this is why i don't really like rollercoasters

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I think page 5 of the new update has to be one of my new favorite pages in the whole comic so far, and I don't know why, lol. It's just super intense, and the expression change is awesome. Speaking of expressions, you absolutely nail Blue's. I love it so much ugh. This whole update was a rollercoaster, because first Fatal was pissed, then it looked like he would let Blue go and everyone would calm down and then HA NOPE PSYCH

Thank you so much!! I really like this page too! And I’m glad that you think the expressions are effective, because I very much enjoy drawing those too haha ^^


season two » You don’t feel like my sister. When you were talking about David maybe being your father, something - I don’t know what - happened where I was hoping that we weren't… that we’re not related. And I had this weird moment where I thought I had feelings for you, okay? And I know it’s sick and it’s wrong but it was just a moment. And I need to make sure that doesn’t happen again but it doesn’t help when you’re just around me all the time. Do you understand?