this is why i have a separate blog

ik my blog is absolute trash and messy but tbh i don’t think it’s a bad thing like it has a little bit of everything in it, mixed content for different ppl and u may never know what ill reblog next mmmmm and yes ik i could just make a separate account and split up some of the content for each one but im 2 lazy 4 that plus why have a blog if u don’t put everything that u like in it yk

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Hey, where I can find your effect stars (gif) with your edit here => /post/153925981468/defenders-smoke-bomb-photography

@cpn-america also asked me something similar, so I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone and make a tutorial! 

how to make something like this:

or this:

you will need:

  • photoshop cs6 (or cs5)
  • a basic knowledge of said program
  • the top gif from this post (this is where you get the sparkly effect, so just drag it onto your desktop)

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persona fans according to their fave character
  • adachi: .........has.......interesting kinks. writes think pieces late at night about how we all are all adachi to some degree
  • akechi: probably depressed. stays up way too late. im talking like 4am late. likes any fucked up character. starts all the p5 discourse
  • akihiko: quiet but loves their faves intensely. cried when p4 arena akihiko was shown with no shirt. ironically, probably knows nothing abt sports, boxing included
  • akira: secretly out of control. knows a lot of ppl but only has 2 friends. very gay. makes bad decisions and then accepts them. dates every persona girl just because.
  • aigis: pure. weird sense of humor. runs an obscure
  • aigisxminako ship blog. probably uses the term "waifu" unironically
  • ann: gay. tired of ppl sexualizing her. cries a lot. has reblogged probably every picture of makoann or annshiho in existence.
  • chie: secretly loves visual novels. wants to be kicked in the face. in their minds yukichie is canon. very gay.
  • eikichi: DRAMA. very dramatic but not in a discourse starting way. nice aesthetic. uses their queueue religiously. pretends to not cry a lot
  • dojima: is always 5 yrs behind when it comes to memes. taboo fic? they're read it. they probably wrote it. only owns two pairs of shoes. bad with kids.
  • futaba: never goes outside. only has straight ships. loves puns. reblogs every picture of futaba with best girl in the tags and means it
  • fuuka: are super soft but love fuuka with all their heart. never talks in the tags. reads a lot. is either on social media all the time or never at all
  • haru: very soft. likes the color pink. every ship they have is a rare pair. watches too much anime. never dated more than one girl at a time in a persona game.
  • jun: emotional. super into the zodiac. very gay. probably hates lisa lmao. played every other persona game expecting it to be gay and was disappointed.
  • junpei: super funny. wishes junpei was romanceable. probably all have the chaotic good alignment. obscure meme user. very upbeat.
  • kanji: super soft in the inside. is still upset over the way kanji was treated in p4 sometimes. names their stuffed animals. probably yells at the tv
  • ken: looks at ken as their child. the type to adopt fictional characters. lost their minds when ken was announced to be on the p4 arena roster. always busy.
  • koromaru: the responsible one in the group. always on time. likes dogs obviously. persona 3 is their favorite persona. doesnt understand twitter.
  • lisa: (???????? no offense but did anyone like her????) is proud they have an unpopular fave. loves the characters fandoms hate. tired.
  • makoto: REALLY WANTS TO BE STEPPED ON. gay and will not apologize. keeps their friends out of trouble. probably plays dnd. had a tomodachi as a kid and loved it.
  • maya: goes through a lot but still manages to be positive. considers persona 2 to be a masterpiece. loses things easily. hard to dislike.
  • minako: everyone loves them. wishes p3p was canon. has finished p3p at least 7 times. will never stop writing threesomes with minako/akihiko/shinjiro. openly kinky
  • minato: has not let the ending of p3 go. probably music snobs. messed up sleep schedule. secretly kinky. is actually hilarious once u get to know them
  • mitsuru: worships the ground she walks on. wants her to step on them. really driven. likes making lists. loves strong girls.
  • morgana: the type to correct ppl's grammar or spelling online. means well. writes really niche fic with super complex aus. tired.
  • naoto: has only romanced naoto in every playthrough. does not care that naoto uses sp so recklessly does not care at all. probably short lmao
  • nanako: wholesome. only reads fluffy fanfiction. the kind of person to make "why i love this character" posts after noticing a lot of character hate in the tags. popular.
  • rise: probably listens to jpop. maybe kpop. maybe both. would collect rise posters irl. compares every persona navigator to rise. likes bright colors.
  • ryuji: reckless. super funny but humble. LOUD. uses weird pet names for their faves "my soft swift running boy". loves memes. has receipts for every soft thing ryuji's done
  • shinjiro: unlucky in the way that every character they love dies lmao. kinda sad but the best kind of friend you can have. definitely the mom friend. thrives on aus
  • sojiro: sarcastic. supportive in a really weird way. always talks in the tags. is mean to show affection. only types in lower case.
  • tatsuya: bi. theyre all bi. reblogs a lot of those sad ass memes. you wonder if theyre ok a lot. has quirky hobbies that you wouldnt think fit them.
  • teddie: chaotic evil. sees teddie as a child that must be protected. gets angry when he's shipped with ppl. has any souyo fic with teddie as their child bookmarked
  • yosuke: aware of yosuke's cringe-worthy moments but loves him through it. would die for that cut romance link. fun to talk to. awkward. reads a lot of fic.
  • yu: still battling to this day abt which name is canon. wants to be supported. KINKY. once you get to know them you see they have no chill. walking cat memes.
  • yukari: has separate blogs for different interests. starts all the fandom discourse (along w akechi and adachi fans),likes to psychoanalyze fictional characters
  • yukiko: also gay. kinda quiet. sense of humor is waaaaaaaaaaay out there. im talking like....outer space out there. organizes their blog well.
  • yukino: Big Gay. is very informed in socio-political topics. really smart. if a show is gay.....they've watched it. the type to write movie critiques.
  • yusuke: BROKE. watches shows like brooklyn 99 and the office. some of them might be furries but good luck figuring out which ones. really want to date yusuke
Why I’m Still a Butch Lesbian
I first began wearing men's clothing a few years ago, because I thought that looking like a lesbian might help me get girls. Once I'd started, I realiz ...

