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I am boycotting Tumblr for September 1st, 2017 to protest the lack of action against white supremacist and neo-nazi users of the site.

I will be logged out for the entirety of Friday, starting at midnight EST this evening. I encourage my followers to do the same and make a post explaining why.

@staff, please get your shit together. Uphold your community guidelines and terminate blogs that are blatantly promoting hate speech. This should be a higher priority than fancy fonts. 

Sincerely yours,

A Child’s Love

(A/N): Hahaha this is long and horrible but I love it.

Pairings: Maria HillXReader

Request: Could I request a Maria Hill x female reader? They are already dating, and while on a mission, Maria and reader find an abandoned child (probs 2 or 3 years old) with no sign of the parents, so shield puts the couple in charge of watching them until they locate the parents. Maybe Maria is all hesitant and even a little nervous around the toddler since she’s never been around one before and reader is there to help her through parenting? Hope my idea makes sense

Warnings: Angst, This shit is long

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Maria and (Y/N) were currently on a mission in northern Canada, getting intel, taking care of some Hydra agents and cleaning up messes with SHIELD. It had been a hard mission and both were ready to go home since they had been gone for almost two weeks. They finished downloading the intel onto a flash drive before making their way downstairs in the warehouse and they both relax, happy their mission was finally complete. “Ready to go home?” (Y/N) asks as they walk around debris and Hydra agents that were scattered across the ground and Maria gives a small huff of air.

“Yeah, I’m in need of pajamas and a Netflix marathon.” Maria claims as she sticks right beside (Y/N) and they give a chuckle and a nod.

“Agreed, maybe I’ll make you those pancakes you always-” (Y/N) is cut off by the sound of glass falling to their left and both Maria and them instantly pull their guns out, ready to shoot whatever is there but what they see is not what they expect. (Y/N) instantly holsters their weapon at the sight of a little girl, no older than three, hiding behind a shattered sign, scared expression clear on her face. They slowly begin to walk towards the girl and she pushes herself behind the sign, in attempt to hide herself more and they raise their hands up in a surrendering position. “Hey sweetie. It’s okay, I’m not going to hurt you.” (Y/N) coos out as they sit on the ground a few feet away from where she’s hiding and Maria watches with intrigued eyes at the interaction. The little girl peaks out from behind the sign and (Y/N) gives a more than friendly smile. “Hi, what’s your name?”

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bubble bath

a/n: hope it’s okay. love ya beauts


Another stressful day at the office. I’ve been spending a lot of time here, 40 hours a week doing paperwork. I went home every night exhausted and irritated. My boss was an absolute dick. 

He would call me to come into work at noon, and I wouldn’t get off until 10. Luckily for me though, tonight was Friday, and I had Saturdays and Sundays off and next week was my vacation, and then the following week I would be moving into my new position as I had just gotten a promotion, hence why I was so busy. My boss wanted me to finish all this paperwork before I moved up, since he didn’t have any other reliable or responsible assistant.

I had just got into my car, huffing and lighting a cigarette as I drove home. Nate hated that I smoked cigarettes since ‘they slowly kill ya’ and he might have been right, but I only did it on rare occasions when I was stressed.

I walked into the house at a quarter til 11, tossing my keys onto the little table we had by the front door where all our shit piled up. Removing my heels immediately afterwards, my feet killing me, and my legs burning from walking back and forth from my cubicle to my boss’s office to the copy machine, and basically all over the whole entire building.

I walked upstairs towards the bedroom, figuring since it was so quiet in the house Nate was out with the boys. That was our usual routine at this point. The boy and I have been together since we were 15, so 6 years now, we didn’t need to spend all our time together. We always managed to find some time to spend together though, like Saturday mornings, we usually laid around all morning, go a few rounds, by mid afternoon we would move from the bedroom downstairs, to the living room, watching tv, rolling a few blunts and just eating and watching tv and talking until the evening when we would go out with the guys and everyone.

So I was excited to just go up and go to bed, probably relax and watch tv with a bottle of wine, how I usually spent my Fridays.

