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RFA+V+Saeran's reaction to MC asking them to have a sleepover and what type of sleepover they'd have? (like who'd watch movies all night, who'd pillow fight, etc.) Thanks!! ive also fallen in love with ur blog ^^

You’re so cute!Thank you!

I hope you like it! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Please feel free to send me a feedback, if this is NOT what you wanted, I’ll do it again in no time!
Any mistakes, report to me


  • This is going to be fun!
  • First, you two will battle everyone in LOLOL, let’s win those rare treasures!
  • After ranging all night because of that, you two would go to the couch
  • Popcorn: check, a movie: check
  • You two would not watch a horror movie this late…You two wouldn’t be able to sleep.
  • Not a dramatic movie either…You guys would cry a lot, and Yoosung doesn’t want to seem like a baby in front of you.
  • The perfect sleepover will be you two on the couch, cuddling, with some blankets to keep you guys warm seeing one fantasy movie.
  • You two would sleep on the couch too, and the next day Yoosung it’s just looking at you, smiling, he finally slept with a girl!


  • The perfect sleepover…A karaoke night!
  • He’ll drink some beers…If you want, you can too!
  • He would sing with you all kinds of songs!
  • He would even dance for you if you want!
  • Zen starts this night calmly, but the music and the dance got the best of him, now he’s shirtless.
  • He’s always dancing with you now, looks like he doesn’t want to let you go.
  • You find it funny.
  • It’s so late now, it’s time to stop the karaoke night.
  • He’s a little sad about it, but he understands.
  • But he’ll want to keep the party going on in the bedroom.
  • The beast wants to enjoy this party too!
  • If you know what i mean…( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  • Ok!
  • She’ll put all Zen’s musicals for you guys watch.
  • While drinking coffee, or any hot drink you want!
  • This is going to be a relaxing night.
  • After some time you two would cuddle on the couch and talk about life.
  • Yeah man, a deep night.
  • After that, you two would watch another film, but this time a dramatic one, AND ZEN ISN’T THERE.
  • You two would be there for ages until you see the clock and realizes how late it was.
  • After that you guys go to the bed, sleeping peacefully and cuddling.
  • This was a good night.


  • Oh ok.
  • He’ll arrange everything, you two will have a wonderful dinner.
  • After that, you two will play with Elizabeth and have a good time with this.
  • He seems so happy.
  • If you want you two can watch some movies, he’s not familiar with it, but he can enjoy.
  • But you’ll have to endure the questioning the entire film.
  • In the middle of the movie Jumin starts to kiss your neck, you laugh about it thinking he’s trying to be funny.
  • But when he starts to suck your neck and giving it little bites you know what he wants.
  • He’s almost on the top of you when you look at him, your eyes meet his eyes, he gives you a little smirk.
  • Looks like we’ll watch the rest of the movie later.


  • You’re wrong! He’ll hit you with a pillow when you’re not looking!
  • Sneak attack!
  • Now it’s war.
  • You two are running, hiding from each other, but at the same time, you two are HUNTING for each other.
  • For 3 hours. Yeah, 3 fucking hours.
  • Seven’s must be doubting of your skills, he’ll regret that.
  • You made the perfect trap, you let a pack of Honey Buddha Chips on the ground, he’ll not resist it.
  • When he saw that on the ground, his heart broke, going to pick that up.
  • Before he could do anything he’s attacked by your sneak attack!
  • He’s on the ground, YOU WON!
  • He laughs on the ground looking at you “YES!I WON!Where’s my prize?”
  • “You can have it right now” You laugh looking at him “Where’s it?”
  • “In my pants.”


  • This’ll be a very calm night.
  • You two would listen to some music, being calm all night while cuddling on the bed.
  • You guys will see some photographs, and he’ll tell you all the history behind it.
  • It’s cool to know all about that, V is a well knows man, he is adventurous too!
  • After that you will tell to V your history, all the things, funny things, sad things, he wants to know about everything!
  • You guys feel closer and more connected to each other after that.
  • And you’ll have a peaceful sleep with the man you love.
  • Everything seems so right after that night.


