this is why i always mute the tv in the break room

— grey zone | (m)


• pairing: kim seokjin x reader
• genre/warnings: angst, smut, fluff
• words: 10,481
→ summary: you and Jin used to date, but things ended pretty quickly, realising that maybe you guys weren’t meant to be. Over the past couple of months, he’s had to watch you with another guy, knowing it wasn’t right. However, what can he do when he’s stuck in a grey zone… he knows he too, isn’t right for you, but all he wants is to hold you…?
• note. inspired by grey zone, but I was listening to clairvoyant on repeat a lot too. 

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Closing Time - TFCFansgive fic

This is the fic that I did for @curlyhairedneil through @tfcfansgive. Hopefully this turned out alright!! I won’t lie, I really super struggled with the prompt, because we all know I’m not one for fluff writing, but this was… admittedly a lot of fun once I finally figured out where I wanted the story to go.


Neil doesn’t know what to do on a snow day. Not that he considers this much of one. There’s barely a dusting on the ground, hardly enough to even call it snow. It’ll be gone by tomorrow morning, if not later this evening. He doesn’t get it. Classes – canceled. The whole school – shut down. Even Wymack, the betrayer, had called off Exy practice for the day. It’s not that Neil doesn’t get that, regionally, this is a lot of snow. It’s not even an inch, but to people who live here, who make a home in the south east, this is an abomination. Neil’s been here for three years – has called himself a Fox for three years, holy shit – and they’ve never called a snow day before. It’s unprecedented.

And yet all Neil can see when he looks out the dorm window is a lack of ice and perfect running conditions.

“We’re not going out there,” Andrew says from his spot on one of the bean bags. Kevin is at his desk doing homework. He’s been grumbling for the past fifteen minutes about stubborn coaches and unreasonable fathers. Apparently, not even Kevin could win Wymack over. The court is closed to them.

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“Meet Me” Part Two

It’s here! Part 2 is fluffy as ever :) Let me know what you think!

Read Part 1 here!

“The Living Room”

Those words haunted your mind, echoing in your ears for moments after.

“Love you.”

The soft glow of string lights in your room hung around you as you sat on your bed, confused. It was as if your heart was beating too quickly or not at all. Time was frozen as you tried to make sense of his words and your feelings.

The feelings that came on … suddenly

How did you not see this coming? You and Harry had been roommates for a while now, and friends for even longer. People always said that friends of the opposite sex never stayed ‘just friends’ for long. Was that true? Were you falling for him? Your best friend?

The invitation he’d extended earlier still lingered freshly in your mind, interrupting your rather pathetic attempts to sort out your newly discovered feelings. It felt awkward to stay in your room all night, it wasn’t even that late. And for all you know, those words could have been a complete figment of your imagination. 

In a rush of confidence, you pushed off of your bed and walked over to your door which was still slightly cracked open from when Harry had last left. Taking a deep breath and willing yourself to calm down, you stepped into the dark hallway and padded off to the living room. 

The TV was on softly in the background and as you made your way down the hall, you saw Harry’s lanky silhouette curled up on the couch. He wasn’t paying attention to whatever sitcom was on, and instead was looking disinterestedly at his phone. The floor creaked under your feet and he looked up suddenly, confused at first, and then his face broke into a warm grin.

“Decided to come out after all, huh?” he spoke quietly, breaking the silence.

Nodding your head, you answered, “It’s early, and I think eating something helped my stomach; I’m feeling much better.

You slowly moved forward, trying not to trip over the rug that had curled up at the corner, and almost sat in the armchair halfway across the room. A soft ‘pat’ on the couch made you look up, and Harry had his hand on the cushion next to him. His eyes met yours after a second, holding your gaze. A rosy blush soon covered your cheeks, your face warm.

It wasn’t unusual for the two of you to end up together on the couch late at night, trying to finish a movie (you’d made a list and were both slowly checking them off), so you were unsure of why you hesitated so much. Something just felt so different about this. 

