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hi! I know how you feel about canon sh/eith and al/lurance already but what do you think about canon kl/ance? from their development so far (and the fact that they're apparently supposed to develop throughout the entire series, so if they're already kinda friends/coleaders in s3, what comes next?), the small hints like expressions and moments, and all the stuff said in the interviews (about romance, lgbt rep and possibly bi lance hints) kinda hinting at the ship? Just curious about your opinion!

Just to clarify: this is my own personal opinion, and everyone else’s is just as valid. I’ve talked about how I feel about canon k/l a bit before–the long version of this is here, and I think that’s probably the best way I can word it. But the shorter version is this:

  • I’m a bi guy, and I’ve personally never felt there was any indication of bi Lance in canon. He flirts with many girls very often, but never expresses the same interest in guys. Lance is actually one of the few characters where we know for certain how he reacts when he’s romantically interested in someone, and you really only see that level of interest around girls. 
  • The idea of Lance being bi in canon as he’s written now actually really bothers me, and I personally just don’t think it would be good representation. It perpetuates stereotypes like:

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Hey could I request a scenario with Jumin (only?) where he finds out that MC has dated his dad? How would he react? L

Yes! You can request just single characters, haha! And ooooh boy.

There isn’t much to you coming in. Of course his suspicions about you were high to begin with- You were some random stranger that had gotten access to a private app, and he was sure if anything ever went amiss that he would have to play a part in making sure no ties to you were left.

Once the initial surprise of you being there wore off, and you were proving to be of much help- He didn’t question why you knew him, or Jaehee. He was popular himself, and his assistant possibly being known didn’t bother him too much. It made sense, especially with how you didn’t know much about the others.

But Seven… Kept hinting that the two of you knew each other. Of course he never elaborated besides a few teasing words and a confused emoji, and you never helped either. Just changing the topic or sending a few ‘;;;’ messages as Jumin tried to guess.

In the chatroom you only went by your first name, and since your icon was some random default he couldn’t just look you up like that. His first thought was that perhaps you were some old business partner whose name he had forgotten. That seemed plausible for a few moments, given how you were picking up on Rika’s duties quickly. However, that theory fell apart whenever you had to constantly come to him for help.

Another theory was that you may have been an employee. When none of C&R’s staff was reported absent for the work week, he tried looking through old resumes, but still came up empty. As the two of you got closer, he chalked up Seven’s weird messages to be another game he was playing.

And, of course, he never thought about Seven’s playfulness when you first came over. He was too enchanted by your beauty- How much of a kind soul you possessed. You were wonderful, and his thoughts were on how you were gracing him in his life.

Until…He made a passing remark about keeping you away from his father. It was a joke. Well, kind of a joke, but the way your face paled and how you awkward looked away, he finally remembered meeting you before.

Granted, it was very brief and over a year ago, but it had him putting his face in his hands. He remembered ignoring you and his father when the Chairman had tried getting him to go to lunch. Only that time, he absolutely couldn’t put off any work and had no will to deal with another slight fancy of his father.

“How long did you date him,” He groans. 

“Not long! We- uhm. The most he did was kiss-”

You don’t get to finish what you’re saying before he holds up a hand to stop you. He’s glad that’s as far as the two of you had gotten, but…He can’t bring himself to listen to more.

“If it’s alright… I would rather pretend that you never dated him.”

“I can…I can do that.”

Of course once Seven found out Jumin had realized, there were a few embarrassing chatrooms. Jumin had dealt with it smoothly. The only person that gave him any serious trouble was V, who had failed to hide his small laughs from the other end of the phone when Jumin had called and told him.

That phone call didn’t last very long.

EXO Reaction when you go to a very strict school and relationships aren't allowed in the campus

My Elementary school was like that… living hell -.- Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Always forgets and hugs you in the middle of the classroom* “Oh it’s just a friendly hug… yes… she wasn’t feeling okay…”


“Who cares… she is my girl.. rules are made to be broken!”


*Always stealing glances “You know.. they say that the more you wait, the better it becomes…” *Not sure he is talking about holding hands….*


*Runs every time you two are in the same room* “Damn I want to kiss her! I hate this school, gotta go!”


*In the library, holding hands under the table* “You know.. I love how we always manage to hide and sneak around, going our way…”


*Teasing you… or probably in his own mind he is actually… touching you* “This is driving me insane… she belongs next to me…”


*Always looks at you like that. Everyone starts to wonder why the popular boy is so interested in you, but what no one knows is that you and him always head home holding hands, after school*


*Always getting in problems. Just because it’s forbidden, doesn’t stop boys from hitting on you* “Mine okay? Everyone know… you should too. She is mine”


*Always blowing you kisses* “Even if there’s distance between us… I’m still going to kiss you”


*Really annoyed* “So I finally find ‘the girl’ and they don’t let me be with her…. what’s this?” *Probably trying to find a solution*


*Didn’t pay attention the first day, when they told you the rules* “Wait… we can’t kiss? Since when? that’s no fun! Then why do we come to school?”


