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Title: Lost and Found
Fandom: Stranger Things
Word Count: 645
Characters: Jonathan Byers x Reader
Reader Gender: Female
Warnings: A bit NSFW
Notes: Based on this hc from @kurtwxgners

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Jonathan Byers hadn’t ever been the most organized person, but he did know where all of his things usually were. That was why, after searching through his entire room, he concluded that his favorite shirt had disappeared.

“Mom, have you seen my black t-shirt?” he asked, still frantically looking all over the house.

“No, but you need to just pick something else and go, or both you and Y/N will be late for school,” Joyce answered, hurriedly putting on her shoes and a jacket. With a sigh of frustration, Jonathan returned to his room, threw on a different t-shirt and a jacket, then went out to his car and left.

The drive to his girlfriend’s house was a short one, and he was surprised to find that she wasn’t waiting for him on the porch, as she usually was. He parked in the driveway, then got out and knocked on the front door, despite knowing her parents had most likely already left for work. There was no answer, so he used his spare key to open the door and go inside.

The house was dead silent as Jonathan made his way up to her bedroom, where he knocked again. Still, no answer. Growing a bit worried, he knocked once more, before deciding to just open the door. He was met with a sight he hadn’t anticipated seeing.

Y/N was sound asleep on her bed, wearing nothing but his black t-shirt and a pair of lace panties. She was sprawled out on top of the covers, and the shirt had ridden up, so that it just barely covered her chest. And so help him God, Jonathan couldn’t bring himself to look away from the way the lace clung to her, as if it were a second skin.

After taking a deep breath, Jonathan sat on the edge of the bed, which stirred her enough to wake her up. One eye opened, to see who it was, before she stretched, groaning as her joints popped.

“Good morning, sleepyhead,” Jonathan teased, despite the fact that he had to actually force himself to be polite and keep his eyes on her face, rather than the bare skin her stretching had revealed. (Although, he did glance once or twice.)

“Morning,” she replied, rubbing her eyes with the heels of her hands. She sat up into a kneeling position, resting her forehead on Jonathan’s shoulder sleepily.

“Ya know, I was looking for this,” he commented, tugging lightly on the black material of the shirt. She was silent for a moment, before raising her head and looking at him with a smirk.

“Want it back?”

“Kinda, yeah,” Jonathan replied, laughing a bit. “It’s my favorite shirt. But I’ll give you another, if you want.”

“Okay,” Y/N said simply, then leaned back on her hands, still smirking. “Take it, then.”

Jonathan nearly choked, realizing what she was insinuating.

“I… uh… you… we should… we should head to school….”

“We’re late already. And we’re both good students, it’s not as if they’ll interrogate us or anything. We’ll just say your car broke down on the way. Plus, my parents are already gone….”

He knew he wasn’t breathing, and it didn’t help that he allowed his gaze to fall from her face, down her body, to the skin peeking out from the bottom of the shirt as she leaned back, to the lace of her underwear….

“Oh, screw it,” Jonathan whispered, mostly to himself, before practically lunging at her, taking her face in his hands and using his body to push her down against the bed. Y/N’s legs instantaneously wrapped around him, pulling him even closer to her.

No one believed the two when they said they had car trouble, on account of the fact that when they arrived at school, Jonathan’s shirt was backwards, his hair was a mess, and he couldn’t stop grinning.

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SHINee reaction to your relationship getting public by accident

Jonghyun: ‘’Does that mean I can finally drown interviewers in my special collection of the stories about you?’’, a glint of hope on his face. And that’s when you realized you won’t exactly become a favorite person of the interviewers of Korea if they ever survive his passionate speech

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Key: ‘’Ok, but look! We already have supportive comments!’’ He wouldn’t miss a chance to shove his phone in front of your face every now and then to prove how much his fans love you. ‘’Isn’t this your account, Kibum?? Why did you leave a comment on an article about us?!’’‘’What? I’m our biggest fan!’’

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Onew: Though worried about the fans reaction he wouldn’t be able to hide the fact that he’s dying from happiness since he’s finally able to talk about you. The fact that he’s becomes super shy after every words said about you is just making the thing more hilarious for everyone else. ‘’You just talked about your shared apartment…why the hell are you blushing then??’’

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Minho: ‘’I don’t approve of this. What if someone starts stalking you only to get your photos or something….wait! Does this means we finally get to go on a real date…Forget the stalking, you’re moving in with me, I’ll protect you! And I’m planning our first real date. I so approve of this!’’

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Taemin: ‘’I can finally hold your hand when we’re out n the public?’’ And that’s the moment when the chaos started because it took you the whole day to calm down the giggling mess Taemin was…and even after that he would randomly run up to you to hug you every now and then

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My Perfect Type ~ Kim Taehyung [SMUT]

Group: BTS
Member: Kim Taehyung
Type: Fluff/Smut
Word Count: 2238

When I get asked about my “perfect“ type, I often hesitate and struggle to find an answer. Because the truth is, I don’t believe that such a thing exists. You don’t fall in love according to your perfect type. You fall in love not because you decide that person suits you the most, you fall in love because your heart decides. When you fall for a person you don’t immediately stop feeling attracted towards them because they might not have blue eyes, brown hair and perfect skin like you want them to. People often fall for someone because of the way they behave. They might fall for the little things you do. The way you greet every person you pass by so kindly, the way your eyes light up when you’re rambling about the things you’re passionate about for hours or the way you wear your hair up in a messy ponytail and walk around in your pajamas all day on a Saturday. The cute little noises you make when you try your hardest not to fall asleep on him. Maybe they’ve fallen for you because of all the little things you don’t even realize you do. Maybe before they’ve started talking to you and got lost in your eyes, you weren’t their type either. 
I turn my head to Taehyung, his eyes are glistening under the moonlight as his gaze is fixed on the road in front of him, a slight smile tugging on the edge of his cherry lips. I bite down on my lower lip and nod to myself.

Maybe I wasn’t his perfect type when we first interacted but I’m the person he’s loving so passionately, the person he can’t go seconds without talking to, the person he calls beautiful every morning and I’m alright with that. I’m alright with him being the person I’ll be introducing to my parents as the person I will love until the rest of our lives.
That’s why, when I get asked about my ideal type I often respond with “I don’t have one” because I can’t tell them the truth. I can’t tell them that my ideal type is Kim Taehyung.  All I ever wanted was someone with a good heart and soft touch. Someone who can talk about their favorite things for hours and get totally lost in it. Someone who is willing to hold me during my worst nightmares but also can let me go when needed. Someone who hugs me from behind and tells me that everything will be alright when I’m feeling anxious. Someone who is proud to show me off in front of his friends, someone who tells me I’m pretty and kisses my forehead when I don’t feel like facing the world. Someone who gets jealous when I’m talking to another man but when confronted, won’t admit it. Someone who can tell me those three magical words over and over again and make it feel like the first time.
And I’m proud to have found that someone who I was never planning on meeting, someone who I thought I would never date until the day of our first date and since then, I’ve been proud to be his perfect type.

He puts the car into park and turns off the engine.
“Ready?” He asks, ripping me out of my daydream and I turn my head to the door to my house. The door my parents are waiting anxiously behind for our arrival, to finally meet my boyfriend. I gulp, feeling the anxiety raise inside of me. A lot of thoughts are running through my mind and I start feeling sweaty. Suddenly I feel his warm hand take mine into his and turn my reddened face towards him. He’s smiling at me passionately, his gaze meeting mine.

“It’s okay.” he says, his voice coming out in nothing more than a whisper. He cups my face with his hands and runs his thumb over my cheek, nodding understandingly. “I’m sure they won’t be able to hate me. If I was able to make you fall for me, I’m sure I’ll enchant them the minute we walk through that door.” he continues and points past me at the door at the end of my driveway.
I nod at his words and smile back at him once before placing a peck on his lips.

“You’re right. We’ll do fine.”

Taehyung exists the car before me and I watch his masculine frame run around the car to my side and opening the door for me. I giggle at his cute behavior and take his hand into mine. He lets the car door fall shut behind me and intertwines our fingers. The coming home light at the end of the driveway turns on and I hear familiar voices coming from behind the door.
“Ready” Taehyung asks, looking at me reassuringly.  Something inside me softens by his confident tone and gives me the last strength to do this.

I’m staring at my dad across the table, poking the steak on my plate with my fork. He doesn’t notice my worrying expression and keeps his eyes peeled on Taehyung sitting next to me. His hand takes mine under the table and circles the back of it with his thumb. I turn my attention towards him to see him smiling at me brightly. “Eat or your dinner will get cold.” he suggests, gesturing towards my poked food.
I let out a loud laugh and nod, shoving a piece into my mouth as I try to avoid eye contact with my dad. I hear a loud groan but decide to ignore it to not make things even more comfortable.
Mom is running around hectically, making sure Taehyung is not missing anything.

“Are you sure you don’t want anything else?” she asks, for what feels like the tenth time this evening.

I roll my eyes, feeling a hint of embarrassment by their behavior. “Mother…” I groan annoyed but Taehyung cuts me off.

“No it’s okay, thank you. Thank you for the food and welcoming me so heartily.” he answers in a soft tone, stroking your arm under the table.

I turn my head towards my mother and see her admiring Taehyung. She lets out a sigh, tilting her head to the sight to get a better view of him.
“What a lovely young gentleman and so handsome, you must feel proud to have him by your side, Y/N.”
I smile at her words, glad to have her think of him like that.
“Always take care of her like she’s the only treasurable thing in your live. If something happens to my babygirl because of you.“ my dad finally speaks up, raising his voice as he continues rambling. I want to cut him off in fright that Taehyung won’t understand his words as teasing.

“Don’t worry sir. I already think of her that way.”

