this is why i can draw him without a reference now

Okay so either Mashima messed up or he is giving us a hint...

I notice something in chapter 467, Brandish is talking about the three keys that Layla had; Aquarius, Cancer, and Scorpio

Now, I am a Capricorn, so I have a tendency of paying close attention because I am rather biased when I say Capricorn is one of my favorite characters. And I remembered back on Tenrou when they first met him and he said something similar. (Chapter 224 he is talking to Loke after their fight)

Scorpio is not listed but instead Capricorn is, and the disciple has a different name. 

Now because it is the same face we could say that Mashima just messed up, but how can he draw the same guy that he hasn’t drawn in a while without some kind of reference material, that would probably list his name.
Why the name change?
Why the spirit change?
With how connected Capricorn is to Layla, how could he not mention him, and even replace him with Scorpio of all the spirits? Sorry I like him but he is not nearly as connected to Layla as Capricorn is, replacing Cancer I wouldn’t have even noticed I bet

What if Layla had more than those three, but none of the the disciples knew of everyone else?
What if they had each only met 1 or 2 of the others and assumed that they were the only ones?
Many organizations use this tactic so that if someone says anything to an outsider they cannot reveal any real information, like the actual size of the group or more than a few of the members.

Maybe Layla had all of the keys at one point but knew that they had to be scattered until the time was right, until the world was ready, until Lucy was ready (and Yukino but with all this time travel stuff you never know what is going to need to happen.).

So that got a little bit paranoid and I might be wrong and this might not be a hint, but what if it is