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Marc Guggenheim SDCC17 Interview

Marc Guggenheim was kind enough to meet with me for a one on one chat. 

We walked the floor together with his nephew and little girl (who are the cutest) for an hour and talked all things Arrow!!! He told me this is his most aggressive SDCC schedule ever, so the fact that he slotted in some time just for me really meant the world. Marc Guggenheim is the actual best. He is the definition of it.


We launched right into number one on my list: wedding.

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vanillivilovesreus  asked:

You! You're the reason I fell for NurseyDex without having a *single* clue about CheckPlease. Now that you've hooked me up, any fics that I totally need to read?

Thank you so much, that is such a lovely compliment! Welcome to NurseyDex. *takes a bow*

Unfortunately, I don’t do a very good job of keeping track of my favorite fics, so this is definitely not an exhaustive list, just a few that I thought of quickly off the top of my head:

My favorite thing that I’ve read recently is In So Many Words by @alocalband.

One of the best is The Mechanics of Poetry by @omgericzimmermann.

Nice demisexual!Dex in love you as the plant that never blooms.

If you’re looking for something smutty/kinky, can’t go wrong with if we bite (the pain is sweet) by @geniusorinsanity.

It’s still being written, but (I’ve got) fireflies where my caution should be by @sinbindos is lovely.

Love Is (Him) by @dexsnursey is fluffy and sweet.

Enjoy! And definitely check out the tags on AO3/Tumblr because there are so many good fics, way more than I could link to here.

Closer to you - Sirius Black x Reader

1.  Hi there gorgeous, could I request an imagine where Sirius is dating a shy Hufflepuff? Love your writing so much! ❤️
2. Hello, can I request imagine where y/n is best friend with the Marauders, she’s Hufflepuff and has a thing for Sirius? And maybe him liking her as well and the rest of them will try to get them together? Thank you, love ya! ❤️
3. Hi can I request an imagine where y/n is best friends with the Marauders and has a crush on Sirius and they’re doing the lessons on boggarts in class one day and when it steps out it’s the Marauders making fun of y/n and Sirius comforts her? can you also make it extra fluffy please? 
4. hellooo! i was wondering if you could do like a little thing ( it doesn’t have to be a complete fic it could just be a lil drabble ) where Sirius doesn’t know how to tie a tie and you help him bc y'all are like dating and it’s just really fluffy cute shit
Guys, I really hope you like thiss!! It’s fluffy alright.
Warnings:fluff? And my English? One swear word?
Gif/image aren’t mine/ Credits to their original owners.

You were currently walking down a corridor. It was quiet. Too quiet, to be exact. ‘Those boys’ you thought. They were up to something. And that usually meant two things; either a prank or teasing you. You may be friends with the infamous Marauders but you were the shy one. You were a Hufflepuff, after all. Of course, you went all crazy if someone hurt them. They were your brothers. Even if you wished differently about one of them. You had accepted the fact that you had feelings for Sirius. And that they weren’t siblings-friendly.
You had almost perfected the way you would act around him. Not too close, not too far away. Not too blushy, not too indifferent. At least you tried-and it seemed to work. Until three boys kicked their arses in. Somehow, even when Sirius wasn’t aware, they knew. And they wouldn’t let you hear the end of it.
You actually felt nostalgic for those days, when they would just tease you. They took it to the next level. And something warned you that they wouldn’t stop.
You were too lost in your mind, too distracted to really pay attention to your surroundings. Huge mistake!
You felt a strong hold pushing you to your right-you had to blink a few times to realize what happened. Before you could even protest, you were inside the broom cupboard and the door was already closed behind you. Great. You sighed loudly.
“Y/N? Is that you?” You froze and you felt your eyes grow wide. Of course! They were so stupid! Trying to set you up with him?! Because, who needs their heart or dignity? Thankfully, it was dark inside that cupboard and your blush wasn’t visible.
“Hello, Sirius”. ‘What poor excuses of friends’ you thought but secretly you were living for those moments. Your heart would beat faster or even skip some beats; your pulse would accelerate too fast; your temperature would rise a bit. Your mind would shut down; your breath would be stuck in the back of your throat.  You would never feel more alive.
All of the sudden, you felt him and you understood how small that damn cupboard was. You felt the heat radiating from his body. You could even feel his smirk- ‘he had to be a bit uncomfortable’ you tried to reason, but who were you kidding? He loved physical contact and making other people feel really awkward by his presence alone… or even turned on.
“Hello to you too. If I knew it would be you, I would have locked myself in here, willingly” he said seductively. He was way too close. You moved just a bit to avoid his hands or his torso-oh, that torso… those wide shoulders, those abs and that back of his… You were thinking of other stuff as well.
You blushed and even in the dark, it was very distinctive. You heard him chuckle. You finally looked him in the eyes. Maybe you shouldn’t have. ‘Okay, okay, stop it!’ you commanded your brain.
“Can we please get out of here?” you asked softly, not trusting your voice. It was the fifth time something like this had happened. This week. You couldn’t possibly count the total. 

