this is why i love donald so much

  • Trump Supporters and apathetic individuals: Why do you talk about Trump so much? He's just trying to do his job. Leave him alone.
  • Me: I was living my life and this guy comes along and wants to deport my friends, demonize the people I love, degrade women, wreck the climate, destroy the economy, destabilize the world and endanger the life of every living thing on the planet.
  • Leave him alone?
  • That asshole should leave me alone.
Day 3: 30 Day Spider-Man Challenge

Favorite cartoon adaptation

Quite possibly the most recent one with Drake Bell as Spidey (Ultimate Spider-Man)

Why? Because they did this

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And this 

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Oh and also this

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And let’s not forget

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(Miles was voiced by Donald Glover btw who’s a huge Spidey fan and who fans were petitioning to get him to be the new Spider-Man in the MCU…also he’s one of my celebrity crushes)

Plus, chibi Spidey is just too adorable

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This show is honestly so great. The characters are pretty diverse. Dialogue is funny. Puns are on point. And, I just love how the story is told with occasional wall-breaking. I love this cartoon so much and I really need to catch up on the latest seasons

Masterpost on why I love Karl Urban

tbh this is going to be really long so strap urself in and get ready

  • Believes in equal rights, LGBT+ ally
  • Hates Donald Trump as much as we do
  • Includes all skin colors
  • Is a dork and loves his gay space crew
  • has the softest laugh (x)

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  • Mocks interviewers but is still super cute (x)
  • Is an adorable trashcan
  • looks like this when he’s sleeping
  • his smile is the worst
  • looks incredible in a shoulder holster
  • wearing a police vest should be illegal tbh
  • Literally causes me to question my entire life

  • has the best walk ever tbh I want to die

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  • 90′s karl is the worst though

  • always has his hands over his crotch and I’m so here for that tbh
  • is a literal model
  • looks gr9 in suits
  • has the nicest shoulders I want to cry
  • d a d d y (RIP ME)

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  • but is also v soft
  • he walks around looking like this smh

  • I’m literally about to hit the limit for posts so I’ll just leave this here

So my brother and me played a game of ‘kill, f*ck, marry’ today starring Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy… and we both came to the decision that we’d marry Goofy and sleep with Donald. I don’t know why this amuses me so much, but poor Mickey– no love for you.

Try to change the future (Donald Pierce x Reader) (2/3)

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Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Summary: Reader’s and Pierce’s life before the events from ˝Logan˝

Warnings: cursing, mentions of sex….

A/N: There will be just one more part

The loud crash woke you up from your peaceful sleep. You slowly opened your eyes and you turned around to face Donald, but he wasn’t there. The bed next to you was cold and it was only 6 am. You lazily turned around and you placed your head in a pillow, yawning in the process. Loud curses that were coming from the kitchen made you worry. Moving the covers of yourself, you walked to the kitchen seeing your boyfriend cooking. Let’s say that he was trying to cook. There was smoke in the kitchen that was quickly leaving the room out the window. He didn’t notice you, being too busy with cleaning whatever he had burnt. You sneak your arms around his waist setting your head on his bare back.

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I’ve just got home and scrolled through my dash a bit and I’ve seen some absolute shite on here this evening, and let me tell you I am PISSED.

I’ve dealt with some crap recently that I haven’t spoken about but when I see a friend of mine getting shit I am not going to just keep quiet. I’ve seen the crap @aarondingel has received in her ask box for the sole reason that she has been promoting the fact that the actor of her fave character is up for some awards, and seriously…..WTF?? To the person giving her grief, or anyone who feels the need to try to shame people for loving their faves; can you all seriously stop for a second and think about just how pathetic and stupid you are being???


1) you don’t chose your fave. your fave choses you.

2) if somebody loves a character or actor more than another character or actor, who the fuck cares????? like…..seriously???? what an absolutely STUPID thing to be upset about????? you do realise that these characters are FICTIONAL. they can mean the world to us, we can love them with all of our hearts, but loving a fictional person who may be problematic in some ways is nOT THE EQUIVILENT OF LOVING A REAL, HORRIBLE PERSON. get upset about people voting for fucking Donald Trump, or those weridos that say they stan serial killers. GETTING UPSET ABOUT SOMEBODY LOVING A CHARACTER IS R I D I C U L O U S !!!!