  • He agrees with a sleepover!
  • So you’re excited, on the night you go to Saeran…
  • “Hey Saeran, we have movies, popcorn, music, karaoke, we can bake something, have a little of a pillow fight, we can dance too…Let me think…We can talk about things, tell scary histories…" 
  • You laugh, you’re so enthusiastic, while Saeran’s with that grumpy face of his "So Saeran…What you want to do?" 
  • You look at him, smiling, he looks into your eyes
  • "Fuck.”
  • You froze.
  • What?
  • You can’t even think straight anymore, while you were in shock, Saeran stands up and stop at the bedroom door.
  • “I’ll wait for you.”
  • He gives you a little smirk, entering the bedroom.
  • Oh god.

he was a king.

this was the year he was going to die.

may or may not have spent my entire sunday finding obscure indie movies to steal clips from to make this video. idk, you can’t prove anything. 

One of the strangest phenomena ive witnessed on this website is how users can take something so completely mundane and easily explainable and overanalyze it to a point where its so distorted that they can fit it into their narrative and make it look like common sense to anyone else who shares the same common beliefs.

Oh, this girl has a crush on a boy at school? She’s clearly fallen ill to the heteronormative patriarchal culture our society has put in place to brainwash little girls into staying in the system-

No bitch, she has a crush on a boy fucking chill


Yukito is the nicest dork and i love him very much


Lucifer/Helel (Part 3)

(Continued from Part 2)

Being in Christian lore who fell from heaven and became Satan, also known as The Devil. The name Lucifer is a translation of the word Helel which meant ‘light-bearer’ and was used to describe a fallen star. It was Lucifer who caused a third of the angels to fall, who tempted Eve to eat the forbidden fruit and who tried to turn both Christ and Job away from God.

In the Cathartic religion, it is believed that there were two gods, one of light and one of darkness. The god of darkness was equated with The Devil and was said to have created the physical world. The Catholic Church states that Lucifer and those who follow him are able to possess people in order to drive them to evil. These possessions can only be broken by a holy exorcism. Other traditions teach that the black magic of witches comes from Lucifer and that he is also the Biblical creature, Leviathan.

Lucifer has become a highly influential figure in the world, appearing in many pieces of media, such as books, films and video games. One popular appearance is in the 1987 film ‘Angel Heart’  based on the 1978 novel ‘Falling Angel’. In the film, Lucifer is played by famous actor Robert De Niro, under the pseudonym, Louis Cyphre.

Another famous appearance of The Devil is in Dante Alighieri’s ‘Divine Comedy’ where he is depicted trapped in ice and with three heads. In contrast to the modern interpretation that Lucifer is sly and manipulative, he is instead portrayed as ignorant and stupid. The beating of his flapping wings causes his ever-flowing tears to freeze around his waist, trapping him forever.

(Continued in Part 4 of 4)

It's more than the show

I just want to take a second to say, although this isn’t the send off that I (or many of us) wanted, I can’t say I regret my time in the fandom. I’ve met so many wonderful people, people who I’m proud to call close friends. I’ve learned so much about myself. Ive been able to finally accept who I truly am. I’ve fallen in love.

This show was always more than just a series of episodes. It was an escape, at times a family, a place to belong and hang and learn and grow. Just because the episodes are over, our show should go on. I love every single one of you. I hope we can join together and create even better things for our future.


