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Broduce 101: Episode 8 First Half (Quick Livestream Recap)

Since I missed the first half of the livestream, here’s a quick recap off the raw. I’ll link this to the second half recap too.

  • Before elimination heartbreaks, they’d served some fanservice to numb the pain with a bit from when BoA came to visit before position evals.
  • She brought them pizza! The boys had a collective breakdown of food appreciation, and we see a brilliantly photoshopped press picture of BoA holding up pizzas like an angel, like Kim Youjin clearly imagines.
  • Jung Jung, at the brink of tears: WHY IS IT SO DELICIOUS
  • They’re just happy to be around her, which is fully understandable. She does a little happy dance as they chant for her, and mingles with the trainees (there’s a nice shot of the Amazing Kiss group talking to her) before leaving them to their food.
  • Sidenote: the cameras always catch Noh Taehyun in the background, and he’s always unintentionally pulling the ugliest faces possible, unaware he’s in the shot.
  • Cube Chick Yoo Seonho is by far the happiest, putting away as much pizza as he could to compensate for only getting three meals a day at dorms. He’s obviously at that age where you eat everything in sight, it reminds me of my brother.
  • Cut to eliminations day and shots of tears. Okay, the warm and fuzzies have disappeared.
  • The trainees all do their entrance into the Ceremony Hall of Crowned Chairs.
  • Kim Donghan did a move from Shape of You, then a heart and wink combo.
  • Starship boys did something weird, ofc
  • Brand New trainees did the point choreo from Twice’s comeback song, Signal. Cute. 
  • My man Ong-ssi transitioned from a very stiff and formal bow to his high note meme face from Get Ugly
  • FNC Yoo Hwiseung did his lip-swipe
  • Cube chicks, whose backstage hwaiting needed to be redone three times for them to be in sync, did the Shugo Chara frame.
  • Pledis’ Nu’est boys did hearts and more Twice references.
  • Hashtag that Twice relevancy
  • Bae Jinyoung did the ear flapping move too
  • So did Maroo Park Jihoon. I suddenly miss Kwon Hyeob, seeing him up there alone.
  • ONO Moonbok, who looked ridiculously pretty btw - I hope they stick to styling him like this, did something that looked like Red Velvet’s Rookie or Lovelyz’s WoW, and held up his lovely hair in two pigtails. Adorable. The trainees were KO’d
  • Star Empire Takada Kenta looks more like a puppy than ever.
  • The Yuehua kids shot hearts and Ahn Hyungseob acted like he got hit by one
  • S.How trainees used their minimal screentime references - Namhyung did his finger to the lip with elevated pinky detail that had impressed Lee Seokhoon, while Dongsu did the plucking from the air bit from the Amazing Kiss stage.
  • MMO trainees, extra as always, integrated Auntie Jisung’s clapping move with Twice’s Signal
  • Baby maknae Lee Woojin did his meme face and finger heart from the Be Mine stage. A worldwide cutie.
  • C2K Kim Seonglee did finger hearts with the Very Very Very head bobbing
  • YGK+ Kwon Hyunbin tried a headstand before just rolling over like a cat in a blanket
  • Real Performers Ardor and Able Noh Taehyun and Ha Sungwoon did a finger point choreo before moonwalking off the stage in sync
  • RBW puppies referenced fallen trainee Dongmyung by doing his warm up flapping dance and hearts. 
  • Protect Them.
  • Tension building and then cut to concept evaluation song distributions.
  • They keep playing up the fact that Jihoon dropped ranks…are they egging the fangirls to have a flatout fight?
  • This way of arranging missions, with distributing trainees into teams and then shuffling after half of them leave is stupid and could be avoided if they split up the mission footage better. The show could fully have filler episodes between missions at this level of popularity so the vote timing and mission preparation could be allocated efficiently. 
  • Imagine working at a song and then having to start over a few days later. It’s ridiculous.
  • Songs are introduced by their producers. The viewers have been voting to match the songs to their favourite trainees for this mission. 
  • I’d said earlier that the idea was just going to incite some kind of fuckery, with fans not used to this amount of legitimate power. Sure enough, there was cheating involved so Kang Daniel, Lee Kiwon and Kim Dongbin were banned from their leaked song preferences.
  • Honestly, the cat emoji morse code was great. It’s one of my top controversies this season. 
  • First up is my personal favourite of the song concepts, I Know You Know, produced by heavyweight producer Joombas (who is famously responsible for Exo’s Growl, SHINee’s Dream Girl and also apparently worked with HOTSHOT). I’m all about the funky R&Bish vibe: not the kind of song that tops charts, but probably stays there a while. Watch this song be ignored though lol
  • Second is Oh Little Girl, a name even the producer draws quote marks around. This is the song for the hip-hop concept, and has a jazzy easy listening feel.
  • Next is Showtime, coming from a trio of newer or less popular producers. This seems catchy, but it sounds very familiar - not a song I’d remember. The choreo looks fun though, and they reference Dongmyung’s warm up! The trainees love it, cracking up as they mimic the move.
  • Fourth are another famous producer group, Devine Channel, who I believe do a lot of SM’s songs. They’ve also done a lot of very trendy title songs, including BTS’ Fire and VIXX’s The Closer. I think the English title for this song is Open? Correct me if I’m wrong. It sounds great, oddly like something I might have heard from Nu’est. I’m looking forward to this too, the choreo looks great.
