this is why i hated everyone in high school

Nerds 1.0 || Peter Parker AU

Prompt - AU where Peter is a high school AP Physics teacher and Y/N is the Anatomy teacher and all their students ship them but they’re too awkward to notice the other one crushing on them, so the students take it into their own hands.

Warning - some vulgar language. extreme cuteness. teen!Avengers  :)))

A/N: btw the narration in this fic might seem a little salty, but that’s only cause I’m really salty right now about some stuff. 

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“Can you overgrown children give me like five minutes of peace?” She tells her overbearing students, they groan. 

“But mom!” Her most annoying student shouted, she rolls her eyes at the boy. Her students had made a habit of calling her mom and it was by far very annoying. 

“Tony, you call me mom one more damn time-”

“Ooh! She said damn, that’s a bad word!” Another one of her troublemaking students shouted from the back of the class. 

“If it’s a bad word, then why would you say it, Barnes?” She retorted, the boy deflated and sat back down. His boyfriend, Steve, laughing and trying to comfort him as his classmates laughed. 

“You guys are high school seniors. I did not sign up to be a teacher to babysit a bunch of five year olds,” she complained, everyone in the class knew she was joking. She was just as rowdy and annoying as they were, it’s why this particular class was her favorite. 

“Come on, Ms. Y/L/N, you know you love us,” Natasha, a troublemaking redhead sitting with her feet up on the desk, said with a barely noticeable smirk on her face. 

“No you’re wrong. You’re all terrible and I hate you,” Y/N lied as she took a sip from her cup of coffee that sat on top of a pile of papers. 

“YOU LOVE US!” Screamed Tony and Clint at the same time, jumping up from their seats and running up to her desk to hug her. 

She couldn’t hide her smile then. Sure they were all extremely annoying and loud, but then again so was she.  

“Actually no. You know who she does love?” Natasha starts, a smirk rising on her face. 

The whole class quiets for a few seconds before they all yell out. 


A red blush rises on Y/N’s cheeks at the mention of the AP Physics and Calculus teacher, Peter Parker. She tried to deny it every single time, but her students knew better. 

“Oh come on guys, not this again!” She whines, and throws her head in an exaggerated exasperated groan. 

Ever since Peter had been hired as the new Physics teacher, the students almost immediately began ‘shipping’ them together. The two of them had became close friends in the blink of an eye seeing as they were both huge science nerds, their students saw this. Continuously teasing the both of them about their crushes. Both of them trying their best to deny, but neither of them could lie well enough to a bunch of teenagers who knew and understood the signs of a crush. 

 “We will bring this up as many times as we can until you guys realize that there’s some major amor going on,” Sam says from the far right row of the class, chewing on his mechanical pencil as he not so discreetly tried to finish his Spanish homework before the bell rang. 

The class agreed with him. 

“Alright fine, we’ll play it like that. How about I bring up the topic of your grades?” She laughs as the majority of the class starts to beg her not to continue.

“That’s what I thought!” She shouts, laughing loudly at the defeated faces of her students.

For the remainder of the class they reviewed the cardiovascular system for the test they were going to have next class. 

The bell rings and the bustling students jumped around in excitement for lunch, “Bye Ms. Y/L/N!” they all shouted. 

“Get out! Go to lunch!” She jokingly yells, they laugh and push each other out of the classroom. 

Y/N smiles to herself and begins to grade papers from another class. 

“Ms. Y/L/N?” She hears a voice say, she looks up and turns her head to see the only freshman student in her class full of seniors. 

“Wanda, what are you still doing here? You should be at lunch,” she says in a concerned tone. 

“I know but I have a test in European History that I have to study for, and I wanted to ask something of you,” she explains. 

“Oh that’s right, I forgot, you have all senior classes. What can I help you with?” 

“Could I get some extra credit or something to raise up my grade? I have a college interview in a few days and they’ll be looking at my grades,” the girl asks, clutching her history textbook in her hands. 

“Wanda, you already have an A in this class…” 

“Yeah, I know but it’s a 99% because of that B that I got on the quiz about the systemic and pulmonary circuits, I was distracted that day,” she wasn’t directly saying it but she was begging for another chance, and Y/N didn’t need any more pressing from her pleading student. 

“Do you want to retake the quiz? I doubt you’ll get another B,” she offers, Wanda’s eyes light up. 

“Yes please!” Y/N chuckles at the young girl's’ enthusiasm and rummages through some folders for an empty sheet of the specific quiz. 

She finds it and hands it to Wanda who hurriedly grabs it and sits at the nearest desk. Wanda finishes the quiz in minutes before finally scribbling her name and class period on top. Y/N grades her paper in front of her, and to no one’s surprise, she got a perfect 100. 

“Oh my god, what a surprise…” Y/N mumbles, Wanda giggles to herself. 

The door opens and the two women turn to look at the door. 

There Mr. Parker stood at the doorway holding a bag of food that smelled strongly of New York takeout, he saw Wanda standing in front of Y/N’s desk and blushed. 

“Should I come back or…?” He trails off. 

“No need Mr. Parker, I was just leaving. Thanks Ms. Y/L/N!” Wanda says as she begins to walk to the door. 

Peter walks into the room and sets the food down on the desk. Y/N looks behind Peter to see Wanda giving her an enthusiastic thumbs up, then pointing at both Y/N and Peter and making a heart with her fingers. Y/N got up and removed her sneaker before chucking it at the girl, Wanda dodged it and quickly left the class. 

Her unmistakable laughter bouncing off the walls of the hallway. 

Y/N sat back down to see Peter looking at her weirdly. “What was that about?” He asked opening the container of takeout food, Y/N blushed immensely. 

“Oh, nothing.”

Wanda runs into the lunchroom in search of her friends, the seniors. 

They sat in their usual table, eating away at the chicken wings that were being served today. 

“Guys! Guys!” She shouts as she nears the table, they turn their heads to look at their freshman friend. 

“What’s up?”

“Ms. Y/L/N and Mr. Parker are in her class right now eating lunch together! He bought her food!” She yells excitedly, the table gasps. 

“Seriously?!” Natasha exclaims. 

“Dead serious.”

“We’re gonna go spy on them, right?” Clint asks, licking the ketchup off his fingers and wiping his hands on his pants. 

“Hell yeah.”

They all snuck out of the lunchroom without getting caught and made their way to Ms. Y/L/N’s classroom. The door had a little rectangular window for them to see through, it wasn’t big enough for all of them but luckily Clint had special access to the school’s air ducts. 

Especially the one in Ms. Y/LN’s classroom. 

He unlocked his phone and FaceTimed Natasha and pointed the camera at the future couple. Outside of the classroom, the group crowded around Natasha and her phone. They all quieted down and watched the two awkwardest and nerdiest people in the world attempt to have a conversation without mentioning science and or Star Wars. 

Both of them failing miserably. 

They had somehow gotten into an incredibly deep conversation about Star Wars conspiracy theories. 

“Oh my god, these fucking nerds!” Tony whispers, the rest of the group agrees. 

“We gotta do something or they’re gonna spiral into a never ending conversation about Darth motherfucking Vader,” Steve says, Bucky nods agreeing with his hunky beefcake. 

“Yeah, someone text Barnes and tell him to do something about this…whatever this is,” Bucky says waving his hand for emphasis.

Tony quickly pulls out his phone, his thumbs running over the screen in a blur. A few seconds later, his eyes read a message on the screen. 

“He wrote, ‘On it ;)’.”

They all began to silently think of what Clint had in store for their two favorite teachers. 

In the air duct, Clint quietly pulled two small rocks from his pocket. He had been planning on throwing them at some kid who messed with him earlier but this was more important. 

The air duct he was hiding in was directly above Y/N’s desk but both her and Peter were facing away from him so this was the perfect opportunity. 

“So I wanted to ask you something and excuse me if it makes you uncomfortable, but…do your students say anything about us…you know– uh, liking each other?” Peter asks, Y/N almost chokes on her teriyaki chicken but hides it with a strong cough. 

