this is why i love chrissy

“rebecca was here. I slept with her” he straight up told him. no fuss. and he told him EVERYTHING!!!! he even went straight in there with the pregnancy, he held nothing back and that is SO important for the conversation they were having and everything they needed to have some way of getting back from this

it’s different with aaron. it’s SO different. anyone else, chrissie, anyone, he would’ve carried on lying. but he couldn’t because it’s aaron. it’s his “beautiful husband that I love”

honestly I’m just SO FUCKING GLAD HE EXPLAINED WHY HE DID IT. EVERY DETAIL. it was an actual decent conversation. where they both got to say what they needed to. and the fact that robert said he knows it’s not excuse. HE 👏🏻 KNOWS 👏🏻

“I love ya. it wasn’t an option”

“I couldn’t take care of ya, you were in there and I couldn’t do anything. I thought I’d lost ya, it hurt”

and then “I only blame myself”

HE FULLY TAKES RESPONSIBILITY. and he’s not just saying that. he really fucking truly does and that’s so important for robert and shows just far he’s actually come with himself and aaron


and oh god robert was so panicked looking for aaron? you could actually tell that he’d completely given up on aaron forgiving him but he refused to give up on him

and aaron ringing his counsellor!!!! like holy FUCK that’s so important, he’s getting through this, he’s STRONG and he’s doing it for robert and for liv and for himself

"people don’t stay with me” “people don’t forgive me” MESSED UP TOGETHER & FOREVER. and that snuggle. cos aaron STILL loves him. oh god robert fully nuzzled himself into aaron fucjgkg THEY’RE SUCH ADORABLE FUCKS

and aaron forgave him. aaron is the only person who understands robert. robert is the only person that understands aaron. it’s messy and ridiculous but it just makes their love so powerful and real and ever fucking lasting ❤️

For real though, seeing the girls in these outfits, in person, almost killed me. You don’t even know.

Kendrick kept having to fix her boots because she’s so tiny and they kept sagging. She also kept taking off her jacket and the crew kept telling her to put it back on, but she would stick out her tongue and yell (more like squeal) “noooo”.

Camp literally slipped on the stairs and almost busted her ass, which is why she doesn’t have her heels on in this pic. She kept taking them off.

Rebel made the girls laugh so much, which made the audience laugh. I’m sure that’s why we ended up doing 20+ takes.

Ester and Kendrick’s dance moves gave me so many feels. Kendrick kept dancing in between takes bc they would play music while setting up the cameras. But when Can’t Stop the Feeling came on she was like “really guys?! come on!”

Her interacting with Snow made me scream EVERY time bc honestly, I live for Sendrick and Bechloe

I keep remembering different pieces of the day. I loved every second of it.

Protective/Supportive Aaron

For @bartsugsy and @sapphicsugden as requested (Includes some paraphrasing.)

