this is why i am stoned all the time


this was about 2 and ¼ years ago….the night it all started….where i stopped taking pictures of everything but my head….the night i shaved my face…lotioned up…watched a tutorial did what i saw…..covered up a little more and went (by my self) to the closest bar ok with gurls like me…i didnt pay a cover fee i bought my first drink but not another one all night….never have i felt so wanted lusted after and wooed beyond flattery……that night was the deciding factor as to her incarceration…i chose to pardon her and set her free….now here i am…


     chloe colada….now Kaleesia Targaryan…..i love you all

ps….i dont know why i did this…i’m stoned and feeling deep….but so fabulous at the same time…

Uncredited Photographer     Marianne Ihlen (Cohen’s Then Lover and Muse) and Leonard Cohen, Hydra, Greece 1963

“…Your letters they all say that you’re beside me now.
Then why do I feel alone?
I’m standing on a ledge and your fine spider web
is fastening my ankle to a stone.

Now so long, Marianne, it’s time that we began
to laugh and cry and cry and laugh about it all again….”

–Leonard Cohen, So Long, Marianne”  1967

“Well Marianne it’s come to this time when we are really so old and our bodies are falling apart and I think I will follow you very soon. Know that I am so close behind you that if you stretch out your hand, I think you can reach mine. And you know that I’ve always loved you for your beauty and your wisdom, but I don’t need to say anything more about that because you know all about that. But now, I just want to wish you a very good journey. Goodbye old friend. Endless love, see you down the road.” Leonard Cohen, July, 2016, letter to Marianne Ihlen upon learning that she was terminally ill.  She died 2 days after receiving the message.

The only time I ever believe in an afterlife is when I think about letting go of an animal

Okay first off, I am a worrier as it is so I very well could just be overthinking it all


- We can’t really walk because it’s too cold, and even when we manage he doesn’t seem as into it as he used to be

- He’s had 2 bladder stone surgeries, and now is struggling to pee again (with some extra blood for added measure - that’s why we’re going to the vet today)

- He’s on medicine because he just leaks overnight, so we manage his incontinence that way

- He doesn’t have a huge appetite anymore and he has noticeably gotten skinnier

- He doesn’t seem like he’s in pain, but animals will try their damndest not to be weak.

Stupid stupid stupid how in 3 short years I have become so attached to this dog. It will be fine, the vet will say “Oh, it is just a urinary infection - here is some medication” and we will go on our merry way.

I’m just preparing for it to not go that way.

Why Heidi Turner Is Definitely Not An Ad or Why People Should Stop Treating Heidi Turner Like Shit

I am sick and tired of people labeling this season’s breakout star on South Park, Heidi Turner, as an ad. While god knows what Trey Parker and Matt Stone have planned for her, knowing the certified nut jobs that they are (but we all still love them though), maybe it is time that they finally give South Park the firm female lead that most other adult animated series like The Simpsons, Bob’s Burgers, Rick and Morty, Archer and yes, even Family Guy, all have. All of that aside, there are two clear signs out there that Heidi Turner is not an ad. For one, Heidi has been on South Park since the end of the last millennium, which is longer than quite a few people on Tumblr have even existed and it’s unlikely Trey and Matt would turn suddenly turn one of their long-time characters, especially one of the kids, into an evil robot bent on taking over the world. My other point is that making Heidi an ad would be a retread of last season’s whole debacle with Leslie and wouldn’t be all of that exciting since it’s been done before. I also suspect a lot of people who want Heidi to turn out to be an ad or worse yet, dead altogether have one of three motives of why they want her gone. The first reason people want Heidi moved out of the way is because they want Cartman, who has shown interest in people of both genders, to enter a relationship with Kyle, who has shown little, if any, signs of being bisexual, let alone completely homosexual. All of these folks hate Heidi because she “gets in the way” of a potential romantic relationship between Cartman and Kyle, who I doubt will ever become a couple. They have a complex and perhaps even close relationship as frenemies, but there is never going to be a romantic relationship between them. Basically, certain Kyman shippers, not all of them, are resorting to the same tactics as the kind of Style fans that hate Wendy and sometimes even want her completely written out of the show. Again, there are a great deal of Style fans who tolerate and love Wendy, with some of them even shipping Wendy, Stan and Kyle all together. Despite the efforts and whining of those salty Style shippers that loathe her, Wendy still remains a regular part of the show and will even play a huge, playable role in the newest South Park game coming out next year. The second kind of people who want Heidi out of the picture are the fans who hate the girls of South Park altogether and want the show to be all about the boys being in love with each other, who see all of the girls as nothing more than a waste of space, which is ironic considering that many of the fans that fall into this category are female themselves. The third kind of fans that don’t want more of Heidi on the show are the sexist frat boys and meninists who want the show’s lead characters to only be male and treat all women, not just the ones on the show, like third-class citizens. Basically, I have just one thing to tell those special kinds of assholes: Girls Rule. Women Are Funny. Get Over It. All in all, everybody should be rooting for Heidi Turner to become a huge fixture in the South Park mythos, it’s about time Trey and Matt finally put a girl front and center for more than just a couple of minutes at a time!

