this is why I love Brian so much

  • What I say: I'm fine
  • What I mean: WHY is there no love for Brian from Dream Daddy? To be fair, there isn't much hate for him either, but the opposite of love isn't hate, it's indifference. So why is everyone so indifferent towards Brian? I only see people taking the Robert, the Damien, the Craig, the Joseph route... Why are they sleeping on Mat, Hugo and Brian? Brian especially? Is it because he's a bear? There isn't anything wrong with body hair. After all, it's only natural. Is it because he's ginger? Do they honestly think he hasn't a soul? Is his route underwhelming in comparison to the other daddies? Or is it because he doesn't match up to the standards they have set for their dream daddy? Is it because he isn't ripped and has a tragic backstory? Or does he have a tragic backstory? Does he even have a backstory? Would it even be tragic? Do the people simply find Brian ugly? Do they find him annoying due to the fact that he constantly brags about his daughter? Do they find him completely uninteresting? Brian is beautiful and terribly underrated. I wanna know more about him. How is Maxwell? What are Brian's hobbies? What is his last name? Does he even have a last name? I have so many questions that I know I will never find the answers to because nO ONE TAKES THE BRAIN ROUTE AND IT MAKES ME UPSET

I listened to the audio of the EWP’s production of N2N and I love how much having an all Asian cast adds so many little nuances to the story without having to actually change anything, particularly with:

  • the stigma regarding mental illness in a lot of Asian cultures and how much more painful that makes Diana’s story.
    • This also adds a whole new layer to the fact that Dan tries to ignore his depression for so many years, in favour of helping Diana.
  • the whole “all Asians are smart” stereotype in relation to Natalie’s stress over her grades and academic future. It sheds a whole new light on to why she would stress about Yale as much as she does, especially with the fact that a lot of Asian households do value academic success very highly.
  • the neglect towards Natalie and the focus on Gabe in relation to the elephant in the room about how a lot of Asian cultures still value sons over daughters. This adds an entirely new layer to Natalie’s pain regarding being ignored by her mother and so many lines in Superboy and the Invisible Girl
    • “He’s a hero, a lover, a prince/She’s not there”
    • “He’s the one you wish would appear/He’s your hero, forever your son”
    • “I love you as much as I can

This show works so wonderfully with an all Asian cast and manages to address so many harmful stereotypes/sheds light on a lot of issues within Asian communities without having to change ANY aspect of the show and just… this is why diversity is important. A diverse cast can add a whole new interpretation to a show that might have never otherwise addressed it because it wouldn’t have originally been written with that kind of narrative in mind. I doubt Tom Kitt and Brian Yorkey were attempting to make statements regarding the stigma of mental illness, pressure of academic success, and gender inequality in Asian cultures when they first wrote Feeling Electric, but thats what an all Asian cast contributes to the show. Diverse casting can help a show as much as it can help the actors.

my (personal) rank of dads

1. mat sella (he’s cute, he’s anxious, he’s a musician - he takes mc dad to a pup concert and i love pup. i’m literally in love with him. also carmensita is such a good kid)

2. damien bloodmarch (look, in general i love goths?? but damien is also cute and awkward and fckn trans and i adore him. also lucien cask of amantilladod a kid and that means i respect the fuck outta him - tho he also sold me oregano instead of actual weed,,,,,,,tf kid)

3. craig cahn (he’s Soft As Fuck™, his kids are adorable, and also i have a weakness for friends-to-lovers. also his facial expressions are my fav)

4. hugo vega (he’s a nerd, but he’s a cool nerd??? he’s hella smart, but i’m into that. once called a kid bitch +12. named his son ernest hemingway -27)

5. brian harding (he’s,,,,,,,so good,,,,,why is mc dad such an asshole to him at first,,,,,,i’m sobbing. also daisy is adorable and i wanna squeeze her)

6. robert small (he’s funny af, he genuinely cares about mc dad, he apparently whittles. his daughter’s a gorgeous af wlw and i love her. -5 for love of pineapple on pizza +10 for being such a cutie)

