this is where my money will go


“I can’t believe my dragon lost to some pink dog named ‘Sprinkles.’ I’m gonna go see if Faba knows where the aspirin is kept…”

Also, “random trainer from who knows where”? I’m the Champion of Alola! You’re the guy from another dimension!

i don’t care if girlies are out here selling team wang merch, i’m not buying it PERIOD! me and my black ass will wait for jackson to sell it. i want my coins to go directly into his overflowing pockets and NOWHERE ELSE. but with that being said WHERE THE HELL IS IT?!?

Please.., I need help

I normally don’t do this guys but I’m in urgent need…

I need to leave my home.

My family life is toxic and is pushing me further and further to the point where I am no longer safe or feel safe.

The problem is, I was recently let go since my establishment I worked at closed down and I’m out of money. If you have anything that you can share please pass it forwards.

I will create Sigils, spell jars, Paintings, or anything I can do to help repay you but I could really use the help…

I’m just turning 16 and legally allowed to move out at that age. I found a place with my friends family but I need to be able to pay for my own food and needs

If you don’t have any money please pass this on. I’m sorry for asking but I wouldn’t ask if the situation wasn’t dire.


- woo wonjae

little reputation things™
  • *ahem*
  • i i i i  see how this is gon go
  • “but if i’m a thief then he can join the heist”
  • baby let the games begin! let the games begin! ahAH AHHHHHHHH
  • ahHHH and ya heard about me”
  • ed sheeran rapping on a taylor swift song
  • “i swear i don’t love the drama IT LOVES ME”
  • ed in the background of the last chorus: “be yoUR A TEAM NOW”
  • the string plucky things in the beginning of i did something bad
  • “if a man talks shit then i owe him nothing”
  • “and i’d do it over and over and over again if iiiii could”
  • “they’re burning all the witches even if you aren’t one”
  • taylor apparently wanting to be set on fire
  • ((agreed))
  • the harmonies on this album filling my entire soul
  • “oHHH LORD SAVE ME MY DRUG IS MY BABY I’LL BE USING FOR THE REST OF MY LIIIIIIIIFE” aka the only prayer i’ll ever say again
  • i get so high OH… trip of my life OH
  • the way she sings “using for the rest of my life oHH OH OH OHHH” after the bridge damn son
  • “my reputation’s never been worse so he must like me for me”
  • taylor finally discovering alcohol
  • the way she says “coz i know that it’s delicate” so…. delicately
  • how delicate feels like a rain shower in a desert
  • :) i :) don’t :) like :) your :) little :) games :)
  • OH look what you made me do
  • “i don’t like your kingdom keys, they once belonged to me”
  • “i’m sorry the old taylor can’t come to the phone right now. why? oh! BECAUSE SHE’S DEAD” is singlehandedly the most iconic thing i have ever and will ever hear.
  • so it goes being chill and then the chORUS AND ALL THE PIECES FALL!!! RIGHT INTO PLACE!!!
  • ;) scratches ;) down ;) your ;) back ;) now ;)
  • o n e  t w o  t h r e e
  • how getaway car is the only song i ever want to hear ever again
  • think about the place where you first met me
  • “there were sirens in the beat of your heart”
  • the way she says getaway
  • the chorus of this song feeling like driving down a highway with the windows rolled down in the middle of the night
  • GO! GO! GO!
