this is where they bottle windex


‘’Surprise! I bet you didn’t expect me here, you bitch.’’

Murder of Shanda Sharer

Top: Melinda Loveless; Laurie Tackett

Bottom: Hope Rippey; Toni Lawrence

On the night of January 10, 1992, 16-year-old Melinda Loveless concocted a plan to kidnap and kill her 12-year-old rival Shanda Sharer. Melinda Loveless had been in a lesbian relationship with 15-year-old Amanda Heavrin for two years until Shanda came into the picture and Amanda began focusing her attention on her and away from Melinda. Melinda had threatened Shanda on multiple occasions and told friends everyday how much she wanted her rival dead.

Melinda enlisted the help of three other teenage girls to join the kidnapping and killing of Shanda Sharer: Laurie Tackett (17), Hope Rippey (15), andToni Lawrence (15), who resided in Madison, Indiana. Laurie Tackett, who Melinda specifically recruited knowing she had a need to be violent, was very aware of what Melinda had in store for that night. She informed Hope and Toni that they were going to kill a little girl, but neither girl took her seriously. Laurie Tackett picked Hope and Toni up and made the long drive to New Albany, Indiana, where Melinda resided. They lounged around in her bedroom, trying on Melinda’s clothes until Melinda drew a butcher knife from her purse. ”This is the knife I’m going to use to scare Shanda,” she said.

Melinda began discussing her hatred for Shanda and how much she wanted her dead for stealing her girlfriend, though admitted that she was sexy, as much as she hated her. Toni and Hope sat in silence, shocked. They did not know Shanda, and neither did Laurie. Knowing that Shanda was spending the weekend at her father’s house in nearby Jeffersonville, Indiana, Melinda called her house multiple times but to no avail. The girls then piled into Laurie’s car and stopped a few blocks away from Shanda’s fathers house. Melinda and Laurie ordered Toni and Hope to go to the door and tell Shanda that they were friends of Amanda’s and Amanda was waiting for her at a location called the Witch’s Castle, a place familiar to Laurie. As Toni and Hope left, Melinda hid herself on the floorboard, clutching the knife, and Laurie covered her with a blanket. Toni and Hope knocked on the door and introduced themselves as friends of Amanda when Shanda answered. They told her Amanda was waiting for her at the Witch’s Castle and urgently needed to see Shanda. Shanda, who was just heading to a party, told them to return at around midnight. By then, she told them, her father would be asleep.

Melinda was furious when Hope and Toni returned to the car without Shanda, but they assured her that they could stop by later and pick her up. Afterward, the girls attended a punk rock concert and spent a couple hours there. Melinda called Amanda and, for the last time, told her that she was going to kill Shanda. The girls drove back to Shanda’s house and this time successfully lured her into the car, where Melinda lay hidden in the back. As Hope drove away, she began asking questions about her relationship with Amanda to trigger Melinda off and it worked; Melinda leaped out of her hiding place and pressed the knife against Shanda’s throat. ”Surprise!” Melinda shouted, ”I bet you didn’t expect me here, you bitch.” Shanda began sobbing and pleaded for her to let her go, promising to leave Amanda alone.

When they arrived at the Witch’s Castle, a ruined stone house located on an isolated hill overlooking the Ohio River, Melinda and Laurie bound Shanda’s hands and feet with rope and the girls began taunting her and stealing her jewelry. Laurie took a cherished sweater of hers, lit it on fire, and told Shanda, ”You’re next.” Fearing that bypassing cars would spot the fire and see what’s going on, Laurie and the girls went back in the car and drove all the way to Madison, Indiana, stopping in a densely forested area where Melinda forced Shanda to strip herself naked and began beating her with her fists, repeatedly cramming her knee into her mouth, causing her to bleed. Melinda attempted to slit her throat, but the knife was too dull. At some point during the beating, Hope got out of the car to assist them in holding Shanda down. Laurie and Melinda took turns stabbing Shanda in the chest and eventually strangled her with a rope, sending her into a state of unconsciousness.

The girls tossed Shanda into the trunk and drove to Laurie’s house to wash themselves off. Laurie fixed the girls some soft drinks. When they heard Shanda screaming and banging around in the trunk, Laurie grabbed a paring knife, assured the girls she’ll handle it, and went outside where she opened the trunk and stabbed Shanda in the head. Laurie returned to clean herself up and told the girls their futures with ”rune stones” just to calm them down. 

At about 2:30 AM, Hope and Toni decided to hang back as Melinda and Laurie went ”country cruising”, driving to the nearby town of Canaan. Every time they heard screaming and thumping sounds from the trunk, Laurie would stop the car and beat Shanda into silence with a tire iron. Shanda would call out Melinda’s name in a gurgled voice and the last word she could muster was ”mommy” until Laurie wacked her with the tire iron again. The girls debated where to dump off Shanda, considering the limited options they had such as tossing her in a lake and running her over with the car. Sometime during the ride, it was decided that they were going to burn her.

