this is why i don't sympathize with him as a character

what your fav homestuck character in 2017 says about you: The Kids
  • John: you just love this soft windy boy!! you super dig his aesthetics of blue and wind and flying and oh look you just drew a picture of him kissin some boys. "a pure, splendid boy indeed", you note as you draw john slam dunking dirk into a trash can as a prank
  • Rose: you are gay. you understand the true nature of rose as NOT a prim and proper lady but a pretentious messy goth lesbian who just likes to stay up at 4 am eating coffee beans and critiquing the homoerotic nature of literary works behind an Arby's or something. you love her and you love her twelve million girlfriends like kanaya, jade, vriska, terezi... the list goes on and on. you love her.
  • Dave: you really sympathize with his triumph over abuse and you constantly reblog davekat like your life depended on it. you understand that dave is the most developed character in the comic and you own a pair of mirror shades just to subconsciously remind yourself. have I mentioned how much davekat you reblog and draw and write? davekat is canon guys and your soft asshole boy got the boyfriend of his dreams. here's another comic of him in his underwear watching movies with karkat.
  • Jade: you SUPER DIG her aesthetic. JEEZE she is GOALS. you own at least 500 different pictures of jade holding the five planets on your phone and you love how she is both smart and capable of standing on her own. furries are a-ok and you like making dog jokes with jade. what a precious daughter. being part-dog was the greatest thing that could happen to her. also, you really think she got shafted in the ending and regularly post jade in many cute outfits to fill the void.
  • Jane: you draw her with bright red lipstick and a diner aesthetic. you are kin with jane and primarily ship janeroxycallie (or as I like to call it CottonCallie). you're kinda quiet about your love for her and don't post a whole lot. if someone else made a post for her, you'd be there giving your support and throwing in your own opinions.
  • Roxy: GOOD WIFE GOOD WIFE WIFE MATERIAL HOLY WOW NO WAY WOWZA GOOD WIFE. you are absolutely in love with her and everything she does. you get mad when people draw her with a drink because Hey, my beautiful wife worked her BUTT off to get past that and??? she did it??? wow. she's strong, she's beautiful, she's smart, she's sassy, she's funny. Wow. you draw her gaming, you draw her making jokes, you draw her in different aesthetics, you draw her doing void things, honestly who cares as long as you're drawing her. you might not be into johnroxy but ROXYCALLIE HOLY SHIT MAN. I cannot stress enough how much you love her.
  • Dirk: you can't help but love this trainwreck of a man. he's so problematic but that's why you love him! you regularly upload dirkjohn comics involving his wacky manime antics. everything you draw with dirk is gay or is him doing something ridiculously over the top but that's just the way you like it. sometimes you'll do character analysis posts that really delve into his subconscious and then accidentally attract 30 haters to your blog. you like how he cronches into an orange with the skin on and are CONSTANTLY shitposting.
  • Jake: you and twelve other guys are in the same small cult for this goofy boy's butt. you know just about everyone on this site that loves him. you would die for this man. everything he does makes you smile. you make analysis posts all the time about how he is WAY smarter than he lets on and is an ingenious manipulator but not in the Bad Way. you appreciate him way more than just guns, skulls, and movies. you draw him with very fluffy hair and have four askblogs for him. people will say you have bad taste and you will agree but continue to love him. every one out three comics is about dirk.

Concerning the whole Erik vs Kylo thing, the reason Erik Killmonger is a much better villain is because he does the whole sympathetic villain trope a lot better than Kylo does. Unlike Kylo, Erik lost one of his parents at a young age and even found the body. That’s extremely traumatizing for a child. He also knows of Wakanda and knows they have the means to help black people around the world but prefer to stay in hiding. He grew up in a harsh world and saw the atrocities his people faced constantly. He knows Wakanda is real and it angers him that they sat by and did nothing to help those who were suffering. So not only is he sympathetic but you understand where he’s coming from. It doesn’t mean he’s right but you at least understand why Erik is the way he is.

That is why in contrast, Kylo comes off as a brat. He was born to a loving family and almost got murdered by his uncle. Keyword being almost. Luke changed his mind and Kylo should have probably sensed that but that is what sends him to murder the rest of the Jedi pupils. That…that doesn’t add up. Instead, it makes Kylo look immature and it’s hard to sympathize with him. We also don’t know why he’s doing what he is doing. We know and understand Erik’s motivations but with Kylo? He don’t understand anything.

Like I’m always confused when people say Kylo is a sympathetic villain because the movie hasn’t shown us this. How can we feel for a character who had a loving family that cared for him and even tried to bring him back to the light? Kylo also obviously hasn’t faced any hardships like Erik has yet Kylo acts as if his life has been terrible. How? You got to train with your famous uncle and then you became the protege for a man who was in charge of huge fleet of people. Yeah, your life sounds awful.

The issue with Kylo is that the movies have done nothing to show us WHY we should sympathize with him or feel bad for him. There is a huge chance something could have happened to Kylo but we haven’t really been shown anything that would make us want to care about him. Honestly, I think Coogler should direct the next Star Wars movies because maybe he could make Kylo into a semi-decent villain.

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lol I really need the writers to make Adrien a likeable character again because yeah I know he's just a kid and I sympathize with him I really do but they've made some narrative choices lately that have made me feel like he really needs to get his act together. It's hard for me to want him and Marinette to end up together when I'm starting to feel like she's too good for him. Still love him though don't get me wrong!

you anons need to chill. he’s a 14 year old kid who’s hurt because he’s being left in the dark and having important information withheld from him when he and ladybug are supposed to be partners and equals. he’s a child. he’s upset. people act differently when they’re upset especially when they have a reasonable reason to be angry with someone. both master fu and ladybug (although she doesn’t want to keep secrets from him) aren’t telling him anything and he’s getting frustrated. i would too if one of my closest and most trusted friends suddenly started keeping important info from me. especially with an excuse as silly as “it’s not the right time.”

how has he become a dis-likable character? to me, we’re finally seeing sides of adrien that shows he’s not as “perfect” as people claim he is, and im enjoying that. it’s nice to know he’s an actual person with flaws that make him unique rather than a cookie-cutter version of a perfect model boy that teenage girls drool about. to me it seems like you’re saying you dont want him and marinette together because… why? he has flaws? he needs to work on a few personal things?

he’s becoming a more realistic character and less of a static being. we’re learning more about him and his personality and how he deals with things. in my opinion, that makes him a more likable character because he becomes relatable. yeah, when i was 14 and i knew someone was keeping a secret from me, i would sure as hell do anything i could to find out what it was, because i was a kid and kids do immature things.

besides, it’s…. it’s just a cartoon. he’s fake. he’s not real. have faith in the writers. we don’t know everything yet. we don’t know how things are going to turn out. just because you don’t like how a character is acting now doesn’t mean they aren’t going to change or learn new things. we’re only about halfway through the season. there’s still time for character development.

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But you don't know Benedict.

Ah, now this is a topic I’ve been lucky enough to discuss with some dear mutuals over the years, so let me see if I can do an answer justice.

Of course, we can never know the man, not truly; that is only for the very lucky few that are a part of his life, his world.  But there is so much we can deduce of him, based upon his work, his words, his public deeds and behavior.  

If you look at his work alone, you see incredible natural talent that he has refined through dedication & physical and mental discipline; you see a love of the written & spoken word; and most especially you see a keen & compassionate understanding of the human condition–for how else could he bring such breathtaking truth to all of his characters?  Even the wicked ones, like Khan & Richard III–he makes us feel that even they have reasons for the things they do, often rooted in emotional/psychological pain.  Though the evil they do is no less evil, we can sympathize to some degree, with what brought them to that place.  In my lifetime I have seen no player more truly & more lovingly—in Shakespeare’s words—hold the mirror up to nature.

In interviews & public appearances, you find a humble, self-effacing man, a bright wit, & sense of humor generous enough to make himself as likely a target of jesting as anyone or anything else.  He values home, hearth, family, the environment, although he could easily give over to hedonism on his bank account. How many times do we see him wearing the same clothes, carrying that same blue water bottle on set, even brown bagging his lunches at times?Choices, I’m sure, that reflect his commitment to simplicity and to reduce his carbon footprint. Benedict’s charitable works have been well-recorded on this site, so I’m not going to research it, but when I run across a post about it, I’ll be sure to reblog for info’s sake.

I won’t speak at length about his personal relationships, except to say that’s a man who loves his wife thoroughly. It would frankly break my heart to learn he had the same feet of clay of so many other public figures & celebrities in this regard—what I see tells me he and Sophie have the real thing. And that he guards his little family’s privacy so jealously is further testament to that.

In short, (though this runs long) I trust my eyes & ears, and they tell me to trust in the public image that is clearly on view.  I see a man who gives as much positive energy to the world as he can, and embraces life with complete joie de vivre.  And as I believe in the human soul, I see a most spectacular one that shines luminously, not only enhancing his unique physical beauty, but reminding me that true good is possible in a world that is often quite selfish & mean.

