this is why i hate follow fridays

A Friday night…..

Taehyung: I should go to the gym…

Jungkook: What? Why?….you hate exercising

Taehyung: I know but look at my tummy *pokes his little tummy and Jungkook followes his moves with adoration in his eyes*

Jungkook: What’s with it? It’s soft and cute and the best pillow in the world…now come here ~ 

Jungkook puts his head on it and lets Taehyung run his fingers through his hair, playing with the locks. Hearing Taehyung’s gigglings is the best music to his ears and he just hopes the boy will always love himself the way he is~….just like how he does :3  

bubble bath

a/n: hope it’s okay. love ya beauts


Another stressful day at the office. I’ve been spending a lot of time here, 40 hours a week doing paperwork. I went home every night exhausted and irritated. My boss was an absolute dick. 

He would call me to come into work at noon, and I wouldn’t get off until 10. Luckily for me though, tonight was Friday, and I had Saturdays and Sundays off and next week was my vacation, and then the following week I would be moving into my new position as I had just gotten a promotion, hence why I was so busy. My boss wanted me to finish all this paperwork before I moved up, since he didn’t have any other reliable or responsible assistant.

I had just got into my car, huffing and lighting a cigarette as I drove home. Nate hated that I smoked cigarettes since ‘they slowly kill ya’ and he might have been right, but I only did it on rare occasions when I was stressed.

I walked into the house at a quarter til 11, tossing my keys onto the little table we had by the front door where all our shit piled up. Removing my heels immediately afterwards, my feet killing me, and my legs burning from walking back and forth from my cubicle to my boss’s office to the copy machine, and basically all over the whole entire building.

I walked upstairs towards the bedroom, figuring since it was so quiet in the house Nate was out with the boys. That was our usual routine at this point. The boy and I have been together since we were 15, so 6 years now, we didn’t need to spend all our time together. We always managed to find some time to spend together though, like Saturday mornings, we usually laid around all morning, go a few rounds, by mid afternoon we would move from the bedroom downstairs, to the living room, watching tv, rolling a few blunts and just eating and watching tv and talking until the evening when we would go out with the guys and everyone.

So I was excited to just go up and go to bed, probably relax and watch tv with a bottle of wine, how I usually spent my Fridays.

Taking my hair out of the updo I had from work and shaking out the curls as I pushed the bedroom door open I jumped a bit when I heard a cough come from the center of the room. Bringing my attention to my surroundings, I realized that Nate was standing in the middle of the room in a pair of joggers hanging low on his waist, letting me know that he wasn’t wearing any boxers underneath, and shirtless, with a bottle of wine in hand.

“Nate. What are you doing?” I asked, walking up to him, or more so, wobbling cause my legs killed, and wrapping my arms around him and kissing him briefly.

“I know works been crazy, so I thought tonight I’d be a good boyfriend and stay in with you and take care of you.” he spoke, letting his one hand rest on my hip, looking at me in the eyes.

“Nate, don’t be ridiculous. You’re a great boyfriend. You shoulda went out with the boys tonight.”

“no I don’t mind staying in with you ma.” he spoke, squeezing my side a bit and lowering his lips down to mine. Breaking the brief, sweet kiss he rested his forehead on mine. “how bout a bubble bath for my girl?” he mumbled.

“Nate really it’s fine. I c-”

“don’t argue with me here babe. I already ran the water, now let’s go enjoy our bath and wine.”

I loved when Nate got like this, all lovey and cute and romantic. 6 years together was a long time, so Nate and I have definitely had our ups and downs, some worse than others. Like when he first started getting bigger with his career he started going out way more, and he acted all tough, like he didn’t wanna ‘cuff’ so him and I had a pretty rough time during that period. Eventually knocking some sense into him, we figured shit out and here we stand today.

While he would never admit to acting like this around the boys, I didn’t mind. I loved this side of Nate, along with all the other sides I’ve seen of that boy. 

