this is why i dont go in public with them

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reapers + undertaker and their teen child edition headcanons?

*screams* im still a teenager so this feels HECKING WEIRD to write

Parents To Teenagers: Reaper Edition (with Undertaker)

-she’s not a regular mom she’s a cool mom
-“if u break my son’s heart i’ll break your face”
-“lemme take a pic of you two” “moooommmmm you’re embarrassing me”
- is heartbroken once her baby starts being embarrassed by her

- (dad that all his offspring’s friends have a crush on lmao)
- busy but is one of those parents who still attend PTCs
- his child sends him memes, he is bamboozled
- calls them “sport” like he’s jay gatsby or sth

- treats his kids like friends once they reach teen years
- “what do you mean i’m too old”
- kinda like grell tbh IM NOT A REGULAR DAD IM A COOL DAD
- his kid’s gonna go emo and he’s just gonna get major flashbacks to his own youth

- “i dont trust that kid jeremy” (idk why he named his kid jeremy okay stop)
- ruffles their hair in public
- “but why do you need a new phone” “because it’s old dad” “it still works though doesn’t it?”

- if his kid is into sports he’ll practice with them AND HE WILL HAVE NO MERCY

- “you have to be back home by 10PM alright? I need you to swear to me”
- lowkey follows his children everywhere
- “DAD YOU’RE EMBARRASSING ME” “Im just worried about you”
- gets social media just so he can follow his children, he gets blocked

Ten Soulmate AU

Soulmate AU where you and your soulmate share the same pain

  • hello whos ready to suffer
  • jk i wont make another angst
  • at least this one wont be
  • shall we start
  • its funny how one moment you could be just fine and the next youre in a serious amount of pain
  • like so much pain you could barely walk
  • “y/n you should really get that checked out”
  • “what? im fine! dont worry about me doyoun-aHHH CRAP”
  • “told you so”
  • “shut up doyoung or im goin-OK I NEED TO GO TO THE DOCTORS PLS HELP”
  • so you went to the doctors to see if it was anything you did but turn out its your soulmate who is inflicting this pain on you
  • and at first youre like ‘ok cool’ but then youre like ‘wHY HAVENT THEY GONE TO THE DOCTORS YET WTF’
  • best thing the doc could do was give you pain meds
  • so here you are, walking with doyoung when you see some street dancers
  • “damn theyre so good”
  • “theyre good but im better”
  • doyoung then proceeds to make a fool of himself
  • and the best worst part, people were staring
  • and not in the same way the people were staring at the actual dancers
  • “just to clarify, i dont know him”
  • so you just walked limped away from your embarrassing friend
  • but your limping didnt go unnoticed
  • a certain tai dancer noticed but he didnt approach
  • he instead helped the hot mess that was trying to dance
  • “hey hey bud um no lets not do that”
  • “ok fine ill stop showing my awesomeness. thank you to all my fans watching”
  • “where did y/n go???”
  • man he must have really been into it if he didnt even notice you leave
  • “your friend? they left a few minutes ago but they didnt look too good are they ok?”
  • “actually we just came from the doctors office because theyve been having knee problems”
  • “…wait why am i telling a stranger this?? Y/N WHERE ARE YOU!!”
  • he eventually caught up with you
  • “dont make a fool of yourself in public again”
  • anyways
  • ten is standing there after yall left
  • and hes like “hmm knee problems maybe i should ask them for any tips on dealing with the pain”
  • oblivious af
  • so its been a week since that day
  • if you ever meet your soulmate youre throwing fists
  • not just because theyre making you go through all this pain but for not taking proper care of themselves
  • you havent been outside in ages because of your knee
  • but doyoung thinks some exercise should benefit you
  • so he takes you out for a walk when yall see those street dancers again
  • “doyoung i s2g if you start dancing im leaving”
  • thankfully he doesnt
  • and at the end of their routine ten notices you guys
  • “ahh! youre the bad dancer!”
  • “yep thats me! wait what do you mean by bad?? im a godsend”
  • “what ever you say doyoung”
  • “y/n if i wanted to i could tickle you and you couldnt run away”
  • yeah its time to shut up
  • “y/n are you his friend that has a knee problems?”
  • “yes i am but its technically not my fault. my soulmate has a problem with taking care of themselves”
  • “wow thats a shame i was going to ask you if you could help me with my knee problem but i guess i cant ):”
  • …wait
  • doyoung reacted before you could and punches your arm
  • you and ten are both in pain now
  • thats when one and one clicked for ten
  • remember how you were going to throw fists? well thats exactly what you do
  • “pls stop hurting me ;-;”
  • “why havent you gone to the doctor?? your knee has to be killing you does anyone know about your knee? do you know how much pain youve put me through, mentally and physically? ive been worried sick about your knee and you bet your ass we’re going to the doctors right now”
  • thats when he slows you down and pulls you into a kiss
  • “im sorry about putting you through that much pain i didnt really think that much of it but lets go to the doctors now, ok?”
  • “stop being a cutie i s2g ill hit you again”
  • cue a laughing ten and a flustered y/n
  • ok im going to call it
  • this one is a lil long lmao
  • thanks for reading bebs!
  • byee