I turn off the light in the bathroom and crawl into bed, lifting the covers over my body. Taehyung enters the room shortly after and winks at me from across the room. I giggle, lifting the covers over my head to silence my laughter.
Taehyung jumps into bed next to me and lifts the covers off my body, throwing them away. His gaze meets mine. He steadies his masculine body over mine and smiles gently.
“You did well today.” I admit, running my thumb over his cheek. A smile tugs on the edge of his lips by my confession.
“It was so hard princess…” he moans teasingly and pouts at me. I giggle, hitting his arm playfully.

“I should get something for my hard work.” He says, looking at me with big eyes. I furiously shake my head. “No, we can’t.” I respond, catching onto his train of thought and looking at him in disbelief.
He hits the bedding next to my head in frustration before looking at me again, biting down on his lower lip teasingly. “Please…”
I hesitate for a moment, trying to stay strong. “Remember what my dad said?” I ask and Taehyung nods knowingly.

“I’ll cut off your balls if you lay one of your filthy hands on my daughter.” He answers in a mocking voice and you can’t help but giggle at his impression.

Taehyung hands land firmly on each side of my head and he leans close to my face, so close that I can feel his breath brush across my ear. “Let’s keep it down.” he growls into your ear, placing a kiss on my earlobe.
A sharp sound of pleasure climbs my throat and I wrap my arms around my neck, threading my fingers through his wet hair, holding him to me.
Taehyung puts his hands on your waist, his fingers gently drifting along my back down to my hips, teasing the skin just beneath the waistband of my pants. He bends his head and places a soft kiss on my lips. The kiss grows deeper, hungrier until he breaks away from my lips and sears a trail of kisses down my neck, his hand roaming freely up my leg. I arch against him, pressing my breasts into his chest, looking for some relief for the ache that is spreading through my body, beating a pulse at the apex of my thighs.
He angles his head and deepens the kiss, his tongue sliding against mine. I dug my nails into the back of his neck, trying to anchor myself to the ground.
He abandons my lips and blazes a trail of hot, open-mouthed kisses down my neck, across my collarbone and down the V-neck of my blouse, to the curve of my cleavage.
“You, Y/N.” he rasps. “Need to be unbuttoned, very badly.”

He slips the top button of my blouse through the hole. The fabric separates and he bents his head, kissing the slice of newly revealed skin. He reaches the button beneath my bra, kissing down my stomach until my shirt is completely gone. He traces a line up my midsection with the tip of his tongue. He pushes the blouse off my shoulders and I buckle my hips to help him remove it easier.
He pushes his thigh between my legs, grinding his erection into my hip and covering my mouth with his. He reaches behind me and unclips my bra, letting it fall loose. Taehyung leans in and runs the flat of his tongue over your hardened nipple before sucking it deep into his mouth. A sharp, hot arrow of desire hits me straight in the stomach and radiates out. My core aching.
He releases my nipple and his eyes wander down the body below him, licking his lips in satisfaction. “God, you’re fucking beautiful.”

He puts his hands on my thighs and pushes my pants down, revealing more skin. “I want these,” he moves his hand to the top of my leg, brushing his thumb along my hipbone, over the thin fabric of my lazed panties, “off.”

Before I can even process the rough words, he hooks his fingers into my underwear and starts tugging them down my legs.
“So much better.” he says, smirking at me seductively before he crawls off the bed and kneels down in front of my entrance, pulling my body closer to him.
When he leans in, his broad shoulders force her legs apart.
The first pass of his tongue over my flesh shocks me and I buck beneath his mouth, the pleasure so sharp, so intense. He grips her hips, blunt-tipped fingers digging into my skin as he holds me still, forcing me to submit.
I cover my eyes with my arm, my hips moving in time with the strokes of his tongue. I let out a silent moan of pleasure and press my body into his tongue. Suddenly he delivers a harsh slap to the inside of my thigh and I groan out in pain. Taehyung looks up at me from between my legs, his lips glistening.
“We don’t want to get caught, do we?” He asks teasingly and I shake my head.

He releases his hold on one of my hips and drops his hand down between my legs, his fingers joining with his mouth. He teases the entrance to my body with his finger, just teasing as he continues to taste me. I bite down on my fingers and squeeze my eyes shut to suppress moans from slipping out accidentally.
Then he slides a finger deep inside, stretching me while his tongue works its way over my clit again. I moan out in pleasure, pressing myself wantonly against his hot mouth. I want everything he can give and more.

He growls low in his throat and grabs my ass, delving his tongue deep inside.
“Is this what you want?” he says, sliding a finger deep inside at the same time he captures my clit between his lips, giving it a brief tug.
I pant and arch against him. “Yes, more.”
He adds another finger, and then slides them both in and out of me, exhaling his own groan. “You’re so tight baby.”

When I feel the knot in my stomach tighten, Taehyung releases himself from my sex and steadies himself over my body again. I curl my legs tighter around his body. He presses his lips against mine in a passionate kiss, his hands cupping my thighs, hooking them around his hips. He rocks his erection against me, creating glorious friction. I mewl and gyrate my hips underneath him.
“Tell me what you need.” he commands. I bite down on my lower lip and try to catch my breath. Just as I clutch him close, he quickly clasps my hands and pulls them over my head with one hand.
While I inhale deeply, he presses his hardness against my sex and locks eyes with me. “Tell me what you need.” he repeats, raising his voice at me slightly.
“You, daddy. Just you.” I repeat between heavy breaths.

His lips form into a smirk at my words and he nods, pulling his boxer shorts down with his free hand, revealing his erection to me. “That’s all I ever needed to hear.”
He pumps himself a few times, silent moans escaping his lips. I watch the pre-cum leak from his tip and lick my lips hungrily. He uses his hand to squeeze my thighs and lock my legs in position. The head of his cock bumps into my fast-slickening opening and my juices damp my inner thighs. His fingers dug deeply into my flesh. He hands control over to me for a few moments, groaning as I buck forward and impale my entrance on the smooth, hot steel of his cock.
I rear up and his cock struck my clit, sending electric quivers of pleasure through me. He slowly eases himself further into me, filling me up completely and holding his thrusts to help me adjust to him.
He quickens his pace, his thighs hitting mine, pressing me further into the mattress. He watches our bodies as one and he rims my opening with his fingertip, circling around his dick.
He grasps my bottom, squeezing my butt cheek as he quickens his thrusts. I moan out at the sensation, feeling my  walls tighten around him.
I let my head fall into the white bedsheet and moan out as my orgasm rushes through my body.
Taehyung thrusts into me faster when he feels me coming around him and feels his orgasms rush through his body, groaning as he comes onto my stomach.

I’m sitting at the table, still exhausted from last night’s activity. I’m quietly chewing on a piece of bread, with my hand stroking Taehyung’s hand gently when suddenly my brother speaks up. “Did you sleep well Taehyung?” he asks, grinning mischievously. I gulp, feeling the blood rush into my cheeks.
Taehyung looks between him and your brother and nods. “I did.”
“Was impossible not to hear.” He answers quietly, his words coming out as nothing more than a whisper as he giggles.
My dad clears his throat and leans closer to my boyfriend. “What did I say about laying a hand on my daughter?” he asks.
I suddenly feel a rush of anxiety run through my body as I notice the smirk tugging on Taehyung’s lips. He leans in closer, his mouth only a hairs-breadth away from my dad’s.
“I can’t help that your daughter calls me daddy too…” he answers, winking at him before leaning back into the chair.

I nearly choke on my toast by his words and look at him with big eyes. Maybe my perfect type isn’t so perfect after all.

Love, Youngmi

P!atD in Seattle (3/21/17). This was right after Girls/Girls/Boys. The whole show was amazing but this small speech by Brendon about had me in tears. I’m sure this has been posted in a thousand places already and probably in much higher quality than my video, but I still wanted to share it. <3

P.S. He was very sick during the show and you could hear it in his voice whenever he talked but, damn, he killed it! :) Sounded amazing and gave us a great show!


request: “Can you please write a Barry x reader where based on the song ‘Happier’ by Ed Sheeran? So like maybe the reader and Barry were together and now he is with Iris and the reader sees that he is happier with Iris. Something with heaps of fluffy flashbacks and really really sad! You can choose how the ending goes whether they end up together or not xx” — by anon

a/n: very happy to receive a request like this one because happier is one of my favorite tracks in divide tbh. hope you like this, anon! even if i added a little twist to it. x (also this imagine features julian because i love his character so much hehe though don’t worry, this is still a barry imagine lmao)

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You didn’t know why you were feeling so angry right now. You didn’t even know why you even bothered to go to Jitters when you knew he always came here for coffee every morning; and you didn’t even know that seeing him with someone else could hurt you in ways no other person could ever do.

Barry was just there, so near yet so out of reach, his smile wide while he engages a conversation with none other than the beautiful Iris West; while you were at the farthest table, where he couldn’t see you but you could see him — yes, it was kind of creepy if you come to think of it, but in your defense, you acquired the table first before he even came.

You clenched your hands into a fist as you hear their melodic laughter echoing throughout the room. You could vividly remember how you used to make him laugh, but hearing it right now, it seemed like his laughter was twice as loud as it used to be when he was still with you.

“Okay, why did the mushroom went to the party?” You asked Barry while the two of you were facing each other on the couch, your knees under your chin while he had his arm on the back of the sofa.

Ever so subtly, he rolled his eyes. “Why?”

“Because he was a fungi!” you exclaimed before doing a very bad laugh that caused him to laugh as well, his face getting red.

“Y/N, I love you, but that must be the stupidest joke I have ever heard in my entire life.” he stated, laughing again.