3) why does the fact that someone/some people, like a character more than your favourite character, affect you so much?? maybe you don’t understand how or why someone prefers person A over person B, but how does that affect YOUR enjoyment of person B????? like……why

4) grow the fuck up????? not everything has to be a competition??? not everyone has to choose teams, choose a side, choose one half of a popular ship to “stan” over the other. but if they do….so fucking what?? again, wHY DOES THIS BOTHER YOU??? just enjoy your favourite, engage in actual ADULT DISCUSSION perhaps, or, you know, maybe you could just not bombard people’s ask boxes with hate about their fave and just, you know, shut the fuck up???

I’m obviously talking about Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden but this applies to everyone and everything, really. in this particular case, for me personally, i love both characters equally, and i have never felt the need to chose one over the other, because they’re both so different??? i loved Robert for over 10 YEARS before Robron were even a thing, and Aaron for most of the years Robert was off screen, so like…..I don’t feel like I “stan” one more than the other. i enjoy them both equally, or in different ways, at different times?

but if people have a slight preference to one over the other, for whatever reason - maybe they relate to one more than the other, or maybe they just, i don’t know, ENJOY THE CHARACTER MORE, like…..who cares??? LET THEM LIVE?? LET THEM ENJOY THEIR FAVOURITES WITHOUT GIVING THEM GRIEF ABOUT IT???

nobody is doing wrong for loving Robert more than Aaron or Aaron more than Robert??? as long as nobody is being a fucking dick about it then who actually cares????

i know there are apparently a group of people, the “antis”, who’s main hobby is apparently to drag Robert instead of talking about the people they do actually like, and I know there’s a bunch of weirdos on the likes of DS who refuse to even mention Aaron’s name (because apparently they’re all 5 years old???) and like… embarrassing. but you know, let those people just be creepy and pathetic. they can do what they like as long as they keep it out of people’s faces, and out of people’s inboxes, because that just crosses the line from being lame as fuck for focussing so much on characters they supposedly hate, into just being an absolute fucking attention seeking dickhead who gets their jollies from antagonising people and trying to make them feel bad for the characters they love.

the moral of this post is; if you’re considering giving someone grief, or hate, or trying to make them feel bad for loving their fave: don’t. because you won’t change their minds, literally N O B O D Y is going to read some badly written ask from some faceless and nameless troll and suddenly be like “OMG YOU’RE RIGHT, I DON’T LIKE THIS CHARACTER ANYMORE, I HATE THEM!!!” you are just wasting literally everyone’s time???

maybe concentrate on the characters YOU love, instead of getting your knickers in a twist about who somebody else loves or choses to support. 

or, if you happen to see this and think about giving one of my friends shit, how about you come to me instead. 

i love della duck’s entire existence because it hits that “factors that affect the story from outside are translated into factors that affect the story from inside” meta angle that i love so much, like… why are huey, dewey and louie donald’s live-in nephews? why aren’t they with their parents? why isn’t donald their dad?

outside of the story, several reasons: one, no disney kid characters could get away with disobeying their parents as much as huey, dewey and louie disobey their uncle, and two, establishing that donald has actual offspring would have been a big risk. 

you can’t just sweep a character’s own children under the rug if it turns out that audiences don’t like them. the translation of THAT would’ve been “donald abandoned his kids because they were annoying”. now, it’d just be “donald sent his nephews back to their parents because they were annoying”.

but, of course, neither of those things ever happened. the uncledad/nephewson dynamic was, in fact, a success. and so they never got sent back home. and so he adopted them. and so we’re left wondering why.

and that’s how they boys’ mom became genuinely, real-life mysterious, something people puzzled over for years, not a plotted-out mystery, but a naturally occurring one, the product of outside circumstances, and there’s no way to solve that mystery without shaking up the status quo somehow, but i so badly want someone to try. it would be so satisfying to see those marketing strategies turned into a plot point, to go HAH! you thought she was just absent because it was convenient, but HAH. there actually was a reason.

