this is why i can't get a job

so… y’all might have noticed that i’m very indecisive, and nervous.

so i’ve thought about just using an alias online (because i’m worried if i ever wanna change my name again that it will end up just irritating everyone and i hate to bother people).

so yeah i’m spending the day trying to figure one out. (like naturally my first thought was rafe because he’s the fave and all that but like… he too good for me // then i thought barry after barry allen because i love my son but alas, using a character name makes me feel like an entitled prick —and i don’t need to be that online too).

so yeah i might just end up with something silly and coffee related or something, or a swedish word because i don’t talk to a lot of swedes? idk.

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why did you age up the characters in your au? are they not old enough to work in a store like that? (i don't know what the standard age is where you live)

i mean u can get a cashier job at like 16 where i work but since i’m basing the AU off of MY experience, i had to age them up lmao

there is no way anyone under 18 would be hired for my position (which is lance in the AU), and since they’re all kinda around the same age, i had to make keith and hunk older too. i think i explained before about keith’s situation too in another post

btw pidge is an exception to this rule like i made them a genius prodigy type in my AU ….no one under 21 would ever be made a supervisor irl. even 18 is a huge stretch but i thought it would be a decent age bc they are younger than hunk keith and lance but still need to be an adult for the job

aaaand since i aged all of them up, i thought it would be a good idea to also age shiro coran and allura up (even tho only shiro has a canon age)

for anyone who reads this n wonders, here’s the post abt the ages


long story short ????? the AU wouldn’t work w teens lol


Character development  → Michael Guerin 

Theirs is a story that never gets old. One of friendship, of bravery, of self-sacrifice, and most of all, of the love that started it all and ultimately saved the world.

I will never not be moved by the story of James and Lily Potter.

what not to say to an artist
  • ew, why are they naked?
  • you’re an artist? can you draw me?
  • yeah but what’s your real job?
  • you’re a digital artist? but that’s not real art, you just push buttons and the computer does it for you.
  • she’s so pretty. oh they’re a boy? you need to draw him less pretty.
  • you charge too much.
  • i get a discount though cause we’re friends/family, right?
  • you’re art is good but i don’t like your style.
  • your drawings would be so much better if you didn’t color them like that.

I don’t understand why some people are trying to make sense of this so much. I obviously don’t know what happened, but what I can infer with the information I’ve got:

1D is leaving Syco. Syco is mad. Syco throws a temper tantrum in the form of a smear campaign throughout all of 2015 with every single tool they have and tanks their last single.

This girl was employed by 1DHQ, she had to sign an NDA so she couldn’t just be talking about things that happened while she was on the job.

1DHQ offers this girl 15 minutes of fame in exchange for using her name, she agrees to it. They fabricate this story. The articles get written.

If Harry said hi to her or not is irrelevant. How close she was with 1D is irrelevant. If she talked to Dan or if Dan was told what to write is irrelevant. If the article makes sense is irrelevant.

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness


“And so now you can’t… You can’t hand it over to somebody else because they’re yours, and they need you, and you can do it. And you have to because if you give it to Bailey, you won’t be able to look at yourself in the mirror. I promise you. You’ll always wonder what kind of doctor you could be. This is the job, Alex, and it’s why you get paid the big bucks.”

last week, i went in to interview for a paid summer position at a local LGBT rights, marriage equality, and education non-profit. the interview was going great until the man stopped me mid-sentence and told me i was actually interviewing for an unpaid internship. i told him that i was already overwhelmed with volunteer work and couldn’t afford to work for free. this is absolutely true, but he continued to ask me if i could work from home—for no pay. a few days later, i received a presumptuous email asking me to volunteer at a $200 plate dinner honoring TD Bank and some straight politicians. here’s how i replied:


As I said in my interview (which I believed in good faith was for a paid position), I’m already overwhelmed with volunteer and pro bono work.  More so, I am extremely uncomfortable with a $200 dinner rewarding straight people and corporations for meeting the bare minimum of human decency. In *my* queer community, $200 is a month’s rent or a minimum student loan payment. $200 is two doses of my friend’s hormone therapy, or 1/3 of a cheap laptop to access vital resources and opportunities. It is twice what I spend on groceries in a month.  My generation is so disappointed by mainstream gay rights, we can’t even care enough to be angry. There’s just no place for those of us who can’t buy a ticket. Finally, I respect that [NAME REMOVED] is a non-profit, but you should also be aware that the majority of unpaid interns are young womenUnpaid internships are the gateway to wage gap and are wholly classist, no matter the experience or networking opportunities provided. This is New York Times’ editorial commentary, not just my feminist politics.  Sincerely, Maddy Court  P.S. are you aware that TD Bank finances fracking that poisons the groundwater of the poorest and most vulnerable people in the world? Is Lex Luthor up for an award too?
please help.

before we get into why i’m asking, i’d like to acknowledge the fact that i’ve been trying for months to figure this out another way. i’ve been trying to apply for jobs (and receiving not even so much as an interview), my mom, who can’t even walk without being in immense pain, has looked into getting a second job. we’ve tried. but the simple truth is that we barely have enough money to afford our bus passes every month, let alone a trip across the country, so tumblr, i’m coming to you because i really need your help.

when i was four years old my father was arrested (if you would like to know why, don’t hesitate to ask). by the time i was five he’d been given a 25 year sentence (recently shortened to 20). before, when i was younger, we lived near him and i was still able to see him on a fairly regular basis. however, when i was about seven, my mom began to lose her sight via something called diabetic retinopathy. because of this we had to move to seattle, where my grandparents were available to drive her home after surgery, and as a result, i went from seeing my dad every month to seeing him once a year.

slowly but surely as i’ve gotten older, the frequency of my visits has declined. this year i will be coming up on three years of not having spoken to my father, not having resolved anything with him… i’m forgetting what he looks like, at this point.

and now that he’s nearing the end of his sentence, he’s being moved. i know this might be hard for some to understand, not having a working knowledge of the prison system in the U.S., but basically he’s being downgraded from maximum security to medium security, which not only limits the visiting opportunities for me and others in my family, but endangers his life as well due to the complex social environments within different security levels. 

my dad is being moved towards the end of summer, possibly september if we can delay it long enough, and i don’t have the money to see him. i don’t even have enough money to try. i haven’t seen my father in three years, and this summer is my last opportunity to visit him with any kind of privacy; his maximum security facility currently offers weekend visits in prison trailers, where we can talk with some relative peace. if i don’t see him now, i’ll be regulated to a couple hours and i’ll have the eyes of guards on me constantly, every moment i attempt to emotionally reconnect with a parent i haven’t really spoken to in years. if that happens, i have no idea how we’re ever going to be able to have the discussions we need to in order to repair our relationship.

i know this post is long, and i’m sorry, i’m just, i’m really emotional. we’ve been trying to figure this out for a long time, and today my mom told me it just wasn’t going to happen, and i just, haven’t stopped crying, really, because i don’t want to lose him and i can’t fix things with five policemen staring holes into my back in an incredibly hostile environment.

what i need is $800. i know that’s a lot, but it only barely covers a plane ticket and leaves me with just enough money to feed myself for a few days. i’ve been picking my life apart trying to figure out another way to come up with this money, but i can’t. i’m so scared, and i’m out of options. i don’t know if anyone will give me anything. but i have to try. i have to try everything, because i can’t – i just can’t imagine what it would be like if my dad was moved and got hurt and i never had the chance to fix things with him. 

i don’t know if this seems stupid or unimportant, but it’s really, really important to me. if you could give anything, anything at all, it would help so much. this community has been so incredibly supportive to me over the years; there’s nothing i haven’t seen it able to do. so if you want to help me, i’d really – i’d appreciate it a lot. thank you so much for reading this.

- rogue.

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to assure you guys that I am working on the next comic! ;v;)/// The reason it’s taking so long is because the season is pretty much over for my current job (amusement parks don’t stay open in winter :< ) so, I’m trying to find another job asap! 

Thank you for your patience! ;o;)/

I need Jean falling for bartender Marco. 

I need Marco being a freaking king as a bartender, not only making great drinks but also entertaining the clients while doing it. 