“Ehh sometimes, why do you ask?” She lies straight through her teeth and hides her blush by looking down at her lap. 

“Well, because-uh they’re always telling me that you…have a crush on me, and that apparently it’s pretty obvious…” 

Her hands were now numb and she wanted to disintegrate into thin air. 

No shit, you fucking idiot,’ she thought. 

“Uhh well, I-I wouldn’t say obvious b-but, I mean-” she couldn’t think of anything to say and now she really wanted to die. 

Clint couldn’t watch his favorite teacher suffer anymore so he slowly and quietly opens the air duct by removing the detachable air grille. 

He throws the first rock at the door, the two teachers turn to the door thinking that someone had knocked. Y/N stands up to open the door, she looks through the little window but when she sees no one she turns back. 

Then, Clint throws the second rock right into Peter’s shirt causing him to stand up and spill chicken fried rice covered in soy sauce all down Y/N’s t-shirt. 

“Oh shit, fuck! I’m sorry!” He exclaimed trying to apologize. 

He grabbed a few napkins and tried to wipe off the soy sauce stains but only making it worse.

“No, i-it’s fine it-” 

“I’m so sorry, I-I didn’t mean-”

Both were too flustered to let one another finish their sentence. By now Peter wasn’t wiping anything except for her chest, it took a few seconds for both of them to notice exactly what he was touching. 

The blushing idiots finally decided to pull away from each other, and chuckle nervously at their current situation. 

“Come on, come on.” Natasha mumbles under her breath as her and the group continue to watch from her phone. 

Y/N and Peter were now pretending that the whole thing didn’t happen but the stain on Y/N’s light gray shirt said otherwise. Finally, the two of them mustered up enough confidence to actually say something intelligent. 

“Would you like to go out sometime?” They asked simultaneously. 

They both chuckle nervously, “I know it’s not the best time to ask, but…I-I’ve been meaning to ask you for a while and I just didn’t know if you…”

She smiles, “Well I do, and I’d love to go out with you.”

At that moment, the group started cheering completely forgetting that the hallway echoed. 

“Yes OTP!” Sam shouts, almost immediately slapping his hand over his mouth. 

“What the hell?” Y/N mumbles and walks over to the door, seeing their teachers walk toward them the entire group got up and hauled ass back to the lunchroom, the sound of shoes squeaking and stomping on the floor along with the loud swears coming from the teenagers themselves could be heard from inside the classroom. 

Clint watching them run on his phone cursed out loud, “Shit!” he said, his eyes widened. 

Both Peter and Y/N turned to the vent, “Wha-Clint!” Y/N yelled when she realized what was happening. 

There was no point in being quiet now, Clint shimmied down the vent before his teacher crawled in after him. 

Peter and Y/N stood there helpless. 

“I’m gonna kill them.”

“Meddling kids.”

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The next day when the matchmakers walked into Calculus, a class that Peter taught, they all sat next to each other. Being the only people in the school that knew that the two teachers that everyone has been shipping were finally together had its advantages. They’ve been trading test answers for gossip all morning. 

The school was bustling with the news. 

Y/N Y/L/N and Peter Parker were finally together. 

Even Principal Fury and Assistant Principal Hill were excited about it. 

When Peter sees them sitting innocently in their seats, he turns to them. 

“I don’t know whether to say thank you or goodbye, she was pretty angry.”

“Ah, she’ll get over it once you give her that good nerd loving,” Sam jokes, Peter blushes and a tries to hide a very noticeable smile.

“Ew dude, that’s our mom you’re talking about,” Tony says.

Clint perks up.

“Speaking of mom, we’re not calling you dad.”




A/N: I had way too much fun with this. This was mostly about the teen!Avengers, but honestly I live for that AU. 

Dialogue Prompts #2

Inspired by things that have been said in my Political Science class. (roughly translated to English)

1) “I’ve studied all night, and I still don’t understand this.” 

2) “Did you do the homework?” “No.” “Oh thank god, I’m not the only one!”

3) “Putin and Trump should go to couples therapy”

4) “She’s cute, but I’m pretty sure she can’t count to ten.”

5) “I can fit a whole row of crackers in my mouth, want to see?”

6) “I only came because of the free food.”

7) “Child labor is alive and well”

8) “Life would be horrible without vodka juice boxes”

9) “Wait wrong class” “He was here for an hour, and he just now realizes this?”

10) “You can’t buy my love!” “I got you doughnuts”

11) “Death is near, but not near enough”

12) “My only goal in life is to pass this class”

13) “The British are invading again” “Fuck!”

14) “I drew Trump and Putin as cats, want to see?”

15) “Motivation? What is that!?!”

16) “What are you doing?” “Trying to read my own handwritting”

17) “Do you think Trump writes love letters to Putin? I do”

18) “I would never murder you….well not with my bare hands, that’s too much work”

19) “You said if I go to bed early I would feel better…’re a fucking liar”

20) “On a scale of 1-5 how bad did you fail?” “5″ “Perfect, me too”

21) “None of you are my friends, I only tolerate you all”

22) “Did you really cry during Trumps inauguration?” “It was tears of laughter, don’t judge”

23) “I’m the Europen Union and you’re the United Kingdom. Now get the fuck out”

24) “Do you think he’s trying to be this stupid?”

25) “If she says that word one more time, I’m going to throw her out the door”

26) “Why is there a goat in the hallway?” “Oh that’s Anton”

27) “You’re late” “Glad you noticed”

28) “The instructor is wearing running shorts again” “I’m starting to think he hates us”

29) “I would make a pretty girl” “Don’t lie to yourself like that”

30) “Being a disappointment is better than you think. No one has any high standards of you, so when you do something cool, everyone is amazed”

What things have been said in any of your classes or workplace?

Death Note Live Watch Reaction

-*Special Note: HOLY SHIT, this movie is bad

-We are in Seattle. Okay. Sure, why not?

- Anyone else notice how Light is like doing middle school homework in high school? No really, I was doing logarithms in my sophomore year. Sure, I was in honors classes, but come on?

- Light Yagami had a super sense towards the law. He would not be doing other kid’s homework for money. Sorry, but you already screwed up this character with the opening fucking scene.

-Like I am trying. I really am.

-Why does this movie have this 70s high school feel…in 2017? No really, who the fuck cares about cheerleaders and jocks anymore in school? The cool kids now are the fucking prepsters who get good grades and shit or the mopey losers on instagram.

–Oh please tell me that this hot topic heffa is not supposed to be Misa?

-Misa Amane was gothic. Not emo. Fuck….

- Also Misa was a fucking super model. She is not some ordinary white girl. She is headturningly beautiful. I am not taking away from the actress because she is attractive in that ordinary white girl across the street type of way, but no.

-Oh god, I hate the music. This is what DmC did to Devil May Cry. This is so bad. Like Death Note had ominous chanting to death metal. Not soem 80s syth pop.

- The music does not match!

-No one sees a book falling from the sky in the open? Okay.

- I get that everyone else heads inside, but why would football players? I mean it is just rain and as far I’ve seen, Football players play in the rain, snow, sleet, or hail. Even high school. Then again, I went to a school with a highly competive football team so yeah.

-The bully? I don’t know if this movie knows what schools are like now and days. Bullies are few and far in between in that make. People resort to passive aggressiveness now or cyberbullying.

- Flash Thompson in Spider-man: Homecoming is today’s type of bully. Whoever this Biff looking motherfucker is a thing of the past.

- Misa(if that is even her name) has some stupid lines. Like you are such a stupid fuck? Really? stupid fuck? Alright.

-HEY DON’t TOUCH HER! Fuck, Light, why are you screaming? They just pushed the girl. They didn’t fucking impale her or beat her up. The fuck?

-Also Light Yagami, is a misogynist who thinks women are useless and get in his way. He would step in the way to save Misa from a bully, yes, but he would not be super abrasive about it or psycho.