  • being part of a heist, leaving money in a bag in a shady motel, stealing keys and getting tf out in her getaway car. zoom zoom bitch.
  • “all the boys in their expensive cars, the range rovers and jaguars never took me quite where you do” calvin harris WHOM
  • the drums in king of my heart are more important than my need to breathe
  • “your love is a secret i’m hoping, dreaming, dying to keep”
  • ~up on the roof with a school girl crussshhhh drinking beer outta plastic cupsssss~
  • i’ll never let you goOOO
  • but we were dancing BASS DROP dancing with our hANDS TIED, HANDS TIED
  • “oh baby can we dance, through an avalanche?”
  • “swaying as the room burnt down, i’d hold you as the water rushes in” …. “so i punched a hole in the roof, let the flood carry away all my pictures” ….. h e c k
  • how dress is literally an orgasm turned into a song and i’m… into it
  • take it oH OH OH OH OFFFF
  • “carve your name into my bedpost”
  • “but if i get burnt at least we were electrified”
  • wildest dreams who???
  • “and i woke up just in time, now i wake up by your side”
  • say my name and everything just stops -EVERYTHING STOPS-
  • ra’lin’ the chandilier
  • AWaaaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAAY
  • “and therein lies the issue, friends don’t try to trick you, get you on the phone and mind twist you”
  • the sound of shots being fired from every possible angle
  • if only you weren’t…. so shadyyyyy :)
  • they don’t care about the HE SAID SHE SAID
  • the way she says “and here’s to my baaabyyy
  • the organ?? piano???? during “and hereeee’s to youuu…” oh my god
  • her voice at the end when she just says “nice things” 
  • her world crumbling around her and that’s just fine?? because of joe???? i wasn’t ready 
  • “loves me like i’m brand new”
  • “all my flowers grew back as thorns” …. “all the flowers that we’d grown together died of thirst” again…. clean WHOM
  • i’m laughing with my lover makin forts under covers trust him like a brother yeah you know i did one thing right
  • not because he owns me but cos he really knows me. which is more than they can say.
  • “you don’t need to save me, but would you run away with me?” “yes.” :’)
  • call it what you want is the lightest, softest pink sunrise seen from the window of a peaceful airplane in the early morning of a good day
  • how we went from pop anthems to??? i’m bawling in a sea of tissues on my bedroom floor at two in the morning and new year’s day is the most beautiful song i’ve ever heard??? 
  • it’s just a guitar and a piano and she’s harmonizing with herself
  • “don’t read the last page, but i stay”
  • “i want your midnights, and i’ll be cleaning up bottles with you on new year’s day”
  • “i can tell that it’s gonna be a long road” as in she knows that even if it’ll be a long road they’ll always be together don’t TOUCH me
  • hold on to the memories, they will hold onto you
  • hold on to the memories, they will hold onto you
  • hold on to the memories, they will hold onto you
  • and i will hold onto you
  • “please don’t ever become a stranger whose laugh i could recognize anywhere”
  • oh cool my heart’s shattered into a million pieces this is fine thanks
  • how there’s ten seconds of silence at the end of new year’s day because you bet your ass i need recovery time before the album starts over again and i gotta get back to boppin’
  • ((they were not ready for it))