7. joseph christiansen (his kids are the cutest things ever and chris is autistic. he’s genuinely charming and i want him to be happy and in an healthy relationship. both he and mary deserve much better than what theyre getting. HOWEVER HE WANTED ME TO BE THE SIDE HO AND THAT WILL NOT STAND)

the angstiest thing i’ve ever written and i can’t think of a title for it

Request: ANGSTY IDEA what if Y/N tries to surprise Shawn and gets Andrew and Brian and Geoff to distract Shawn while she sets up an anniversary dinner in his hotel room, except when he gets back he brought a girl with him (she’s actually like a ring designer or something cuz Shawn wants to propose so hes gonna talk about what he wants while she sketches & helps him) and Y/N gets all pissed and Shawn tries to explain but cant explain without giving up the secret so he says nothing

a/n: holy fucking shit i actually love this so much. also i don’t know how to end things properly so it is what it is (also this is 1684 words can you believe) (angstiest is a word shut up)

You waited until Shawn went out for his morning jog with Geoff to confront Brian and Andrew about your plans. “Do you think you could keep Shawn out of the hotel room until dinner?” You asked, following the two men as they walked down to the pool.

“Sure, why?” Andrew asked, glancing at you over his glasses.

“Tomorrow is our anniversary, but he has a concert. So I want to make tonight special. I want to have a nice dinner set up when he gets back.” You gave a pointed look to Brian when you saw him wiggle his eyebrows.

Andrew cooed at your plans. “For sure, we can keep him out. Just let us know when he’s allowed into the room.”

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Dollar Valentine

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Requested by anonymous: did you watched 13 reasons why? bc i would love something like the oh my dollar valentine thing, asking y/n on a date and the date itself

Word Count: 2,847

Note: I didn’t copy it exactly the way they did it in the show, but pretty close ALSO I really went to town and even incorporated some flashbacks that you guys loved so much :) but also I went overboard on this and I do not regret it one bit, plus I know that this was one of the later requests I got, but I just started writing it and couldn’t stop


“Dude, no, I’m not doing that stupid shit.” Shawn shrugs the paper off, rejecting the idea.

Brian looks at him confused, but retracts the paper nonetheless.

“Shawn, you’ve done it every year. Why would this year be any different?” Ian asks, almost just as confused as Brian, if not more.

Shawn bites his lip and pushes a hand through his hair.

“No reason, just don’t feel like it.”

However, there was a reason, and that reason was you. Shawn has had a crush on you since he was ten, literally; you were invited to his tenth birthday party (he had invited the entire class), and the second you walked through the door, he was absolutely convinced that he was in love with you.

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I'll Kill You Myself (Dominic Toretto x Reader)

Title: I’ll Kill You Myself 

Warnings: swearing, stitching up wounds ? 

 Synopsis: Dom comes home, late and injured. You’re sick of this shit, but try not to wake up the kids.

A/N: My first imagine on Tumblr! How did you like it? Let me know! I hope you’re having a great day! -Jena

P.S- You can find part two here. Enjoy!

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You gnawed at your lip, eyes nervously watching a late-night rerun of the Big Bang Theory. Your eyelids drooped from a desire to rest, but you just took a sip from your fourth cup of coffee, pressing forward into the night. Your eyes flickered to the clock, it read 2:48 a.m. You sighed, bouncing your knee. Dom and the team had a late-night race they were going to- a race against a dangerous criminal, to be exact. You volunteered to stay behind and watch Brian and Mia’s children, along with Dom’s son Brian. 

 Your nervousness wasn’t replaced with rage until you heard the familiar purr of Dom’s Charger. You clicked the TV off, gripping the handle of your mug so tightly that your knuckles turned a shade of white. You made your way towards the entryway, standing about seven feet from the door. A hand was poised on your cocked hip, your tired eyes glaring at the door and it was as if the door was going to burst into flames. The keys jingled and the door was opened by Brian, who had a smile on his face but it quickly disappeared when he saw the anger in your eyes. “Hey, Y/N.” he nervously said, stepping aside and letting Mia and Dominic enter. 