“No jagi… we can’t break the rules… what if someone sees us hm? Okay fine.. just one quick kiss”

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Requests: a few anons

Notes: edited by the lovely lindylou95 thank you so much girl, the work I sent you earlier I really didn’t like and you turned it in to something that I do and I refuse to believe that most of this post was me, you were in it as much as I was so thanks a lot!!

You were sitting on the edge of the sofa, hands folded in your lap while Newt sat on the other end. The silence was deafening and the longer the two of you sat the more awkward it became. Every once and a while he would look up from his lap to send you half-smiles. They made you blush and to cover it up you’d take another sip of your tea.

“So tell me, Newt, you still study magical creatures, right?” You ask in a desperate attempt to break the awkward silence that the two of you have been sitting in for the past twenty minutes, even though you already know the answer to the question.

“I do.” He responds as he finally looks up and makes eye contact with you. Raising his eyebrow because he knows you know what he does. You blush and look back down.

“Well, tell me about it. What beast was it that started this fascination you have with magical creatures?” You ask as a way to help cover up the embarrassment of the silly question.

“It’s a bit of a long story.” You nod to him to continue.  “Well when I was studying back at Hogwarts, I was taking Care of Magical Creatures. It was halfway through the semester when we began studying the Bowtruckle. My professor had even brought some in for us to see. Y/N, they were amazing. That day I made a special connection with and I decided to keep him. I had him for quite a while, but in year seven before I was expelled he sadly passed away.” Newt became quiet then and blushed when he saw my smile.

"Really, expulsion? I never knew that you were expelled. I would have never guessed. You seem like you’d have been the good boy.” I say lightheartedly.

"Y/N, I assure you it wasn’t technically my fault that I was expelled.” He admitted

“Oh, really. Do explain.” You urged him.

“Well, I had this friend. Her name was Leta. Leta Lestrange and she dabbled in dark magic. One day she went too far and, well I won’t bore you with the details but I was blamed for it and then subsequently expelled.” He finished quickly.

           "Really? You took the blame for her? Why?” You asked quickly, anger rising up in you fast.

“Well I-” He began but you cut him off before he could finish.

“Newt, you shouldn’t have done that. Your too good, not everyone’s good. She was selfish, a taker. You, you need a giver.” You said the last part softer and looked down when you found you couldn’t quite meet his eye. There was a moment of silence before either of you said anything.

"I loved her.” He whispered, looking towards the wall where the window sat. You couldn’t help but feel a seed of jealousy start to stir inside of you.

“Do you still?” Your voice cracked as you asked afraid of what his answer might be.

“No, not anymore.” He said. You look up at him and he slides a few inches across the sofa closer to you.

“May I ask why?” You gently asked.

“Why what?” He replied

“Why did you stop loving her?” The question was heavy on your tongue and as soon as you were finished asking, you looked away. Newt clears his throat.

“She was a taker.” He replied simply. You look up and meet his gaze.

“Do you suppose that I am a taker as well?” You breathed, suddenly insecure.

"No, of course you’re not. Y/N, you are not a taker.” He replied firmly moving closer and taking your hand into his.

“Really because I feel that I’m becoming a taker the more time that we spend together. Even now, I’m keeping you from your beasts this evening. And sometimes I feel like I get a little too nosy and ask too many questions. And it’s not your job to answer them. We’ve only really just begun getting to know one another and I’m not a very special witch. But your creatures, they are. They are extraordinary, and I’m, well to put it simply, ordinary.” You huffed, out of breath from the rant you’ve just finished. You feel even more insecure now that you’ve just unloaded onto him. You don’t even want to look up and see the way he must be looking at you, with pity.

"Oh, Y/N. You’re not a taker and your certainly not ordinary. Why you just the opposite.” He says and you look up to see that he’s not giving you a look of pity but a look of admiration.

“You really think so?” You sniff, your voice trembling like you’re on the verge of tears.

“Of course. I think your absolutely incredible, your intelligent, and beautiful, and lovely company. I don’t ever want you to think those things about yourself. I love spending time with you.” He responds as he wraps his arm around your shoulders, you lean your head on his. You both sit there for a moment in a comfortable silence when you hear him start humming a popular jazz song softly. Once he had finished you grinned up at him like a fool.

“That was beautiful Mr. Scamander.” You said.

“Why thank you Ms. Y/L/N.” He grinned.

“Well aren’t you a man of many talents. What else can you do that I don’t know about.” You teased him.

