this is why i am a vegan

Why I am not a feminist.

A while ago I was asked a question on Tumblr, and in my response, I mentioned that I do not identify as a feminist, however I do support equality. I was almost immediately attacked by the feminist side of Tumblr, and I was accused of internalised misogyny.

I received countless messages of the definition of feminism, and they attempted to make me look ignorant by highlighting the fact that the definition stated that feminism was a movement that did in fact represent the equality of both sexes.

If you know me, I am sure you would be aware that I used to be a devoted feminist. I sided with social justice warriors, without even thinking about what I was perpetuating. It wasn’t until I started thinking for myself that I realised how problematic feminism actually is.

Despite the definition stating that feminism is a movement that strives for equality, I realised that the idea behind what feminism is today is not what the idea behind the terminology was meant to represent. Feminism is not synonymous with equality and it has more or less become a moment that advocates for female supremacy. 

Now this is not to say that I feel the same way about the first and second waves of feminism. The first wave of feminism that began in the 18th century focused on issues like women suffrage (that is the right to vote), and overturning the legal obstacles to gender equality. The second wave of feminism drew attention to issues like sexuality, family, the workplace, reproductive rights, domestic violence and marital rape.

The goal of feminism was for women to achieve equal rights to men, and we reached that (in the first world). But third wave feminism (modern day feminism) is ultimately causing more issues to focus on and new goals to achieve.

Equality, in the western world at least, has been achieved. Why don’t feminists devote their time and energy into helping our sisters in the third world? Rather than fighting to show our nipples in public.

I just no longer want to be a part of such a hateful community, they are extremely vicious to non-feminists and even each other. Even Emma Watson was crucified for not being radical enough. There are also so many different types of feminists in the community and it has become such a joke? Like you have the feminists who are against porn because they claim it objectifies women, and then you have feminists who make porn because they claim it empowers women. You have feminists who do not want to be objectified because of their anatomy, but then you have feminists marching at women’s rights rallies dressed up as vaginas? And worst of all you have the radical feminists, who literally admit that they strive for female supremacy and some of them even wish to eradicate men from the planet. 

The point I am trying to make is that the feminist community has so many different beliefs and views that it has naturally become so hateful and problematic. I hardly speak about my own beliefs because I know that it is not worth opening myself up to a whole wave of hatred and pure viciousness.

Sorry for ranting y'all, but I am genuinely just tired of being crucified for not being a feminist, so I hope this makes some of you understand that I am not the antichrist, I just want to live in peace and harmony.


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People ask me why I’m vegan. I say “ethical and health reasons”… I lie… the real reason is that all vegans have one goal. We’re gonna eat the world clean of vegetables and anything plants. Slowly slowly, we join forces and try to destroy the earth. We eat crops, forests, fields and more. You think rabbits destroyed your garden? No, it is us. The vegans. We ate your plants. We’ll come back for the rest of the grass. There’s only one danger out there, it is us. We cannot be stopped. Due to active campaign and “awareness”, our army has grown. You had your chances long ago. Now it’s too late. Be prepared, because the earth will be ours.

Announcement time!

Honestly a lot of you are just gonna be like “k whatever”

Some people may unfollow me?

I hope though, that at least some of you are gonna be excited with me!

So I said this same thing when I started my blog, but then it just didn’t happen at all.

As of today, March 23,2017… I am officially vegan again!!! I’ve had a bumpy ride with being vegan and vegetarian but I’ve decided that it’s something I definitely need in my life again.  

I’m just in the mindset lately where like I’ve been thinking “why the hell am I eating this, I don’t need to be eating this meat” or “they literally make chocolate non dairy milks what am i doing?” 

Yep so that’s pretty much it, if anyone ever wants to talk or ask questions about veganism honestly please message me because talking about it just gets me so pumped up!

Why is tumblr so reluctant to discuss animal rights?

Seriously? We’re well-read on subjects like feminism, racism, transphobia, etc. but as soon as someone mentions animal rights it’s all “HEY SPOT THE VEGAN HAHAHA!!”

Animals live through AWFUL conditions in slaughter factories and likewise, not only so that we can have meat, but milk and cheese and cream as well.

I’m not saying we should all stop eating meat or dairy products, nor am I saying ALL meat/dairy-factories are the source of all evil, but can we at least acknowledge the problem and discuss it?