I could probably go on with dozens of more examples, but let me just finish with one of my favorite photos of him, which for me reflects (I hope) a bit of what I’ve written here.

Thank you for your ask–it was a delight to answer! ❤❤❤

my problems with deh

okay so we all know deh is Not My Favorite, mainly cuz i’m salty about comet, but there are other reasons why i don’t like it as well.

the music

  • so the music is actually Relatively Decent, as a rule i don’t hate the soundtrack, it’s Pretty Good, it’s just kind of bland to my taste, but i did enjoy the music to some extent when i listened to it
  • there are some songs i really like, such as sincerely me and good for you (i actually really love sincerely me), and the others are okay, i don’t hate them but i don’t love them either
  • basically i don’t have any problems with the music, it’s meh but not terrible, some of the songs are really catchy and i can see why people like it !!!! (for example, sincerely me is a BOP), when it comes to the soundtrack, the music is Good, just a little bit bland to my taste
  • my main problems are actually with the story and the messages behind it.

the story

  • so i understand why the story is compelling, and why people relate to it, and i think the whole suicide message is important, i’m not gonna go out and say that the story is bad or anything bc people relate to it and there are important messages and that’s great!!!
  • however, it’s supposed to be representative of people with social anxiety, and it’s great that they’re trying to include mental illness rep and make it relatable to teens, i completely understand what pasek and paul were trying to do, but as a neurodivergent person, i think they could’ve tried harder, they kind of glossed over and romanticized evan’s mental illness. there are other musicals (next to normal, heathers, great comet, etc.) that talk about mental illness in a better way, without glossing over or romanticizing it
  • second of all, it doesn’t really do a very good job of raising suicide awareness, as connor’s suicide is really just a platform for evan’s lies, and not as talked about as it should be. if you want a musical that raises suicide awareness, there’s heathers, which, though it has a much darker twist, talks about it in a better and more honest way
  • let’s talk about evan as a character. i completely understand how he’s relatable, i love that people relate and sympathize with him, that’s great!!! but while he’s relatable in the social anxiety field, the choices he makes are not something we want to be teaching our teens. evan is a pathological liar. when he’s told about connor, his immediate reaction is to lie, and he continues that lie through the end.
  • this would be wonderful if there was some kind of moral of this, if he learned his lesson, thus teaching teens that lying is bad and that while evan is relatable, he’s not someone to emulate, but the problem is that lying actually works out for him. by having his plan work out in the end, by having him become popular and get the girl and everything he wanted through lying, it teaches the primarily young, teenage fanbase that lying is okay and will get you what you want in life, which is not something we want to be teaching our teens.
  • so if everything backfired and there was some kind of moral about not lying, evan’s lying problem would be justified. but since everything pretty much works out for him, the message turns negative and teaches teens that lying is okay.
  • also evan’s mom- i get that she’s trying her best, to stay on the positive side, but trying to force a kid with social anxiety to go out and socialize is actually going to make his anxiety even worse. i understand it’s unintentional, and heidi is trying her best, but really she’s only giving his anxiety a platform.
  • also evan and zoe’s relationship is completely built on lies and that’s not okay. it’s an extremely unhealthy dynamic, even though they actually liked eachother, as she wouldn’t be into him if he hadn’t lied to her, it’s a very unhealthy relationship and not one that should be encouraged to young teens watching this

the cast

  • just to clarify, this is not a criticism the cast, they’re all very talented, lovely people, the talent in the cast is wonderful and it’s one of the things i actually like about the show.
  • the one thing i don’t like is how whitewashed the cast is. there’s only one black principal lead (kristollyn lloyd, who’s amazing and plays alana, i love her), and one black understudy lead (olivia puckett, u/s zoe and alana), and while the people in the cast are all very talented and i love mike and ben and rachel and will and everyone in the cast, it’s very whitewashed and i think that each lead should at least have an understudy who’s a poc (black, asian, latinx, anything)
  • the cast is amazing i just feel like it could be a little more diverse

anyway those are my opinions on deh, all and all it’s not a bad show, the music is good, the cast is talented, but i don’t like the messages the show is teaching, especially to the primarily young, impressionable teenage fanbase.

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hey! can i ask what mishima's palace would be if he had one? i just want to know your opinion.

Hello Anon! I WOULD LOVE TO!! This answer will probably have spoilers about Mishima’s social link and character development, so if you haven’t completed his SL yet please do so hehe

Considering all the Palaces so far are areas are significant places to the targets, I imagine Mishima’s palace to be the Phansite itself (so having to enter the Phansite in order to access his palace; making the point of entry flexible since you can go to his Palace from any computer or phone); the reason being that it’s the place where he feels the most powerful: this is the place where he hears the problems of others, select the ones that he feels needs help (and then sending it off to Akira to deal with), as well as putting up polls and filtering feedback. 

I haven’t thought too much about what the keyword might be, but since I based the AU around the fact that Mishima desires attention and sees himself as a hidden overseer who hears the problems of people and solves it (by manipulating the PT), I imagine it’ll be something like a sanctuary for him, especially since it’s the only place where he feels powerful and not weak and unnoticed…this I still have to think about more haha

And the design of the Palace will be blended with the aesthetics of the phansite: There are several floors where you must progress upwards to reach him. The bottom floor is a large area with the walls as computer screens, and you can see all the anon comments streaming through with praise and wonder (and the occasional bad one that, after a few seconds of floating by, is replaced with a -DELETED BY ADMIN- sign: if you read the words carefully you’ll realize these comments are very serious or hurtful, telling admin to die or that he’s a sympathizer for criminals)
But as you progress upwards the space gets smaller and smaller and the comments are starting to get more filtered; it’s not just the bad and hateful comments being deleted anymore but anything that suggests opposing him or the PT or even questioning the motives

There are cognitive versions of the PT members, all marionette-like with strings attached to them and they move with a jerky, unnatural movement; you have to beat each of them on each floor, all of them saying things like “Why are you opposing us? Mishima knows what’s best. He knows how to make us famous” and “If you disagree, we’ll just have to change your heart” (in my AU I ship Akira/Mishima so cognitive Akira is very obviously treated differently from everyone else; he’s not a puppet or a doll but more real, and yet there is a servitude collar on him and his behaviour is one of a doting lover who will blindly follow Mishima’s orders)

Scattered through the floors are giant, flashy newspaper stands with a “PT does it again!” and “Criminals cower as a call card from the PT shows up on their doorsteps”, but when you try to read the description it’s all just And they couldn’t have done it without Yuuki Mishima. over and over and over

and there are faceless anons, all whispering how their lives have been better because the Admin had listened to their cries for help when no one else did…because somewhere inside Mishima’s heart I truly believe he wanted to help these people who reminded him of himself when he was powerless once

ANyway that’s all the stuff I’ve thought about his Palace!! It’s been interesting to hear from my friends how they vision it too, since it seems to be different with everyone..all good stuff hehe

Thanks for the ask anon! I didn’t mean to make this an essay but I love that Palace AU a lot 

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If I don't get a a better version of Cas' reaction to Dean saying yes to Michael in 14x1 I will be so mad. We had half an episode of Lucifer dialogue and 5 seconds worth of Cas/Dean interaction to him saying yes. Did we even get a scene of Dean saying it!?!? It felt like so much was missing.

Well, at least we never have to see Lucifer again (aside from probably the THEN segment of 14.01).

But no, we didn’t get a shot of Dean saying yes, or anything else that happened there.

I feel like the Big Dramatic Moment of the entire episode was Lucifer finally biting it… and I totally sympathize with Cas not wanting to watch Dean fight Luci once he’d said yes to Michael, because I mean.. Cas probably knew Michael wouldn’t honor that deal.


I mean, in all honesty, Dean had to know, too.

But what do you do in that circumstance?! It’s… honestly FRAUGHT, just as Misha said.

(this is why I trust Misha’s emotional read on the characters :P)

But Dean couldn’t let Uber-Power-Lucifer roast the planet. Because he would’ve. He would’ve started with Sam and Jack and then just gone around the entire world roasting every last human being in ever more creative ways. Because Luci proved that’s who he was. He hated humanity and legit ENJOYED crushing people like bugs. If Dean did nothing, it wouldn’t have just been Sam and Jack who died. Every last person on the planet would’ve been personally murdered by Lucifer.

And Dean couldn’t stand by and watch Lucifer murder the world…

*suffers mild flashback to 10.22*

*fuck you Dabb*

And honestly? Cas would’ve stood by Dean while they watched Lucifer murder the world…

unfortunately, they had a readily available weapon to draw.

Unfortunately that weapon was Dean himself.

fuck i hate this show

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I really hate Aya. I don't like her. She never wanted to talk to Bayek about the lost of her son. I don't think she really cared for Bayek. I am so glad I got to play as Bayek, as I connected to him a lot more than I ever did to Aya. Also glad they divorced. She was toxic for him and about time he realized it. And yes, I have completed the game.

