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Theo Raeken is one of the best characters on Teen Wolf.

Cody puts so much effort into playing him and he tried so many times to explain Theo, but people are like “he killed Scott” “he destroyed sciles” “he hit Lydia” and I want to say that just because you dislike the character’s personality, it doesn’t mean that it’s a bad one.

Cody Christian did a great job representing Theo and he received hate, because some people don’t get the difference between the character and the actor himself.

Look, I get why some people hate him, and I’m not saying it’s wrong. I’m not saying what he has done was good, because it wasn’t. But you should understand that Theo as a character is so well thought, has an awesome storyline and the actor played the role in a stunning way and it felt realistic. He brought the character to life and we can see his development, I think it’s one of the best developments ever.

So, please, instead of spread hate and talk shit about the character, try to think about it. Cody expressed in an incredible way what Theo felt. His lust for power, his hate, his desire for revenge. And finally his fear, his regret, his loneliness. How much he changed and how much he wants to help the pack, how much he wants redemption.

I feel like Theo Raeken is the best character on the show. But, you know, that’s just my opinion.

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Um, hi? I'm writing a story rn and I wanted to ask you for help, since I like your prompts so much and they've helped me a lot lately! Maybe some dialogues with male character being annoyingly clingy bc he is in love with female character who is socially awkward and can't understand why is he being so annoying, and he is simply telling her "I love you", and reaction? Thank you!

1) “I love you.”
“…you’re not acting like it. You’re acting like a prick.”

2) “I love you.” 
“I don’t get it.” 
“Look, I know you think no one can love you-”
“Uh, no,” she said. “That’s not it. I don’t get why being in love with me is making my best friend act like someone’s given him a head transplant.”

3) “I love you.” 
Well, she had absolutely no idea where to even start with that. She should probably say something. She blinked at him. “Okay.”
“That’s it, okay?”
“I don’t know what you want me to say. Like, I’m assuming you know I don’t feel the same way.” 
“Well, no need to be a bitch about it.”
“Wow, I can really see the love now.” 

  • Spain: Romano, you're awfully quiet today- ... what did you do?
  • Romano: what?? Why do you assume I did something bad??
  • Spain: because you're always quiet when you're trying to hide something from me. Who did you anger?
  • Romano: ...a lot of people.
  • Spain: wha-why?? What is so important today that you angered so many people??
  • Romano: This. *kisses Spain, hands him a bunch of stuff* I stole flowers from Netherland's garden, bargained/threatened France's luxury shops to get you the best outfit, annoyed Germany for the whole day so that he doesn't bother you with EU shit, threw stuff at Turkey to make you sweets, and forced my brother to cancel his plans so that he can do all my work and I can take you on a date tonight... the night of your birthday... you shithead.
  • Spain: R-Romano...
  • Romano: you know how much I suck at showing my emotions and talking to people-
  • Spain: *kisses him* you're amazing~
  • Romano: o-o-o-o-of course I am, y-y-you i-i-i-idiot!!
saturn ❖ jongin

You wanted to understand why that boy looked so disgusted by your presence and why he ran away so clearly from your body.

(gif not mine, cr to the owner)

fanfiction, high school love, jongin! ocd, fluff, smut (in future) | velvet

✎ He made love in the best way a man could, he did it as if making love was showing to her his true self. When he was making love he was different, he was messy, he didn’t check things twice, he was another person, his body was sinuous and not stiff, he was happy. When he made love to her he was free from his nightmares, from his mind. 

[Warning: If you’re not comfortable with the topic of OCD, please don’t read]

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Wishlist for S13: Sam tells Dean "I know, you just lost your best friend" or "We just lost a brother and a friend" and Dean answers with "...He was more than that to me" :D

Dean stares at the wall. It’s an ugly wall. All he can think of is that it’s such a miserable, neglected, purposeless wall with fading, peeling wallpaper and an empty nail where a painting used to be. Why isn’t the painting there now? For a moment Dean lets the confusion take over, the lack of an answer, the sudden surge of soft interest at wanting to find it, ask someone about the missing painting, ask someone where it went and why and how and when. 

