this is why fandoms are superior

What I want from the svtfoe fandom: more analysis on the morality faults of the mewnie war and mewnie superiority. Where is Toffee? Why did he possibly want the wand destroyed? Why did Star’s mom teach her the whisper spell, and why is it the most important spell to learn? In depth theory on the giant arching subplot of monsters and mewnie corn trafficking and the true meaning of a split wand.

What I get from the svtfoe fandom: STARCO TOMCO LOL OTP!!! This new episode RUINED starco!!! Tomco is so cute and gay and star is obnoxious. Omg Jackie is so ugly. JARCO STARCO WAR OTP OTP OTP STARCO STARCO STARCO!


-If you’re brallie af, please do not let me catch you in the anti brallie tag tryna start a fight.

-If you’re anti brallie af, please do not let me catch you in the brallie tag tryna start a fight.

-If you’re jonnor af and anti joah??? Don’t search joah??? Or pick fights about why jonnor was “superior”???? Let Jude grow???

-If you basically hate a character/ship DO NOT BE MESSY

If you have any beef with anyone from any part of the fandom because of opposing ships or views on the show, squash it. It’s a new year, and I want us all to be able to coexist without bashing each other. We’re the fandom, we’re the ones that are supposed to be holding this shit down. Everyone is entitled to how they feel, but please keep the fighting to a minimum this year. It’s all unnecessary, and childish.

All this negativity gotta go.

What they say: “ While people are arguing over romance-able characters, I’m more interested as to why there is blue sky in the fade, if Thedas is flat, what lies beyond Thedas, the origins of Qunari, etc. etc. “

What I read: “I feel so superior because I’m asking the real questions instead of bothering with insignificant things such as romance like the rest of the sheeple in this fandom”

I don’t get it

Why is everyone not hoping for the paladins to be adults? Who gets hurt by that, as opposed to all the people who get hate for not agreeing with other people’s headcanons?

It takes care of the child soldiers thing, which is really bugging me tbh and i don’t know why you’d want child soldiers. It also means more people can ship what they like without getting called disgusting things; more creativity, more love all around, all that good stuff.

So why, oh why are people so desperate to prove that they’re underage? To be the morally superior ones? So they don’t have to backtrack with all the hate and exclusion and frankly, bullying that’s been going on? So they don’t have to apologise? To admit they’re wrong?

Or maybe they just want those ships to be ‘disqualified’ and the shippers run out of the fandom.

Look, I won’t say I’m not biased. I like Sheith and Kallura and generally think there’s nothing wrong with them. But even if I didn’t, even if I didn’t, I wouldn’t want them to be underage, because, well firstly, the child soldiers thing, and secondly, it means that more people are free to live and ship how and what they like.

I need to know, bc that’s what makes no sense to me out of the whole debacle. We should be aiming for more people to be happy, not less. That’s the mentality I‘ve always had, and I’ve stood by it to the best of my ability.

That’s what we ordinarily would be aiming for, right? No child soldiers, more love, characters of legal age loving and dating who they wish…

(The official info says late teens which, regardless of your own interpretation, generally means 17-19.)

The only times people have been trying to prove a character is underage is in ship wars. Ship wars that have made people suffer, fans, cast and creators alike, and here we’ve crossed that line a while ago. As a general rule, some don’t like the ship and want to prove that everyone is disgusting for shipping it because it’s rival with theirs (usually rival anyway).

And this is why I say that the whole age discourse is a glorified ship war and should be taken with several grains of salt.

I don’t always agree with everything everyone does but trying to be the echelon police just makes it look like your trying to feel superior to everyone else and that’s what I really find annoying about this fandom. It’s so immature and the irony is that your trying to look like the mature one. Im wondering why everyone can’t just live and let live?

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Yea the whole she/ith discourse in the Vol/tron fandom is scary. Like I heard that an anti was going around and sending actual child pornography to shippers. I don't even ship she/ith at all tbh, but doing that is absolutely disgusting and terrible. I really hope it was just a rumor

Yeah, I know it’s pretty bad
That’s why I say blocking them is the only option
Antis are crazy
They claim they have superior morals but they harass people and probably don’t even realize they are cyberbullying others over fictional relationships
I don’t feel sympathy for them at all

i just remembered that dude on youtube who claimed that he got to read the script for tfp and that the i love you scene was about mycroft making fun of a crush that sherlock had on some girl as a child or sth i don’t even remember what it was exactly but

i just… don’t… understand why people do sth like that. there were actually people who believed him because he didn’t seem hostile and was like ‘well i just feel so sorry for you guys i just mean well you see’

and i find that even more disgusting than antis who are just straight up hateful? trying to lull people into believing you by pretending to be on their side. why would you ever do that. and there are anons out there again with the apple tree yard thing. I don’t believe that we’re gonna get anything tonight but why in the world would anyone go out and pretend like they work at wherever and put their conjecture in people’s ask boxes disguised as fact. does it make them feel special? does it make them feel important? it’s not helping anyone. even if someone actually knew, what would they achieve by crushing people’s hopes like.. 2 hours early?

maybe someone’s an expert on human psychology and can explain this behaviour to me i genuinely want to understand.

