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Fan Fiction Comment Challenge

I don’t know about you, but it’s always driven me crazy when I see a fic with a lot of likes and almost no comments. Comments mean the world to fic writers, whether it be just telling them what you liked about it or giving them constructive criticism. That’s why I want to issue a challenge.

The challenge is simple: comment on your top 10 fan fiction works. If you’ve already done this, comment on 10 other fics you liked or mentally consider “honorable mentions.” If you have questions for the writer, then ask them. They’ll be happy you’re communicating with them and showing interest in their work.

Writers like to know how their work is being received, and sometimes likes alone can leave them wondering what they did right.

Sometimes we ask ourselves why we are in this situation and we wonder why God allows us to be here. It may be going through something tough that we can no longer handle like health issues, financial setbacks, family problems, spiritual battles, and we ask God why? Why does it have to be me? Why do I have to go through this? Will I ever just settle for less? Will there ever be a breakthrough? A miracle perhaps?

Beloved, remember that whatever you’re going through, God is with you. You don’t have to fight these battles alone because His promise is to never forsake you. He is just preparing you for something big, a breakthrough that you could have never imagined only HE knows. He can turn every setback to a breakthrough! Just believe, stand firm in faith!

Someday you will know the reason why you have to go through that. Remember that He is using you for His glory. We experience the fall so that we can be dependent on our God, so that when the time comes when He lifts you up, you would know that it is with His help that you have overcome.



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I think what started everything wasn't about the master bolt, but Percy himself. He's named after a son of Zeus, his color is Zeus', his power is as strong as Zeus, he is the prophecy kid, but he isn't a son of Zeus. Zeus and Poseidon already have issues with their power dynamic and then this child comes who should be the son of the "strongest" god but isn't. And Percy resents Zeus so much (understandably) bc he has to prove to himself that he's a son of Poseidon while being punished for that.

I think it was really intertwined. All those things about Percy that you listed are part of why him having the master bolt would have been worst case scenario to Zeus. At least in my opinion :) Very good insight! 

There is nothing creepy about KakaSaku

I’m 21 years old and if I fell in love with a 32 year old man, I wouldn’t think twice about marrying him. My family wouldn’t have any issue with it. My parents are 8 years apart and happily married for 25 years. I just don’t see why the age difference is such a big deal when almost every fanfiction or fanart I’ve ever seen has Sakura somewhere around 18 years old. (Gif is completely unrelated but entirely necessary.)

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Why I've Stopped Running: A Life Update

hey guys! so if you have any interest in keeping track of my life you’ll have seen that i’ve had very limited personal posts on here, insta, snapchat and all that jazz lately. I’ve been at school for over a month and want to reassure everyone that i am really enjoying school, but a lot has happened.

Starting last year as a freshman in college, i began to have issues with running. I was losing my breath really easily, my arms and legs were going numb, etc. and no doctor seemed to have an answer. I kept running and kept trying to push through it but my year ended up being mediocre at best. Running became something I had to do everyday and not something I really enjoyed. I still wanted to be a runner but I was not enjoying the process.

At a new school this year and with minimal issues during summer training, i was excited for a killer year. Unfortunately, my issues started arising again. The coaches here have not been completely patient with me (which i totally understand, no disrespect to them or this program) and have basically asked/ let me to train on my own until I have this all figured out, can train at a high level and can rejoin the team.

After much life reflection and a lot of research, I believe I have a panic disorder that is exercise induced. Basically, I’m at a point in my life where i have put so much pressure for years and years on myself to succeed in the sport that i have a panic attack when running and it causes all the physical symptoms. Its a totally subconscious thing, and it can happen on runs where I have very limited actual pressure. This is not a clinical diagnosis and I am simply making an assumption based off my extensive experiences and the material that I have read, but I am looking in to getting a sure diagnosis.
I am also seeking a course of treatment but am still very unsure of what that might be. I would love to have running be a part of my life but as of right now i am cross training and lifting and doing whatever feels right on my body. My mental state is what is most important to me and I need to take care of it if i ever want to be successful in the sport again. I have no idea if this means waiting till this indoor to start competing again or even possible taking a full year and rejoining the team in 2017 for cross country.

Thank you all for your support through this i love you all and if you have any questions for me i am all ears :)

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Why doesn't anyone talk about the Caramel spine problem like they do the Spider wobble problem? I'm just curious, does having a kinked spine not hurt the snake? or is it less common and therefore not as big of an issue?

It’s not that no one talks about it, it’s just not practical to talk about it all the time. The wobble has become widely accepted and normalized and talked about as though it’s an okay thing. While kinking is horrible, most people have a tendency to avoid breeding them because of it- the opposite of spiders. There are nowhere near as many people breeding/selling caramel albinos as spider morphs. Taking a look at morph market- there are 65 Caramel Albinos available and 600 (yes six-hundred) spiders.

The spider morph is the most common of all the morphs with issues. They are so cheap and readily available that many people get them as pets. This is not true for the majority of the other problem morphs.
Caramels arent cheap, heck, normal het caramels are the same price as a spider. That’s without the visual gene. The kinking isnt hidden knowledge either. Anyone doing their homework properly can google “caramel albino” and find out on the very first page they have severe deformities that aren’t talked about positively (unlike wobble).