“In part, it’s because the language of gender identity has always been a bit bewildering to me—I’ve felt hungry, happy, gassy, and anxious, but never male or female. Even so, it has been tempting to interpret my experience in ways that separated it from that of other women. This is especially true because cis-gendered women have a distinct tendency to define themselves in ways that don’t include me. I hear women throw out things like, “As women, we all know how important it is to feel pretty,” or “We, as women, are naturally more tender and nurturing,” statements that never seem to include women like me. Not only do I dislike feeling pretty and prefer arguing to nurturing, I don’t even particularly like eating chocolate. Popular culture, and women themselves, often imply that I lack many of the most essential qualities of womanhood.“


what the heck is sleep

Redesigned some ocs out of self indulgence, and because their previous designs were made when I was like…13 or something

tw: child sexual abuse, rape, emotional abuse, suicide-baiting, transmisogyny 

I never do call-outs ‘cause they take forever, but this has to stop. 

@sleepdontvisit claims they’re on a campaign to root out “inclusionist pedophiles and pedophile apologists.” 

Instead, they almost exclusively target bi trans sexual abuse survivors, frequently flat-out lying about what those survivors have said. 

(In their whole call-out list, there’s only two people who aren’t trans. And the cis people only get called out for supporting “pedophile apologists,” they aren’t calling the cis people pedophiles.)

They consistently link to receipts that don’t support their statements, knowing that people won’t click through and read all that. 

Many of their call-outs have hundreds of notes, and have goaded exclusionists and even some inclusionists into sending anon hate, suicide-baiting, and death threats to inclusionists who are bi trans sexual abuse survivors

It’s not a coincidence that bi and trans people (especially trans women) are the ones that are most frequently stereotyped as sexual predators, in both the gay and straight communities. 

(DID U KNOW: Part of the reason that the acronym wasn’t “LGB” till the early 90s was that radical lesbians said bi men shouldn’t be allowed at Pride because they were rapists.) 

It might be relevant that sleepdontvisit seems to be very biphobic, saying things like, “Why are literally all of the big bisexual bloggers literally the most cringeworthy people I have ever encountered?”

there are two lesbians on their list, out of all the bi people. 

they’re both trans women. 

And now they’ve begun going around harassing trans inclusionist survivors who haven’t heard of their campaign, by implying that they’re “pedophile apologists” too if they haven’t called out these people yet. Or if they say that it’s not okay to call CSA survivors “pedophile apologists.” 

They guilt-trip and threaten anyone who won’t help them in their smear campaign, even discoursers who are calling out individual people already. They are goading exclusionists to harass these people. One of their victims has already deleted, that I know of. 

When one survivor called them out for things like posting content about pedophilia in the ace positivity tag, their response was to go through that person’s blog and list everyone they’d reblogged from who themselves had ever reblogged from one of the people on the list. Which may have been well-intended but comes off as intensely harassing. 

And then they falsely claimed that "ace/aro minors… are being told by adults that it’s ‘normal’ for children to be sexual, so it’s important for them to identify as asexual.”

(That person even said “If you’d like, I can give you a list of exclusionists that none of you are no-platforming (and one of which went hand-in-hand with discourseprincesa and doing just as much harm but is still being defended)” and instead of taking the information, they ignored it, and instead tagged another post to boast that inclusionists ignore callouts but exclusionists call out all their TERFs. I know for sure that one isn’t true, @allosexisterfs​ is mine and it contains a list of about 250 exclusionist TERFs, that sleepdontvisit hasn’t said a word about that I know of. BUT ANYWAY) 

If you care about survivors, please spread the word to no-platform sleepdontvisit, and to stop spreading their lies. 

