this is why i am not a hipster blog

“How do sunflowers grow?” When he was 4, he asked this question, since he himself was told that he looked like a sunflower.

“Sunlight and water, honey.”

“Just sunlight? Why not moonlight? That’s light!” He countered, his virgin curiosity fleeting the skies.

“They’re called sunflowers for a reason.”

The answer didn’t really satisfy him, so he decided he would find out for himself one day.
Another day, he stumbled across the moon.

And oh, how he thrived.

am I the only one that has a fandom blog and wonders why nature and hipster blogs follow me? I always have so many questions. Are you in the fandom? Do you just find me funny? Did I post something nature or hipster and you’re too lazy to unfollow me? Why? I love you but I’m curious… 


Logical people are so tired of your existence that they want to support someone who is as blunt as it gets. That’s why you have growing blogs like mine and growing leaders like Trump. People hate your BLM and “feel the bern” bullshit so much that it only makes Trump look good.

Trump is more credible than those pretentious, Socialist hipsters. Trump might seem unfit for candidacy, but is better than a feminist fascist bitch that is Hillary. Trump is better than Sanders, a self-proclaimed Socialist wanting to control America and plague her economy. I don’t want this country taken over by leeches and looters.

 I am going to choose Trump over these horrific loonies because I want to show the world that America isn’t just weak cowards that bow down the literally horrendous PC causes that destroy liberty, thought, and common sense.