We have to pick and choose our battles. While obviously no one reasonable condones breeding any animals with those detrimental issues, it makes more sense to talk frequently about the morph more people are interested in than to talk frequently about a morph that barely anyone sees.
At least, that’s where i stand on it.

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reasons you hate Mr. Squirrels? I hate it to death too but I can't seem to figure out why...

I really don’t like the episode because what they started with was an opportunity for a really great lesson that they still need. They could have made it about teasing among friends, and how it can be fine and a sign of affection, but that you need to listen to each other; if someone tells you that something you said bothers them, even if you said it in jest, that means you need to stop saying it. That was the actual heart of the issue. Lucas was tired of Maya’s “friendly” teasing and finally decided to fire back, and Maya didn’t like what he said. If they had followed that path and conversation, we would have learned that they were each, in their own way, in the wrong, and we would have gotten that important lesson that even in friendships that are built on that back-and-forth, there are lines that you need to respect. That was the lesson we could have had. 

Instead, the focus shifted to what was essentially the misdirect issue: Riley didn’t defend Maya “against” Lucas’ comments. And we get a lesson without nuance that’s completely misleading. We get told that as someone’s friend, it’s our job to stand up for them regardless of what they’ve done, or how true the “attacks” against them are. Yes, this is true sometimes. The example given in the episode where Maya protects Riley from the comments that she’s a klutz is a fair one. If someone is being needlessly cruel, of course you should step up and protect your friends. But this situation was not that. And the implication was that you’re supposed to do it all the time, no matter what, which is just not true. It’s not. 

The implication was also that the situation was Riley’s fault, not that it stemmed from Maya’s behavior and her spat with Lucas in the first place, which will always rub me the wrong way. 

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I'm curious what type of "issues" do you think t.o.p has in general or in regards to relationships? T.O.P strikes me as someone with neurotic tendencies. He's also stated himself that his true personality isn't fit for being a celebrity.

In my opinion, I see T.O.P as having trust issues due to lack of high self-esteem. I think he’s a very independent person having even chose to live by himself versus rooming with his members back when they lived in Japan. However, his independence can be a flaw when in a relationship. I think that he has issues stemming back to when he was very overweight and I don’t think he’s ever gotten over them, hence why he rarely shows skin. I think he wants to be liked, but doesn’t show his real personality which can make one unhappy due to knowing people don’t like him for him, but for the act he puts on for a crowd. 

T.O.P is very close to Park Bom, and Bom has suffered from severe depression throughout her entire life which might be something that T.O.P struggles with, himself (i.e. why he is so close with her). I feel that he raps as a coping mechanism, and I think it’s the one thing he is truly confident in. I don’t know if you’ve seen the MADE Sketchbook episode, but T.O.P had to sing on the spot and he was sweating profusely because he was nervous about what they audience would think since it was obviously improved. Out of all the guys, I’d say he is probably the most unhappy and in a sense, the most emotional which is why he is so closed off most of the time.

I think that T.O.P has a lot of self esteem issues which is why he doesn’t really date (as far as we know) and wants to have romantic relationships later on in life because he knows he isn’t emotionally ready for it since he has trouble loving himself. I think that is why he has stated he has a personality unfit for a celebrity; he doesn’t have the self-confidence most celebrities have.

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I don't want to be clingy or stress you out, but I just wonder why you aren't uploading some of your newest hair to the Sims 3 but only to Sims 4?

To be pretty honest I find it irritating to convert some of hair to sims3 and if I find that O have some transparency issues with them I just leave it for another time. i am trying toco Bert them all and sooner or later I will do it^^ 😁😁😁

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People like that guy who almost glomped you in your Sans cosplay are why that behavior is banned at my local cons. Hell, that kind of behavior isn't even allowed at theme parks. Or tolerated anywhere, honestly. I'm just not sure why people think someone wearing a costume of a character that they like means that they have free reign to tackle them, issues or no issues. D:

It’s banned at most cons, actually.  But like with laws, just because rules are in place, and everybody knows them, doesn’t mean everybody’s going to follow them.

These people typically have issues separating fiction from reality, in my experience.  Not in the sense that they legitimately believe that, for example, me in a Sans costume is LITERALLY ACTUALLY SANS, but they tend to think everybody is wearing the same glasses they are.  “If you dress up as a character, for all intents and purposes, you temporarily ARE that character.”  They think everybody believes that just the way that they do.  For similar reasons, they have issues isolating what they personally believe is appropriate and comparing that to what society believes is appropriate.

Know what I mean?

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I LOVE how all the characters have their own storyline and everything! Your tumblr inspires me, thank you so much :D. (I know, this wasn't really a question, so why am I wasting your time? idk.)

omggg you’re not wasting my time with this lovely message.. how could you even think that you are?? thank youuuu dflgjsdkfjsd.. i’m happy to inspire with garbage. 