it has happened! it did happen in the dutch comic continuity. but i want it on, like, a bigger scale than that. like, the biggest possible scale. i don’t have actual hope, i don’t have an actual theory, but i do have wishful thinking by the buckets, and i do have an upcoming reboot that happens to be relatively lacking in leading ladies, that happens to feature both bad blood and a “family secret” between donald and scrooge, and that also happens to be created by someone who has a tumblr account solely to be coy in our general direction


* . ‘゚。 ❖  ❛ dumb things my friends say ask meme. ❜

‘  I’ll know I made it when my name sits between Rosie O'Donell and Billy Crystals’ on the LI Walk of Fame situated at the LIE Exit 50-51 rest stop.  ’
‘  I hope my last words are, “Paul Hollywood’s a little bitch.”  ’
‘  How A TV Snob Came to Only Watch Reality Programming: An Autobiography Written by Me.  ’
‘  I’m emo first and human being second.  ’
‘  I want to obtain the level of confidence that people who aren’t celebrities and stream live on Instagram have.  ’
‘  How come dad culture is so wholesome but every dad I’ve met is a giant piece of trash.  ’
‘  I’m a dreamboat and a lover.  ’
‘  Have you ever eaten off a person?….I’ve always wanted to.  ’
‘  What’s the hairiest metal you listen to?  ’
‘  I don’t want your cider. What am I? A vagina?  ’
‘  I hate the south. I hope when terrorists bomb us they go to North Carolina.   ’
‘  You’re gunna play Eye of the Tiger right now while I’m trying to get drunk?  ’
‘  Stay away from kids…they’re like ‘oh I’m gunna fuck you up, I’m gunna cost you 30k a year’.  ’
‘  I’m really happy you guys are thinking about my cock.  ’
‘  When I first met you, I thought you were a total 90s kid.  ’
‘  I did not think I was going to buy a bong today. Every day is different. I can’t predict my day.  ’
‘  It’s always nice to just be sweating.  ’
‘  Can’t believe it’s already 24 hours since I was drunk and lost and accidentally sprinting away from my house.  ’
‘  Congratulations to Joey Chestnut for being the only American I am truly proud of.  ’
‘  Weird Al is the closest thing I have to a father.  ’
‘  The worst part about eggs is that they take roughly fifteen minutes to prepare but only 45 seconds to eat.  