 "Your kids are asleep upstairs, I didn’t feed them much sugar. They were well-behaved. I loved watching them, and I hope you enjoyed your night out.“ You said, your eyes locked onto Dom. Your voice held unintentional hostility but the slightest hint of genuineness was detectable. Your head turned to Mia and Brian, smiling a small smile. "Seriously. I hope you guys had fun, sorry for the rudeness.” You turned back to Dom. “Could you guys excuse us for a minute?” Your hostility and anger was back. Mia and Brian departed up the stairs, claiming to be tired and go to bed. It was a good thing they did, because the second the door closed, your eyes pierced Dominic Toretto with frustration. "What the hell were you thinking?“ you quietly exclaimed, trying not to wake up the sleeping kids or prevent Mia and Brian from sleeping. 

 "It was just a night out racing, just like old times. Nothing serious.” Dominic said calmly, his low voice soothing you yet making you all the more upset. 

 "I’m not an idiot, Dominic.“ You spat, pulling out the full name card. "You haven’t moved from that position since you walked in, you haven’t shifted your weight. You’re covering a certain spot on your torso. Plus, Mia texted me and said you got sliced." 

 "Babe, it’s nothing a little rubbing alcohol and a good night’s sleep can’t fix.” Dom chuckled, stepping towards you with a wince. 

 "Sit on the couch. Take your shirt off.“ You ordered, walking away before going to find the rubbing alcohol, gauze, and a few cotton balls. You returned to the living room, a look of annoyance on your face. You refused to let yourself make eye contact with Dom, you knew you’d melt. 

“I’m sorry.” Dom muttered, and you felt the urge to look at him, but you resisted.

“Why are you apologizing, Dominic? What happened wasn’t your fault. You didn’t know this guy was gonna try and kill you.” you said softly, applying the rubbing alcohol-drenched cotton ball to the open wound on Dom’s stomach. 

You two just sat there in silence for a bit, just the sound of rubbing alcohol swishing back and forth in the bottle whenever you dumped more onto a cotton ball. You bit your lip in concentration, and also deep in thought.

What if I had lost Dom? What if this guy.. what if he got the jugular? What if he lost a lot of blood? What if Dom had died?  

The last sentence brought a wave of hot, salty tears to your eyes, and you fought with everything you had not to cry. You bit your lip harder, you were not going to cry. Not right now. 

But, Dominic Toretto isn’t stupid, either. 

“What’s wrong?” he asked you, and you shook your head, attempting to rid the tears from your eyes. You kept your eyes trained on the wound you were currently bandaging. 

“Nothing.” the word fell from your lips and almost crushed Dom’s heart.

“Y/N, you can tell me anything. You know that, right? What’s wrong?” he asked.

The dam holding your tears back was broken at his words. A soft sob escaped your lips, and you brought the back of your hand up to your mouth, attempting to silence yourself. Hot, salty tears rolled down your now red cheeks. You sobbed into the back of your hand, your body shook from the intensity of your tears.

Dom sank next to you on the ground, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you into his chest. Your body fell into his, and you couldn’t help but cry harder. “Hey,” he whispered, “I’m here. Y/N, I’m here.”

The words were reassuring, but you still cried. And you cried for about fifteen minutes more, quite unsure if the tears would stop until they did. Dom grabbed a Kleenex box off of the coffee table, placing it in front of you. You grabbed the tissues and wiped your face. 

“Now, can you tell me what’s wrong?” Dom asked, and you pulled out of his grasp to look into his eyes. You sat with your legs criss-crossed, and sighed. A shaky hand was raked through your y/h/c hair. 

“I just… I just started thinking. What if this wound was a lot deeper. What if he went for your jugular. What if he took you from me, Dom? Do you understand why I always wait up, even when the kids are put to bed hours before? Do you understand why I get so mad?” you started. His eyes softened as they met yours.

“It’s because you care.” 

“I love you so much, Dominic Toretto. And, if you die, I will go out of my damn mind. I can’t lose you, not yet. I’m not ready for that, neither are Brian and Mia. Little Brian needs his dad.” A small smile crossed Dom’s lips when you mention the tiny Toretto.