21 Chump Street x Klance

So I’m really into musicals right now and you should probably listen to/ watch 21 Chump Street first because otherwise this looks kind of really awkward lol

it’s wierd how I didn’t draw the scenes that I actually intended to draw and which made me make this crossover in the first place lol
well I imagined it as a story board in the first place so maybe I will make an animatic when I have time
(should I do it? and if I don’t should I make a continuation or at least draw the actual scenes I wanted to draw?? lol)

An important piece of how well-off you are, which measuring income isn’t really going to catch, is how much shock absorption your community has built in. 

Some people don’t have an in-person community, of course, and so the shock-absorption available to them is just whatever is in their own savings account and how much credit they have access to and maybe the knowledge that in the worst case they could move across the country and sleep on a friends’ couch for a few weeks but not longer because the friends’ landlord is strict about subtenants.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, upper-class communities have tons of shock absorption - if your home burns down, you probably have a friend who has a vacation home or an in-laws suite or a guest room where you can stay, if you lose your job it was the kind of job for which you get unemployment and you know someone who can get you an interview for another one, if you have a medical crisis you have lots of friends who can bring food and help out, and they all work jobs that let them take off on short notice in the middle of the day.

I’ve been helping a friend recover from surgery this week, and I’ve been thinking about this a ton. I could work from home for three days to be with her; her girlfriend had a spare bed where she could sleep for two because she was supposed to be near the surgery center and her house was an hour away; her girlfriend’s boyfriend could come over to help when girlfriend had to go to work; when her doctor’s appointment was changed to a time when I couldn’t drive her, another friend could take three hours off to do it. That’s a community with shock absorption.

It’s a class thing, but it’s not just a class thing. Doing this sort of thing is one of the things religions do. When I describe what I value about my community, my religious friends tend to go “oh, so, like what my church does”. A poor community where a dozen people from church will bring meals and support after surgery or after a loss or during cancer treatment has vastly more shock absorption than a same-income community where people have no way to coordinate that (and I think the decline of religion has been particularly costly in poor communities for exactly this reason).

And lots of money can’t fully substitute for a community, because lots of disasters (like medical emergencies) are of the kind that make it hard to advocate for yourself and independently arrange all the things you’re going to need.

I don’t know how you increase shock absorption. Lowering the cost of housing does part of it; a spare bedroom is a particularly critical kind of shock absorption that protects lots of people from homelessness. More leisure time increases shock absorption, and cutting the expected work week has been at least partially successful some places. My impression is that Social Security dramatically increased shock absorption, by giving elderly people (who often end up needing community support to remain independent or survive) more financial resources; it’s much easier for poor families to take someone in if they will get regular money towards housing and expenses. UBI would do it too, of course. 

Did Riordan knows what he did to me with Magnus Chase? He opened so many questions about the Chase family that I need answers for because this is what I got from Magnus Chase

  • The Chase are HELLA rich.
  • Frederick and his brother went to Harvard and were probably Harvard legacies.
  • Annabeth is a Harvard Legacy. (shout out to @rongasm​ for explaining this to me)
  • The Chase are hella rich.
  • Frederick was the only into greek mythology while his brother (and I guess his sister too) were into norse mythology.
  • All the Chase are super smart.
  • The Chase are descendants from Swedish royalty.
  • The Chase are hella rich.
  • They have a family mausoleum.
  • There is probably money to send Annabeth to college without a scholarship. 
  • Annabeth has two more cousins (girls) and she might not even know they exist.
  • The Chase are rich.

cute dates and activities to do with your little!

don’t interact if n/s/f/w (slightly n/s/f/w included)!


💒go on a picnic! it’s super cost-effective, and it’s a great way to spend time with your little!!

💒go to the park! you could watch your little play, or you could play with them! (i love it when daddy plays hide n seek and tag with me💗)

💒play dress up with them! my daddy never lets me, but i allllllways want to put makeup on him 😂

💒go to a pet store and look at all the cute animals! me and daddy actually did that today!! we looked at the kittens and i got to hold a bunny and 3 birds!! and one of the employees let us go in the back to pet the rescue dogs, my heart melted 😍

💒go rafting! i’m not sure how common it is in other places, but where i live, people go rafting on lakes and rivers all the time!! it would be a great chance to get outdoors with your little, while still having the privacy to treat them like the little baby they are 💗

💒go on adventure across your city/town! me and daddy did this on our one year anniversary. we took the train and bus all over the place!!! this can be both free or you can spend a little bit of money. me and daddy ended up spending $50 at a candy store but….hopefully those reading this will be smarter with their money 😂😂

💒finger paint together! your little can paint allllll the pretty pictures for you!!

💒go sight-seeing! educate your baby on all the mountains, monuments, rivers, and other scenery in your area!! (pro tip: if they like it, ask them to pronounce things like ‘mountain’ for you, that always makes me feel so smalllll)

💒go to a library and read a book to them! free books + reading to your little = a very happy, giggly baby💕

💒during the winter, take them to a park with a hill and go sledding! this is, of course, if you live in a place where it snows. if not, it can be substituted with rolling down the hill!


🍧go see a kid’s movie! seeing “kids” movies (i still watch them when i’m big) always makes me feel like daddy’s lil baby!!!