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i work in a library where there are public toilets. people INSIST on using them right up to closing even though we have a sign saying that they close 15 mins before close. today after closing time a woman literally went up to the sign, read it, checked her watch, tried to go in anyway and then rolled her eyes at me when i told her they were closed. also people who spend like 10 minutes in there drying their hads... like...WHY. JUST GO HOME. I WANT TO GO HOME. dryers dont even dry hands anyway.

i just saw a tweet comparing kavinsky to riko/drake and i need to RantTM bc how Wrong can u get lmao. tw suicide and mentall illness lets go

first of all!!! motherfuckers!!!!!!! why do u hate mentally ill people??? secondly!!!! are you aware of this insane notion!!!! that people can make Mistakes? and you dont even gotta forgive them!! you just gotta Understand!! Listen, YOU GOTTA

i know, i know you dont want to!! its easy to write off violent people as abusive, its easy to go against people displaying negative symptoms of mental illness! it’s easier to hate someone but LISTEN its toxic as fuck and you’re feeding a toxic and disturbing ideology. 

kavinsky was a fucking KID, he was a teenager!! do you realize how self destructive he was, do you realize!!! he committed!!! fucking public suicide!! yall singing support for suicidal ppl but villainize the kid who literally had a mental breakdown and set himself on fi r e

i know its fucking hard 4 u to comprehend that ur faves aren’t The Greatest and Purest but guys what!! all ur fucking protagonists, all ur “good guys” were judgemental Assholes to kavinsky :))) gansey literally called him soulless :)) does that remind you of a description of someone else from the aftg series?? ya no it wasn’t drake or riko. it was actually ur precious andrew :)) remember when nicky called him soulless also???? ahahah but naaaah kavinsky is most like riko and drake bc??? hes the antagonist and yall cant grasp nuance and dubious morality ok!!!! idk why yall are under the impression that kavinsky was treated well as a mentally ill character or even that he was written well. i dont even understand how u can compare trc and aftg when literally the only characters who would fit in the atfg world are kavinsky and ronan and adam and trust me, none of them would be the antagonists or compared to riko and drake.

heres the thing. kavinsky never canonically raped anyone so dont compare him to a fucking rapist who preyed on kids. i know i know!!! he said that consent is overrated!!!! guess what!!!!!!!!!!! it makes him a dick but it doesnt make him a rapist. 

kavinsky is manipulative, hes self destructive, god knows he lashes out violently but hey!! HEY!!!! those are symptoms! of! more! than! one! mental! illness!!!! im sorry but you can’t!! you fucking cant cast kavinsky as ur psychotic antagonist if you fail to understand that psychosis is a real life thing. destroy ur idea of the soft cushy mentally ill aesthetic. mentally ill people lash out violently. mentally ill people are irrational, we can be manipulative. i know yall love ignoring the more uncomfortable symptoms of mental illness and you love your “not all mentally ill people are violent!!” rhetoric but guess what!!! some of us are!!!! don’t cast us aside bc its easier to embrace the parts of mental illness that u can grasp

kavinsky was a queer, mentally ill, suicidal teenage boy who lashed out and finally killed himself because the person he was in love with said he wasn’t enough and never would be. you realize that right? that kavinsky killed himself. he took his own life purposely. and when he died, everyone forgot him, he was barely mentioned again, what a great moral to that story