“I love you, too, Y/N Y/L/N.” Dom said, leaning in to capture your lips in a kiss. 

When you pulled away, you gave him a hug. “And, hey, next time, take me along please. We’ll have Rome or someone watch the kids.” 

Dom gave you a funny look. “You want somebody to watch my son, our nieces and nephews… and you chose Roman Pierce?” 

You laughed. “Okay, maybe not Rome. But maybe Hobbs or Deckard?” 

“Maybe. But, I promise. You’ll come with us.” 


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favourite stony quotes in mcu and 616? :)

i’ll do you one better


  • “Be safe, Steve. Win.” – Infinity #1
  • “Any excuse to get me to hold you.” “You see right through me.” – Avengers: Prime #3
  • “You know, Shellhead… nobody’s called me “Winghead” like you just did since I left the Avengers last year! I miss it!” – Avengers, Vol. 1 #144
  • “All those things…all the things I said and did– I’m–I’m so, so sorry. I know that’s not enough, but I hope you will allow me the chance to earn your friendship back. I don’t deserve it…I just hope you let me. I’m not half as good at– at anything as I am when I’m doing it next to you. And that’s the truth.” – Avengers: Prime #5
  • “Why are you naked?” “It’s my new armor. It’s see-through.” – Avengers: Prime #3
  • “I actually think they need to go out and have an adventure together to remind them why they love each other so much.” – Brian Michael Bendis on Steve and Tony in Avengers: Prime
  • “Where is here? Is this a dream? Tell me it is, Tony, tell me you can save me.” – Captain Ameriva, Vol. 1 #437
  • “Tony Stark and his armor. His wonderful metal suit. The end result of all the technology he’s mastered in his hands the ultimate weapon for good. A good that I can never hope to equal.” – Tales of Suspense
  • “I feel like a snail or a tortoise, lumbering along in my shell, whenever I’m with Steve. So clumsy, and so safe, next to his grace and daring. I have so much, I know I shouldn’t envy Steve and his Strength And yet I do.” – Tales of Suspense
  • “Whatever the threat –– We’ll face it together.” – Avengers, Vol. 3 #1
  • “Captain America. Steve. I look at your handsome face… into your clear, azure eyes.. and, as ever, I feel the same guilty envy.” – Tales of Suspense
  • “A man’s worth isn’t measured by what he’s made of, by blood or bone. It’s what’s inside, what you believe, and how you act on those beliefs that counts. And by that yardstick –– I doubt anything could diminish you.” – Iron Man, Vol. 1 #314
  • “Tony. Tony. Tony. I didn’t think you were serious… This is Captain Handsome ordering you to rock and roll on that 45. […] That is the last time I let Tony freelance the door codes. We all said, six digit number! Just because he has trouble remembering his own birthday…” – Avengers Christmas Annual #1
  • “Good morning, beloved. Did anyone check the dumpsters for Clint yet?” – Endless Wartime
  • “Sorry, Tony… but Captain America is more important than you. Let’s hope I can keep him alive long enough… for Panther to get him out.” – Avengers, Vol. 3 #70
  • “I… Look, I’m not the crying kind, Steve. I didn’t cry at my own father’s funeral. But right then and there I realized that in this crazy business we’re in, there’s no one I’d miss more than you. And I… well… you’re an inspiration to me, Steve. To a lot of us. We may not think like you or act like you –– but we still respect and appreciate what you do and the way you do it. You’re an idealist in a world that is far from ideal. I don’t know how you can do it, Steve… How you can keep all the ugliness from getting you… hardening you… I can’t. I’m not as perfect as you… Forgive me.” – Captain America, Vol. 1 #401
  • “Tony… I’m not perfect either. I’m sometimes too quick to judge… too slow to forgive. I appreciate how much courage it took to come here –– in a bar, of all places –– and to level with me like you just did. I’m really sorry our ideological differences bent our friendship out of shape. I miss having you as my friend. I’d like us let to bygones be bygones.” – Captain America, Vol. 1 #401
  • “Mr. Stark, when I woke up in this era, I had no one. Nothing. You gave me a purpose, somewhere to belong… You gave me a home.” – Civil War: Casualties of War
  • “It wasn’t worth it.” – Civil War: The Confession
  • “And now I’ve lost you, too. Maybe… maybe there was a reason you had to be on the other side of every argument. How you could be my rudder, steering me when others couldn’t… I don’t know if I can do it without you… I certainly won’t do it as well…” – The Death of Captain America: Iron Man
  • “I miss your battle cry.” – The Death of Captain America: Iron Man 
  • “All I can think about is him.” – Avengers, Vol. 5 #43
  • “There are people that get married and they love each other and have real relationships, but then one of them cheats on the other and even though they’ve loved each other very much the schism is forever. There’s never going to be any getting over it. Some people can get past it. Some people can’t. [The memory wipe] was a betrayal that Steve was never going to get over.” – Jonathan Hickman on Avengers, Vol. 5