You were nervous.

The butterflies only flapped their wings faster in your stomach as you swallowed, trying to sink the light-headed feeling that was rushing to your brain.

“C’mere, y/n,” he said, patting his hand again, “S’jus’ me, I won’t bite.”

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@c2ndy2c1d jack and johnny watching a scary movie

YOU GOT IT BABE. I have this weird au headcanon that Jack went back to the past–but only to Johnny’s timeline, and he’s stuck there. So I ran with it. Sidenote that I know it’s canon that Johnny is “afraid of very little save for clowns” but for my purposes he get spooked by anything “scary”

There was a strange sense of exhaustion weighing heavily over Jack’s shoulders as he stepped through the threshold of his and Johnny’s small apartment. 

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Coda to 12x11– Regarding Dean. Destiel.

Sam calls Cas as soon as they’re safely back at the bunker. 

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” Cas growls at Sam, stalking across the kitchen to where Dean is nursing a beer. He asks Dean, “How are you feeling?” with some leftover animosity, but Dean recognizes it for what it is: concern. 

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Title: knock

Pairing: Jimin/Reader

Genre: Nasty? Is that a genre? 

Originally posted by kpopidolaegyooo

You raise your hand to the door of his apartment, just barely grazing it with your knuckles as the single most humiliating thought occurs to you. What if he says no? Granted you’re not an idiot … you’re well aware that he has options and that every one of those options are far better suited for his tastes than you could ever hope to be, but you’re also three shots deep and exactly eight hours away from boarding a one way plane to the other side of the world.

In other words you’re on one, and you have a good feeling that he might be on one, too.

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Kim Jongdae//Um...Surprise?

Originally posted by everybodyloveschen

Summary: You and Jongdae have been dating for quite a while, but when he drops the L-bomb on you for the first time, you realise that you should probably tell him about the toddler back home that calls you mom.
Scenario: angst, fluff
Word Count: 4,834

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Wedding Fever: Barry Allen Imagine

Based off of prompts #61 and #121

Summary: The reader and Barry attend the reader’s sister’s wedding

“Hey Barry?” I say running my fingers through his hair. His hums in response as his eyes flick up from the tv. “You’re free tomorrow, right?” I ask and grab the remote to mute the tv. He furrows his brows thinking and replies “Um yeah, I have no plans. Why?”. I trace my finger along the bridge of his nose and say “Just making sure. We have a wedding to go to”. He sits putting his arm around my shoulders. “A wedding?” he questions, glancing down at me. I turn to him nodding and say “Yup. It’s my sister’s wedding. We have to pack tomorrow, we’re staying at the hotel Saturday night. I’ll help you pick out what to wear later. We have to be at the hotel early so I have time to get ready. Also, don’t go to bed too late tonight. I don’t want you tired at the wedding”. Barry chuckles, nodding his head and says “Sounds good” then leans down to peck my lips and un-mutes the tv.

I apply one last spritz of hairspray and check over my makeup once again and finally decided that I am satisfied. I walk out of the bathroom wearing my bathrobe only to find Barry, still in his sweatpants, laying on the hotel bed. I grab his suit and my dress from the closet and lay them on the bed. Barry grabs his outfit and quickly changes into them as I remove my dress from the bag carefully. I take off my robe and step into the dress and Barry steps behind me to zip it up for me. I turn to face him and take in how incredible he looks in his suit. He smiles at me and says “Y/n, you look amazing”. I laugh and fix his tie before saying “You don’t look too bad yourself”. I glance over at the clock and say “We better head downstairs”. Barry nods but as I am about to walk to the door, he grabs my hand and pulls me in so he can give me a soft kiss.

