this is why i like happy concepts for infinite

“a very very very happy birthday to the boy of infinite possibilities!” 

((this doesnt really look like minghao but if you squint maybe it work. why did he have so many bandaid? its either because he fell down from heaven or mingyu accidentally pushed him off a stair. by the title, you can see that i took (너무너무너무) concept because i love that song and i love minghao 💖💖💖))
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Oh the mute one was amazing. Can you do a blind sole. Dogmeat would so be an awesome seeing eye dog

Aw thank you! I really never thought about a disabled Sole until you guys started sending me anon prompts. Now I can’t STOP thinking about how interesting that would be. It’s all you guys so give yourselves a pat on the back.

Cait: Here was this crazy bastard - they walked into the arena filled with raiders, announced their presence, then proceeded to barely miss all the bullets by a hair and smacked people who got too close with their cane. After they somehow miraculously ended up killing all the raiders, they swaggered up to the cage and immediately face-planted on the first step. That’s when Cait learned that Sole was blind. That crazy blind bastard.

Codsworth: “Mum/Sir, by the way you were acting, one would almost believe you were ho ho, blind! Oh… oh um…. that’s exactly what happened wasn’t it?” Their eyesight was fine before the war! Sole felt around in the new unfamiliar dark world explaining how even though everyone else in Vault 111 died due to life-support failure, their chamber had a cracked tubing. Now they couldn’t see. Codsworth patiently let them grab onto his arms as he guided them around and patiently helped them gain their bearings.

Curie: “Hello yoo-hoo! In here! Do you see zat door over zere? If you open it I can help you with ze molerats.” From what Sole could tell, it sounded like a young French woman. They felt around for a while until they found the keypad and it swung open. As the voice got closer, Sole reached out to touch the damsel and jolted when they felt cool metal instead of warm flesh. “Oh how peculiar! I have never once met a human without sights since before ze war. How exciting! Here, I will be your personal guide throughout ze Commonwealth!”

Danse: Feral Ghouls were assaulting the Cambridge Police Station and in comes this civilian, waltzing about in a very odd fashion, swinging their sword chaotically as they also used it to feel for bodies in front of them. After the fighting was over, they almost didn’t seem to register his presence as he approached them, but when he saw their cloudy eyes he understood. No way. No way this person could be a soldier. This is a liability! In his initial prejudice, he discounted Sole’s other superior senses, which ended up saving him as they heard synths entering into Art Jet Systems long before he ever say one.

Deacon: The second he saw their glazed look as they entered the Railroad, he almost felt pity for them. Still this would be fun, hanging around, poking fun, making silly faces seeing as they had no sight. OH! And he could get them matching glasses. That would be cool. His initial meeting with Sole shattered all of that. It was like this person, with no sight, could see past his cover of lies and deceit and it scared him a little.

Dogmeat: Best. Service. Dog. Ever. Always scoped out a place before Sole entered, making sure to growl every time there was an enemy. He bumped Sole’s side before they ran into things and most of all, provided them with the love and comfort that truly made him Sole’s best friend.

Hancock: “Well I’ll be damned. We got another one who just doesn’t fit in.” Sole didn’t understand why he was acting like this city was so dejected. He seemed normal to them. “Let me show you something that makes most humans scream.” Hancock rose their hands to his face and Sole’s hands drifted over every groove and pocket in awe. Even though he was trying to scare them a bit, their fascination with him was kind of endearing.

MacCready: Gave them 2 days tops. No way. No way a blind person could make it out here. How wrong he was! Sole seemed so innocent using their disability to their advantage to bump against people while picking their pockets, or “accidentally” stumbling into houses they didn’t own to poke about. They were a genius! HE was learning new things. MacCready was so in love with their ingenuity that he decided that boss was going to be his favorite companion he ever had.

Nick Valentine: “Well since you didn’t see the man who took your baby’s face, it is going to make this a whole lot harder. Would you be able to recognize them by voice?” Sole shrugged. Nick internally sighed, mentally calculating the improbability of this case. It might run cold, but it wasn’t in his nature to give up on someone in need; especially one who saved his life. Nick had collected random samples of sound files around the Commonwealth and completely by chance, Kellogg’s voice had to be on one of them. Sole immediately picked it out. Well well well, maybe he could use another detective with such a fine-tuned ability.

Piper: She smiled deviously. She was going to go with the whole trader needs entrance but once she found out about Sole’s condition, she decided that poor civilian in dire need of medical attention would be more interesting. Sole seemed kind of offended but went along with it anyway. She graciously thanked them once they were let in and guided Sole back to Diamond City. Hey, this was actually kind of fun! All of a sudden she felt the good Samaritan in her feel a pulling need to be this person’s eyes. I mean, who else was gonna do it?