Over the years I’ve learned a lot Id like to think and that I think Im still learning more about people. From preschool all the way to highschool there has been a diverse amount of people Ive met. Growing up I learned that white isnt the only race, heterosexuality isnt the only way to feel attraction, women arent just boy crazy objects to “conquer”, christianity isnt the only religion. In my current school however Ive seen some bad shit. Ive heard kids say some of the most racist, homophobic, sexist anti-semetic things ever. My best friend left school upset because a classmate (of course hes a trump supporter) was insulting muslims. And he was like “it was my opinion” Its sad how this is the future of our country in some ways. All of the fallen activists who stood for equal rights would not stand for this if thry were still alive. Most my school is composed of exchange students, From Vietnam and china specificially, they get mocked and I feel bad because it seems like they do not even realize it or if they do they hide it or just ignore it. Our country was taken by immigrants in a brutal way and we celebrate Christopher columbus in our schools Wtf. I went to an all boys catholic school for a while and hearing stuff like “atheists dont exist” is just dumb too. My mom and I are catholic and my brothers an atheist. We are very close as a family either way. Religion is up to you but respect others if they dont agree. Agree to disagree without hurting one another. Anyone born with a disorder of any kind is not an abnormal person. Autism and aspergers for example are not something to be ashamed of, looking for a cure for something like that is not necessary and instead we should be focusing on how to help them do what they need to do instead of making them meet neurotypical standards. Women are also an important part of our society as they work hard to get where they are. My mom is one of the most amazing smart and determined females I know not to mention most of my friends growing up were girls. Seeing shit like “grab em by the pussy” pisses me off. They are not sluts looking for cock they are people like you and me and they want respect and recognition. Ladies if any stupid person cat calls you or gangs up on you you do not have to stand for that. Or if anyone get called cows/heffers fuck those assholes theres nothing wrong if someone is chubby instead of skinny. And on to the topic of lgbtq: gay men are not walking stereotypes, lesbians are not there to arouse men, bi pan demi people arent confused or going through phases, asexual and aromantic people arent sad or lonely. Trans and non binary people are who they feel they want to be and how they see themselves. Who are we to deny that just by doing something silly like telling people which bathroom they have to go into? Homophobia is disgusting and dealing with that mindset in a christian middle school was not healthy for me because it gave me wrong ideas. Almost all my friends now are lgbt one way or another and they have been there for me in so many ways. Anyways apologies for the large wall of text but just remember. No matter what,YOU ARE VALID! You are gonna go out there and do great things. You are gonna meet amazing people, learn amazing things about yourself, have amazing lives and while things may seem bad at times you will be able to get through it and you will have people to back you up. I know Im only a seventeen year old boy who is still learning about how the world works and is gonna meet more people out there. When I join college I plan to get involved with many school organizations to help make others feel good safe and loved. If you are ever scared or worried about being judged. Just please remember that You are Loved. May you stay safe and have a good day/night.


Lucifer/Helel (Part 2)

(Continued from Part 1)

Fallen angel in Christianity who is said to have rebelled against God and become The Devil. The name comes from the ‘King James Bible’ where it was a translation of the Hebrew term Helel, which meant ‘light-bearer’. Because a passage described a fallen star with the name, it has come to be equated with the fall of Satan. Other names he had included Beelzebub, the Wicked One, the Prince of Lies, the God of This World and Belial.

It is told in Christian lore that when Lucifer rebelled in the form of a giant dragon, a third of the angels fell with him and caused a war in heaven. He was defeated and cast down to either earth or hell by the archangel Michael. Eventually, he was merged with aspects of the Greek deity Pan and was often depicted with cloven hoofs, horns and a pitchfork. In one text by Luther, it was stated that Lucifer could not stand music.

It is perceived by many people that Lucifer was the serpent at the garden of Eden who tricked Eve into eating the forbidden fruit, but this remains unclear with either people supporting or denying the idea. Like the other versions of Satan, he too attempted to turn both Job and Christ away from the One True God.

Another common depiction, that of Lucifer ruling hell, did not come about until the famous book ‘Paradise Lost’ by John Milton, wherein Satan is a tragic but romantic figure who would rather rule in hell than serve the Lord in heaven. This depiction of The Devil would become so popular, that all versions of Lucifer since have taken aspects from this story.

(Continued in Part 3 of 4)



  • me: so magnu-
  • friend who only watches shadowhunters and doesnt read the books: stop talking about magnus so much. you havent even read the books. smh.
  • me: oh
  • me: by the angel raziel
  • me: ive been reading these books since fifth grade. thats a lot of years mate. if i dont read the books then explain why i can tell you everything about jem carstairs.
  • friend: who?

Silmarillion - Fëanor and Finwë

This is the drawing that’s been preoccupying my mind for the last two weeks, even though I have barely had any time to actually work on it, so tonight I decided to pull it together and finally finish it. When I first started it I was completely in love, because everything worked out fine, and looking at it now I do realize its not perfect, but I still love it, especially the characters. Yes there are a few anatomical mistakes, but who cares, right?^^ personally I feel ive learned so much working on this, so thats a silver lining!