yall keep pulling out made up assumptions out of ur asses but forget that kavinsky put himself out there for ronan, who knows how long he spent teaching ronan how to be a dream thief and he hoped and he wanted ronan to stay with him but ronan said no, ronan said this was never going to happen, after using kavinsky to learn how to control his dreams, he said “it was never going to be you and me.” i love ronan but god that was a dick move

kavinsky was so obviously in love with ronan and yes, his love manifested in manipulative and manic ways but please for the love of GOD stop demonizing this kid. LISTEN if you’re chill with andrew drugging neil without his consent bc andrew’s trauma has made him paranoid but you drag kavinsky, ur a fucking hypocrite. was kavinsky Moral and Good?? god no. does he deserve suicide and being called abusive and a rapist? no!!!! people change, people grow up, people go to rehab!!!!! the fact that kavinsky never even had a fucking chance is the most tragic thing in this entire god forsaken series

in conclusion, fuck all of you who conveniently forget kavinsky saved ronan from the night horror and taught him how to control his dreams and all he got was a fuck you and a dismissal. dont fucking come near me if you’re okay with andrew from atfg but demonize kavinsky bc ur fuckign trash 

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Why people still have doubts?Talking abt hiding rs when gf is scared to come out, C literally said: "Ive LEARNT that in situation like this all you can do is love them - so just love her". C couldnt mean general situation when bf dont want to go public coz i doubt there's a guy that wouldnt want to parade C around as his gf &if he is just a playa, C would never say u should love him. It wasnt abt friend's coming out either,its not an issue for a platonic rs,u should be understanding abt...So


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the DDADDS game was made by a team of lgbt people and isn't affiliated with game grumps outside of hiring them for voice work for the sake of making the game popular. the revenue will go primarily to the production team. telling people not to support it hurts lgbt creators. please dont spread misinformation

oh okay? i didn’t know that. they really should just kick those guys out though if they don’t wanna make a lot of their player base uncomfortable. making a game with lgbt themes by an lgbt crew with Those Guys in it is a really really bad move. playtonic gave the boot to jontron for being a racist shithead and if these guys really wanna make a game that lgbt people feel comfortable and safe playing they should kick out the guys who thought “cis” meant “ooogughh a term meant to OFFEND PEOPLE XDDDD”. 

22 Tips for findom...

Here are my personal tips:

1. Let them come to you. Dont go posting on their wall anything like “hey I saw you peeking, why not say hi?” If they are interested, they will contact you. You can scare them off calling them out in public.

2. Approach subs with respect. Don’t attack them with attitude and brattiness right off the bat. Some really arent into that.

3. ASK THE SUB WHAT HES INTO. Major one. Makes everything easier for you in the end. Ask what his kinks and limits are.

4. Don’t post a fuck you pay me status. And I really dont suggest posting a status about tributes yet, as you are so new. That can also turn them off. Only post when you have piggies to call in the stables!

5. Understand the fetish. Google it, read a book, blog, ask another domme. Be informed and knowledgeable. This is NOT a get rich quick scheme. I am here because this is fun, not because I NEED the money…

6. NEVER SAY NEED. You do not NEED anything. You WANT everything. You are a spoiled brat and they will try to get your attention to no avail with gifts.

7. Don’t be fake. Dont be mean if you arent mean, dont be nice if you arent nice. Dont change yourself or the way you are comfortable domming because you think it will bring you more $$$. Findom is about having fun and being spoiled. Having subs amuse you.

8. Its not all about tribute. Be here because YOU ENJOY THE KINK. If you come here expecting $$$ and no work involved, you will not succeed for very long.

9. ABSOLUTELY DO NOT DEMAND TRIBUTE WITHIN THE FIRST HOUR OF TALKING TO A SUB!!!! That is hugeeeeeeeeeee! A lot of subs will contact me and ask why I havent demanded a tribute yet. My answer? Because its NOT all about the money and a relationship this important requires a lot of getting to know each other and feeling comfortable with the relationship.

10. Be able to be approachable. Talk in chat, get to know people, have a good welcoming attitude. AVOID DRAMA. Major sub repellent is drama!!!

11. Keep negative details about your vanilla life out of your d/s life. Major buzzkill. Def dont post statuses about it either.