You widened your eyes at what he said and Barry seemed to catch on because he suddenly looked away from your steady gaze, realizing that he had told you something that you didn’t really hear every day. In fact, this was the first time he ever told you that he loved you.

“What was that?” you smiled at him, your heart practically leaping out of your chest.

Barry coughed awkwardly. “Er, was that too fast? I, um, I’ve been meaning to tell you this for a long time now but — why are you laughing at me?” he frowned, the color red tinting his cheeks and neck once again.

“I’m sorry, but you’re just so cute whenever you’re all flustered.” you said, inching closer to him and sitting on his lap. “You didn’t honestly think I didn’t feel the same way, did you?” you whispered.

He kissed your cheek. “I-I was kind of afraid that you didn’t, yeah.”

You smiled and brought your lips to his, kissing him with passion that the both of you had to catch your breath when you pulled away to utter the three special words back.

“I love you too, Bartholomew Henry Allen.”

“Y/N?” Julian Albert got you out of your trance, a coffee cup in his hand while an amused expression was on his face. “Not stalking your ex-boyfriend, I hope?”

You smiled at him sarcastically before rolling your eyes and looking away, not bringing yourself to admit that you indeed were doing what he claimed. Julian tilted his head and pulled out the chair in front of you, sitting which made you snap your attention back to him.

“What do you think you’re doing?” you asked with your eyebrows raised.

He placed his cup on the table, next to your own, and stared boringly through your eyes. “Accompanying you, what do you think?”

“Actually, you’re disturbing me so —”

“It’s not everyday you see me tolerating other people’s petty drama, Y/N.” he cut you off rather rudely. “So, what’s wrong?”

You knew Julian through your work as one of the aiding lawyers for CCPD. You didn’t particularly considered him as your friend because of his arrogant demeanor, but you had a good working relationship with him because even though he was a proclaimed jerk, you weren’t gonna lie and say he wasn’t great at his job.

“None of your business.” you tore your eyes from his for a moment to glance yet again at Barry’s table, where their hands were now holding each other.

Julian noticed how your face fell and he turned around to see what you were looking at. “If you’re gonna sulk all day because he got another girl, then why did you break up with him in the first place?”

Yes. Why did you break up with him in the first place?

You started to recollect your thoughts upon his question. All you could remember was it just hurt too much — Barry was keeping secrets from you, and no matter how much you loved him, to know that he didn’t trust you enough was the reason you didn’t want to be in a relationship with him anymore. It seemed so shallow but if your boyfriend kept on disappearing, kept on going somewhere without telling you, if he kept on lying to your face — maybe it wouldn’t be so shallow after all.

The moon was shining brightly as the night drew deeper, the only sound you were hearing was the ticking of the clock and the gust of wind that you eventually heard from outside your window. Suddenly, the bedroom door opened and you flickered your eyes to it immediately, seeing Barry quietly close it.

“You’re late. Again.” you sighed as you sat up from your own shared bed with him. Despite the darkness of the room, you could see the frown on his face, and it made you do the same.

Barry climbed on the bed with you. “I’m sorry, the precinct needed something done so I had to stay.” he wrapped his arms around your body.

You noticed the cut on his eyebrow. “What happened?” you gently touched the fresh wound, making him wince slightly.

He shook his head and removed your hand from it, bringing it to his lips. “Let’s just sleep, shall we? I bet you’re already tired.”

“Barry …” there was disappointment in your voice. “What are you not telling me?” you asked.

But he never answered you, he just kissed your forehead goodnight and hummed until you fell asleep, making you forget that night’s events the next day.

Julian was waiting expectantly for your answer, and when you noticed that he was, you shook your head in annoyance. “Sorry, but like I said, none of your business.”

“I could do this all day.” he challenged. “I could ask and ask until I finally get an answer. Believe it or not, but it bothers me to see you so gloomy.”

You didn’t seem to hear every word he just said, because you were seeing Barry stand up and actually walk towards your table, his eyebrows slightly furrowed because you were with Julian.

You uncomfortably squirm in your seat, gathering your things almost immediately to leave but before you can even get a chance to get out of your chair, Barry was already in front of you, Iris just standing behind him.

“Allen, is there any reason why you’re here?” Julian was the first to speak, noticing your discomfort.

You mentally thanked him for it, not expecting that he would do such a thing.

Barry had stared at him longingly. “I was just about to ask you the same thing, Julian. Aren’t you supposed to be at the precinct?”

“I didn’t know you kept track on my schedule.” said Julian flatly.

Barry ignored this and instead turned to face you. “Y/N, how have you been?” he smiled.

How could he look at me like that? Like we didn’t break up? You thought to yourself.

“Good.” you drummed your fingers on the table. “Uh, you?”

“Good.” Barry copied your tone in a teasing manner. “I’m actually with Iris —”

“Yes, anyone who has a set of eyes is aware of that, Allen.” interjected Julian, a sneer on his features.

“I never realized you and Y/N were friends.” your former lover directed his attention to his co-worker once again, his voice sharp and showed annoyance.

“What a surprise it is to know how unobservant you are.”

You kicked Julian under the table and he looked at you, as if asking what your problem was.

You cleared your throat. “We’ll get going now. It was nice seeing you, Barry —”

“Y/N, wait.” Barry had a firm grip on your elbow. “Are you and him . . ?” he trailed, watching your eyebrows rise in question. “Uh, never mind. It’s not like it matters anymore, anyway.”

“Indeed it doesn’t.”

And with that, you walked out of Jitters with your hands slightly shaking, Julian following shortly behind. You stopped marching away once you knew you were far enough, hands finding a path to reach your chest, dramatically holding on like you were touching your already broken heart.

“Hey, I’m always going to be here, okay?” Barry placed his arms around your shoulders, pulling you closer to his chest while you softly breathed in and out. “No matter what, you’ll always have me.”

“Promise?” you croaked.

He nodded with a smile, “Promise.”

“Ugh, I must be so lucky to have you.” you hugged him back and heard his soft chuckle escape his lips.

He shook his head. “I actually think it’s the other way around, Y/N.”

“I doubt it.” you replied, stretching up your toes to give him a sweet kiss. “I’m clearly the winner in this relationship.”

“Damn it.” You cursed under your breath as you find yourself crying in the middle of the street. What would other people think if they saw you? You didn’t want to appear weak and fragile through their eyes, especially if they knew what you were really crying about.

Julian panted and stopped beside you. “Y/N, look, I’m —”

He didn’t bother to finish his sentence when he saw you in tears. You glanced at him, getting a handkerchief from your pocket and subtly using it to hide your face as you wipe away the tears on your wet cheeks. Surely, if there was any other person that you didn’t want seeing you in this state, it was definitely him.

“Is there anything that I could do to help?” his egotistical facade faded.

You just shook your head, knowing that he couldn’t do anything to help you feel better. No one could make you feel better except Barry. And it hurt you to realize that seeing him with Iris a while ago, his grin big and his actions so true to himself, that he was finally happier. He was happier, and you weren’t even part of his life anymore to be the reason behind of it.

Thoughts on Male Fantasy Authors Writing Female Characters*

*(mostly. it digresses. this is specifically a comparison among Neil Gaiman, Jim Butcher, George R. R. Martin, and Guy Gavriel Kay–possibility of minor spoilers, although I’ve tried to avoid them. any plot details given should be unspoilery.)

You know, because this wasn’t already written about enough, or something.

I’ll start by saying this: I actually don’t care very much when male authors don’t write women the way I prefer to see women portrayed. Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite authors ever, due to his word-smithing and world-building, and I haven’t found his match for evoking a feeling of eeriness like he’s writing about a world more true than our own. On the other hand, he definitely is a little weird in his descriptions of female characters. I particularly noticed this with the way the witches in Stardust swear by their sexual organs and the attention Shadow pays to Zorya Polunochnaya’s breasts in American Gods. (Shadow. Chill. FFS.) I’m probably forgetting other instances, because I’ve felt this way multiple times in Gaiman’s writing–it makes me go why the fuck is this relevant? and jolts me out of the story. (Some of his short stories get even more bizarrely sexual; there’s one about an STD that changes your personality. It was pretty uncomfortable, but it was probably supposed to be.) Another complaint I’ve seen is that his female characters aren’t that well fleshed-out, but honestly, neither are his male characters. And Gaiman is aware he’s doing it. I’ve read interviews and essays where he clearly states his love for established bodies of myth and stock characters. That’s fine; it’s the way he prefers to write, and in my eyes he’s a damn fine writer. (I love his poetry too.) Heck, the fact that I love it so much despite my preference for non-stock characters (and fewer interjections about breasts) says a lot. Gaiman, good job for doing exactly what you were trying to do.

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I got into panic at the disco before I even knew who ryan ross was. I went to one of their concerts last summer and all I knew about him was “he was that guy who used to be in the band with the weird makeup”. I later learned that he had written like all of my favorite songs from their discography, and I finally found the reason why their first two albums gripped me so violently. It was Ryan. His genius, his insight, his passion and his love. His way with words and music shoots straight to the core of my existence in a way that few things ever have. These past few months I’ve been exploring the body of his work and his person and I fall more in love with him and his contributions to the world every day. Ryan, you have inspired me in endless ways and I wish you a life full of love.

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Ok so, can I has meh a HC of how the boys would react to their female crush having a three legged mutt named Chicken? She just found the dog rummaging through trash in an alley way so she took him in and instantly fell in love. Now Chicken is super protective of her.