And yes, I have fallen completely for Fëanor, and all my drawing ideas are of him, my next hopefully being of him and his wife! :D

Well I still dont have a scanner so please excuse the crappy quality =P

Finwë and Fëanor © J.R.R. Tolkien

Art © Me/ingvild-s(deviantart)/ingvildschageart(tumblr)/Iggys_art(instagram)


Gif source:  Here

Imagine being on a hunt with Sam and Dean, and Garth ends up showing up, and by the time the hunt is over, you’ve fallen for Garth, leaving Dean, who had a thing for you, very confused with the turn of events, and Sam finding the whole thing hilarious.

——— Request for anon ———

There had just been something about him. He was the polar opposite to the majority of hunters you’d had the pleasure of meeting in the past. Garth had no problem showing affection, and if you were being honest, at this point in your life that’s exactly what you needed.

So when he walked in on that hunt you’d been on with the Winchesters, you’d gravitated towards him almost immediately, becoming close friends fast. By the end of it, you’d completely fallen head over heels for him.

“How did this happen?” Dean asks, more to himself than Sam as he watches you hop into Garth’s car instead of the Impala as you prepare to go your separate ways. He was completely confused as to how he’d lost you so quickly to Garth.

Sam lets out a laugh beside him, giving him a comforting pat on the shoulder, “Well, you never made a move. Garth did.”


~A few words from the author:
Hey guys! Thanks for getting this story as far as it has gotten. I’m so glad that you all like it! I do have a request for you guys: please comment!!!! I really need feedback, and although likes do help, I need to know who here is reading and who is just double tapping. Not that I don’t trust you guys, but I just want to make sure. Thanks for listening!~

{Author: @shithitsthephan / @ hello_fandoms_my_old_friend on IG

Main characters: markiplier, jacksepticeye, PewDiePie, cutiepiemarzia, wwiishu, and the (female) reader

Pairing: jacksepticeye x reader

Warnings: language, blood, violence, and LOTS OF FEELS}

IV: Hallucinations

The car ride grew boring after a while, and Marzia had fallen asleep, along with Mark and Signe. I was listening to the Five Nights at Freddy’s Musical Night 4 with my eyes closed while Jack was proof-watching a video sent from his editor. He chuckled, remembering something funny in the video, then uploaded it at exactly 3:00.

Suddenly, I felt something on my neck, like a cool and calming breeze, yet it sent chills down my spine. My eyes shot open and I looked behind me. There was nothing on the chair, and no windows were open. I looked at my vague reflection in the window to my right and fixed my hair a bit, then froze. I could see something…no, someone!…in the reflection in the space in between Jack and me. The figure was taller than Jack, lanky, and seemed more like a shadow than anything else. But it was definitely made of solid matter…and it was looking right at me.

I whipped my head around, but saw nothing unusual: only Jack. He looked up at me, startled by my sudden movement. He must have thought I was asleep before.

“You okay?” He asked. I looked back at the window. The figure was gone. I slowly nodded, still not facing Jack. I could see in the reflection that he looked concerned, but he looked back down at his laptop after the long moment in which I said nothing.

Count this one as four. Something was definitely wrong with me, or…wait a minute. That spirit board I touched at that shop the other day…maybe I…No. That’s not possible. Not that I didn’t believe in paranormal activity such as this, it’s just that I didn’t take any actions to summon anything that day.

Maybe I should tell someone. If something’s happening, others should be aware, right? But I didn’t want to draw attention to myself. Mark, Jack, Felix…everyone around me might think I had brought this to them.

I decided to wait. If anything else happened that seemed serious and not related to lack of sleep/paranoia, I would tell someone.

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so i literally just started fallen london and am “a charming and dangerous person of vague and indeterminate gender” and i’ve gotten myself into a situation where I’m catching cats so they tell me secrets and also to make me sneakier so that i can go through the handbag of the artist’s model who i seduced to learn if she has any good gossip that i’ll probably sell 

..this game is incredible