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Why your friend crossedbeams has become so annoying? Why she want to be so superior as her friend 2moms. Seriously, why you must have friends who are so unkind to the rest of the fandom but also to you? Because I like you so much and your blog and those girls many time wrote things which should be offensive to you. We now cannot talk even about the bracelet. Like, wtf??? :(

Anon, thank you for your nice words. You know, In real life, you don’t necessarily agree with your friends. Rose has now a different opinion on Gillovny than I have, and it’s okay. Everyone can think and say what they want here, as long as it’s not hurting anyone, I guess. I don’t feel hurt or targeted by @crossedbeams or @2momsmakearight ’s posts, and when it used to be the case, I talked to them and we discussed about it. I’m sure this place would be a better place if people would just talk to each other when they feel bad about something.

I like to think my blog is a safe place where you and I can discuss about everything, again, as long as it’s not hurting anyone. In other words, keep talking about this bracelet as much as you want. No one here will tell you or me what it’s okay to talk about and what it’s not.

And if you don’t agree with what other bloggers say, don’t forget you can always unfollow, or even block. No one will blame you for that.

Elitism in fandoms are beyond me. We all support the same team and we all love the players. So why are you out to ensure you have some superiority over others? Not everyone has the financial means to buy and subscribe to official pages. And not everyone can travel to matches or trainings. Furthermore not everyone has friends with the correct connections or willing to just befriend people for their connections. Some just choose to be silent observers, so it’s beyond me if you see something that brings you so much joy and know that it can bring joy to other people why not share it or post it? Why try to tell everyone you have access to something they don’t? And if you can’t post it, then don’t parade around informing everyone you have such things. The world is a dark cold place and everyone has real problems. This isn’t a real problem. This is people enjoying something and getting joy out of it. So if you can bring joy to others why are you hogging it? So you get the most notes? So you get proclaimed biggest fan or have the most followers? Very ridiculous.

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If course it was Vee that released the name of the agency, despite her being 100% convinced of the baby being his born via surrogate. I give it till midnight for Twitter larries to get wind from their tumblr superiors and start harassing the agency, and about noon tomorrow to see some kind of retaliation from the agency. Cue the big larrie "why us? Omg can someone delete the Twitter fandom?? We didn't want them to do this, they're so disrespectful!"

I can only hope it goes down that swiftly and smoothly.

Why does some of the Girl Meets World fandom feel like they (+ the show) are so superior to other Disney Channel shows?

I enjoy Girl Meets World, but as more of a casual viewer now. The “non-triangle” drama really made me not interested in the show. Also, I’m getting annoyed from parts of the fandom.

 I don’t get why they feel like they have the right to hate all other Disney shows but if someone says one thing bad about Girl Meets World: “How dare you! GMW is the best thing that has ever aired on Disney Channel! You cant hate on it, you probably watch stuff like Bizzarvark!”

I’ve just caught up with Bizaardvark and I’ve had more fun watching it then I have had watching Girl Meets World in a while. My problem is, I can’t look up anything about it because the tag is full of hate of the show from the Girl Meets World fandom. If the GMW tag had hate from from other fandoms, there would be multiple people explaining that you they shouldn’t do that.

A recent episode of Bizaardvark had a lesson (Yes, GMW isn’t the only show that teaches lessons) about how even if you find a show stupid doesn’t mean there aren’t people out there that love it.

You can have opinions, but don’t try to make your opinion a fact, even if you believe it is.

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I don't get why the yoi fandom needs to go on and on about the healthy thing? I mean, even if that was true, which isn't, it doesn't make them better than anything or anyone?? IMO, not all fictional pairings or characters need to be healthy, or it doesn't mean they're better than others which probably are more interesting (like KS's story) Do they really need to prove themselves morally superior in every other anime and fictional work or what? I'm so fucking tired of seeing yoi in everything

it’s bc they want to feel better about themselves. they don’t want to admit what they’re doing isn’t special or morally superior in the least - which are, coincidentally, two things people want to believe in the most.

it helps that yoi is a highly self-indulgent/wish-fulfilling “material”, for the lack of a better word, which makes them even more insecure in their own taste so they feel the constant need to validate themselves that what they like has substance, they are not indulging in lesser things to feel better about themselves, etc.