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For future reference, which coloring do you like most? These are all the colorings I have of this one scene and I don’t know which one I like the most. (Yes, I love this scene so much that I have 3 separate colorings for it)

Edit: I don’t know why people are reblogging this? I guess it’s nice to look at. But if people are reblogging this, I’ll just keep it up so people can keep it on their blogs.

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someone remind dan he's attractive bc he knows but somehow seems to have forgotten

i complimented dan’s looks like at least once today on this blog and then separately in private conversation why does he not feel validated im trying to hit him with my validation stick and whack some sense into him meanwhile he thinks these blurry ass selfies are less attractive than most other selfies which is just false


im back with some garbage kwami swap/ kinda life swap/crush swap au i like to call “angst-free au” with a shitload of irony. i’ll draw more of it later when i have time 

basically its just all swap but the bad parts are gone

this is what me and @gorovaia came up with 

  • sabine is the fashion mogul and marinette occasionally models for her, but school is no. 1 priority
  • bc school is important she lives with tom above the bakery (they’re divorced or separated but on good terms) because she’s always away on business. the 3 still have a good relationship
  • ADRIEN AND GABRIEL LIVE NEXT DOOR TO THE BAKERY so they’re neighbours, he’s not a mean dad but Gabe is always busy working to support his son (and being a villain) so tom pretty much adopts him and it’s like his second home at the bakery
  • Their balconies are right next to each other. They’re separated by a short brick wall
  • Tom and Gabriel are friends
  • Marinette is like, the coolest person Adrien has ever met and she’s so pretty how can he not be crushing on her. She played the GUITAR for JAGGED STONE and DESIGNED HIS ALBUM
  • Adrien seems cool to Marinette, he’s a bit shy sometimes but he’s goofy and she loves him anyway, not like that though (maybe)(((possibly))), because she loves Ladybug, he’s so cool and handsome and amazing yadda yadda
  • more rubbish about under the cut

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Vlad Masters and Vlad Plasmius are two separate entities, merged together by the portal accident. 

Masters is (or was, rather) not a bad guy, but Plasmius is stronger and has a stronger influence on Vlad’s actions. Masters’ small crush on Maddie prior to his incident was blown up by Plasmius to the point that it became an obsession.

This explains why Plasmius looks nothing like Masters and is less human-looking than Danny Phantom, as well as having fewer unique powers than Danny does. 

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Out of all your OTPs what are your top10 (in order) ?

1. Kim Shin and Eun Tak, Goblin: The Lonely and Great God

I keep saying this but very rarely do couples from new shows become my OTP, I have them as number one because I haven’t had this kind of reaction to any other ship. I would cry days after the show’s finale when I would just hear a song from the show’s OST. There is so much earnest and sincere emotion between them and Gong Yoo and Kim Go-eun have great chemistry, their relationship was tragic in a really beautiful way and cute in the most heartbreaking way, their bickering was done with so much conviction and the pain at whenever they separated was felt deeply. Like I believed in this couple.

2. Stefan and Elena, The Vampire Diaries

I don’t think I really need to explain why SE is one of my top OTPs since so much of this blog is dedicated to going into detail as to why that is; in a nutshell, they have that soulful, passionate, transcendental love that is nuanced and complex and rarely seen.

3. Jax and Tara, Sons of Anarchy

This is a ship that’s rooted in chemistry because their romance isn’t logical or rational, there is so much danger and pain and violence surrounding them, anyone in their right mind wouldn’t be involved with Jax and his mother and his club but the pull between him and Tara is undeniable, it’s a pull that’s existed even though they were apart for 10 years and their love is passionate and it takes them to dangerous, destructive places but it’s heartfelt and overwhelming and not many people can pull off that kind of dynamic.

4. Mickey and Ian, Shameless

Like I said last night, I thought the saying “I love you so much it hurts” was stupid until I was introduced to Gallavich because there is such a wholehearted affection for each other that it’s almost like neither of them can breathe yet at the same time their relationship acted as a breath of fresh air. It’s the one ship that I thought was redemptive and toxic at the same time and Noah and Cameron have such intense chemistry, the angst between them is insane and I think they manage to show the struggle Mickey has with being gay in a way that was heartbreaking to watch without it being sappy and cliched and that made you feel so bad for both him and Ian so that when he finally embraces who he is, it’s like the best thing in the world. And the way Mickey cares for Ian is so unique to Mickey like it’s softhearted and violent and it’s just, this ship is a study in contrasts and it works, which is very hard to do.