avengers assemble

  • “I’d hate to be on the other end of that grunt.” – S01E06, Super Adaptoid
  • “I was brave long before I was Captain America. And Tony Stark was a hero long before he was Iron Man.” – S02E07, The Age of Tony Stark
  • “You want to do some trust exercises? Fall backwards. I’ll catch you.” – S02E09, The Dark Avengers
  • “Iron or no, you’re still the man.” “Sure, I’ll go all… billionare philanthropist on their butts.” “Billionaire genius philanthropist.” – S01E26, The Final Showdown
  • “Don’t pretend you didn’t miss this.” – S02E17, The Ultron Outbreak
  • “Taking a huge risk that ends up saving the world? Tony does that five times before breakfast.” – S02E17, The Ultron Outbreak

earth’s mightiest heroes

  • “I know you believe in the future, but I believe in people. And I choose to believe in you, Iron Man.” – S02E19, Emperor Stark

marvel cinematic universe

  • “How are we guys planning on doing this?” “Together.” – Avengers: Age of Ultron
  • “You could have saved us.” – Avengers: Age of Ultron
  • “I think there’s been a very nice journey between Steve and Tony, and I feel like in “The Avengers,” we were both kids, there was [an ego struggle]. In this movie, we argue, but the dialogue is even written more just like a seasoned relationship, the way you’d see an old married couple argue as opposed to a 20-year-old couple argue. They know each other. They might press each other’s buttons, but they get past it quickly.” – Chris Evans, on Steve Rogers’ relationship with Tony Stark, AOU press tour
  • “It’s like a marriage… We love each other, but it’s explosive. You’re working toward the same goal but you have very different approaches to it.” – Chris Evans, on Steve and Tony’s relationship in Captain America: Civil War
  • “I didn’t know if you and Stark were done staring into each other’s eyes.” – Natasha Romanoff in Avengers: Age of Ultron
  • “I’ll miss you, Tony.” – Avengers: Age of Ultron
  • “You alright?” “…I’m home.”Avengers: Age of Ultron

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How about Brianna is Brian after all - look like Jamie, behave like Jamie, proud of his mother, respects her … like his father - everything Frank´s not + at the end Brian had some suspicion, he is not Frank´s, of course. F didn´t die and Claire is forced by circumstances to reveal the truth about Jamie. How would those two men react? (Please be mad at Frank for the manipulation and psychical terror against Claire. I would really love to read Jamie (or his son) to smash Frank´s face for his behav

Note from Mod WTT

This is Part 1 of 4!

“Love, you need to calm down.” My mother cajoled in a failing attempt to abate my sudden fury.

“No, Mum, this is one time when I cannot calm down. All this time–” I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, trying to not let my anger out on her. “Why?”

“Why did I wait this long to tell you, or why did I not fight Frank on his request?”

“Both. I need to understand why you didn’t even try to go back. Why you left in the first place. Christ, Mum! Does my father have any idea about me? Did you keep me a secret from him before you left him? Am I just as much of a secret as he was to me?”

She crossed the room, grabbing a glass of Scotch before making her way to the couch and gesturing for me to take a seat as well. I refused and began pacing the room.

“He knew about you before even I did,” Mum said looking down into her glass.