I totally went off track but that happens all the time but,,,here u go! Pidges one is rlly short and idk I just couldn’t think of what else to put


•have you ever wondered what hunk looks like when he’s crying? happy tears?
•ok so basically you guys met at school and he would take u places every once in a while
•and after a bit of going to his (I hc him as having 2 mamas) moms café, you said
•"hey! you’ve never been to my place! Wanna come over?“
•he’s like yeah sure why not
•he’s crying because he’s going to his crush’s house
•so you’re waiting up or him, jus chilling and he knocks on the door
•you open it and your dog is like oh my gosh!!! someone’s here!!!! boof!
•let the struggle….ensue
•you have to use your knee to hold your dog back so he doesn’t jump all over Hunk
•Hunk literally comes in, shuts the door behind him, and just GASPS
•and he’s standing there and his excitement is boiling over the top and his lid is about to POP
•and you just grin in embarrassment and scratch the back of your head, thinking, wow maybe he’s scared or allergic and I never asked
•he goes “hiiiiii!!!” And puts his arms out and your dog runs through your legs and just flops into his arms and he’s literally crying
•but,,,Chicken,,, doesn’t know how your relationship is with Hunk
•currently Chicken is just excited to see someone new because he’s always been very kind and welcoming to others
•so after you explain to Hunk how you found him and such, he immediately fell in love with Chicken and fell in love with you even more
•so you guys go on the couch and he goes to put his arm around you while you’re watching a movie
•and Hunk just hears growling and he gulps and turns and oh what do u kno
•your 3-legged, Pitbull-Rottweiler, 10 month old puppy is baring his huge teeth and growling
•ur not close with people like you are with Hunk so yr pretty surprised, and you pat hunks lap and the dog just gleefully goes over and lays across you two
•Hunk PISSED himself I kid u not
•he excused himself and texted Lance and Pidge
•they laughed
•when Hunk goes missing, you were at his mothers café, when they broke the news to you and you ended up breaking down into tears and just crying while his mothers comforted you and offered for you to stay with them for a while. Maybe until Hunk came home or when you felt better


•alright, here’s the thing, your dog is GIGANTIC
•despite your puppy being quite young, their growth rate is crazy
•you only know one part of your dogs mix unfortunately, but it sure does explain why they’re so large
•a giant, 3 pawed Bernese Mountain Dog, mixed with something unknown
•the dog at this point is taller than you while on back legs
•you’re taking Chicken for a walk, getting him used to the whole,,, 3 legs thing.
•you aren’t dating Lance at the time but you weren’t expecting to see him. a happy surprise.
•you let your dog run around the park for a while, doing some homework on a picnic bench
•"y/n? is that my favorite person ever!?“ And he runs over and sits beside you
•he’s helping you with homework when he feels a light tug at his pant leg
•and he’s like,,,haha *wink* you’re so crazy Y/n. In public? hmm I guess
•and you’re like ????wat
•you grab your dogs collar and you’re like omg let go stop it
•your dog does and ho boi he is mortified
•you also like Lance, so now you think, oh wow. he hates me now
•and he says, after some silence and heavy breathing
•"man, I love your dog”
•he’s a sucker for big dogs and the fact your PUPPY is gigantic and soft and only has 3 paws? just even better
•you tell him the story of how you found him, 4 months old, abandoned and eating raw chicken that was no doubt moldy, in a dark and unsanitary alleyway in New York (you were visiting friends)
•he fell in love, with the dog and you
•ended up asking you on a date while kissing your dogs face and you said YES
•when he went missing, you saw it on the news. and immediately grabbed your dog and ran to his house
•knocked on the door and one of his siblings answered, very obviously visible that they were just crying. and this is where YOUR, the reader, tears come in
•Lance never shut up about you and told his entire family about you and they could easily recognize you because he’s so detailed about your features . Even told them about the dog
•they immediately dragged you in and hugged you and you ended up spending a lot of time with them while they also fell in love with u, and Chicken.


•totally a dog man
•like, he’s had many pets, mostly dogs of course and he loves them
•your dog: a labrador-husky mix. bright blue eyes and golden fur. 8 years old
•3 legs, a white prosthetic
•you found him on the side of the road, he was abandoned at the age of 5
•anyway, to begin
•Shiro goes up to you in the library after a couple friends finally convince him to
•and he’s like, hey, since yr my partner for the project and all, where should we meet?
•and you’re like, hm, how about my place?
•OKGKKF he nods a bit too excitedly but you exchange numbers and you text him the address
•"the doors unlocked so you can just come right in” you text him
•he goes aight,,,,, and he walks in and leaves his rained on sneakers at the door
•and you’re in the kitchen making some grilled cheese w ham
•and your tossin Ham at your dog, who’s jumping up to catch it
•he chuckles because your standing there in pajamas and tossing your dog Ham like you’re scoring 3-pointers in basketball
•and your dog just stood and books it over to Shiro and when you turn and your dog isn’t there you’re like ???? WHATDH
•you look over the island and there’s your dog standing his ground against Shiro and Shiro’s like uh…hehheh
•"omg chicken get over here" chicken goes back to normal and prances over to your
•"little shit I swear to god"
•Shiro’s like, I never thought I’d be scared of a dog before
•you smile and go hug him and just hear more growling from over the counter and he’s like ohnyktidjd
•you end up going to put the dog in your room because he’s not allowed in the living room and Shiro offers to just watch movies in your room while you guys work on the project
•"I don’t wanna have him feel left out cos of me, yknow?“
•"yeah you’re right”
•you all fell asleep together no lie and if anyone was around they honestly thought it was the cutest thing (shiro drools and has lil light snores and he just looks adorable)
•when he went missing, you were heartbroken and didn’t know who his family was because you never got to visit them
•you ended up visiting Pidge because you became friends with Matt as well
•you hugged Pidge and always took her out to but things and you also helped her sneak into the garrison
•when he came back for like,a day, you were in Keith’s shack when they all got there because you wanted to know if he could get in contact with Pidge for you because you were sick from school
•Shiro came in and when he woke up you were sitting beside him on the floor, head against his shoulder and your dog was on his thighs


•American Bulldog puppy mix, that HE actually gave to you
•he was setting up posters around the garrison because his neighbors dog was pregnant
•you were one of 3 people to approach him, after like a month of it being up
•he’s always liked you and he just like, sndjjsjsk, I can give it to you today
•and he does, you walk with him to said neighbors and you take home the puppy
•this was freshman year so the puppy is 1 year old now
•and after you guys became decently close, he asked you to tutor him in Spanish
•because compared to him your grades were a bit better and he refused to ask Lance because Lance wouldn’t even say yes?
•but he ends up going to your house and knocking because he didn’t get the chance to ask at school, and you just let him in like it’s normal and you don’t even think it’s weird
•and he comes in and as soon as he sits down here comes your dog, now 3 legged and slaps into Keith’s face
•and he’s like WHAT
•one, he forgot you had the dog
•two, since when did the dog have 3 legs
•turns out, one night the dog escaped and you couldn’t find him for hours
•the dog ended up getting hurt and you had no choice but to take him to the vet, where they also had no choice but to remove his log
•the dogs name was Wudley, but since the incident you tend to call him Chicken as his nickname
•Keith hears about it nd is like, “I’m surprised you kept him, lots of people usually put disabled dogs up for adoption”
•"I’d never do that. If it means he has a higher chance of getting put down then that’s just purposely putting him in a slaughter house"
•Keith hugs you and his heart swells because you’re so sweet and kind and wow he likes you more than he thought
•he hears Wudley growing and nip at his elbow and he just chuckles and plays with him and let’s just say he came over more often to “study Spanish”
•by “study Spanish” I mean “play with Wudley for like,,,4 hours straight all the while getting to know you”
•when he went missing you knew damn well that this classified info was aliens and ended up living in his shack and doing research while you’re dog stayed with u


•this one is a lot different
•yr dog is half beagle half terrier
•Pidge was walking their dog, and you were walking yours
•you shout “omg! Hi Pidge!”
•yes this is during the garrison, you were the same age but you went to a different school. you visited the garrison as a sort of field trip with your class and that’s how you two met
•"hi Y/n! Is this your dog?“
•your dog stops and just stares and you guys are literally 10 feet apart and you’re like ????
•you didn’t notice Pidges dog yet bcos u also have a crush on Pidge and were currently paying more attention to them
•Chicken goes full speed at Pidges dog, and they end up fooling around
•the two of you end up talking for at least an hour, while sitting on a bench
•you play games on your phones and ask each other questions to get to know each other even better than before
•next thing you know you both here growling and each dog is growling at one of you. Pidges dog at you, Chicken at Pidge
•you panic and apologize and pick up your dog and Pidge says “oh no it’s okay my dog usually doesn’t do this either so I should apologize”
•you guys literally apologize to each other for 4 minutes before you just laugh
•when Pidge goes missing you end up visiting their mother, sometimes watching their dog as well and doing chores while Mrs.Holt recovers
•she lost her whole family, man

A Week- Poly! Hamilsquad x Reader x Southern! Democratic Republicans

A/N: The project that’s taken weeks to write, it’s finally done! This is just a little bit of a preview of a series I want to write? Kind of a prequel or introduction? But this took me so long, hope you enjoy!


“I’m home,” Y/N called, kicking off her shoes and dropping her bag by the door. She swung off her coat and hung it on the hook, smiling as one of her boys appeared around the corner and held out his arms. Snuggling into Herc’s chest she finally felt at home.

“Hi, baby,” he whispered.


He leaned down and kissed her softly, cute and gentle and sweet. He looked at her with so much adoration that she felt her cheeks heat up the tiniest bit. Laf walked over and joined the hug with a grin. She separated from Hercules and kissed Lafayette’s cheek.

“How was work?”

She let out a huff. “More gossip, more rumors, more writing to be done.”

Alex laughed, coming through the front door behind her and kissing both Laf and Herc’s cheeks. “Don’t I know it.”

John was last, practically running around the corner and into his girlfriend’s arms. “BABY GIRL!”

“John!” she said, teasing him with the same amount of enthusiasm and kissing him. “Get any sketches done?”