I completely agree, nothing ticks me off more than when people try to tell others they “can’t ship something”. um yes this is freedom of fucking thought, i can and i will and you have absolutely nothing to do about it. 

The LOK fandom continues to baffle me day by day

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I think it’s interesting seeing certain criticisms that have been floating around the fandom for certain characters, just because of how those criticisms are presented. They seem to use overall/player perspective rather than game/PC perspective, just from the wording. I can be completely wrong about how these criticisms are for some people; but just from the ones I’ve seen, worded as they are, they use a very metagame mindset.

Such as Morrigan:

Criticism: Why did Bioware make Morrigan so superior, prideful, and condescending?

Morrigan has always been prideful and condescending, dare we look at how she treated Alistair, Zevran, and Wynne all throughout Origins. This isn’t new and it is very Morrigan, the one truth I personally see in this criticism is that she is more forceful in her belief she is right. But you can also go back in Origin and see enough of it to be possible, such as when questioned on her mage training and/or demons. She knows best. Rather Inquisition is different, because her condescending attitude is turned on us. The Inquisitor is the one facing her patronizing attitude and it’s not as funny now, is it? Which considering Morrigan goes from a friend to a stranger can attribute a lot to the jarring change of the perspective.

Bianca is a good one too:

Criticism: How dare she threaten the Inquisitor, she is the one who brought this on Varric!

Except, she is looking out for a friend, giant mistake or not. The Inquisitor doesn’t have to like it, but it’s a valid reaction. Cassandra brought Varric into the Inquisition (indirectly) and yet she is shipped with him, in canon they gain a mutual, if tense respect of one another. Hawke dragged Varric into a lot of things, if romancing Anders, more than Varric even likes; but if Hawke dared threaten anyone it’d be take more of a heroic than “bad writing”. Bianca is no less that Hawke to Varric.

The list goes on and on (which even Vivienne could be added if really picked apart), but the similarity between most of them is that these are instances when the Inquisitor is made powerless. For once in the series, the Inquisitor doesn’t have the chance to befriend or fight back against these people. These are people who don’t want nor care for a relationship with the Inquisitor and circumstances where violence is hardly the answer, after all do you really think punching Bianca in front of Varric would do wonders for your alliances and friendship? It’s distressing of course, especially since it has never been implemented before (at least to this length). The Warden could slay almost anyone who turned their nose up to them and Hawke could talk their way out of most conflicts. But the Inquisitor? Sometimes they are forced to just walk away and it’s unsurprising, but also intriguing that those characters and instances are some of the most hated in the game that people feel they are unnecessary.

Except I like them, they do take power away from the Inquisitor. The Inquisitor who is worshipped almost like a God themselves, whose become immeasurably powerful in such a short time no matter where they come from. The Inquisitor who can sway mountains and bend the Fade, yet in the end it was a surface-paragon who threatened to take their eyes that knocked them down a peg.

the 100: *kills POC for ‘shock value,’ puts white protags in brown face and dresses them in appropriative costumes, hypersexualize/slut shame/brutalize the latin@ character, chains and brutalizes a black man while simultaneously sexualizing him, sidelines the asian men and make them subservient to 1.) the mediocre white boy who should have fucking died 1x01 and 2.) the white woman who insists that she needs you, abandons you, and then comes back thinking she can carry on like before, makes the Angry Black Woman™ subservient to her white superior*

fandom: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ *continues to worship l.3xa*

the 100: *kills off l.3xa*

fandom: *composes a masterfully-written dissertation on why the 100 is problematic*

me: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

why does the stdia fandom act like they’re superior when:

  • they only get scenes when lydia is in the hospital or when one/both of them is in hurt or danger
  • and if shes not in the hospital, shes annoyed with him 24/7
  • the writers are acting like 5x16 never happened
  • just like they acted like the kiss never happened
  • marrish has had more scenes than they have had in the past two seasons
  • the only thing they can rely on is the bs that comes out of jeffs and hollands mouth that’s vague af
  • since you know, they have nothing tangible in canon :)

Can I please say that this whole MikaYuu vs YuuNoa argument is pretty stupid. Both ships are valid, they both have their moments, hints and chemistry and neither MikaYuu nor YuuNoa is superior or better or whatever. I don’t understand why people feel the need to bitch about these ships and are constantly trying to convince others not to ship the other one? Or why MikaYuu shippers like to call YuuNoa shippers ‘homophobes’ just because they chose to ship a straight ship? Or people trying to convince the fandom that MikaYuu is incest (it’s not)? Just take a deep breath, both sides, and chill. This is fiction and everyone can ship what they want, okay? Okay.