“How–?” I started but was stopped with a gesture.

“If you want me to tell you this, you will ask questions later, understood?”

I nodded in agreement.

“Jamie kept track of things most men wouldn’t spare a single thought for, he was always thinking and observing those around him. In part, I think that’s what made him such a good hunter and leader. He knew what was coming and could think quick on his feet to find a solution.” She took a large swallow from the Scotch, swirling the last finger of liquid around nervously.

“You have to understand, that what I’m telling you didn’t take place in the world or country you know. I explained to you earlier that your father is from another time–I had gone back in time–and met him. This world held so many more dangers for everyone: famine, starvation, war, death, even the common cold would kill an entire family given the chance. Nothing was safe in Scotland, especially during the uprising.

Jamie and I… we had been trying to convince Charles Stuart to give up the foolish notion of an uprising, and in the process became the biggest outlaws to the English Crown. When the battle of Culloden was upon us, Jamie knew he was going to die, either by the sword and canon or at the end of an executioner’s noose. I swore to him that I would follow and that he was my home. I didn’t want to leave him or this life I had grown to love more dearly than anything in the world.”

Her eyes stared out unblinkingly, seeing a place, a time that only she could see. As she stared, the middle and ring fingers of her right hand rubbed back and forth over the odd ‘J’ shaped scar in her palm.

“When he told me that you were there, this miracle I hadn’t dared to dream of being real, he wanted to keep us safe. So I foolishly listened and went back.” Her eyes locked with mine, as her hand covered and squeezed mine. “I don’t regret a second of this life that I’ve lived because I’ve had you.”

“But you let… you let Frank pretend to raise me.”

“No, he loved you!”

“NO! He loved the idea of me. I always wondered how I looked the way I did, I chalked it up to latent genetics on yours or fa–Frank’s side. But that didn’t explain the sneers he’d give when he thought I wasn’t looking or the scoffing I heard when he thought I was asleep. Now that you’re telling me I have another father, one that I apparently am the spitting image of,” I protested pulling my hand free and gesturing to myself. “It all makes sense. Did you know that I thought I had a recurring nightmare for years, Mum?”

She shook her head, her hand reaching back out for me. I shook her off and stood up abruptly. “I thought this was a nightmare, a figment of my childish mind because I was the one who didn’t look like they belonged. It always was the same, Frank saying, ‘I’m trying but I can’t love you, you’re too much like him. Your mother can’t expect me to love something I can’t create.’ Then walking away. Now I understand I was hearing him talk to me while I was just on the edges of sleep, but had my eyes closed. This man whom you spent seventeen years beside hated me because I reminded him of someone. Someone he held with so much contempt he couldn’t see beyond the father for the sake of an innocent child.”


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“Is it wrong to like…LIKE another person??” Dan said, leaning against the countertop. He was keeping Arin company while he did the dishes; didnt want to leave him there doing chores he honestly didnt NEED to do. (“The dishwasher is full and i really, REALLY dont want to leave any dishes in the sink until tomorrow morning”)

Arin wordlessly removed one of his earbuds, ear flicking in Dans general direction to try and hear him better.

“Say that again, ive got music playing too fucking loud to actually understand you over this running water.”

Dan stared at the pile of dishes in the sink, idly rubbing the dip of his gills along his neck. (‘Theyre getting kinda dry’ he thought)

“I was uhh, i was talking to Brian yesterday. Because you know, hes old-”

Arin snorted.

“- and hes been alive for awhile. So he tends to have alot of answers for things. But i think he falls a bit…short… on mortal…issues.”

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Sungjin >> Reassuring

It’s one of your friends who points out how clingy your being with Sungjin, saying she only ever sees you texting or calling him anymore, that he’s the only person you talk about anymore and that you get panic-y when you can’t see him for a couple days. She doesn’t mean for her words to hurt you but they do so you go to Sungjin later that day tears in your eyes and an apology on your lips.

“Aw, babe.” Sungjin whispers, pulling you to his chest. “I love how clingy you are, I’m so busy all the time and it shows me that even though I’m busy all the time and you’re always there for me. I couldn’t ask for anything more. Don’t let her words get to you because to me you’re perfect.”