He smiled proudly and showed her his colorful hands. “Paintings, actually.”

“I hope you didn’t do it on my desk again.” Y/N groaned playfully. When he looked down sheepishly she frowned. “John, you promised!” When he kissed her again, she shook her head. “Fine, just clean it up, ‘kay?”

“Anything for you, baby girl,” he announced, kissing her one more time before moving on to Alex.

Laf pulled her back against his chest. “I do love having you here, mon cheri.”

“It’s great to be here, Laf.”

“Then don’t leave!” John said, bouncing a bit. Y/N giggled as Alex nodded.

“Yeah, don’t go back to Thomas, he doesn’t need you, we do!”

“Aw, Alex,” Y/N teased, leaning over and kissing his cheek. “Can’t leave my other boys alone- but, for tonight, I’m yours.”


Thomas held her close against his chest. “No, I don’t wanna share you!”

“Baby,” Y/N cooed, raising an eyebrow and smirking. “Don’t you want to see Aaron and Jemmy?”

Thomas frowned. “Fine. But we better not run into Hamilton on our way out.”

She stood up and brushed off her legs with a scowl. “Thomas, you know I need to check on Alex before I go.”

He sighed dramatically as he stood and kissed her cheek. “I’m not going to talk to him.”

“I didn’t expect you to,” Y/N said with a giggle and lacing her fingers with his. Thomas slung her work bag over his shoulder and held her stack of books and papers with his free hand. Y/N had a brown paper bag clutched tightly in her hand. She stopped at Alexander’s office, letting Jefferson stand off to the side, and rapped lightly on the door.

“Come in,” Hamilton called. She entered with a smile. “Y/N, darling!”

She set the bag on his desk as he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her for a moment. He laid his forehead against hers and kissed her once more, hands roaming her body. She playfully pushed him away.

“Alex, it’s not your day,” she sang. Alex rolled his eyes before she handed him the bag. “Here.”

“A present?” he teased, quirking an eyebrow and beginning to open it.

Y/N rolled her eyes. “A meal. I know you, you won’t be home until midnight and by the time you finish writing you wouldn’t have had time to eat, and it’ll be too late. I made your favorite.”

He smiled at the Tupperware and kissed her again. “Thanks, sweetheart. Love you. Are you going to check on John?”

She nodded. “Yep, if Thomas stops acting like a child.” She raised her voice at the end, making sure Jefferson could hear her.

“HEY!” he called back to them.

She kissed Alex one more time before walking away. “See you tomorrow.”

“Bye, darling.”

Y/N walked out the door, giving him one last look, reminding him to eat his meal, and closed the door. Thomas had his arms crossed and was wearing a pout.

“You didn’t say you’d be in there for that long!”

“Come on, we still have to give John his meal, then we can go home.”

Jefferson groaned but gave no protest. After checking up on Laurens, Y/N and Jefferson got in the car. Thomas placed all of her things carefully in the back and slid into the driver’s seat, squeezing her hand. Once home, he parked the car in the garage and grabbed her bag.

“I can carry that, you know,” Y/N told him, stepping into the elevator with their fingers laced.

Thomas rolled his eyes as the elevator rose. “I only get to see you every other day, darling, I’m not letting you work hard while I’m around.”

She smiled and took out her keys, holding open the door for her boyfriend, making him frown at her briefly before entering.

“James!” Thomas exclaimed happily, setting down the bag and stepping into Madison’s arms. Y/N grinned at them before walking towards James and pulling him away for a moment to hug him.

“Missed you, sweetheart,” James said softly, pulling her into a small kiss. “Are you staying the night?”

She smiled. “Yep, don’t want to miss an opportunity to talk with my favorite boy.”

“You tell that to all your boys,” someone else said with a teasing tone. Y/N turned around and walked into Aaron’s arms, kissing his cheek as he wasn’t one for lots of physical contact.

“Yes, but I only mean it with you,” she cooed, rubbing his back and snuggling into his shoulder. Thomas and James quickly joined in, not wanting to be left out. Cuddled between three of her boys, there was no place she’d rather be.


“Wednesday’s movie night,” Hercules called, stepping into the apartment with arms full of movies. “We have one each of everyone’s favorites, we don’t have time for everything, we’re watching 2 movies so get your arguments ready!”

Alex jumped up from the couch. He had previously had Y/N’s feet on his legs as she sat in John’s lap, but he quickly pushed them off so he could begin to scream. “We have to watch The Little Mermaid!”

Y/N rolled her eyes. “You love that movie more than you love me!”

John rubbed her shoulders and kissed her neck from behind. “He doesn’t love the movie, N/N, it’s Ariel he’s in love with.”

“Great.” she chuckled. “That’s better.”

Laf entered through the door behind Herc, carrying 3 large boxes of pizza. He set the food down and smiled, coming into the living room and holding out his arms.

“I’m home, mon cheris!”’

John jumped off the couch and barrelled into Laf’s arms. “Please don’t let Alex choose The Little Mermaid again, Laf, don’t you love me?” Laurens gave his best puppy eyes.

“Aw, mon amour, it’s beyond my control!” Lafayette kissed the top of his head and opened his arms to Y/N. She stepped into them, putting her arms around his neck and kissing him sweetly.

“Glad you’re home,” she whispered into his hair.

“Glad you’re here,” he replied softly, kissing her again.

“But please, Laf, don’t let him choose again!”

Gilbert laughed. “I’ll do my best.”


“Where are we going?”

Thomas pulled Y/N more tightly against his chest. “Well, we can do Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indian, Mexican, Italian- or we can just run to the store and get another frozen meal.”

Y/N shifted a bit in his lap. “Okay, and when is Aaron coming home?”

“Answer my question and I’ll answer yours.” Thomas poked her nose, making her pout. After she gave him her dinner order he kissed her. “Aaron will be home any minute, and James should be up from his nap soon.”

Sure enough, only a few moments later Madison wandered out of the bedroom and came into the living room. He smiled at the two.

“Thanks for letting me rest, I feel much better.” James sniffed and settled next to them on the couch. Thomas took his hand and Y/N leaned over to kiss his cheek. Madison frowned. “Y/N, you’ll get sick!”

“And I’ll have you to take care of me,” she finished, kissing him on the lips.

“I’m home,” Aaron called, walking in. “I brought home enough ingredients for Thomas to make mac and-”

“MAC AND CHEESE!” Thomas exclaimed, shaking Y/N a bit. “Guys, Aaron is my favorite person ever!”

Y/N rolled her eyes and got off of Thomas, kissing Aaron’s forehead. “What have I told you about spoiling the children.”

“Sorry, darling,” Aaron replied, smiling.


She snuggled into Herc’s chest. “I don’t wanna go to sleep.”

He kissed the top of her head. She smiled as John rubbed her shoulders. “Why not, sweetheart?”

“‘Cause tomorrow I have to leave you again.”

“Yeah,” Alex piped up from John’s other side. “Why not stay?”

Laf smiled. “Come on, mon amour.” He reached for Y/N’s hand and squeezed it over Hercules. “Then you get to go and hang out with Thomas and James and Aaron!”

She grinned back. “Yeah. And then Sunday I’ll be back. Okay, goodnight.”


“You shouldn’t snuggle with me, Y/N,” James reminded his girlfriend, watching with a fond smile as she moved closer to him.

“You’re always sick, cuddling has never killed me before!”

Madison shook his head. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Aaron came in shortly, finding his spot at Y/N’s other side and spooning her. “Goodnight. Thomas will be in soon.”

She rolled her eyes. “He’s almost as bad as Alex, I doubt he’ll be here at all.”

“You have so little faith in me!” Jefferson piped up, coming in with an easy smirk on his face. “I’m here, aren’t I?”


She took the pregnancy test between her hands, studying it slowly. She felt her vision go a bit blurry, her world crashing around her.

It was positive.

Ok, but can we please talk about Slytherin Xu Minghao: 

• Xu Minghao, who was raised by a hufflepuff and a ravenclaw 

• Xu Minghao, who didn’t even consider the other houses as an option because of this 

 • Xu Minghao who is a metamorphomagus by excellence • He changes his hair and eye color about every day 

 • just because he can and because it drives everyone crazy  

• Also, no one knows if he was born with his pixie like ears or if he just liked how they looked and kept them 

• Either ways they are gorgeous, so no one really cares 

 • Xu Minghao whose hair sometimes changes with his mood swings 

 • He hates this though because he doesn’t do it on purpose 

 • Xu Minghao who walked into platform nine and three quarters looking for Jun 

 • Because Jun and him had been joined to the hip since they were children 

 • But the traitor was born a year earlier and Minghao still resented him 

 • “You left me alone! You traitor!”

 • “It’s not my fault I’m older than you!” 

• “Well it isn’t mine, that’s for sure!” 

• He didn’t find Jun because someone had managed to talk himself into sitting with the conductor 

 • But that’s another story… 

• Xu Minghao who ended up siting next to DK and Mingyu during the whole train ride 

 • He was a bit annoyed at first but then, little by little he started warming up to them 

 • and somehow not finding Jun wasn’t the tragedy he thought it was 

• Xu Minghao who everyone expected to be a hufflepuff 

 • because this kid looks like a ball of sunshine 

 • Also his hair was bright yellow at that point 

 • Xu Minghao who made the whole room go silent when the hat said slytherin 

 • Somewhere in the hall Wen Junhui shed a tear because Minghao wasn’t sorted into his house 

 • Xu Minghao whose hair turned green as soon as he was sorted  

• He got the loudest cheer that night, that’s for sure 

 • Xu Minghao who grew up playing quidditch in Jun’s back yard 

• They were both hell of a beaters 

 • Xu Minghao who got into the slytherin quidditch team in record time 

 • Like he got into the team second year and by fourth year he was already captain of the team 

 • He didn’t want to be captain though 

 • “I can’t be a captain! I can barely hold myself together, I sure as hell cant hold this team!” 