NO NEED FOR MEAT✌🏼️🌿💛 we live in a world where we can get everything we need, enjoy an incredible range of delicious food, be perfectly healthy and THRIVE, without the need to harm other beings. The question isn’t why am I vegan, it’s why would I NOT be?🌟
In love with this jumper from @wholesomeculture designed by my gal @kris_the_cat which sums it up perfectly! They’ve been kind enough to give you all 15% OFF too with the code ‘vegan15’, just head the link in their bio🙏🏼

IG: @naturally_nina_

Vegan tags

So like, why are the vast majority of posts with the vegan tag about food? (The food pics never end! Don’t get me wrong, it all looks delicious…) But, it’s no wonder people think that eating plant based means that you’re vegan…

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t make food pic posts; but I am saying that I want more posts with good vegan discussion. We’re doing this for the animals, right? Then let’s talk about THEM. They’re dying every day, millions of them! Can’t that be what compels us to speak? Animal rights are what matters the most, not what I ate for breakfast.

There’s this question I get asked every once in a while: “Why did you turn vegan all of a sudden?” My answer is always the same: “I never turned vegan. I was born vegan, like every other human being. And like most people I was turned into a carnist. It just took me a long time to get rid of my cultural programming and be who I truly am.
—  Dave Brink, vegan artist

anonymous asked:

Why can't you have dairy? Are you lactose intolerance? If you are then I feel your pain, I am lactose intolerance too :(

sadly it’s new we figured out in december which was fun so now i call myself vegan - eggs (like minus) bc i can only eat eggs :-) i’ve always been a picky vegetarian who ate cheese constantly and it just sux


Good morning!

“I am very busy.”

Yep. I think this is why I bite my nails at night. It’s an unconscious thing, but usually happens when I’m spinning too many plates in my life. That’s ok! Life is for living and switching nail polish every three days is a great problem to have💗

In other news, it looks like I’m doing Toughest Mudder in March in L.A. That’s a five mile Tough Mudder loop that starts at midnight and ends at 8am. This incidentally qualifies you to run World’s Toughest Mudder… The best part is that I’ll be running on a team for the first time (With Anna and Channing, if you’re up-to-date on my girlfriends who run) and doing a snapchat takeover for Obstacle Racing Media if you want to check out a night race with me💃🏼

Happy Thursday.

Why am I vegan?

Ethical Reasons:

  • You shouldn’t eat animals for convenience
  • You shouldn’t take a life because you like how it tastes
  • Farm animals and marine life feel pain and DO NOT WANT TO DIE!
  • You have to artificially inseminate cows/goats so they produce milk
  • Dairy cows get their baby calves stolen from them for veal EVERY YEAR
  • When male chicks are hatched at egg farms they get thrown into a grinder
  • All marine life gets caught in nets including dolphins, sharks and whales
  • This means we are losing vital marine life for “seafood”
  • Why do we love cats and dogs, but eat cows and pigs?

Health Reasons:

  • My energy levels have increased dramatically
  • My skin cleared up almost instantly
  • My digestion has gotten so much better due to eating fibre rich foods
  • There is no need to restrict calories on a HCLF vegan diet
  • Dioxin, one of the most toxic substances  IN THE WORLD is found in dairy products (Freedman and Barnouin, Skinny Bitch)
  • High dairy intakes blocks iron absorption (Robbins, Diet for a New America)
  • You eat all the hormones and pesticides that the animals are fed
  • Meat, dairy and eggs are extremely high in saturated and trans fats
  • You are literally eating DECOMPOSING FLESH
  • Eating chicken or fish is linked to colon cancer (American Journal of Epidemiology)
  • Dr Anthony Youn - eggs are almost as bad as smoking: eating 3-4 per week may harden arteries leading to stroke
  • Large eggs contain 210mg of cholesterol (8x more than COW meat)
  • Vegan proteins may reduce the risk of cancer, obesity, and CVD by promoting increased glucagon activity (McCarthy, 1998)
  • Disgusting pus in milk (called somatic cells) -> 180 MILLION somatic cells in an 8oz glass of milk. Pus is a response to an infection e.g. a pimple. YOU ARE DRINKING PIMPLE PUS
  • Meg Wolff reversed cancer, Robert Dew reversed heart disease, Natala Constantine reversed diabetes (Kathy Freston, Veganist)