Jae >> Teasing

Jae finishes filming ASC to find a ton of messages from you, most of them were just little things you had thought about throughout the day and wanted to tell him and others were you sending cute ‘I love you’s’ and other sweet messages. Jae sits down and responds to each one sweetly but the next time he sees you he can’t help but tease.

“_ can’t get enough of me.” He says cheekily to the boys as he wraps his arms around you. “All day and all night I’m bombarded with messages about how much she loves me and can’t live without me.” You’re blushing brightly as you turn to hit him on the arm as hard as you can manage.

“Oh shut up, you know that’s not true.” You would say glare at him, he rubs his arm and hisses but you know you didn’t actually hurt him.

“It’s a little true.” He says, his eyes softening, all you do this roll yours at this but you’re smiling softly back at him.

“Sometimes she even waxes poetry about how handsome I am.” Jae adds because he doesn’t know when to drop something, you elbow him in the side.

Young K >> Clingy

You don’t really think much about it as you begin to bother Brian all the time, from texts all day, to phone calls at night, and planning dates on every chance you get. You don’t think about it until Jae teases you about it, saying that every time Brian’s phone goes off it’s you and how Jae is the one that works with him yet he seems to barely see him. You know that Jae was just being himself and he didn’t mean anything by it but you couldn’t help but let it get you, you suddenly felt like such a clingy asshole and you knew you needed to tone it down. So you stop sending texts all day long but only when Brian can actually respond and you stop bothering him about dates all the time.

And then Brian starts to bother you more and more, he texts you more and more often, he sends you snapchats, he facetimes you instead of calling, he sends selfies al day long and asks you to do the same and then one day you get a message saying:

[Why haven’t you been texting me as much :(. I miss you.]

[Well..I just thought I was being too clingy]

[What? No way! I love you being clingy, I love getting breaks or getting off school and seeing all your texts it makes me feel loved and special]

So from that day forward you and Brian bother each other as much as humanly possible, texts, calls, facetimes, snapchats, selfies, and dates. It’s perfect for the two of you and you don’t let Jae’s teasing bother you anymore, you even join in when he starts.

Wonpil >> Cuddly

You realize on your own that you’re being far too clingy with Wonpil you’d just started dating and you were already bothering the sweet boy. So you went to him one day and poured out the speech you had prepared as an apology. Wonpil was looking at you with wide eyes throughout your entire speech and just stared at you blankly when you finished. You looked down feeling awkward until Wonpil chuckled suddenly and you looked back up at him. “What?” You asked innocently, Wonpil wrapped his arms around you and pulled you into his lap so the two of you were cuddling.

“That’s just so silly. I don’t mind, I promise.” He said, nuzzling your cheek.

“Really? Are you sure?” You ask, looking back at Wonpil.

“Keep it coming.” He said nodding, you smile and turn into his body feeling a whole lot better.

Dowoon >> Calm

When you tell Dowoon that you feel like you’ve been too clingy, the annoying girlfriend everyone dreads to be, he just stares at you blankly. “Uh, Dowoon? Are you listening to me?” You ask, tilting your head to one side your eyebrows furrowing.

“Yes.” Dowoon nods. “I just think that’s ridiculous. Eh, sorry that sounded bad.” Dowoon chuckles, his face softening. “I love you, _. I want to be around you and I want to talk to you. As often as possible, I’d be a bad boyfriend if I didn’t want to talk to you.” He pointed out with a smirk.