Thanks for the Ask and for expressing your thoughts, Anon! Because I do enjoy discussing the characters and stories in Assassin’s Creed, especially over subjects that are much disputed on – in this case, Aya’s portrayal in Assassin’s Creed Origins.

Pictured above: Actual footage of me talking about ‘Assassin’s Creed’ lore and characters


While I understand your dislike for Aya (and I know for a fact you are not alone in this), I personally think Ubisoft may have done Aya’s character a huge disservice with her portrayal in-game. I have not yet read the ‘Desert Oath’ novel, or the upcoming Origins comics, so I’m not sure how Aya’s character is portrayed in those transmedia, but I feel we were given far too little exposure to her character in the main game. And this has been detrimental to her portrayal as a character, resulting in players unable to sympathize with her.

People deal with grief and loss in different ways. Bayek was open to talking about the death of their son as a way of moving on and healing, but Aya, I felt, was more keen on suppressing her emotions, and concentrating on goals to distract from the pain she’s trying to bury and avoid. Kind of ironic that Bayek and Aya were hunting down the ‘Masked Ones’ when Aya herself was wearing a mask – one of detached, ruthless efficiency, hiding the broken and grieving person behind it. It’s not exactly healthy, but I understood that was how Aya dealt with her pain: by burying it until she was ready to confront it.

I would have really appreciated Ubisoft showing us scenes of Aya as a mother, the same way we saw Bayek as a father – nurturing and teaching and bonding with Khemu, her pride at seeing him grow, and tender moments when they are all together as a family. I wanted to see her reaction to Khemu’s death – the sort of grief-stricken horror a mother faces when confronted with her greatest fear; seeing Bayek come home with the lifeless body of their child in his arms.

We saw Bayek vulnerable and emotional over Khemu’s death (powerfully acted by Abubakar Salim, in one of the most impactful and visceral performances I’ve ever seen in AC); we saw him wracked by grief and guilt and raw despair – but we never got to see that side of Aya.

By hiding Aya’s vulnerabilities, weaknesses and emotional development, Ubisoft reduced the character to just a caricature. I don’t know the reason why Ubi made this narrative decision … Perhaps Ubi only wanted to show their female characters as nothing but strong, proactive, capable and efficient, to make her seem admirable, but it backfired, stripping Aya of her humanity and making her less sympathetic to the player.

I would also loved to have seen more of Aya’s anger at Cleopatra’s betrayal, and her rage at herself over her misplaced faith in Cleopatra. Yes, Cleopatra did indeed lead Egypt to greatness as Aya had hoped, but the trade-off was that Cleopatra sided with Flavius, the murderer of Khemu, putting the political interests of Rome over the personal vengeance of her Medjays who served her loyally for so long. I wanted to have seen Aya wrestle with that conflict, which I also thought would have added more dimension to her character.

And that kinda leads me into my next point: Aya is more far-sighted and politically-aware than Bayek, proving her merit as a character. While Bayek was content to let things die with Flavius, mistakenly thinking that their quest was over – Aya knew that the influence of the Order of the Ancients would only continue to grow if Caesar was allowed to live. Bayek would never have decided to go to Rome. Aya’s decision to cut down one of the Order’s most powerful and influential figures shows that she had proper foresight on the machinations of the Order to stop them. If the Brotherhood are going to be strong and be able to defend the people from the oppression of those in power, they’ll need to understand how those in power work, and how they gain power. The Brotherhood wouldn’t go very far without Aya’s insight and leadership.

I was personally heartbroken over Bayek and Aya’s separation. I honestly felt like they cared deeply for each other, but their goals were too far apart and they were already walking different paths, so their separation from each other was sad but necessary. It’s a case where two equally strong, emotionally-mature individuals recognized they needed to prioritize doing the right thing over their own personal happiness.

But we do know from Layla’s experience in the Modern Day that Bayek and Aya ended up entombed together in the same cave, so maybe they reconciled? I guess we’ll find out in upcoming materials, such as the Origins comics and the Hidden Ones story DLC! 😊

Thank you again for expressing your feelings about this, Anon! 😊 And again, I do not intend to change the way you feel about Aya as a character, but I do hope I managed to give some insight into why I thought she was portrayed this way.

Originally posted by brokengamers

Pictured above: Co-founder of the proto-Assassin’s Brotherhood; mother to a murdered son; wife to an estranged husband; protector of the people and champion of justice; Aya of Alexandria; The Hidden One, Amunet.

  • Fyodor: *kills someone*
  • Fyodor: *kills someone again*
  • Fyodor: *is the reason why Dazai got shot*
  • Fyodor: *massively kills people again*
  • Fyodor: *basically is the mastermind for all the shit that has been happening*
  • Me: You terrible little shit.
  • Also me: I love you.

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Every time I see your art of a rare pair I somehow become a huge fan of that rare pair. I have too many otps...,

…is it okay for me to be happy I’m dragging you down with me on all of my weird ships because tbh I am for a lot of them there’s just a handful of people shipping them I’m happy you’re joining us hahaha

Anon said: because of your tags on that kamisero post i now love the hc that kirishima just uses loving bakugou as an excuse to get out of conversations that make him uncomfortable, even if it makes no sense. Like ‘any advice on how to confess?’ 'I’m dating bakugou, you probably should ask someone else.’ or 'how do you think snow works?’ 'Dude I’m dating bakugou, i don’t know.’

I’m in love with this ask because this has been my most ridiculous headcanon for an age I’m glad I could subtely make you share it, anon - Kirishima being perfectly aware of the fact that aside from the face there is no objective reason why he should be that smitten with Bakugou? That’s my jam, he’s as surprised as anyone else so when people ask him anything love related he’s like “do I look like a reliable source man DO I I think it’s hot when Bakugou yells there’s obviously something wrong with me you don’t want my advices”

But also for however aware of it he might be he’s still in love with the dude so people pointing it out to him gets old really fast, like, “it’s one thing if I say it myself and another it’s you talking shit about my boyfriend stop that”, which is why he just starts using “what do I know I like Bakugou” as an answer to anything - it starts with him being a smartass and it becomes just habit by the end of it, sometimes he uses it when Bakugou is around or with Bakugou himself and Bakugou doesn’t understand, doesn’t want to understand, has pondered the option of getting angry/offended/demanding an explaination and has deemed it not worth his time because the answer is most probably just gonna be that his boyfriend is an idiot anyway

(also he might or might not like how Kirishima’s pretty much just going around telling people he likes him over and over again, tbh)

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Can I get your opinion on something? After seeing Momtaku's latest poll, I question why it is that people sympathize with Annie way more than with the other two? I notice that a lot of people blame Reiner/Bertolt for the breach but they don't want to remember Annie killing the Levi squad, toying with the soldiers or playing YoYo with them. It's so bias and hypocritical. I understand that she didn't have much to do with the fall of Shiganshina but she was just as involved in their mission as RB.

“Reiner pulled off a last minute victory, edging our Annie by less than 1%.” - Which warrior do you feel the most sympathetic towards? [Source] - @momtaku

Actually, from the final results of the poll, people share equally sympathy for Reiner and Annie. I have to say it’s pretty bizarre since Annie wasn’t shown for a while, aside in Reiner’s flashbacks where she stayed her usual-self. It’s been since chapter 34 we haven’t got any news from her yet she’s on par with Reiner. In the meantime, Reiner shows himself to be a soft but strict paternal figure who has been traumatized by Shiganshina: grazing death three times and losing Bertolt. Cue people to hold sympathy for him.

Though the next graph probably explains why people hold so much sympathy for Annie:

Which of the warriors would you most like to see switch sides? [Source]

She’s practically holding half the votes, here and is seconded by Reiner. Most of them expect her to side with the SL despite her resolve, because she’s held crystallized on Paradis island. Like I said in another ask, as long as she can serve the protagonists’ best interest, she’s going to earn all their sympathy.

Another theory is people are finding Annie and Reiner more sympathetic than Bertolt or Zeke because they tortured themselves mentally and blatantly over killing their former companions, whereas Bertolt was more threatening in chapter 78, despite the intentions of the warriors being the same. Every warrior hated what they had to do to the people they had to live with for three years, but I feel like Annie gets a special treatment because either she’s a female character and female characters being ~truly bad~ (as in, lacking agency and being rounded by her male teammates without having a say-in) is something inconceivable, or she hated her teammates with every essence of her being to the point it would be better for her to desert the Marley warriors and I debunked this assertion in a previous ask

But it’s as you said: Annie actively worked against the Eldians on Paradis: killing SL members during the expedition, killing Sawney and Bean, tracking members of the wall cult to learn more about Krista… her joining the MP instead of the SL is probably to arouse less suspicion and because she’s overall more effective in carrying plans on her own instead of working in groups. Like I said, it almost worked if she wasn’t drawn to exhaustion and tailed by Levi and Mikasa. Eren was in her hands, meaning the mission was over as soon as she could escape with him, her letting him slip explains this reaction:

Annie crying - Ch. 30

Also, I disagree with you about Annie not contributing to Shiganshina’s fall. While she probably wasn’t conceived at the time as a full-fledged titan, she’s probably the one who gathered the titans around, as suspected by Armin:

Armin explaining how the titans have been led inside Wall Maria - Ch. 23

Her titan is fast enough so other titans can follow her without her getting caught. that’s an effective strategy to lure most titans from the south near Wall Rose, making Eldians feel even more trapped than before. Alternatively, that would explain why most titans were concentrated in the area before getting guillotined. That tactic worked perfectly to exterminate the left flank of the expedition and Erwin used the same to lure titans against Reiner and Bertolt.

