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So the part where Otabek shows up isn’t super long. He doesn’t skate with Yuri, but stands there at the side like on the picture.


Yuri takes off his sunglasses, throws them to the crowd. Then reaches out for Otabek’s hand and it’s BEAUTIFUL.

Then just like on the the pictures, he puts his fingers in his mouth and Otabek takes it off with his teeth. The whole thing is ridiculously hot, but very fast paced too.

Yuri does a couple more risque moves with his shirt riding up.

There’s this shot of Otabek LOOKING AT YURI FFFFFFFF.

Like a sign that he’s going to shoot him so to speak.

Then you get the fingerguns and the dramatic end pose. 

Crooked House St.

I live in a city where they don’t wanna know your name
You’ll probably die early and nobody wants the blame
There’s a row of crooked houses, they all look the same
You don’t gotta be a loser but you gotta play the game

Sunshine and nonsense is echoing in my head
There’s weird little critters all hiding in my bed
Used to have a black door but I had to paint it red
Where’s all my friends? Was it something I said?

These are worthless words
These are useless sentiments
This is a pointless poem
None of this means anything

Secret service agents came and stole my girlfriend
Said I’d have to pay a ransom to get to see her again
I admitted that I missed her but you gotta comprehend
I used to be broken but now my hearts on the mend

See, I don’t feel good about lying about love
And I don’t need to be given any signs from above
Your senses can’t be trusted, and the only thing I’m sure of,
A names the only things that makes a pigeon not a dove

These are worthless words
These are useless sentiments
This is a pointless poem
None of this means anything

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Salaam Faiza OK so re the McDonald's thing that a few other people have mentioned Could it have also been that there'd have been a possibility that the food wouldn't have been halal? I don't know if it's the same in Norway as the UK but I've heard rumours that McDonald's use the same fryers for everything so even if she ate the vegetarian option/just had chips they'd have still been cooked in a fryer where non halal food was made? I don't know if that makes a difference though :/ pt1/2

Pt2/2 I mean if I were muslim and worried about consuming non halal products I’d avoid going just out of principle if you get what I mean? I’m probably wrong about all this it was just one of the things that popped into my head when I was watching the clip, especially as Sana’s face pretty much seemed to scream are you fucking kidding me right now? You know I can’t eat the food they serve when Noora asked if they should bring something back, like she just looked so hurt that they didn’t remembr

Walaikumsalaam, my love!!

YES! You are 100% right! The fryers make a massive difference, which is why I don’t eat from McDonalds. IDK about Norway, but in the UK, some people say its Halal, some say its Haraam, so to be on the safe side, I avoid it all together. Maybe Sana does the same too!

A God Watching Frozen

[gif is not mine. this is a filler story until I finish my Draco, Steve and Jon story. Let me know which story you’d like!] 

warnings: none

words: 776

“Where are we going again?” He asked her as he followed her, she was pretty fast for quite a short person.

 “To the cinema,” she beamed, “I’ve already explained this to you.” She exhaled as she saw the confusion on his face, “A large dark room, with a big screen and there are moving pictures on the screen? Ring any bells?” He shook his head, “I told you this yesterday Loki!” She pulled on his hand towards the queue.

‘Cinema? Remember, cinema. CI-NE-MA! Crap, I don’t remember.’ He watched her as she almost jumped up and down, and like a light bulb. “OH! I remember!” He exclaimed catching other peoples attention.

She turned to him and smiled. “Can you tell me why we are at the cinema?” He asked.

“We’re going to see a movie.” she spoke like it was the most obvious thing. 

“I figured that,” he rolled his eyes, “what are we going to see?”

 “Frozen!” She laughed, he looked at her with the utmost confusion, “It’s about this girl who has magical ice powers, kind of like you! Anyway, she has a sister named Anna and there’s a talking snowman, but that’s all I’m going to say!” She put her fingers across her mouth in a zipping motion.