•6th February 2015 Remember that one minor incident when Aaron sent Robert away to get married and rid Wylie’s of any evidence that they were ever there and continued to keep that secret even after he found out Robert pushed Katie. Which is the only reason Robert’s gorgeous ass hasn’t been rotting away in a prison cell for the last two years. But no big deal. Just Aaron saving Robert on a daily basis.
•9th February 2015 Aaron’s new mantra where Robert and Katie’s death are concerned “It’s not his fault!” 
•10th February 2015 The slap heard round the world when mama bear Chas turns feral on her cub because Aaron dares to blame Katie for sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong. Obviously it was Katie’s fault Robert burnt down her caravan.
•11th February 2015 Go ahead and tell Chrissie I’ve been boning her husband mum and WE ARE DONE!!! 
•9th April 2015 BTW Paddy. I totally text Katie and told her to meet me at Wylie’s that day. It was all totes my fault and you shouldn’t blame Robert for anything! EVER!!!
•12th May 2015 God Robert why are you such a human disastercase getting drunk off a single pint (👀👀👀) of whiskey? Let me help you back to the pub, get you a glass of water and kindly let you sneak in a little snog.
•13th May 2015 *Clears throat* Excuse me Chrissie, I might have been one of the people who broke into your house so I know for a fact Robert’s super sorry about it. Now can you please take your sad sack of a husband back? (Even if I still kind of sort of love him and want him to be mine.)
•25th June 2015 Cain my man! I know Robert might look really good with a bruised face but you still can’t beat the hell out of him like this. Here babes. Let me help you home and pretend it has nothing to do with my ongoing struggle over how much I still love you. K…K…cool.
•21st July 2015 Geez “Dad”! My boyfriend’s a total idiot who likes to run his mouth off but stop making up lies and saying he tried to bury you in a grain pit. While you’re at it stay away from me!  
•25th September 2015 (Also 22nd October 2015) Listen dude, I really hate you but I’m still going to cry over your bleeding body while I try to stop the life from leaving you and decide if I really want you to live or die.
•18th March 2016 *Chokes on beer* LIV! It’s super inappropriate to ask someone what it’s like getting shot and we defs don’t ask to see the scar. (Side eye…especially since I still haven’t seen it yet.)
•5th April 2016 So the thing is Robert, my little sister is a bit confused right now and she recorded you saying you bribed Ryan. Now we both know that was a really ridic move on your part but you’ve been super amazing and taken care of me a lot and I really don’t want anything to happen to you for protecting me so I’ll try to do the same for you.
•10th May 2016 Hey now missy! I will tolerate a lot but I draw the line at comparing my boyfriends godlike face to that of a rodent. Show some respect. You know I missed out on some…..tea time…with him yesterday because of you.
• 6th June 2016 Okay I’ve been in jail enough times to know the rules so you need to let my guy go before I really start to lose it. And you Olivia Flaherty take a good look at everything Robert has done recently because guess what. THAT’S LOVE! ALL OF IT WAS BECAUSE HE LOVES ME!
•14 July 2016 *Staring at Robert dreamily* What’s that officer? I was busy mooning over him calling me his boyfriend. Oh yeah. He DEFINITELY bought me a super sweet expensive watch back in February.
•16 August 2016 Babe that purse doesn’t really go with your outfit AND NEITHER WILL HANDCUFFS IF YOU GET SENT DOWN FOR HELPING YOUR BROTHER. Please don’t risk your life and our future for that. I can’t lose you.
•17 August 2016 Fiiiiiiiiine……..I’ll help you take down Lachlan and the Whites (even though I dont really think it’s a good idea) but we have to be super careful or someone (namely us) could get hurt.
•31 August 2016 Lachlan: I’m gonna kill you. Aaron: Human shield activate. Robert: That was hot as hell! He is so getting laid tonight.
•17 October 2016 Hey there Lachlan! Let me show you what happens when vile little cretins such as yourself threaten my love and my life. First, you get your head shoved in this conveniently placed barrel of water. Then thrown in the boot of my car.
•08 November 2016 Diane, Robert was just trying to help Andy and do what he thought was best for your family. *mumbles under breath* Not that any of you would ever notice or appreciate the way he bends over backwards for you anyways.
• 11th November 2016 Here love. Let me rub your back and console you while you mourn your mother. Sorry your siblings couldn’t make it.
•1st December 2016 THE HE’S MINE BACK OFF LADY DEATH STARE!!! If looks could kill Rebecca would be long gone and this storyline would never have happened. (I’m counting it! Fight me!)
•5th January 2017 I’m sorry Chrissie, remind me again how it’s Robert’s fault Lachlan shot your dad? Pretty sure he picked that gun up all on his own. So stop ruining my birthday! 
•20th January 2017 Robert you really are a total flaming idiot if you don’t take this opportunity to run a mile because I’m not good for you. 
•21st February 2017 Robert Jacob Sugden you are amazing! You did everything in your power to give me the wedding of my dreams and more importantly than that you chose the pub where I was dared you to stand up and proudly announce to everyone who and what you are. 
•21st February 2017 Whoa there Diane how about we get you a drink and avoid talking about Jack. (Because he totally didn’t deserve someone as incredible as Robert. He should have loved him unconditionally and if he was here today I’d probably knock him on his ass for messing with this beautiful man’s head.) Although, babe you really should think about talking to Vic and Diane about it. It might help you to move on.
•6th April 2017 OMG babe! I’m so sorry I accidentally punched you’re perfect beautiful face. (This time I really didn’t mean it.) Here let me caress it softly and make it all better. There there now.
•12th April 2017 Listen Robert we both know you didn’t get that tummy by running on the regular. Save yourself and go home before you keel over and die. I’ll be fine. (Okay so it’s a stretch but I feel a tummy mention is just expected of me at this point.)