🍧go to a carnival/fair! something about them will always make a little go into littlespace…idk why

🍧the zoo! asking your baby to tell you what sounds the animals make or what animal they are will definitely make them feel suuuper little!!

🍧go to an arcade! these are sooooo fun, and you can basically pick your own price for them!

🍧go to a pottery…place? i don’t actually know what they’re called (i forgot) but you can make your own pottery stuffs and then paint them! it’s so much fun!!!!

🍧toy store! bring your little to a toy store and let them pick a toy(s) out!

🍧candy store! you’re not wasting money if you’re spending it on foooood….:3

🍧go get ice cream! see the above description :3

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You're a fucking loser with indy books barely making money. Who gives a shit what you think about making comics.

I received a bunch of messages in this vein, but yours didn’t have any political rants or racial epithets, so you get a response. Congrats.

When it comes to writing blog posts about making comics, I’ve always tried to make it clear that I am not a guru and don’t have anything close to all the answers.

Maybe that’s okay.

Survival bias is a state where people concentrate on only the most exemplary subjects and try to emulate them, not realizing that they’re the exception, not something typical. 

If you try to figure out how to be a “huge successful writer” by only looking at superstars and big moneymakers, you’re almost certainly going to fail. Don’t get me wrong, every creative person has tremendous hardships and rejections in their careers at different points, but the level of success a J.K. Rowling, Stephen King or Robert Kirkman now have is highly unusual and not something you can reproduce.

Maybe it’s a good idea to get a bit of advice from someone currently in the trenches, someone slowly building their name bit by bit who’s honest about what worked and what didn’t as they go along.

I’ll admit, there’s still survival bias involved in my career (many people pitch their ideas to Image, many more want to work at Marvel), but I try to temper my optimistic advice with reality wherever I can. It may not be as impressive, but it’s certainly more realistic.

I’ve known friends and colleagues who wanted their creative careers to appear like Athena, a perfect armored warrior-goddess instantly striking awe and fear into all around her, who sprung fully formed from the forehead of Zeus. (Seriously, that’s the legend. Mythology is fucking weird and awesome).

It doesn’t happen that way. It never will. The people I’ve known who acted that way about creativity quickly burned out on top of a pile of half-baked concepts and unfinished work. They wanted blinding inspiration and success or nothing and nothing was what they got.

If you make things you will struggle, screw up, and hate the choices you’ve made at times, but if you stick with it you will also learn and grow. Sometimes it won’t be about money. Other times that, and keeping a roof over your head, might be your only concern. Everyone’s journey is different. You can learn a bit from other people but in the end you have to go out there and do it yourself.

If you’re spending your time staring at my little bar charts shaking your fist about my success or lack thereof, you’re using way too much energy in an unproductive way. Go make stuff or go looking for Athena and see where it gets you.

that anon @im-with-lance got has me thinking

we need a sugar daddy AU

it can just be fun, especially with the idea of keith going through apps and downloading gdaddy or seeking arrangement on a whim, kind of joking-but-definitely-not joking, looking for a sugar daddy while his payment to his rent looms over him, another month of having to skip out on medication because he couldn’t afford it, invoices, groceries that need to be bought, ect. so he’s browsing and the more he browses, the more he goes back to build on his profile. messages appearing and all these rich assholes taking a liking to keith. he’s surprised to see how formal most of the messages are, how dry and tactful others are.

until there’s the one he gets, something that reminds him of grindr messages in the past that he’s received and instead of an eye roll, keith clings to this and decides to check out this guy’s profile because hold up

and the pictures are casual, depicts this guy’s life outside the office and he’s… attractive. there were a few guys keith got that weren’t doing it for him (’but money IS money….’ he thought) and then there’s been a couple hits but this guy is something else….

