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AND ANOTHER THING….at a certain point, seeing a Woman of Color and being like “I want her to punch me in the mouth and push me off a cliff” kind of ‘compliments’ on her appearance gets SUPER CREEPY and PERFORMATIVE. Speaking specifically about Black Women (because *I am one) it lets me know that you project a certain kind of aggression into us and want to make it clear that you’re not like ~other people~ who find us unattractive and unworthy, you’re one of the ~good people~ who just neeeeed to make it abundantly clear that you’re just SO IN AWE AND ATTRACTED TO US that you say really weird violent things.

And I’m not talking about you saying it once or twice or the exaggerated humor we’ve developed as a consequence of being here on Tumblr. If you look at a WoC and CONSTANTLY have stuff like that to say….you’re a creep.

*gender presentation wise not gender identity


In this dark time of art block, I bring you…

Baby Reigen

Not even ageswap, just for whatever reason/by some accident he’s a little kid for awhile. Yeah. More to come probably.

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You really hate puns don't you Chara?

*I do not.
*I actually quite enjoy puns and jokes.
*If I am the one who makes them.
*…Mrs. Dreemurr’s jokes are not bad, either.
*Mr. Dreemurr’s jokes are… not intolerable.
*They are charming in their own right.

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My friend told me that Dallas looks a lot like me and that made me feel really happy because I relate to Dallas a lot (and I am also a blue haired trans boy whattup). I'm pre T so I'm very very very insecure. I really struggle a lot with being okay with myself. But that new pic you drew (even though not canon) of Dallas and Malek, actually made me cry because seeing Dallas wearing a binder made me feel less insecure about my chest and like made me feel I might find someone someday who loves me

!! You are valid and loveable ♡ thank you for the nice message!!

Thank you

From the bottom of my heart I am so grateful for all those who started following me here on Tumblr and to all those who are gonna find my page in the future. I really think it was the right call for me to make an IC/OOC blog because I really do love roleplaying, the problem is… is that I’m very nervous and shy about just jumping in with other people for fear they won’t want me to. 

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I think it's settled that Even didn't fall in love because he was manic. Is it possible that he went manic because he fell in love?

Thanks for saying that’s settled. I did write a lot about it didn’t I? XD I got really excited by your question so thanks for asking it!
Now onto your question:

Firstly, I’m not actually sure Even is in love with Isak by the end of sesong 3. I’m part of these horrible people who believe Isak’s “does it matter?” at the end of the sesong is one of the most beautiful, healthy, and ultimately romantic ending we could have gotten and I am so grateful for it.

Of course, that only speaks of Isak’s state of mind at that moment, not Even’s. But the only time Even said he loved Isak was in his suicide text. That’s not a romantic “elsker deg”. That’s a: I’m going to die, I cared a lot about you and the only words strong enough for what I am feeling in this moment of distress are “elsker deg”.

To me, at the end of the sesong, they are both on their way to falling in love but they’re not quite there yet. It doesn’t mean they don’t care deeply about each other and it won’t prevent me from referencing to their relationship as “love”. They love each other just not quite the absolute romantic way yet. But that’s just my opinion/headcanon.

Secondly, hypo/manic episodes can get triggered as well as they can happen seemingly untriggered. Amongst the triggers for an episode, we have anything that causes a change in routine and/or stress/anxiety/any-fucking-strong-emotion-ever. A new relationship is amongst them.
But a lot of the time, what will trigger an episode is a combination of things. For example: you could be moving houses. That, in itself, is the most stressful thing in the world. But it’s often not an isolated trigger. With moving houses we often change jobs too, get away from our usual group of friends, have to learn new habits, new routines, get used to new environment, etc.
Maybe you are moving in with a loved one? That too is stressful: what if the relationship doesn’t work? Or what if it does? What if you’re made for each other and it’s the most glorious and important day ever and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
All of these combined make for a great trigger.

But saying that Even’s crush on Isak triggered his mania would be unfair to Isak and fundamentally untrue. I think it was a combination of things:

Even had an episode at Bakka (we still don’t know if it was mania, mind you, could have been depression or mixed or hypomania) from which he is still reeling, at least socially. He just changed schools (1), is having problems with his long term (2bis) girlfriend (2), has rumours being spread about him (3), has probably lost a few friends (4), develops a new crush (5), is smoking and drinking regularly (6, although some people react well to weed and use it successfully to self medicate and I don’t want to generalise) then he breaks up with his girlfriend (7), gets into a new romantic relationship (8) and he stopped sleeping much (9).