5. Noah and Rosalee, Underground

Noahlee is another ship that’s new but that I ship passionately because first of all Aldis and Jurnee have great chemistry, the minute they’re in a scene together in the pilot, those longing gazes were enough for me, second of all I always love seeing young black couples onscreen, third of all, within the context of their lives and of the show — which is a show about enslavement and about the various avenues taken to combat the institution of enslavement — the fact that they fell in love is revolutionary, the fact that white supremacy didn’t beat out their will to have affection for each other is a subversive act in it of itself. Related to that, Noah is a very passionate character, a very strong character who believed in Rosalee, believed she could and would do great things before even she realized she had the strength to do so and his drive inspired her while loving Rosalee provides Noah with a sense of peace and hope.

6. Crixus and Naevia, Spartacus and Sura, Agorn and Nasir, Spartacus

I have all three ships in the same number because I love them all equally but differently. The Spartacus series portrays such passionate ships.

Crixus and Naevia,

I really enjoyed them because they’re such a pure romance; when we’re introduced to Crixus he’s legit a dick and the only thing he cares about is glory and honour and being the best gladiator and he falls in love with Naevia and is given more complexity and he’s softer because of her.

Spartacus and Sura

are tragic and you don’t see much of their relationship and what you do see is mostly in flashbacks because they were separated, both sold into slavery, but Spartacus refuses to die because he wants to see Sura again and he starts a rebellion because of her, he loves her absolutely that he’s unable to love any other woman, like it’s intense.

Agorn and Nasir

were a ship I didn’t think I would pay much attention to because I didn’t really care for either character but Agorn and Nasir loved each other so fiercely, like I dare anyone to try and tear us apart and the devotion between them was extremely intense plus Dan and Pana had great chemistry.

7. Oz and Willow, Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Willow is the character I relate to the most in Buffy so my friends and I always joke about how I’m waiting for my Oz because Ozillow was unbelievably adorable, I love them so much. Alyson and Seth had a chemistry that surprised me, I didn’t think that it would be as natural and at times intense as it was but they’re just such a feel-good ship.

8. Jackie and Hyde, That 70s Show

I don’t think anyone expected the awesomeness that is Jackie and Hyde. Mila and Danny worked really well together and I think you really got the sense that they cared deeply for one another while at the same time having the capacity to really aggravate each other and just by nature of being polar opposites who happen to care about each other, they got each other to grow — Jackie became less vain and less domineering while Hyde actually became more vulnerable and less stubborn, they were actually perfect and the writers fucked it up and I will be forever salty about that.

9. Jane and Michael, Jane The Virgin and Jim and Pam, The Office

I have them both on the same number because I love them equally for the same reasons.

Jane and Michael

External image

Pam and Jim

Jichael and Jam are both relationships in which the two people just click, they just get each other, they’re on this other plane that no one can reach and they have an intimacy and implicit knowledge of each other that isn’t the breathless intense, angst-ridden dynamic that I love but it’s as profound and significant.

10. Scott and Kira, Teen Wolf

I know Scallison is the favourite and I do love Scallison but I don’t know, Scira has a groundedness to them that I respond to more and they’re a very physical ship; a touch from Kira can still Scott’s hand or still him to calmness that his eyes stop glowing; holding Kira allows her to decompress and be comforted, she can close her eyes in relief and in security, and the way Scott and Kira run towards each other, it’s almost magnetic, like they’re being pulled together and have no choice to connect. And of course their sexual chemistry is kind of insane. But that’s the thing with Scira, there’s a gentle intensity to them because it’s like they finally achieve calm from the crazy supernatural mess when they’re touching each other or in one another’s arms or kissing each other, which makes their relationship physically intimate.


Vince and Jess and Matt and Julie, Friday Night Lights

Buffy and Angel, Buffy The Vampire Slayer

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does PJ have human vesion? If yes can I see his full design?

Ah yep! And as for the design…. Well… kinda?

Here’s a quick color sketch I have…

Here are some other sketches I found looking around:

(second link goes to a pic made by Skoop with human PJ wearing clothes similar to the original)

But aah man all of the rest are… kinda trapped in a separate hard drive at the moment. Have them - just can’t access them. But I know there are a few other pictures here and there on my blog!

Things to note though:

  • Paper’s human form is biologically female. Still is genderfluid though so they switch up what they wear depending on how they feel. 
  • The vitiligo on their face will cross from lower right cheek to upper left forehead - crossing the bridge of the nose. 
  • Their hair is thick and will clump up together.
  • Human PJ doesn’t wear a scarf most of the time.

aaand that’s all I can think of with them =_=

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Hello! I love your blog and I'm really very new to the YOI fandom. I've only just finished watching it like two days ago and I've now thrown myself into the fandom. Goodbye friends, goodbye world, goodbye life. I have a new love in my life now! Ha. I just wanted to ask, so I don't make a fool of myself, why Yuuri is spelt with two u's. Is this to separate the two Yuri's or is this actually how it's spelt? I only had English dubs on the versions I watched so I may have missed something. Thanks!