“Really. Aw, Dowoon that’s so sweet. I love you too.” You say moving closer to press a kiss to his cheek, which he blushes at and smiles brightly down at you.

live thoughts on day6 how can i say
  • the aaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!! in the beginning
  • wonpil dont hate urself i love u omg why do you do this to me
  • wonpil’s “eh” omg
  • sungjin’s voice is giving me so much life I LOVE HIS RASP UGH THIS SONG SUITS HIM SO WELL.
  • jae singing chorus is lssfajefww !!! ! !! ! !!!! !! ! ! IM LIVING.
  • so many angles on the instruments
  • i love brian so much how tf is he so talented omg
  • sungjin omg i cant
  • i really cant with sungjin his voice is all i need
  • jae is so hot wtf
  • LOVE DOWOON MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • “i dont love you n omore”
    im hurtwonpil y cant u luv me no mor
  • the END “HOW CAN I–” *instrumental* *abrupt cut off* #shookt
  • i love day6 so much
  • “OH HOW CAN I SAaaaYy”

ok i know why that kiss from 2x15 fucks us up

i know we always say alex is a softie but she’s really not a soft person. especially not when she’s working. only with maggie or kara, but a specific and new kind of soft with maggie. like yes, she probably cries the most out of anyone on the show, but it’s not associated with weakness, it’s associated with holding it in for too long.

so this time she was working (rogue, but still working), but her co-agent happened to be maggie, and we know that going on missions amps her up, and being with maggie makes her feel a lot of things, so she was just like ‘I NEED TO KISS HER’ and it was really just………. a very vulnerable thing for alex to do in the middle of a mission

like we notice that alex and maggie dont do pda, but i think it’s on purpose because alex is not a very mushy touchy person, especially not in public.

although just in front of brian the alien isn’t really “public” it was still something different for alex, and i think that’s why we’re all feeling a lot about it.

 look at our baby alex, letting herself feel things. love it. keep it up.

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Shorty (DAY6)


The worst. He thinks you’re the absolute cutest and constantly ruffles your hair/puts his chin on your hair/picks you up etc. Probably makes really bad jokes about you being pocket-sized. Does stupid things like ask a question and when you answer he looks around like, “Babe, where are you speaking from? I don’t see you,” and then he looks down and “Oh there you are! What are you doing way down there?”. He’s impossible when it comes to him taking things from you to tease you, you’ll never get it back. He’s too long. There’s too much of his arms.

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Super cute and romantic about it, lowkey doesn’t want you to wear heels or anything. Likes to place you on the counter to kiss you, and probably picks you up when you hug for no reason. Carries you around because he can. If you ask for his help to reach for something he’s like, “Of course! I always help the short and needy,” (please fight him). 

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Young K (Brian):

Loves it a little too much. Likes to squish you a lot, and probably pulls you onto his lap just because. Tucks you into his side whenever you walk outside, especially if there’s a crowd around. One time he bought you a balloon and tied it to your wrist “just in case you get lost” so he could spot you (so cheeky). Think you’re adorable and makes it super hard for you to kiss him so he can see you get frustrated.

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Likes that he can tease you about it and call you a baby. Probably uses a dumb baby voice when he’s talking to you like “Oh, is it hard down there? Do you want me to pick you up to see?” (just laughs when you smack him). Definitely pats your head condescendingly all the time (one time he dared to say “Shh, the adults are talking,” but he hasn’t done it again since). Sometimes he puts cushions on your chairs as a joke but usually gets them thrown back at his face. Overall he finds it pretty cute and always holds your hand in crowds, just in case.

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So annoyingly adorable about. Definitely completely swoops over you for hugs and holds you like a teddy bear. Is super careful keeping track of you in crowds, and loves to give you back hugs. Probably puts things on high shelves so you can ask him to get it down, and insists to put you on his shoulders to see (like in concerts). Mostly smiles down at you when you can’t reach for something, but doesn’t say much. Only teases a little, but he’s usually quiet about it because he thinks it’d be weird if he told you he loved your height. 

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Request; day6 reaction to u bein shorter than them? (ur dating them) :-)

[[Hope you like, send in more requests! xx]]


i love brian

i had a wild night im not going to be posting abt it much right now but i will later! my m&g pic will be sent soon :) but i broke down crying bad and i don’t know why..,,, i was really emotional i was in the front row right in front of Brian. he saw me crying (this was like almost at the end of you and I” and i was just in total awe i was so teared up it was like i just saw my dog die in front of my eyes kind of cry and brian noticed me and bent down to hold my hand. i really needed it thank you so much brian i love you, you are a beautiful man