That’s a lot to happen to Even in a very short time.
I think more than “did Even go manic because he fell in love?” it’s “did Even go manic because a lot of important parts of his life changed radically in a very short amount of time and that would make anyone freak out but his brain has a special kind of freak out?”.

And to that second question, I say yes. Very likely.

Thanks again for your question! (I’m going to put it under “the flippening!” in my SKAM&bipolar masterpost hehehe) It was fun to think about.

uuu… I’m really thankful for everyone’s support ToT even when I don’t post for months and live life floating around unambitious and placid I really appreciate all who offer support when I do come back. I check all tags and replies all the time and even for a few words, I’m just really glad for. and some people have been around for so long too! I’m just… really appreciative fdkhfjg. drawing is fun when it’s fun. tumblr is often not fun but that means I’m like so affected whenever I do slink back here and am met with kindness and support lolfdjfj. thank you.

Am I the only one who’s not crazy about the Leia cameo at the end of RO? I know I’ve talked about this before but there’s so many GIFs of it going around that now I’m feeling it all over again.

It’s not that I’m opposed to the idea of the cameo because I love that she’s in the movie, I just really… didn’t like the execution?

Like for example the Leia we see in RO seems like a completely different character than the Leia we see in the OT? Picture Leia when she’s addressing the troops or sitting in the cockpit of the Falcon or fighting/strategizing on Endor–she’s take-charge and authoritative.

And yet at the end of Rogue One I get the feeling that’s she’s way too happy and serene and almost unconcerned about what’s happening. Like instead of giving directives or discussing their options or talking about the fact that they just narrowly avoided slaughter in the midst of a space battle, she’s just standing there like 😊 and then when she’s handed the plans to the Death Star, she just smiles and looks at them and says 😊😊😊 hope, which is not only the cheesiest line Leia ever delivers and sounds nothing like what she would actually say, it just strikes me as out of character for her to seem so placid and soft and unconcerned at such a high-stakes and important moment. Like it would’ve been better if the rebel handed her the plans, and she took them, and then whipped around to face the captain and said “Make the jump to Tatooine!” and then they jumped into hyperspace.

And that’s not even to say that I think it almost would’ve been better if they didn’t show her face or have her speak at all. Like how dramatic would it have been as the very last shot of the movie if it showed the rebel rounding the corner and the shot of Princess Leia from behind with her hood up and the rebel was like “Your Highness! We’ve received a transmission!” and she started to turn and lower her hood and you got like quick glimpse of her buns and ALMOST her face and then the credits started.

That would’ve been way better.

And the CGI on Leia wasn’t as good as the work they did on Tarkin, so that especially now when I’m seeing GIFs of the RO scene and ANH Leia in the same edit, it’s pretty clear that it’s not stellar work in RO. And I mean even seeing it in the theater I was jarred when I saw her face and heard her speak. It might have been passable for the casual fans but someone who’s spent the amount of time watching Star Wars that I have… it was weird. It felt very specifically like NotLeia.

But maybe that’s just me fixating because I care more about that one Leia moment than I do about the whole rest of the film lol.

Guys I seriously made that death note is everyone's starter anime in THIRTY SECONDS

And now I get to deal with the fallout of 20k or whatever people coming to shit on anime fans who’re younger than them, really?

Am I allowed to make posts?

Because it’s not my fucking fault a bunch of fucking weebs decided to reblog it, make it popular, and draw in a bunch of assholes to “refute” it.

This is the high school/college PSA post all over again.

I hate all of you.

You discoursing whining little entitled brats, always having to look down your nose at posts that aren’t “100 percent accurate and 100 percent organic.”

It’s almost like you see an innocuous post about something and you’re just compelled, your asshole meter goes off, you think “god, how can I make myself look smart and this guy look like an ass?”

Well you’re creative motherfuckers, I’ll give you that.

You start the stupidest arguments and provoke the most hatred you can out of things I would’ve never IMAGINED you could.