Besides, she hadn’t any more opportunities than this one, so it’s safe to assume she was with Reiner, Bertolt and Marcel at the same time.

What do you think about that panel where annie was spinning a soldier like yoyo? I have a hard time finding an explanation for that action. It really contradicts whatever Isayama showed us of annie outside her titan form. During her last fight with eren, when she accidently killed innocent civilians she was shown to be visibly shaken. One day, she treated that soldier like a toy and the next day she’s showing remorse for killing people. I just don’t understand that panel.

Focusing on your last sentence, I’ll develop Annie’s state of mind during the expedition:

Once you’re on a mission where you have to take the lives of people without further consideration, you have no choice but to put some blinders over their status as human and your own. If I recall correctly, soldiers also treat war as if it was a big game in order to feel less bad. It also helped the ones Annie squashed weren’t close to her, when it was someone she spent three years with, the decision was a bit harder to take. 

Each warrior had their own blinders: for Reiner, it was accomplishing the task, no matter what, for Bertolt, it was a complete disconnection with the outside world, for Zeke, it was a baseball game. Some of the SL soldiers also began their dissociation state recently:

Jean trying to set aside his feelings - Ch. 77

Jean obviously has trouble offing someone else’s life, both here and in the Uprising arc where Armin had to shoot that MP woman. And even after Reiner’s supposed death, he still stopped Hange from killing him for good, implying he’s not exactly ready to cast his humanity aside.

Besides, when Annie was shocked to see wall cultists crushed under her body, it was a complete different situation than the one in the forest. She was tossed in the city by Eren and her landing on a group of people was a complete accident. It’s natural she was shocked.

Hope that answers your question!  

EDIT: Adding @momtaku’s input:

Annie was ahead by a significant amount in the sympathy poll for the entire week. Reiner only pulled ahead on the last day. It was amazing to me since, like you said, she hasn’t been in the story in years and Reiner had just gotten a  series of heart breaking panels. I enjoyed your assessment of this. I think you are right that it’s more the potential of Annie, than Annie’s actual behavior that has caused this. That plus being female.

anonymous asked:

On the subject of 13rw like when i tell people i didnt watch it theyre like "omg whyyy???" So i say i can't cause i know i cant handle certain scenes but sure enough everyone wants a 5 paragraph essay with citations in MLA format on why i cant watch 13rw. Like you don't need my life story just take your stupid show and get away from me (sidenote, whys it getting a second season?? Like what are they gonna do in it? Relistening to tapes??)

Okay so firstly: Fuck those people

Secondly: I can go on a rant about the Second Season™ sooooooo….

Thirdly: The first thing that jumped out at me was “5 paragraph essay with citations in MLA format” SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    Why 13RW Does NOT Deserve the Progressive Title People are Giving It

                                               An Essay by Me

13RW made its debut back in 2007 as a novel written by author Jay Asher. Now, the book had its problems with handling such a sensitive subject BUT these problems were only highlighted once the novel found its way to Netflix. 

The first problem is the fact that they do NOT follow guidlines laid out for them (by “them”, I’m kind of grouping them under the term “media” since this is the media) in a nifty handbook for media outlets called “Recommendations for Reporting on Suicide”, which outlines responsible ways to talk about suicide. This includes the acknowledgement that suicide is not so easily pinpointed to one or two specific events but the culmination of numerous causes, most often including mental illness. This also includes staying away from graphic depictions and descriptions of the suicide. Otherwise, you risk what is called the “copycat effect” where people will take these ideas of suicide and apply them to their own suicide. Which has already happened because of this show. 

Now, to the show’s credit, it does put a warning in front of the episodes. But warnings are an…. iffy sort of deal. For example, I was going through a difficult time when I first started watching the show. And when I saw the warnings, I figured that they wouldn’t phase me because usually I’m not very sensitive to things like that. I’m usually pretty good about separating myself from the story. But this was very different because the story doesn’t just focus on her, it focuses on all of this pain and regret and saddness over her loss, all of this attention and love she was getting afterwards. And for someone who was on the border of having a SHITTY™ time, something, almost anything, that would earn me so much attention and feeling from other people was appealing. I honestly sat down and thought very seriously about it before gathering myself and taking MANY walks outside to cool my head. And the worst part is that if I was feeling this way, someone more sensitive than me would be feeling 100x worse and would have no resources given to them at ANY POINT during ANY of those episodes. At no time did they list any resources before the credits, or peppered in the episodes. None. In fact the only alternative the audience is presented is in the line “[cutting is] what you do instead of killing yourself.” 

That being said- they then also try to bring in the issue of rape and sexual assault. Of which they also graphically show (which, again they do put warnings but) And this is where it gets sticky so I’m gonna bullet list people, or rather characters at fault here: 

  • Bryce- He’s the one that does the raping here (TWICE on screen) 
  • Justin- Sits back and does nothing to help Jessica, his girl, and lies about it to her face for months(?) before finally coming clean and telling her the truth but also trying to convince her that it’s okay because they just have to keep quiet about it. 
  • Hannah- Ah, the black sheep no one wants to talk about. The other person who ALSO witnessed the rape occurring and did absolutely nothing about it whatsoever until making the tapes where she spends then entire time putting the blame on Justin and Bryce despite being in there and witnessing the entire thing and going on to do, again, N O T H I N G to help Jessica either.

And of course, over the course of these tapes being listened to, no one ELSE does anything about any of this either until Clay gets his hands on the tapes. 

Which brings me to my next point: Mother. Fucking. Clay. Jensen. The boy who acted like a dick to her while she was dealing with the rumors and the bullying. The one we’re supposed to sympathize with because he wanted to bone her so badly but never got the chance. NEWS FLASH- Clay Jensen is a “Nice Guy” in sheep’s clothing. His entire character arc is trying to redeem this girl that he thought he was in love with because he regrets not being able to “love” her back to life somehow- despite the fact that his relationship does not: 

  1. Suddenly erase the rumors 
  2. Take away the fact that there is a counselor on staff who has no regard for his student’s safety or mental health 
  3. Fix her developing mental health issues
  4. Mean that people will change their minds so quickly

This just in- dating someone who has a mental illness, who has the kind of issues that she does, is not butterflies and rose colored lighting. It is not saying “I love you” and everything just being magical and okay. And that’s exactly the picture this show paints, there is an entire scene devoted to it. And this furthers the unrealistic and problematic picture that being in a relationship will solve all of your problems.

And, after ALL of this, there are the subplots being introduced in the show of: 

  1. That kid (Tyler?) about to shoot the school up because Hannah told those people about how he took naked pictures of her (but when Justin took a similar picture of her underwear and showed his friends- that was okay and didn’t deserve the same kind of punishment?) 
  2. Justin’s family life isn’t too hot and we’re supposed to sympathize with him and understand that this is why he acts out and he’s so devoted to Bryce because Bryce has on numerous occasions supported him and this is, presumably, why he does nothing to stop him from having his moment with Jessica (because to Bryce women are property, no different from an Xbox, and so Justin has to act that same way), why he goes along with Bryce sending out the picture of Hannah, and why he is trying to help protect Bryce. 
  3. Alex has shown signs of suicide on multiple occasions, including actively trying to kill himself at least twice in the show. 
  4. Jessica, now having to deal with her rape.

That last point is probably the one I want you to pay attention to most because the PR team or w/e released a video of Jessica’s phone in use. Justin calls Jessica a whore (or slut…. something) and she confronts him. And then, suddenly, the conversations flips to him saying how much he loves her and needs her.

Well, little miss Jessica, who has been exposed to the tapes just like the rest of us now, gets an idea in her head and good thing there are weapons in her house. She sends a snapchat of a gun to Justin and leaves a note on her phone addressed to her parents and that’s where the video ends. So yet again, suicide is used as the big dramatic plot device to move the story along. 

And in ALL of this talk about suicide not ONCE is ANY sort of mental illness addressed. There are a few glimmers of a serious conversation about it from an English teacher who then immediately gets drowned out because of whatever angst Clay is feeling over his unsatisfied Hannah needs.