Taking my hair out of the updo I had from work and shaking out the curls as I pushed the bedroom door open I jumped a bit when I heard a cough come from the center of the room. Bringing my attention to my surroundings, I realized that Nate was standing in the middle of the room in a pair of joggers hanging low on his waist, letting me know that he wasn’t wearing any boxers underneath, and shirtless, with a bottle of wine in hand.

“Nate. What are you doing?” I asked, walking up to him, or more so, wobbling cause my legs killed, and wrapping my arms around him and kissing him briefly.

“I know works been crazy, so I thought tonight I’d be a good boyfriend and stay in with you and take care of you.” he spoke, letting his one hand rest on my hip, looking at me in the eyes.

“Nate, don’t be ridiculous. You’re a great boyfriend. You shoulda went out with the boys tonight.”

“no I don’t mind staying in with you ma.” he spoke, squeezing my side a bit and lowering his lips down to mine. Breaking the brief, sweet kiss he rested his forehead on mine. “how bout a bubble bath for my girl?” he mumbled.

“Nate really it’s fine. I c-”

“don’t argue with me here babe. I already ran the water, now let’s go enjoy our bath and wine.”

I loved when Nate got like this, all lovey and cute and romantic. 6 years together was a long time, so Nate and I have definitely had our ups and downs, some worse than others. Like when he first started getting bigger with his career he started going out way more, and he acted all tough, like he didn’t wanna ‘cuff’ so him and I had a pretty rough time during that period. Eventually knocking some sense into him, we figured shit out and here we stand today.

While he would never admit to acting like this around the boys, I didn’t mind. I loved this side of Nate, along with all the other sides I’ve seen of that boy. 

We were currently in the tub, Nate getting in first and sitting down allowing me to sit in front of him where he wrapped his hands around my chest, particularly grabbing my chest and pulling my back into him so we were cuddling in the warm tub.

He asked me all about my day, listening to what seemed to be the same story I told him every night after work. About halfway through my story he started rubbing my shoulders, giving me a massage that I didn’t realize I needed.

After a lot of time in the tub together I could say I was finally relaxed. I wasn’t stressed over work and certainly not as exhausted as I had been, simply from being drained from any energy I had.

Taking one of Nate’s shirts and slipping that on after the bath I crawled into bed next to him and he immediately threw his arm around me, pulling me into him. Turning on the tv we started watching some movie neither of us had seen. I started tracing invisible designs on his chest, and traced his tattoos as we laid in bed.

“it’s not even midnight and we’re already in bed.” I yawned out. “we’re like an old married couple.” 

“babe, you’ve been busting your ass all week, you probably shoulda been in bed an hour ago.” Nate laughed, turning to face me.

“I’m in bed now, it’s practically the same thing.”

“nah, you need to get your rest.”

“I usually don’t get more than 5 hours of sleep anyway Nate. I’m fine.”

“just saying, I’d rest up for tomorrow babe. I’m planning on us staying in bed all damn day.” he playfully growled, nuzzling his face into my neck and playfully biting the skin, causing me to giggle and try to push him away.

“Nate.” I laughed as he finally looked at me smiling.

“How’d I get so damn lucky?” he asked, rhetorically.

“I ask myself the same question everyday.” I smiled, grabbing his cheeks as he started to lean in, our lips meeting for a sweet and passionate kiss that said i love you.

pulling back I rubbed my thumb along his cheek and smiled, looking at his lips and his eyes and just admiring all the little things about him.

“I love you Nathan” I smiled, my eyes drooping as I got hit with tiredness, ready to pass out at any minute.

“I love you too (y/n). so much” he replied, kissing my cheek and then spooning me. Not even 3 minutes later I was fast asleep.

“thank you for giving me her.” Nate muttered as his eyes closed in his silent prayer to the man who blessed him, and seconds later he fell asleep too.

5 questions for Friday

1. Anybody else hate how after you do an Internet search for something like a parka, ads for parkas follow you around the Internet like the Babadook?

2. What do you think of parkas on men in their late 40s? (Asking for a friend.)

3. Any of you ever feel that although the universe is indifferent to our strivings, we must strive nonetheless?

4. Do you ever look at your child and think, who is this weird little human, whom I love with my complete heart, and why does he keep throwing beanie boos at my head?