They were impossible. That moment you didn’t even know why you were friends with them.
“I dare you to lock yourself in our dorm. With Sirius” James said with a cocky smirk. You blushed madly, trying to think of something that could help you. Anything, really.
You carefully landed your glance at him. He looked a bit pale. Like he was… uncomfortable? Was it even possible? You had agreed to play this stupid game, only because Lily had talked you into it. You had never agreed to this. Being forced to do something like that.
“Prongs, don’t make her do something she doesn’t want” Sirius said casually but you swore you could hear his voice break a little. Did he… could he?
“Besides, it’s Remus you should lock her with” he continued like nothing was wrong. Your insides were twisting. Your stomach hurt and your heart had dropped to the floor. Of course, he didn’t like you. But to think that you liked Remus? That was way too much.
“Are you jealous Padfoot?” James asked teasingly. Come to think of it, he did sound jealous. But it couldn’t possibly be because he liked you, right?
Before someone could say or do something even worse, you sat up and murmured an incoherent excuse, whispering a good night and left. You really didn’t need this.

You knew this would go wrong. You knew you would let your fear take over your mind. It was hard not to.
It started as a simple class. Just another DADA class. A class you actually enjoyed. Not this time.
When the professor informed you that you would be facing boggarts because that would give you the real experience than just reading about them, you knew something would happen. You already knew your worst fear and you didn’t want everyone to find out. But what could you do?
A line was formed and you ended up to be one of the firsts. Just your luck.
You witnessed the boggart to take the shape of everyone’s fear. From a cockroach to a dragon and a serial killer. They all were shaken up afterward but they had managed to cast the spell and turn their fears into something ridiculous.
When your turn came, you were nervous. Very.
You stood there, frozen, afraid to even breathe. Blurring images of your friends were popping up. You braced yourself, trying to stop the boggart scaring you.
“How can you believe that we are your friends? You are a worthless nothing. Look at you. Pathetic”. It was Sirius. Boggart. Whatever. Everyone nodded in agreement, mocking you.
You tried to cast the spell but you simply couldn’t. You were paralyzed by the fact that those people that meant the world to you, felt like that. You tried to remind yourself, that it was the boggart, but that didn’t help.
The professor stepped in and faced his fear for a second before he turned it into something funny. You rushed out of that class. You couldn’t even look at them in the eye.

You found yourself near the Forbidden Forest, beneath a huge tree. You didn’t want to admit that the whole thing had affected you more than you would have liked.
“Y/N?”, you heard someone calling your name. You hurried to hide your tears and regain your composure. But, alas.
“Hey, hey, hey”. It was Sirius. Dammit. He quickly sat beside you and hugged you tightly. Soon enough three other pairs of arms were wrapped around you. They were squeezing you too much, you couldn’t breathe but it was reassuring. You let yourself find peace in your friend’s hug.
“You do know that we love you, right? You are like a sister to us” Remus said putting your mind at rest. You knew that. You only wished-
“Well, not to everyone” Peter added. That was not the time to tease you.
They stepped back a bit. You could still feel a pair of arms holding you close. Sirius. What was he doing?
The three standing boys smiled knowingly and wiggled their eyebrow while they were walking away.
“They were right, you know. All of them” Sirius whispered into your ear. His left hand was resting on your back-and waist-while his right was cupping your face, forcing you to look at him. His eyes were the purest thing you had ever seen. So honest, so kind, so savage and so gentle. Perfect cloudy sky- those were your favorite days, after all.  He whispered your name, his hot breath falling on your face and neck. It sent shivers down your spine. You were moving your lips closer to his; he was doing the same, but he was a tad faster.
He pressed his soft, pink lips against yours in a very tender and loving kiss. Your hands went from resting on your lap to his jawline and hair. You hadn’t even noticed when you had closed your eyes. It wasn’t forced or uncomfortable. It felt right.
He smiled into the kiss.