-They really do not get Light Yagami at all. He is not a bullied character. If Light were the one stepping up to Biff from Back to the Future, Light would immediately threaten to go to the authority(in this case adults) or talk the guy down while being impossibly smug. He would not taunt the guy out loud. And the guy would not be in Light’s face taunting him because Light is, wait for it….one of the popular kids. Yes. Light is that asshole prep kid who has the future lined up for him. He is brilliant, and smart, and pretty, and all those things women love him for and why men want to be him. They fucked this movie up from the get go.

-Threatening child abuse? Really Light? Okay

-I am trying. I really am.

- White Yagami: I was beat up and you are worried that I threatened the academic integrity of school. You should pay attention to people who make life worse for everybody, principal, and not the guy is cheats for people.

- Thank you, principal for not buying into his bullshit.

- Boo-hoo, I was not rewarded for being a male savior.

-I stopped trying btw.

- The dialogue is soooo bad. “Hey I was awake…I was a tree or something?” What? Even? Ugh?

- Well White Yagami is the type of white boy who investigates the danger in horror movies. 

-Okay, that scream will great. LMAO

-This home boy literally shrieked!

- He is really losing his shit. OMG.

- Ryuk is fucking wasteful. That is a whole lot of apple that is not eaten. 

- White Yagami is so fucking crass. Everybody is dropping f-bombs like it is the biggest word they know.

-Ryuk sounds like Ryuk.

- Ryuk is tempting White Yagami to write in the Death Note? Oh God!

- Did these assholes even see Death Note? I really have to ask because ugh!

- This is the first 10 minutes, and I can’t even. 

- Look, what made Light so special is that when Ryuk dropped the Death Note, he wanted to see what would happen. He thought someone who picked up the Death Note would just write someone’s name out of curiosity or even do some revenge kills because that is what people do. So when he tracks down Light and sees that he, after testing the Death Note out, filled out entire pages, he was shocked. Light did not need any push to start killing. He already had it in him.

- Like Ryuk is actually encouraging him? Are they exonerating Light in this movie?

-Like no?

- When did Death Note become fucking final destination?

-…You know what? Fuck this movie.I am not going to subject myself to this shit. I love myself too much to watch this and that is saying something because I have severe clinical depression.

-ten minutes in and I am done.

What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I do anything right? Why do the people I care about the most always leave? Everyone promises that they will never leave me and they love me but sooner or later, they all leave me. Am I really that bad of a person? Am I really not even worth one person? Not even one freaking person stays. I accept people into my heart and trust them but all they do is rip it out and stomp on it until it’s no longer usable. Then someone comes along, repairs it only to destroy it again. I seriously have no one. And it hurts to be physically and emotionally alone. I sit home with no one, talk to absolutely no one. I bother everyone. I annoy everyone. But I understand it, I wouldn’t want to be friends with me either. I’m not worth it so why stick around? That is in my head 24/7. I hate myself too. I just want to drown all these pills and sleep. Never bother anyone, never annoy anyone, never hold anyone back. I don’t expect people to miss me. I honest think everyone will be like, “oh she killed herself, took her long enough, no one wanted her here anyway”. I’m not even worth one single person staying, why stay? My best friend doesn’t even care for me, that’s why she ended our friendship. My high school friends never loved me, that’s why they never texted me after graduation. I’m tired of giving my heart and having it ripped and torn. I’m just tired, period. I want to sleep. Sleep and never wake up to all the pain surrounding me. No more fake smiles, no more fake laughs. I’m not worth it. I’m not worth her staying, why should I stay and get my heart hurt by another person? I can’t.

the instruments as things people have said at my school:

flute: "sometimes I wonder ‘why do I hate everyone?’, and then I just look at my classmates and it all becomes clear.“ 

oboe: “I will high-five you. in the face. with a chair.“ 

clarinet: "walks into health class…eating a cookie." 

bassoon: "you kids with your Trek Wars and your Star Stars." 

saxophone: "I thought those were mixed nuts, but they were actually rocks." 

french horn: "when I die I think I’ll turn into a record with two songs: ‘still alive’ and ‘stayin’ alive’." 

trumpet: "FIRE BLANKET: keeps you warm in case of a fire." 

trombone: "basically, if you had a few french fries all the girls would come running.” “that’s still true." 

euphonium/baritone: "the east is red.” “wait, the yeast is bread?" 

tuba: "thugs wear their hats to the side! I’m not even wearing a hat!" 

violin: "I’m in a musical mood.” “you call that music?" 

viola: "what have you got?” “absolutely nothing." 

cello: "we had a giant, collective, hissy fit" 

bass: "ugh, I have to relearn bass-clef.” “looks like you’re in treble!" 

percussion: “there’s a beeping noise over there.” “oh probably the bomb.”

harp: "enough about books, rules, and supplies. today we are going to talk about murder.

piano: "stop playing the keyboard, you’re like a weird cat" 

conductor: "I throw markers at people. get used to it.”

How would the companions react to heelys?

Another request via friend without tumblr. Fun fact: I own a pair of heelys (thanks high school production of The Little Mermaid).


Ada: I don’t think robots can heely.

Cait: She fucking loves them. She’s the one doing insane trick and almost breaking her neck half the time. Hancock and Deacon join her most of the time.

Codsworth: He doesn’t necessarily hate them, but he wouldn’t try them and he can’t try them.

Curie: She’s fascinated by them. Though she wouldn’t try them, she finds it amusing to see everyone zip pass her with big grins on their faces.

Danse: He doesn’t really see why they were even a though that someone came up with in the first place. But they are a good source of exercise, that he will admit.

Deacon: Surprisingly he was able to do it perfect of the first try. He had always heard myths of the sacred shoes, and now that he had them he was going to wear the hell out of them.

Dogmeat: He barks whenever people slid by.

Gage: At first ge saw no pointn but wgen he tried them and practiced for a bit he ended up lovimg them. Plus ge was able to go around the park much faster now.

Hancock: “Heely to forget your feelies.”

Longfellow: The things hurt his joint, but he finds them intresting none the less.

Maccready: He got really pissed after falling for the first ten times and hasn’t touched them since.

Nick: He personally isn’t a fan. Plus before the war he had to tell a lot of obnoxious kids that heelys weren’t allowed. Not like they listened though.

Piper: She falls. A lot. She’s still very persistent though.

Preston: Much like Danse, he doesn’t get the point. He’d much rather walk.

Strong: None fit his feet.

X6-88:Hates them. Loves them with a passion and is salty because Father banned them the Institution.

BTS Reaction: you struggling against them as they hug you while you’re upset.

 It’s got some fluff, some angst, hell yeah


  You couldn’t remember if it was dance practice or the gym that Jin had just returned from, but either way he was very sweaty and very attractive at the moment. The only thing to do was to draw your boyfriend in. 

 Suddenly, you lit up with an idea.

 "You don’t smell very good right now,“ you giggled. Jin hummed to himself, "I thought that if your BO smelled good to your significant other it meant your chemistry was good.” Shrugging nonchalantly, you countered, “maybe we should start seeing other people.” Eyes wide with slight hurt, Jin gasped. “(Y/n)!” You hurried to remedy it, “Baby, I’m just kidding!” Satisfied, Jin nodded, “Good, now give me a hug." 

He moved toward you arms outstretched. Your nose wrinkled in mock disgust, "Ach, no!” You darted away and Jin immediately gave chase.

 He followed you around the kitchen before trapping you on the opposite side of the island. You faked right before diving to the floor, hoping to crawl away. Unfortunately, he was faster and he nabbed you, pulling you to him. You squealed and squirmed. Laughing, he pulled you to him, pinning your arms with his stronger ones and peppering your face with light kisses. 

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   “I hate you!” You screamed at the top of your lungs. You had never seen Jungkook so livid. His eyes blazed, his face was white with fury, even his muscles seemed to bulge in relation to his temper. “You hate me!? Fine, the why don’t you leave? Huh? If you hate me so much, the go on and walk out that door, delete my number.” “Maybe I will,” you countered, “you probably wouldn’t do anything to stop me even if you wanted to." 

