She gets the 'bar named Puzzles’ joke, showing she has Barney’s sense of humor.

Tracy is literally an amalgamation of all the important people in Ted’s life, and that’s why she’s perfect. How this never occurred to me before I don’t know.

Also sidebar: while typing this I realized there’s an extra layer to the Umbrella. The initials on it are TM, which Ted and Tracy debate whether it stands for Ted Mosby or Tracy McConnell, but TM is also 'The Mother’.

This show, man….

why I love formula one

a selection of reasons and a look back on moments throughout the years that have reminded me just why I love this sport so much

  • when the drivers mess around



  • #placesalonsowouldratherbe
  • dancing drivers


  • dancing mechanics
  • dancing marshals


  • how the drivers get along so well with each other




  • when vettel got bored and overtook two drivers in the pitlane with literally zero effort


  • team twitter sass
  • when all else fails, get the duct tape
  • the Suzuka puppets
  • crazy fan costumes


  • Button’s cake obsession


  • how excited we get when random animals appear on the track



  • when the drivers pull faces/smile for the camera


  • how much kimi raikkonen doesn’t give a shit


  • “Felipe, baby”
  • lucky nipple tweak


  • swearing over team radio
  • the famous kimi quote
  • that one time when all the teams raced boats down the pit lane during the rain in Suzuka
  • Mexican waving at Silverstone

video here

  • Riccardo drinking out of his shoe and then forcing Webber to do the same
  • amazing driver abbreviation coincidences ‘BUT GRO PER’
  • smiley Dan


  • awesome helmet designs
  • vettel’s victory doughnuts
  • car worshipping
  • the night races
  • when two drivers who are on the podium don’t like each other and the other driver stands awkwardly and gives an The Office style look to the camera
  • sebastian choosing to go deep into a corner and lock up so he wouldn’t hit a seagull and then teasing Hamilton for not braking for it after the race


  • Maurizio being adorable
  • Kevin and the banana
  • Rosberg’s adorable clumsiness


  • mclaren’s new team member at singapore
  • how every time Kimi gets onto the podium they never have actual champagne
  • the love everyone has for the driver’s wives


  • the pirelli stetsons in Austin
  • the pirelli ushankas in Russia
  • the pirelli sombreros in mexico
  • when one of the driver’s pours champagne over the interviewer
  • the fact that Hulkenberg takes his little Hulk Pop! vinyl around the world with him and takes pictures for his Twitter with it
  • that time when Jenson and Fernando snuck onto the podium


  • when Vettel put the whole front wing of his car into the cockpit
  • when drivers hijack the marshal’s scooter and drive them both back to the pits


  • the red wigs
  • sauber vs force india pit lane crate rowing


  • that time when kimi got out the car during a red flag period and just ate an ice cream without a care in the world
  • the marshal teddy bear at Hungary
  • adorable little felipinho
  • and to finish off, just a selection of hilarious fernando alonso moments








Selfless Love: Bellamy and Clarke in 403

(My academic is showing with that title but w/e)

It’s taken me a full 36 hours to marshal my thoughts about Bellamy and Clarke in 403 because wow, that episode was a lot to handle.  But that’s also why I want to talk about it, because there is so much to unpack with regards to how they see each other and how their love for one another operates.

Standard disclaimer: you can read their love for each other as romantic, platonic, or some combination thereof.  I’m not going to deal with untangling the those threads here, but I am working from the thesis that they love each other, full stop. 

The point around which Bellamy and Clarke’s relationship in 403 revolves is, imo, selfless love.  This is made explicit in the text (although no one actually says wow you two love each other very selflessly)  in how both Bellamy and Clarke react to things by positioning the other person first.  Bellamy puts Clarke and her needs first, and she puts him and his needs first.  Their own personal wants and needs are secondary to the other person, but not in a codependent way.  They put each other first because they love each other utterly and completely selflessly.

The first moment we see this is when Raven says remember that when you’re starving and Bellamy informs them he does not plan on surviving Apocalypse II: Nuclear Bugaloo.  I waver on whether or not this is new information to Clarke– I could see her yes you are reaction being borne of frustration because they’ve had this conversation 400 times and each time she was like dammit Bellamy, we’ve been over this, of course you’re going to live, or I could see her reaction being instinctive and stunned because this is the first she’s heard of it.  I think in the end, it doesn’t matter if she knew his plan or this is the first she’s hearing of it, because the end result is the same: Clarke doesn’t accept a future in which Bellamy Blake does not survive.

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Get to know me meme - [4/5] favorite couples: Lily Aldrin and Marshall Eriksen

“Lily, there are a million reasons why I love you. You make me laugh, you take care of me when I’m sick, you’re sweet, caring and you even created an egg dish and named it after me. But the main reason is you’re my best friend, Lily. You’re the best friend I’ve ever had.

Marshall, I love you because you’re funny and you make me feel loved and you make me feel safe and for our anniversary, you gave me a sweatshirt that says “Lily and Marshall: Rocking it since ‘96.” But the main reason I love you, Marshall Eriksen, is you make me happy. You make me happy all the time.”