Being with Sirius was easy as breathing. Sure, you had a couple of disagreements but they would all end up solved and you would end up in his arms. Not a day went by that you didn’t let him know how much he meant to you. Not a day went by that he didn’t tell you how precious you were to him.
The sunlight was caught in his raven hair; you couldn’t help but sigh at the view. He was getting dressed for class and you had just woken up still debating whether to get out of bed or not. His trousers hung dangerously low; his hip bones were sharp and you could still feel the skin under your fingertips. His shirt was open, showing off all of his glorious torso, reminding you how you would let your hands wander. His tie was hanging untied around his neck. He was standing in front of the full-length mirror and he caught you starring his reflection. He smiled to himself. That genuine smile. Not the smirk, not the seductive smile. Just his happy face. That it was all it took for you to melt and look the other way, blushing madly.
He made his way to you. With one knee on his bed, his hands grabbed your legs, dragging you to him. You let out an airy laugh. He was impossibly cute. And sexy. Impossibly sexy.
“Slept well, love?” he murmured before he pressed a soft kiss on your lips. You just nodded. 
“Care to help me?” he asked you, showing his open shirt. You blushed even more. You had seen him naked, for Merlin’s sake!
Your hands were faster than your mind. They were already caressing his chest, staying a bit longer over his heart while you had locked eyes with him. Your heart was beating twice as fast as it did usually. Slowly, you helped his hands buttoned his shirt.
“I love you” you breathed out not thinking about it. You were sure of how you felt. You knew that he was the only one. You knew. And that awareness made everything clearer.
His breath never left his lungs. He removed your hands from the collar of his shirt and held them in his. His eyes were sincere.
“I love you” he said back. You wanted to throw your arms in the air. He had said it back! You smiled widely and gave his hands a squeeze.
“Just tie your tie, baby” you reminded him while you were climbing down from his bed and walking into the bathroom.
“Yeah… um” he said a bit uneased. You turned around, seeing him as he nervously scratched the back of his neck. You raised an eyebrow.
“Don’t tell that the infamous Sirius Black doesn’t know how to tie his tie?” you said in a mocking tone and fake surprise. You held back your laugh. He just lowered his head in embarrassment while he plopped down on his bed. Lord, he looked adorable. You walked back to him. He was like a child. A child you loved deeply.
You placed your hands on his tie trying to remember how to tie it. His hands rested on your hips. It lasted less than you would have liked, really.
“Ready” you announced. He smiled letting you go. However, you grabbed his tie and pulled him closer. Closer to you. 
“Not even a thank you kiss?” you asked playfully.
It’s safe to say that you both missed the first class. And the second. And the third. But you couldn’t be happier. 

anonymous asked:

Hey!! love you stuff 💞 could you do a face timing or on the phone w shawn bullets?

  • Closing your eyes and listening to his voice when you’re on the phone
  • Imagining he’s there next to you and not on the other side of the world
  • Sometimes you don’t even talk
  • Knowing he’s on the other end of the line brings you so much comfort
  • Telling each other about your days
  • And keeping each other updated on even the little things going on
  • He tells you about cool restaurants and the cities he’s in
  • And you tell him funny stories of things that happened at work
  • Falling asleep on the phone with each other
  • Because you can’t fall asleep next to each other
  • So thats the next best thing
  • When you can’t sleep, you call Shawn
  • Depending on where he is, sometimes its morning for him
  • Sometimes he’s busy and can’t answer
  • But when he’s not busy, he stays on the line until you fall asleep
  • “I miss you.”
  • Waking up to good morning texts
  • Followed by call me when you wake up, love 
  • Occasionally watching movies together while you FaceTime
  • Shawn FaceTiming you from the studio
  • Shawn making time to talk to you even when he’s busy with work
  • Because you’re important to him
  • And he always wants to talk to you
  • He always calls you after he gets offstage
  • As long as it isn’t too late where you are
  • You try to stay up to wait for his call
  • But sometimes the time difference means he gets offstage at 3am for you
  • Hearing him yawn through the phone
  • Because he worked all day
  • And its past midnight where he is
  • Not to mention that he’s fighting jetlag
  • “Shawn, I think you should go to bed. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”
  • He’s already stifling a second yawn, you can hear it, but he responds
  • “Five more minutes. I’m not done hearing you talk.”
  • Having to reject his calls when you’re in class or at work
  • But everything in you just wants to answer the phone
  • Because you miss him so much
  • Shawn’s name filling your recent call list
  • After not talking to him for a few days,
  • He’d always say, “God, I missed your voice.”
  • “You look beautiful, baby.”
  • He tells you every time you FaceTime him
  • Every. Single. Time.
  • Because he can’t get enough of you.
  • And not seeing you every day practically kills him
  • Just like not seeing him kills you
  • When his face first fills your screen, your heart always does a thing
  • Always, no matter how many times you FaceTime him
  • No matter how long you’ve called him yours
  • He still does that thing to you heart
  • And you wouldn’t have it any other way
EXO Roasts Lay
  • Xiumin: "You're always pulling our butts apart!! ...But it is quite refreshing, I'll admit."
  • Suho: "Your food isn't very tasty!! ...But I'll eat every last bite because you made it with love."
  • Chen: "You go back to China too often!! ...But that's okay because we love and support your solo career."
  • Chanyeol: "It's because of you that my chin is so dirty... Because your freestyle dancing makes my jaw drop to the floor!!"
  • (Lay: Come on, is this the best you got? Really let me have it!)
  • D.O: "Your ass is the one always touching everyone and trying to give me kisses and shit... I don't know where your nasty lips have been!!"
  • Silence:
  • Lay: *weeps in Mandarin*
  • Kai: "...While I understand D.O's point about always kissing him, he said it too harshly. Lay-hyung, you are a beacon of sunshine and I'm honored to have you dance and sing with us."
  • Lay: *sniffles*
  • Sehun: "I know where your lips have been... remember our pepero kiss? And how D.O was oogling us? He was so jealous."
  • Lay: *smiles, remembering fondly*

anonymous asked:

What about the cult ending and Joseph revealing he's a demon? Bc I already get told I'm going to hell for being gay and Joseph being a demon literally made me stop and I had to try not to break down

sighs i said i wasn’t going to answer these anymore but that ending was found through datamining, aka it’s just junk code that either a) got scrapped from the final product or b) was a planned halloween dlc meant to parody hatoful boyfriend. lots of dating sims have weird non-canon supernatural endings that aren’t meant to be taken seriously.  the point is this ending cannot be accessed or played by anyone so the question of its existence is… shaky at best. 

datamining is a terrible tool for figuring out what makes it to the final product to the point where sometimes devs will actually throw the most nonsensical things into the code to throw dataminers off from spoilers about the game. the only time datamining has been reliable in any game i’ve played is overwatch, where it’s used to predict upcoming events and how many cosmetic items a character is getting for said event. every other game though? datamining is kind of garbage for predicting what’s coming up or what will be in the game.

like trust me i’m gay and i’m from the deep south you really don’t have to tell me twice how hard it is to be gay irl so don’t take this as some straight girl trying to lecture you about how to feel about a goddamn video game.

Lgbt kids being allowed to be themselves by their parents is honestly the best thing ever

Young trans kids who aren’t quite sure where they fit in with the whole gender thing being allowed to pick how they express themselves and kids telling their parents about their gay crushes and getting positive reactions is priceless

A lot of us don’t know what it’s like to be able to be yourself at a young age and it’s so heartwarming to see kids who are allowed to do so

best friend!seokjin

- half of the time the two of you hang out, he’s pointing a cooking spoon and lecturing you “hey jin you know that thing you told me not to do the other day” “don’t-” “I did it” “(insert violent spoon pointing) how many times do I have to-”

- is a giant doofus and makes jokes all the time, super down to earth and loves to embarrass the both of you “iMsoHappywoW” “jin stop it where did you even learn to dance like that stOp” 

- loves to shower you in love and appreciation; always messes up your hair, squishes your cheeks, and gives you tons of back hugs “woW Y/N YOU LOOK AMAZING FOR YOUR DATE!! it would be a shame..if…your hair…got messed up..” “jinstayawayfromme”

The things we used to share : Thomas and Joan

You can have the toaster and the PC or even my Timothy Green DVD
I’ll let you have the couch and the TV hang on to the jacket that you bought for me

I don’t really care you can keep the things that we used to share
but what did you do with my heart

what did you do with my heart
no more fireworks
no more compass
you didn’t leave a single butterfly in my stomach
you took my Spyglass not knowing what lies ahead
you took my water line but left a dent in my bed

I don’t really care you can keep the things we used to share
but what did you do with my heart what did you do with my heart

strip me up my pride that’s for the best but you also deprive me of a full night’s rest
some more dreams where we pull through and I can’t collect my thoughts cuz they’re still with you

I don’t really care you can keep the things we used to share but what did you do with my heart what did you do with my heart
Dudududu dudududu

I wouldn’t take it back even though I feel sore
I meant it when I said what’s mine is yours

but I need to know now that we’re apart what did you do I need to know now that we’re apart what did you do with my heart what did you do with my heart what did you do with my heart what did you do with my heart what did you do with my heart

anonymous asked:

Do you know a fic where Paige comes back to life and Stiles is super jealous of her and Derek? (btw, i didnt sleep at all bc i was too busy scrolling through this blog ♡)

OMG! That is the best! I hope you found time to at least take a nap ;) 

Try these fics for some Paige drama. 

Worth the Wait by  Dexterous_Sinistrous | 13.3K

Stiles always had a thing for Derek, but then again, so did everyone else. Stiles just wanted to be seen as different, which was why he waited.

But maybe he waited a little too long.

Married at First Glance by  WonderWolf | 63.3K

Married at First Glance gives its participants seven weeks. Seven weeks, starting when they meet and marry their “perfect match”, to decide if they want to stay married or divorce.

For Stiles and Derek though, the challenge lies within trying to pretend that they don’t absolutely hate each other’s guts. When you’re married to a werewolf who dislikes humans, however, this can get a little tricky.

But the sweet, sweet cash reward at the end will be worth it. Right?