You said it to hurt him. You knew Jungkook struggled with expressing himself. His mouth shut in a tight line, "why are you doing this to me?"  "You never talk to me,” you felt the hot tears sting the back of your eyelids, “it’s like I’m not here sometimes.” His hands ran through his hair in frustration, “I’m not trying to hurt you!” You wiped your eyes on the back of your hand angrily, “I want you to love me!” He seemed on the verge of tears as well, “(Y/n), I do! I do!” “No, you don’t,” you cried, “and sometimes it feels like I have to fake it.” That was another lie, a baseless claim used to prop up your defences against your insecurity. This time, Jungkook did begin to cry, clearly frustrated at his inability to convey his feelings. “(Y/n), you don’t mean that. Please, tell me you don’t." 

 He grabbed you and gave you a little shake, "what do you want me to do? I’ll do anything!” You wormed against him, crying and beating his back. “I fucking hate you, Jungkook! Get off!” But he was too strong and he squeezed you to his chest, which you could feel heaving with his own sobs. “Please don’t hate me, please… I love you, I love you so much.” And his words broke you down even further, finally melting against him. 

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  "You know what, Yoongi? Sometimes you have the amazing ability to make me feel so small.“ And then you burst into angry tears. You tried your best to halt the flow, biting down on your lower lip, fists clenched at your sides, but it did little. 

Yoongi’s face had gone from infuriatingly indifferent to guilty. "No, (y/n), please don’t cry. I’m so sorry.” In a flash, he had you in his arms. You wriggled, mostly embarrassed about your emotional state. “Get off, Yoongi!” He only held you closer. 

“No, please let me say sorry." 


 ”(Y/n), I don’t ever want you to feel like that. I can be harsh sometimes, I’m really sorry, but I love you. You know that, right?“ 

 You exhaled slowly, allowing your head to drop to his shoulder, "I love you too." 

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  "I get it, Tae! You are a friendly guy, you like to be liked by everyone, but why the hell are you friends with someone you know hates me?” “(Y/n),” he began, his eyes wide in exasperation, but you held up a hand. You weren’t finished. “If you were just polite to her, that would be fine, but you’re defending her when I tell you all the hell she’s put me through! Do you have any idea how lonely it is eating by yourself at lunch? Do you? No, you don’t. Let me say, it is probably the worst feeling in the world and it’s something that really should stay in high school, okay?" 

His head was bowed, his lower lip caught between his teeth, "I’m sorry, baby.” You turned away, suddenly tired from venting, “don’t call me that right now.” In response, he embraced you, pulling you to him tightly. “No,” you groaned tiredly. “I’m not letting you go until you forgive me. I’m so sorry. Really, I am. From now on, I swear, I’ll always be on your side. Always. I promise."  Those words almost sent you into an emotional breakdown. They were exactly what you needed to hear. As for the unwanted hug… Of course, Taehyung was one to needle. He’d pick and pick and pick until you either exploded or relented. Right now, as you rubbed your temples trying your best to alleviate an increasing headache, you realised that you had no choice but to relent today. It was more for him than you. He felt bad, that much was clear and Taehyung was never disloyal. "I forgive you,” you conceded sincerely. “I love you,” his whispered into your neck.

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  "Why would you say something like that?“ Namjoon blinked, "oh, I was just messing around.”

  "No, that’s private.“

 You were bristling, "I told you that it was private." 

"You’re right, you’re right. I messed up.”

 He was holding up his hands in truce. Still, you were upset. Folding your arms across your chest, you turned away. “No. I’m still angry." You could hear him chuckle and the sound had you whipping about, ready to scold him but Namjoon suddenly swept you into his arms, "you’re so cute!”

 "No! I am most certainly not! Put me down!“ 

 "No, I physically can’t. You’re too much!”

 You couldn’t help but feel a smile growing as you felt his laugh vibrate through his chest.

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  "Oh, my gosh, (y/n), get off! You’re so annoying sometimes.“ It wasn’t said playfully. His words were harsh and biting, most likely originating from stress. It hurt all the same.

 "You’re so sensitive all the time, I was just playing,” you whispered, lower lip trembling. Jimin had already realised his error and was moving toward you again, arms outstretched. You turned your body away from him, “no, if you don’t want me to touch you, I won’t.” Despite your protests, Jimin wrapped himself around you, burying his face in your hair. You pushed against his chest half heartedly, the deepest part of you enjoying your proximity. 

“(Y/n), I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it. Please.” He pulled you against him tighter until you finally relaxed. 

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 You had had a hard day. It left you depressed and wanting nothing more than to curl up on your bed with your laptop. As you entered your apartment, you heard your boyfriend greet you from the living room. “Hey, baby!” “Hey,” you called.

 There was a few seconds pause. Ordinarily, you’d go to him and sit with Hoseok on the couch for a good hour and he must have noticed you not coming because after a couple of moments, Hoseok rounded the corner. 

“How was your day?” he asked concernedly. You attempted a smile, “long." 

"Want to talk about it?”

 "No, not really.“

 "Aw,” he looked hurt and you could see him approach, arms positioning themselves ready to embrace you. “I really just want to be alone right now,” you said quietly, before he came. Hoseok, visibly conflicted, found himself at a loss, letting his arms drop to his sides. He watched you begin to turn and head for your room. Finally, he called, “baby, please. I don’t know how to comfort you any other way.” With a sigh, you returned and allowed yourself to mould into his open arms. 

 Maybe it was a little better than sulking in your room.

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After Midnight

Winchesters x Dean’s Daughter!Reader // Cas x Reader

Warnings: Blood, torture, language (as usual)

A/n: Reminder that requests are open.

Forever tag list: @Freaksforthewin , @thewinhunter, @cambriacaneatnoodles, @brokennoone , @youtubehelpsmesurvive , @chrisevansthedoritobastard , @winchesters-favorite-girl , @we-know-a-little-about-a-lot @godh8salyssa @thewinhunter @dean-baby-Winchester @straightasdeanwinchester@animexchocolate

“Look man. I can only please one person per day. Today isn’t your day and tomorrow doesn’t look too good either.” Opening your mouth to smile, all the bastard in front of you saw was your bloody mouth.

He must’ve not appreciated your smart ass remarks, which you’d been spitting out for a good hour and a half now. Taking one look down at his bloody fist, of course with your blood, you knew it was about to connect with your somewhat swollen face. But you couldn’t stop there, you were into deep already. Besides, being a smart ass was in the family.

“Damn, now that.” You spit out a fair amount of blood. “-that was a good hit.” His face was scrunched up again, another swing was coming. “Wait. I think we got off on the wrong foot. Just because my dad’s Dean fucking Winchester you have to be all ‘Hulk Smash!’ and beat the hell out of me? Why don’t we try some non-angry acts, huh Bruce Banner?” A loud sigh came from him as he turned away from you. “For example: there’s no angry way to say bubbles. Maybe that can be our safe word.”

Just as you finished, a sharp object connected with your cheek. You couldn’t You just don’t know when to quit, do ya kid?“ The son of a bitch was bent down in front of you, giving you an intimidating look.

"Never say never. That’s my motto.” Maybe he wasn’t too happy to hear you hadn’t learned when to shut your damn mouth. I mean- it wasn’t 100% that you knew that’s how he felt, but you got a strong feeling when he took the knife from his hand and stuck it all as far as it would go into your thigh.

The loud scream that came from you…you had no control over it.

“Float like a butterfly on fire and sting like a demon with daddy issues.” Between each word was a grunt filled with pain and blood.

“You’re a Winchester-” oh you couldn’t help but cut him off.

“Ten points to Griffindoor. You learn something new everyday.” This time he ignored your remark, realizing him backlashing wouldn’t get him anywhere.

“You’re family were the last ones seen with the demon tablet. Meaning you know where it is.” His words sunk in. There was no way in hell he was letting you out of here alive either way. The tablet was too important, and you’d no doubt run to your dad to tell him to protect it.