  • Fifth song is from the producers that get the most hype, Hyuna’s new charity project from Cube, Triple H’s Never. Auntie Jisung decides he wants the song because Hyuna is involved, which, honestly, same. The EDM structure also feels overdone but I have a sneaking suspicion this is going to be the song that gets maximum hype since there’s no ballad.
  • Trainees get allocated their songs in envelopes and have to go to wait in separate practice spaces for the rest of their team.
  • Jaehwan doesn’t want to be in same team as Hyunbin, which I understand, considering that he’s had to carry him twice already. Like the other trainees, he wants to work with GodJonghyun. 
  • Pretty boys Bae Jinyoung, Park Jihoon and Ahn Hyungseob get sorted together. Maybe their fans have been working in sync. They also get excited puppy Gunhee, which means their vocals will be taken care of. 
  • Once the trainees all gather, their songs are revealed. Byun Hyunmin decides to rip the sticker for his room and accidentally pulls off the whole thing. 
  • Byun Hyunmin: :O
  • Noh Taehyun: Everyone, we’re not singing.
  • Hyunmin retries.
  • All the trainees: cAREFULLY 
  • The group gets Showtime, which was Samuel’s pick. He’s ecstatic.
  • Minhyun’s room has their sticker peel by Emperor Hwang to reveal Never, which pleases most of them. 
  • Park Jihoon’s room has a breakdown before Dongbin peels the sticker to show Oh Little Girl, a song I can see Sewoon do well in. The Yuehua trainees are all in this team too.
  • Moonbok has a braid in his lovely hair this segment, it looks fire emoji.
  • Hyunbin’s room has I Know You Know. Taedong, who has a lower range than the song needs, is nervous.
  • Baekho’s group gets Open, which most of the trainees are excited about. Seunglee in particular is relieved, since it was one of his picks. 
  • We go into centre struggles for the killing part.
  • Oh Little Girl has Jihoon battling Euiwoong and Minki. They all demonstrate, and vote Jihoon and Minki as their preferred centres. 
  • Euiwoong is getting worried. He’s one of the only initial popular trainees that seems to be dropping down ranks every week. Kahi gives him a much needed confidence boost at dance check in, and Don Mills praises him at vocal check in too.
  • Product placement break.
  • Open team wants a dance focus trainee as leader because of the high level choreo and elect Daniel, who now probably understands what he needs to do to lead his group after faltering last mission. 
  • But the team has so many people that they split into two halves while leaning choreo and one team falls behind since Daniel doesn’t split his attention between the two initially
  • Kahi calls them out on the distinction, with one group lagging while the first one does great. The second half, which has Park Sungwoo, who we know needs a lot of focused help, starts to catch up after the whole team gets scolded.
  • There are so many trainees in this team that won’t survive eliminations, oh god. 
  • Kim Seunglee, you deserve better.
  • Showtime group has a lot of strong singers. Woodam wants to be main vocal, and Yoo Hwiseung needs that vocal hype boost since his rank is risky too. 
  • Auntie Jisung: I want to try to do it too.
  • They start talking about the need for facial expressions and singing, Samuel wants to lowkey be centre. They need to have impact to bring the concept across, they decide.
  • Auntie Jisung: I still want to try though!
  • They ask the trainees to sing and do some face expression to pick centre and main vocal. Jisung and Samuel share centre while Woodam and Hwiseung share main vocal.
  • Coach Shin Yumi likes Hwiseung’s control over the notes better. He’s a lot more stable than Woodam, maybe because his natural tone is stronger?
  • Yoo Hwiseung gets some screentime for the first time.
  • Far out, Mnet. You really annoy me.
  • Never team has Ha Sungwoon being worried about being in a team with high ranking trainees, most of who want to be centre. 
  • They all battle with facial expressions but the trainees vote for Guanlin and Minhyun as centre.
  • At dance check in with Dabbing Ajusshi Kwon Jaesung, however, Sungwoon is the first one to volunteer to dance. 
  • He gets some well deserved praise for it, which honestly, the kid needs. Being in a group of trainees that are all popular is awful enough, but he’s a true all rounder. Without enough screentime or helpful editing, he’s been fading despite being good looking and a consistent performer. 
  • More product placement.
  • I Know You Know team has the underdog feel straight up, with the lower ranking trainees. I called the song as not being the kind to be popular.
  • Appealing time for the centre spot. RBW Hwanwoong stands out. Ah, my heart. Donghan and Hwanwoong get centre.
  • Dance check in with Kahi has her appreciating their hard work. Hyunbin’s dancing seems to have improved, I guess being cyber bullied has that effect on you. She also thinks Hwanwoong is a good centre choice, which is some well deserved praise. 
  • Tears and mournful instrumentals are abound as the low ranking trainees recount their experience before for upcoming eliminations. We get flashbacks for some of them, which should prepare you for what’s coming.
  • We all know where this is heading. The rest of the recap can be found here.

to celebrate my lit 40 followers (love you guys but why do you follow me I’m a mess) I made whatever monstrosity this is, enjoy it however you wish
((I don’t have my laptop with me so I couldn’t like actually photoshop but I think the shit quality edit adds to the overall pleasure of the image))


Finally. A reason to live again.