But then the fatigue takes over, the immobility of his limbs beginning to feel reassuring, like a reminder that this is the correct state of being and a missing painting on the wall of a motel room has no consequence, no bearing on the rest of the room, on the wall itself, though it is what makes it appear so purposeless - it isn’t even fit for decoration.

“Dean,” Sam says, looking at him from the table by the window. 

Dean doesn’t meet his gaze, the hopelessness of the peeling wallpaper is too mesmerising. That its just left there in the state it’s in begs the question of whether it’ll just sit there like that forever, desperately trying to cling to former glories, or if it actually is in the process of stripping itself off the wall, all of it flaking onto the floor slowly, over time, as though the room is right at this moment in the later stages of decay, slowly dying before every new visitors very eyes. If they even pay attention to it. Most probably don’t even notice it. For some reason that makes Dean’s shoulders tense.

“Dean,” Sam repeats, only this time, after another few seconds, he rises and comes over, sitting down next to Dean on the bed. “See anything I don’t?” he asks, adding with a small gesture: “It’s just a wall, right?”

Dean can barely muster the energy to swallow. He doesn’t offer a response more than that, but moves his eyes from the wall to his hands, loosely resting on his lap. Suddenly they look their age, they look all the damage they’ve done, all the salvation they’ve granted, the mercy they’ve lacked and the tenderness they’ve shown. Not enough of the tenderness, though. Far from enough of it. 

Christ, why the hell doesn’t anyone do anything about the fucking wallpaper?

“I know you’re hurting…”

Dean scoffs softly, but his chest clenches and he grits his teeth until his jaw aches, sensing that Sam is reading him like an open book and being completely unable to rise and leave the room, realising why that is: part of him needs Sam to talk at him, to be the one to tell him how to feel, what to do. He can’t do it himself anymore. Since he sat down on this bed he’s been aware of slowly shutting down, and the awareness of it hasn’t helped, because it feels liberating. 

He’s peeling into flakes on the floor and there’s nothing he can do about it.

“…I’m hurting, too,” Sam says gently. “I know it’s not… the same–”


He doesn’t mean for it to sound like a provocation. He’s surprised at how raspy his voice is. At how easy it is to lift his eyes to Sam’s. How he waits for the clarification as though it’ll stop the hollow inside of him from scraping his ribs and widen, widen until there’s nothing left but a vacuum.

Tell me why the hurt isn’t the same, Sammy.

“Because he was your best friend,” Sam says steadily, but tryingly, and a small frown creases Dean’s brow.

He’s surprised at the disappointment. Surprised that he expected his brother to be able to voice the root of the pain inside, the pain that makes the hollow a necessity, because he can’t feel like this for the rest of his life. He can’ have this drowning, screaming animal where his heart used to be. A vacuum must be better than that. 

Sam’s hand lands on his shoulder, reassuringly, and Dean knows Sam can’t do this for him. He has to do it for himself. Put words to it and dispel this overpowering wish to sit here and be exactly what he feels he is, be this miserable, neglectful, purposeless thing that he knows he wants to turn into. Let the vacuum swallow the memories along with everything else.


Not going to happen.


“He was my best friend, but he was…” Dean trails off, eyes back on the wall. 

He was my support. He was my deepest fear. He was a constant fucking challenging fuck. He was my stubbornness and my laughter and my longing. He was my hope, and he was my happiness. He was my future.

“He was… more than that to me,” he finally murmurs, Sam’s hand giving a soft squeeze of his shoulder before letting go.

Dean stares at the nail again. That empty nail, the tip of it glinting softly in the sudden headlights from a car momentarily flooding the room with the brightest of light.

Dean. Close your eyes.

He does.


As much as I would have loved seeing Fenris in a cameo in Inquisition, I am relieved he was notin the game.
As for why I feel this way? The Fandom of course.
Half of the f ndom would find something to complain about and they would complain about how he looked in Inquisition.
It is for the best that he never made an appearance in Inquisition.


You jumped and spun around at the quiet sound of footsteps behind you, drawing your gun as a reflex but immediately lowering it when you saw who the muzzle was trained on.

“Cas,” you said, a little out of breath and with bounding heart. You hoped he didn’t see how your hands were shaking. “What are you–why are you awake?”