‘  When will Pauly Shore finally stage a comeback into the world of dramatic acting like we’re all waiting for?  ’
‘  I can’t tell you why, but I shouldn’t have to pay for Legos.  ’
‘  Is everyone done saying spirit animal? Have you all had enough yet?  ’
‘  Make sure you remind all of the terrible people you know how terrible they are so they can at least be aware that they are terrible people.  ’
‘  Please stop putting foods on other foods.  ’
‘  No one should listen to anyone because clearly we are all right.  ’
‘  Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, who let you back in this Quiznos?  ’
‘  I do a great Slavoj Zizek impression but I’m having trouble finding someone that cares.  ’
‘  I’ve spent at least one third of my life in traffic in New Jersey.  ’
‘  I’m terrible, thanks for asking!  ’
‘  Imagine how much better the world would be if everyone had to take improv classes.  ’
‘  Being in witness protection is an actual dream of mine.  ’
‘  How do I find a cheap and effective way of not feeling terrible all the time?  ’
‘  My new thing is finding ways to give myself fun and exciting headaches.  ’
‘  I didn’t ask for this nap.  ’
‘  How do I know if I’m doing the right thing? Will Danny Aiello tell me?  ’
‘  Very confused about how to handle the minute amount of attention I’ve been receiving lately.  ’
‘  Twitter should only be for aging celebrities in between jobs.  ’
‘  Richard Lewis is always eating lunch.  ’
‘  I’m so excited to add War Criminal to Trump’s wikiepdia page.  ’
‘  If I seem uncomfortable it’s because I am.  ’
‘  It took several tries, but I finally woke up today.  ’
‘  I haven’t been to the movies in weeks because an employee shamed me for seeing Rock Dog by myself.  ’
‘  I remember when I had a blackberry.  ’
‘  I spend too much time thinking about what motivates birds and not enough time sleeping for a reasonable amount of time.  ’
‘  If you are an adult please be an adult.  ’
‘  Why do I get the feeling I’m going to wake up tomorrow with several new headaches.  ’
‘  I hope everyone takes a moment today to remember Don Rickles and that there will never be anyone as quick as that again. ’
‘  If god was real, memes would be funny.  ’
‘  I’m calling it now, I’ll start complaining about the heat in less than a month.  ’
‘  Flat tires are a huge bummer but you know what else is? The looming threat of global fascism.  ’
‘  I hope that some day I can be as brave as the corporations that take a neutral stand against a benign oppressor.  ’
‘  Can a child be an artist? The answer is no.  ’
‘  You know why I like snakes? Because they don’t pretend to not be snakes.  ’
‘  Every day, Sugar Ray looks more and more like Sean Hannity.  ’
‘  The next big thing will be pretzels that are even smaller.  ’
‘  Graham Crackers are poised for a huge comeback.  ’
‘  Why does the Great British Baking Show make me feel a happiness I do not deserve?  ’
‘  Here I am, bright and early, already giving up.  ’
‘  There is no wrong way to consume peanut butter.  ’
‘  I watched a season 24 episode of the Simpsons by accident and now I’m different in a BAD way.  ’
‘  I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to everyone for being myself.  ’
‘  Is it possible to shotgun a stack of pancakes?  ’
‘  If the reason I’m so tired all the time is because I stopped drinking coffee I’m going to be so pissed.  ’
‘  Honestly I’m just glad no one says “squad” anymore.  ’
‘  Acoustic guitars should be illegal  ’
‘  People are a real bummer.  ’
‘  I had to throw out a reclining chair this morning so no, I’m not doing too well.  ’
‘  Super into people calling me early in the morning so I can’t go back to sleep at all and can remain tired all day.  ’
‘  Emotions, so relatable.  ’
‘  I went to the crafts store twice today on purpose.  ’
‘  Rejected Schumer campaign slogan: “I Fuck With Chuck”.  ’
‘  Why puke when you can vomit.  ’
‘  If you’re still a coal miner, what are you, an idiot? ’
‘  For our country’s sake, I hope Rosie O'Donnell can play Steve Bannon on SNL.  ’
‘  Never in a thousand years would I have thought Melissa McCarthy would dismantle the White House Press Secretary on SNL but here we are.  ’
‘  I think the tactic is set as many fires as possible since the people can’t put them all out at once.  ’
‘  By far the worst thing about me is how much I love the Patriots.  ’
‘  Hyperbole is useless because there are genuinely terrifying things happening every 45 minutes now.  ’
‘  So airports are interment camps now?  ’
‘  I’m 99% sure Vanilla Ice could run this country every bit as well as Donald has so far.  ’
‘  Why did fascism have to make a come back and not frosted tips?  ’
‘  Julia Louis-Dreyfus is my favorite rich lady.  ’
‘  I can’t believe we have a president that isn’t a president.  ’
‘  I wish Harris Wittels was still alive to hear Bill Maher’s new theme song.  ’
‘  I change my mind about Shia LaBeouf eleven times a day.  ’
‘  Punching Nazis in the face is the only meme I endorse.  ’
‘  Real talk Weird Al Yankovic is the most talented musician in history.  ’
‘  I watched that video of that Nazi getting punched in the face about a thousand times and I tear up a little bit every time.  ’
‘  It is perfectly okay to punch Nazis in the face.  ’
‘  2017 to smell worse than any year on record.  ’
‘  Where are all the people that I don’t hate.  ’
‘  I wish I was married to Susie Essman so she could yell at me all day.  ’
‘  I’m only interested in Janeane Garofalo.  ’
‘  What’s your second favorite Law and Order?  ’
‘  Shout out to Aimee Mann.  ’
‘  I miss Prince a lot more than I expected I would.  ’
‘  I hope season two of the young pope has an even younger pope.  ’

anonymous asked:

I don't really know who to ask but do you know why Donald wears a black sailor suit in the comics? BTW I love your blog! and your art is really pretty! and your headcanons are to die for!!!

Thank you so much anon, I’m blushfdjglfsdlasgksl

The reason Donald wears black in the comics is the most anti-climatic thing in the world - 

It’s cheaper to print.

That’s it. There’s no real reason for it. However, we might get one in the new DuckTales! At least that’s what Frank Angones teased might happen.