Melinda and Laurie returned to the house at dawn and lead Hope and Toni to the car to show them the mangled condition that Shanda was now in. Toni, refusing to take a look, went inside the car while Laurie opened up the trunk. Hope recalled, ”Not one inch of her wasn’t covered in blood.” Next, Hope took a Windex bottle and sprayed it all over Shanda’s wounds. As Shanda screamed and wriggled in pain, Hope taunted, ”You’re not looking so hot now, huh?”

The girls headed to a gas station where they purchased a 2-liter bottle of Pepsi, dumped it out, and refilled it with gasoline. Hope informed them of a secluded location called ”Lemon Road” where they could burn Shanda. Once they reached the gravel road, Toni, shaken up, stayed in the car while Hope and Laurie opened up the trunk, wrapped Shanda’s body up in a blanket, and laid her out on the side of the road. Laurie ordered Melinda to pour the gasoline over Shanda’s body, but she shied away, so she pushed it into Hope’s hands. Hope doused Shanda’s body with the gasoline and Laurie lit a match. Shanda’s body was up in flames within a millisecond.

All three girls piled into the car where Toni awaited and sped off, only it wasn’t too long before Melinda looked back and demanded that go back because Shanda wasn’t burning enough. Laurie spun the car around and pulled up beside Shanda’s burning body. Melinda got out of the car alone and stood over Shanda, staring at her severely charred condition for a few moments. Melinda later recounted in court, ”She was burned to a crisp. You couldn’t recognize her. I mean, she was totally crisp black. I was sick…I’m sick.” Melinda then poured the rest of the gasoline on her and quickly climbed back into the car. Melinda laughed about how Shanda’s tongue was darting in and out of her mouth and praised her death, relieved to have her rival out of her and Amanda’s lives.


After burning Shanda alive, the girls stopped at a local McDonald’s for breakfast where they joked that Shanda looked like the sausages. Toni, horrified, phoned her friend and confessed that the other girls had murdered someone. After breakfast, Melinda and Laurie dropped Hope and Toni home before heading back to Melinda’s place in New Albany.

A couple hours after Shanda’s death, two brothers from Canaan, Indiana, were on there way to go hunting when they discovered a peculiar body burnt alive on the side of the gravel road. They initially suspected someone had burned a mannequin as a prank, but the closer they drew, the higher their fears rose. The figure was nude except for a pair of ripped blue panties. It lay on its back, its head pointed toward the road, and was charred black from waist to head. Its pale white legs were spread open and bent at the knees, and both arms were stiffly raised toward the sky with clenched fists. The two hunters were unsettled by whether it was a dead body but proceeded to summon police.  

Melinda phoned a friend and confessed to murdering Shanda and afterward had Amanda Heavrin paged at Riverfalls Mall, arranging to pick her up. Upon meeting with Amanda, a tearful Melinda immediately told her everything that happened, explaining that she only intended to beat Shanda up but then Laurie went crazy and killed her. Amanda comforted the hysterical Melinda, unsure of whether this was merely a prank or not. Laurie, to prove to Amanda that they were telling the truth, showed Amanda the bloody trunk which contained one of Shanda’s bloody socks. Unlike Melinda, Laurie laughed as she walked Amanda through all the events that took place that night.

Melinda eventually dropped Amanda off at her house and made her promise not to tell anyone. The two shared one last kiss before Melinda then headed back to Laurie’s car. Meanwhile, Toni and Hope confessed to their parents and Toni’s parents immediately took her to the police station where Toni gave the names of the girls involved. The police enforcement pieced together the murder in a matter of hours. Melinda and Laurie were arrested later that night and taken into custody.


All four girls were tried as adults. To avoid the death penalty, all four girls accepted plea bargains. Laurie and Melinda were sentenced to sixty years in the Indiana Women’s Prison in Indianapolis. With maximum time reduced for good behavior, they could be released in 2020. Toni was sentenced to twenty years in prison, and with time reduced for good behavior, she was released in 2000. Hope was sentenced to 60 years, with ten suspended for mitigating circumstances, and ten years of medium supervision probation. With time reduced for good behavior, Hope was released in 2006.

Dammit, Stiles//Stiles Stilinski

(A/N): Reader and Stiles watch over Lydia in the hospital after she’s in the hospital. What will happen when a little someone causes a bit of commotion in the hospital?

Warnings: A lil’ make out session ;)


The steady beep of the respirator droned through your skull, causing a sharp pain to attack your fraile head. Your tired eyes stung as the cheap, energy efficient light bulbs lit up the small room. Hopeful thoughts and wishes scrolled through your mind as you gazed upon your resting friend, Lydia.

Stiles sat by your side in the room, since he was your best friend, but more importantly helplessly in love with Lydia. Of course, you couldn’t help falling for the clueless boy,  Nothing would make him leave her side, or so you thought.