12. NEVER EVER EVER post a status about how you aren’t doing well here, or how subs are wasting your time. Thats just a no no.

13. FD_Verify works really hard to keep this free for us, appreciate her.

14. Findoms has its own economy in a way & it does fluctuate. You will have good weeks, GREAT weeks and for sure you will have terrible weeks! (Some who have been here forever might believe otherwise because they have worked hard to build themselves up)

15. Work hard, play hard. Its nearly 6am and I have yet to sleep yet. Ive been up working on my website, pictures, videos, youtube, so much work. Be dedicated. Subs admire that. I get comments all the time about it.

16. Make a website.

17. DO NOT POACH A SUB!!! Always look at the profile and check ownership status. Stay away from owned subs.

18. Nudity. Nudity is not allowed from dommes. No exceptions. You may post your butt in panties, but honestly. Dont post anything you wouldnt want a boss or family to see. Being nude/sending nudes/ doing nude cam shows does not get you quality subs, if it gets you any. That is not what findom is.

19. Always post tributes you recieve from a sub. It makes them feel appreciated. Even if the caption is something like “this loser could do better.”

20. AVOID PAYPAL. They are not supportive of the “adult industry” and they WILL close your account with money in it, no notice. Greendot money packs, nite flirt, gift rocket & amazon gcs are all you should say in public.

21. Don’t expect to start getting tributes when you sign up. It takes a while. Dont get upset if you arent getting tribute, and dont let that bother you. Seriously. Do not get hung up on that.

22. I feel this is important enough to go back to. Talk to a sub like you would talk to me until you find out what he likes. It shows you are capable of picking their brain. Study them. Pay attention to their kinks. Its not all about you. I mean would you give away money for nothing?

Basically. Have fun, mingle with other dommes, subs. Follow my tips and you should do well! Keep in mind this is my opinion and what works for me some might disagree with!

Let me point out my thoughts.

First if you are an SM stan for over 5years i bet you will understand me very well, I am an SM stan and i think the company management and work is super genuis BUT i see no one more evil than this same company.

Over the years from SM first boybands in a certain points things get for the band in a tight spot that makes everybody lose their mind, if we go back in history you will see every SM boy band get to massive troubles after every SUPER hit.
DBSK mirotic
Super Junior Sorry Sorry
As i said, if you an old fan you will understand my point.

Secondly why i started this Exo and Kai, oh no i mean Jongin, Kim Jongin.
SM loves building up otps, but they get on trouble later when the otp get too close “yunjae, hanchul” and in this point we have Kaisoo, Jongin is pretty close to Kyungsoo i am not a delulu but honestly you wont stare at your bro/bff for longer than 5s, and you wont get all smiley blushy or even sexually frustrated because of them, Kaisoo are a little bit closer than bro.
All the mess and trouble start exactly after the first statement of some “same-sex pair uncovering” then Kaisoo moment start lessen, and becomes distant or at least they put someone between them (victim Suho or lay), then out of the blue Kaistal was born i am not hating on them, but if they were already declared as a couple why dont they go out in public more? Why they shoots comes out only when the public ‘suspect’ something? Why they both dont look 'that’ pleased? Why Kyungsoo at the showcase seem like crying and Jongin seem so hurt and lost?

And honestly Jongin have gone through A LOT, from fans, sm, maybe band members like he is soo targeted i feel like he is a timing bomb that will blow soon.

I think Kaisoo have something, maybe Kaistal are close, and maybe Sehun was just testing and preparing the fans for something.
You can hit me with any question or remark or even criticize you all free

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ur anons should go read the news.. Yixing cant mention exo as the THAAD still isnt resolved, his public image is more at risk than exo's so why would he risk that 2 promote an album hes not even on lmao

good point, theres several reasons why it’s different so i dont get why the anon thinks yixing not mentioning exo is the same as them not mentioning him, when its not.

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apparently a lesbian who made a post about how they (and their fellow lesbians and gay people) arent't allowed to show affection in public the way straight people can because of homophobia is abusive to aces? ok lol maybe aces need to realise i LITERALLY don't care about them and i don't make every post with them in mind lol. i don't care about aces and i don't spend every waking hour thinking about them

You sent this to me why exactly?

I’m not here for discourse, dont try to start drama with me 😩

go be…… Like this elsewhere.