 • But after a lot of begging from the team and a little (lot) of convincing from Jeonghan he accepted

 • Xu Minghao who absolutely owned the captain spot and got slytherin one or two quidditch cups as captain 

 • Xu Minghao whose favorite subject is defense against the dark arts 

 • It didn’t matter to him that the professor spot was given to someone different every year 

 • He learned something different from everyone and that was what mattered 

 • Xu Minghao whose boggart was all of his friends lying dead in the floor 

 • Xu Minghao who at first couldn’t say or do anything but look at the boggart with tears rolling down his eyes 

 • Later in the year he managed to pass the test with an E 

• but that image sort of burned it’s way through his brain 

 • Because Minghao loves his friends above everything 

 • Xu Minghao who has friends in every house but specially in hufflepuff 

 • Xu Minghao who somehow got his hands in the marauders map 

• He used it mostly to get in and out of Honeydukes when he ran out of candy 

• Xu Minghao who everyone thinks is an angel 

 • Until they get to know him and realize that about every prank pulled at Hogwarts has something to do with him 

 • But of course he never gets in trouble because he can change himself into anyone 

• He has never gotten anyone else into trouble though 

 • At least not deliberately 

 • Xu Minghao who sends letters to his parents every week 

• He hasn’t missed one in all of his time at Hogwarts 

 • Because, as bad ass as he might seem sometimes, he’s still the hugest sweet heart ever 

 • Xu Minghao who kept complaining that everyone had a pet but him 

 • Because, let’s be honest, this kid loves animals 

 • So Jun got him a ferret for his fourteenth birthday 

 • No one knows how Jun got the ferret 

• or how Minghao managed to sneak it into the slytherin dorms 

 • Let’s be honest the answer to both of those questions is probably Seungkwan 

 • Xu Minghao who hand knitted a slytherin scarf so that the ferret would fit right in 

 • And if you asked he would admit it proudly because “Look at it! I made that! Doesn’t she look cute?” 

• There was once a petition going around to change the slytherin mascot to his ferret 

 • The petition was almost successful 

 • Xu Minghao who adores the greenhouses 

 • Like, he’s not even that good at herbology 

 • But somehow the green house is always a nice place to hang out 

 • Xu Minghao, who turned the room of requirement into a dance/ martial arts studio for Jun’s birthday 

 • Jun nearly cried tbh 

 • “I’m so touched by this little brother!” 

 • “I’m not your little brother…” 

• “Then what are we Minghao??” 

 • “Don’t get all dramatic on me…” 

• “What are we?? Am I just another friend to you? I though you loved me!” 

 • “That’s it! I’m never doing anything nice for you ever again!” 

• Xu Minghao who treats everyone with respect 

 • Xu Minghao who is the first one to come in defense of first and second years who are being bullied 

• Xu Minghao who thinks house sitting arrangements are dumb and sits in every table 

 • Because “why should I be separated from my friends just because they wear a different color tie?” 

• Xu Minghao who is Hagrid’s favorite person 

• Xu Minghao who visited Hagrid every day since first year because he thought Hagrid needed the company 

 • Xu Minghao who sometimes changes his features too mess with people 

 • Like he once completely tuned himself into Jeonghan and kept flirting with all the professors 

 • The worst part, no one ever noticed 

 • Xu Minghao who will kill anyone who calls someone a mudblood 

 • Xu Minghao who literally can’t stand discrimination of any kind 

 • Xu Minghao who is cunning and ambitious but also has a huge sense of fraternity 


Ravenclaw Wonwoo  Hufflepuff Seungkwan  Slytherin Minghao  Ravenclaw Jun   Gryffindor Hansol   Hufflepuff Seokmin   Ravenclaw Jihoon   Hufflepuff Jisoo   Gryffindor Chan   Hufflepuff Mingyu   Gryffindor Hoshi   Slytherin Jeonghan

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I love Tangled too and I was wondering why it's your favorite?

I was nearly finished writing this but then accidentally refreshed the page and I had to start all over again, but I need to get this out. It might feel a little rushed but I wrote this down before and I wanted to keep it shorter this time.

- Eugene and Rapunzel are both amazing characters. Eugene is one of my favorite Disney characters ever, with his charm and funny personality, yet his backstory touches me every time. The way he deals with it really played with the ‘what’s good and bad’ question, and his development is amazing. 
It’s difficult for me to love or even accept a female lead in any movie or series because they get portrayed badly most of the time, but I absolutely love Rapunzel. She’s a little clumsy and too excited about everything, but yet badass and cute and gets things done. Bless her. 

- Maximus and Pascal are the best sidekicks. I love the relationship and development between Maximus and Eugene, and Pascal is all the sassy cuteness you need in this movie. 

- One of the most quotable movies ever. I feel like there’s a quote for everything and I use them all the time.

- Onto an important part. Mother Gothel is the best Disney villain because she is so painfully realistic. As someone with a toxic/mentally abusive/narcissistic mom, I recognize a lot of the things she says and the way she acts- how she tries to look good and protecting while in fact all she does is abuse her power to get what she wants. Now I can elaborate on this but it’s pretty simple. Disney shows how mothers can be, and Mother Gothel says many things that are very realistic as to what toxic mothers say in real life. Especially Mother Knows Best Reprise is very good in this (which, by the way, is one of the best villain songs Disney ever made ngl).

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- Another thing, Disney shows that saying ‘I love you’ doesn’t have to mean it’s true. It’s something people with toxic parents struggle a lot with. Mother Gothel seems to take good care of Rapunzel and wanting to protect her, as if Rapunzel should be grateful. Rapunzel actually sings about this.This song means way more than the fact she can’t get out of the tower. It’s pointing at the manipulation again. Mother Gothel has always said she loved Rapunzel and always made it look like she did, like she was the good one It leaves Rapunzel with guilt which is shown at the end when Mother Gothel falls and Rapunzel still tries to save her- despite her knowing that she’s been bad all the time. 

- Next to this, they also quickly discuss the thought of ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ during I’ve Got A Dream. Again a masterful work of music and a great thought behind it. Eugene’s part is so good as well- most of the time, ‘wanting money’ is something evil, but it’s not this time. I’m really glad this is included. 

- Most of the times with Disney movies, there’s one or a few songs I don’t like. I love all the songs in Tangled, got nothing else to say about that. They’re just terrific.

- I got to mention, the aesthetics of this movie. Don’t tell me those lanterns aren’t beautiful to you. Everything about this movie, the colors, the scenery, the music, the sounds, the vibes, the animations… it’s all so pleasing and I can’t get enough. 

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Please tell me if there’s something I haven’t covered enough yet. I could talk about this movie for hours but I should really go to sleep now. 

Rough-draft-ish timeline for book 1! BTW if you are visual like me, the closest we get to a calendar year for All For the Game is 2006/2007. It’s not 100% accurate, because not all of the dates match up perfectly throughout the whole series, but this is the closest one, with only a few dates off. It diverges in June, so I kept to the book for the rest of June because dates were easy to track; it meets back up with the calendar year in August and so far as I’ve checked sticks pretty close to it for the rest of the series?? The games do at least??

In the days that were too eventful (or I just typed too much for them), I underline the important parts tumblr removed my underlines?? i’ll think of something sorry!!, and for all of it I italicize direct quotes

The Foxhole Court Timeline - Rough Draft Edition

~Friday, April 7 (approx date): Wymack, Kevin, and Andrew come to Arizona to recruit Neil

Thursday, May 11: “Neil Josten” graduates HS

Friday, May 12: Andrew picks Neil up from the airport, he meets Nicky, Aaron, and Abby, sees the court for the first time, moves in with Wymack

Saturday, May 13: Andrew nearly stabs Nicky, Neil exhausts himself trying to score on Andrew

-it gets approximate again here bc it says 5 weeks should pass but only 4 do, so I’m using context to close out the gaps-

~Tuesday, May 30: Neil goes to the court at night for the first time & finds Andrew and Kevin there; Andrew shows Neil the knives hidden in his armbands, beautiful lines such as “exy is just slightly less boring than living is” and “I’m not a math problem” “I’ll still solve you” and “this was a dream he’d have to wake up from eventually” occur

~Wednesday, May 31: Wymack tells Kevin about the district transfer, tells Neil about the Moriyamas, Neil considers running but decides to stay until the match against the Ravens

Thursday, June 1: Raven’s district transfer effective

*Sunday, June 9: foxes move into Fox Tower, Matt offers to kick Kevin’s ass for Neil (and actually does until Andrew stops him), Dan and Renee give Neil tea and cookies like the princesses they are, Andrew goes through Neil’s stuff, Andrew admits for murder w/ no chill instance #1, Neil has a lot of panic attacks and fits of dissociation and decides again to stay because “one of us has to make it” and he’s decided to pick Kevin’s life over his

*Wednesday, June 12: Seth punches Kevin as soon as Andrew leaves for his meeting with Bee

*Friday, June 14: Columbia & all that that disaster entails

*Saturday, June 15: Neil hops out the window, calls Matt to ask him to watch his stuff, hitchhikes/walks home, tells Andrew half (most) of the truth, ends on “Hope was a dangerous and disquieting thing, but he thought perhaps he liked it.”