Yuuri’s name in Japanese is 勇利.

勇利 → ゆうり
ゆ → Yu
う → u
り → ri

Same for the title of the show:
ユーリ!!! on ICE
ユ → Yu
ー → u (ー is the symbol for a double vowel)
リ → ri

So, romanized in English it would become Yuuri.

Some people use “Yuri” with the single u, because that’s how it is spelled in the promotional goods, and then instead use “Yurio” for Yuri Plisetsky.

Both are correct, it’s just your personal reference. Like Victor/Viktor. The former is the official spelling, while the latter is used by people who prefer his name being closer to the Russian spelling.

I use the Yuuri/Victor combo, but go with whatever you like best.

And welcome to the fandom! It’s quite nice here.

A thing about credentials:

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ll have noticed that I generally do not name places I have worked or volunteered or where I went to college. This is a very purposeful choice I made as this blog began to become more popular, and it serves a number of purposes. 

First, I care a lot about my privacy. This is why I also do not blog about my personal experience with animals or my training clients. I prefer to not release information about where I have lived, worked, or gone to school for that reason - not to 25,000 people. 

Second, it is important to me to be able to continue working in multiple animal-related fields, and I need to make sure that as a professional I retain an identity somewhat separate from this blog. I do not want to accidentally give the impression that my opinions are those of the places I have worked, nor accidentally speak for those facilities in any capacity.  I am aware that in the future employers will have to consider that when hiring me they are also hiring someone who is known for speaking independently on a public platform, and I work hard to make sure that places I am currently involved with see that I am able to separate the two worlds. Part of that is keeping confidential information off of this blog, and part of that is not associating myself with them unless I have been given express permission to link my name with their organization. 

I am still figuring out how to write an author bio for the WADTT website and this blog that fulfills these goals while still giving an accurate representation of my professional experiences. For the moment, what I say stands at this: I got my bachelor’s degree in animal behavior with a focus on cognition and training, my senior thesis was written in conjunction with professionals who design informal science education programs, I have interned/volunteered at multiple AZA accredited facilities in the past six years (in husbandry, education and medical departments), I spent multiple years assisting the behavior and training department of a local animal shelter, and have been training dogs in a professional capacity for over a decade.  I have attended multiple professional conferences yearly in both the zoo and dog training fields since college and take every opportunity to continue my education through online courses, reading academic texts, and picking the brain of every willing professional in any animal-related field.

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It's fine to hate Armin but I'm literally seeing people blame Armin for Erwin's death, saying he should've died (as in "he chose to live"), calling Armin selfish... It's like these people forgot that ARMIN WAS UNCONSCIOUS THE ENTIRE FUCKING TIME, PEOPLE. HE CAN'T CHOOSE TO LIVE WHEN HE HAS NO IDEA HE'S STILL ALIVE. If you want to blame Isayama and call it bad writing, by all means, but these morons don't even realize Armin had exactly zero say in it all.

I can’t exactly remember which day i received this ask but I think it was in reference to Isayama’s comment about Armin in February.

I agree with the mindset and I’m trying to analyze how the Armin hate was brewed since chapter 83 and chapter 84, as these two get hand in hand.

As far as I’ve seen, most people were either sad to devastated when Armin was supposed to be dead in chapter 82, but this death was sign of a good departure for him: dying without regrets and sacrificing himself so humanity can advance. Putting that with information we’ve learned till now, he could’ve even be gone with his innocence and purity intact as he thought areas like the oceans were unexplored. And that could’ve been a beautiful way to close his character development I think.

But here’s the drill: what was presented as a definitive death situation wasn’t, and Armin ~*~miraculously~*~ survived a fall of several dozen meters on top of having his body reduced to a piece of charcoal, so the drama serum would happen. And through a messy, compacted chapter development, he was the one chosen, when Levi was dead set in bringing Erwin back.

Naturally it would piss a lot of people off, regardless of your opinion of the character. Whether you hate the character archetype or hate the way he’s been recycled through, or absolutely love him to bits, this doesn’t change the fact he survived in an improbable way, at the expense of two characters who were eventually labeled as wasted potential, one dying as he was close to reach the mysteries of this world and the other who was treated as a piece of dog meat, abandoned to his fate as he was begging for help.

Because of that, people carved an assumption into their minds:

This manga is an awful manga where everyone can die, except the bland protagonists justified in every way possible at the expense of everybody, whose plot armor is stronger than Reiner’s.