so 2 weeks later, messages that are back and forth, they meet. lance takes keith on a nice date and it’s surprisingly fun and casual and not too awkward (keith thinks he was awkward the whole time, he was awkward, he was so sure because lance was the definition of chill). the drive to lance’s place is where lance discusses to take all keith’s expenses and pay them off for him and keith is ???? losing his mind because wow he can just do that! has to stop himself to tell lance that it’s way too much because this guy literally spent $300 on a dinner and that was JUST the dinner. the provided suit that he got keith fitted for just this date?? the transportation?? the gift that lance brought to the date, which happened to be a brand new PHONE and all because keith had casually mentioned his phone is about 4 years old and falling apart. he’s a poor human being and here lance is, promising all the expenses he’s paying for, taking keith to his house to….

and keith can tell you that going home afterwards, wobbly legs and worn out, that he got more than he bargain for when he went into this. is going to be so fucked out of his mind because lance is relentless and keith is needy, thinks he’s never been this fucked thoroughly, wonders where the hell lance has been all his life. hes thinking he might like this, really fucking like this

and lance…. he thinks he feels he could fall

because lance is actually becoming self aware of the depression that’s heavily laying on his heart with the larger stressor that is work. the app was just something he did for shits and giggles because maybe he just wants to help someone out. spoil them and fuck them and hope that kind of sparks something out of this weird slump. ended up with keith, this strange boy who’s gorgeous, more than just a pretty face and seemed humble and hesitant when lance threw money at him. feels himself actually enjoying himself on a date, something he hasn’t felt in awhile. he’s always been a romantic, he can’t help it

it might take some time but…. lance is going to fall for him. and keith is going down with him.

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Hi! You seem to have become a sort of dinner consultant/therapist/cheerleader, which is delightful. I hope you don't mind if I ask a downer question--how do I will myself to make good food when I'm depressed, and feel deep down that I may not deserve proper nourishment? Than you, you're well.

I suffer from Depression, Bipolar, C-PTSD, ADHD and Memory Issues and yeah, I really get that feeling of not having the energy/focus/self-worth to make dinner.  I’m not a therapist or nutritionist, so all I can offer is things that have worked for me, and hope that some of them work for you:

It’s Better To Eat SOMETHING Than Nothing

No really.  There are a LOT of days when I’m too tired, too distractable or just too Blugh to cook.  And for days like that, I have microwave meals, or “put in pot and add water” things, like Mac N Cheese.  They’re not Organic, or Nutritionally Balanced but everything I’ve been told by every doctor and therapist I’ve had: EATING SOMETHING, EVEN MICROWAVE MAC OR CHIPS IS SO, SO MUCH BETTER FOR YOU THAN EATING NOTHING.

Food is not an all-or-nothing deal.  Humans have an amazing ability to take in nutrition from darn near anything that doesn’t kill us, which is part of the reason we’re all over the dang planet.  Any food is good food, esp when you haven’t eaten all day because your brain has been playing a shitty surrealist version of reality for you all day.

So when you CAN cook, cook, but if you can’t, don’t worry too much.  Just get something down your throat, and live to see the next, better, day.

Related: If you can’t do a full meal, but you CAN add *extras* to things to help you.  Tortilla Chips Depression meal? Add Salsa!  BAM! VEGETABLE SERVING!!  Can of beans? CHEESE.  OH LOOK, MORE PROTEIN.  whatever you can add is like, extra credit.  Good job you!

Actually Learning To Cook

So actually learning about food safety, spice theory, what happens chemically to food when you cook it and how to make different styles of cuisine confers a whole bunch of cool benefits for my sometimes-garbage brain:

  • I really like reading and learning new stuff, so making it a “learning a new thing” makes it less like a chore and more of an Interesting Distraction.
  • This doesn’t have to be any form of academically rigorous.  Like, watching cooking shows, looking up stuff online, or hell, googling stuff in the middle of the supermarket if something is on sale and you’re curious but don’t actually know what to do with it.   Good Eats and America’s Test Kitchen are both very educational and soothing to watch.
  • Also cooking shows are GREAT for both my anxiety and stimulating my appetite
  • Reduces the number of Thinking Spoons to actually make dinner.  If I have a general working knowledge of what things taste good and how to make them, it’s a lot less effort than trying to look up and follow a recipe.
  •   GO AHEAD AND USE SHORTCUTS.  No, really.  Those frozen cutlets of fish you stick in a toaster oven? GREAT.  pre-mixed seasoning? AWESOME. Frozen veggies are already cut up and are just as good as fresh.  Like if you don’t have the energy to do something, pre-made stuff is FANTASTIC for getting something healthy into your system for honestly not that much money or less in some cases.