“Oh stop it.” He mumbles turning red. You grin at him, thinking that he couldn’t possibly be more gorgeous than in this moment with a silly grin and flushed cheeks. You suddenly felt brazen and leaned in to peck his cheek. You quickly pulled back and blush red thinking about how silly it was of you to do that. You looked away, but he only leaned in to peck the cheek you’ve just turned.

“Does that mean…” You trailed off in a gentle tone.

“Yes.” He said without a moment of hesitation.

“Good.” You replied, cheeks tinged pink and a bright smile.

It Can’t Be You | C.H.

Some superhero!calum :D Hope you enjoy!

“There’s been another attack from Auric,” Calum, your new neighbor, whispered to you as he retrieved his mail from his mailbox. “I heard he’s robbed the department store on West Avenue yet when the police went to investigate, not one item missing was found in the city. They were all scattered across the sister cities.”

You narrowed your eyes at the tall boy standing next to you. “Why are you telling this to me?” You asked hesitantly. Did he know your secret?

“No reason. Just to let you know that, if you’re ever in danger, I’ll be here to protect you.” Calum gave you a big smile, which made his big brown eyes go all wrinkly. You swallowed, then looked away.

“What makes you think that ‘Auric’ is even a guy?” You asked suddenly. You knew you should’ve just left the conversation right there and locked yourself in the safety of your apartment, before you accidentally revealed that you were, in fact, the ‘villain’ Auric.

Calum leans his long body against the row of mailboxes. He shrugs. “Whoever it is has been pretty successful at evading Cal Pal.”

You snort loudly, tucking your stack of letters and packages under your arm before heading towards the elevator. “Yeah, well, his name rhymes and he wears fucking lime green and yellow. Do you think anyone takes him seriously?”


“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” You cursed under your breath. It had been a risk to target the same department store two times in a row, but you were Auric, and you usually got away with these things. However, you had caught a glimpse of green and yellow in your peripheral vision in the women’s underwear department. The hero, Cal Pal, as he was so fondly known, was trying to catch you. You straightened your black and gold jumpsuit before preparing to jump out of the window with your stolen goods.

“Freeze!” His rich voice called out in the darkness. Smirking, you blew him a kiss before you escaped into the moonlit night.


“Do you think she’s ever harmed anyone?” Calum pondered, coming up to you.

Surprised, you whipped your head towards him. “Who are you referring to?” You inquired, though you were pretty sure you already knew.

“Auric,” Calum sighed, pushing a hand through his thick curls. There were dark circles under his eyes. You smiled grimly. He was losing sleep over Auric.

“Why do you suddenly think she’s a she now?” You teased. “And no, I’m pretty sure, at least based on all the articles, she only attacks large corporate businesses.”

Calum’s face flushed. He couldn’t let you know he was Cal Pal. “I-I just thought over what you said yesterday.” He made up, stuttering. “But why?” He pressed.

“I don’t know, weird neighbor boy, why is the mailroom such a popular place for conversations?”


Weeks dragged on, and you and Calum were getting closer.

“How come you always seem to show up the same time as me when I’m getting my mail?” You asked one day, to which Calum only replied, “Because it’s a crappy excuse to see you again.” Your heart melted for this beautiful, golden boy.

During one particularly interesting night, Calum had revealed his secret identity to you in between neck kisses. You had immediately pushed him away.

“Wait, you’re Cal Pal?” You gasped, heart thudding in your chest.

“Yep.” Calum said, before furrowing his brow at you. “You won’t tell anyone though, right?” You shook your head. And even though you knew you shouldn’t, you crawled back under the covers next to him, unable to resist his pull. You could feel his heartbeat quicken at your contact, and you pressed closer into his warm, bare chest.


“Give up already!” Cal Pal smirked victoriously at you. He had you trapped under an iron net. Your one weakness.

You struggled against your bounds hysterically. He couldn’t find out you were Auric! “Let me go!” You shouted as a last resort.

“Why do you keep attacking these poor businesses?” Cal crossed his arms over his chest.

You laughed bitterly. “Poor? As if. They’re the ones who are corrupting the system.”

Frustrated, you tried to telepathically throw Calum across the room. It didn’t work, but he did shift a few feet backwards. He seemed surprised.

He lost focus for a moment, and you were able to break free.

“Who are you?” His voice boomed across the warehouse.

You shook your head. You had to get rid of him, but you didn’t have the heart to kill him. You couldn’t. In your moment of hesitation, Calum had run up to you and pinned you against the wall.

His soft breath was against your ear. You held your breath, not daring to move. He was so close - you could sense his lifeline. But you didn’t move.

Slowly, he lifted your mask.

“Y/N?” His eyes widened, and he took a few steps backward.

“I’m sorry,” you said, before disappearing out of the warehouse and escaping to a different city.

Calum’s heart dropped as he watched you vanish into the night.