That explains why some people dropped it actually. If Armin was supposed to survive for the drama to happen, it should’ve been more believable. That also explains why people are triggered whenever Isayama made blog posts like this one or when spoilers like chapter 90′s popped up. I admit I jumped on the gun like everyone when they reached the ocean because that really communicated the idea the protagonists were the only ones allowed to be happy while the rest can die and it wouldn’t matter, when Isayama insisted in his guidebook about the separation between Eren and Armin.

While people agree Armin didn’t have a say-in during the serumbowl drama, they’re kinda pissed to see Armin is the only one accomplishing his dream. But that’s the thing: when you look closer, his dream of seeing the ocean was sabotaged by the whole drama, because he believed Erwin should’ve been brought back instead of him and had to reduce Bertolt’s spine to mush to do it (when he was the one needing to puke after shooting that MP woman in the head). Also Eren ruined his most blissful moment, Eren, who was supposed to entrust Armin’s dream as he was burned to death by the Colossal Titan.

Another example in line with Armin and the ocean is Reiner and his hometown. He wanted to finish his mission as soon as possible with success so he could go back home with Bertolt, fulfilling his promise to Ymir by bringing Historia along and bringing back Annie to her dad. As a result, he got home, accomplishing nothing aside from surrender Ymir’s letter, still having no idea where Annie is and losing Bertolt in the process, leaving him completely alone for nine months. That isn’t what I call, accomplished.

Bad writing aside, Armin is certainly the most bearable of the trio as well as the most reasonable member of the SC recruits alongside Flocke, because these two upheld the credo of their legion which is “If you don’t sacrifice anything, you can’t change anything”. He’s more a victim in this than the ones who actually pushed the decision (namely Eren, Mikasa and Levi).

if you looked around this blog, you probably know what i draw and feel joyful about..right? did you take a moment…to think about why you really absolutely had to send me this…? :) 

shipping is inspired by canon but is separate from it.

fans have the freedom to create alternate universes that diverge from canon - all in the name of fun and expressing the joy these characters bring them.

you can sink what you want or float what you want in fanmade universes regardless of what happens in canon.

lastly, characters can and probably will grow and change in OW canon too.

that’s what i think since you asked. ill be planning my next drawings~ :)

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Hey again are you busy because when little-skelebros was updated a month ago so just checking

*twiddling thumbs*

So……… … … . .

I’m trying to think how to word this, because I’m really wordy and I wanna be concise, but also not come off rude or like belittling?

When I say I’m busy, I guess I mean to say “I’ve got better stuff I’m doing”, but when I say that, I’m not necessarily trying to say that: the stuff I’m doing is better than Lil Skelebros. It’s more like it is better for me.

Here’s a quick lil tidbit about Lil-Skelebros: back when Undertale had recently been released and gained some traction in gaining a pretty big following, I was there to hop on the ride early on and got all swept up in the excitement of the fandom! So much so, that when the idea of “What were Sans and Papyrus as kids?” started popping up, I jumped onto that idea without much hesitation (cause I have terrible impulse control that still trips me up to this day lmao) I had no plan, no real intention of it getting so story centric, none of that, it just… Happened! I was so excited and so entertained by running an ask blog, it was “shoot first ask questions later”

I had no idea it would get so popular, and when it did, I felt a moral obligation to start making it more story driven. So I tried, and did for awhile, and set myself up in more regard and put more pressure on myself than anything. I even started the patreon to support it as a way to keep me motivated.

Sad to say, as the fandom’s spirit started fading out (folks I followed who were big producers of fanart began moving on or otherwise disliked Undertale as a result of the strange shift in the vibe the fandom gave off) I kinda started fading as well in keeping up with Lil-Skelebros.

I dunno, some part of me felt guilty for keeping it going even when I saw so many folks just start leaving UT or criticizing the fandom and all this and that, it still kinda haunts me and I don’t know exactly why. Not like I had any involvement, in fact, while folks on this side got tired, I was already exploring another portion of the fandom and started up a “””secret”””everyone fucking knows who I am/was and it’s funny how I try to pretend to be someone else and can’t fucking hide it–sideblog(s) for other… niche… content (I’m sorry, I’m just so so sorry)

To put it short: I found other things to enjoy at another part of the fandom.

I tend to not like to say I have that big of involvement with fandom, because I’m adamant about steering clear of it as to enjoy the content for what it is and not let others blind my clear love for the source material, so… I just have learned to tune out the bullshit and the arguing in favor of just having fun and doing whatever I love to do.

ANYWAYS, I find this new aspect to which I enjoy more, and gain some friends and following who also enjoy those things with me more, and they’re more personal things so like I’m always too nervous about bringing them up on this blog, which is why I made the separate blogs to keep that content off this one. Cause lord knows I remember trying way back when, and that blew back up at me instead <:,D made me feel real bad and ashamed, nervous and timid to share those niche interests.