Being Responsible For More Than Myself

The thing that has helped me take care of myself was getting engaged and a dog.  My mental illness has a neat shortcut where when I can’t do things for myself, I can magically do them for other people.  When I cook, I’m cooking for both myself and for my fiance.  Being responsible for making sure he eats a few nights a week is the biggest driving force in getting me to stay on enough of a schedule that I’ll be capable of cooking.  (He cooks other nights and whoever cooks, the other does the dishes.)

I realize that getting hitched is not in the cards for everyone and that’s hardly a reflection of one’s worth, but there are ways to add responsibility to your life if that helps with executive function.  Prior to meeting my fiance, My family had an elderly German shepherd with a sensitive stomach and I cooked him chicken and rice every night for three years on the vet’s recommendation.  Or maybe you cook for a neighbor once a week.  Or tie feeding your cat to you having dinner as well, becuase you can’t take care of fluffy if you’ve got low blood sugar, right?

Eating Is Self-Care, Like Taking Meds or Wearing Comfy Jammies

Another thing that helped me: Realizing that eating made me feel better.  Literally, if I keep my blood sugar stable (Prone to hypoglycemia), my mood’s better, I get fewer headaches, and so on.  What’s Healthy is different for everyone and I recommend talking to a nutritionist at least once to get an idea on what might be unique to you.  Most gyms, community centers or clinics will have someone on staff to help, but you should start by asking your GP for a recommendation.

So when I start too feel poorly, my checklist is “When was the last time I ate? Am I craving something?”  (Along with “Am I dehydrated?”  staying hydrated also helps with appetite issues) and I fin that I usually am.  Sometimes it’s salt, sometimes it’s a whole head of broccoli.  Food is our body’s main means of getting what it needs to survive and giving your body what it needs (even if it’s fat and sugar and carbs, which yes, you need sometimes) will make you feel better, I promise.

Eating Stuff You Actually Like 

Bananas are, allegedly, really good for me.  Potassium, vitamins, good fats etc.   They also taste like satan’s own diabetic mucus and I’m never gonna eat one if I can’t help it.  Just, No.  Don’t force yourself to eat things just becuase they’re healthy.  That’ll only make you hate eating.

Like I mentioned before, you, presumed human, can draw nutrition and calories from darn near anything.  So go boldly, and try new foods and spices and cooking methods and find things you actually enjoy eating.

  • Remember all those veggies you hated as a kid?  Try them again as an adult, because your taste buds literally change over time and things taste way less bitter than when you were a kid.  Try different cooking methods too- anything brassica is like 500% better tossed with olive oil, salt &pepper and roasted on a sheet pan. 
  • HOW you cook things makes a huge difference in both how they taste and how stressful cooking is.  Wanna leave something in a crock pot and forget about it until the timer goes off? AWESOME. Grilling becuase  you prefer something more engaging becuase you’re bored? ALSO GREAT.  Try out different cooking methids to find out what tastes good and is fun to do,
  • Are you one of those people that likes, 3 things, and can have them every night for eternity?  GO YOU, with your pre-planned menu!  Maybe call up a nutritionist to see if you need to be taking some extra vitamins, but really, this is fine too,

Ok this has gotten a mile long and kind of rambling but I hope it helps you!

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I'm REALLY stressed with college apps and was wondering if u could tell me a joke or a funny story? *holds out jello*

College applications can be intimidating! I looked into it on account of I could go for free on the GI Bill, but it’s awfully complicated. Back in my day you just sort of showed up and plonked a bunch of money down. Well, obviously I didn’t, but I would have if I’d had a bunch of money. 