This girl, this beautiful girl, with eyes the size of the ocean
This man, this dutiful man, has got these mixed up emotions [x]

Stop staring at me with them big ol’ eyes


Hey folks, Paul here for (a late) Tutor Tuesday! A few things to note:

  • A friend was over watching me make this… she and I joked that when I fill in for Meg, I should call it SUBSTI-TUESDAY. I like it!

  • The example image features my cat Calvin. If you’re wondering why the orb doesn’t have a reflection, clearly, it’s a ghost.

  • If you have any questions about Photoshop’s interface, feel free to send a message! That said, be sure to value artistic principles over software specifics–the software could change next week, but the principles are timeless.


Okay but why did Harry have to look at the picture of him and Louis to say it was photoshopped? Like my dude I thought ya were just friends? And why did he look mad shaky? Ain’t ya just friends? Also, why that lady seem disgusted by my Tiny Son and my Alien Son kissing? I mean we know the answer to that but let’s put that seemingly homophobic woman on the spot.


My witchy iOS apps.

Wow! I’ve never gotten more than MAYBE 15 notes in my many years on tumblr. Thanks, witch fam!

UPDATED*** Here are some app links for @valicorne​ and others who requested. They should all be free. Some of these are also in the Android Marketplace, and for those that aren’t, there are comparable ones.

And my mom has a baller sigil making app on Android I envy: Sigil Automatron. Anyone know of a comparable one for iOS? (I don’t want just a paint or photoshop-like app, but one specific
To making sigils)

Not all the full names show in the screenshotted app view, which is why some of you struggled to find them. Sorry!):

1. Tarot Card Memorizer: Pretty self explantaory. This is a nice reference when you’re trying to learn card meanings.

2. Pendulum Charts Free - a plethora of charts. I like using that on my iPad, not super useful on a smaller screen, aka my iPhone. Can also use to reference for making your own charts on paper, or woodburning like I’m working on.

3. Golden Thread Tarot - Really nice free eversion of great physical deck. Nice for witches on the go, or witches on a budget.

4. Crystals And Gems - Handy reference guide for both physical and metaphysical attributes.

5. Mighty Timer - temperature, time, and amount of tea you need for the perfect cup. Great kitchen witch app, especially if you grow some of your own herbs for tea, like I do.

6. TimePassages - Free daily horoscopes, meanings, planetary bodies glossary and then some paid options for chart downloads.

7. Herbs Guide - Herbs for health and cooking. ***never take any information found on the Internet or via apps as medical advice. Seek professional medical help if you have an issues. This witch is very pro-science and modern medicine, despite making teas, tinctures, and herbal salves. Those are merely supplements to help relieve symptoms.

8. Dreamboard - my favorite digital dream journal

9. Runes - pocket advisor - Get one, two and three rune readings. Also helps you learn the meanings of elder futhark runes.
10. SkyView Free -This overlays constellations and other astronomical information when you open the app and point it at the night sky. Uses your camera and GPS to know what it’s looking at. Works inside, too. I impress the heck out of people when I whip this out at stargazing events.

11. Best Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Guide Pro - This app, containing six broad sections - guides, application, single oil, oil blends, aromatherapy and weight loss. Again, this is not to be used in place of proper nutrition and medical attention, and be very careful when using essential oils. All need to be diluted with carrier oils, and some are dangerous if you’re pregnant, etc.

12. Spellcaster - tarot cards, horoscope and pre-written spells. Not my favorite, but fun to flip through.

13. Celeste -LOOOVE. Celeste allows you to calculate a natal chart, which you can view on a zodiac wheel. You also get a description of all the planets in signs, not just the sun sign.

14. Star Chart - This is similar to skyview. I haven’t played with it too much so I can’t vouch for it quite yet. I think I prefer the skyview interface.

15. Free Candle - Different candle options, and you cna blow them out. Great for on the go candle magick/meditation, and for those who aren’t allowed to use candles in apartments/dorms/etc.

16. The Pocket Pagan - “This unique Pagan app includes a map of the USA and Canada filled with Pagan, occult and New Age stores, a handy correspondence guide for quick magickal look-ups, and a calendar that shows you the next full moon and Sabbat dates. Quick links can help you find the latest news, blogs and videos too. One little widget shows the real-time moon phase too.”

17. Moon - current moon phase - Love this. Very simple interface for when you JUST want basic full, new, waxing, waning moon info.

18. Herbs in Magick - The application contains information about more than 200 herbs and their magickal use. No internet connection


Cassian had been born for this.
These fields, this chaos and brutality and calculation.
Three soldiers were brave or stupid enough to try to charge him. Cassian had them down and dying with four maneuvers.

“Holy Mother,” I breathed.

That was who had been training me. Why Fae trembled at his name. Why the high-born Illyrian warriors had been jealous enough to want him dead.