5. Do you ever feel not so fresh?

-go to orientation: I am an orientation leader for all you incoming freshman this year, so of course I want you all to go to orientation, but in all honesty, I found orientation so fun and it really made me love campus! Also, it helps you figure out your way around campus and meet new people!

-get a locker: If you aren’t living on campus, a locker can be really helpful. I mostly use mine for storing my winter jacket, textbooks and lab coat and goggles in between classes! I don’t want to be carrying all that all over campus!

-don’t buy food: During my first semester of uni, I bought food almost every day. Apart from it being incredibly unhealthy (um hello New York Fries Braised Beef Poutine <3), my wallet suffered. I have been a bit better this semester. I still buy supper on campus when I’m staying late but I usually bring my own lunch. Yay me!

-used textbooks: I don’t understand why people buy textbooks new. If you’re using it for only a semester, who cares if the pages are bent or the cover is torn. I used sites like Kijiji, Bookmob, Chegg, as well as friends for finding the cheapest textbooks!

-find classes ahead of time: make sure you take the time to find your classes before they start! I hate walking into a lecture and trying to find a seat when the class has already started. Also, find the best routes in between classes because once winter has hit, you’re gonna hate going outside.

-sit near the front: don’t worry about being a keener. I find that sitting near the front makes me more engaged in the class and keeps me from chatting too much with my friends. (even though I still do oops)

-have breaks with friends: I love my breaks with my friends. It helps you forget about the stress of school for an hour and you can just catch up. It’s fab. 

-friends/support group: I can’t even begin to tell you how much I need my friends in university. They are going through the exact same thing as you so they are great for ranting to (or crying or hyperventilating y'know). 

-stay at school to do homework: I don’t know about you but if I go home right after school, I just go on tumblr or watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians for like 8 hours straight. Alas, my homework doesn’t get done. Therefore, I usually stay at school and try to get all my work done there. Uni has such great studying places. If you go to the University of Alberta, try fourth and fifth floor of CCIS and of course, my favorite Cameron Library.

-keep organized- Stay on track, keep all your notes organized, keep up with textbook readings etc etc. You know the drill.

-ratemyprof: The professor you get really determines your grade in the class. Research the type of notes he gives, how hard his tests are, his accent (I’m horrible at understanding accents!), how easy he marks, flexible office hours etc.

-make friends: I’m not a posterchild for this tip because I definitely didn’t make many new friends last semester. I tended to stick with my high school friends but I did make a couple of new friends! If you are going to a university with no one you know, definitely just start chatting to people in your lectures. They will be so grateful that you did!

-go to class: It is so easy to skip classes at university. Nobody will notice and nobody cares. However, I find that going to class is really beneficial. It forces you to keep on top up of all that new information and you can hear the profs explain things which is usually pretty helpful (sometimes not). 

-sorority: I’m not in a sorority right now, but I did do rush (recruitment) and I absolutely loved it! I’m definitely going to be joining this year and I’m super excited. It’s such a great way to feel involved in university and meet new people (and boys just saying– hey frat boys!)

-grades: study lots and try your best but your gpa doesn’t define you. You will accomplish everything if you are determined. Your health is more important than your grades. 

-live: I know that the most important thing about university is your grades but do you really want to spend these four years just studying? When you exit university, you are going to be an adult and your are going to be in the real world. So why not just relax a bit and enjoy your last years of freedom. Sometimes you need a few nights out of a month to enjoy what life has to offer. For example, me and my friends devote every friday (termed Friday Funday) to explore the shops around campus and eat at a new restaurant. Sure, we could be studying and saving our money, but we look forward to every friday and it has become such a fun tradition. 

I guess what I’m trying to say, is that follow these tips but don’t put a lot of stress on yourself. I hated the thought of university but once I started to relax and get acquainted with it, I fell in love. University has so much to offer. It is full of so many new experiences. I know that I always said how much I love high school but university is truly so much better. Say goodbye to cliques and drama and say hello to a whole new life (and cuter boys #holla).

A Friday night…..