You’re full of shit.

You’re so full of shit.

Unfollow me, I UNFAIRLY and INACCURATELY said that death note is a starter anime.

And I had the gall to say college was better than high school.

Donald trump is the American president, its now socially acceptable to be a Nazi, and people are being beaten to death and shot in Mexico, but THIS is what you choose to talk about??

The technical INACCURACIES and CLAIMS of someone…

Who wrote a post in thirty seconds, posted it thinking no one would give a shit, and having it blow up?

That’s my crime?

I shitpost and immediately get these “scholarly responses” from a bunch of weeb tools who feel so enlightened by their Akira, Chrome Shelled Regios, and FLCL bullshit that they feel the need to “correct” the fool who made A SHITPOST?

All I do here is shitpost.

When I make a serious point, you CAN TELL.

I will be SWEARING, for one thing, and it’ll be about POLITICS or social inequality.


So if you’re ON MY BLOG to inform me that I’m wrong and you didn’t start with death note, I refer to the above points and hope that if you didn’t have the good sense to just ignore the fucking post or reblog it with just your personal first anime, no INSULTS, required, I kindly leave you with the advice of my mother, which is “go shove a lemon up your urethra.”

Cover art headcanons

Okay you know what? I know I said I wouldn’t write that shit down but I cannot not write it down. It makes me physically ill to think I am not writing it down. I know the cover art requests aren’t ‘canon’ and only the cover stories are but like a good friend of mine said, Oda rarely drew stuff he does not consider canon, even in cover art. So, it might be canon, it might not be.

So I’m just going to justify how it could be by a bullet point list. I want to explain why it isn’t all that out of character. The image of Crocodile selflessly helping some dog who he had no benefits to gain from is really ooc but let’s make it not.

Headcanons about the dog

  • This dog has been abandoned / has no owner.
  • At some point in his life, Crocodile lost his hand. Going off my own headcanon, Crocodile was left for dead, wet and alone. The reason why he is helping that dog is because he relates to the animal. He , too, would have loved to not be alone when he was wet and pathetic. It fits with my own headcanons of Crocodile feeling a bit sympathetic to those left in the rain, alone. I even had a thread with @scarlethaki where he found her wounded, in the rain, and he decided to help her. Maybe because it brings bad souvenirs so it would explain why he’s sheltering the dog from the rain. 
  • Croc never actually showed hate for animals, in fact, he seemed to like them enough. He owned bananawanis and once owned a bazooka that ate a dog devil fruit. He also had a few animals/ zoan users during his time in Baroque Works (Unluckies, miss merrychristmas, Lassoo, that frog theme miss Father’s day etc..) and we also saw him on another cover with some well dressed rhinos. Croc actually loves animals because they won’t betray him; Animals are honest, people are not.

Headcanons about his clothes/lack of rings

  • Assuming that he dropped the rings, the scarves and the haughty attitude, we can guess that Crocodile is in a place he judges comfortable enough to lower his guard. Do you see where I’m going?
  • Crocodile is not wearing his usual clothes, he’s not wearing his rings, he’s allowing water to pour on him and making him vulnerable. Assuredly, this place makes him feel safe enough to allow these out of character things to happen.
  • Okay I’ll say it. He’s home.
  • Crocodile is probably visiting family and in my headcanons, he’s the eldest son of a family of 5 boys. Maybe he’s visiting them and that’s why he allows himself to look weak, to look like he might have used to be at some point in his life. There is no need for him to look intimidating, no need for him to wear his fortune on his sleeves and hide his neck. 

That’s it, I made headcanons to justify that cover that was ooc to me but now it isn’t anymore and I made myself sad and happy I love SIR CROCODILE JFC.

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Hey!!! I just wanted to say thank you so much for that trigger guide to the X files!! I am the worlds biggest baby who gets nightmares from Harry Potter and that list really helped me get through the series with a little more ease! I was able to watch the entire series in exactly a month too!!! But you are a blessing and so is that list! Thank you for helping me safely discover my new favorite show!!!

Thank you!!! That makes me so happy. I have a ton of messages with additions to the list, but editing a long post on an iPad is impossible in this app, so I’ll update them once I’m home this weekend. I’m so glad people found use out of it!