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Name: idk
Nickname: Ace (call me that pls)
Gender: Female (androgynous)
Birthday: July 11th,1997
Star sign: Cancer
Height: 5'3″ ???
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual ??
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff!!
Favorite color: Red
Favorite animal: Cats probably, and crows
Time right now: 3:11 am lmao?
Cat or dog person: Cats (but dogs are great too m8)
Favorite Fictional character: idk too many

Favorite Bands: well uh the Beatles, the Doors, the Rolling Stones, Good Morning, Shannon and the Clams, Washed Out, i really love David Bowie, Muse and the Killers are ol faves, Queen, etc etc

Dream job: Successful researcher in psychology and part time writer

When this blog was created: like a couple days ago lol

Current amount of followers: 24?? (ily all thanks omg)

Why did I decide to make a tumblr?: I wanted to follow the heck out of all Beatlemaniacs

Why did I pick my url: I love pastel and John Lennon so why not

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I’m not one of those people that usually gives speeches or talk in any form, so you’re probably wondering why I am writing this. The truth is, first of all, I don’t even know why I’m writing in this thing.

But Meryl Streep, Viola Davis, Emma Stone somehow inspired me a few nights ago.

The way I figure it, most things in life aren’t certain.

This place called earth is so crazy, so big yet so small that sometimes we think we live in a transparent world and with equalities, but let’s face it, we don’t know half of what goes on around us and sometimes (probably most of the time) we don’t truly know the people we socialize with. We don’t know what is going on, period.

It’s funny how things can change so much in such a short space of time, all the ideas and plans that we have can go away with a single event, in one second; life is complex and ruthless, it makes you understand, and then you find things again snatched.

I was born and raised in the Dominican Republic a country so full of culture. I have always described myself as an artist. I am one of those people that show her feelings through something that is for the eyes not the ears.

As a self-described artist Meryl’s speech is one of the bravest and inspiring things I have recently heard. She quoted the great Carrie Fisher “My friend, the dear departed Princess Leia said to me, ‘Take your broken heart and make it into ART.’”

Emma Stone said “I think that HOPE and CREATIVITY are two of the most important things in the world… and to any creative people who’ve had the door slammed in their face… or anybody anywhere that feels like giving up sometimes, but finds it within themselves to get up… I share this with you.”

Viola said “It doesn’t scream moneymaker, BUT IT DOES SCREAM ART, IT DOES SCREAM HEART.”

ART, that’s the key word. In a moment of uncertainty for the entire world, I BELIEVE THAT WE SHOULD USE THE ARTS AS OUR PLATFORM FOR UNITY against those that say “you are not enough” the same ones that say “You do not meet the standards”.

WE have to realize we are stronger together and to stop being afraid of other cultures. WE have to stop categorizing people into labels.