Taehyung: I should go to the gym…

Jungkook: What? Why?….you hate exercising

Taehyung: I know but look at my tummy *pokes his little tummy and Jungkook followes his moves with adoration in his eyes*

Jungkook: What’s with it? It’s soft and cute and the best pillow in the world…now come here ~ 

Jungkook puts his head on it and lets Taehyung run his fingers through his hair, playing with the locks. Hearing Taehyung’s gigglings is the best music to his ears and he just hopes the boy will always love himself the way he is~….just like how he does :3  


O Lord Jesus Christ! Why didst Thou will to be sold by the wretched Judas? My son, I willed to be sold, that thou mayst be bought with my Precious Blood.

O Lord Jesus Christ! Why didst Thou pray so long in the Garden of Olives? My son, I prayed to the Father, that He might spare thee from His wrath.

O Lord Jesus Christ! Why didst Thou will to enter into the Passion so worried and frightened? My son, I worried, that thou mayst be at peace.

O Lord Jesus Christ! Why didst Thou will to be bathed in a sweat of Blood? My son, I willed to sweat Blood, that thy sins might be washed away.

O Lord Jesus Christ! Why didst Thou will to be arrested by the wicked soldiers?My son, I willed to be captured, that thou mayst not be held captive by the devil.

O Lord Jesus Christ! Why didst Thou will to be bound by the wicked soldiers? My son, I willed to be bound, that I might break the bonds of thy sins.

O Lord Jesus Christ! Why didst Thou will to be denied by Saint Peter? My son, I willed to be denied, that in Heaven I might not deny thee before My Father.

O Lord Jesus Christ! Why didst Thou will to be deserted by Thine apostles? My son, I willed to be abandoned, that I might be with thee all days, even to the consummation of the world.

O Lord Jesus Christ! Why didst Thou will to suffer calumnies? My son, I willed to be detracted, that thy sins might be forgiven.

O Lord Jesus Christ! Why didst Thou will to be spat in the Face by those most vile creatures? My son, I willed to be spat in the Face, that thy soul might be cleansed of its stains.

O Lord Jesus Christ! Why didst Thou will to have Thy Body broken by scourges? My son, I willed to be scourged, that thou mayst be spared of the eternal scourges of Hell.

O Lord Jesus Christ! Why didst Thou will to be mocked as a fool before Herod?My son, I willed to be mocked, that thou mayst be spared of humiliation before the whole world at the Last Judgment.

O Lord Jesus Christ! Why didst Thou will to be hated by the Jews more than Barabbas? My son, I suffered the hatred of the Jews because thou hast abandoned Me to follow the devil.

O Lord Jesus Christ! Why didst Thou will Thy Precious Head to be pierced with thorns? My son, I willed to be crowned with thorns, that thou mayst receive the everlasting crown of glory in Heaven.

O Lord Jesus Christ! Why didst Thou will to carry the Cross? My son, I willed to carry the Cross, that I might bear the weight of thy sins.

O Lord Jesus Christ! Why didst Thou will to taste of the vinegar and gall? My son, I willed to taste of the bitter drink, that thou mayst taste the happiness of Heaven.

O Lord Jesus Christ! Why didst Thou will Thine arms to be stretched out on the Cross? My son, I willed Mine arms to be outstretched, that they might embrace thee.

O Lord Jesus Christ! Why didst Thou will Thy Hands and Feet to be nailed to the Cross? My son, I willed them to be nailed to the Cross, because thou hast used thine own hands and feet to commit sin.

O Lord Jesus Christ! Why didst Thou will to be lifted up upon the Cross? My son, I willed to be lifted up, that thou mayst be lifted up into the Kingdom of Heaven.

O Lord Jesus Christ! Why didst Thou will to be crucified between two criminals? My son, I willed to be crucified in the midst of criminals, that thou mayst be seated in the company of the angels and saints.

O Lord Jesus Christ! Why didst Thou will the wicked soldiers to divide Thy garments? My son, I willed them to divide My garments, that thou mayst be clothed in the garments of salvation.

O Lord Jesus Christ! Why didst Thou give Thy Mother to Saint John?  My son, I gave Her to him, because there is nothing on this earth that is so great as My Mother.

O Lord Jesus Christ! Why didst Thou will to thirst? My son, I willed to thirst because I so thirst for thy soul.