“You’re a smart girl. So why don’t you tell me where it is, and we can forget this.”

“Sometimes I use words I don’t understand so I can sound more photosynthesis.” There was no way in hell you were going to tell him where it was.

This was the final straw. Obviously you weren’t about to spill the beans, and he knew that. With both of his hands he tore the top left corner of your shirt, exposing a part of your chest

“You’ve got to at least buy me dinner first.”

Your words were ignored. From the corner of your eye you could see something, a lighter. Shit. Maybe you should’ve kept your mouth shut, as if it were possible.

The pretty perfect lined design on your chest was completely exposed. The second the lighter clicked on you could feel the heat rising near your skin. Then it began.

For a short amount time you held in your screams as the fire burned away at your flesh, ruining the black ink on your skin and disfiguring it at the same time. The scent of burning skin rose to your nostrils.

“Remember that safe word?” Your entire face was sweating, the heat easily continued rising to your face until the lighter clicked off.

“Finally realized what’s good for you?” The smile he wore showed pleasure in winning.

“You can shove it where the sun don’t shine, cupcake.” A wide smile was on your face.

“I wouldn’t be smiling if I were you.” The lighter you had grown to hate clicked on again.

“Why wouldn’t I? My crazy uncle everyone warned you about is behind you.” The second the bastard turned around, Sam drove an angel blade into his chest. “It’s about time you guys got here.” Behind your uncle came a storming and pissed off dad. Dean.

“Mind telling me how the hell you ended up in this little situation?” He was right to put it on you. After all, you’d snuck out to go to a high school party. Being 17 was hard…

“I suck at using nice words and Friday is my second favorite word that starts with an 'F’.” From behind your back, a sharp knife was placed on the bindings holding your hands and sliced upwards to free you. “I would say I’m sorry but- I got the party gene from you”

Cas inspected your body, you told him he wasn’t allowed to come up and “bless you with his grace” randomly. He needed permission from you. Not Sam. Or your dad. But you.

“Overall, she’ll be fine. The burns on her chest will need to be treated and the knife will need to be taken out for the wound to be healed and prevent further damage. But she’ll live.” As always he wore a clean trench coat and his blue tie that you loved to mess with.

“Thanks doctor Cas, but I was thinking about living with the knife in my leg. We’ve kind of become intertwined some might say.” Just as you were finishing your sentence, Dean reached down and yanked it out when you were least expecting it. Cas followed right behind him and healed it so it was closed and wouldn’t bleed.

“Son of a-” your dad hated when you cussed. “bubbles.” Sure your leg hurt, but you weren’t about to be a weakling and rely on people to help you walk.

“Well, there officially no way to deny her as my kid.” Your dad followed behind, along with the rest of the Mystery Gang.

“She’s been a badass and a rebel teen who sneaks out for years now.” Sam just acted un-phased by this, there were too many times he had to bail you out in the past.

“Wait- years?”

That night daddy Dean discovered how much like him you really were. Anddddd you were “grounded” for a good month. As if that stopped you from doing what you wanted.

Seasons (Interpreted by a High School Band Kid)
  • *Summer*
  • Me: *Drools over Drum Corps* WHEN DOES BAND START? WOOO BAND CAMP
  • *Fall*
  • Everyone else: Omg. Hoodie weather, cuddle weather, football season c:
  • Me: MARCHING SEASON IS GONNA KICK BRASS. Finally get to wear my band hoodie! Frick yeah. Long bus rides and pep band! Let's eat all the marching tacos and cup of noodles at competitions
  • *Winter*
  • Everyone else: Why tf is it so cold? Guess we'll watch a basketball game or two. I hate the snow.
  • Me: INDOOR SEASON. WGI HERE I COME. *cries bc of all the beautiful shows*
  • *Spring*
  • Everyone else: Well, it's one season closer to summer again.
  • Me: Let's goooooo pre-season! I can't wait to find out what the show theme is! Ahhhh leadership auditions *cries* BAND CAMP CAN'T COME SOONER.
Earn Your Trust

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request: Maybe you could write something about enemies to lovers? or y/n and H used to be together but y/n had done something really bad and he makes it hard for her to earn his trust/love back?

thanks for requesting this and sorry it took me so long to write it, i hope you like it (:

“So the media dug up yours and Harry’s past and are having a field day with it?” My stylist, Jeana, said as she finished curling my hair.

I sighed. “Apparently so, but I don’t get why what happened when we were kids is even relevant now.”

“You aren’t stressing over it, are you?” She asked me, looking at me in the mirror.

I shook my head. “Not really. I haven’t even spoken to him in years. The only time I’ve seen him in person is when we’re at the same events, and he hasn’t been to any big ones since his break started.”

“He’s back now though,” Jeana’s assistant stylist, Nicolette, spoke up. “And I’m pretty sure he’s going to be at the charity event tonight.”

My eyes got wide. “Please tell me you’re joking.”

She chuckled. “Nope. You’re both celebrity ambassadors for the charity, I’m surprised you didn’t know he was coming.”

I went to rub my face out of stress and Jeana swatted my hand away. “I did not spend almost half an hour on your makeup for you to screw it up because you’re nervous about seeing your little boyfriend tonight.”

“He’s not my boyfriend!” I raised my voice, immediately regretting it. I sighed again. “Sorry, Jean, I-I just… I don’t think he wants to be anywhere near me.”

“What happened between you two anyways?” Nicolette questioned.

Just then, Helen, my manager, and my security guard named Harris came in.

“Time to go!” Helen clapped her hands together excitedly. She noticed that I wasn’t nearly as excited as she was and her smile dropped. “What’s wrong, y/n?”

I rolled my eyes. “I’ll explain in the car.”

The charity event was in full swing, the charity’s founder had already spoken and she announced that both Harry and I were here, so I knew that he had shown up. I hadn’t seen him yet, though. And the fact that I could run into him made me more anxious by the second, but not for a reason most people would think.

“You look like you’re going to puke,” Helen joked. “Just calm down, you guys will probably just ignore each other or something.”

“What if I don’t want him to ignore me?” I said, surprising her. “What if I want things to be okay between us again?”

She examined my face, making sure I was being serious. I definitely was.

Helen exhaled. “Y/n, if you want to talk to him, then do it. The worst that can happen is that he ignores you, or walks away. And yeah, that would really suck, but you’ll survive.”

“Aren’t you supposed to give me good advice?” I jibed.

She playfully shoved me, and I set off to find him. Harry would be over what happened by now, right? I mean, it happened while we were in middle school and high school, there was no way he was still holding a grudge against me. Right?

As I was looking around for him, I accidentally bumped into someone.

“Sorry,” We both said in unison, then looked at each other in shock.

There, standing in front of me, was Harry. Though he looked older that he did the last time I saw him, he still looked like the guy I’d known back in our school years. His look of shock turned to one of extreme distaste, and mine turned into a frown.

“Um, how have you been?” I tried, hoping it would make him not look like he hated me.

He laughed sarcastically. “So now you want to talk to me?”

“What are you talking about?” I said, confused.

He looked at me as if I was the biggest idiot he had ever met. “Don’t play stupid, y/n, you know what happened. And yes, it may have happened when we were younger, but you know that once people lose my trust it’s hard for them to earn it back. Much less my respect,”

All I could do was stand there, dumbfounded. He chuckled, shaking his head and walking away. He actually, genuinely hated me. I’ll admit, what I did wasn’t right, but we’re adults now. And at one point, we were best friends. How could he just treat me as if we didn’t once care about each other?

I walked back to Helen, her smile falling once she saw how disappointed I looked.

“I’m guessing it didn’t go well?” She asked.

I shook my head.

“Aw, I’m sorry,” She said as she hugged me. “Maybe you could try again? I could get his number for you, and you can talk to him and ma–”

“No, it’s fine,” I interrupted, pulling away. “He looked at me as if he hated me, I doubt he ever wants to talk to me again.”

