this is why i don't make friends quickly

  • Me: I just -
  • My friends: we know. We know you love big brother. We know you think it's rigged.
  • Me: okay but I just don't get why Caleb had to talk so openly about throwing the battle of the block with Frankie. How quickly did grodner change the competition? Did she call Frankie to the dr before she did it? Did she make sure he knew and he could win it? And then why did Frankie stay on calebs side after caleb deliberately went against him? It's just like Amanda said, "it just doesn't make sense!!!!" Now. Amanda was on bb15 and SHE --
  • My friends: please stop
  • Me: now what's funny is one time Elissa from bb15 said that and --
  • My friends: please

anonymous asked:

I'm tired of trying to get you to notice me. I don't know why I bother anymore. :/

Hey friend, I’m sorry you feel that way but it really kinda bugs me that youre trying to make me feel guilty about it (at least thats the way it seems). I get at least 5 or 6 asks every day and this is my one week all summer that I’m actually at home, so ive been taking it easy. In the past 24 hours with In Too Deep kicking off, Ive gotten at least 100+ asks plus lots of IMs too. It piles up really quickly, then there’s YouTube comments where I get like a hundred times more comments than Tumblr, too.

Im introverted and anxious and sometimes it can be a lot when many people are vying for my attention at once. And then there’s the whole issue of the fact that there’s 17,000 of you following me who could potentially see everything I post, along with my parents, the people I admire, my friends, and my employer. I dont mean to be rude or anything at all and Im not mad at you for feeling the way you do, but I just wanted to share my perspective on this. It can also be hard when it feels like people just wanna talk to me so they can feel good about themselves for talking to someone with a lot of followers, rather than actually wanting to talk to me as a person. I read all my asks and messages and check my tag daily to see what people have said, but there’s just no way for me to answer everyone. It makes me feel really bad for people who are like actually, legitimately famous like the voice actors or the crewniverse, because whatever Im experiencing is like tenfold for them. It makes me feel bad for doing similar things with them, like, sending them things I’ve made in hopes that they will see it and give me the validation I’m seeking.

I dont really know where I am going with this, I just have had this in my inbox for a bit and wanted to give a response with some actual thought behind it (even if the thoughts dont really amount to anything haha)