O Lord Jesus Christ! Why didst Thou cry out in a loud voice and bow Thy Head and die? My son, I cried out and bent My Head low to call thee, that thou mayest return unto Me.

O Lord Jesus Christ! Why didst Thou will thy side to be pierced with a lance? My son, I willed My side to be pierced, that thou mayst enter therein, and take refuge in My Heart, for I love thee so, and every time that thou shouldst commit sin, each time would I be willing to die for thee.

We worship and adore Thee, O Lord Jesus Christ! And we thank Thee. We are most vile, most wretched, and full of sin. Upon hearing these things, we are filled with fear and trembling. Who would imagine the Lord most divine, spotless and infinite, would come down to earth to become Man, and become a finite and mortal Creature. That the Lord who had not to suffer anything, would will to suffer one hundred times one thousand bitter pains for us. That the Lord who is Immortal, would will to die for us. That the most glorious Lord, would will to be humiliated thus. All of these things, O Lord, for whom didst Thou suffer them? Ah, it was for my sins! Me, Thy most pitiful servant. And yet I fear not my sins. I hate them not. I love not suffering for my God. I love not my God more than myself and above all other things. O my soul, why is this so?

* This is a Vietnamese devotion dating back as far as the 17th century. They are chanted in the manner of versicles and responses as the faithful venerate an effigy of the Lord and kiss His feet on the evening of Good Friday. In some places, following the questions the faithful pose Our Lord, He in turn lists His complaints, to which the faithful reply: “My Lord, I have nothing with which to respond. I simply ask of Thee, O Lord Jesus, who hast ransomed me, to have mercy on me.”

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Just honestly, do afterhours like every Friday and before we start, give like a Warning like they do in Jackass or those stunt shows. It's your blog and it's funny because it's all speculation, pretty sure your followers have been curious and will read it anyway someone just always wants to the be *spongebob meme* YoU DoNt EvEn KnO HiM wHy ArE yOu SaYiN sUcH nAsTy ThInGz . but they are the same people that are all up on the tea w/ his gf hating on her clicking those hearts, yeah I see you lol


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thanks. i did the warnings and tagged everything so that it could be blacklisted by those that dont want to see it too! so im just like damn yall! personally, i think i’m still leaning on the side blog it keeps my ocd at bay lol!

Meeting the Pack Pt 3: Control is The First Step

Part 1

Part 2

Stiles has barely left your side since the morning, turns out you guys had almost identical schedules. 

As you walked down the hall you could tell he was watching you every move, you couldn’t tell if it was sweet or creepy. 

“Stiles as nice as it is finally having a friend, but could you not watch my every move?” You were on your way to art and you were one hundred percent positive he wasn’t in your class. 

“I’m just making sure you don’t start showing,” he paused and leaned closer to you, “wolfie powers at school.” 

“Stiles you need to go to your own class.” You forcefully turned him around and pushed him back towards the main hallway.

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The Change In My Life

Chapter 1

Chapter Two- Stalker:

“Nitrogen.” I said after being called on by Mr. Moore, our teacher.

“Correct. You really are something, (Y/N).” He smiled and I smiled back at him. I felt bad for him. Before I came here he had to deal with EXO all alone. He was a sweet old man and he truly did nothing to deserve that. Although, they weren’t as bad as I once thought, I still disliked them. Well, I still disliked Sehun. The event of our meeting has surely made me despise him. The bell rang and I sprinted out of class. It was Friday. I had to get home. Friday’s were the days my dad got off of work early. I barely ever saw my dad.

“Sehun’s girlfriend!” Shouted Chen and I groaned. I hated him calling me that. I hated calling him that. Some of them decided to make up nicknames. It was stupid. I didn’t understand why they couldn’t just go by their  real names. “I know you heard me!” He said again, I kept walking. Whenever they called me “Sehun’s girlfriend” the following statement usually has something to do with Sehun and I can’t talk about him without wanting to punch something, usually him. I felt a hand grab my arm and turn me around. “Ya, are you deaf?” Jongdae screamed and I pulled my arm away to cover my ears.

“I am now!” I shouted and he sighed in annoyance. I didn’t care. It’s been only a few days since I met EXO, I was definitely not their friend, not yet. “I have to get home.” I said and started walking again.