Oh! That’s a story I could tell you. Back before Project Rebirth, I was an art student when I could afford classes, and a lot of art after you get to a certain point is really just Doing A Pardon My French Fucking Lot Of Art. So most of the classes I went to, we had models and we’d draw or paint or sculpt the models. I mostly drew because I wanted to do magazine art and that sort of thing. I had a lot of practice drawing the kinds of models we generally got, which were big muscular men or good-lookin’ ladies. If the judgmental biddies in our building knew how many naked ladies I’d drawn by the time I was twenty, they’d think I was some kinda freethinker or libertine or some such. I didn’t have the money to be a libertine. 

Anyway, I thought, I’m fine at muscles now, and I’m pretty good on curves, too, so I wanted something different, like, a body that’s got some unusual shapes to it or someone who doesn’t look like they stepped out of an anatomical drawing by Leonardo Da Vinci. So I said to the teacher, hey, why don’t we get someone different in to model, someone who didn’t look like a comic book superhero, and he laughed at me and said, “What, someone like you?”

Well, I coulda popped him, but I’d already popped a painting teacher for saying surrealism was for pansy Europeans and Hitler had the right of it, and I tried to only punch people for political purposes. So I said “Why not someone like me? I’m as real as they are, and I bet I’m harder to draw, too.”

And the teacher said, “Put your money where your mouth is, Rogers, and strip down and we’ll see.”

Now, I’m not especially modest, wasn’t even before the Army, but there were ladies present. On the other hand, honor had been challenged, and all the other students AND the model were watching. So I said, “You put your money where your mouth is, a model makes eight bucks for an hour of posin’.” 

One more thing you gotta know is that Bucky used to come pick me up from art class in the evening and walk home with me, because he was going that way anyway usually and we’d stop and split a meal at the cafeteria near the studio. He always showed up about five minutes before class ended and usually made a bunch of noise because he liked the attention. And I did not remember this when I took my pants off for sixteen bucks on a dare. 

So there I was, bare-ass naked on a plinth looking pretty smug because EVERYONE was having a tough time with my toast-rack chest and knobby knees. I was glad class was almost over because I was taking a cramp, and then in blows Bucky Barnes, saying “All right, everyone, stop oglin’ the nice – “ which was as far as he got before he saw me, tripped over an art box, and went face-first into an easel. 

Before anyone could even help him he came up yellin’ “WHERE’S YOUR UNDERWEAR?” like he thought someone took it or I’d misplaced it or something, and then he threw a turp rag at me. 

Well, that was the end of class, and I had to pay for the cracked easel out of my sixteen dollars, but the teacher admitted I had definitely posed a challenge and also it’s a good class that ends on a laugh. 

Somewhere out there someone’s probably got a fair-to-middling oil painting of me in the bare nude in their attic. I hope they got my knobby knees right. 

The second IT movie being set in 2016 is a gold mine for crack fic, tbh.

I would pay money to read about Pennywise trying old good tactics to scare a random kid stressed out about grades, only for the kid to sigh, go “oh great I’m seeing shit again where are my meds” and walk right past it.

“Turn into their greatest fear right how the fuck do I represent global warming do I take the shape of a stove or”

Barriscowest playing truth or dare
Iris: Truth or dare, Cisco
Cisco: Dare
Iris: Order me a pizza
Cisco: … Truth or dare, Barry?
Barry: Dare???
Cisco: Pay for the pizza
Barry:… Truth or dare, Iris?
Iris: Truth. Nice try though, honey.
Barry: *grumbles to himself as he brings out his wallet* 

based off this post.

Net Neutrality

When I first saw the post, I didn’t know how to react. “Prices constricting websites rising yet again.” I sat there, baffled, unsure of how I was going to pay my internet bill, let alone my rent. This was the fourth time in the past three months they’d decided to jack up the prices.

“I’m not sure where all that money was going, but at this point, they’ve probably got enough to employ a small army.”