Everyone applauds for my sister and her new husband as the music starts for the couples first dance. “She’s looks so happy” I whisper quietly to Barry as he reaches out and grabs my hand. We watch the happy couple for a moment and then a voice came over the speaker inviting everyone else to the dance floor. Barry stands up, pulling me with him, and says “You wanna dance?” I smile and nod and we walk onto the dance floor. My arms wrap loosely around his neck and his arms snake around my waist, pulling me in close to him. Dancing with Barry always felt safe, being held so tightly by the person you love most. I close my eyes and rest my head on his shoulder as we sway to the song, wishing this feeling would never have to go away.

After dancing for hours, the wedding is over and we are back in the hotel room, in our pajamas. I hop onto the bed and settle in next to Barry, who grabs my hand and laces it with his. He looks at me and says “I had a great time. That was a lot of fun”. I smile and say “Yeah it was”. Barry turns to me suddenly and says “I want our wedding to be like that. Fun and exciting and beautiful”. “Our wedding? Barry Allen, are you saying you want to marry me?” I joke. Barry rolls his eyes playfully at me before saying “Well obviously I want to marry you. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I’m kind of completely and utterly in love with you. You’re the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me. I’m not proposing or anything, but I would like to one day”. I move my free hand to his cheek and lean in to kiss him. He let’s go of my hand and rests his hands on my waist, kissing me back. We break apart and I smile saying “I am so totally in love with you Barry. And just for the record, I would love to marry you some day. You are definitely the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me”. Barry smiles and kisses me and we lay down. I feel two strong arms wrap around my torso and I snuggle into Barry’s chest. We both mumble quiet I love you’s and good night’s and Barry kisses the top of my head. We slip into sleep, both thinking about our future wedding.

anonymous asked:

are there any other drarry fics you'd rec (btw temptation on the warfront is one of my favs)

(I’m going through my saved fics, so it might be long - I have 150+ saved lol but I’ll post a link to all the ones I can remember that are really good. Please read the tags before just in case there’s something you might not like! p.s. the ones with a star are my faves - I’ve lots)

A Piercing Comfort by talithan - ( When Harry Potter hits the lowest point of his life so far, it is not his friends who keep him honest. With Draco Malfoy’s patience and guidance, Harry learns to stand on his own. The thing is, after the fact—he’s no longer sure he wants to). ✨

A Private Reason for This by Femme (femmequixotic) - ( When the wife of a star politician in the Scottish Ministry turns up dead just outside Hogsmeade, Draco Malfoy and his murder investigation team are called in from the Edinburgh Auror force to find her killer. What DCI Malfoy doesn’t expect, however, is to have an ex from two decades past end up in his murder room, endangering not only his case, but also his heart).

A Hand Reaching Out by thethaumas - ( After the Battle of Hogwarts, the Malfoys are put on trial. Draco must adjust to a reality where the things he grew up knowing to be truths, are wrong, and learn how to live with the lasting damage the trauma he lived through left behind. He quickly learns that thinking of Potter’s hand reaching out to save him from the fire can help keep the panic at bay, but for how long? A story about coping, growing, and learning how to trust oneself).

All Life is Yours to Miss by Saras_Girl - ( Professor Malfoy’s world is contained, controlled, and as solitary as he can make it, but when an act of petty revenge goes horribly awry, he and his trusty six-legged friend are thrown into Hogwarts life at the deep end and must learn to live, love and let go). ✨✨✨

All Our Secrets Laid Bare by firethesound - (Over the six years Draco Malfoy has been an Auror, four of his partners have turned up dead. Harry Potter is assigned as his newest partner to investigate just what is going on). ✨

Annus Mirabilis by Ren - (Harry and Malfoy are trapped at Hogwarts around the time the school was founded. Stuck with a different way of doing magic, with no chocolate, and with each other, they have to find a way to work together if they want a chance to go home). 