The angel smiled at you, though he could sense your distress. You were new to the bunker and new to Sam and Dean–new to him. “Angels don’t sleep. But I could ask you the same thing,” he said, striding smoothly over to stand across the coffee table from you.

You wiped a clammy hand across your forehead and did your best to slow your heart rate. “Uhh,” you set your pistol down on the side table. “Couldn’t sleep.”

Cas’s eyes narrowed as he studied your expression. “Are you alright?”

You nodded at first but with a wince changed it to shaking your head. “Sometimes I have anxiety and it keeps me awake. It’s like it’s impossible to stop my mind from spinning.” You averted your eyes down to your hands which were fiddling with the hem of your sweatshirt. “I know it’s silly–Sam and Dean have so much more to deal with and I’m sitting here like–”

“It’s not silly,” Cas said earnestly. “I’ll sit with you, if you’d like.”

Your eyes lifted and met his strikingly blue ones. “I’d–I’d appreciate it. Sometimes just not being alone helps.”

He sat down across from you, his tie falling a little crookedly to the side. “Then I’ll stay. For as long as you want me to.”

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Can you help a girl out? What's this new Sam pic that got leaked. At least I think it got leaked. If so it's still astoundingly hard to track down because I can't find it. Why the upset? I see a lot of talk about it but it's hard to keep up without a lot of main stuff.

‘Tis a lovely scenic picture of a Provençal vista with one Sam Heughan, actor extraordinaire, human being ordinaire, arms spread open wide in stereotypical “look how grand I am” fashion, hair season 1 red, subcutaneous fat 2013, proclaiming to all his special best good fans over in the MPC super secret club that he too is ici. 🙄 Also, if you want to be cool like dat, Gold’s Gym. It’s where all the jet setting young fab and fit, like Sham, get all their hooded hiking couture.

You didn’t miss a damn thing.

Imagine: Dean Forgetting Date night because of Baby.

Imagine: Dean Forgetting Date night because of Baby. 
Rating: T
Warnings: Suggestive Lanuage.

Companion piece to @imgoldielikehawn‘s Damn that Car.

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You gave an exasperated sigh as you tapped your foot.  Dean was laid under Baby and all you could see was the bottom half of him.  Though it was a grand view- his shirt riding up to give you a good view of his abs.  He must of painted on the jeans because they left little to imagination.  You had to chew your lip to remember why you were mad and you frowned when it hit you.

Tonight was date night and he had promised you that he would be done two hours ago.  You rolled your eyes as your reached out to give one of his feet a swift tap.  He crawled out from under Baby with a few choice words and a scowl.  His mouth hit the floor when he saw you.  You wore his favorite black dress and a pair of your best heels. You gave me an expectant look and he groaned when he realised what day it was.  

“Ah, god dammit sweetheart, I am sorry!  I forgot it was date night.”  He said as he tried to kiss you.  You moved away from the kiss and crossed your arms.  Looking at him up and down, you just wanted to either punch him or fuck him.  There was never an in between with Dean sometimes.   Especially when it came to Baby.  

“You know Winchester…  Sometimes I think you love that car more than me!”  You said as you reached up and punched him in the arm.  Dean winced a little and rubbed his upper arm after your fist made impact.  You chuckled and bite your lip as you eyed him.  He looked good covered in grease and sweat.  You grabbed him by the collar of the shirt  as a wicked grin formed on your face.

“Now come on….  You can make it up to me right now….  With a little bit of bedroom gymnastics.”  You whispered as you let him go and turned on your heels towards the bunker.  Dean’s smirking face followed- hot on your heels.

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Does that make Dr walkers end goals fairly noble despite what he is willing to do to get it? Still shaky on the anti-villain concept

nope, but i see why you’re confused, it’s easy to mistake anti-heroes for anti-villains. basically the best way to differentiate them is that anti-villains end up doing a lot more wrong than anti-heroes. 

here, walker is a mix of what’s highlighted.

Target Acquired | Chapter 1 |

Author: @werewolfmutant

Warnings: None right now

A/N: WHOO! So yeah, finally got this written out. I have so many good ideas for this series! Hope y’all like this and I hope it was worth the wait.

72 hours earlier

Training hours were difficult that day, Stan had been pushing everyone to the limit for the last few days but it didn’t seem different for others. Everyone training would pass this off like any other regular day.