Summary: Chances Verse AU. His costar was very, very familiar. 

Prompt: Chances AU. Blaine is forced to give Henry up for adoption right after he’s born. Blaine marries Kurt and they have April a few years later. Blaine had a husband he loves, a beautiful daughter, and a blossoming Broadway career, but he misses his son more than anything. Then, he’s cast in a new show and his costar is none other than Henry, the son he was forced to guve up years ago.

Warnings: Past rape and Mpreg

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キケンなLove Trap - お前は誰にも譲らない
Dangerous Love Trap – I will not give you up
Subaru Ichiyanagi Route

“…I am so glad you are safe.”

In this event, your meet a stranger (he even has a sprite!) that have some malicious intents towards you. Your bodyguard goes into protection mode as does his job as a bodyguard and a man.

(summary under cut)

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"Hello! I read a fic a while ago where Phil likes Dan and consistently asks him out but Dan always thinks that he's teasing him but he's not and Phil gets really upset because he doesn't know why Dan always rejects him and they end up getting together. Does anyone know what it is? Thanks in advance!" that should be 'never judge a book by its cover' by holysmokesphan

Never Judge A Book By Its CoverDan thinks Phil is a snobby, popular kid who cares too much about his reputation. Dan and Phil bump into each other while they’re out and Phil’s with his Grandma. His Grandma tells Dan how much Phil talks about him and Dan finds it cute. Dan and Phil start talking and get to know each other, and Dan realizes how wrong he was about Phil.

wow my own fic how’d I not know that lol

~ Tori

>Be Severus Snape

>Growing up in Working class environment in border line poverty stricken semi detached house.

>Abusive drunk neglective father prejudice of magic. 

>Introverted shy mother with no self esteem and neglects her son out of shame.

>Be Severus as a child before hogwarts, friendless, wears hand me downs, half blood, bookish. Lonely. 

>See two children playing in play ground you’re sometime too afraid to approach. 

>Both are girls playing on a swing (or holding a flower depending on the adaptation) one with bright curly ginger hair preforms magic. The other child says ‘You’re a freak!!!’ 

>Be Snape, lonely and afraid when you notice this. 

>Suddenly you don’t feel so alone, someone else has magical abilities, someone else is alone. You approach them because when will you ever get the chance otherwise? 

>You have alot in common, her name is Lily..she’s muggle born but what does that matter? You finally have someone to share in your adventures and abilities. 

>Suddenly have your first real friend. 

>You both get letters to hogwarts, even better you’re going to the same school!

>The poverty stricken background is irrelevant. 

>Be snape before the sorting ceremony telling Lily all about the four houses and how his ancestors were all in Slytherin… be proud of it. 

>Be Snape watch lily being sorted into Gryffindor. 

>*world falls apart*

>You know the prejudice set between both houses, you know that even though you are close friends either side would look down on the friendship. 

>Do not care. 

>Now notice a particular group of boys being drawn to lily also. 

>One of the boys is named James Potter.

>Be James Potter: Upper class, pureblood Gryffindor, popular pretty boy with lots of friends and close knot group. Is infatuated by lily and turned down. “Friendzoned” 

>Be Snape her closest friend, also male and starry eyed around Lily. 

>James is infuriated. 

> be James How can someone as low as a Slimy ugly little snake with no friends and shrewd face be friends with lily. What does he have that I don’t? 

>Be Snape when James decides he doesn’t like him. 

> It starts with teasing (it starts with one thing, I don’t know why it doesn’t even matter how hard you try-) got carried away 

>The odd prank or tickle charm. 

>Snape pranks back out of annoyance…

>The years pass and the annoyance grows into fear. 

>Severus is petrified of Potter. Wherever he goes James and his friends knows where he is. He’s not safe in his own common room because he’s half blood. Where can he go? Lily keeps standing up for him which is even worse for his reputation…not that he cares but it’s part of the reason the Slytherin’s hate him just as much as the Gryffindors. 

>Be Snape in the hospital wing every week because of some spells potter and his lackys decided to practice on him. 

>Be Snape when he decided he needed to be alone so that if lily was around less James  wouldn’t pick on him so much…

>Be snape on the day that James corners him outside…Be snape when he hangs him upside down ‘Who wants to see me take off snivillie’s trousers?’ 

>Be sexually assaulted. In front of everyone. 

>Be the victim. 

>Be Snape when your pride is broken and you’ve been utterly humiliated. 

>Suddenly see it was never just because of lily that James hated him… it was because he was nothing. 

>Have a sudden wash of self hatred let it bore into your soul… You were never important, never loved…everyone hates you, everyone despises you. Even lily, she’s just a Gryffindor, self riotous like all the rest. she’ll leave you as well eventually. You have only one option to survive. Drop her as a friend. 


>regret that you said that for the rest of your life.