“I’m gonna go get some snacks,” Stiles announced lazily, rising from his chair. You nearly jumped in surprise, but gave him a faint ‘okay’ in response. Remaining in your seat you looked over Lydia’s resting figure. Her paperwhite skin stood out against the dull cotton sheets and her fiery hair rested tamely on the pillows. You were always jealous of her seemingly perfect persona but you knew better than that.

Suddenly a loud crash erupted from the hallway, making you jump from your seat. You looked back at Lydia once more before carefully creeping out the door. Since all of the dangers that have come to light in Beacon Hills lately, you were on edge to say the least.

You frantically search your pockets for any type of weapon, yet there was only clumps lint. Taking another deep breath, you took a few steps from the door, looking for the source of the commotion. With your heart pounding out of your chest, you inch around the corner. You should’ve known, there Stiles stood over a broken vending machine. Shattered glass and broken snacks littered the tiled flooring.

“Dammit, Stiles. What the hell?” you say angrily, placing a hand on your hip.

“It got stuck,” Stiles whined, pouring. You rolled your eyes as you ran a hand through your hair.

Without warning, authoritative voices echo through the empty hallways, making your heart pick up its pace. You immediately grab Stiles’ hand and push him into the nearby janitor’s closet.

Your bodies pressed closely together in the stuffy closet, causing your cheeks to flush red. Thankfully, you were hidden in the darkness. Stiles chest vibrated as a fit of chuckles erupted from his throat. You snap your hand on his mouth, muting his laughter as a pair of heavy boots approached the door. The shadow stood still for a second before stomping elsewhere.

“If I would have known that knocking over a vending machine would get me in this position, I would’ve done it a lot sooner,” Stiles whispers huskily, taking you by surprise. His hands find your hips, pulling you closer.

“Stiles,” you whisper-scream at him, punching his chest playfully. You moved slightly, causing a handle of a broom to hit your back.

“C’mon, (Y/N), you know you like it,” Stiles states confidently. Even in the dark, you could tell he was smirking. What happened to the usual Stiles, but you wouldn’t say that you minded his sudden change.

“I swear to God, you flirt at the most inappropriate times,” you sigh, relaxing into his touch. Before you could even register it, Stiles pushed his lips onto yours. You froze in shock as his tongue ran over your bottom lip.

“Stiles,” you gasp on his lips, taking a moment before continuing, “This is really inappropriate.”

His lips travel down your neck, leaving a trail of gentle kisses before traveling back to your ear. His teeth graze against your skin slowly, sending chills down your spine.

“Stiles,” you breath out, struggling to push him away. He gently pushed you against an empty wall near a shelf filled with cleaning products.

“(Y/N),” he says in a hushed tone, “Stop complaining, jeez. We’ve been friends since like first grade, I know you like me and I like you.“ You felt your cheeks flush as his lips crept over your jawline before connecting your lips again. You relaxed this time, allowing your lips to move in sync with Stiles’. His hands rubbed circles underneath your shirt, causing goosebumps to rise from your skin.

“Jump,” Stiles commanded against your lips. You hopped up, letting your legs wrap around his waist as his hands firmly gripped your thighs. Stiles pressed you against the wall once more, disregarding your surroundings. Your head smacked the shelf with a loud thud. The unsturdy shelf knocked once against the wall before falling to the cement flooring.

“Shit,” you groaned with a giggle, running a hand over your throbbing injury. Stiles timidly lowered you to your feet, where an army of plastic bottles lay.The sickening smell of bleach and Windex entered your nose, making you gag.

“Sorry,” Stiles apologizes, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly. You could hear loud voices approaching the area. “Let’s get out of here.”

You nodded in response as you followed after him. The bright light blinded you as Stiles cracked the door just wide enough for him to peek his head out. He grabbed your hand, intertwining your fingers before stepping into the hallway.

“Hey, you. Stop,” the burly security shouted. Stiles laughed as he grabbed your hand, pulling you through the narrow hallways.


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[Today is the day Mistel washes down all of the glass in the shop - trading the familiar smell of citrus furniture polish for the slightly sharper aroma of window cleaner. The task is no more entertaining than the other, however - and when Agate barrels through the door, Mistel is fairly glad to stop doing his chores to observe her behavior.]

… [There is a very real moment where he’s tempted to spray her with the bottle of windex. The words “bad girl” are even on the tip of his tongue, aching to be said. But windex is toxic, he reminds himself, and Agate would probably not enjoy being potentially poisoned for the sake of an impulse joke. So instead, Mistel clears his throat.]

Can I help you, Ms. Agate?

[Her eyes are closed tightly, hands covering her face. She finally comes to a stop, miraculously not breaking herself or anything in the shop. She peeks between two of her fingers, looking to Mistel. Her voice is muffled from the palms of her hands as she speaks]

Mistel, quick; am I still on fire?!

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Jay should become a class where he just uses his spray as a weapon Poor slimes

ANON I WOULD PLAY TF OUT OF THAT CLASS– I mean this is all I could think of but LOOK AT HIM

the boy would upgrade to TWO bottles and eventually his spray water bottles into windex bottles for extra damage how about THAT heh K would be proud