Stan seemed to be in a bad mood but Mitch had no idea why the man was so on edge but he was good at masking it up. Y/N seemed a bit at edge lately as well, she tried to hide it herself but Mitch was good for spotting something wrong with his partner and best friend of two years.

Whatever was going on, Stan nor Y/N would fess up anytime soon.

At the gun range, Y/N was standing next to Mitch as she loaded her rifle. Mitch watched in the corner of his eye as he loaded his own firearm, Y/N put on her headphones and pointed her rifle at the target.


The spurts of bullets hit the target right in between the eyes where she would always aim and shoot for. But the the bullets kept flying, hitting the target in the head area multiple times. Others saw this and their attention went on her as she kept shooting the target.

“Y/N.” Mitch said, trying to get her attention. But she only continued. Right after she did a number on her target, she shot the other targets to the right of hers, causing some complaints from the men. “Y/N!” Mitch shouted over the gunshots she fired.

This time she finally stopped, removing the headphones off her and whipped around to face Mitch. “What?!” She snaps.

Mitch was confused by the way she was acting but only glared at her now annoyed eyes. Mitch was about to speak and ask what her problem was but a new annoyed and stern voice spoke up, “Alright, you two.” Stan got in between the two, scowling at the both of them. “That’s enough.” He gave Mitch a side glare before looking straight at Y/N. “You and me, in the house, now.”

With a scowl permanent on her face, Y/N followed Stan away from the shooting range, “As you were.” Stan snapped looking over his shoulder at the others.

Since no one wanted to anger him more they did as they were told and continued practicing their targets. Gunshots sounded throughout the range, Mitch only stared after the two as they both disappeared into the house, leaving him wondering what the hell was going on. The both were on edge for some reason and Mitch got the feeling they knew something he didn’t.

Once he was done at the shooting range he went towards the house where Stan and Y/N had gone. He entered the house and went straight for the closed door to Stan’s study. Mitch stopped at the door, hearing voices that he identified at Stan’s and Y/N’s. Their voices were hushed making it so they could barely be heard. He wanted to get closer and listen but he couldn’t risk getting caught.

But in the heap of whispers he made out some of the conversation, “Kennedy knows Mitch and I are the best choice for this assignment, why do we have to be kept in the dark about this?” Y/N hissed.

“You weren’t even supposed to know about this!” Stan snapped. “All we know is that no one can be trusted.” The whispers had gotten quieter to the point where Mitch could no longer here him to his dismay. Mitch moved away from the door but didn’t take his eyes off it. What weren’t they supposed to know? What did Y/N know that he didn’t?

Mitch stepped out of the house, cursing to himself, before walking away to join the others.

Mitch hadn’t seen or talked to Y/N all day and he couldn’t get the conversation between her and Stan out of his head. He thought about confronting her about it once or twice but he decided against that. Currently, he was seated on his cot, elbow on knees as he stare blankly at the wall in front of him. He hadn’t moved from that spot for about half an hour now that is until there was a sudden knock on his door.

He glanced over his shoulder to find Y/N herself, leaning against the doorframe with her arms crossed. “Hi.”

“Hey.” He nodded his head towards her in acknowledgement.

“You alright?”

“Yeah. You?” Mitch asked.

She nodded, her eyes glancing around the room as she pressed her lips inwardly, “Yeah, just peachy.” They’re eyes met which gave Mitch the chance to read her eyes carefully, looking for something off. “Look, about earlier—“

“It’s fine.” He cut her off. “No need to apologize.” Mitch narrowed his eyes at her, studying her every movement that he knew so well. Like the fact he knew when she lies. “What were you and Stan talking about?” He finally asked the question that had been on his mind all day. After debating back and forth in whether or not he should even ask,  he decided he didn’t care what would happen if he asked. He wanted to know.

Like expected, she tensed up at the mention of that but she kept a blank face and held his stare. “It was nothing. He put me in line is all.”

Mitch didn’t even have to read her because he knew she was lying. He had heard the conversation but she didn’t know that. Stan might’ve known Mitch was listening and if he did he wasn’t giving any signs of it. Point was he figured out something was up and now he wants to know what it was. “You sure about that?”