My Review of The Originals 4x02 - No Quarter

Can you believe that we’re only 2 episodes into Season 4, but yet it’s already 100% better then TVD’s entire 8 season! I loved this episode, from the minute it started to the moment it ended. I’m sorry but this is why The Originals is far more well developed than TVD. From the storylines to the characters, I mean they just pull you in. And the fact that a season 5 renewal is still up in the air, pisses me off.

Everything about this episode was top notch. Seeing all The Originals back together (minus Finn, Mikael and Esther sadly), is what makes this show amazing. I loved the little bits of comedy with got from Josh and the sassy moments we got from Kol. I especially adored seeing Cami again and watching her interact with Klaus and I couldn’t contain excitement when The Originals came back stronger and more united.

This season has only just started but my god, it’s turning out to be a hell of a good one!

- Favourite Scenes

1. Cami/Klamille!

The first moment Cami appeared on screen the tears were already pouring. I’ve missed her so damn much and to see her again was so bittersweet.

No other relationship that Klaus gets into now or in the future will ever compare to his one with Cami. I’m not just saying that because I’m a Klamille shipper. I’m saying it because this episode along with the whole development of their relationship proves that. Cami will always be Klaus anchor, if you will. She is the only person that gets him to open up, gets him to be vulnerable.

Their dynamic is beautiful, it’s real and it’s one that will never burn out. I love how Klaus had so many other people he could of hallucinated, but he choose Cami. Their connection is undeniably solid and like Klaus said he’ll always carry her with him.

So to be able to see that after 5 years, just made me smile. It made me fall in love with them all over again, and it reminded me that Cami was truly one of the few people that managed to teach Klaus and to show him, that he does have some good within him. She never stopped believing, she never stopped showing how much she cares for him, but most importantly both of them will never stop loving each other.

I won’t lie I’m still bitter that the writers killed her off, considering she still had so much more potential. So in saying that, I do hope that they can at least bring her back again because I love watching Klaus and Cami together.

2. Kol’s Sass
Hands down Kol was one of the highlights this episode! The level of sass and the “I don’t give a fuck” attitude Kol brought was bloody brilliant.

Watching Kol this episode just proved how vital and important he is within the family, and why he shouldn’t be killed off over and over again just for dramatic effect. I know that it comes down to the actor, busy schedules, etc, but I have my fingers crossed that we do see more of Kol. Because The Originals work best when it’s centered around ALL of the family members, and this episode showed us how amazing it is when every family member is present (well minis Finn, because they sure like to kill him off without giving him a proper storyline first, and just when he was starting to get interesting too -__-).

3. Klaus Sees Hope
My heart melted when Klaus looked at Hope for the first time. One of the most interesting storylines this season is most definitely going to be Klaus and Hope’s relationship, and I’m excited to see a part of that play out next episode.

I thoroughly enjoyed the talk Klaus had with Cami about not wanting Hope to have the same life he did, and to me that just shows what a long way Klaus has come. I can’t wait to watch the growing bond that will surely develop between father and daughter, because I’m really curious to see what traits Hope has picked up from Klaus.

- Least Favourite Scene
“Despite being raised by you people, I’m nothing like any of you”. - Marcel Gerard. It wasn’t a least favourite scene, more like a least favourite quote. And when Marcel said the quote above, I instantly didn’t agree with it.

For my perspective, I wouldn’t say that Marcel isn’t like any of The Originals. He may not share the same name, but he does share the same qualities. Both would do absolutely anything to protect the people they love, both would go to extreme measures to defeat their enemies, both would do anything to win and both share the same need and want for control and power. That is why I don’t agree with what Marcel said.

Just because his willing to show mercy (although let’s see how long that lasts), doesn’t mean that makes him different from The Originals. Because they’ve been times when they too have been able to show mercy. Maybe not so much Klaus when we first meet him, but Elijah demonstrated that he can be fair and I’m pretty sure Rebekah has too.

I said in my first review for 4x01 that Klaus and Marcel are different but yet the same, and the “I’m nothing like any of you” part to me, is completely bullshit and false. Because no matter how much Marcel want’s to denial it, he too can be just as brutal, ruthless and power hungry as The Original Family.

- My rating of the episode (it will be a rating out of 10)
I will rate this episode a 9/10

- Favourite quote/line
KLAUS: I miss you Camille
JOSH: Okay, why do you guys even need me? I know I’m adorable but I’m extremely small potatoes
Rebekah: If it’s a trophy you’re after, then you’re not much of a man to begin with
KOL: Save the compliments when he comes to kill us, flattery might give him pause
KOL: Oh for god’s sake, you were never a Mikaelson, get over it.

I don’t know how or why or when
I ended up in this position I’m in
I’m starting to feel distant again
—  Eminem // Beautiful

Marshall: Why does he keep doing this? He meets them. He likes them way too much. He goes way too big too soon. He ends up blowing it. I can’t take this any more. He’s fallen in love so many times now.