#LouderTogether - Version 1: Directed by Brittany Snow.

find them, fool them, forget them

ao3 link

robert comes face to face with the mistakes he’s made in the past when rebecca is pushed to her breaking point.

thank you to @sapphicsugden for convincing me to post this and generally being the best!

Of course it was fire.

It was always fire with him, wasn’t it? He was tied to a kitchen chair in Home Farm, Rebecca irate and pointing a lighter at him, threatening to set the kitchen alight, the surfaces apparently drenched in petrol.

Robert barely bit back a comment about how she wasn’t even creative enough to come up with her how method of scaring the shit out of him, copying the same thing Chrissie had done to him years previous.

Sarcasm, he decided, would probably make his position even more precarious. He’d only come to Home Farm because she’d left him about a thousand text messages, wanting to make it clear that she needed to leave him and Aaron alone.

After everything she’d done, she needed to just leave them be.

He’d only made it in the front door when she’d clocked him across the back of the head with a heavy decorative clock. Robert remembered feeling shocked before he’d collapsed to the floor, out for the count.

He wasn’t sure how long it had been since he’d woken up, but his head was banging and there was blood all over his shirt, staining the light blue material a bright red. He hoped it wasn’t too serious, hoped it was just a graze.

Maybe he was concussed, the world a bit fuzzy as he squinted at her, trying to work out how exactly Rebecca had gone from being pissed off with him, to entirely unhinged.

“Bex -“

“Shut up!” Rebecca turned on him, a wild look in her eyes as she shouted. “I need to think, Robert, shut up.”

“It doesn’t have to be like this.” Robert didn’t want to shut up, didn’t want to leave this all to chance. “Rebecca, you can just let me go - I’ll walk away and no one has to know, yeah?”

“It’s too late for that.” Rebecca shook her head, tears welling up in her eyes as she spoke. “It’s too late for that now. I’ve got - I’ve got to do something, I’ve got to.”

Robert swallowed nervously. “Is hurting me going to make you feel better?” he asked quietly, wondering if this was finally karma coming back to bite him. He’d never been a particularly good person, he’d caused Rebecca, and countless other people so much pain, so much heartache - Chrissie, Aaron, Katie.

Maybe this was karma. This was the universe finally saying enough was enough, and it’s your turn to be the one getting hurt, Robert Sugden.

“I loved you.” Rebecca said tearfully, slumping into another of the kitchen chairs. “Robert, I loved you so much, and I would have given you anything. Why did you chose Chrissie? Why couldn’t you have just loved me? We’d have been happy together, we would have.”

Robert didn’t know what to say, how to answer. The truth would only make her worse, wouldn’t it? He’d only ever been attracted to the fun, adventurous side of Rebecca, the side of her that was prone to sneaky hotel getaways and secret hookups in nightclub bathrooms, distracting each other from the monotony of life with the Whites.

It had never been serious, not for him. Robert knew he should have stopped it when he realised Rebecca was starting to have feelings for him, but he was selfish, and he enjoyed the thrill of it all too much to give a second thought to her feelings.

To give a second thought to how it might all come back to bite him.

Robert felt the press of his wedding ring against his skin, on the verge of tears himself as he thought about Aaron. Aaron, his husband, the love of his life, the man who’d forgiven him it all.

Forgiven him more than he ever deserved to be forgiven.