Environmental Reasons:

  • The business of raising animals for food is responsible for 18% of global warming (Veganist)
  • Animal agriculture uses 30% of the land surface on the planet (Veganist)
  • It takes 10 times as much fossil fuel to make one calorie of animal proten vs one calorie of plant protein (Veganist)
  • Methane gas from animal agriculture is 25-100 times more damaging than carbon dioxide (Cowspiracy)
  • UN: Animal agriculture is the leading cause of resource consumption and environmental degredation
  • Raising livestock JUST IN THE US uses 34 TRILLION gallons of water (Cowspiracy)
  • This is because the animals you eat, need to eat water intensive grains
  • One McDonalds quarter pounder needs over 660 gallons of water to be produced, this is two months worth of showers.
  • If overfishing doesn’t stop, we will see fishless oceans by 2048 (Cowspiracy).
  • Marine life does not recover quickly, and the nets used are so big they can catch whales, dolphins and other marine life.
  • An acre of rainforest is cleared EVERY SECOND (Cowspiracy)
  • The leading cause of this is to graze animals and grow their feed crops
  • Palm Oil is responsible for 26 million acres being cleared, however, livestock is responsible for 136 million acres being cleared, making it the leading cause.
  • The Amazon rainforest could be GONE in the next ten years.

ntchrstbb  asked:

Hey there :) I've been asked by a christian friend of mine what my views as a vegan are on abortions and why I am supporting the right to have an abortion while valuing animal life that much. I gave her some arguments, but told her I would send her some answers from other vegans, since youre also religious like she is, could you please give me your opinion on this topic? Sorry for my bad english btw and thank you for the amazing work youre doing w your blog!

I’m not a fan of people who expect you to explain your beliefs. I believe in the value of life in animals. I believe in the value of life in people. That means respecting people’s desire to do what they want with their body. I don’t really see the conflict.

Cut week 0.

So what does this mean??? What’s my next step?

Like I said in my last text blog post thingy, I’m starting a cut to just… lose weight again. I’m sitting at roughly 172lb probably (haven’t weighed myself, probably won’t tbh because it’s not— quite healthy for me.)

Why am I doing this?

Said important girl to me that I visited in Cali plans on visiting me mid-July, and I went: why the hell not. When I see her again I want to be a better version of myself: stronger, leaner, everything.

And? The special part? I’m gonna be vegetarian. (For the most part.)

Like, the SoCal vegetarian/vegan food scene is so… good. I had one of the best donuts of my life, this vegan blueberry cake donut from the donuttery. There was the chaffle from seabirds caffe (a fucking CHURRO WAFFLE WITH VANILLA ICE CREAM) that was VEGAN???? and last but not least, the fricken beyond burger from veggie grill that still permeates my dreams.

Is this vegetarian diet permanent? Maybe, maybe not. I know protein will be an important thing to hit (and I’ll cover my macro split, phases, and workout routine in the coming weeks). I live in Texas and being vegetarian/vegan isn’t easy, but it’s certainly possible. It’s about time to get summer shredded (#Avatar shreds) anyways. Thanks, everyone, for supporting me. ❤

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But do you really think bees don't matter......? Because even I am a vegan and that's really fucking sad to hear.

Of course I know they matter. But I don’t see why a carnist would make a big deal out of it if they don’t care that we’re destroying the planet anyway, bees or no bees. 

& this was just a quick & easy & light vegan dinner on a budget i made today… as i am taking a course, my whole daytime is busy & at the end i am quite tired… so i had already~made butternut squash soup + bread & organic hummus + lettuce & pear tomatoes & beet (with nutritional yeast + himalayan salt + dried parsley + malt vinegar)

the reason why i have been sharing these very simple meals is because i really believe you can be vegan without having much money, even in the uk where food can be quite expensive… so only a raise of awareness on if you are not vegan because you have this idea that it is very expensive, it truly isn’t. it’s all about learning & being conscious. & about making your health & how you feel a priority! give it a try ~ it is so very simple & i have been vegetarian for 8 years now & i am still learning everyday! just felt like sharing! infinite love to all you! ~