Lily: Not like this. This is different.

—  Himym

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For over 1,006 years.

Pairing(s): Elijah x Reader(Platonic)

Member: Kat

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Top 5 ships

I wasn’t tagged by anyone, but I saw @mockingjaykatniss2​‘s post, so I felt like making one, too 😜I’ll have one ship per fandom, and I’m also going to add a song to each, because…why not? I guess?

1: Bellamy and Clarke- The 100 (King and Lionheart by Of Monsters and Men)

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2: Bonnie and Enzo- The Vampire Diaries (In the Name of Love by Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha)

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3: Jo and Dean- Supernatural (Me, You and My Medication by Boys Like Girls)

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4: Elijah and Hayley- The Originals (Tear in My Heart by 21 Pilots)

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5: Stiles and Lydia- Teen Wolf (Where’s My Love by SYML (obviously))

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Why I Need Black History Month: An Out of Season Post.

I usually don’t talk about things like this..

I love it when people try to argue with me and say Black History Month shouldn’t exist just because Morgan Freeman says so.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Morgan Freeman.

And yes, I hear the argument that “It’s just American History,”

Then why is so much of it left out of the textbooks? Of the classes?

Why did I go through all of school not learning of our accomplishments?

My “American History” class didn’t teach me a lot of things outside of slavery, Reconstruction, and Civil Rights. It taught us only about struggles and any accomplishments got half page paragraphs without pictures at best.

We learned about King and Marshall and Parks and Malcolm X, sure.

But a lot of the attention was placed on the white people who helped to prove that they were on our side. And don’t get me wrong, allies are important in any movement, but they should never overshadow those who are supposed to be the benefactors.

I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I live in the South. Maybe I’m just being silly. But Black History Moth and the African American Male Summit and what not? Those things helped me learn to be truly proud of my race and heritage. It took me 16 or 17 years to be proud of my heritage. I went to programs during February. They taught us of King and Marshall and Parks and Malcolm X. But they taught us that they weren’t exceptions. All of us are capable of changing the world and the way people see us.

School didn’t teach me about the doctors, the teachers, the scientists.

In textbooks, we learned about black musicians and actors and civil rights workers. And all of them were important.

But the textbooks I always read put us in a box of entertainers and make our accomplishments about amusing people and activists, which were important, but either they focused on the allies or ended tragedy..

And that’s the reason I need Black History Month:

To learn what schools won’t teach me. To learn how to be proud of who I am instead of sad I’m not a different skin tone like I was when I was younger.

And yes, maybe Morgan Freeman disagrees. But I’ve never seen another black person agree with him. If you do, well, hey, that’s fine. It’s your opinion. But the overwhelming majority of black people I’ve seen take pride in it. So, yes, I see the Freeman argument.

But please don’t use the voice of one black person to silence that of thousands.

Namjoon stealing ur fries. U whine for them back and he agrees, but only if u kiss him.

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ha risposto alla tua foto

“Thank you, darling!! <3 (totally with you, book 1 is the least…”

I agree that it lost a little something for me the last two books. I don’t love Fish and Chips at all but the last two books are less about Ty and Zane and I love them together. But I’ve never really gotten into the Shock and Awe. Maybe I need to give them another shot. Have you guys read the A Matter Of Times Series and then the Marshals Series by Mary Calmes? If you like Cut abs Run I would highly suggest those Series.

Hii! Thank you! You didn’t like F&C? It was my early favourite! What was it?

 I don’t know why, but the A Matter Of Time series sparkles a memory somewhere in me, I remember something nice, who knows why. Never heard about the second one, but happily putting it out there and veeery probably giving it a look soon! Thank you very much! :)

Running through somewhere with my woes

It’s a grab bag of updates: 

  • Last night I did a strength workout including some lunges (not a lot, a normal amount) and this morning at dance my legs were like BRICKS. Lunges, why don’t you love me? 
  • I signed up to volunteer at a race this weekend (the Get Lucky 7K/ 14K/ 21K) and it’s going to be in the 20s. Whoooops. I’ll be course marshaling in pretty much every item of clothing I own.
  • I got asked to fill in for my old job on Sunday and I probably could have done it, but declined for my mental health. I know they’re just asking me because hiring an outside person is $$$$$$ and guilt is free. Also it’s my birthday, which I didn’t point out to them but I think is a solid enough reason in itself. 
  • I still haven’t signed up for my half-marathon in Michigan and now I’m considering doing the Goodlife Half Marathon in Toronto instead. Pros: I’ve never been to Toronto, it’s the same weekend, the opportunity to make a million Drake jokes. Cons: It costs more, and as I mentioned, I’ve never been there. 
  • Unpaid endorsement: A coworker of mine had a sudden health event (but is recovering now). Her family is using a site to communicate with everyone who wants updates called This is a great use of technology because it sucks to have to individually email everyone updates on a sick person and ask for the help you need, when you need that time to take care of that person! You can make a public profile or make it so people have to sign in to get updates. Hopefully none of you need this but just in case, keep it bookmarked.