61 requests to write and i think it’s time to put my request box on hold again.

Just want put out a quick word out about requesting, while speaking about it.

Me accepting requests does not affect the current requests in any way shape or form.


Please be assured your requests will still be written at the rate i can, they will be released when i can.

The only thing ever that will affect your requests place on when it will be written is if there’s a rewrite, then there will be a tiny delay. Or if things ever happen in my life because i am human so there are days i’ll be off and busy, which have a high chance as i have my own factors in my schedule (which is why it’s mostly evening stories, also battery issues). 

Please be patient, i am going at the fastest rate i can and if you feel it’s taking too long then i can happily recommend other blogs who deserve requests as much as you feel  i do. I love seeing how they tackle requests i get too, so we all win.

I never anticipated or expected my blog getting this big and i love how big it is & everyone who’s a part of it, but please do not confuse my ability to answer and assist the followers of this blog with my time that i need to focus solely on a story. 

I understand H/C’s can be easily typed up before stories but i do each request as i hit it, thats my system. I am very sorry for the delays my technological fault has caused (battery on my writing device) which has resulted in less stories being put out.

Sorry that this needs to be said guys, you’re all amazing and i feel bad about the wait time but i’m doing all i can, when i can.  I know you are all are mostly extremely patient with me, but it needs to be said. 

Tumblr has been screwing up on people with my stories on more than one occasion!! So i prefer if you did check with me if you think i have lost/ forgotten your request. I am happy to help you get to the bottom of it and if i have i will rectify it as if it was rewrite. i am one person (zombie at times) but please help me help you by telling me which request it is, or helping me understand your problem as soon as possible.

Especially if your anon. 

Of course this counts the same for re-writes, please don’t feel like your stressing me if you ask for one. Thats my choice to put it out there and i’m more mortified i screwed it up.

I love you all and thank you for the support and love you give me, for a passion i love. 

I will be opening up to doing ships for people, when i reopen my requests again, when i’ve hit a reasonable number. THIS WILL NOT AFFECT ANY REQUESTS AT ALL. They will be done when i receive them & can type for a few minutes, but will not affect your place on the list to be written & released.

Thank you & please keep enjoying my content.
- Batlog

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I feel like i have a strong connection with ghosts and spirits and have used ouija boards plenty of times, but i have mental health issues and its never caused an issue. Its kind of ableist to say no one should use a ouija board just cuz were ill. :/

I also have mental health issues, and obviously I use the Ouija board just fine. I always say that if you feel confident in playing the board, then play, and if not, don’t. People with depression, anxiety, or other kinds of mental illnesses could be easily manipulated by negative spirits if you’re not on guard and don’t have your health in check, which is why I say to be wary if you have mental health issues. I don’t tell people they shouldn’t play, I say that the Ouija board may not be safe for you if you are not in the right frame of mind.

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Hi I'd like to know why your immediate reaction to someone deleting your source was anger and bullying instead of informing them of why sourcing is important for artists????

It’s unacceptable when I specifically asked in the original post to have my credits left untouched. This wasn’t a situation that can be blamed on simple ignorance.

When someone asks you to respect them, and they deliberately do the opposite, then you shouldn’t be surprised by some sort of backlash.

I have no issue naming and shaming people who are intentionally disrespectful. If your blog’s ‘aesthetic’ is more important than honouring someone’s work, then you’ve got to examine your priorities.

And if you think an artist standing up for themselves and calling attention to a major problem ALL OVER THE INTERNET is 'bullying’, then I suggest you need to acquire some empathy.

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I read some people were having problems with patterns, now I wonder, which ones? Because my game is soooo laggy since I'm using this world, while I'm not having any problems with world even bigger. I understand you don't know, but I hope someone else can help, thanks ♥

Hi Nonny, did you download all the patterns? Cause the world may probably be laggy cause of all the grass in it and detail. Do you use CC magic like people have said reduces the lag? If you other worlds run fine with the patterns, then they are def not the issue, cause if they are, then all worlds would lag ;) Probably your PC is having issues with the world because of the detail. Maybe try the light version?

I made the world for me and I have a monster gaming PC. I know it will probably cause issues with older PCs, which is why i made the light version. I sadly cannot do any more.

To be honest whenever I see someone in a fandom comment along the lines of ‘oh my god yes angst!’ in response to an art or writing piece that shows a character experiencing emotional problems I get kind of bothered. I don’t really see why people are so enthusiastic about seeing characters suffer?

I know I’ve written and thought up my share of dark and or emotional fan content but when I write it it’s coming from how I feel about stuff, in other words I’m projecting my own issues and working them out through other characters. But I get bothered by others people’s enthusiasm for this kind of content because why…would you enjoy seeing someone suffer even if they’re fictional? Like….do people not realise that there are actual real people in the world who have these issues? I kind of hesitate because I wonder if the reason some people enjoy the content is that they also like being able to relate to a character who is having emotional difficulties but most of the time I just feel like they’re somehow grossly romanticizing things like eating disorders, self-harm, depression, and suicide and that really worries me. None of these are good things, they’re dangerously harmful to real people.