If he didn’t get out of this, if Rebecca lost it entirely, and he never saw Aaron again, well - Robert didn’t want to think about it. He didn’t want to think about what it would do to Aaron, or Vic, or Liv, didn’t want to think about how his life could be ripped away from him before he even got much of a chance to enjoy it.

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I can definitely see why people didn’t like the episode but I didn’t mind it really. There’s no way Aaron is going to listen to Rebecca, didn’t he have a similar conversation with Chrissie once? He’s going to prove that family wrong again and again. It was never going to be easy for Aaron to get through this and Robert has a LOT of making up to do and I’m glad it’s not easy for him atm (much as I love him). I can’t see them wanting us to think that Aaron should leave him anyway. I think it’s to show how Aaron’s feeling at the moment and the insecurities he’s desperately trying to ignore and overcome. Rebecca’s projecting too, she still doesn’t understand what the two of them have together.

I think Maxine’s episodes have still saved them for me, underneath this lesser storytelling we have the narrative she’s made for us: both of them desperately trying to stay together because they love each other so much.

I still hate that they made Robert cheat in the first place though. I think it was a bit arrogant tbh, expecting people to swallow it with the promise of happier times at the end. The journey is important too, as I see so many people saying. Anyway, I do think Aaron will try to come to terms with everything and they’ll get through it together.

Summary: After being cheated on by the arguable love of his life, Mark turned to you for support but, soon support wasn’t all that you were giving him.
Member: Mark

Originally posted by j-miki

Mark stomped away from Chrissy, who was chasing after him. He couldn’t believe what he saw and yet everything he saw seemed to, at the same time, be expected from her. When she caught up with him she grabbed his arm and pulled.

“Mark please hear me out!” she cried. Her face was wet and her hair stuck to her face. But Mark didn’t know if that was from screwing around or her running to him and he wasn’t sure he wanted to know either. 

“Chris, I mean it leave me alone.” you replied through gritted teeth. Chrissy sobbed as Mark walked through his house, unaware she was still following. Once they were both inside however, she made a noise and Mark jerked to a stop and turned. “What the hell did I say?”

“Mark, I swear I didn’t cheat on you! Why would you think that?”

“You think I want to?” he stepped closer. “You think I want to believe that my girlfriend is sleeping around?” Mark’s mouth trembled as he tried to keep himself calm but it wasn’t working. “I-I loved you. I have been nothing but good to you and this is how you repay me? You-you go sleeping around with some jackass?”

“Mark please believe me. I was working out that’s why I’m all sweaty and the boxers on the ground are yours I bought them for you three months ago, but you never wore them so I used them.”

Mark watched Chrissy as she sobbed, an overwhelming feeling of regret tugging at him. He was about to reach out towards her when his phone chimed. He looked from his pocket to her but chose the phone. When he opened it there was a message from an unknown number with a picture of Chrissy kissing some guy. Mark gripped his phone and threw it into a mirror left of him. Chrissy shrieked and ducked. 

Mark pointed to the door, “Get out.”


“Get out!” he said louder and this time she listened. Mark breathed out, composed himself, and walked to the backyard where his family and were all around the table with balloons and a cake. Behind them there was a banner that read, ‘Happy Birthday, Mark’ and BBQ in the center of the table. But the one thing Mark couldn’t forget was the look on all their faces after hearing the fight. 

Mark walked slowly to Y/N apartment with his hands in his pockets. He stepped his feet on the mat in front of the door and eyed the number ‘93′ on her door. He traced it a couple times thinking of how shitty of a birthday he had. Yet somehow, he made it through the party without a hitch. After the fifth trace, he knocked on the door and waited. You opened it after a couple moments in a light green night gown and a piece of toast in your mouth.

“Mark? Oh, my God!” you threw the piece of toast onto the coffee table and opened your arms for a hug, “Hey Happy Birthday, what are you doing here?” you asked waiting for a hug that never came. “Mark?” you questioned.