She pulled her phone out. “Well, I’ll get it anyways and whether or not you use it is up to you.”

It had been a week since the charity event, and of course all that was on my mind was Harry. I just wanted to make things right, but how could I do that when he so obviously wanted nothing to do with me? I lay in bed, staring at his contact on my phone. Maybe I should try texting him, and if he really doesn’t want to talk then I’ll leave him alone.

I exhaled, then sent him a text.

hey it’s y/n

I locked my phone, deciding to watch tv and not get my hopes up that he’s even answer. About fifteen minutes later, my phone went off. I unlocked it and saw that he did answer me.

Great, now i have to get my number changed.

I scoffed. Was he serious? I took a deep breath, chalking his fowl mood up to him just holding his grudge still.

look harry ik i messed up and everything but that was so long ago and i’m willing to make it up to you

Hm… I don’t think I saw an apology in that.

omg stop being such a pretentious prick and let me apologize in person, i at least owe you that much

Wow, I had no idea you actually had a backbone.

But I don’t know about that, you could just be trying to mess with me.

why would i do that to you? why would i be basically begging for you to give me a chance to apologize just to screw with you? just let me try to earn your trust

I guess you wouldn’t go that far…

Fine, we can get lunch or something.

thank you, i promise all i want to do is make things right

I walked into the place we agreed to have lunch at, looking around until I found Harry sitting in a booth towards the back. I sat down in front of him, nervously looking at my nails.

“I believe you had something to say to me?” He said expectingly.

I gave him a look. “I’m not saying anything until you drop this dickhead act. This is so unlike you, and we both know that.”

He looked at me for a second, then sighed, his harsh expression softening. “Fine,”

“Anyways, I’m sincerely sorry about what happened. I shouldn’t have abandoned you like I did, and I apologize.”

He waited, as if he expected more. When I didn’t say anything else, he rolled his eyes. “That’s it? You only apologize for leaving me alone?”

“Is that not what I did?” I questioned.

“That’s not even half of what you did.” He said firmly. “I had moved to America and started seventh grade in the middle of the school year. I had no one, until you and I became friends. And towards the end of our freshman year of high school, you left me for these kids who everyone wished they were. Everyone but me, of course. They treated me like shit, y/n. And you left me for them.”

“I get that I left you, but I didn’t treat you like shit. So why do you hate me more that you hate them?” I asked.

He laughed sadly. “Don’t you get it? Not only did you abandon me, you being my only friend, you just stood there as they bullied me day in and day out, all because I was a little different. And you never once stood up for me, y/n. Not even once.”

I sat there, dumbfounded yet again. He was completely right. I didn’t stop them when they treated him awfully. I was such a shitty friend.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I watched one roll down his cheek. “I’m so sorry, Harry. I’d give anything to go back and change it.”

He shook his head as he wiped his tears away. “And on top of all of that, I had feelings for you. I still did, even after what happened. I hated that they wouldn’t go away no matter what you did.”

I looked at him in shock. “You did? Harry, I had feelings for you too. Holy shit, I was such an awful person.”

“Yeah, you were,” He chuckled. “But so was I, and I’m sorry for treating you like that.”

“It’s fine,” I waved him off. “The way you acted towards me wasn’t unwarranted. I kind of deserved it.”

Harry looked at me for a moment, then said, “Can we start where we left off? You, know, before all the drama?”

“You want us to act like we did when we were fifteen and sixteen?” I gave him a questioning look, though I was obviously joking.

He chuckled. “No, I just meant can we be super close again? Or maybe even more than super close?

I beamed at him. “Yeah, I’d like that a lot.”

if you have any ideas for other imagines you’d like me to write feel free to request them, requests are always open x

Wrong Love Pt.1 Eddie kaspbrak X Reader AU

Summary: Richie knows that you have been dating Eddie for almost 2 years now but he hates seeing you with him vice versa (Eddie dating you/ You dating Eddie) so he tries to become something with your weird love triangle. But when Richie does something caused by jealousy when seeing you and Eddie together doing something it causes a fight.

Pairings: Eddie Kasprak X Reader, Richie Tozier X Reader

Warnings: Fluff, jealousy, cursing, Fighting, totally not something from Stranger Things ep.6 heh ;)

Requested: Yes

Song: Fools by Troye Sivan and Bad Liar by Selena Gomez

A/n: I don’t know what to say but this just makes the introduction longer lol and I changed the age of everyone to being like 17/18 bc why not lol I mean they are Seniors in High School in this fan fic 

Everyone knew that you and Eddie were together, but there was always the occasional Richie saying that you didn’t deserve Eddie when you would get in fights. Beverly was the only girl to know that Eddie was biesxual and that he liked Richie. There will always be a love triangle between you Eddie and Richie, you hated it. But at the same time you still had mixed feelings. You really did like Richie as a friend but past that it was weird, he was confident around you and Eddie obviously didn’t like the fact that Richie liked you. I mean seriously, his best friend liking his girlfriend. That’s cliche, super cliche. But when you guys were Juniors in highschool it was still the same. Richie trying to impress you and the typical cliche shit you would find in highschool movies.

          “Oh my god Eddie stop it!” You whispered as you tried to defend yourself from the flying popcorn being thrown at you in the movie theater. “You payed to watch this now stoooop” You grabbed the popcorn bag from him, “But I’m hungry Y/n!” He called out. “Fine” You said with a smile as you gave him back the food. You guys went back to watching the movie that was scaring the crap out of both of you. He ended up holding your hand the entire during the movie, you would squeeze his hand from fear and he would look at you cutely. You would just melt from the soft boy that was beside you the entire day long. He felt like a dream that was too surreal and perfect to happen in your lifetime. He was the moon and stars to you. 

              When you guys were leaving the somewhat crowded movie theater it was pouring down rain, and the drive back to your house was calming from just looking outside of the car’s window. “You okay?” Eddie said as he quickly looked over at you still trying to focus on driving. “Yeah” You smiled. “Good”. 

                     The next day during school it was weird, everyone looked at you differently. This freaked you out a little bit, like seriously for all we know someone could have said I have fucking cancer. Even your friends that were like family to you acted differently. “Is everything okay?” You asked Bill, “R-Richie” He muttered as he scratched the back of his neck. You sighed and rolled your eyes a bit when he said his name. You knew Richie had to have said something about you since you were earning inconsiderate looks from a bunch of people, “What did he do this time” You asked while closing your locker. You huffed quietly preparing yourself for the mass destruction Richie always causes. “H-he said so-something about y-you” Bill stuttered out. “Well that’s just lovely, right Bill? Richie will just have to see what happens next” you said with a sarcastic fake smile. “Oh n-no Y/n please don’t go talk to him a-about this”, before you could walk away Eddie walked up to you and Bill. “Hey guys” he said with a smile on his face. “Hey..” you said. Eddie furrowed his eyebrows. “She knows” Bill mouthed to Eddie, he nodded then you looked at both of them. “Seriously” You said with a scoff then walked off to go to your 4th period. “She sometimes reminds me of a salty witch” Richie said as he walked up to them looking at Bill and Richie as they were watching you walk off. “Dude seriously” Eddie said as he looked at Richie and hit his shoulder lightly. “Whatever”

     During lunchtime you sat at your regular table with Stanley and Mike, you didn’t know each other like an open book that well but you still knew each other existed. And it only happened because of that one day when you met them when Eddie dragged you to meet them. He thought you would like them all and you did, but this did cause some fights. Like when Bill said you were giving off “Bad vibes” or when Richie said that you were hot. You just shook off those comments that you received and kept your head up. You liked the group and wanted to join in, and you did thanks to Eddie. “Hey guys” You said smiling as you set your food tray on the table and sat down. “Did you hear?” Stan said as soon as possible when you sat next to him and in front of Mike. “About what?” You poked at your food for a bit before eating a baby carrot. “Seriously, how does she not know…Literally the entire school is talking about what ‘he’ said” Stan gave Mike the look of “Shut up” and Mike shrugged it off. “Richie?” Stanley said trying to see if you already knew. You rolled your eyes from the annoyance of everyone trying to tell you about this. “I know he said something about me but I don’t know what the hell the walking trashbag said” “Language” Mike mumbled. “Does Eddie know?” Stan nodded as he started to eat some of the school food. Stan finished eating and so did you, but Mike was going up to the lunch line to get more food. You shook your head and slightly giggled. “So…What did he say?” You said as you looked at him