 ‘Ice powers? Sisters? Snowman? What did I get myself into.’ “And why couldn’t you see it by yourself?”

“Because, it’s weird seeing it alone…a second or third time,” she blushed crimson red as she took her eyes of him, “plus I know you’d somehow like it.”

 “Next please.” The person called from the counter. He observed her as she ordered for their tickets and food. The line going into the cinema they were about to go into was full of children, he rolled his eyes again, he seemed to be doing that a lot tonight.

 “Are you ready to go? Wait, hold the popcorn and your drink while I give them the tickets.” So Loki held onto his popcorn and drink, ‘What is a god doing in a cinema, about to watch a children’s movie?’ She turned around and gave him a smile.

 They walked together to the available seats and got comfortable, “Thank you for doing this Loki, I know you feel uncomfortable, but thank you for doing this. I appreciate it.” She leaned over his seat and gave him a peck on the lips.

 ‘That’s why I’m doing it.’ He held onto her hand as the lights began to dimmer.

The couple threw their trash in the bin and proceeded to walk, “I can’t believe that Hans guy! What an asshole! You just can’t do that!” Loki exclaimed, arms waving around.

 She giggled to herself, it seemed like the God of Lies found the children’s movie very likeable, he liked it more than her! “And Elsa, poor Elsa! And Anna and Kristoff! Thank god somebody loves him! And Olaf!”

 She couldn’t help but laugh out loud, standing in front of her was a god ranting about a children’s movie who had a twinkle in his eyes. “What are you laughing about?” He inquired as he walked in front of her.

 “Do you really like that movie? That much?” She was in fits of laughter, trying hard to get her sentence out.

 Loki looked aghast, “Never! I was simply stating the facts of the movie!”

 “Sure,” she sing-songed, “that’s why you were almost out of your chair when Hans was about to kill Elsa, and that you yelled out a very ‘manly’ no when Hans became a dick.” She smirked and walked past him. “You know you can just admit that you like it you know, I won’t make fun of you.” She stopped in her tracks when she heard mumbling behind her. “What was that?”

 “Alright, I like it, okay? Now can we go home?” He took her arm and lead them to the car.

 “Wait until the others hear about this!” She chuckled.

 Loki stopped in his tracks and looked at her, “Don’t tell anyone about this! Especially that guy in the suit, Stork or whatever his name is! And definitely not Thor!” He commanded, but she knew that he was joking and that he wouldn’t really much problem if she told them, a lot of embarrassment maybe, but that’s about it.

 “Sure, fine only if you promise to watch ‘The Notebook’ with me tomorrow night!” She bargained as she saw Loki groan she laughed.

 “Fine, as long as you don’t tell anyone about tonight!” She crossed her heart and gave him a kiss and began walking again. ‘What my father would say about this if he saw me right now..’

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THANKS FOR DRAGGING ME INTO KIRALFONSE HELL, now I'm imagining Alfonse going with her home and being so totally confused and out of place but seeing how happy Kiran is makes it all worth it for him,, like imagine him trying to go to the mall or university with her I'm just. AAAAAA I love them???? And it's all your fault

U KNOW DAMN WELL HES SO HAPPY TO SEE HER HAPPY EVENTHO HES CONFUSED AS FUCK!!! cute as hell but also funny coz kiran (to be specific my version of summoner) is kinda sarcastic n sometimes use grim jokes n sadly the jokes go over alfonses head n he panics instead

kiran after a long day of class: oh my GOD the lecturer also killed me

alfonse, his folkvangr already in hand: ARE YOU ALRIGHT? ARE U BLEEDING? WHERE DID HE HURT YOU?