Any Instrument by dicta_contrion - (Draco Malfoy wouldn’t go back to England for anything less than an exceptional case. Being asked to figure out why Harry Potter can’t control his magic might be exceptional enough to qualify). ✨

Azoth by zeitgeistic (faire_weather) - (This series is technically complete but I may (or may not) add more one shots to it as inspiration strikes). ✨

Bond by AnnaFugazzi ✨

I’m cutting here because there’s A LOT of fics. I’ll add all of them here so it’ll be a big list. Everything else will be under the cut 

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Auston Matthews - Mystery girl

Originally posted by calgaryinferno

featuring Patrik Laine (as a cute little brother)

A/N: This is definitely gonna have another part! 

Word count: 1,444


Being Patrik Laine’s older sister was amazing. He was really good brother, always taking care of you and vice versa, of course you needed to take care of your little brother. Making sure he ate healthy and many another things, what only annoying big sister does. And when he got drafted at second, you almost dragged him down to floor. You were proudest big sister in the world. Best moment in your life. Then he even took you to Winnipeg with him! Okay, he needed you to take care of his house and him. Even though he didn’t want to admit last one. Deep down you knew it. He didn’t need to tell you it.

Living in Winnipeg was like dream come true. Canada has always been interesting place and you’ve read lots of good things about it. But Winnipeg! It was perfect place to live. Patrik for sure knew that. What wouldn’t he knew? You both read each other like open book. Sometimes it was great thing but in the other hand, you really couldn’t keep anything from him. He always knew what was going in your life but you did too. 

Sadly your brother didn’t really like to party. Especially now that his girlfriend from Finland was in Winnipeg. That’s why you were in club alone. You liked to go clubbing but Patrik wasn’t really that kind of person. He liked quiet nights in home but you in the other hand loved to go out and meet new people. Of course you had to do that now, you were living in big city where you had like five friends. Thanks to Patrik. You had meet few people in the club but hadn’t really stayed in touch with them. But one of guys you had know through Patrik was Nikolaj Ehlers, one of your brother’s best friends.

And thanks to Nikolaj, you now knew best clubs in Winnipeg. When you got to know him, he took you to “night club tour by Nikolaj”. It was great night but Patrik didn’t really agree with that. You were absolutely smashed after your guys little nightlife tour. But kind brother that Patrik was, he actually took care of you when you were puking out everything you have ever ate in your entire life! He even made you breakfast. What a brother!

Now you were alone at one of your favorite clubs. You had talked with few people but always got lost from them at the dance floor. But you really didn’t mind about that because every time you found yourself ordering different drinks. You wanted taste everything that you didn’t taste in Finland. As far you were loving drinks in Canada, even though you missed some Finnish drinks. 

After waiting for a good ten minutes without service, you were getting frustrated with the situation. But suddenly bartender place drink in front of you, disappearing to service another customers. You didn’t even have time to ask about drink or who order it for you. You tried to watch people around you, thinking about who ordered fancy drink for you.

“Hello stranger”, you heard deep voice next to you. Turning around you saw one and only Auston Matthews next to you. How did you not notice that there were Leaf’s players in the club. Were you blind or what was wrong? You weren’t even thinking about that there might be any players in the club. Because; first, Jets’ players usually didn’t hangout at this club and second, Leaf’s has lost a game today against Jets. In your mind hockey players would stay at home or hotel if they lost. Not partying. And yes, that opinion was based on Nikolaj’s and Joel Armia’s actions. 

“Oh, you’re famous Auston Matthews”, you blurted out and soon after felt kind of embarrassed. Did you really start conservation with that? You tried to laugh it off and you heard Auston chuckle. Probably wasn’t first time when he heard that.

“Yes, that’s me. But is pretty girl doing alone here?”, he answered to me and I laughed. You needed to admit that he was hotter in person than in pictures or in television. He was actually really hot. At this point you didn’t even want to tell him that you were Patrik’s older sister. Why? You had only bad memories about it. People trying to date and hook up with you because of the name, not just you. Even though he was hockey player but still and right now you didn’t want to be just Patrik Laine’s sister. 