*Monday, June 17: Kevin comes to take Neil to night practice, but Matt and Seth send him away

*Tuesday, June 18: first night practice!!, “the master?” “Coach Moriyama”; Matt waits up for Neil like the precious and pure human he is

*Wednesday, June 19: Nicky asks Aaron (in German) if he thinks Neil will ever forgive them (it’s literally been 4 days, he needs to chill), and Neil realizes that Andrew didn’t tell the others he can speak German and wonders why

*Friday, June 21: ERC makes the official announcement about Edgar Allen’s district transfer; Seth says my person favorite of his lines: “Tell me, when’s the last time anyone cried for you?”

Wednesday, August 23: Team psych evals w Bee

Thursday, August 24: First day of classes, Matt wakes Neil up for practice and the following killer exchange happens: “I’m fine.” “You say that an awful lot.”

Friday, August 25: Game day, all of the upperclassmen take turns walking Neil to/from classes, Seth and Allison sit with him at lunch and tell him about the Renee/Andrew betting pool, Neil finds out Andrew goes sober on game nights, Nicky apologises for the Columbia thing 

GAME V BRECKENRIDGE JACKALS: Seth and Kevin fight on court 13 minutes into the game (no one took Nicky’s bet so he doesn’t win anything), Neil goes in at 20 minutes for Seth (”Hey Pinnocchio, time to run. This one’s for you.”), Matt punches Gorilla for Kevin and then runs and hides behind Andrew for safety (these nerds are such children I love them), Neil begins to feel a burning hatred for the jackals: “Gorilla had been trying to hurt Kevin’s hand his first day back on the court, which was unbelievably cruel. Neil hoped Matt had bruised some ribs with that punch.”; Neil scores his first goal!!; final score 7-9 loss (not bad tbh), and then the upperclassmen/Neil stay up all night partying like the nerds they are, I love these kids

Saturday, August 26: Kathy’s show, Neil’s 1st time on the bus, “Kevin’s smile was a brittle and bitter thing”; Kevin threatens to cut Neil off from night practices to force him to go on Kathy’s show (and Andrew laughs and calls Neil an idiot); “As complicated as Neil’s obsession with Kevin was, one truth was undeniable: he didn’t want Kevin to hate him.”; “I think of you as one half of a whole.” “At least I have room to stretch out now.” that is a SAVAGE BURN coming from Kevin wow; but then fuckface Riko appears, fuck him 5ever; “Renee was sitting sideways in Andrew’s lap, one foot braced against the ground to keep him from shoving her off”; Neil insults Riko on national television because “his temper couldn’t stomach any more of Riko’s cruelty”; Neil is actually afraid of Riko a little/lot because “Riko had the same stare that his father did: he looked at Neil and saw only flesh that knew how to bleed”; Andrew puts himself between Riko and Neil <3; back at home Andrew punches through his window; “Oh Neil, as unpredictable as he is unreal” wow Andrew you’re falling in love already aren’t you??; “running was only an option when no one was looking” & “You gave your game to Kevin. Give your back to me.”; Columbia: “Let Andrew buy you things if he wants to. He’s not usually the gift-giving type.” & “You’re one of us, which means we’ll never push you farther than you’re willing to go.” ; Andrew disappears for 30 minutes (so he goes and does the do with Roland in the back room!!!); Wymack calls with the news about Seth’s overdose (Andrew, Kevin, and Neil have too much chill about this news “keep up with the conversation” “what about the lineup” “that apathy doesn’t bode well for your sanity”); Andrew gives Neil the key

-end of book 1-

Book 1 covers 18 specific days days and spans ~5months

so @coldsaturn @glenflower and @unidentified-flying-outrage here’s the first draft!

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What about a fic where Will thinks Nico is cheating on him with some dude he saw him with. Spying ensues, turns out it's Nico's relative from Italy. Thanks! I love your blog!

Anon 2: I really love angst and my favorite would probably cheating, so I was wondering if you could write a fic about Will cheating on Nico?

This is about Nico “cheating” because I couldn’t bring myself to make my favorite character do something so awful

Will is a very dignified man. He trusts his boyfriend. Why would he not? Nico is simply incredible, caring, kind, sarcastic, everything Will could ever possibly ask for and more. Not to mention fiercely loyal. They had been together for four years now, and Will was carrying around a little black box everywhere they went in case the right situation presented itself on one of their dates. Nico had never once made a comment about someone else that would suggest ending things with Will. In fact, he had never even commented on another person in that way at all.

So there was absolutely no reason for Will to suspect Nico of cheating on him. It should have been mathematically impossible. There was no way Nico would ever do something like that.

Well, Will was a dignified man, but sometimes Aphrodite blurred the lines a little too much for his liking.

Somehow, all of this led to where Will was, sitting in a bush just outside of a little Italian restaurant that Will knew Nico loved, watching his boyfriend laugh with a beautiful stranger that was most definitely trying to steal Nico away from Will. There was no question in Will’s mind.

The stranger looked strikingly similar to Nico, with long dark hair and coffee colored eyes, though where Nico’s eyes had flecks of gold in them, this man’s had none. He was taller than Nico, but he would still be shorter than Will when he stood, and Will took some pride in that. While Nico may badger him about his height, Will knew that Nico loved that Will could wrap himself around the smaller man when they cuddled. His skin tone was the same color as Nico’s as well, leading Will to believe that the man was also probably Italian.

Nico laughed at something the man said and Will felt a pang. They hadn’t been together long, only about ten minutes, and already the man got Nico to smile and laugh, a feat in and of itself. Nico was normally a reserved person. The mystery man had already accomplished in ten minutes what had taken Will almost a week to achieve. What hope was there for Will now?

With a resigned sigh, Will stood up and walked away from the restaurant, going home to an empty apartment.


“Will? Why are you sulking exactly?” Nico poked Will’s exposed stomach, and Will would’ve giggled if he didn’t feel so shitty. Nico had gone out with the mystery man twice now, and Will was still none the wiser about who he was. Not that he had asked about him. Nico had always met up with him while he was on break, which was also when Will was working. “C’mon, it’s time to leave. Its fancy dinner night, remember?”

Will groaned, sliding further down the couch. “I don’t feel like it.” How could he feel like going on a romantic date with Nico when he knew his boyfriend was seeing another man? “Why don’t you go with that guy you’ve been seeing?” Will knew he shouldn’t bring it up before dinner, but he couldn’t help himself. Nico could at least be honest ad tell him when he wanted to end their relationship.

“What are you talking about?” Nico was standing in front of Will now, and Will knew there was no backing down. He would have to admit to his spying, but he was hardly the bad guy in this situation.

“The guy you’ve been having lunch with. I saw you guys at that restaurant you love laughing and smiling.” Will sat back up, crossing his arms over.

“Hang on, were you spying on me?” Nico’s eyes were wide, and Will felt his ears grow hot. He wasn’t going to let Nico turn this on him. He didn’t do anything wrong.

“I was going to take you lunch! From your favorite restaurant! But then I saw you two having a grand ole time with each other!” Nico had the decency to look sheepish, but Will felt none of the satisfaction he had expected when he exposed Nico. Instead, he just felt cold and empty. Nico deflated, casting his gaze down at the floor.

Will expected Nico to apologize, or leave him, anything other then what he said next. “Will, he’s my cousin.”

I apologize for cutting it short, but it was getting long


17/07/1996 i’ve marked this date as the best day in history because the loml (jeon wonwoo) was born h o l y m o l y
i mean it’s not like he’s going to see this but if he can’t know how much he means to me then everyone else should :,))

so to celebrate his birthday i’m going to make a big list of reasons why i love wonwoo and why he’s the sweetest person ever
* his laugh
* his nose crinkle
* his little clap when he thinks things are extremely funny
* he sometimes doesn’t even make sound when he laughs he just crinkles his nose and claps
* his smile
* literally it’s my favorite thing about him
* his love for books
* something i can relate to and also it just makes me so happy when he talks about his favorite books like i just love it
* i mean remember that time he swung for hoshi bcs he threw one of his books
* his love for plushies
* omg it makes me so soft :’)
* when a fan gives him a plushy at fanmeets he’s so happy and smiles a genuine smile bcs they make him happy
* his hands
* they’re so fragile and small
* like they’re not small in size but like you get what i mean hopefully
* his sense of humor omg
* i get that people make fun of his dad jokes but like i genuinely find his jokes funny
* probably one of the reasons he’s my ult tbh
* and he finds himself funny and it’s so cute man ah
* his rapping
* like the fact this this fluffy cute guy that loves reading and plushies can literally spit fire amazes me
* and his lyrics woah r i p
* his singing
* you can tell he loves singing like he gets so happy when he sings and it’s the purest thing ever
* and when he sings everyone else is happy bcs he is happy
* his dancing
* i can’t even he’s so talented and underrated like this boy can dance
* his dorkiness
* he’s literally the definition of dork
* especially if you put him with soonyoung they’re like partners in crime i-
* the fact that his favorite fruit is pomegranate
* i love pomegranate.
* his love for his fellow members
* and i don’t mean like omg i ship them all together xx my OTP are my world!1!2
* i mean that he rlly does love those boys and it’s so genuine and cute
* the fact that he holds his microphone differently depending on if he’s singing or rapping
* that’s not even a rare thing i just love it
* i also just love him like all of him everything about him i love
* he’s just
* amazing and i honestly this is so cheesy aah but i’m so grateful to have him as my ult rlly


credit to @jypnior for the gif 

one | two 

“Why are all the women in this building so mean to me?”

pairing: jinyoung x reader

summary: he’s a successful ceo but just five years ago he used to be the love of your life

There was music coming from the building that could be heard even from outside. You took a deep breath in and tried to look inside the windows to see if he had gotten there yet. 

When Jackson told you about the album release party, you were excited for a distraction from thoughts of Jinyoung that were plaguing your mind but when your brother also mentioned the fact that Jinyoung would be there too, you debated if it would be a good idea to go or not.