For me in this world we matter. All of our lives matter.

Meryl Streep, Emma Stone, Viola Davis you all are truly one of a kind. For using your platform to shout the truth without ever having to raise your voices. SO THANK YOU.

A. Saleta

table of contents

(because I have it figured out and want to keep you guys updated because I am excited)

A Love Story
The Battle Was Won
The Plank In My Eye
Life is Beautiful (We Are Broken)
Just A Little Relief
The Dance
I’ll Break Your Fall
Amen (So Be It)
Grace Will Find You
He Hears
Can You Hear It?
Why Are You Downcast?
Proof of the Sunshine
He Came Without A Crown
A Glimpse of Eternity
Can Redemption Win?
Hold Fast
It’s Unforgettable
Hold My Head Up
A Fresh Beginning
The Crossroads
I Am Not The Same
Hello Resistance
Time Out
All To Him I Owe

(also, at some point, potentially pre-release, I’m going to hold a draw for an annotated copy. so a copy of Full of Words, except all full of notes. because I’ve always wanted to do an annotated copy, and I want to thank you guys for your encouragement. so if you think that’s a thing you’d be interested in, watch this space)

(I mean, you’re already watching it because you’re following me)

(you know what I mean)

(also are you guys sick of me posting about this yet)

World building June 2016!

Hello, hello, hello builders! It’s… May, but soon it will be June! That means we will all gather together and drag our friends kicking and screaming into World Building June! The annual event where we build worlds! I say it every year, but I’ll say it some more just in case you’re hearing this for the first time or are just forgetful like I am: This is the month where you take a world that’s been swimming around in your head and commit it to paper/data/paint/graphite/digital format/.txt/.sai/.psd/stone tablet so you can stop making excuses why you can’t show your great project to the world, or to curious friends.

Let me break things down bit by bit so I don’t lose anyone in my increasingly intricate flourishes.

What is World Building June?

World building June is a month-long challenge to simply build every day. What does building entail? It can mean a lot, but the main criteria is you’re creating content for your world, which is tangible and presentable. So, while you can definitely go into a deep meditative state regarding your world, be sure to keep a journal nearby to jot down your revelations on.

Miss a day? No problem, keep building. Miss a week? No problem, keep building. Only write down a single word? Keep building. Only draw a stick figure? Keep building. Only hear about World Building June on June 30th? Keep building into July. There is no way to lose, there are only ways to build. I literally want as many people building as humanly possible.

If you feel comfortable with it, it’d definitely be great to see your posts show up on the tag #worldbuildingjune and everyone is encouraged to show each other support, especially each Wednesday during June, where you’re encouraged to reach out and send an ask to a neat world builder about their world on World Building Wednesday.

Where do I start?

The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step, so start where you feel the most passion about writing or drawing and expand out from there. Once you have a good momentum, then expand out.

Words are cheap though, but I’ve got plenty. Every year I release an updated list of world building prompts. Different elements that help create building blocks in your world. They range from determining the geography of your world, to the items that your average traveler has in their backpack. Answering these simple prompts (30 in all) will get you many steps closer to the completion of your world, and will hopefully lay down a solid foundation.

You can find a list of prompts here!

I’ll be creating articles detailing the prompts to provide inspiration and some possible resources to share to help you fill them out on the respective days they fall on during the month.

Whoa, hey! I’ve finished lots of similar prompts from you, I need some real fire under my butt!

Admittedly the prompt list can only be freshened up so much. I can’t come up with a new list each year full of fresh content. I’d at this point be scraping the bottom of the barrel and coming up with super obscure prompts.

This year I thought I’d try to give a more serious challenge for the veterans who’ve completed previous years of World Building June and those who are rolling into this event who need a goal to chase.

This year we have the Master Builder Challenge!