Now it was Y/N’s turn to narrow her eyes at him, like she spotted something in that question. She now studied him with suspicion making her believe he knew something that she didn’t want him to know. “Yeah.” She finally answered watching him warily still. “Yeah, I’m sure.”

Mitch nodded, although the both of them knew he wasn’t convinced. “Night, Mitch.” Y/N said before leaving his room knowing his eyes followed her until she disappeared into her own room.

Mitch lied down on his cot, with his arms underneath his head, looking up at the ceiling.

The last thing he heard before going to sleep was a door down the hall close.

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Title: 5 Reasons

Author: _ByunChan0461_

Length: One shot

Status: Complete

Rating: PG

Genre: fluff, romance, college!au

Summary: Byun Baekhyun talks about the reasons of why he’s convinced that Park Chanyeol’s loyalty lies with him.

Admin Notes: all i can say is that 5 reasons are not enough for me to explain how much i love this fic 😍 i really admire how baekhyun talked abt chanyeol here and how chanyeol is the best boyfriend 5ever they are really the ultimate relationship goals 😭

P.S. baekyeol, pls do everyone a favor and get married alrdy pretty pls 🙆‍♀️😚 - Admin Elle ♡


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I think a lot about Anakin dual wielding. More specifically, I like to think about Rex showing off at some point after they've retaken a village or a planet and providing training to locals and getting a lot of attention and Anakin not even 24 hours later asks how to dual wield pistols. Rex knows why. Rex always knows. Kudos to Rex for not only teaching Jar Jar but also Anakin. And surviving both. That man is never gonna die.

1. I think Rex really SHOULD never die. Like, if all the other clones had to die tragically and age unusually fast, let them at least have ONE. Maybe his genetic code has some kind of tweak and now instead of dying unusually early, he’ll live for 500 years.
2. Luke, meeting Rex on Endor: “You’re *really* immortal?” “Very nearly, or best I can figure.” “How do you know for sure?” “Well for one thing I taught your dad how to wield two pistols at once and I’m still here. I figure that has to prove something.” (Anakin’s Force Ghost in the background, deeply offended: “Hey!”)

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Can you match vongola and varia to the disney princess movie stories they would suit? (frozen and moana included but instead of anna who would suit elsa) i wish all the admins the best!!

Tsuna: don’t know why but he strucks me as Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Gokudera: Lion King

Yamamoto: Robin Hood

Hibari: UP

Ryohei: Tarzan

Lambo: Peter Pan

Mukuro: Beauty and the Beast or Frozen

Chrome: Moana

Xanxus: Brave

Squalo: Mulan

Lussuria: Tangled

Levi: Monsters Inc.

Belphegor: Cinderella his past just reminds me a lot of Cinderella even when he’s the one who…killed them all

Mammon: Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Fran: Alice in Wonderland

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I imagine Angus and Rob being best friends. Like, imagine that Rob is out or something when Angus shows up but while he's introducing himself Rob walks through the front door and Angus sees him and thinks he was mauled by a wild animal or something and becomes super interested and starts asking him questions. Meanwhile, Rob is very confused as to why this Australian brunette keeps asking him about animals.

Awwww I love this!!!!

Why Don’t You Tell Me The Truth?

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Anonymous Requested: Hey! Could you do a Billxreader imagine where he has a crush on you so he distances away from you. Then, at the lake you ask him about it but he brushes it off because he is even more nervous at the sight of you in a swimming suit. In the end, he confesses to you. Thanks!

Pairing: Bill x Reader

Warnings: none.

You were distraught. Your best friend and the boy you may just like, Bill Denbrough was ignoring you. He had been for the past month and you had no idea why. You were afraid that maybe you’d done something wrong, but Bill didn’t get upset often, at least not with you. And when you thought back on the past month, you couldn’t think of any reason why he would be.

So when you found out that day you, Bill and your friends were going to spend the day at the quarry, you wasted no time in asking him. Of course, for whatever reason, Bill denied such a thing and you weren’t even able to get a word out of him. Which in the end only frustrated you further, so you’d spent the entire afternoon as far away from Bill as you could.

Meaning instead of being his partner for any game you played like you’d normally be, you’d choose Eddie or Stan. Meaning you spent the entire afternoon chatting it up with Beverly or laughing with Richie. You’d even managed to get some new info on some books from Ben. But not once did you utter a word to Bill.