Fly a Little Faster by  mirrorkill | 32K

Everyone knows when you go back in time, you shouldn’t step on an ant, just in case you accidentally kill your own grandparent or something. But what happens when you go back in time and, uh, accidentally interrupt the one event that apparently made the Grumpiest Alpha in Town into a ball of mindless manpain?

Well, if Marty McFly can do it, so can Stiles Stilinski. All he has to do is get Derek and Paige to fall in love before he gets pulled back to his own time. And before he makes anything worse. That’s easy as pie, right? Right?

Where have I been?

I haven’t been writing, not here or anywhere, for a little while now. I’ve been trying to sort out why and not coming to any grand conclusions. But I work things out best when I write them down. So here’s a long look inside my mushy head for now, if you’re curious.

New Scientist, the magazine where I work, changed ownership this spring. For this transition time, I’m acting as the Physics Editor (for lots of reasons I won’t go into here – they’re not salacious or anything, just inside baseball/business stuff that isn’t all that interesting). So I spend my days editing other people’s work instead of writing my own pieces. I miss writing and reporting a lot, even though I’m also learning a lot as an editor.

But my lapse in writing started long before May.  It’s been at least a year since I thought about my Tumblr on a daily basis. That makes me pretty sad. I have loved finding friends and building a community here for so long. And I miss it a lot.

Some of it was the election. It was all-consuming and I didn’t want to get into political arguments in this space I’d worked hard to make my happy little corner of the internet. I also didn’t know what to say, really. I was figuring out how to process it all myself, so I spent time reading and having conversations and listening to podcasts and reading some more. 

There were personal reasons I stopped writing here, too. The last place I worked was full of really wonderful people, but the three very worst interactions I had there were with dudes who felt it was okay to yell at me about something I wrote on my blog. I didn’t really put my finger on it until the other day, but that’s what made me want to never come here. Because in the back of my head I knew I was risking another blowout with another coworker who would tell me that they hated me or that I was an idiot or say something snide and underhanded and unkind just to feel like they had some power over me. I guess it’s threatening to some people when someone writes down how they see the world in a way that doesn’t match up with their own views? I honestly don’t know. But having people take my writing on this blog out of context and using what I wrote as ammunition in fights I didn’t want to have – it made me give up a little bit. 

Anyway, I miss you, Tumblr. I miss documenting what I’m thinking about and reading about and laughing about. I miss observing the world closely and writing it all down. 

So I think I’ll come back a little bit. Try to be more present around here. It’ll be nice to chat with you all again. Drop me a line if you’re still out there. Or don’t. Sometimes I don’t even write these things for you. I just do it for me. That’s really what I want to remember how to do again.

kradeiz  asked:

I agree with you that Jack and Maddie, while flawed, are not abusive parents, but I'm less sure when it comes to Sam's parents (Jeremy and Pamela, I think?). I mean, I could see the problems between them and Sam simply being some temporary issues that they need to work out to let Sam be herself, but they do seem pretty controlling and keep trying to coerce her to be something she's not. Regardless, you'll probably discuss this when you analyze the two of them.

Yeah, I can see where you’re coming from. Pamela especially seems controlling of her daughter. She even put a restraining order on one of her best friends because he “seemed troubled.”

We don’t really see enough of their relationship to really be certain, though. For the most part, they seem content to let her do her own thing. The only time they’re ever shown getting really involved is Control Freaks, and even the Fentons are actively pushing against Circus Gothica.

Emotional abuse is hard to spot from the outside, because so much of it relies on manipulation. Simple differences in wording, tone, and even the perception of the victim can change a situation from safe to unsafe very quickly. I’m inclined to lean towards Sam’s parents being overprotective and very conservative, but not outright abusive. Sam doesn’t fear them in any way, for one thing. In fact, she has no problem standing up to them and even cutting up the dress her mother hands to her while it’s still in her hands.

It would be so easy for a family as wealthy as them to ship Sam off to some boarding school or something to whip her into shape, or they could even not care what she does at all and go on vacations at all. They’re involved in her life, and while they push things that they think are right, they don’t try to force it.

Compare Pamela and Jeremy to, as an example, the Northwests from Gravity Falls. Pacifica is stubborn and shows a rebellious side, too, but her parents have her trained to submit to them with a simple ring of a bell. Sam still has access to the family’s money to buy her clothes and goth books and such. They let her build and care for her own greenhouse. She was even allowed to invite Tucker over for a movie night.