Preston: “No problem. If you need any help General, I will be more than happy to offer my assistance. Preston had infinite amounts of patience for Sole. He made sure that no one (like Marcy Long) got away with saying rude comments about them as he gently guided them around. He showed Sole every inch of every location. Had them feel and touch so that they could memorize a place by the feel. Obstacles were moved out of the way long before they got there and he always made sure he was right at their side in case they tripped.

Strong: “WHY HUMAN MOVE SO SLOW?” He didn’t understand the concept of blindness but decided it would be easier to just pick Sole up and let them ride on his back as they traveled about.

X6-88: He was displeased. But he was told to guide them to reclaim a synth so that’s what he would do, even if it meant having to watch their safety as well. It annoyed him but he did it anyway. It made him extremely uncomfortable when they reached up to feel his face and smiled, telling him he seemed “strong and serious.” He knew they needed to feel to see but… He couldn’t shake the feeling that uncomfortable wasn’t the right word every time Sole closed the distance between them and gently caressed his face.


Maxson: He eagerly awaited Danse’s sponsor on the command deck. He was disappointed when this blind person came walking up to him, white cane feeling about until they stopped at his feet. Nevertheless, they were a soldier and a member of the Brotherhood, so he would treat them with the respect they deserved. He did however have to explain that tracing his facial scar with their fingers was inappropriate. Sole of course argued, noting how they saw in different ways than regular people. Sol was the only person Maxson ever made an exception for.

Glory: She felt pity for Sole, wondering how hard their journey must have been with all the dangers out there. Something about them just ignited this sisterly instinct in Glory as she felt it her personal responsibility to watch over them. When Carrington was giving them flack about being careless with their “condition,” Glory flicked him on the head. When Tinker Tom screamed, thinking they had been taken over by aliens, Glory punched him square in the nose. No body was going to mess with Sole. Not on her watch.

Father: “Mother/Father… it’s me. It’s Shaun.” Sole turned towards his voice, tears welling up in their milky eyes as they approached him with hands out. Father instantly knew what that meant. After all this time, all this waiting, his own mother/father couldn’t even look upon their own son’s face. As Sole traced the wrinkles and white hair of his face, they gently wiped away the tears that were threatening to fall from his eyes. Just like a parent should.


When Baek Ah literally drags So straight from his brooding session (which he spent thinking about Hae Soo’s smiles and about the way her body touched his while he was holding her tightly on his horse! My mind might be in a gutter, but that particular memory was DEFINITELY NOT COINCIDENTAL!) it’s Hae Soo who he first looks at - searchingly, tentatively, so utterly unsure of himself - and she is there, looking back at him and giving him her brightest smile. And it means the world to him - all the uncertainty is gone, replaced by shy smile full of excitement and hope, that she could one day reciprocate his feelings. It’s so important because it follows right after So started to process what he feels for her, sorting out his feelings and starting to accept them for what they really are, only to shake his head in the end in denial as if telling himself to wake up from it - that it’s simply useless, as if she could ever love someone like him. Yet he is here, with her, having a private communication no one knows about, apart from them!

“I wasn’t able to prepare anything. Tell me if there’s anything you want.”

HE HAS SUCH INFINITE CAPACITY FOR LOVE! Despite everything, Wang So still loves all his siblings (well, maybe not Yo) and genuinely wants to make Eun happy. Why do I have this heartbreaking feeling that he never got any birthday present in the last 15 years nor have anyone who would celebrate it with him?! It’s not like he forgot to prepare a gift - he simply didn’t realize he was supposed to prepare onebecause the whole concept of a family celebrating his or anyone’s birthday is so utterly foreign to him.

“Of course! Would the 4th Prince go back on his word? He would get it for you even if it were something precious and hard to find, right?“

OMG!!! SHE IS SPEAKING UP FOR HIM! PRAISING HIM AND APPRECIATING HOW AWESOME HE IS IN FRONT OF EVERYONE! SHE IS THERE FOR HIM, ENCOURAGING HIM, HELPING HIM TO CONNECT WITH HIS SIBLINGS (because like BA, she must have noticed how desperate he is to be a part of his family, but lacking the confidence to try). So can scarcely believing this is happening - that Hae Soo thinks so highly of him (no doubt, referring to the way he was ready to save her, even if it was the king, his own father, and the whole world standing against him) that she trusts in his honor so unconditionally. And right there, with that shy, proud smile he can’t contain nor hide (I mean he is literally glowing with happiness, confidence and pride), he turns into a little boy who has just been praised by his mother for getting flash As on his report card! No one has ever told him how deserving and amazing he is!

“Yes, make sure to choose something just like that. I’ll make sure to find it for you.”