We were currently in the tub, Nate getting in first and sitting down allowing me to sit in front of him where he wrapped his hands around my chest, particularly grabbing my chest and pulling my back into him so we were cuddling in the warm tub.

He asked me all about my day, listening to what seemed to be the same story I told him every night after work. About halfway through my story he started rubbing my shoulders, giving me a massage that I didn’t realize I needed.

After a lot of time in the tub together I could say I was finally relaxed. I wasn’t stressed over work and certainly not as exhausted as I had been, simply from being drained from any energy I had.

Taking one of Nate’s shirts and slipping that on after the bath I crawled into bed next to him and he immediately threw his arm around me, pulling me into him. Turning on the tv we started watching some movie neither of us had seen. I started tracing invisible designs on his chest, and traced his tattoos as we laid in bed.

“it’s not even midnight and we’re already in bed.” I yawned out. “we’re like an old married couple.” 

“babe, you’ve been busting your ass all week, you probably shoulda been in bed an hour ago.” Nate laughed, turning to face me.

“I’m in bed now, it’s practically the same thing.”

“nah, you need to get your rest.”

“I usually don’t get more than 5 hours of sleep anyway Nate. I’m fine.”

“just saying, I’d rest up for tomorrow babe. I’m planning on us staying in bed all damn day.” he playfully growled, nuzzling his face into my neck and playfully biting the skin, causing me to giggle and try to push him away.

“Nate.” I laughed as he finally looked at me smiling.

“How’d I get so damn lucky?” he asked, rhetorically.

“I ask myself the same question everyday.” I smiled, grabbing his cheeks as he started to lean in, our lips meeting for a sweet and passionate kiss that said i love you.

pulling back I rubbed my thumb along his cheek and smiled, looking at his lips and his eyes and just admiring all the little things about him.

“I love you Nathan” I smiled, my eyes drooping as I got hit with tiredness, ready to pass out at any minute.

“I love you too (y/n). so much” he replied, kissing my cheek and then spooning me. Not even 3 minutes later I was fast asleep.

“thank you for giving me her.” Nate muttered as his eyes closed in his silent prayer to the man who blessed him, and seconds later he fell asleep too.

sometimes idk why I even bother trying with this website and blog anymore.

I feel like I could just go mia for months and nobody would even care. I feel like I am no longer needed. People use to come to me all the time. I use to do sleepover Friday and people would come to me. But then people stopped, so i stopped offering it. I love helping people. And people would interact with me when i posted ask games too or funny stories.The only time large amounts of people talk to me is when I am giving blog rates.  The more followers you have the less fun it becomes. Idek what to do anymore. Or how to make my blog fun again. Do ya’ll even like my blog? or am I just here? 

I miss you, guys. A lot.



Why do people never fail to understand how easily excited autistic people get? I’m told oh yeah we’ll go get you a new phone today because you have the money now, sends me through the roof excited! And what do I come home with…nothing! And your mother wonders why you’re crying WELL IT’S BECAUSE YOU GOT MY HOPES UP AND DIDN’T FOLLOW THROUGH! I’m a vulnerable, very impressionable person and this experience is going on my list of the possible worst days ever.

Something similar happened to me today, or yesterday if you’re technical. It’s friday in which we always have nachos and I always have whatever leftover we have (or a sandwich) because I hate nachos, sensory hell for me tbh. 

Anyways, they said we had to wait for them to come home. In which I came upon the unfortunate explanation that they were bringing something with them, like fast food that they knew I liked. They didn’t, I cried, I got the ‘you’re a spoiled kid’ act and it was all pretty horrible.

 Situations like this happens to me way too often, and I’m always afraid to say something because if I just say that ‘I’m sensitive’ they’ll laugh it off, and if I say it’s because I’m autistic they’ll complain about me ‘using your autism to your advantage’ like it’s such a bad thing. 

Idk, I just wanted you to know that you’re not the only one! I hope you feel better soon, and that you get that new phone!