“Didn’t want to be at home. I knew I could get friends here”, you said to him. Suddenly you felt how he put hand against your lower back. It send tingles through your spine and you liked it. You even took step closer to him. Damn, he smelled nice. Like really nice. And his smile! Everything in him. Were you in heaven? What did you do in your previous life to get this?

“I see. Well then, I’m Auston and you are..”, he continued, even though at this point he knew that you knew who he was. You still laughed at him.

“I’m (Y/N), nice to meet you”, you played with him.

“Pretty name for pretty girl”. Oh, he was really flirty!

After talking hours with Auston, you were walking with him towards his hotel room. You were sure that you would regret this at morning. Patrik has told you not to hook up with any of the players. But rules are made to break, right? And right now you couldn’t really even think straight. You just walked with Auston, leaning on him little bit. Laughing at something stupid he has said.


You could swore that you haven’t had this bad hangover ever and waking up to phone beeping next you wasn’t nice either. It took couple seconds to understand that it was your phone that was blowing up from the amount of text messages you were getting. Yawning bit, you took your phone and looked who was texting you. Fuck, it was Patrik. Asking where you were and why didn’t you come home at night. There was even few texts from fellow Finn, Joel, telling how Patrik was losing his mind.

You took your time before texting to your brother. You watched Auston sleeping next to you, blanket on his hips, showing his muscular chest and abs. You lucky girl was all you could think. Then you snapped back to reality, thanks to Patrik. You avoided to answer him where you were but told him how you would be back soon. After texting and muting your phone, you turned to see Auston who was still sleeping. His mouth slightly open, little bit drool on his jaw. Still he looked hot with that messy dark hair. 

Wanting to tease him bit, you planted little kisses to his chest and soon he woke up to that. Smiling. He wiped around his mouth and jaw, laying on his back. He was piece of art. Really.

“Good morning. I hoped you would be here when I wake up”, he told you. His voice was so sexy. Morning voice. You could swore that you were dying in this spot because how sexy he was.

“Had to break that because I need to go. My brother is losing his mind ‘cause I didn’t go to home like I promised”, you told him and laughed. He placed kiss to your lips and nodded. Probably understood that because he had sisters too. Or that’s what you read about.

“Leave me at least your phone number?”, he asked, still laying on the bed. You nodded to him. 

After you were dressed you found piece of paper and a pen. Automatically you wrote your first and last names without thinking about it. No big deal, right? Then you wrote your number on the paper and left it on the table next to bed. You placed kiss on his lips and left the hotel room to go home to see your brother.

What took Auston by surprise was to see name (Y/N) Laine on the paper that you had left on his hotel room. Did he really hook up with Patrik Laine’s sister without knowing it? To someone else it wouldn’t sound bad but this would mean lots of trouble with Finnish player at the ice. That was last thing Auston wanted. But still he felt something, he was sad that you left. He would liked if you had stayed him couple hours more. He definitely would contact you even if Patrik didn’t like that. There was something in you that Auston really had liked. 

Alex, no!

DAY FOUR BITCHES. #DanversSisters Week in the haus. “Alex, no!” “Alex, YES!” Check this out for some sweet shovel talk action.

[Read on AO3]

Kara has been avoiding her.

She doesn’t know why… or how.

But she is.

And Alex is on the warpath to find out.

At first, she simply tries to catch Kara unaware. She breaks into her CatCo office and sits there for almost four hours. She even eats the food out of her hidden mini-fridge in an attempt to get her inside the room.

Kara never shows.

Next, she does the same thing at Kara’s apartment. When she unlocks the door and walks in, she notices that there is a fine layer of dust on surfaces that are in regular enough use that it seems out of place. There is bad thai food in her fridge, which is really unlike Kara. When has her sister, who has a black hole for a stomach, ever let food rot when it could have been eaten.

She waits on Kara’s couch all night, texting back and forth with Maggie in the meantime. She watches some trashy movies and programs Kara’s TV to always automatically turn to the Kids Network whenever it turns on.