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(Perfect G.i.f for what it would look like)

     “Do you really want me to say?” Stanley said then Mike got back to the table and sat down putting his bag of chips and bottled water on the table. “To be honest, this kind of feels like a dream. I would never think of Richie to do this to me…” You sighed when you said that. “It’s going to be fine Y/n” Mike said with a weak smile. You smiled back. “Y/n, Richie said that you were a basic-” He paused for a moment looking at you making direct eye contact “he said that you were a basic b-bitch who doesn’t deserve Eddie” They both looked at you for your reaction. Your emotions were ready to explode but you hide them, “S-seriously?” You didn’t know how to react with all the million emotions and thoughts. “But Y/n, people are just quick to believe the bad things they hear about good people. So it could be just a rumor…” Mike said quickly just to help tend to the scars that were just caused by a close friend. 

         The rest of the day you were wordless but tried to act ‘okay’. You tried to convince yourself that he was just jealous your relationship with Eddie. Even when your walk home with Eddie, Bill, Mike, Stan, Ben, and even Richie it was quiet and some small talk was made. Eddie tried to hold your hand but you flinched at the touch of his soft hand making contact with you. “S-so” Bill said trying to break the awkward tension. Everyone knew what happened and you felt like the center of attention, you hated being the center of attention. The first one to get to their house quickly was Ben then Mike. Richie had seemed to have the same mixed feelings as you. You kind of regretted ever joining their friend group. “Y/n? Are you coming home with me?” Eddie said quietly to you as you were walking close to his house. You snapped back into reality when Bill nudged you trying to get your attention back to Eddie. “S-sure” You said. 

To be continued…. 

Your Eyes Look Like Coming Home - Bughead Fanfic

A little idea that came to me based off of a post by @jandjsalmon so thank you for the burst of creative energy I needed! 

Also I want to start taking prompts so if you have any, please feel free to send them my way! :)


People spend their whole lives waiting until the day they can see the world in color; the day they finally meet their soulmate. Sometimes it takes years, decades, nearly lifetimes until you meet that one special person.

Unless, of course, you’re Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones who have both seen the world in color since they met each other when they were two years old. Everyone always says that they’re so lucky to have met when they were so young, that they have their whole lives to be together and in love. There’s just one teeny tiny problem.

Betty and Jughead hate each other.

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Not ready.

♡ ♡ ♡ 

From the moment she entered high school all everyone ever talked about was sex. Riley could clearly remember the first time she ever heard it be so casually discussed. She was sitting in the girl’s locker room, lacing up her gym shoes when two other 9th graders walk in. They were not so subtly discussing what they did over the weekend and the smaller of the two, a red head she recognized from her English class, was ecstatic that she had finally “lost hers.”

Once the two girls are out of sight she looks over to Maya and raises her eyebrows, “what did she lose?”

“I’m guessing her virginity.” Maya answers with a nonchalant shrug.

Nothing else was said about it. No further explanations or clarifications. Still, Riley had a hard time believing girls in her grade were already having sex. She was still getting over the fact that her boobs had come in and suddenly she was thrown into this new world where her classmates were having sex and drinking alcohol and she couldn’t help but wonder if her own circle of friends were worrying about the same things too. Better yet, if they were engaging in those activities and just keeping her out of the loop.

That night she couldn’t stop thinking about the overheard conversation from the locker room. So while her mother was stirring the pot of whatever stu she was making, Riley got up the courage to finally ask the question that had been burning a hole in her mind.

“Mom?” She hesitates, staring down at her homework. “Can I ask you something…personal?”

“Sure honey.” Topanga replies, not really giving it much thought. “Feel free to ask me anything you want.”

There’s a bit of silence between them until Riley decides its best to just get it over with. Rip it off like a band aid. “When did you lose your virginity?”

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anonymous asked:

I know ppl are asking this a lot and I know it's a lot to ask for but what about hc where jacks and marks egos are in high school Like favorite subjects, relationships, who hates who, why do they get in trouble for idk And u is amazing btw

hell yes high school au yes please 🙌

  • dark: psychology, poetry, rivals with author, tolerates warf and anti, punctual, always dresses his best, probably class president.
  • wilford: journalism, best friends with author, runs the school’s newspaper, knows everything about everyone pretty much, a bit of a fashion icon.
  • author: creative writing, rivals with dark the most, best friends with warf, loves spending time in the library, very brooding. 
  • goog: computer science, robotics, tends to be by himself, spends most of his time in the computer lab, enjoys talking with anti about technological stuff.
  • yandere: culinary, shy af, dark is probably his senpai, loves making food for his friends, enjoys people watching.
  • anti: electronics, video game design, loves to annoy dark, will babble on and on about video games, hosts mario kart nights at his house.
  • schneeplestein: anatomy, german, probably a foreign exchange student, gets a bit hysterical when he gets a ‘b’ on his tests, enjoys seeing marvin’s magic shows.
  • chase: sports management, plays too many sports, always invites everyone to his games, gets along with everyone pretty much, the jock.
  • marvin: drama, theater, loves showing off his magic skills, won the talent show last year, tries his best.
  • jackieboy man: drama, does gymnastics, likes to perform in plays, secretly making his own superhero outfit just in case he gets powers, very outgoing, gets along with chase and wilford.
  • American Education System: You have to dress in front of people. Who cares about physical ability; everyone is equal RIGHT?
  • Students: Um-
  • American Education System: You take more than 5 standardized tests in your life and you even pay for some!
  • Researchers: But students have stress levels that are through the roof-
  • American Education System: You get up at 5:00 a.m for school and only choose a few classes of your choice!
  • Science: But the brain isn't fully functioning until 10:00 a.m-
  • American Education System: Lol what's anxiety? Go speak in front of everyone. Oh, you sprained a finger? Go and be exempt from P.E and get special care from all classes!
  • Students: WAIT NO-
  • American Education System: Girls are a distraction; take away their right to actually comfortable yet stylish clothes! Think about the young boys!
  • Girls: We're missing school because of this-
  • American Education System: Why are students so moody?
  • American Education System: Why does no one like school anymore?
  • American Education System: Why aren't students getting straight A's?
  • American Education System: Why is no one happy?
Hate, Drink, Love

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Nafla laughed seeing the grimace on your face every time you passed by the bar. “Why does everyone like to smoke indoors? I can’t stand the smell.” You covered your mouth and nose with one hand and held onto Nafla’s jacket with the other so you wouldn’t get lost.

Looking over at you he could see how you were holding your breath. “You could just breathe through your mouth.”

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Meet the Ackles - Part Three

Aesthetic by @whatthecastiel

Part One | Part Two

Pairing: Eventual Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Uhhhh… none? 

Words: 1.8k

Summary:  Reader is an actress on the show Supernatural, and is attending a convention in Houston, when she misses her flight back home, and ends up stranded in Texas. Her Co-Star, Jensen Ackles, being the gentleman he is, offers to let her stay with him and his family in Dallas. Y/N and Jensen are barely work friends, let alone close enough spend a week together at Jensen’s childhood home. Seeing Jensen with his family might just change how the reader feels about her “just on screen” love interest.

A/N: Ayyeee part three! If any of you would like to be tagged in the future just shoot me an ask! I will be making a series master list soon!

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Empty Place

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader

Prompt: (anon request) Can you make an image where Reid is secretly in love with the reader and he always acts weirdly around her. One day when Penelope is exposing(?) the case the reader finds out that an important old friend died and she’s destroyed so Reid tries to solace her and he takes care about her more than ever, he tries to make her laugh and other things… love how you write❤️

I hope you like it anon! Also, this is unbeta so please excuse any mistakes! 

