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No offense, but both on here and your main blog, you're always so pro-black, anti-white. I'm wondering why? You're white yourself, right? Why hate your own skin color?

…Okay, my friend. I will give you leniency and say you’re a little ignorant on some matters concerning myself and my opinions, and want clarification. Let me start off by saying: I am not anti-white. I’m anti-white supremacy. I can just learn to take a joke concerning my skin colour. Ours are about white girls being hipsters or white dudes and their lack of respect for when people say “no”. 

People have literally been making derogatory jokes about black people for years. I can take it.

But, if you really want context, let me tell you a story.

Imagine two sisters. One with black skin, one with white skin, sharing the same white mother, growing up in a white family, in a predominantly white town. Imagine a large age-difference between them. Say half a decade. 

As sisters do, they bicker and they squabble. One claims the mother loves them more for being the first-born, the latter cries, and all goes to hell. The younger white sister, seeing little wrong, assumes her older sister is just a jerk who likes to pick on her. Because, hey, she was a kid. That’s how kids react.

But she thinks the world of her older sister, who has fire in her eyes and passion in her soul. Perhaps a little too angry and too violent, too quick to assume the world revolves around her or will point the revolver. Who will climb trees the highest to prove a point, who will mouth off at the slightest provocation. She’s cool. She’s independent. And most of all, the slightest inkling the little sister is being bullied, she will kick ass. Even when the little sister’s “father” buggered off, she was always the one there to defend the little sister.

She never notices why there is so much anger simmering under that beautiful older sister until years later.

But cracks start to emerge.

Family members assume little worsts about the older sister. The older sister spouts off “she gets away with it because she’s the perfect white girl”. The little sister is confused–she gets shouted at when she’s been bad! Why is her sister jealous? They both get punished!

More cracks show. Her beautiful sister leaves the house.

Years pass. Small slips in attitude.

The older sister “speaks well”. She has a “good attitude”. Because she was raised “in the right family”. 

People the little sister once adored now show attitudes that confuse and upset her. 

“Bloody immigrants”. “Go back to where they came from.” “They don’t belong here”. “The cities aren’t the same”. “It’s lost it’s culture”.


She’s heard these things all her life, the older sister. The younger sister had the unlucky fortune of being raised blind.


The reason I am so passionate is because I grew up as a textbook example of ignorant white priveledge

And my silence was violence for someone I cared about.

It’s not just violence in fists

But hatred spread through words.

And I am now in a position where I can voice my opposition.

Never again will I be ignorant.

Never again will I be complacent.

Never again will I be blinded.

Never again will I assume “I am one of the good ones”. The moment I do that, I excuse myself from learning more.

once upon a time,

it was you and i,

the warmth of our love,

was felt miles away,

and now that you have gone,

strangers we have become,

and the love we once felt,

is no longer in sight,

and all i want,

is your presence once more.

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Hello my darlings,

I know it has been an awfully long time since I have posted ANYTHING on this blog (this is why you should follow me on instagram @chrystakay. I post nearly every day). But I am here now to share some updates and recaps of my summer!

First of all, this summer I took a profound leap and became a full time artist. I made the conscious decision to quit my day job. I won’t go into detail, but that work environment left me exhausted, emotionally drained, and incredibly anxious. Not the ideal situation for an aspiring artist. After some grand opportunities and a few strong signs from the universe, I made the call and changed my reality! Since making this leap I have gained so much confidence, joy and contentment in my life. Something I thought would always be out of my reach. But here I am, living my dreams and making this lifestyle work for me.

Second of all, I went on the trip of a lifetime to Amsterdam, where I exhibited my work at the Amsterdam International Art Fair. It was a life-changing experience and I am so blessed I had he opportunity to go, and fulfill yet another dream of mine. To see a vlog of this trip, follow this link -

And lastly, I have opened my very own Redbubble shop. Which to my surprise has been wildly successful! As such I am making a serious effort to create new designs and upload to my shop on a regular (almost weekly) basis. If you would like to browse groovy items featuring my work, click here -

Thank you all so much for being with me on this crazy journey of mine. I really do hope that I inspire you to follow your dreams, be creative, and be fearless in your efforts!

All my love.

Chrysta Kay

“How do sunflowers grow?” When he was 4, he asked this question, since he himself was told that he looked like a sunflower.

“Sunlight and water, honey.”

“Just sunlight? Why not moonlight? That’s light!” He countered, his virgin curiosity fleeting the skies.

“They’re called sunflowers for a reason.”

The answer didn’t really satisfy him, so he decided he would find out for himself one day.
Another day, he stumbled across the moon.

And oh, how he thrived.

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I'm so happy I'm not the only one who thinks your ego is the size of a whale. Your blog SCREAMS it! Xoxo Meggy? Can you get any tackier or self absorbed? The stupid, wanna be indie hipster song lyrics you just randomly pull off the Internet are a real nice contribution to your compilation of fakeness you got here. You act like you're some kind of original. Get real. And why is appearance so important to you? You wonder why people hate and judge, but your blog is so obviously vain and conceited.

Okay, here’s my question for you: why are you keeping up with my blog if you don’t like me? Obviously you’ve been following it for a while if you’ve seen my “indie hipster song lyrics” and have seen the question I answered about my ego being the size of a whale (which, I answered over a week ago).

I’m usually quite friendly but you’ve caught me at an off time so when are you going to get it through your thick skull that I don’t care in the least bit what you have to say? I’m not going to change just because you don’t like who I am. You don’t know me. And I never said I wondered why people hate and judge? I know why people like you do. A) You’re a jealous bitch (I rarely use language like that but I feel like you’re particularly deserving) or, B) because you’ve had a messed up life and don’t know how to communicate. While your words do not affect me (as I’ve gotten much, much worse hate than this and am very thick skinned), you should really keep your trap shut because not everyone takes things as lightly as I do. You could hurt someone with those nasty words.

and here, I made this extra large just for you (;

+ a journal | one:

Starting this blog with a post on what I am also starting this year: a journal. I’ve read somewhere that Emma Watson keeps a journal, and has hundreds of them already. That inspired me (or made me jealous), hence, why I’m starting one this year. Now that I think about it, I wish I had started early so I could look back on every detail of every day of a certain year.

am I the only one that has a fandom blog and wonders why nature and hipster blogs follow me? I always have so many questions. Are you in the fandom? Do you just find me funny? Did I post something nature or hipster and you’re too lazy to unfollow me? Why? I love you but I’m curious… 

I am bones and flesh. You are too. Yet why is it when our bodies are together, we’re melting? As if we were never solid. As if we were never made of skin. As if we belong to the sea…always floating and flowing. This is us. We are the entire ocean. We’re never meant to sink.
—  irishjulienne, we are the sea

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You know this used to be one my favorite blogs, but I knew it was too good to be true. I saw your about me page and instantly unfollowed. Yeah, you're some skinny ass cishet white girl. You don't belong on this side of tumblr. Go join the hipsters, it's where you fucking belong.

See this is why I can’t fucking stand some of the people on tumblr. You take everything to the extreme. You think you’re supporting the social justice side of tumblr? No. You’re not.

Okay, yes I am a heterosexual cis white girl. And?? I can’t help what I am, just like you can’t. And because I’m these things I can’t run a fandom blog????? okay. that makes total sense.

Also, who said that being a hipster is just for the cishet white girls? Anyone can be a hipster, just like anyone can be into fandoms. What you look like and your sexuality isn’t all that defines you. Yeah, they’re parts of it of course, but so much else goes into making you who you are.

And I’m glad you unfollowed me. I don’t need someone like that as a follower.