They aren’t the best parents, and they do a lot wrong, but I think they’re trying to be supportive and give Sam her freedom in their own way. They just get worried when they shouldn’t because their views are so different from hers. That’s how I see them, anyway. It’s easy to read them either way because of their lack of screen time, but I wouldn’t call them abusive.

happy birthday to me

yes, hi, birthdaygirl here! (i know i’ve been pretty absent but hear me out) in my 23 years of living i’ve learned a thing or two, and one of those things is that as fun as it is to get presents on your birthday, it’s always more fulfilling to give something in return. so.

some of you might remember me mentioning something about a new solangelo au story. many of you maybe remember the prompts i did a while back, especially how many of the prompts i did turned out to circle around the idea of nico and will being childhood best friends.

see where i’m getting at?

no, you’re not getting a whole fic today. but, BUT! i’ll give you something! i’ll give you a sneak peek, like i did once before with my high school reunion au

this story will have maybe five chapters. CHAPTERS, wow, i know! it’s something of a childhood best friends au meets high school au, i guess, and it’ll go back and forth between parts of their childhood and senior year of high school. and maybe some bits and pieces onward, we’ll see.

(btw, if someone would be willing to help me with some facts about senior year in american high school, message me! i’d be forever grateful.)

ANYWAY. as a birthday gift from me to you, have a small bit of chapter 1 of my coming soon story, phoenix and turtle, just under the cut! hope you like it!

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For @beauty-grace-outer-space

It’s maybe not quite what you had in mind, and I couldn’t end it properly, but here’s a thing anyway. :)

It felt like he was pushing his way through a deep dark mass. Like swimming up to the top of the ocean against a current, He could see the light, where he needed to be, but before it was an obstacle trying to stop him, pushing back against him.

And just before he got to the light, he was hit with the memories held within the darkness.


Jim doing his best to hold back the pain as he knew he was dying.

Jim asking after the ship, the crew, making sure that the others were going to be okay.

Jim begging for Spock to help him through the last moments of his life and Spock being unable to do anything to help.



He remembers the rage that came after it.

He might have yelled and then it’s a mess of darkness and rage.

There was pain and darkness and that’s all he can remember.

And then he wakes up and reality is the same.

The pain he felt is there as he takes a deep breath like he’s surfaced from the water. But he’s in a room. A normal safe room. He doesn’t know where it is, where he is.

He can’t even tell if he’s on the ship anymore.

He left Jim’s body. He didn’t wait for the room to be safe enough to open the door, he’d just left.

Was he still there, then?

Did Mister Scott take the initiative to retrieve the body and send it to sickbay?

He didn’t even know.

His mind seemed so empty.

He sat up and took stock of himself.

There were bruises, deep ones, that he couldn’t recall. It took a lot to bruise a Vulcan and he couldn’t remember the last time he’d had ones so vivid.

What had he done to receive them?

The gaps in his memory concerned him greatly.

He pulled on the clothing neatly folded by the bed and left the room.

The noise and vitality, the brightness outside of that room had him staggering back towards the quiet darkness he’d left behind.

He realised now that the room was soundproofed and in that brief glimpse he’d had, he knew he was still on the ship. The door slid shut and blocked out the noise and brightness.

Holding himself steady against the bed, he recovered himself, trying to get himself together for another attempt.

He didn’t expect the door to open itself.

“I wondered when you’d wake up,” came the familiar tone of Doctor McCoy.

Spock felt an irrational irritation at the man’s voice, calm and measured as it was. But despite the press of emotions he felt, Spock said nothing as though he simply could not force words to come together.

McCoy’s hand clamped around Spock’s upper arm and moved him back to the bed, pushing at his shoulders until he was seated on the bed.

And Spock complied. He didn’t even know why.

McCoy was shining a light in Spock’s eyes and Spock turned his head away from the painful brightness. “Still light sensitive, huh? I can give you something for that.”

“Or you could allow me to return to my quarter,” Spock replied voice sounding weak from disuse.

“Do you know how long you’ve been out? Two and a half days. That’ll teach you to meld with a psychopath.”

Spock felt coldness settle over him as McCoy’s words sunk in. “I do not know-”

“Khan.” McCoy interrupted. “Once you were back on the Enterprise, Khan knocked out, you melded with him. God knows why. We almost couldn’t get you out of it. In the end, we just had to pry you off of him. We didn’t know if we’d do any damage to you but we had to do it.”

“Khan is in custody?”

“Back in his pod. Frozen where he needs to stay.”

“I do not recall-”

“It’s fine. Some of this might come back to you give a little more time.”

A moment of clarity then. His dreams coming back to him. Jim.

“Have I missed Kirk’s service?” he asks. He hopes his voice sounds steadier than it sounded to him.

McCoy’s face pales and he turns and leaves the room.

And Spock can’t help himself, rather than do anything else, he lays back down on the bed.

McCoy’s back in soon enough, though Spock has no idea how long he’d been gone, and he comes round and pulls him back up into a sitting position. Spock should object but he doesn’t feel as though it’s worth the effort so he makes no protest. “Come on,” McCoy encourages as he leads him back to the door. Spock hesitates, turns his head as the door opens, but realises the room’s lights have been dimmed and the noise of the busy room from before has been replaced by near silence. There are fewer people around but the ones there are busy working away and pay no attention to either of the men emerging from the room.