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You haven't been in the fandom long but you seem to think you are something a bit special don't you sweetie? Stop posting your crappy art and fan fic because no one cares.

Well damn anon that really hurts. You do of course realise you are targeting a woman who gets a rich variety of imaginative insults thrown in to her face by drunken yobs every single working day and who STILL sleeps like a baby every night? A woman who has a finely honed sense of worth and who loves herself from the top of her head to the itty bitty tips of her toesie wosies? So yes, I do think I am something a bit special and thanks for noticing. As for the art and fic and shit - clearly someone cares enough to come to an inbox and make a point of mentioning it. Oh I’m sorry, that would be you. 😍 Thanks for caring.
Now off you trot. Go get some help because I am worried about you. 😢

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hEY OKAY. I just kinda wanted to tell you how thankful i am for you just,,, existing, i guess. Your music has made me happier than almost anything else these last few months, and kind of acts like a coping mechanism for me? Not only that, but you (as a person) make me really happy. You're really sweet to people who send in asks (unless theyre being mean but it that case, they deserve a kick), and your sense of humor is w onde r f ul. Sorry this got kinda rambley,, I hope you have a good week!!

h eck you’re too kind anon sdfsdhfhsdfbsjdfsdbfsdj hope you have a good week toooo!

I’ve decided...

I want the “Late night college radio station at a really weird school” equivalent of Welcome to Nightvale/King Falls AM etc. Special guests include “That one folklore professor who gives you extra credit for leaving milk out for the brownies”,  The random guy from the quad who’s convinced everyone is a character in a massive LARP just pretending to go to college, and Bob, the guy who lives in the steam tunnels under the campus. He may be a student? We’re not sure. 

(The problem of course is that none of this is actually weirder than the guests on a regular late night college radio station.)

Caranthir hears of Thingol’s death.

I am so fond of Caranthir, and I think he gets unfairly lumped in with Celegorm and Curufin, when really he does nothing worse than, say, Maglor (and arguably, much less).  So here is a brief scene of him hearing some urgent news from a Dwarf of Azaghal’s family, who fought beside him in the Nirnaeth, who rather to his surprise has become a friend.

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Hey. Sound (the--lonely--creator) found out that he's been following you for awhile. He always wanted to tell you that he admires your work and especially when you voiced Papyrus and Revali. I'm telling you this because he is really shy at times and this kid needs a shoutout.

I’m really glad he’s enjoyed so much of my work! However, I am also someone who likes to reward those who take the initiative and have confidence in themselves, as those are very important qualities to have regardless of what career path one takes. Playing messenger isn’t very fun, and there’s no guarantee the exact message will be shared.

If he can build up the courage to reach out to me himself, I would be more than happy to provide that shout out!

The past several days have really not been bad, but not been good either. I’ve been severely leaving I sleep and mentally could be in a better place. And I think it boils down to today is the anniversary of my mom dying.

Mom was such a huge part of who I am and I miss her every day. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of her. I still find myself picking up the phone to call her even after all these years. I miss her terribly.

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Hi. I'm the 13 year old. I just dropped by to mention two things: 1) I am strongly against dating at my age simply because of the idea of dating whether they actually like eachother or not.2) I am very 'stubborn' you may say, for my morals and absolutely nobody and nothing, even if it's a person I really like or not, can make me do something that's against my morals or that I would not do willingly. I didn't mean to come across as a dumb 13yearold who doesn't know what she's doing; because I do.

you didn’t come across as a dumb 13 year old at all so i hope i didn’t make it seem like that and i hope i didn’t come across as too judgemental or anything cause that’s not what i was aiming for, especially as i don’t know you. i was just worried for you, that’s all! honestly in this message, you sound more mature that i’ve ever sounded in my entire life. i just want to say that i was using my own dating experiences in my answers to you which influenced my opinions! i’m like you in the sense that my morals are really strong and i like to think of myself as this hard headed individual who can’t be forced or coerced or controlled into anything and yet, that is something that did happen to me so i was just worried, but that’s just the type of person i am! i’ve learnt to become very wary of everything to do with dating so i don’t think you were/are dumb at all, cause you’re not, all of my answers to you came of a place of concern! i appreciate you taking the time to reply though and i hope you have a wonderful day 💫