Kara never shows.

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The Secret (4)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven;part eight; part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve; part thirteen; epilogue.

“Can I please go to the concert Mummy?” Zoe asked sleepily, curling up in her bed surrounded by her favourite teddies. All evening she had been pestering you for an answer, promising to be a good girl and eat her vegetables if she was allowed to go. You could see it in the twinkle in her eyes how much she really wanted to go.

But something didn’t feel right for you.

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Late Night Proposals.

words: 2071

A king sized mattress, two pillows, a television and a comforter are all which occupy your new home. These items are in the center of the large, nearly empty living room.

You’ve lost track of time.

You know it’s no longer night, at least not technically. The large bay windows encircling your living room, however, might argue otherwise. With your gaze on them now, from where you lay, all you can see is a sky full of stars. But, you know it has to be morning.

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{PART 19} Who Are You? // Im Jaebum

Originally posted by sugaglos

Pairing: Jaebum x Reader (ft. Jackson + Jinyoung)

Genre: Angst, sad

Summary; The time has finally come for you and Jaebum to find out where everything went wrong. While Jackson goes out of his mind, you find yourself faced with the biggest dilemma of your life.


PLEASE READ: This chapter contains scenes that some people may find upsetting. Reader discretion is advised. Mentions of cheating, road/car accidents, hospitals, comas.

I update this series every Sunday between 9pm-10pm (U.K Time)

This chapter contains text message imagines.

{Part 1} // {Part 18} {Part 19} {Part 20}

(for those of you who like to listen to music while reading, I recommend this song for this chapter on repeat. Say Something - Max Schneider + Victoria Justice [Cover] )

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Dex and Nursey phone each other every night before going to bed. Sleepy conversations and fluff under the cut.

They call each other whenever they can. Which means to say that Nursey gets a call right before Dex goes to bed every single night, because he works all the hours he can, whilst Nursey tries to enjoy his summer at home, without much to do except work on his writing.

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Pairings: Dean x Reader
Words: 1,191
Warnings: Angst, violence
Summary: Dean is going through a breakdown, but reader is there to keep him sane 
A/N: I missed writing so badly, that I decided to take a break from studying and there we go: short story or should I say, a reimagination based on Brother’s Keeper. This scene is so powerful and makes my heart weak, so I decided to work on it and properly write it down. New chapters of the stories are coming when I’m finished with my finals. Hope you enjoy and as always, feedback is a priceless! 

Originally posted by acklesjensen

It was one of those days. The Mark of Cain was manifesting its presence in most terrible ways; toying with Dean’s emotions, thoughts and beliefs. Picking on his weak and doubtful self esteem.

He was standing in front of the sink, washing his hands, not really knowing why. They weren’t dirty, but they certainly felt this way, the weight of lives they took away was almost unbearable. The water was way too hot, a burning sensation on his skin. But he didn’t seem to be bothered at all. The high temperature, along with the noise of the running water served as a perfect distraction. Or at least the best one he could count on in that moment.
The memories were hidden in the dark corner of his mind, swept away by his coping mechanism, but threatening to surface without a warning at any time. He wouldn’t endure it. Those images, premonitions that were constantly haunting his dreams, became too much for him to handle. It was getting worse with every passing hour. Dean didn’t want to think about tomorrow, afraid what it may bring into his miserable existence. 

Then he made a mistake. He looked up in the mirror and met his own gaze. His emerald eyes, ever so livid and hopeful, were now hollow, lifeless and bloodshot. As if someone took his soul from him, dragging it out through his iris, making the colour fade away. One glance at this man could suggest that he’d lost his will to fight long time ago. And maybe it wasn’t so far from becoming true. 