McCoy leads Spock across the room, across sickbay, and into another side room.

The intake of breath isn’t voluntary.

Jim is there.



Hooked up to all sort of machines, but he’s alive.

And Spock doesn’t know how.

“I do not understand,” he eventually says.

McCoy had somehow moved from beside him to the other side of Jim’s bed. “You went and got Khan and we were able to use his blood to save Jim. He’s not out of the woods yet, but it’s looking hopeful.”

“You saved him,” he eventually says, eyes transfixed on Jim.

McCoy shrugs. “I couldn’t deal with him not being around. What other choice did I have?” He watches Spock, surprised by his genuine display of distress at believing Jim was dead.

He had an urge to call Spock on the emotionalism of his reaction, but for some reason, that didn’t feel right. “We’ll be transferring him to a medical facility in San Francisco soon enough. And I want you to stick around. I-”

“I will not go anywhere,” Spock replied, eyes not leaving Jim.

“I want to make sure there’s no damage done from your meld with Khan.”

“Very well,” Spock said, dismissively. “Do you believe there will be long term effects?”

“I’m not sure. I know very little about Vulcan melds.”

Spock looked to McCoy confused. “I was referring to Jim.”

McCoy sighed. “It’s hard to say. It’s not like there are any other cases like this to refer too. We’ll keep an eye on him. It’s the best we can do. He’ll be out for a few days still.”

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hey kuu just wanted to say ive been following u for like... years and youve made so many things i love and im a huge fan, and at first i thought u were like super friggin rad to the point where it was kinda intimidating but honestly the longer ive followed u the more ive realized just how down to earth, chill, and approachable u are on top of being 1 of the raddest ppl ive ever encountered and i wish u all the best in everything

holy shit! thank you! how sweet, oh my god

Dream Daddy... issues

So, here’s the thing. I don’t think I’m okay with this. I’m really not. I just bought this game and loved it at first. Bought two copies even, one for me and friend. I played Robert and then Joseph ending where he chooses to stay with his wife, and now I’m learning about all this cult stuff.

And I have to say I’m disappointed. Really, really disappointed. The Christian guy who is gay or at least bi, who’s doing his damn best to be happy and okay dad turns out to really be the devil or something? Why? Why did this have to be done?

And I get it. Dating sim games often have the death routes and the secretly crazy characters. I’ve played lots of dating sims so it’s not even that big of a shock.

But really, a game that was advertised as lighthearted fun? The game that was shown to be a first for the lgbt community, where people were going “Yes, finally we have something that can show us in a good light” and a gay Christian character who a lot of people identified with? Then you make him into this… thing.

It just feels slimy. It feels like it was a lie to make sales. People asked about the tag of physiological horror and Game Grumps said it was a glitch. They didn’t tell the truth to warn people about it, people who would be genuinely upset and that’s why they asked, because they were concerned.

Maybe they didn’t mean it that way. Maybe it was just to keep the secret. Maybe it was just for the fun of the story, but it is still just so wrong. It’s not okay. This was just a game yes, but it was also one of the first to really let you explore something that still some are ashamed to talk about. And the fact people are saying to ones who are genuinely upset “Oh shut up. It’s just a game. You don’t like it, play someone else’s route” feels wrong too.

Because we were promised a game that was supposed to show that yeah, gay men can just be happy and normal too. Instead it’s a story about cults and devils, and how each gay guy is actually a deadly sin, and the guys who developed it directly lied to us? Yeah, no. It just isn’t right.

On top of that, the opening is so long, and it would take you so long to find this out, it will almost always be past the two hour mark that you have to have by requirement by Steam to get your money back. That’s right, find out this game that was advertised to you falsely is not what you thought you were paying for? Too bad. These guys have your 15 dollars already.

Why couldn’t the Game Grumps just be honest? Why couldn’t they just say what the game was really about? Not blow the ending or surprises but just say, “Yeah. It’s true. There are going to be physiological horror elements to this.” I don’t think they were trying to cheat anyone out of their money, but it was still very insensitive. It’s not like lighthearted things they did didn’t suddenly take a dark turn in their projects before. Look at Cool Patrol Dance. It’s the same bit as before. I think they just really thought it would be a interesting twist, but it was the wrong twist for the wrong kind of thing. There’s so little out there that’s positive for people in this situation. There aren’t a million games like this. Heck, there isn’t even a hundred games like this. Couldn’t you have just given us what you advertised?

No, instead you guys had to promise us something sweet and wholesome and instead gave us Bible Black. Not cool.