Problems with Loop Theory

Loop Theory (as I understand it) is based off the idea that after the ending of the Evangelion manga, the anime happened and the Rebuild movies after that. This gained further support with the ending of the manga 2 summers ago when Sadamoto finished Third Impact by somehow causing all surviving characters to lose their memories, and magically repairing the ruins of Tokyo-3(It makes very little sense about what is actually possible, and provides no explanation of whether or not we’re seeing the same characters we just saw during 3rd Impact.)

Regardless of the manga ending, the theory existed before it finished so we can ignore it for now. The concept of Loop theory means that due to unknown events, at the end of the anime/EOE everything reset for the Rebuild movies, characters, environment, and apparently all of human civilization. However, the process of Loop Theory is heavily dependent on the capabilities of Impacts, more specifically the various forms of 3rd Impact. The way Loop theory depicts them makes it seem like Impacts can revive the dead, turn back time, and mess with the human mind, when in fact none of these are true. Impacts are bound by certain rules that make more sense than the casual observer can pick up on, for instance:  Impacts cannot revive the dead, the EOE 3rd Impact only saved people who were still alive when the Anti-AT field appeared. Shinji obviously made it, Asuka made it, Misato might have made it I don’t know she got shot like 8 times, but Kaji, Kaworu, and Rei 2 did not. Those who made it were dissolved into LCL and their souls collected in a pocket dimension inside the Black Moon. With the death of the giant Rei/Lilith, all these people spilled out into the LCL sea where they could reform whenever they wanted. Anyone who’s soul wasn’t collected is permanently dead. The concept of Loop Theory defies this idea, because in every version of Evangelion, Misato, Rei 2, Kaji, all the Angels, and most importantly Kaworu are good as new.

Another marker that Loop Theory didn’t occur can be observed in the fact that each version of Evangelion starts exactly 15 years after their respective 2nd Impacts, something that would be impossible if each version took place one after the other. Impacts can’t mess with time, and each leaves their own respective marks on the world after they occur. The anime 2nd Impact woke up 17 Angels, created Kaworu from Adams soul and one unfortunate researcher, and made the Antarctic sea into alien fruit juice(Angel LCL). The Rebuild 2nd Impact had 4 Adams, permanently opened the White Moon in a wormhole over Antarctica, and turned the world oceans into alien fruit juice.  If Loop Theory was correct than it fails to explain how both of these can happen, Misato can lose her father three times, and the same Angels can wake up and go berserk several times over despite dying in between.

Finally, at the end of EOE and the manga, the Lance of Longinus is broken in 2 to kill Rei/Lillith. The Lance of Longinus is a one of a kind thing (as far as we’re concerned) and is not going to be magically fixed by an Impact, because breaking it is what stops the Impact each time. The fact that it appears in all 3 versions, despite getting broken in the first 2 is further proof that Loop Theory isn’t possible.

In place of Loop Theory, I would like to suggest a slightly more plausible theory that follows the laws of physics, and still allows for the silly “this time I’ll definitely make you happy” comment that sent everyone into hysterics. It’s known as Multiverse/Infinite Universe Theory, and actually exists irl in advanced physics. The concept is that there are an infinite number of parallel universes with slight changes between them, and is also supported by the booklets that accompany each Rebuild disc, explaining the different # and types of Angels that appear, and why Rebuild is so drastically different from the anime and manga. (I’ll reblog that one in a bit.)

Anyway, travel between these parallel universes is entirely possible with Evangelion technology, with high level Angels or FAR being able to do so whenever they please, as alternate dimensions are a key part of how Impacts work. However, travel between them for other beings is not possible due to the sheer strength of an AT field that is required to survive the trip with your soul. With this in mind, Kaworu(from Rebuild) could have traveled to plenty of other dimensions and met plenty of other Shinjis before he became involved with the events of 2.0 and 3.0. Theoretically there is even a universe where they 3rd Impact never happened and they built a life together.  This theory also allows for the concept “Quantum Rei” which I believe is meant to explain the momentary appearance of Rei in the anime before Sachiel almost steps on Shinji. There is no evidence to suggest this Rei had a soul, she could have been any one of the thousands of mindless clones from Gendo’s labs, so pushing her through an inter-dimensional portal wouldn’t have affected her in the slightest. All in all, Multiverse Theory is able to explain the Eva Universe in much greater detail than Loop Theory, while still following all the rules of time and space that Loop Theory tends to disregard. As a side note, Japanese forums following Anno’s 3.0+1.0 lantern took special attention to explain to anyone who suggested it how absurd loop theory really is. I feel we’d make much more progress in solving any mysteries left in this fandom if we could collectively abandon Loop Theory, and dedicate more time towards helping others understand the wonders of Evangelion. It’s a beautiful world and I’d hate to see it wasted away by people obsessed with proving Loop Theory.