It’s not as flashy as I’m leading on, but it creates a bottom line to chase and exceed. This challenge is to create at least 500 words (2 pages), 1 finished illustration, or 2 pages filled with 2 world building related sketches each day. You can of course exceed these numbers, and create a mix of these mediums to create a full article of world building each of these days, but as long as you keep up this momentum for 30 days, you’ll most likely feel like an building machine by the end!

For the master challenge it’s a bit more strict that you have to create a total that equals or exceeds these perameters, so 30 illustrations, or 60 pages of text/sketches, or a mix of these. Momentum is also important so you should catch up on a missed day as soon as you have a much more open day to build on.

The prize for completing this challenge is to be dubbed a master builder, truly a deity among your friends who is now pulsing with world building power.

Sounds rad!

You bet! This challenge has been my pride and joy every year. I’ve had hard years where I’ve been in a bad place but I’ve wanted to make sure i delivered on World Building June regardless because the response from fellow builders is amazing. There’s over 1,300 of you following this account and I have a feeling like you’ll all shatter my hopes and expectations again this year with stellar turnouts. This is my passion and it means so much to me to get people hyped for it for a whole month.

Share this post, tell your friends, convince that one friend who’s been dragging their feet forever, convince that friend who doesn’t feel they’re good enough to participate, they deserve to build the most, because building can take small sums and make them a large whole. All those bricks they lay down will be a castle, and beyond that, a world.

Most of all, above all else, without any reservation, and without any reluctance, I want you to promise you’ll do one thing, and that’s to….



i’m not sure about everyone else, but i personally am in some dire need of happiness and peace.  being a louis girl, louis gives me this happiness i am so in need of and after this happened…

well.  can you blame me that the first thing i thought of was to make a glasses!louis post?  

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i’m making gifs or whatever, and i already *knew* Bill’s form went all stone-form when leaves it BOTH times, but like

i never noticed until now how… beat up it looks. why has it already been worn down and scuffed up so much? where did the chips and cracks come from? his hat is so small? why would he design a wonky physical form like that? 

maybe Bill’s just worse at taking care of his body than even i am.

Let’s discuss Natsu’s hair.

I don’t believe his hair is naturally pink.

I think his hair is naturally black.

Apparently this is a common theory because I have seen it floating around all over the place. And I have to agree.

it set it in stone for me (As it did for many) when Wendy’s hair turned pink after absorbing ethernano. 

Her’s went right back to blue though, so why is Natsu’s permanently pink?

He was literally bathed in it. He was incubated in it for god only knows how long.

I am sure that being exposed to it for such a time like that would have an effect.

However, this raises another question.

Why doesn’t Zeref’s other demons also have pink hair?

I am going to assume it is because they are reincarnations.

Perhaps they are not in their original forms.

Tempesta did get a new body after all. 

Who’s to say they all didn’t at some point?

  • Leo: I’m glad you all could be here to commemorate the worst day of my life.
  • Jason: No, I thought the worst day of your life was when you didn’t get pulled on stage at that Rolling Stone concert.
  • Piper: Or when your aunt substitute-taught your sex-ed class.
  • Hazel: What about the day when we made you stop wearing your visor upside down?
  • Frank: I thought the worst day was the day you got that haircut that you currently have right now.
  • Leo: Remember that time when I got my shirt caught–wait a minute, why am I participating in this?

Why is it, in stories about teens, when the introvert “”boring”” kid is like “I’m finally going to live my life!!!” they always go to a party and all this wild shit happens and they’re like “I am changed forever. I’m a new me. I’m now a ‘’’fun’’’ non-boring person!!!”