The show tries to act like it’s the knight in shining armor riding in on the white horse of “Media Representation” when in all actuality it’s the court jester trying to stall his beheading by telling the King some convoluted drama just enough to plan his escape. 

It tries to say that it’s going to address the issues of rape, sexual assault/harassment, and mental illness. It tries to say that it is trying to bring awareness to suicide because it shouldn’t be an option. But the fact of the matter is: It doesn’t. The social media accounts the show runs only post “cute”, ~relatable~ pictures and quotes from the show, with little to nothing about any potential resources anyone might need or be curious about. 

The ONLY actual, real conversations that MAY be productive are in a video called “Beyond the Reasons” that is also on Netflix but presented as a completely separate entity that does not how up in recommendations after the show or otherwise, and had next to no publicity whatsoever around the release of the show. 

Overall, the conversations the show has stirred up are not about mental illness, not about how rape is reported or viewed in our society, and it’s not about how we can be working to prevent suicide in young people. The conversation has been about the show itself and the question of whether or not it’s a “good” or “powerful” show and if/how we should be letting younger, more impressionable people (i.e, middle schoolers and young high schoolers) watch this show. 

The writers and producers will sit there and tell you that they want to show this in a “real” way. They’ll say they wanted to portray these to mimic reality, the nitty girtty truth. Well, guess what? If you are going to take on that responsibility to be truthful about what goes on, about how these things happen, then it is ALSO your responsibility to make sure that you actually give people REAL WORKING alternatives. And the fact that there is no sort of master list of resources, no conversation in the show about how to handle all of this, no sort of conversation about these ISSUES THEMSELVES in the show proves that the writers and producers don’t care about being accurate. They don’t care about helping the community, they don’t care about representation. 

They care about views and money. 

Some articles/sources:

And some places to get help:

anonymous asked:

How do you feel about relating to the NGE characters? Some people say that they relate to Shinji, for example. I don't see any problem about others saying that, but I... He lost his mom, his dad abandoned him, he has to save the world etc. I kind of feel like saying that I relate to him or his loneliness would diminish his suffering, because his circumstances are much worse than whatever I experienced? I know that's not the point, I know we're supposed to sympathize and connect, but...

… That’s the thing with fantasy/sci-fi, if the characters - almost everyone in NGE - have suffered due to many occasions they had no control of, I can’t just brush them off as metaphors for the human condition. It may make me worse, actually, like, those characters suffer more than I ever would and I’m still so fucked-up. Of course, they’re fictional characters, but you always find RL people with more complicated lives who seem to have dealt with it better than you with your privileged life.

I think this really needs to be said on that matter: You don’t need to be a carbon copy of a character to relate to a character.

That being said, there’s a lot about Shinji which makes him relatable as well as any of the Evangelion characters. I’ve already gone over his awful relationship with his father (awful is an understatement), whose interactions honestly are a good example of emotional abuse. He’s hardly selfless, his go-to way to solve his problems is by running away from them. He’s a character who desires validation and it’ll do for anyone (sincerity isn’t even considered). He’s still making sense of the world, slowly trudging onward, and being that he’s roughly midway though adolescence, of course he (and other characters) is going to have a trove of misguided ideas.

Some people find Asuka relatable. Considering she puts on the idea of independence to mask her massive insecurities (and traumatizing childhood), I think she’s pretty relatable. This is especially because she received no closure about her mother before EoE comes around. When she recovers from her lowest point, her will to love reignites, and when she receives closure, she’s able to grow more as an individual. 

Some people even relate to Rei, and considering her identity is forced upon her and not really given any exploration of it, I think she’s pretty damn relatable as the others. I mean, you don’t have to achieve actualized deityhood to find Rei relatable. You don’t need to have the ability to travel through time and space (Quantum Rei) to find her arc about stifled identity exploration something that hits close to home.

It’s these struggles, personalities, and choices which make people in real life bond with these sorts of characters. It’s a big reason why people have an emotional bond with those types of people.

Most people have gone through these things and relating to a character isn’t trivializing their struggles. 

I mean, this are just small examples, but part of what makes Eva so good is that any character is relatable because of how real they are. I also don’t really ascribe to the idea that Eva is of the human condition, considering the AT Field encompasses both humans and angels, both literally as well as metaphorically.

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sometimes i think about what could have made me like sc*tt. like. s1&s2 sc*tt definitely had his faults- esp. wrt his treatment of derek- but i think he definitely could have developed as a person from there and had a rly interesting character arc? like real personal growth and shit. it gets harder after master plan. is there a way that episode could have gone down the way it did and still made him a likable character after that? is there any apology he could give that would suffice?

cont. - like im not sure of the answer, but id love to see someone manage it. i don’t know if ive ever come across a fic that manages to redeem him from that moment while still acknowledging it. most fics either dont forgive him for it or they just sort of ignore it. for me tho, i think the real breaking point for sc*tt is the true alpha storyline. after that i don’t think there was anything they could have done for him to make him an interesting or likeable character. that storyline ruined it.

I think one of the biggest places where people take issue with Scott –– and this doesn’t mean they hate him or he’s a horrible human being (although some people feel that way too, and are entitled to it), but where many people see Scott falling short as a character is in that the show seems to have decided that “main character” or “hero” should mean perfect, and that’s just… that’s not good for character development, for plot building, or honestly, for a character’s likability.

Characters need to grow to be engaging. And people grow by making mistakes, learning from them, and moving forward. Scott’s mistakes, his flaws as a human being (and yes, he has flaws, everyone does, that’s not character assassination, that’s just fact) are really never addressed. He isn’t made to apologize for the things he does wrong (and why should he, honestly, since no one around him recognizes his problematic behaviors and calls him out on them) or face any apparent payment for them. This compared to the rest of the characters in the series, who are called out on their mistakes –– either by other characters or by consequences in canon. I always use Derek as a comparison, because there are a lot of straightforward parallels, such as the key moments with Isaac. Derek throws a glass at Isaac to get him to leave the loft. We know that’s an absolutely shitty thing to do, it reads immediately on both Isaac and Derek’s faces, and as consequence Derek loses Isaac as a pack member. That’s some hardcore, immediate reaction showing people in the scene and in the audience that This Was Not An Ok Thing To Do. The fact that Derek knew it wasn’t ok as he was doing it, and that he did it on purpose to get Isaac to leave for his own safety, does not make the behavior alright, and Derek acknowledges and pays for that behavior in the permanent loss of Isaac as a housemate and pack member.

When Scott, a short time later, throws Isaac into a wall in a moment of jealousy, it should, on the surface, seem to strike a fairly close parallel. We have Isaac’s Alpha, someone in a position of power over him, physically lashing out at him in some way. But in this instance, neither Scott nor Isaac react much to it, Isaac continues to go on living in Scott’s house and remaining a member of his pack, and there is just… no real follow up to that moment. And while I understand how that can lead some viewers to dismiss the moments as not being parallel (Isaac wasn’t upset there, so clearly Scott’s behavior is acceptable), what I and many viewers are instead left with is the message that Derek lashing out is unexpected and unacceptable, Scott lashing out is expected and acceptable, and that makes him… more heroic?

In season five I believe there finally was a moment between Stiles and Scott where Scott seemed to be being called out on his behavior, but even that came off as very “I’m flawed and you can’t understand that because you’re perfect,” which is… it’s how Scott sees himself, and it’s how the writers seem to see him, but A) that fails to acknowledge the ways in which he is flawed –– meaning that he can’t learn from and improve upon those flaws –– and B) makes for an incredibly un-engaging character. How can we identify with perfection? How can we root for perfection? And how can we fully get on board with someone we are told is perfect, when we can look at them and point out a dozen instances where they weren’t?

This is my major issue with Scott’s character. That we are told he is perfect when we see he isn’t, that he has a double standard of being excused from all of his bad behaviors when the characters around him aren’t, and I do think this connects very much to the True Alpha problem (I got another ask about my thoughts on that so I’ll answer that in more detail separately), because it’s just another level of saying “Scott is a better man, werewolf, and person in general than everyone else.”

Ok, now after all of that, how do I think Scott could have been improved and made more likable for many critical viewers? To be honest, for me it would have been really simple. Include moments where he apologizes for things. That’s… really, honestly, all I would have needed. Because like I said, I’m not looking for perfect characters. Scott acknowledging that he screwed up now and again would make me ecstatic because it would mean that he’s learning and growing and is trying to become better, and that makes for an amazing character arc in any show. If Scott had done the exact same thing in “Master Plan,” except when Derek asked why Scott didn’t tell him Scott had said “I’m sorry… I was afraid if I told anyone then Gerard would find out my plan. And I couldn’t risk that, my mom was in danger” then bam. I would have had a complete turnaround on my attitude toward him in that moment. He would have been humanized, we would have seen that he was in a tough situation, and he would have become more sympathetic by sympathizing with the shitty thing he’d done to Derek. Honestly, that simple.