It seemed that this had an effect on Bill, considering the fact that when you’d all decided to head home, Bill practically dragged away. It wasn’t a big deal, you lived on the same street except that now the both of you were left in an awkward silence. You refused to talk to him because of your stubbornness, and Bill wasn’t sure what to say.

So when you reached your house, you gave a short wave to Bill and walked off. You didn’t make it far though as your wrist was quickly caught by a hand and you were yanked back. You felt yourself stumble in shock before you were spun and lips were pressed against your own. Your eyes widened in surprise before you melted into the kiss.

You barely had time to think when the second your lips parted, Bill spoke; “I wasn’t ignoring you o-or I wasn’t m-mad at you. I-I… I’ve just l-liked you for a long time and wa-wasn’t sure ho-how to tell you so… And then t-today in your swimsuit you l-looked amazing so-”

Letting your hand fall on his cheek, you smiled admiringly. “Okay.”

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Can I request Mirio where he's in a class training exercise at school and in the middle of it his female crush just drops in pain all of a sudden like they didn't look their best at all that day but what happened in the middle of the exercise their period broke out and theyre in so much pain normally on the first day they;re bedridden?

Holy… why must we torture this boy further?

Mirio Togata:

  • When he arrived to class that morning, Mirio did his usual routine of greeting all his classmates. When he gave off a ‘good morning’ to his S/O he noticed how out of it she looked. She looked like she was losing the colors in her face and her eyes were droopy
  • “Are you feeling okay? Do I need to take you to Recovery Girl?” He asked her and she shook her head.
  • “I’m fine Mirio-kun… just feeling a bit nauseas but that’s nothing new.” She chuckles and waved him off. He nods but feels as if he should keep an eye on her the rest of the day just in case
  • All through out morning general education lessons his S/O is in her own little world. Even when one of their teachers calls on her, they don’t yell at her for not following along. Everyone can tell she’s not feeling 100%
  • When lunch rolls around she doesn’t even eat, and instead gives Tamaki her portion. He hesitantly accepts, as he knows she should be eating her own meal.
  • Mirio asks her again before they leave for hero lessons that day if he can take her to the nurse’s office. Once again she shakes her head and claims she’s feeling fine just a bit tired.
  • He wants to tell her he thinks it’s more serious, but when she smiles at him ever so sweetly, he can’t. He’s worried but she knows her own body better then he does. So he accepts letting her stay, but will definitely still keep an eye on her.
  • It would be a basic cardio exercise today, so Mirio is relieved that at least his S/O won’t have to push herself too far. He asks Nejire to partner up with her to make sure she does not push herself too far.
  • After the first exercise the Big Three and his S/O wander over together and make small talk, or the Big Three do. Mirio’s S/O had been silent and looks to be spaced out
  • Suddenly she reaches out and hooks herself onto Mirio. He blinks and looks down at her. She is holding onto him with a death grip and her eyes are as wide as saucers. 
  • “(Name)-chan? Are you ok-” He doesn’t even get to finish his sentence as she suddenly falls over.
  • She lets out a cry of pain as she does and Mirio acts fast. He grabs her in hot arms and shakes her gently. Her head rolls back and she mouth is agape.
  • He widens his own eyes and looks to his two friends in fear. Tamaki is internally freaking out and Nejire has her mouth covered by her hands. What the heck just happened?
  • Mirio wastes no more time and takes off into a spirit. He calls to his friends to tell their teacher what happened
  • He gets her to the nurse’s office and lays her as gently as his nervous heart can onto a cot and grabs Recovery Girl.
  • He waits outside and twiddles his thumbs nervously. When Recovery Girl comes out to fetch him he stands up and looks at her in worry.
  • “Is she okay?” He demands and Recovery Girl nods.
  • “She’s fine, but a bad case of the cramps…”
  • “Cramps?”
  • “Oh. (Name) suffers from bad menstrual cramps. She’ll be back to normal in a few days. Until then I’ll keep her here to rest.”
  • Mirio nods and paces off back to class. At least you didn’t have some deadly disease, and now he knew never to take a girl’s period cramps with ease.