Mark removed his hands from his pockets, stepped in, closed the door, and kissed you. Just like he always did, he got rid of his problems through you. He roamed his hands down your back until they were squeezing your butt and lifting you up so your legs could wrap around his waist. You weren’t knew to this, anytime Mark was hurt he used you, and you couldn’t say you were all that upset about it. 

Still you had to ask, “Mark, what’s wrong?”

Mark breathed and shook his head before kissing you again. He didn’t want to talk and you weren’t going to make him so, for yet another night you let him have all of you, no questions asked.


Ive looked through Greg’s patreon a few times and here’s some things I found interesting.

He’s charging $5 for all his music. I remember a while back he had all his music for free on his website. Not sure when that changed.

If you want Greg to follow you it’s $100. Lainey is charging $95 less for that.

For $250 he’ll act at your script. This is evil genius shit. More money and less work for him. Why doesn’t he just do those many tv and movie offers he claims to have?

I won’t even bother with the rest of his weird offers on there.

Meanwhile, Bria and Chrissy (Who I love!) have a patreon. They’re only charging $5 for a personal thank you video. $1 for all their music. $10 for a personal video AND theyll send a postcard. As the costs go up they will Skype you or do a song of your choice. At the max level ($300 which is lower than Greg’s max of $1000) you can get lunch with them.

And honestly, they deserve the money way more.

Hands up if you have the VERY original closer faster

(And honestly still listen to it & consider it to be a different song even though it’s almost identical to the re-release)

beautifulhigh  asked:

Off the back of that anon's question... when did Aaron fall in love with Robert? Like proper, totally in love, not like he'd felt for Jackson (and Ed?), but something more and bigger. "I've never had this with anyone" kind of love. When did that happen?

Ahh Jen why are you doing this to me!! So many feelings! My beautiful, sweet Aaron!

OK, so a big moment in my head is their first hotel stay, when Aaron wakes up and he’s got Robert’s arm around him – the first time he’s had Robert truly to himself, without the panic of getting caught and without the discomfort of hay bales sticking into his back – and it’s like he has this moment where he pictures what it would be like to have Robert all to himself, and he wants it. He wants it so much. The way he looks at Robert when they kiss as well the next morning – have you ever seen something so beautiful? For me, he is clearly smitten at this point.

It’s also key that it comes just after Robert’s ‘You’ll make me think I fell for a quitter,’ line. I can’t work out Robert’s motivations behind that line, I’ll be honest, but when Aaron hears it he’s physically shook. It’s like, up until that point, he hadn’t even considered it as an option, and then all of a sudden it’s entered his psyche and that’s what plants the seed, leading to old heart eyes teddy bear Dingle in the hotel room.

The second hotel room was another big moment – and I think when Aaron realised he was struggling to share Robert any longer. His talk with Paddy the next day confirms that, and that he was in love with him at that point, and already it’s a different kind of love to what he’s ever known (see below).

Home Farm week was important too – Aaron getting a taste for what a real relationship with Robert would be like, and Aaron loving it so much he never wanted it to end. I mean, I’m not sure what Aaron was expecting to happen afterwards, but when Robert announced that Chrissie was coming home, he’s completely devastated. He fell hard during that week, and I’m not convinced he’d ever enjoyed domesticity quite like it before, even if he had lived with Ed in France.

BUT you ask when he felt the ‘never had it with anyone’ before kind of love? Well…

What he feels for Robert is completely different to what he felt for Jackson or Ed, in my opinion, so arguably as soon as he’d fallen for Robert, it was automatically different; automatically something he’d never had before. Why do I think that? Jackson and Ed were safe. He fancied them – clearly – and there was a spark. But in many ways, Aaron was totally in control. He decided to pursue the relationships, and the feelings developed from there. Love arose from attachment, in some ways. The narrative with Jackson is a little skewed because it runs alongside Aaron coming to terms with his sexuality – which he was clearly not in control of – but I think Aaron felt with both of those relationships that he was at least able to make the decision to be with Jackson/Ed, and there was never the same level of uncertainty that he faced with Robert.