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That last gifset you reblogged... Just highlighted how misogynist miraculous can be to me... That is really poor treatment of female characters... I'm actually dumbfounded by it

yeah this hiatus is that it’s made me rewatch a lot of episodes and realize how weak and inconsistent the writing of this show is. i think people look at “copycat” and try to explain away chat noir’s behavior within the scope of his character. which isn’t a bad thing, but there’s a simpler explanation for why the episode went down the way it did: it was poorly written. 

adrien is our main character, he’s one of the main heroes of the show, and the show has not identified a single flaw in his character. i mean this literally. watch the show again. anything that you could potentially consider a “flaw” in his character, the show presents in a way that’s meant to make us pity him or find him endearing. we are at no point, as viewers, forced to criticize adrien’s behavior. 

“copycat” is about the only episode where we get anywhere close to that. but like i mentioned in this post i wrote about the episode, the show writers did not leave space for chat noir to apologize for his mistake. chat noir, out of jealousy, lied about his relationship with ladybug behind her back (which is objectively not cool) in order to make some other guy who liked her jealous. why would he do that? because he probably felt threatened that someone else liked her. he probably felt entitled to her feelings. he probably didn’t want this random dude ruining his chances with her. whatever the reason, it was wrong no matter how you cut it. it was so wrong he inadvertently caused an akuma. now in a perfect world, adrien should’ve done the right thing and apologized to ladybug and theo for his lie. 

instead, chat noir criticizes ladybug for disappointing theo and ladybug is the only character who dished out an apology to theo at the end of the episode. meanwhile, the show sets up the narrative in a way that asks us to feel sorry for chat noir because ladybug didn’t return his feelings. 

what makes this worse is that when marinette eventually acts out on her jealousy in “volpina” and chews out lila for lying to try and win over adrien, the show very clearly presents marinette as being in the wrong and she is forced to apologize at the end of the episode. when marinette’s jealousy causes an akuma, she has to apologize. when chat noir’s jealousy causes an akuma, he gets let off the hook. 

adrien is too perfect. the show had the opportunity to introduce an interesting character flaw for him, but by not making him apologize for his error and forcing us to sympathize with him after he made his error, we don’t get the sense that this was a character flaw at all. we get the sense that what chat noir did was understandable and perfectly okay. 

you’ve got a huge issue with your supposedly feminist children’s show when your female heroine is forced to apologize for her countless mistakes in literally every episode and your male hero is allowed to coast along like the poor, beautiful, perfect, can-do-no-wrong sunshine child that they pretend he is.  

  • I think everyone has a right to like and dislike characters, as a writer I sympathize with like everyone so it's hard for me to dislike a character so passionately.
  • I've just seen so much Scalia/Malia hate, more Malia hate than anything, and I'm trying to figure out why that is.
  • When Malia was introduced I was impartial, when Stalia happened I was like hell no, and I didn't like Malia for the simple fact that she was barely given screen time before heading into a romance with a main character in the most delusional/unhealthy (from a writer's standpoint aka mine). I saw the #AntiMalia posts and all I could think was I don't like her but that's way too far. They really don't have anything better to do with their time?
  • When season 5 came along and Malia actually got real serious development instead of being a comic relief I took notice. I appreciated what she was going through, I connected with her character. After her Tracey and Theo car ride moment I knew that I really liked this character and that there was no reason to hold the writer's piss poor job of her entry and relationship with Stiles against her.
  • I may be one of the only people on this world that didn't ship Scallison and Scira. Scallison was wayyyyyy too rushed. The first episode? Come on dude. I didn't get a choice if I wanted to see those two together the show said these two are going to be together, here you go, figure it out along the way. Scira was better for me because they had time to develop a friendship before but I have so many issues with Scira.
  • So I've never really successfully shipped anyone with Scott, which made me kinda sad over the seasons, it was always Stiles I was shipping people with. I DO NOT SHIP MALEO.
  • Once I realized how much I loved Scott and Malia as characters on their own without being romantically linked to anybody else I was more okay with the idea of them getting together. At first, like a lot of people I was weirded out because of Stiles BUT STILES DID THE SAME THING WITH LYDIA SO THERE SHOULDN'T BE A DOUBLE STANDARD.
  • By the rules of the show, which I don't recommend going off of lol, Scott and Malia can totally get together because we've seen it happen without any drama with Stydia. HONESTLY WHY PEOPLE ARE SHOCKED BY THIS IS A MYSTERY TO ME LIKE HAVE YOU NOT SEEN A SINGLE EPISODE OF ANY TEEN DRAMA WHERE THEY ALL DATE EACH OTHER MULTIPLE TIMES?!
  • I digress, my point is that most you only hate the idea of Scalia because of three reasons. You hate Malia for reasons people don't like to share. Saying you hate because there's something about her is a BULLSHIT argument. If you can't give episodes or specific details why look at yourself and ask why are you being malicious. Or you ship Scira. I get it. I would be salty too. BUT WE ALL KNOW KIRA ISN'T COMING BACK. STOP USING KIRA AS AN EXCUSE FOR YOUR HATE FOR THE SHIP. ARDEN MADE THE GOODBYE VIDEO LAST SEASON, LAST YEAR, YOU HAVE NO REASON TO BELIEVE SCIRA WILL BE TOGETHER OR GET MORE SCREEN TIME. IF THEY DIDN'T BREAK UP ON AIR HOPEFULLY THE WRITERS WILL EXPLAIN IT. KIRA WILL BE GONE FOR WHO KNOWS HOW LONG YOU CAN'T EXPECT SCOTT TO WAIT FOR SOMEONE THAT MAY NEVER COME HOME IN HIS LIFETIME. Or you have the mindset that Scott and Malia are the only two left single so they shouldn't be together just because that/boys and girls can be friends and nothing more.
  • GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE WITH THAT. If you think Scalia is happening soley because there the only ones left you haven't been paying attention or reading context clues. Posey and Shelley are really great friends which is why Scalia works and has a standing ground. Scalia is developed in much the same way. They have a BASIS OF FRIENDSHIP FIRST. They're both loyal to each other, protect each other, and kick ass together. They're iconic. And I still don't understand why people hate the friends into something more trope. That's a great trope. Just falling into a romance without being friends with a person is the trope I hate. BUILD THAT FRIENDSHIP YALL! MAJOR KEY ALERT.
  • https: //
  • I MEAN, LIKE YOU CAN SEE THAT THEY'VE HAD THAT TUNNEL SCENE AND THE ONE IN DEATON'S OFFICE, AND THE PORCH SCENE, AND ALL OF 6A!!! I suggest watching the Pennig vids first(Home, Soldier, and the This or That vids and the cutest upbeat scalia vid is And Your Smile Shining Bright)
  • PLEASE JUST GIVE THE VIDEOS A CHANCE, GIVE THE IDEA OF THEM BEING HAPPY A CHANCE BEFORE YOU WRITE THEM OFF. This vids at the beginning are a little AUey and are more manipued that the older ones because I made the playlist and they came out before 6a was released, the further you go down the list the more actual scalia scenes are used. I doubt any of us would be happy that Scott got a random new love interest for the last ten episodes that we know nothing about or care about and that wouldn't be in all ten episodes.
  • And lastly, Scott turned Malia human again. We all know that. If there hadn't been Scira or residual Scallison do you think you would've shipped Scalia then? I was blind to it until after 5b. He changed her back, she protected him from the Berserkers, from Enis at the hospital, he took care of her when she was drunk, helped with the Desert Wolf/Belasko talons, he told her he was still there for her after the Stalia breakup, if Peter hadn't bitten Scott none of this would've happened and obviously Peter's her dad. Like can yall see the lines here? And all this doesn't mean they have to be together, but if you really look at them and watch Shelley and Tyler together and Scott and Malia then hopefully you'll see what the rest of us see. Two amazing people that have come so far that care for each other they just so happen to figure out how much at the same time. : D
  • I LIED. LASTLY, PENNIG BITCHES!!!!! OHHH MY GOOOOOOD! THEY ARE LIKE LITERALLY SO IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER, TYLER MORE SO PROBABLY BUT IT'S SO OBVIOUS. THEY'RE SOCIAL MEDIA GIVES ME HEART PALPITATIONS. SHELLEY IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND SO FUNNY! LIKE PENNIG HAS PHOTOSETS OF THEM POOPING, EATING PIZZA, AND JUST BEING WEIRD AF. "I could eat you" Come on, if Shelley didn't have a boyfriend I think Posey would be on that like white on rice. To be fair, I think he already is kinda. It's so obvious he's head over heels for Shelley.
  • BITCH I LIED AGAIN. Lastly, at the very least, the idea of them is adorable. Take out Stiles for a second. If it was just Scott had turned her back and she eventually found her way to the pack but Scira still happened and ended, the idea of them wouldn't be so yuck to some of yall I would think. He's good to her. She needs that after her first relationship that wasn't great in my opinion, but also wasn't as bad as some stydias like to say. I say stalia is all wrong from a writing standpoint not a shipping standpoint. He "tames" her in some ways when she was still learning and she could bring out a wilder side in him. Hu Anita's King and Lionheart Scalia vid on that playlist showcased them perfectly. Like Scott's the King and Malia is his Lionheart. Iconic Duo.

anonymous asked:

I love this blog because you're not "idealizing" NK. A lot of APH blogs basically kind of forgive the aph countries y'know? But you actually put a lot of effort in the information and say it in aph NK perspective without forgiving the regime. Other blogs that for example are role playing WW2 aph germany ignore the fact that he was a nazi? Instead of y'know, if they don't want to make aph countries evil (make him maybe a spy IDK) they act like nazis are fun and games. IDK if I explained it well.