“I’ll walk you.” He stated and started following me. I groaned again. 

“Don’t. I don’t want any of you to know where I live.” I said, loosing my patience. I have to see my dad, and my dad can’t see Chen. He hates the thought of loosing me. We’re all the other has. He is my whole life. 

“What’s wrong with that? Afraid we’ll show up in the middle of the night and eat you, you know cause we’re vampires?” He laughed at his own joke. I didn’t find the reference to our meeting very funny. I never found any of them funny. My dad was funny. I had to see him. I started walking faster.

“If you don’t stop following me, I’ll call the cops.” I said flatly, not stopping the swift movement of my feet. 

“Oh? And what will you say?” He snorted, wrapping an arm around my shoulders. I shook it off immediately.

“That you’re stalking me.” I said, frustrated. He made a face of mock terror.

“Oh no! Sehunnie’s girlfriend is gonna get me arrested for walking her home.” A smirk crossed her face after saying that. “If you don’t want me to walk you, I could always call Sehun.” He was playing me. And it worked. I’d rather Chen who would introduce himself as a friend than Sehun who would say he was my boyfriend. 

We approached my door the same way we walked to my home, in complete silence. At the beginning he tried to talk, but I didn’t answer. “You can go now.” I said after we reached my door.

“You’re not going to invite me inside?” He smirked.

“Never in a million years.” I snorted. If I could avoid my father seeing him, I would.

“Fine, I’ll go. See you tomorrow.” He smiled.

“Tomorrow is Saturday.” I said in confusion.

“I know. Now that I know where you live, we can hang out on the weekends.” He said with a smug smirk. Before walking off. 

I groaned for the third time today before opening the door and entering the house.

“Who was that?” My dad said, his tone filled with anger.

“No one. A class mate.” I stated quietly. My dad’s hand lifted and before I knew what was going on, I felt a stinging in my cheek. He slapped me. This happened sometimes. I never minded, I knew he just had a bad temper. That’s why mom left, she didn’t like his temper, all he has is me. I can’t leave too.

A/N- well that escalated quickly lol. Hope you are enjoying these! 

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Seeing you so active, made me want to send in a little headcanon :) Headcanon where you're a student trying to sneak out at night to get to the library, but you get busted my the one and only, Severus Snape.


You turn slowly, your face filled with horror as you realize you’ve been caught.

“I believe that this is probably a record. You are literally five feet from the common room door.” Snape stares down at you, his lips pulled back in a sneer. “You don’t do this often, do you?”

“Sneaking out?” you ask, your voice shaking. “N…no.”

“And why, exactly, were you deciding to go on a midnight jaunt?” Snape asks, his voice eerily calm.

“Well, I just realized that I left a book I needed for my homework in the…library,” you finish lamely, knowing full well that he’s just going to tell you that the library is closed up tight anyway so there’s no reason why you should be sneaking about.

Instead, he says this: “Well then, come along.”

You gape at him for a moment before you force your legs to move and follow him down the dark hallway.

“R…really?” you stutter.

“Well,” he replies, with a shrug, “you obviously need to get something in exchange for the detention you’re going to be doing with Filch on Friday night, and I would hate for you to miss an opportunity to finish your homework…”

You flush with irritation at the mention of the detention but bite your tongue to keep yourself quiet. It seems he’s going to get you into the library after all, so really, he’s right.  The trip is quiet, and Snape pulls out a ring of keys to open the doors to the darkened library.  “Go on, then,” he says, gesturing with his hand, “get your book and return to me when you are finished.”

You run down the darkened aisles with your wand in hand, trying not to let the shadows play tricks on you, and grasp the book from its place before running back.  As you reach the door, you stumble, and he grasps your elbow roughly to keep you from falling.

“You’d better take care of that book,” he says, his eyes glittering. “It’s school property, after all.”

You gulp and nod, following him back to your dorm with the book grasped tightly against your chest.

“Good evening,” he says, almost cordially, as you step into the door to your common room. “You can see Filch on Friday after class for your detention.  I hope the book was worth it.”

You look up at him, your eyes shining and nod. “Yes. It was, thank you, Professor.”

And before he can say another word, you’ve bounded into your common room, heading towards your room to start your work.