P.S: The comics’ cover art has to be colorful and pretty, so he’s almost always dressed in his typical blue suit on them. Here are a couple pics:

mysticmessbutwhocares  asked:

I googled Historia x Shrek, and can someone please tell me why there is so much Shrek x Shadow? And there was one thing that came up about Shrek x Armin, and a Shrek x Donald Trump fanfic.

dude like at some point one must accept the fact that the shrek fandom is really out there and it’s like simba with that shadowy place over there whose name escape me: you must never go there. ever.

Why I Love James Corden
  • “[the TONYS] are like the OSCARS, but with diversity”
  • “there is so much diversity in this room, that Donald Trump has threatened to build a wall around the theatre”
  • “sexuality and gender is equal, is embraced and is loved”
  • “hate will never win”
  • One Direction Carpool Karaoke
  • tattoo roulette
  • “hang on I need someone to be my cat, Louis come and be my cat”
  • strokes Louis’ chest
  • “no the cat doesn’t talk Louis! It’s a cat! It’s a serious audition”
  • “Do you do removals also?” *tattoo artist says no. “Well that’s all we’ve got time for tonight I’m really sorry”
  • calls Harry Harold
  • doesn’t sexualise the boys or talk about their love lives
  • One Direction Carpool Karaoke
  • *after he doesn’t have to get a tattoo and Niall is now terrified. “I’m sorry Niall but in that I’ve never felt more alive”
  • Dodge ball with One Direction
  • Gave Niall mouth to mouth
  • Made out with Harry Styles and Nick Grimshaw
  • The sweetest kitty ever
  • blushes and smiles when he smashes a note and gets praised by Adele/1D
  • sits with his guests instead of behind a desk
  • loves penguins more than life
  • loves Harry Styles
  • One Direction Carpool Karaoke

So I’m doing this quiz on Buzzfeed (I know! *rolls eyes*) called How normal are your got opinions (eyes fall off from so much rolling) and it’s all going as expected. Dany is everyone’s favourite character and they all want her on the Iron Throne, so yeah, we get it. But then this happens:

Am I dreaming, or do 44000 people actually think Dany and Khal were the best couple on this goddamn show? I’ll get to this is a minute but, if you thought things couldn’t get any stupider, oh honey, just you wait. 

Given the opportunity to bring anyone back on a show where more than half the original cast is dead (probably?), people would willingly bring back Khal Drogo?

This is Khal Drogo from the show we are talking about, not the books. Yes he gets nice later and they fall in love and he also kills Viserys (yeah nobody misses him) but he also rapes her? And it was all so problematic? I was a bit sad too when he dies and I’m not saying they were the worst couple but to bring back Khal Drogo? OVER LITERALLY ANY OF THE STARKS? OR THE DIREWOLVES OR HODOR OR OBERYN OR LITERALLY ANYONE ELSE? Yes, I am salty. 


“How can I say about Mark? Just look at him, he’s so beautiful, really is. Is a sweet guy. Now I know why all the girls love him”.

“The reason I’ve got so much luggage is because I bring clothes for Gary, because Gary thinks you can go on tour with three tracksuits and an anorak.”

“Mark is like my little brother.” -Gary.

“I didn’t know Mark was the first member? You know he’s going to say that forever. Everytime we say ‘I’m not sure about that idea Mark’ he’ll go ‘I was the original member!’”.

How come people call Terra gullible and stupid but not Sora? I mean, in KH3D alone, the kid instantly decides to trust someone he’s never met before who already knows his name. And then that kid tries to sell him out. Yeah, it was Neku and not, say, Hook, but still. Sora’s even stated by others in-game to not be too smart. 

I’m not denying Terra is naive, maybe a little too trusting. I’m just saying Sora’s only like a little better than he is, and he doesn’t get nearly as much flak. 

I’m not trashing Sora! No, don’t get me wrong, I love Sora. He and Terra are actually tied for my favorite KH character. I’m just saying it’s not fair Terra is called stupid when he’s not really any worse than Sora. He made mistakes, of course he did. But you gotta remember he felt alone and was riddled with insecurities throughout his entire journey, not to mention using the darkness messes with your mind, no matter who you are or how good your reasons are for using it. (In fact, the way he managed to stop himself from killing Eraqus with the darkness is pretty impressive, with that in mind). 

