this is why i deactivated it in the first place

Geia’s Energy Wards

Aka activating and deactivating wards.

I’m still new to this so please take what I say with a grain of salt.

I was inspired the other night by @destinylightreadings when she was talking about how she listens to music with her spirit companion. She touches the vessel of her spirit companion and imagines her spirit companion listening to the music with her. 

You’re probably thinking ‘G, whats that got to do with warding’ well a lot of the time when I read about energy wards they don’t use a physical object and they have no way of activating/deactivating them and it really bothered me. When I read that story I had the idea of using a crystal/an object, putting your intention into it and then touching it and saying an incantation to get them to turn off/on. 

Well now you might be wondering why I’d want to activate and deactivate them in the first place. Well when I am out and about I don’t want to feel strangers emotions/pains because, well, they’re strangers and it drains my energy too quickly but then when I’m with my family I want to be able to deactivate the wards to feel them so I can then help them in any way I can. Its the same with spirits entering my house. Sometimes I just don’t want them there and other times I want to be able to help them.

So with the incantations they’re in Latin because I love Latin but I have an English version will be below the Latin incase you don’t know how to pronounce it. Thank you to @ruewitch for helping me with them! 

These wards can fade over time especially if an entity tries really hard to break them. Repeat the spell every 3 months or so or whenever you feel they’re weak.

I also might mention only do this ward if you have control over your energy because you might accidentally make it so those spirits are attracted to it vs repelled. There are other methods of warding which can be found here (x). 

There is a basic spell then theres three types, a necklace ward, a house ward, and an object ward which each have their own incantations.

Basic Spell

Feel free to edit this in any way to make it suit your practice. These are not rules, they’re suggestions. If you post it tho please tag me in it so I can see what you have done!

All three types of wards use the same basic spell but the incantations change as well as the object.

What you will need

An object (will change depending on the type of ward. I’ll get to that in a sec)
A method of cleansing 
A black candle* 


  1. First you’ll want to cleanse the object and your space with whatever you have at hand.
  2. Write down what you want this ward to be for. Is it to stop psychic attacks? Maybe you protect yourself from drop bears. I don’t know, its up to you but be very specific.
  3. Next light the candle to set the mood.
  4. Now take a few deep breaths and get yourself centred. Feel your lungs fill up with air. On your last deep breath think of what you want to use this ward for or say it verbally as you breathe out imagine that intention going into the necklace.
  5. So for the first time activating it you want to say the incantation specific to the object that is stated down below. Whilst you say this image a beam of light leaving the object and surrounding your house/yourself/your object.

This can be repeated until you feel the intention is strong enough in the crystal. My first time doing this I did it once.

* This isn’t that important. You can use whatever colour or not use one at all. I just like to set the mood and it helps with my concentration

How to activate/deactivate

Activation and deactivation is pretty easy. Hold the object and think/say the incantation below or just say the English words for activate/deactivate. Imagine the feild closing and coming back into the necklace/crystal/sigil.

Activate - Agile

Deactivate - Otiosum 

Necklace Ward

This is perfect for when you’re out and about. Depending on what you decided the use of the ward was for it could be used for empaths to protect them against other people’s emotions and by spirit workers to stop psychic attacks.

Object - Necklace (works best with a protective crystal but any old necklace is okay.)


English - This necklace is active and protects me.

Latin - Hoc monile est agile et protegit me. 

House Ward

This is to protect your house form any unwanted guests such as spirits, angels, spiders, whatever you want. Tho if you deactivate them you’ll want to cleanse your house before activating again or you can do a cleansing ward (I’ll explain in another post if you want. Its not exactly a ward but whatever.) This can also be changed to suit a room. Just imagine the light surrounding that room.

Object - Crystal such as onyx or obsidian. (A generator would be best as it will shoot out the energy if that makes sense).


English - This crystal is active and protects this house/room.

Latin - Hoc cystallum est agile et protegit hanc domus/hoc spatium.

Object Ward

This is a little different to the others as it requires a sigil. The method is still the same but after step 3 draw your sigil on the object/in the book. If you dont want to write on it just draw it with your finger but it’s best to have it written as you can easily activate it and such. With this one as well I like to imagine the sigil lighting up and then surrounding the object with chains.

Object - The object and a sigil such as (x)

Incantation - Hoc signum est agile et protegit hoc obiectum.

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