Though having a separate blog for this content gives me a safe out to be sure I’ve got the best of both: SFW content going on here to be enjoyed by many, and the other/nsfw content going there for me to enjoy as well as be enjoyed by others too!

Where this is all leading to is this: I feel spent on Lil-Skelebros, it was something I have taken so much responsibility on, and I really don’t get much benefit from it other than recognition and satisfaction. And sadly, I’m no longer getting satisfaction from it. By that, I mean I’m not enjoying creating and producing it as much as I once did when I first started out, it’s such a chore now. I tried to start up patreon as a way to kickstart my motivation for it and for maybe other projects, but… I’m kinda at a loss with it all. I want patreon to be a more giving thing than just “comic updates for a comic I don’t even enjoy”

My creativity is elsewhere with this other side of the fandom I’m hinting strongly to. I feel more free creatively and feel a little more original there too.

Lil-Skelebros is nothing novel to the fandom: a story on how Sans and Papyrus grew up and came to be, and how Gaster comes to be, and maybe just a little of what happens after Undertale ends off. I’ve outlined the story, I’ve even thumbnailed/scripted Chapter 1, but it just doesn’t feel worth it to me, not when I don’t enjoy it. Sure maybe this could be my swan song to the Undertale fandom should I feel close to being done with it and wanting to move on… But I’m not ready just yet, and I wanna focus on this other thing I got going, as well as revise my outlook on how I handle my patreon.

I don’t wanna delete the blog for all the progress, but I will probably reblog this post as a way to update folks on the deal and formally apologize for all the promises I did not fulfill.

I don’t know what else to say other than “sorry”, because at the same time… I don’t wanna feel bad for something I’ve been doing on simply the whim of it. I enjoyed doing it, and I won’t forget it, nor do I regret it. I just have my attention focused elsewhere.

I hope folks don’t mind too much, I’m not gonna delete Lil-Skelebros or really proclaim it “cancelled”, maybe… I just need to wait for the itch to come back, or for when I’m ready to start moving on from the fandom, and would like to grant the rest of that story just before I decide to finally leave it and have the story rest in peace…. cause i mean if anything id like to see what all these other stories that are going conclude to so that I know what’s been done and then can maybe divert away from all that and try doing something a lil more inventive/original by the end of it HAH

I appreciate all those who followed it, and I hope to share more content here so that ya’ll don’t think I’m dead LOL

Ok, ok, ok…I will explain why I do this, since I uploaded the drawings of Bendy and Boris all leave me messages asking questions to Bendy and Boris…

Do not get me wrong, it’s not that I do not like to draw them or that everyone asks them questions

Only that my blog was full of questions for those two, and the truth I still have several more messages of the comic from jellygans, so I decided to make a separate blog for everyone to leave their questions to Bendy and Boris :P

anonymous asked:

I think the uncomfortable part is you being a camren shipper and always being negative about Lauren I have rarely seen u saying or having a positive opinion on Lauren ever , even when she does good things donate,charity,activism,a good performance u never comment so its more like u only take Lauren as an accessory to ur ship and I feel that ur obviously biased and it's perfectly ok to have all our faves , bt just change the theme of ur blog bcuz its unfair

Okay I know you’ve send me at least 3 asks because in each of them you used the words “biased” and “u” -  I thought about giving you a grouped answer but since they address different things then I’m gonna answer each of them.

First off, I never lied about feeling conflicted about Lauren lately, it’s been about a month that I’ve felt that way, pretty much since the whole “wet dreams” incident. I’ve said before that it would feel very hypocritical of me to reblog things about Lauren when I’m not feeling like doing it.

That being said, I’ve been really trying to understand why I’m feeling this way and part of that process has been to talk about it. I’ve talked about it with the people of my chat and I talked about it last night with anons because I think we’re all trying to figure why we’re feeling this way. 

I’m talking about it because I love Lauren, I wouldn’t bother trying to understand if I didn’t love her. I could just drop her and say I don’t like her anymore and that’s that, but it truly bothers me because I’ve been investing myself in this ship and those amazing ladies for over a year now and I truly care about them and respect them.

I don’t really see what you mean by me using Lauren as an accessory to the ship - to me Camren is it’s own thing, to me it’s separate from Camila and Lauren as individuals, Camren is like a third person because it’s not only about Lauren and Camila, it’s also about the fandom, the inside jokes, the theories, the community and what this ship represents.

I guess it is kinda rare for me to address a subject like the one I’ve been addressing last night because the truth is I always try to keep a positive vibe on my blog, which I think is why some of you guys like it - but you also have to understand that even if this blog is popular I’m also just a regular fan who simply happen to be struggling with one half of her favorite ship right now. I guess it’s been eating at me for a while, whether it’s about Lauren or Ot4, I’ve been having a really hard time being positive about it which is very complicated for me because I am a very positive person at heart and in my everyday life, so I really don’t like being that way and I’m just trying to understand why I am.