I’ll put it in a different way: Sora has made mistakes too, right? Remember Chain of Memories and his complete nastiness to Donald and Goofy and Jiminy? He was following his heart and it almost cost him everything, just like in 3D. Both instances weren’t entirely his fault, because he was being manipulated-but the same goes for Terra. 

Sora and Terra are not that different. So if we can love Sora in spite of his mistakes and flaws, why can’t we love Terra the same? 

millennial rant
  • i feel like people are not genuine and maybe it is naive but idgaf because i want to work in a place where people actually care about their work and care about their colleagues
  • i want to feel like the work i do is important and i get to create and have ideas and input. i am not a robot. i am not a machine who gets a command and is expected to produce. 
  • i am sensitive as hell and maybe i don’t want to ‘grow thick skin’. 
  • donald trump is a cartoon character in a comedy show where people shouldn’t be laughing anymore and the show should be cancelled already 
  • being lost is a legitimate process. stop putting so much time and pressure on sticking to such a traditional timeline route of school-job-marriage-babies. 
  • our generation totally romanticizes travel and exploring the world and meeting new people and delving into different cultures and you know what? we should. why make all this damn money if you can’t spend it?
  • advice is amazing. i fucking love advice. i eat up words of wisdom. but the thing is, you can’t always listen to people because then you’ll just be following their footsteps. your gut is speaking to you. trust it. 
  • make mistakes, make mistakes, make mistakes. this last one isn’t a rant but more of a “note to self” because despite everyone setting you up for failure and most of all, despite you thinking you’re going to fail, you should probably go ahead and do just that. there is no better fucking way to learn and be better and grow and get somewhere in life without falling at least once. or ten times.
Pitch Perfect 2 Recap

So I’ve seen Pitch Perfect 2 twice now, once on Wednesday and one time yesterday. Here are my thoughts:

- I went to see this movie with pretty high expectations as the first movie is probably my favorite movie and I regret nothing, it was so amazing tbh

- Although at some point in the middle of the movie I felt like the Bellas had lost their Bella charm but then Aubrey came back said charm did too.

- But let’s start at the very beginning: the first scene couldn’t have been more perfect, Fat Amy’s greet from “Down Under” was such a good way to start the sequel.

- After that even the reason why Chloe was still member of the Bellas got explained as she apparently failed Russian literature 3 times only to keep a member. 

- The punishment for Amy’s action was a bit to much in my opinion but it’s a movie they have to do such things.

- So let’s get to the Trebles. I think they have lost something, I personally think it may be because Donald isn’t there anymore. They only got one song (excluding the riff off) and that song was lame…

- So let’s get to our newbie, Emily. The junk food joke was weird but that’s her personality. She talks a lot and most of those is bullshit but that’s why I love her.

- Her relationship with Benji is so adorable.

- And as I’m already talking about relation ships: FAT AMY AND BUMPER they are so adorkable. Bumper wanting something official and the scene at the lake. God, I almost cried when they separated but then at the campfire when she talked about her plans for the future and mentioned Bumper. The tears were real.

- Fat Amy being on that boat singing for him in front of the Trebles omfg is this even real?

- I love how Aubrey ended up, she did what she does best and I am so glad she reminded the Bellas who they are.

- The Beca and Chloe fight scene was such a parallel to the one of Aubrey and Chloe in part one I can’t even.

- One of the best jokes was definitely Amy saying “Come on you’re Beca and Chloe together you’re Bloe and who doesn’t like a good blowjob”

- That Christmas song thing with Snoop Dogg was so good as were all of the songs.

- The tent scene was so cute and idk I can’t help it but I think I ship Bloe…

- God and the campfire. How they talked about the future and sang cup song I was struggling not to cry so hard.

- The final song of DSM was so amazing, I loved that a part of it was somehow “My songs know what you did in the dark” by Fall out boy as I recently started listening to them.

- Benji and Emily kiss yasss and another parallel to the Jesse and Beca kiss in PP1

- The final Bella performance I am still crying it was just so good. I loved how they sang Flashlight in the end and brought Bellas from early generations including Aubrey and Emily’s mom on stage.

Of course there would be so much more to say about PP2, especially as there are so many parallels to the first movie. Everyone take the time to see it’s so amazing and worth it.