I turned to look at my door. Within the dark frame stood my sister. She made her way over rotting floorboards and piles of trash until I could make out her face in the pale glow of my monitor.

I studied her ever-thinning frame, concerned that she wasn’t getting enough food. We both knew, however, that she was getting all the food that she possibly could have.

“Rachel, you don’t look healthy,” I said. “You’ve got to get something into your system.”

Ignoring me completely, she said. “I think this is another full raise. Didn’t take them long to figure out that raising every website at once is going to fund their greedy habits much better.”

I turned back to the monitor, noting that the brightness was dimming slowly. I’d have to pay soon or it’s going to shut down. I looked back up to my sister’s fragile frame, weighing my options.

She stared at me, puzzled. “Nathan, what are you doing? Pay the fee or it’ll shut down the computer.”

Finally settling on my choice. I watched at the display slowly faded until we we’re bathed in shadow. I precariously made my way to the light switch, once almost stepping on a jagged edge that would have sliced my decaying shoes to pieces.

I flipped the switch. Nothing.

“They shut the power off last week. We didn’t pay the bill. You told me we could just use the computer lights.”

My sister pulled a lighter out of her tattered pocket, and did her best to combat the darkness that had taken over the room. I looked at my surroundings. I hadn’t left this room in weeks. Had the walls always been this shade of mold?

“Let’s go downstairs.” I said to Rachel. When we arrived in what we once called our “kitchen”, she confronted me with my inaction as the computer faded.

“You need to eat more. This week’s computer wage is going to go into your stomach.”

“I’m not that hungry, I ate on Sunday.”

“Rachel, it’s Friday night.”

Ever shy in the face of confrontation, she backed off and sat on a small trash-less spot on the floor.

“I’m going to walk to the store and find us something to eat, you stay there.” I told her. “Don’t let anyone in.”

“Who would want to get in here anyways.” she mumbled, but complied non-the-less.

After a few hard pulls, the door came unstuck, replaced by a wall of humidity and heat. I was taken aback initially. It must’ve been, what, four months since I left the house? Five? It’s hard to keep track when the computer doesn’t sleep.

As I hurried on the sidewalk, eager to end my errand as fast as possible, I saw the familiar glow of LEDs from just about every window on the block. Each house was falling apart, but at least they had their internet, right?

In the store, there was one attendant, who was nice enough to instruct me in where to find what I needed. The faster I get home, the better. I don’t like being out here.

As I rounded the corner to my street, I saw lights from within my home. Shit, is someone raiding my setup? I rushed in to find my sister gagged and bound on her knees. Next to her were two men in riot gear. There was a third in front of them, clearly instructing them.

At the sound of the door they turned, and with a smile on his face, the head officer looked at me.

“Ah, Nathan, is it?”

Unsure of what to say, I just stood there, groceries in hand, the outside climate still breathing down my neck.

“It says in your file that you’ve stopped paying your internet bill. Is that true? That would be such a shame. It would mean we have to take you away.” He said with a faux sadness in his voice.

Angered at how he was treating my sister, I charged him, swinging the only thing i had at him as a weapon. There isn’t much a can of meat can do against someone in kevlar except to annoy them.

He smirked at me, and then sent a left hook to my jaw that toppled me to the ground. Dazed, I tried to get to my sister as she screamed through her gag. The man planted his boot firmly on my back, pinning me to the rotting floor.

He leaned down and whispered in my ear, an audible smirk in his voice.

“No one can live without the internet, Nathan.”

Me & Cinderella

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Summary: The reader always knew Dean Winchester was the one. But when her college quarterback boyfriend gets considered for the pros, they let each other drift apart so he could go after his dream. Seven years later, Dean realizes just what happened all those years ago…

Pairing: Football Player!Dean x reader

Word Count: 8,500ish

Warnings: language, angst, self-depreciation

A/N: Thank you to @imissyoualittlemoreeveryday for giving me the inspiration for this story! Written in split POV between Dean and the reader…

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