((I think I kind of get what you’re saying. It is a tricky topic though. I really do try not to idealize anything, but it’s hard to strike a balance between not trivializing bad things with hetalia characters while also not pretending they don’t exist.

I don’t blame Germany RPers for avoiding mentions of nazism because I wouldn’t want to involve the holocaust in Hetalia either. I myself have already said I won’t cover things like prison camps in character because I feel like it would trivialize the issue. However, I agree with you that people shouldn’t pretend Germany was 100% innocent of all things relating to the nazi government, because realistically, none of the APH countries are free of guilt. I know it’s tempting to want to see our favorite characters in the best possible light because we don’t want to catch ourselves liking or sympathizing with bad people. But it’s also okay to have characters who AREN’T good people as long as we’re acknowledging that they’re not, or at least that they’ve made mistakes. This is why I don’t try to pretend Sang Kyu is innocent or that he’s a good person. He’s come up with ways to rationalize all the bad things (ie “I’m protecting my people”, “I’m only doing it because America does it”, “traitors don’t deserve sympathy”, etc). That doesn’t mean he’s right, or any less guilty. I just feel it would be wrong to pretend he’s a good person with a bad boss, because when it comes down to it he IS North Korea. And, I know some people won’t like this, but I think the government of the country in question should be taken into account for the characterization of that country. Hetalia is based largely on international relations, in addition to stereotypes, after all.

Anyway, thank you. I’m glad you like what I’m doing here and I hope others do too. I just really don’t want to come off like I’m trivializing or romanticizing anything.))

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Hi, can you tell me what other characters are like Kaneki? (Besides Furuta (my boy :'()) I read that you say that he doesn't show sympathy to them, but i don't remember other characters besides that conversation that he had with Seidou (I think that Kaneki show sympathy with him, but maybe i'm wrong.)

There’s like a whole complex web of characters who are like Kaneki, but for the sake of time I’ll give you the short list.

Who Foils Kaneki in Tokyo Ghoul Re:
 Every Single Major Antagonist Kaneki has fought Directly

Nishiki and Kaneki have both left behind the loves of their life for three whole years. They also both intentionally made the choice to abandon that love for their own safety, without consulting the other person. 

Kaneki and Nishiki were also both in love with a person of the opposite species. Despite the fight that that love would require, both of them are entirely non-confrontational when it comes to that person. They both prefer to operate and make decisions operating from the shadows, or fighting antagonists to protect the person they love rather than actually directly confront that person. 

Nishiki and Kaneki were both orphaned at a young age. They both tend to defer and hide their real feelings on things. Nishiki was confronted about Kimi all of once, and he almost immediately deflected. 

Kaneki and Takizawa both started out as far weaker than the woman who was most important to them in each of their lives. They both developed power complexes as a result of this. Even after they far surpassed that woman though in terms of strength, the weakness complex remained in both of them and they still see themselves as indecisive and weak.

Kaneki and Takizawa are both ghouls whose power was brought out by being tortured to extremity. They are the only of the hybrid ghouls at this point who have been pushed so far that their hair is pure white. They both form a partial kakuja rather than a full one. 

Kaneki and Takizawa both pick up habits of their torturers and captives. After being tortured, they go on to torture others. They both have tics, Takizawa bites his fingers and Kaneki cracks his knuckles. Kaneki and Takizawa are the only ones of the hybrid ghouls to actually see themselves as ghouls, and sympathize most with ghouls. 

Kanae and Kaneki are both orphans who specifically mourn the loss of their mothers most of all. 

They both represent a gender duality. Kanae is designated female, but presents themselves as male for most of the story. Kaneki has the smell and kagune of a female ghoul, as Haise most of his duties are feminine, cooking, caretaking, raising children. 

Kanae and Kaneki are both defined by their intensive loneliness. The way they deal with it is great amounts of selflessness and devotion to others, only to suddenly snap back and become selfish again and act on their own desires.

Both of them have an extremely strong internal desire to be loved, that eventually comes out through their actions. It’s no coincidence that after Kaneki’s inner self drops this line, immediately Kanae starts screaming this.

The reason why Kaneki lashed out so much is most likely because this was so in tune with his own desire. 

Then finally we have the holy trio. 

Furuta, Arima and Eto. 

To recapitulate.

Kaneki and Eto are both extremely lonely and volatile people, their main relation through other people is through books. They both have a strong connection to their mother and their entirety of their current motivation is in fact based on what their mother left them behind with. They are also both half ghouls who struggle with their own sense of loneliness due to their nature, and both are connected to Yoshimura, but Yoshimura is a surrogate father of Kaneki’s whereas Eto was abandoned by Yoshimura her real father. There is also the fact that Kaneki right now is stepping into Yoshimura’s shoes, with the Yoshimura and Ukina parallel that he and Touka are repeating. The main difference between the two of them is the way they deal with their trauma, Eto externalizes. She picks targets with similiarities to her, orphaned, abandoned, ghouls who are lashing out and then picks apart their weaknesses and poitns out their own wanting for love and how weak they are for it. Kaneki internalizes, he takes his own violent urges and gives them faces and names. He has an imaginary Rize, and an imagine Yamori, because he cannot deal with the fact that he himself is violent.

Kaneki and Arima are almost entirely too similiar in disposition and personality. They are both kind, but distant. They are unable to see at all the affections which others have for them and are left perpetually lonely feeling. They do not communicate well either, Arima is famous for never giving out praise. They tend to reach out to others, and bring them around them as support structures, Arima became the hope of the garden children, Kaneki parallels them with his treating of the Q’s more like a family than a squad. 

Their biggest similiarity is that they both tend to play helpless in regards to their lives. They forefeit away agency, which makes them different on another level from Furuta and Eto who both seize it at every change they get. It’s a passive reaction though, as often they are following the orders or abiding by somebody else rather than making decisions for themselves. 

Their plans for their own deaths were similiar too, it involved both of them being killed while being a central figure, hated and loved on both sides. Arima when he died was hated by all ghouls as a symbol of fear, and loved by all humans as a symbol of strength for the CCG. 

They both also find violence very abhorrent. Arima hated himself so much for all the lives he had to take. Kaneki at the end of his cannibalism spree in og tg was being eaten up from the inside with guilt at what he had done to the others around him in order to gain power.

Furuta, I have a post talking about it here [x], basically though Furuta is meant to be the shadow. He is the dark side of all of Kaneki’s own shitty and selfish urges come to life.

Kaneki tends to passively use people, and use them as crutches for his own importance. Furuta actively uses them then tosses them aside as they really are only objects to him, whereas Kaneki struggles between using people as crutches to prop himself up and trying to genuinely love them.

Which is where we get to the Why? Why are all of these antagonists to Kaneki really strong foils of him. It’s because kaneki is so stuck inside his own head, the only way he ever can relate to other people is always through himself. Ironically, if the greatest thematic goal of this series is to openly relate to others, form bonds of empathy and friendship then the greatest antagonist Kaneki faces is himself. 

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Don't want to be rude,actually I expect your understanding in what I'm gonna say: you dont understand Kaname's nature at all. I respect your opinion but the more I read your posts about him the more Im convinced you do not see the core of him. You analyze him as a one-sided person who HAS to be a villain and never take into account his deep history and events that led him to the state/opinion he had in the VK. And you forget that very often actions cannot be judged as only good or bad.

I appreciate that you respect my opinion and that you’ve read my posts on Kaname despite, I’m guessing, being a fan of his character yourself. I don’t think you were rude at all and I appreciate the opportunity to discuss this with someone coming at the story from a different side because there’s not really a lot of crossover between sections of the fandom anymore. :) I think though that you may be misunderstanding where my opinion comes from and you’re assuming that I don’t understand Kaname’s motivations or why he felt that his actions were necessary. 

