this is why i can't get a job

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness


More old sketches

Back when I drew him as more….conflicted.


Final Fantasy 15 - Nyx Urlic

Nyx constantly makes my job just a tad bit harder. You can now see why I don’t really get my work done these days.

Theirs is a story that never gets old. One of friendship, of bravery, of self-sacrifice, and most of all, of the love that started it all and ultimately saved the world.

I will never not be moved by the story of James and Lily Potter.

So I realized something interesting today: I haven’t been daydreaming. For an amount of time that probably corresponds pretty closely to how long I’ve been at my job. Normally, I’m someone who could be described, kindly and with understatement, as having a “rich fantasy* life.” Today, though, I was doing some writing project brainstorming and thought, okay, so what would YOUR fantasy be in this scenario? And I realized…I can only faintly remember the daydreams I used to amuse myself with. *I mean this in the genre sense more than the sexual sense, though that’s not irrelevant either. I just mean any sort of wish fulfillment imaginings. It used to be that, at the bare minimum, I would get some solid daydream time while trying to fall asleep. Imagining relationships or adventures or comforts that soothe me. Note that this is different from the deliberate use of imagination when I’m actively creating fiction. I’m talking about the pointless pleasure of imagining something interesting. (Which may be separate from deliberate creativity, but sure as hell feeds into it.) And part of it is clearly that I go to bed so exhausted that there is no waiting time. Go directly to sleep, do not pass fairyland, do not collect two hundred talking cats. Part of it also is that my job has zero downtime and very little “move on autopilot, think about something else” time. That’s how I light myself on fire, and I have already nearly done that a couple times while paying full attention. Now the one time that is left to me, when I’m not working or trying to catch up on everything that isn’t work, is the drive to and from work. And this is where it gets insidious, because I have anxiety. So during this lovely window when I could think about good things? I think about work. What might go wrong, what did go wrong. Which has proven useful from a crisis management perspective–I am noted for my ability to just fucking COPE with day after day of fundamentally broken, impossible shifts. Because I’ve already run the scenario a dozen times, thanks. Your fuckups do not shock me; just annoy. But I haven’t been daydreaming. I caught myself thinking, “I’d really like to just imagine being in a quiet forest for a while. Like, pretend I’m walking around there. That would be cool.” I’m fantasizing about having the time and energy to daydream. I can’t– *flails* What the fuck, guys? How did I get here?

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to assure you guys that I am working on the next comic! ;v;)/// The reason it’s taking so long is because the season is pretty much over for my current job (amusement parks don’t stay open in winter :< ) so, I’m trying to find another job asap! 

Thank you for your patience! ;o;)/

I need Jean falling for bartender Marco. 

I need Marco being a freaking king as a bartender, not only making great drinks but also entertaining the clients while doing it. 

I need Marco being firm with people who need to be cut off and making sure they get their asses home safe. 

I need Jean getting to watch Marco kicking someone out for being a rude and drunk asshole. 

I need Jean seeing a scar or two on Marco and Marco tells him that his job isn’t always easy. 

I just need Marco being a fantastic bartender who can also take down two drunk assholes who need to leave and go home. 

okay, so I work at a movie theater, right? And this stupid anti-hillary movie just opened. 

I mean look at this poster: 

It’s so ridiculous. This is some silence of the lambs shit right here. 

So this lady comes up to my window to buy a ticket to this shitshow, and of course she goes off about how if Hillary wins she’s going to move to Canada, but I just smile and wave and do my fucking job. 

Turns out later one of the other employees found this woman in the bathroom crying because she’s so worried about Hillary winning the election.

I just…

Wow. Just wow. 

Lady, you might be crying over Hillary, but Trump is giving me nightmares. 

Okay but

What if Fred Andrews and FP killed Jason because he stumbled upon then doing some shady Serpents stuff, because Fred is doing some side jobs for them, because his business is failing and that’s why he started chatting up Hermione Lodge, because he knew that the Serpents did business with Hiram. Maybe that’s why he provided Jughead with an alibi, because he knows he is innocent.

convndrums  asked:

/deep/ and /any one of my chars/ /get rekt hun/

6. a taunting text ft. leviticus ‘n imogen.

levi: honestly, if i have to watch you almost trip over that long ass skirt one more time i’m just going to do your job FOR YOU for the rest of the day, like … why . was that thought of as a good idea while waitressing ? 

levi: i see u lookin’ at ur phone , don’t ignore ME , HIKE THAT SHI T UP

levi: no but .. really. c’mon, let me brew u some tea, close the shop down, let’s go chill in the back 

Your boss got sent to jail, and your idol is acting like a piece of trash and dresses like a hobo, and you’re hanging with this daughter who is the most precious thing, but also an authority figure who was so much better when she was younger than now because she’s so tired of everything and does nothing but eat snacks, but somehow you got a job and are you even getting paid, you’re a defense attorney which means everyone including the prosecutor treats you awful sometimes but really it’s just too extra, are you sure you’re fine?