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Currently I'm on summer break and i have about 2 months till school again. Whenever i hear about it i get a sick feeling to my stomach and i feel really depressed. Honeslty i dont know why. What should i do? I cry myself to sleep every night knoeing that i will have to be going to school soon. I tried public and online school. I hate them both equally. Online school makes me depressed and nervous and public school i get bullied and also depressed with anxiety. I dont want to drop out either.

aw i’m super sorry. I don’t really know what to do. maybe if there’s any friends or people you can reach out to at public school or if there’s a way for you to find peace and relaxation within online school? I don’t know i’m sorry. just remember though that it’s not right now. focus on the present, and that’s summer break. just take a deep breath. things are going to be okay.

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To that anon. who brought up NYC again. Listen, do you really have a problem with reading and comprehension???? How many more time it must be repeated. If you have any questions and concerns for NYC, then go on HER BLOG. HER ASKS ARE OPEN. PLEASE THEM THERE. She will respond you as soon as she is on. Don't just jump from blog to blog with your hideous "Why should I believe NYC? … I don't believe her …" GEEEZ, you DONT have to believe her if you don't want to. No one is forcing you to do it. (1)

Yes it seems that they can’t read anon.  14 year olds like my previous anon has failed because he didn’t se Harry and Meghan out in public and all the SUGARS on twitter and Tumblr where excited and thought that they would see that.

Correct We do not force anyone to come here but it looks like they know that there is no relationship themselves but can’t handle it. The last anon is a COWARD anyway because he a chicken and won’t go an leave NYC an ask due to the fact that NYC will humiliate him with FACTS. 

Have a great day anon and just laugh.


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What would GOM + Teppei do when their S/O was crying in front of them?

Well, if GOM + Teppei’s S/O was crying in front of them… I thought it would be something like this~
(I didnt know why they were crying so I just made it up. Gomen~ ◕‿◕)

“______-san please stop crying” You’ll drench my shirt. Don’t worry about it, I’m not mad at all. So please stop crying" Kuroko wipes a tear from his S/O’s eyes.
“It’s fine I’m telling you, really.” Kuroko places his arms around his S/O and gives them a slight squeeze.

“Oi-oi why are you crying? I said I forgive you already. Geez… Ahhh, your still crying?? Stop I’m telling you, its okay. Now stop crying, your hurting my ears. (And my heart heheh)”
Aomine put his hand on his S/O’s head.
“It’s okay.”

“Don’t worry ______. Oha asa’s fortune told me today has good luck for Capricorn. So don’t waste the entire day crying. Come. Let’s go get some ice cream” Midorima took his S/O’s hand and pulled her towards the nearest convenience store.

“Ahhhhhh, ______-cchi stop crying!”
“Gomenasai (I’m sorry) Kise-kun. I… I…”
“Daijoubu (It’s okay) ______-cchi. It’s alright. So stop crying! Or else I-I….”
Kise started to cry alongside his S/O.
“Kise-kun why are you crying?”
“B-Because ______-cchi is crying.”
“Huh? Ahahaha!”
“Why are you laughing _____-cchi?!”
“Nothing it’s alright now. Thanks for cheering me up Kise-kun. Let’s go get something to eat.”

“______, why are you crying. There is no need to shed meaningless tears in public. Now please dont make me repeats myself. Stop crying this instant.”
Akashi took his arm and wrapped it around his S/O’s head. He pulled them closer to him and waited for his S/O to stop crying.

“______-chin, daijobu? (Are you okay?)
There is water coming down from your eyes. Pretty soon you could be a water fountain! Here, eat this.” Murasakibara took a marshmallow from his snack pile. He popped one marshmallow in his mouth and then popped one in his S/O’s mouth as well.
“There you go. You look like a squishy squirrel now. Squish. Squish.”
As Murasakibara poked your puffy cheeks, you couldn’t help but laugh at his cuteness.

“_____, ar-are you crying?! Whoaa, who would have thought that the invincible ______ could shed tears like this?”
“Urusai baka. (Shut up, stupid) I’m telling you, I’m not crying.” Teppei’s S/O mumbled as they slowly wiped their tears away.
“Oh come on, you know I was joking right?” Teppei smiled, placing his enormous hand on the top of his S/O’s head. Teppei patted his S/O’s head.
“Ow-ouch! Stop it Kiyoshi! My head’s gonna cave in!”
(^Sound familiar? :3 )


So, in case anyone missed it, the Grumps got their own Segment on a local news channel in California (KTLA 5). Here’s that segment!