With Robert, he accepted there was no future (hahahahahaha bless them!) and that it was what it was, and yet his feelings developed regardless; despite himself. There was no attachment (or there shouldn’t have been) but still his heart longed for Robert. His heart didn’t do as it was told, with Robert; in contrast, with Jackson and Ed, his heart was just doing what was expected in that situation.

AND, to add to that, I think that in actual fact it was sometimes the time apart from Robert, where Aaron really realised how much he really loved him, and how deeply. He got over Jackson and Ed with time. Time cured him of those feelings. BUT – he could not get over Robert. Despite everything – despite what he knew Robert had done; what he was capable of – he couldn’t stop. However much time passed, and however much distance he tried to keep, and however many times he may have tried – he NEVER STOPPED loving Robert (we know that – it’s canon). He couldn’t. And that’s a kind of love Aaron had never had before.

Also – as an aside – with the whole shooting/Aaron wishing Robert was dead scenario – I was talking to @stolemyhheart about this only today – I think the real reason he wanted Robert dead wasn’t because he didn’t love him. It was because he knew that was the only way he could move on from him; the only way he could stop loving Robert, was if he was dead. (And, I doubt that would have stopped it tbh, Aaron – Robron’s love transcends human nature and mortality, I’m sure of it)

So, yeah. He loved him early on, and he never stopped, and it was only when they weren’t together that he realised he’d never had a love that overpowering, and he never will again!

Facts that lend themselves to the theory that Rebecca is either currently faking/has faked a pregnancy in the past, or is trying to trap Robert to her with a pregnancy.

Rebecca is into casual sex (I’m not judging her for it. It’s not for me, but there’s nothing wrong with men or women who do enjoy it, as long as their safe. *Cough* looking at you ED *Cough*). Proven by her sleeping with Ross in the pub toilets before they were dating , after he decided to join her for drinks when Chrissie stood her up. She barely knew anything about him at this point & had flirted with him a couple of times. It’s not the first time she’s done something like this, she wasn’t ashamed (most people likely would the first time being caught) when caught by Chrissie, just embarrassed.

Rebecca has slept with a lot of men. Chrissie stated as much that she couldn’t be without one, when she accused her of sleeping her way to top & being looked after. Rebecca did not deny it, even accused Chrissie of being jealous of that fact, Chrissie retorting she was proud to be able to be by herself & to look after herself.

It doesn’t seem like Rebecca has had more than one abortion, she claims to Robert how hard it was. So if she has had multiple pregnancies in the past, it would stand to reason that she would carry at least one of those to term, finding it too difficult to abort over & over.

It can’t be the first time, with so many partners, that Rebecca has slept with someone without protection, or some kind of problem with protection that was used. So she’s obviously been vigilant with the morning after pill in all those cases.
So why is Robert the only man who’s ever knocked her up…twice.

She suspiciously decided to take the test with Robert’s sister as witness. Victoria is not a friend, they’ve had casual chats only.

She states she’s no longer interested in Robert at all, but acts all devastated at his rejection of her & alleged child.
If she truly no longer held an interest & found him so reprehensible, she wouldn’t be so bothered by his comments.
She’s rich & could easily raise a baby without his support. You’d think she would be happy to see the back of him.

If she was so traumatised by her alleged previous abortion, why did she come to the village on his request & hasn’t done much else but chase him & insert herself into his life & with his loved ones as much as possible.

If there was a previous pregnancy.
Rebecca could have thought a pregnancy while he was with Chrissie would make him choose her, but when he dissuaded that notion she chose to abort her child. He didn’t force her, she had the means to raise a baby without him.
I think she chose to abort the child so she could keep Robert. If she told of the paternity, or kept it secret & had the baby, she then ran the risk if Robert never touching her again.

If there is an actual pregnancy now.
Rebecca may think Robert would support a pregnancy now. She knows what he was like in the past, she’s no wearing rose tinted glasses, she stated to Chrissie as much that she’s always known how he is.
But now she’s seen him be different to the Robert she knew. She’s seen how he’s been with Liv, so very dad like & may have incorrectly assumed that Robert would no reject the option of becoming a father.