I understand how it can seem unfair to you, but right now I’m in that process and to change the theme of my blog would be like saying I’m giving up on this ship and Lauren, which is something I really don’t want to do. 

I don’t think you realize how much time I invest into this blog, minimum 2 hours a day, yesterday it was 4 hours - because I always try to give you guys honest and constructed answers, and also I had the not so brilliant idea when starting the blog to use gifs for all of my answers 😂   I’ve been thinking and breathing Camren and 5H everyday for more than a year now and sometimes it’s quite exhausting to always try to get my message across and really make you understand that none of my opinions come from a place of hate, when more than half of you just don’t take the time to read my answers. It’s really easy for anons to just drop by and say how they feel because there’s no consequences, but when I answer it’s me answering. And no matter how much nuance I put in my answers some of you guys always end up seeing things in black and white. My feelings about the girls are much more complicated that just a like/hate matter. Just because I don’t like their behavior sometimes doesn’t mean I don’t love them, just like loving them doesn’t mean I have to like everything they do.

I get that I’ve been on the negative side with Lauren when I could have been focused on the positive but right now I can’t for some reason. I’m probably gonna stop talking about that subject today, cause I’m already tired of it. But I’d like to say one more time that none of my answers come from a place of hate and neither are the asks that I answer, at least I don’t think so, because I’ve received hate asks about Lauren and trust me you can feel the difference.

I guess I’m done with this ask, I hope you can now understand why I won’t change my blog name or stop sharing my opinion even if unfortunately it’s not a positive one because I feel like honesty is a good policy and even a negative opinion, as long as it’s shared with respect, is a valid opinion.

But if you can’t get on board with that sweets then you still have the very simple possibility of just unfollowing me.

anonymous asked:

Any advice for first starting and art blog??

  1. Make art. So much art. The only way to get noticed and run a ‘successful’ art blog is to make content that people notice. This doesn’t mean that you have to post daily (however it is good to still practice art daily/as often as you can, for then you can truly improve!) but it’s important to try and post things several times a week, even if they’re smaller doodles. I’ve fallen into another fandom at the moment so I’m still posting art all the time, just on a different blog than this one, and let me tell you that I’ve grown much faster on that blog than I have on this one.
  2. Only the first five tags matter. I know a lot of people tag like 20 things, or they’ll ramble a bit at the beginning of their tags, but Tumblr only tracks the first five tags. So if you tag “spaghetti” as your seventh tag, and you search “spaghetti” on Tumblr, it won’t show up. So tag the most important and searchable tags first and then ramble later.
  3. Don’t use too many tags. I haven’t tested this but I read somewhere that if you have too many tags, Tumblr may mark it as potential spam and thus it won’t show up in the search that way either. So try not to make too many tags with you rambling. I know I do that a lot so I have to be very conscious on it when I post my original art.
  4. Have creative tags! People love good tags; or at least, I do. I’m not very creative since I have the simplest of simple art tags (#xaandiir art…..very clever). But having a clever doodle tag or other kind of tagging system is appealing. Having a clean and organized way for people to search through your art/blog is also extremely important! Nothing is more frustrating than trying to look through someone’s blog for a specific fandom or just through their art tag and they use 5 different tags that you have to search individually.
  5. Use a clean and appealing theme. Tumblr is about aesthetic and how things look. Using default themes can make you seem inexperienced and that might lose you some interest. It’s also good to keep an appealing mobile design since that’s how a lot of people will see your blog. Have a good avatar and keep your description short but sweet and easy to understand.
  6. Make a “brand” for yourself. When I started my art blog here, and essentially cleaned everything out, I decided I was never going to change my URL of xaandiir. You want people to know you. If you’re constantly changing your URL then it will be hard for people to properly find you. You need to settle on something and then stick with it, if you can. I didn’t know how well xaandiir would grow on me. It was just something that I came up with and decided to use, and it turned out that it fits me pretty well! It may take time for that brand to really fit, but then you should stick with it!

Now I’m by no means a professional or “successful” art blog, but these are things I’ve seen from people more popular than me and also have helped me grow faster than when I first started. It’s also a good idea to keep your art blog separate from your fandom blog, which is why I started a different personal blog for where I reblog my fandom stuff and keep this one as where I have my art tutorials and post my art content and writing and such!

Oh! And I nearly forgot the most important bit! Make artist friends!! It may be intimidating, but becoming friends with other artists can give you people to talk to and get opinions about your art (so you can grow) and then you can also promote one another on your blogs and grow together. Having an art community between you and your friends is really important and so it’s good to approach artists that you admire, even if it might be intimidating.