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Let Him Feel. (Chicago PD, Halstead)

Prompt: Hey :) so firstly thank you for writing such incredibly things you awesome human :) And secondly, if you could take the time to write a Jay Halstead imagine where he had a tough case/ lost a CI or something similar and the reader comforts him it would be amazing :) I think that it’s important to remember that sometimes the cases don’t end well and that the incredible characters have to head home and deal with that somehow. Love ya :)

Requested by the beautiful @i-write-your-imagines

Pairing: Jay Halstead/ Female Reader (She) - Can be read as Linstead

Fandom: Chicago PD

“Bad day?” She had known something was off the moment she walked through the door. Jay hated shoes in the walkway but his looked like he had literally stepped out of his on the way to the living room. While the TV was on, it was muted and the glare reflected into vacant eyes that she had only seen him have in the midst of a nightmare. Jay Halstead was hurting. And she was determined to find out why.

“Jay?” She questioned, sliding onto the opposite side of the couch in an attempt not to disturb him. He flinched only slightly, eyes shooting to hers as she settled into the cushions. “What’s wrong? Why do you look as though you have seen a ghost?”

“They shot him.” Oh, okay.


“My CI, they just drove by and shot him. I was standing right there and I didn’t see them. I didn’t do anything, I couldn’t do anything.” His head dropped into his hands, elbows resting on knees as he leaned heavily in on himself. Her heart ached for the man who always held too much on his shoulders. Sliding closer to him, she let her hand first grip his wrist before sliding along his arm and up to his back.

They had long since learned that when Jay’s nightmares got bad, that grounded him to reality and settled him. It didn’t work so well when he was coherent but it didn’t hurt to try. She paused partway through her rubbing, spotting the specks of red on the back of his shirt and bit back the urge to rip her hand away. He hadn’t had enough energy to change clothes, to get further than the couch.

“Jay, you couldn’t have known. I’m sorry you lost him, but this is not your fault. It’s the people who did this.”

I did this!” He shot to his feet, jolting her as he whirled on her. He was angry - not at her, but at himself. It didn’t make the moment any less petrifying. Seeing the slight fear swimming in her eyes, he immediately settled as more guilt coursed through him. “Shit, I’m sorry; darling, I didn’t mean to yell at you.”

“I’m not scared of you Jay, I’m scared for you. I haven’t seen you like this in a long time.” She stood, hand reaching for his but he pulled away. “Please, don’t do that. Talk to me, let me in.” He took one look at her, and completely melted into her arms.

His body shook with sobs, arms practically crushing her in his vice but she didn’t dare pull away. He needed to know she was there, that she was real and safe and not leaving him. Stepping back a bit, they both ungracefully tumbled on the couch and she leaned back on the arm, putting his head on her chest as she hoped her holding him was enough for now. She didn’t know what to say, not that he could hear it over the sound of his own heartbreak.

“He was just a kid, got hooked up with the wrong crowd. Just a kid.” He kept repeating, like it would change something and a piece of her wished it would for him. “Just a kid.”

She was silent, now positive that anything she said would fall on deaf ears. Instead she tugged him as close as possible, letting him wet her shirt with tears and break her ribs with his hold. She let him weep for the tragedies old and new, let him cry of the weight he held on his shoulder. She let him be human in the safety of her arms, and it wasn’t enough to heal him - she wasn’t so naive - but it was enough that when he looked up into her eyes, he didn’t seem so alone.

okay this kinda sucks but all i can think about is that scene in the locker room when jay breaks the mirror and cries. that was such a great scene like let men, let jay halstead feel things like that like let them heal yall

Request here. Masterlist.

These Drabbles got out of Control yo

So I ended up making this Jamilton drabble waaay longer then I should have, but it’s real good so I hope that makes up for it!! I combined a bunch of promts so that I could get to as many as I could.

I’m not taking any more request rn tho

Numbers: 2- They can’t hurt you anymore, 42- Here, take my blanket, 64- I feel like I can’t breath/ 24- its six in the morning, you’re not having vodka/ 94- I had a bad dream, 42- Stop being cute

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Prideshipping Drabble 09/18/17

Seto Kaiba and Atem © Kazuki Takahashi but I like to borrow them 

The jet lag hit Atem in the middle of Day 2 of their Paris trip.