Like. Aside from the fact that I was that introvert and all the times I’ve gone to parties I found them incredibly dull because there was no way to connect with people bc they were too drunk/stoned/the music was too loud so I ended up on my phone the whole time–

Why is it that going to a party is the Quintessential “I’m going to live my life” thing??? I don’t even??? Life is this infinitely complex thing with so many opportunities and experiences why is a house party considered to be such a huge deal I just don’t

I'm so

Tired of just coming home, eating, falling asleep and sitting on my computer or phone until the next morning. It’s so boring. and it’s actually tiring to do nothing. It actually makes sense why I am so tired all the time. I remembered when I worked for the stone mason place. I was a guy in the ground that stood there literally just watching someone take measurements. I didn’t do anything all day. I was exhausted. If you really think about it, it fits that doing nothing is tiring. I don’t mean resting, rest is productive, what I do after work is NOT rest. I mean doing unproductive, monotonous, sitting, and web browsing. I have a library of books, records, a gym membership, a camera, journals, paint… Why would I choose sitting there looking at images over creating with my own hands and building something? Why would I constantly refresh tumblr and Facebook for 5 hours until I fall asleep late at night just to go to work and do it again. Binge watching Netflix? It’s fun once in a while but not everyday. I can’t use this stuff to escape a world I’m called to build community in, and change. I want made to stare at a television, phone, or Computer screen and waist away. Sure, it can be productive but what I am doing is not. I know a lot of people who are like me…
It seems like a huge trap to be honest. A very very clever one.

We were created literally to manage and work the earth. Not until sin came into the world did we have to toil, be in pain all the time, and be angry like a bunch of dummies. Humans were created to work. So maybe that’s why when I sit and do nothing all day after work, I’m so tired.

Well. I’m done living like that. That’s not living in the kingdom. Not at all.

Time to change how I think. Time I repent.

Anyone else feelin this too??

Haha dear those few in the Fairy Tail Fandom who think the main ships/relationships are "problematic" because there can be a problem in a relationship

Alright my dear dear sweet Fandom that causes me so much anxiety. Do not tell gruvia, nalu, jerza, gajeevy and all other main ships shippers that they do not have the right to say there ship is perfect.

Why can’t they?

I mean it’s obvious that these romantic relationships have been set in place by Hiro Mashima to perfectly fit into his story. Why can’t an exited fan call their ship, a ship thats been highlighted in the series as set in stone as well as their development of their relationship being more in depth as time go on, nothing but perfect.

Am not I saying that there will not be situations that a problem arises in these relationships, but rather because of that perfectly in tuned relationship they over come obsticles together. Yeah we as humans have many faults and it is what usually causes these problems to happen. but just because a problem presents itself does NOT mean a relationship is by fault “problematic” (yay I used tumblr’s users favorite word!!!)

You are kinda saying that because a human has problems, and because they are in a relationship it automatically makes their relationship “problematic” (ha used it again)
In reality a “problematic” (wow a third time) relationship would be leading your partner on/stringing them along ,cheating on them , not being faithful to them, and wrongly taking advantage of every thing they give to you out of love. In other words a shit fest of a relationship.

Yeah look at my parents, there has been problems but because they fit/work together so perfectly, they work out tough times and pull through.

So please, leave the people who wanna call nalu or jerza or any of the cannon PERFECTLY designed ship made by Hiro himself (not a fan) call their ship perfect.

Why do you get to get pissy when I have to watch the characters I love get trampled on by a whole bunch of inconsiderate fans who disrespect them, use them as barbie dolls, and stick labels to them that don’t even apply to them.

Oh geez I think I would be shunned if I said anything about how the real “problematic” matter at hand was that fans say “oh my precious cinnamon roll” just to turn back around playing Malibu barbie natsu and friends: one big sex fest. Oh who cares about the characters feelings right? it’s aaaaaallll about what that Fandom wants (this happens to all Fandoms I’ve noticed).

Their all just a bunch of fictional characters right. Just our little “cinnamon roll barbie dolls haha.
But oh no if they have an actual relationship, that’s just "problematic”.

sorry for having an opinion that doesn’t worship the idea of shiting on a story and it’s awsome characters.

-Sincerely that one blogger done with this “problematic” bull the majority thinks is ok to push on everyone else .

P.S. if you write anything nasty reminder I don’t read my asks….so why not spam my favriote tags to let me know who’s boss. (That was sarcasm please don’t it was a joke, that would be pretty shity of you).