“Hey it’s me Y/N. I am coming back home for a case, so I was wondering if we could hang out after that? I was thinking of taking a week off, so maybe I could stay at your place and we could spend some time together? It’ll be fun and we haven’t really seen each other for a long time. So call me back when you’re free. Bye.” She ended the voicemail, still frowning over the fact that her best friend didn’t take the call. she shove my cell back in, joining the team as Penelope showed up on the screen.

“Hello my lovely crimefighters! I just got an ID on our last victim. Her name is Olivia Carter-“


The team turned to Y/N in confusion, but she didn’t notice it though. All her focus was on the tech analyst, who was looking confused as everyone. “Did you just say Olivia Carter?”

“Yeah, she was reported missing this morning by her husband-“

“But I talked to her last night. There’s no way that she is the victim Garcia.”

“The dentals matched and the clothes she had on matched the ones reported… oh my god,” Garcia gasped, suddenly understanding why Y/N is reacting this way.

“No, you’re wrong Garcia. There is no way Olivia is dead okay!” Y/N screamed, her body shaking. Spencer, her boyfriend, quickly gets up and tries to reach out to her but she flinches away. Spencer slows down, holding his hands to show that he means no harm. “She can’t be died,” Y/N whispers, whether to her and to the team is unclear.

“Y/N,” Spencer calls out, dread in his voice as she doesn’t respond to him. He can see how pale she became, and her body doesn’t stop shaking. He quickly grabs her when her legs give out. She doesn’t move away from him, but instead buries her head against his chest and lets out painful sobs. He shields her away from the team, who thankfully divert their eyes away from them. They knew how much Y/N hated to show her weakness to anyone, yet they needed to know everything about their victim, and Y/N is the only one right now to provide answers.

Spencer looked up to the rest of the group with teary eyes, noting the guilt and pity on their faces. Hotch looked grim, looking like he didn’t want to do this yet he knew he has to. JJ came forward and rested an hand on the grieving girl’s body, silently trying to comfort her. “Y/N, I am so sorry,” Hotch felt guilty for what he was about to do. She looks up at him, red eyes filled with pain. “But you were the last person to talk to Olivia, so-“

“Hotch do we need to do this right now?” Spencer spit out, his eyes bright with fire as he stared at his boss. Couldn’t he give her some time to grieve before he asked questions?

“No,” Y/N whispered, her voice cracking. “We need to do it right now to catch that son of a bitch.” She reluctantly turns her body away from Spencer, but he doesn’t let go of the arm on her waist. Morgan, Rossi and Blake were giving her such pitying looks that she forced herself to look at her boss’s sympathetic eyes. She felt JJ close to her, thankful for her friends’ silent comfort.

“Did Olivia tell you where she was going the last time you talked to her?”

“She said that she was at home. It was late at night, I think around 11 when I called her, so she always made sure that she would be back at home before 10. She said it was because of my horror case stories that made sure she would always go back to home at night.” A nostalgic smile is on Y/N’s face as she remembered an horrified Olivia as she talked about her cases and why should always be careful. It quickly shifted into an heartbroken expression, and Spencer yearned to comfort the woman with all he could. But he knew that this was important, so he kept quiet but he reassured her by gently rubbing her back in comfort.  

“What did you and Olivia talk about last night?”

“She wanted me to come back home,” she answered, fresh tears streaming down her face as she remembered the excited voice of her best friend. “She always tells me that though, but this time she was excited about something. She wouldn’t tell me on the phone, but she was clearly happy about something.”

“How long have you known Olivia?”

A lost look comes on Y/N’s face, her eyes not focusing on the present. “She is-“ she stops to take a deep breath to not let the cry come out. “She is my best friend for 25 years now. She is almost like my sister, you know. I knew everything about her and vice versa. She was so mad at me when I left our hometown, but she understood. She always did, no matter what.”

No one correct Y/N’s use of present tense, keeping silence as Hotch continued to take on the lead. “Do you know anyone who would want to hurt Olivia? Her husband perhaps?”

“No, Percy would never do that. They were high school sweethearts, everyone in the town knew that they would get married when they started dating. No, Percy could have never-“ she broke off, looking away as new way of grief washed over her. What was going to happened to Percy now?

“So whatever Olivia did, the entire town would know about it?”

Y/N solemnly nodded, sniffing as she wiped the tears on her cheeks. “It’s why I wanted to leave. Someone’s business was everyone’s business in that town, and I hated that. There was no privacy and everyone knew everyone. I shouldn’t have left, then Olivia wouldn’t-“

“Hey listen to me,” Spencer interrupts, cupping Y/N’s face to force her eyes to meet his. “It’s not your fault Y/N, don’t ever think like that.”

She slightly nodded, leaning into Spencer who continued to hold her. The rest didn’t say anything for few minutes, feeling remorse for what their friend is going through. Hotch cleared his throat, either trying to regain the attention of Y/N or get a grip of his own emotions, Spencer didn’t know.

“Usually, I wouldn’t have let you be on the case, however I think it would be better if we have your insight. You know this town better than anyone.”

“You really think it’s someone from the town?” Y/N knew that they were right, however it didn’t feel right.

Hotch nodded. “However you won’t be on the field.”

With that and the plane soon landing, the rest of the team shifted to prepare to land soon, but Spencer didn’t leave her for a second. As soon as they land, Hotch pulled Spencer away from the group for a minute. “Reid? After we give our profile, I want you to take Y/N to the hotel,” his boss ordered and received a nod from the genius.

Hotch resisted his urge to sigh as he watched the genius quickly walk next to Y/N, holding her as they walked to the car. The team always tried to not make a case personal, however this was going to be gruesome.


After giving the profile to the police and catching the son of a bitch, Y/N became quiet. Almost too quiet. There was a blank look on a face, but her team could see the lost look in her eyes. Spencer gently urged her to the car, and he became worried over how unresponsive she was during the car ride. However at one point, she told him to take a right. He hesitated at first, but continued to follow her directions as she led him to a park. She got out as soon as the car stop, but Spencer didn’t try to stop her. She walked until she came in front of a particular tree and he stood few feet away as he watched her put a hand on the tree.

“We would come here whenever we wanted to tell a secret,” Y/N spoke out loud, her back still facing Spencer. “This was our safe place in a way, because here we could tell each other everything and know that we would be near hurt by the other person. And now she’s really gone.“

"I am so sorry Y/N.” He took a step closer when she turned to him. Her grief broke his heart, and he wanted to comfort her but he knew that she was still processing the loss.

“I don’t know what to do Spence,” she mumbled, bringing her arms across herself, hugging herself for comfort. “She was terrified of something happening to me, but the opposite happened. I always thought that she would be safe. I feel so empty right now Spencer, I don’t know what to do.”

“When Gideon died,” Spencer started, “All I felt was an empty place in my heart. As time went by, the empty place didn’t go away, but it became better to live with it.”

She takes a step closer to him, allowing him to hug her as she rested her head on his chest. “Thank you,” she whispered. He looked down at her in confusion. “For what?”

“For being here with me.”

anonymous asked:

Man, what the hell happened to you? You honestly look like a homeless drug addict in your latest video. And what... the fuck... is that hairstyle? Two greasy strings and the rest tucked back? Man you peaked in high school and really let yourself go. Are you depressed or something?

mental health really isn’t something to joke about :( sorry you felt compelled to send this. i was depressed for a big chunk of high school and pretty bad last year too. it always comes in cycles but I’ve put a ton of energy into getting better- and it’s worked!! I think my high school self would be really proud of me now, and really upset if I stayed the way I was in high school. everyone does (and SHOULD) evolve. I usually don’t answer these kinds of messages but I hope I can help you find some kindness in your heart. ask yourself why you want to send angry messages. we’ve all been hateful at some point, and it’s usually because of deeper issues. wish you the best,