You say that I analyze him as a person who HAS to be a villain, but all I’ve ever done is discussed the crimes he’s committed and say that I want him to acknowledge that he was wrong for them. I’m not calling for his death or his head on a platter or for him to suffer some other cruel fate. I’m not asking him to be deprived of this chance at life or for a chance at happiness. I literally just want him to show the self-awareness he lacked in the original series and say hey, I was wrong before, but I’ve been given this chance to make it right and I’m going to live up to the expectations of the people who put their faith in me.  Kaname’s history doesn’t come into play for that. Kaname’s history is the reason why he’s being allowed another chance at life, at happiness, despite his many crimes. Kaname’s history is not, however, an excuse for what he did, just as it has not been an excuse for every other villain in this story, each of which also had a sad story. 

Shizuka was imprisoned for most of her life and the only love she ever really knew was the love she found in a human who stared defiantly at her instead of being afraid. He was killed because of her attachment to him and she was manipulated into killing off a hunter family to further another pureblood’s (Kaname) agenda. 

Rido was the first born son who should have been Juri’s fiance by birthright, a tradition started by the progenitor of their bloodline (Kaname). And even though Juri was technically granted a “choice” in her partner, there was some meddling from their family because when Juri left to go to school, Haruka was permitted to tag along. He was the horse their family decided to back, not Rido, despite Rido being the eldest. Rido instead gets an arranged marriage outside of their family, which probably felt like a slap in the face considering the thousands of years of incest their family practiced to keep their bloodline pure. He believed he loved Juri and so lusted for her blood for years, unable to be satisfied by anyone else’s, being driven more and more insane by his desire, all while watching her live a happy life with his brother for at least a few thousand years because that’s approximately how old Haruka and Juri were at the time of their death. The reason Yuuki said she didn’t want to feel or know the depth of Rido’s desire for her mother is because she saw him as an evil man and didn’t want to sympathize with (or pity) someone who had destroyed her family, and she knew that the desire he felt was tragic, even if Rido had been reduced to something dark and twisted because of it. 

Kaname was alone when the Ancestress found and gave him a name, and he was content to remain that way except she snuck her way into his heart and an attachment to her began to form despite his attempts to prevent that from ever happening. He was methodical in his thinking and thought the answer to not being driven insane was never caring about anyone, but then he lost the Ancestress and realized too late that he did care. It doesn’t matter if you view it platonically or romantic. The Ancestress was important to him, and she was gone. In order to ensure that her sacrifice was not in vain, he made sure the hunters didn’t take the weapons for granted, and he took up arms himself in fighting against those who tried to use the humans as slaves. At some point, he must have found a partner with whom he created a family, but he never forgot his grief and he went to sleep without ever intending to wake up. And then Rido woke him up, and Kaname devoured an innocent baby, something that I believe he did feel guilt for and the reason why he never felt entitled to Yuuki considering him her brother and the reason he told Zero he wished he’d been her real brother. He was living a stolen life and he knew that, which is probably why the idea of sacrificing it for Yuuki to be a human appealed to him so much. And a lot of what Kaname did, good and bad, was motivated by his desire to protect Yuuki, which was in turn motivated by his loss of the Ancestress. 

No “villain” or antagonist in this series is black and white. Every one of them had a sad story, a reason for their actions… it didn’t make their actions right. And it seems like you’re arguing the well-intentioned extremist angle for Kaname, by saying that no action can be judged as only good or bad, but the only way that angle works is if those bad actions result in good consequences, which Kaname’s did not. His motivation to protect Yuuki was undermined by his actions hurting her more than death or injury ever could. His supposed desire to protect the humans was undermined by the fact that he opened them up to attack from vampires by destroying the senate, taking leadership of the vampires, and then abandoning them to chaos. 

In short, Kaname was blinded by his grief and his arrogance, yet another point highlighted by the manga when he was referred to as the king of hubris to parallel Sara’s queen of arrogance. Believing he was in the right and that the ends would justify the means despite all the harm it brought to everyone else is exactly why Kaname was narratively “punished” by burning in a metaphorical hell for a thousand years. It’s why Hino is having his new self question what he did, in order to protect Yuuki. It’s why she has taken the time to show us how everything Kaname did either changed nothing or changed things for the worse. If any of the things Kaname did had changed things for the better, I would still disagree with his actions but would acknowledge that in the grand scheme of things they may have been a necessary evil. I’m more than capable of liking morally gray characters or characters with next to no morality at all, and appreciating them for their flaws as well as despite them. 

But that’s not what we’re being shown, and IMO it’s not what Hino is trying to tell us with this most recent chapter either. Even Takuma says that Kaname releasing Shizuka so she could enact her revenge as part of his bigger picture was a cruel gamble. Takuma, who is more biased in Kaname’s favor than probably any other character in the series (and likely any fan in the fandom, too.) In fact, Takuma doesn’t care about Kaname despite his darkness - he cares about him because of it. 

Now, I’ll admit. I don’t spend as much time as I would have in the past sugarcoating the things I say about Kaname’s actions or my opinion of them. A lot of that is because of my frustration with the end of the original series doing a 180 and acting like Kaname’s actions were suddenly justified when several chapters ago we’d been narratively condemning them, and the only piece of new information we had was that Aidou-dono was still alive. While that was great and all, it wasn’t actually Aidou-dono’s death that Kaname was being condemned for, so it shouldn’t have mattered. The integrity of the narrative being sacrificed like that made me less inclined to spend time talking about why Kaname did the things he did and made me more inclined to spend time talking about what he did, and why his reasons weren’t enough to justify them. 

I understand that you feel differently, and I respect that, but I just wanted to explain why they aren’t enough for me and why I think the narrative is trying to explain that as well, and also show that I get why Kaname felt his actions were necessary and why some fans still sympathize with him in spite of his actions. Not sharing that sympathy doesn’t mean I don’t understand where he was coming from when he did the things he did. 

If you’re curious, here’s some really, really old posts I did about Kaname before the original series ended that may highlight my views a little better:

I feel like there’s this misconception that if you view Kaname as an antagonist in the story (which by definition means his actions were either against the protagonists or something they openly objected, all of which was true) you must not understand or grasp how sad and tragic his life before the original series events was, and that’s just not true, just like it’s not true that you can’t condemn his actions and still like him, as some Kaname fans will attest to. I don’t see Kaname’s actions as being bad because he didn’t have reasons for them or things that made him feel they were necessary evils. I see his actions as being bad because nothing good came from them and we have an entire spin-off series dedicated to showing how everyone struggled to find peace and happiness in the aftermath and the burden he put on their shoulders to clean up the mess he left behind. 

That being said, if there’s something about his character you’d like to elaborate on from your perspective to explain why you feel differently, perhaps a component of his characterization you feel I’ve overlooked, you’re more than welcome and I do have the submit feature open on my blog for longer entries because I understand an ask may not be enough space. And thank you for the courtesy you showed in your ask despite disagreeing with my interpretation of Kaname’s character. :) 

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i just thought of something- hcs for tokoyami w/ an s/o who loves to write rlly surreal almost creepy stuff + dramatic poetry but is embarrassed about it bc they don't wanna be seen as a "typical" melodramatic angsty teen?? bc they're usually so cheerful and friendly,, thank u both for running this blog, it's def one of my favorites!!! 💖 u seem like such wonderful people


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I hope this came out okay anon, or that it was close to what you wanted!
Had a lot of fun with this one. Also omg pls ur so sweet lemme love you.

  • Tokoyami finds out about his s/o’s writings when they come over for a study date one afternoon
  • When his s/o is packing up their things they forget the journal under some papers, it must have fallen out of their bag at some point when they were looking for something else
  • Tokoyami while cleaning up his room for the night stumbles across the book and not knowing what it is opens it to find all of these poems and other dark writing themes
  • Ends up totally engrossed in the literature and binge reads it all in one night, even rereading some of his favorites
  • Eventually running out of content to read he searches the book for an author (he doesn’t remember buying this, but man he needs more)
  • Is shocked to see his s/o’s name scrawled on the back cover, could this really be theirs? The writing style seems really out of character for them…
  • But after going back through and looking at the handwriting he realizes it really does belong to his s/o and is quite impressed, not imagining his s/o would have such talent for this style of writing
  • Feels slightly guilty about reading something so personal without their permission, even though it was an accident
  • The next day he calmly approaches them, book in hand and immediately apologizes, saying that he read the journal last night not knowing it was theirs but that he absolutely loved all of it
  • Would ask his s/o if he could possibly read other things they have written if they don’t mind sharing them with him
  • His curiosity would get the better of him and he would ask why they hadn’t shared this side of them with him before, since they are usually so upbeat and cheery, it was hard to believe at first that the journal belonged to them.
  • Chuckles a little but sympathizes with his s/o when they tell him they don’t want to be seen as the typical angsty teen
  • Probably has some of his own stuff he’s written and asks his s/o to take a look at some of it if they want to
  • He and his s/o just end up starting their own private creative writing group and will constantly write things for each other to trade/share
  • Low-key gets warm fuzzies knowing that he’s now in on this little secret with his s/o and is honored that they have shared this side of them with him
  • Dark Shadow approves

tokoyami is best son

~admin ari