I need Marco being firm with people who need to be cut off and making sure they get their asses home safe. 

I need Jean getting to watch Marco kicking someone out for being a rude and drunk asshole. 

I need Jean seeing a scar or two on Marco and Marco tells him that his job isn’t always easy. 

I just need Marco being a fantastic bartender who can also take down two drunk assholes who need to leave and go home. 

my journey takes me to the highest peak of the tallest mountain. it’s a treacherous hike but i have to do it; in order for the spell to be successful i must do it. i reach my destination and cast a determined look over the city below me. i take a moment to even my breathing, draw in my strength and prepare myself for the task at hand, then i reach for the pouch tied to my belt loop. i hold it to my mouth and close my eyes muttering a small incantation the pour the contents out into the palm of my hand. a breeze moves through me and picks up the herbs, the contents of the pouch fluttering over the city below. now was the time. this was the moment. i gathered every ounce of my power, from my toes to my finger tips, and drew in my breath looking out once more over the city below before saying the magic words:


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i think its so sweet and precious how jungkook just has this rly soft look and how he widens his eyes and smiles a lil at jimin or rly any of his hyungs like its just so heartwarming the love he has for them???? i could cry cuz of him i swear

Are you talking about …

CAUSE I FEEEEEEEEL.  (side note: now you all know why I can’t find shiet on my computer ._.)

I’m going to go ahead and be biased and say he looks…just a bit softer and smitten when he’s looking at Jimin. ;) Those heart eyes will keep me here forever is2g like omg how sweet.

It’s cause he’s Jeon Jungkook, and even though he usually acts like he’s:

He’s actually: 


that is, the jikook love? ;)
Click here to support Business Start-up - Cafe Pancake by Ellen Woods

Okay, I thought I would give this a go. It can’t hurt can it? 

For the past 3 and a half years, I have been unemployed. I’ve attempted many times to get a job and just missing the final hurdle. I don’t understand why I cannot get a job, well, I guess I sort of do. Because I have been unemployed for so long my experience in doing the tasks required of me is no longer relevant but for me to gain new experience I would need to get a job. If it is not the lack of experience that lets me down, it’s the lack of mobility. I cannot drive. I want to be due to be unemployed I cannot learn. Can you see my problem?

I am tired of being on the whim of other people and relying on the government to give me a hand out every 2 weeks. I am tired of having to go every 2 weeks to a building and tell another person on the other side that I have been looking for work. They all know my first name and they call me by it. I don’t know any of theirs. I am tired of seeing jobs that I could do but their is an age restriction on them. I am tired of rotting away silently. I am tired of being another statistic for the British Government. I am 30 next year and I have barely accomplished anything.

Ever since I was 12 years old I have wanted to own my own business, build myself a life, be my own boss, live in a nice house and have a loving family with a car and a doggie.

This is were you and comes in. 

I have a passion for making pancakes; because of this I want to open a small pancake and waffle cafe in my home town.

Everything from sweet to savoury, from thick to thin. My pancakes will be the best.

With £15k I will be able:

Rent a premises
Buy a Commercial Fridge
Buy a Commercial griddle
Buy Cooking utensils/coffee machine
Buy Cutlery and Crockery
Buy Seating and tables
Decorate the premises
Fill the fridge/larder
Pay for a renewal on my Food Safety and Hygiene Certificate
Pay for a first aid course
Pay for legal advice
Pay for electric/gas
Possible wifi connection
Possible wages for 1 or 2 employees

I want my customers to sit in comfort, read the paper or browse the web and enjoy their pancake. 

I will run this cafe by myself with 1 or 2 employees, trained by me on the job. The cafe would be open from 9am - 5pm Monday - Saturday. Myself and employees would be expected to arrive at 8.30am and leave at 5.30 with breaks inbetween. To save money, the employees and I would take care of cleaning the premises and maintaining a high standard of hygiene.

My business plan is currently being worked on and I have the basics done.

I don’t what else to say. 

If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them.

Thank you so much for reading.


Today has been a bad day. Too much negative self talk. My brain won’t stop it and it’s pulling me down. I’ve got a migraine from crying and tumblr is just making it worse. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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