If there is no scheming at all on her part in any way at all in the end, then it’s just bad writing with all the inconsistencies.
You would have more of an excuse to have inconsistencies with characters who have been there for a long time, they’ve had so much story over the years that people forget certain dialogue/scenes that contradict new things you write for them.
There would be no such excuse for a character like Rebecca who’s only been here for 7 months & barely had any mentions to her off screen activities prior to her arrival.

I'm Not Mad, I Swear!

Chris Motionless X Reader, fluffy!

This story was requested by @Lexyscissorhands! I changed it to a Reader POV, I hope you guys enjoy! P.S. This is a story I’ve posted on my account on in the past, so it’s mine and NOT plagiarized!!)

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anonymous asked:

Wanted to know if it's ok for me to ask why you like Chrissie? Everyone (including myself) detest her when she's on the show. Just curious.

Hi Anon! 

Of course it’s okay to ask! I mean. You’re giving me a chance to gush about one of my faves. That’s never a bad thing.

I think a big factor was that the first few people I followed in fandom really liked her, and that colored my perception of her in some ways. But I actually liked her even before officially joining the fandom.

My nerdiest answer, the answer of someone who spends way too much time on TVTropes, would be that I am incredibly fascinated by negative character development. It’s not something you see often in media and I think it’s incredibly interesting from a writer’s perspective. I also find her current positive character development more fulfilling since we had that downwards spiral not too long ago.

From a human and viewer perspective, I just really love her. From the beginning she jumped out at me as someone who would do anything it takes for the people she cares about. She’s fierce and protective and blindingly loving. I mean. This is a woman who was deeply hurt by every single person she loved. Robert broke her. Her dad lied to her for years. She tried everything to protect her son (whether she was right or not in doing so is another issue) and he threw it back in her face. She had to go through Robert II: The Vengeance of The Sugden Brothers with Andy. Her own sister betrayed her. And sure, she lost it there for a hot minute. Who wouldn’t? But she rebuilt. She’s still rebuilding. She’s growing. She realized that her current situation wasn’t right for her and she’s trying something different. As a viewer I find it interesting. As a person I love her and I want to marry her.

anonymous asked:

I have been watching Robron affair era. I had forgotten that Robert was so hung up on Chrissie and so mean to Aaron. I just watched the episodes when Chrissie kicked Rob out after finding about the robbery. Rob was so close to crying and tried to do eveything to get Chrissie back. Do you think that he would have ever left Chrissie if Aaron hadn't revealed their relationship? Why, why not? Do you think he will go to similar lengths to keep Aaron or will he give up more easily?

What a coincidence, I just rewatched that bit, too. So here is what I think:

No, I don’t think Robert would have left Chrissie on his own. I think he loved her (differently, yes, but he did) and he was comfortable. He led the life he always believed he wanted and he knew how to do it. He was good and felt good playing that part. But I also believe him and Aaron would have always found their way back to each other, one way or another. They wouldn’t be able to stay away. So sooner or later it would have come out anyway.

I don’t know how much you watched, but did you see the bit after all this? The SL with Cain and the blackmail? Because what struck me there was that Robert hardly seemed bothered by seeing the pictures of his wife kissing another man. He was pissed maybe, yeah, but he wasn’t hurt or heartbroken about it. That was surprising to me, but then again it wasn’t, because what he cared about was if Cain was a threat to him and to his life, not really to his relationship.

And what do we see now? We see a Robert whose number one priority is Aaron. I know some people disagree but that is what I see. So, no, I do not think he will go to similar lengths to keep Aaron, I think he will go to even more lengths. I think he will never give up on Aaron. I don’t think he can even if he wanted to. Robert was ready to DIE for and with Aaron, he would have not left him in that car. Robert would do anything for Aaron. Sure, he is still selfish, and he is still an idiot, and he still makes massive mistakes and doesn’t think before he speaks or acts. But the level of love and need he has for Aaron is, in my opinion, nowhere near the level he had for Chrissie. It’s probably not healthy, the way he prioritises Aaron and the length he would go through to keep him in his life, but yes, I think, it is nowhere near the level of what we have seen with him and Chrissie. Robert has another level of respect for Aaron, which can be misunderstood sometimes, I think. He values what Aaron feels and thinks and so I think if he does not grovel or beg or tries to manipulate him when all of this comes out, that is why. I do think he will, though, to some degree. I think he will do almost anything to keep Aaron.