“You not coming in?” You turned your head to see Mark standing there by the door, a glass in his hand and a smile on his face. “What do you mean? I’m coming inside I just needed some fresh air first.” 

Mark’s laugh made you feel slightly better, he approached you and let out a sigh, looking at the cars passing by on the street. “It was hard seeing him, wasn’t it?” He suddenly asked. “I don’t know.” You said with a frown. “Are you okay with all of this?” You asked Mark who looked a bit confused by the question. “What do you mean?” He raised an eyebrow and looked over at you.

“Him coming back, not contacting any of us in years. You guys seemed so okay with it all.” You looked down at the ground and thought that maybe you were going a bit overboard? But then your heart felt broken again and you knew that you had a right to be angry at him.

Mark didn’t know what to say, he stared at you for a moment lost in thought. He wanted to tell you, he wanted to explain everything that happened with Jinyoung but looking at your face made the desire diminish. 

If only he had gotten to you first. None of this would’ve happened.

“I guess because the relationship is different, it doesn’t really matter.” Mark said with a fake smile. “But you should come inside, Jackson’s wondering where you went.” You nodded and followed him inside the building. 

“You okay?” Jamie asked you while handing you a glass. “I’m okay, seriously.” You said to her with a smile. 

You could feel Jinyoung staring at you from across the room, you fought the urge to look at him because you knew that once you did it would just lead to you thinking about him again. Not like you weren’t already in all honesty. 

“Hey Y/n! I can’t believe you made it!” Bambam hurried over to you with a grin on his face, his hair was a little messed up and his shoelace was untied but he looked like he was having a nice time. “Of course, I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I’m so proud of you.” You said to him with an hand on his shoulder. “Thanks, you know you’ve always been like a mom to me, thanks for believing in me.” His expression changed and you felt bad for making him think in such a somber way.

Neither of Bambam’s parents really liked the idea of him pursuing his dream in music, therefore they kicked him out of the house and he hasn’t looked back. You felt awful for him so you had your brother offer up his place for him to stay for a short while.

Now two years later and Bambam’s a successful rapper with three albums out now. 

Proud was an understatement. 

“I need to go find Minghao, I’ll see you later!” His usual cheery self returned and he disappeared from you in an instant. 

While talking to Bambam you hadn’t noticed where Jinyoung had went but when you didn’t see him you figured he had left. 

You felt yourself relax a little until a hand wrapped around your wrist. “Can we talk?” Jinyoung stepped in front of you, despite your best efforts to walk away from him, his grip was too strong.

“Don’t do this.” He whispered. “Do what?” You snapped, pausing to look up at him. “I don’t know what you think is going to happen but I’m honestly in no mood to talk to you right now, just leave me alone okay?” 

Jinyoung didn’t want to give up but when he saw Mark approaching he quickly backed off. “Is everything okay?” Mark questioned, looking between the two of you with a raised eyebrow. 

“Yeah, Jinyoung was just telling me about his engagement.” You said with a glance over at Jinyoung before walking away from him. 

“Engagement?” Mark asked but Jinyoung didn’t answer. 

He didn’t take you as one to follow rumors but then again he never really said anything about them, would disputing them make things better between you?

Not likely, not at all actually but Jinyoung could definitely use it to his advantage, you still loved him and this time there was no way in hell he was letting you walk out of his life. 

Going back to work after the party was a feat in itself, you were groggy and annoyed and just overall not in a good mood, so when you walked towards your desk the only mission for today was to get your work done.

“Good morning!” Youngjae said to you cheerfully, placing a muffin on your desk. “What’s this for?” You asked him as he took the seat at his desk. “You look a little worn out today.” He said cautiously, not trying to imply you didn’t look good. 

“It’s okay, I know I look like a mess.” You let out a laugh and thanked him for the muffin, setting it aside and signing into your computer. “Hey guys.” Jisoo said as she walked in wearing sunglasses and holding a coffee. 

“Wow look at you Miss Diva, you do realize you’re at work and not a movie set right?” Jaebum said with a laugh. “Ha, very funny. I’ll remember that when they ask for the most irrelevant thing an annoying person has said to me.” She flashed a smile and walked over to her cubicle. 

“When will you guys ever get along?” Youngjae questioned. 

“Woah, what happened to you?” Yugyeom asked while walking passed you. “I heard your voice this morning.” You replied with eyes still glued to the screen.

“Why are all the women in this building so mean to me?” He whined taking his seat and pouting like a child.

“How was the album release party?” Jisoo questioned, her expression full of excitement. “I love Bambam, He’s one of my favorite artists.” Jaebum glanced over at you and glared heavily but you weren’t all too sure why.

If he liked Jisoo why would her liking Bambam be your fault?

“It was good, I would’ve invited you guys but my brother said it was at max capacity. Definitely next time!” You said as a promise. 

“Miss Wang, CEO Jinyoung would like to see you.” Amber stood behind you suddenly, making you jump. “What for?” You questioned. Amber shifted from leg to the other, chewing on her bottom lip.

“Tell him I’m busy.” You said to her, turning back around to face your computer. 

Jisoo, Youngjae, Yugyeom, and Jaebum all poked their heads to look at you with wide eyes. “I really don’t think that’s a good idea.” Amber whispered. “Well I’m not leaving so he’s going to have to cry me a river.” You replied. 

As soon as Amber walked away, Yugyeom rushed over towards you. “Are you crazy?! The CEO personally wants to speak with you and you say that?” You avoided eye contact with everyone as you sat there in thought.

Was that a good idea? Definitely not but so far all Jinyoung wanted was to talk about what happened before and frankly you weren’t ready for that. He only just showed up into your life again, you wanted to get your thoughts together, your words, before you went to him wanting to discuss what happened between the two of you.

You hoped after the party Jinyoung would catch on but you had to remember that he was Jinyoung and even though he was smart he was still an idiot. 

When you didn’t say anything, Yugyeom wanted to continued on but someone placed a hand on his shoulder to stop him. “Oh, Mr. Park.” Yugyeom said nervously, backing away and almost knocking into Jisoo. 

“Miss Wang, can we speak for a moment?” He cleared his throat and looked around the department, there were whispers coming from all corners of the room. “Depends, is this work related or about something else entirely?” You questioned.

“Y/n please?” He looked down at you and for some stupid reason you nodded, standing up from your chair and following him to the elevators. “What?” You asked while looking at him. “Not here, wait until we get inside my office.” 

You were about to protest but he pushed you into the elevator and walked in himself like nothing happened. 

It wasn’t until he closed his office door when he opened up his mouth, the silence being suddenly filled. “Go on a date with me.” He looked over at you with hands in his pockets, watching you intently.

“What?! Is that seriously why you called me up here? You’re such an ass.” You let out.

“Just one date, to get my mom off my back. Do this one favor for me, please?” He looked at you, begging with his eyes. 

You stood there, in your red skirt and white blouse, arms crossed and tears stinging your eyes. “A favor? You want a favor from me?” He took the question as rhetorical and stayed silent. 

“How about instead, I ask you a few questions.” You took a step closer and bit your lip before continuing. 

“Was being with me so bad that you had to leave without saying goodbye? Was telling me you loved me too much for you to handle that you had to leave without telling me anything? Was it so hard for you?” 

You always pictured a reunion with Jinyoung to be filled with cliche moments like in those dramas, even after promising yourself you would never cry again because of him, here you were standing in front of him with tears streaming down your face. 

“I hate you.” You whispered towards him. “I hate you, I hate you so much. I hate that you left, I hate that you couldn’t keep your promises, I hate how I was miserable after you were gone and you didn’t even so much think about me. I was a mess and you didn’t even care. I hate you and I sincerely hope that one day you get to feel the same pain that I felt.” 

There was so much more left to say but you were crying so hard you could hardly breathe so you looked at him one last time before wiping a tear away. 

“You can take your favor and shove it up your ass.” And with that you left his office.

It was late by the time Jackson had time to finally leave the building. He wasn’t expecting for Jinyoung to call him so late but nevertheless, he missed his old friend.

“Hey.” Jackson said while Jinyoung was busy stuffing his face. He stared at him and took in a deep breath. 

What could he possibly want to talk about?

“I need your help with your sister.” Jinyoung said after Jackson was handed a plate of food for himself. “Help? I don’t…” Jackson trailed off after it hit him. “Jinyoung, if she doesn’t want anything to do with you just drop it. You’re lucky she hasn’t skinned you alive yet.” 

Jackson let out a chuckle before grabbing a napkin but Jinyoung slammed his fist on the table which made Jackson stop in his tracks. 

“I retract my earlier statement, she ruined your life already didn’t she?” Jinyoung glared at Jackson and looked away. 

“I know she’s angry at me, I understand. But she won’t even let me talk to her, how am I suppose to explain if she won’t hear me out?” 

It was at that moment that Jackson realized how much of an idiot his friend was. “Look, you’re my friend. We’ve had some really nice memories together but she’s my sister, she comes way before you.” Jackson began.

“I’ve always felt guilty all these years, she’s my sister. I should protect her at all costs, and I knew that one day there would be that guy who would break her heart, I just didn’t expect for it to be you. You were always so good to her, you even put your life on the line for her and I will forever be grateful for that but it doesn’t change the fact that when you left she wasn’t the same,” 

Jackson took a sip of his drink and leaned his elbows on the table. “her whole attitude towards life changed, her mindset, the way she saw the world. I’m apart of why she changed, I’m part of the reason why she doesn’t believe in love anymore. I know you love her but have you ever considered that maybe just maybe, the two of you weren’t meant to be together after all?” 

Even long after Jackson had left his words still stuck inside Jinyoung’s mind. 

He always thought that when he saw you again, he’d be able to at least explain a small part and get you back into his arms again. 

He didn’t realize until now just how much he had ruined your life.