I can understand how people got upset. I can’t understand why these guys would make the conscious decision to make one of the first dating sims to cater to these group do this, and I can not understand why so many people are of the opinion that real people looking for POSITIVE characters in similar situations (ie gay Christians) are genuinely hurt. Hurt, not saying “OMG GAME GRUMPS YOU ASSHOLES!” Just hurt and expressing disappointment, and are being told to shut up.

There are kids terrified to even come out to their friends and family, Christian or not, and this is what Game Grumps decided to make? There are people aching for positive gay characters in fiction and this is what Game Grumps makes? There are people fighting for the right to even be with someone they love… and this is what Game Grumps makes?

Oh, but if this hurt you, then shut up. It’s just a game.

Guys, you just… just stop it. Leave these poor people alone. They’re allowed to be hurt by this frankly insulting slap in the face.

if you’ve got someone who’s down for you and messages you back and respects you and finds you funny and loves you with all their might and actually enjoys you in their life, hang on to them. nobody is perfect. if you’re thinking the grass could be greener on the other side, pal let me tell you, it’s already green right where you stand. don’t push people away who are good for you. because when you do, when you act like you don’t care, that’ll mess with them. or it’ll send them leaving. and when they’re gone giving someone else their love and respect that you once had, and you realize that they were the best thing you’ve ever had, you’re going to be filled with this regret that’s hard to shake off. don’t let that be your reality.

I’m not angry at Sufjan right now, I honestly just feel pity for him. The blue-haired neoliberal freakazoid Tumblrites have shoved him into a corner and he feels like he has to put on a show for them or else face being thrown into the garbage where all the other “problematic” people lie dead.

Sufjan is a white-adjacent (not sure if Greek people are white or not) male; the only reason he has to self-efface by way of condemning “white male narcissists” is to suck up to his newfound demographic of 16-22 year old women who talk about “safe spaces.” Still, I can’t help but wish he stood his ground a bit more. One of the best things about this man was that he was apolitical, and apparently that’s just not one of his core values anymore.
SDCC LIVE: Arrow Cast & Crew Open Up About Season 6
Arrow's Stephen Amell, Emily Bett Rickards, Willa Holland and more discussed Season 5's deadly cliffhanger and the direction of Season 6.

Arrow has set its sights on Comic-Con International in San Diego. Stars Stephen Amell, David Ramsey, Emily Bett Rickards, Katie Cassidy, Willa Holland, Echo Kellum, Rick Gonzales, Juliana Harkavy and executive producers Wendy Mericle and Marc Guggenheim were on hand to discuss the show’s deadly Season 5 cliffhanger, as well as what’s in store for Season 6.

“As you can imagine, they were all very excited to hear we’re blowing everybody up,” Mericle laughed. “We really wanted to wrap up Oliver’s story, which was going back to where Oliver started.”

“We’re not rebooting the show. In fact, we’re going to double down on a lot of things that really resonated with people in Season 5,” Guggenheim added. “We’re going to see a different Oliver Queen… we’re looking forward to telling some very different stories.”

“He’s not the best dad,” Amell said of his character Oliver Queen. “My first day on Season 6, and you see a little bit in the footage… it was all with Jack, the kid who plays William… I was really, legitimately nervous… not only was he equal to the task, he exceeded my expectations… to start on episode 116, and to be able to do fun new stuff as Oliver has been a real joy so far this season. But yeah, he’s a shit dad.”

“Obviously, so excited to be back. It feels like I never left,” Cassidy shared. “It’s been home, and we’re family. It’s definitely been pretty easy just getting back int he swing of things. I will say it’s interesting, the dynamic between Black Siren and other characters… the different points of view…. it’s good.”

Starring Stephen Amell as the Emerald Archer, Arrow returns Thursday, October 12 at 9pm ET/PT on The CW. The series also stars Emily Bett Rickards, David Ramsey, Willa Holland and more.

A very bizarre thing happened to me that lead me into almost having a boyfriend kind of. What happened was that one day, this guy, let’s call him A, texted me and asked me if I had a crush on D. I was kind of denying it even though I did have a crush on D but when i asked if he had a crush on my best friend, IL, he admitted it. And that’s when I told him that I did like D. Then we just confessed things about our crushes to each other and asked each other very personal questions. We started to play Portal together and as you might have predicted, we grew very close. It was a few weeks ago where I was doubting if I still liked D, and wondering if I actually liked A.
Well that was the case, and it was the exact same for him. He told me he liked me and I told him I feel the same and he said he wanted to ask me out in real life because he doesn’t want to do it over text.
Soooo now I almost have a boyfriend but I have to wait until I get back from holidays and I’m so excited.

Long story short: we both liked different people and even helped each other out with our crushes, me trying to hook him up with IL and he did the same, but eventually we fell for each other.

(Thanks if you bothered to read all of this. Also, my posts are going to be way more frequent once I get back 💕)