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Yes, what you wrote about Robert and the comparison to Cain is all true, but it's all headcanon, bc we stan for Robert and we look deeper than what the show is giving us. But unlike Cain, we never see that on screen. We never see Robert having long heart to hearts like Cain or moments of insight. Yeah, he doesn't have anyone to offload to, but they could still show him talking to his dad's grave, looking at an old photo, idk, sth that would show the general audience what we see is there...

Ahhhh I certainly want more although this ain’t just headcanon. what my post was based on–it’s canon. I’d certainly love more moments where he maybe ponders a photograph or stops by his dad’s grave, but we can’t act as if similar stuff hasn’t happened tbf! Starting from his return and moving forward:

  • drops a rose at his father’s grave in his very first return scene
  • stops by tenant’s cottage (where the sugdens used to live) before having any other scenes 
  • talks with chrissie on the steps of home farm before they buy it about his insecurities regarding andy and his dad, why he’s so uncomfortable returning to emmerdale, etc–quite a great little convo
  • that horrible bar west scene where rob’s a dick to aaron–you know, that meanness overshadows something else that happened there, which is that robert tried to open to aaron about smth, that pain and jealousy he feels about not getting any say in what happens to his dad’s ring–and he’s just shut down immediately, ahhh (and he was shut down by diane before when he talked to her, vic, & andy about being upset)
  • that time robert tried to arrange a memorial to their mother & they all gathered around her grave but lawrence fucked it up, leaving andy angry
  • i mean, christmas day, robert cried to andy about how much he felt he missed out on knowing their dad & how excluded he felt
  • this gifset shows how much of a touchy subject his dad is–he instantly looks down at the mention of him! (also pretty much check out all of @robertsvictorias gifsets tbh)
  • before home farm week with robron, the whole reason aaron even accepts rob back? not because of the “i love you”… but because vic says that deep down, she believes robert is good. that’s what sold it him–that vic believes robert is good to his inner circle, and it’s the truth. it’s canon.
  • crying to aaron about how much he loves him, how he’s the worst mistake, how he has to protect his secret bc it would kill andy if he knew
  • crying to andy about how he didn’t mean to kill katie, how awful he feels
  • the max king road parallel–the way robert breaks down like, “you killed mum!” showing he’s harboring all this pain from his childhood to this day, like?? he ain’t getting over shit, man, this dude feels shit deeply and holds on tight. it’s sooooooo canon.

it’s sort of a consistent theme that robert cares deeply but the people around him don’t notice/care/whatever else. this goes way back to before Ryan Hawley’s Robert Sugden–most memorable for me the brief return he had for his father’s funeral where he just hung around in the background and refused to speak to anyone, but he had to be there for his dad–and vic complains that robert is so rude not to show up, but she’s wrong… you know… they just get it wrong but the audience knows the truth.

i dont understand???? why everyone wants to be with rbert????? why did chrissie and rebecca fight over this dude????? why did aaron fall in love with this dude?????? like he has the ugliest personality i’ve ever seen and he’s so bland looking with the worst sense of style ive ever seen in a man you can’t even blame it on ridiculously good looks or whatever???? it’s just not realistic no one would look twice at this dude in real life?????

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I loved the layby scene. Do you think when Aaron was trying to push Robert in to the van he was intending on having sex with him.

Oh god yes. Absolutely…I mean…okay probably not full sex but definitely some hand/mouth action. Also I fully believe two things;

1) Robert drove home with a boner and that’s why he mounted Chrissie soon as he got in.

2) Aaron found somewhere to rub one out as soon as Robert left.

That’s just facts 😉