Seto had been very surprised by how well Atem seemed to feel when they’d landed. He hadn’t slept very much at all on the plane, and there had been quite a few plane changes on the way to their destination. But he had seemed alert and pleasant, and couldn’t stop gushing over how lovely their hotel suite was and “the view, Seto, look at it! Have you ever seen anything so beautiful??”

Framed by the lace curtains with the sunny Paris cityscape behind him, Atem was quite right. Seto had never seen something quite so beautiful – and he wasn’t thinking of the city, but he kept that opinion to himself.

That bubble of energy had carried Atem through the rest of the evening. He was, as always, completely dazzling through the cocktails and the hors d’oeuvres, chatting up Seto’s potential business partners with all the ease and charm one could only expect from a former King. Seto wondered if there would ever be a day where he didn’t get knocked back on his heels by Atem, and secretly hoped there would not. He was the perfect partner, Seto thought to himself, watching Atem delight and astound their hosts. Even now, it was as if he could still anticipate where Seto needed him most, and leverage his skills to support Seto. Such engagements were a game of their own, after all, and there was no one would could play them better than Atem.

Day 2, however, the time change finally caught up to Atem in the middle of a small staff meeting. Seto’s concern was immediate when Atem suddenly slid his hand into his and leaned heavily against him, staring blankly at the floor. He looked deflated somehow, but said nothing and seemed resolute to make it through the next 30 minutes.

Seto wouldn’t have it.

He immediately dismissed his staff, sending them off to their errands before turning to the small man beside him. Atem only seemed to deflate more under Seto’s sudden attention.

“I’m okay,” he insisted. “I’m just tired, but I’ll be okay. We should get going or we’ll be late for that lunch meeting.”

Seto shook his head. 

“Forget the meeting. We’re getting you to bed.”

“Seto, no, I –” but the protest fell on deaf ears as Seto spun him about and ushered him back towards the bedroom.

That Atem did not fight him any further spoke volumes to Seto about how exhausted the man really must be, but he did seem overly concerned about ruining Seto’s schedule.

“You have to go.”

“We can reschedule,” Seto shrugged. “We’re here for a week. There’s plenty of time.”

“Seto,” Atem replied evenly. “You don’t have to stay.”

“I don’t,” he agreed, “but I want to.”

Atem had no arguments for that, and was too tired to continue anyway. In short order, Seto found himself reclining back on a mountain of pillows, remote in one hand, tv on mute with subtitles, and Atem curled up in the space between Seto’s outstretched arm and hip, sound asleep.

Seto was sure there was some sort of poetic, romantic notion he should have about how young and peaceful Atem looked lying there, but truthfully all he could focus on was just how small the man seemed. He carried himself in such a way that he filled up the whole room, but he really was so very small, wasn’t he? 

Seto sighed. Small but stubborn. He would have pushed himself past his limits if Seto had asked, which is why Seto didn’t. He used to; years ago when they’d faced one another on the dueling field. He had been a different person, then; they both had. Pushing one another to the breaking point had been…fascinating in its own way. Atem would always be on the verge of collapse and yet somehow always dug down deeper to find some other strength to come back with.

It had thrilled Seto in the old days. Now, on some level, he supposed that trait terrified him. He smirked. How interesting, the way things could change. He didn’t want Atem to drive himself to the point of collapse for him; not now, not ever. Atem’s wellbeing and safety were the highest priorities to Seto, now. He mattered so much more than business deals and profits and bottom lines. 

He was the love of Seto’s life. All of Seto’s wealth and fortune could disappear tomorrow and he wasn’t sure he would ever miss it. 

He looked down at the sleeping man pressed close to his side. He gently brushed some of Atem’s hair from his face.

He really was so small, wasn’t he?