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Theres a lot of reasons why its better to go to public school and not be homeschooled. Its so important to see and meet new people and learn to work with and around them. Who knows, it might be good for clusterfuck of mental illness you have.

yikes consider this:

i dont have a clusterfuck of mental illnesses. i have anxiety and depression. thats two. wow so many

you dont know me lol??

i know how to work with people, i just dont enjoy it

i literally almost died twice because of public school

not everyone learns the same way and needs the same weird ass social bullshit that public school simulates


“oh my god is that really a christmas follow forever? sound the alarms!”

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disclaimer: there is 95% chance im missing someone


NO?!! PLEASE DONT PLEASE PLEASE DONT DO THIS!!!! Painter pigments act way differently than printer inks in the way light hits them and are physically designed differently! Please dont let this post go around anymore it’s truly disheartening to see some people actually believing this…..

Im pissed because every time Louis and Liam do something as much as accidentally kiss, its great, its amazing, they can laugh about it and joke about it, and proceed to still do interviews together even though all the Lilo shippers are losing their marbles and stirring a shit storm, but noooooo its all okay isn’t it because they accidentally did something intimate but its all just so bloody fine isn’t it, because every body loveessss Lilo and no one cares about the fact that Louis seems to think there is only him and two other members to the band. But if a Larrie mentions anything about Louis and Harry its ‘forcing a sexuality’ on them and 'tearing their friendship apart’. Im sorry but the fact that people actually get excited just because Louis said Harrys name really shows how much Modest fucked up. They were best friends, there is no way they decided to ignore each other themselves and it wasn’t a bloody gay rumour that tore them apart, someone told them to do that, someone told Louis and Harry to stay away from each other and to not interact, which is why I am so bloody glad that they are leaving Modest Mangement. As for Lilo, the situation is exactly the same as Larrys. Im just waiting for the day that Liam and Louis stop interacting but that would never happen would it, because they aren’t hiding anything, they aren’t being forced to stay away from each other to hide something that everyone already knows. Lilo shippers aren’t being personally attacked for wanting Louis and Liam to be together. So whats the difference with Larry? What makes Louis and Harry so special that they had to go as far as pretending they 'hate’ each other just to kill off a rumour. Oh thats right because Larry is real. There is no other explanation for why Modest would put them both through so much shit if it meant nothing, just like how we know Lilo is only a friendship because they can actually interact in public.

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I think 1dhq have been setting up the end of ua's for a while now. They started with all the extra wrong info (louis landing in the wrong city) and now we've got niall CONSTANTLY speaking up against stalkers and their dangerous behaviour. The louis follow/unfollow the other night and now of louis turns up in london still this ua will have LIED (in that way i think people leaking what they know about ua's actually helped them out even if i hated receiptgate)

honestly if louis is in still england i will fucking laugh so hard… the more i think about it the more likely it is that he is still in england.. he said on camera in an interview that he was going back to england this break and will go up and see the boys from the rovers… like wtf are we thinking listening to 1dexclusives and believing so easily… 

she talks to calvin and oli and she also tracks flights via their frequent flyer numbers.. sooooo it’s either one or the other. she tracked him by his FF and he is in la… or she was fed the wrong info by the team. i feel like this could more likely what happened given that she normally doesnt spread the location of the boys unless she’s told she can. unless she fucked up and released his whereabouts by tracking his ff when he was meant to sneak into la.. but then why wouldnt they pap him arriving in la and make a story out of how hes going back to see briana??

i know they’ve been trying to lower to importance of UA across the fandom and discredit them for a long time…. but seriously a lot of their mistakes come from stupidity. when they (radio1d) said that louis landed in the wrong city… they tracked his flight and assumed he was going to barca (private charters dont have a public flight path and calvin told them they were going to barca) and then when the flight landed in nyc and didnt leave again they tweeted that it landed in the wrong place… they’re just dumb. like without thinking about that tweet and how it sounds, they assume that the pilot is wrong and flew the boys to the wrong place… instead of thinking ‘hey maybe i dont have all the info’.