I mean my ex did have his issues and towards the end of the relationship he became really abusive and controlling and his jealousy was beyond crazy but I catch myself missing the beginning of the relationship, I do miss the days where we would go out to eat and just laugh and talk, I do miss going over just to nap so I wouldn’t nap alone in my room, I do miss the good times I experienced w him. I miss how he would mock me when I’d say something but instead of being mad I’d laugh bcus I could never stay mad, I miss when he’d get mad that I liked ranch but yet he would still kiss me, I miss going to the movies and laying my head on his chest, I miss going on walks around the lake and talking about our future, or when we’d cruise around Christmas time just to see houses decorated w lights, or when he’d drive and make those drifting sounds, or when i would feed him off my plate bcus I was already full, or when I’d steal his fries bcus I ate mine on the way home. He knew what I liked and what I hated, as I knew what he liked and what he hated. How he would lay on my chest and I would scratch his back and I’d be like “babe you better not fall asleep” while we would watch a movie and he’d be like “I’m not” then next thing you know he’d be sleeping, I miss him holding my hand and squeezing it hard so I would squeeze back and he’d pretend i was hurting him even tho we both know I was too weak to actually hurt him. I miss trying new places to eat w him, or when we’d go bowling and everytime he got a strike I’d get mad cus he was winning but when I would make a strike he’d kiss me and high five me, how he would call me “sport” and “buddy” and “pal” and “champ” and I’d get mad but then hed just laugh and kiss me, how he would pump gas for me even in a cold ass day just so I wouldn’t have to get off the car, and we’d go to the fast station just to get hot Cheetos w cheese, and how he’d always open the doors for me when we’d go out to eat and would always make me order first, and how when we’d go out to eat I would get diff drink everytime and he’d always try them and end up liking them and how we would go to every place to eat just to try their wings. When we’d go to Walmart just for a bag of chips or to get new wax things for the candle, or when he’d always ask me if I Wanted something before going home, how he would always hold my hand while he’d drive and do that little stroke thing, and how he would always look at me with those big brown eyes of his, how he would just randomly tell me “I love you” out of nowhere or how he’d be like “txt me when you’re home baby, drive safe” bcus he knew my driving sucked ass. I will always cherish those memories created w him. Something happened once we reached a year, maybe he just didn’t love me anymore and he was tired of me, maybe he became abusive so I had a reason to leave him bcus he wanted to end things but didn’t know how to say it, up to this day I’ll never know why something so sweet ended on such bad terms. I know we both said things to each other out of anger and I tried With my life to always fix things with him but we were both stubborn. We were too alike. I could never wish him hell tho one thing I do know is that he’ll always be the love of my life and although I’m over him there are days where I miss him, his voice, his laugh, his presence. I will always have mad love for him 😞. Like I catch myself missing him and thinking about him I just wonder if I even cross his mind for a little uk.

How many miles away are you?
Does 2,635 really feel that far
When you’re under my fingertips at any given moment?
You seem so familiar and yet still so strange,
So tell me,
Do you keep your head in the clouds like I do?
And if you do,
What keeps you grounded amongst the rest of us?
Do your fears look like mine?
Does the past sit heavy in your chest,
Or like a brick in the back of your throat?
What keeps you up at night?
Do you have a fear of heights or just falling?
Are you afraid of death or just dying alone?
How many times have you fallen in love?
Where’s your happy place?
What song breaks your heart,
And what song heals all wounds?
And what if we’re two halves of a whole?
Born on the same day,
One male, one female;
One from warmth and everyday sunshine,
And the other from grey skies and a constant drizzle;
The good kind of opposites.
These are the things that rack my brain
In the middle of the night while you’re sound asleep.
Happy Birthday.
We made it.
—  “Gemini”; May 24, 2017
By Mehlika Marie

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had a weird fic idea, idk how it would work but: jongtae are each other's kryptonite in the literal sense. they fall in love nd when they kiss or whatever its painful and ye. :> Kryptonite! Au (you would do this way better justice than me)

“Taemin’s the person in my dream. My lover. Taemin.” Jonghyun repeats the name just because of how right it feels coming from his mouth.

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bilbo “im gonna use this ring of ultimate power to avoid uncomfortable social situations” baggins (insp.)

i cant believe i spent several hours of the only life ill ever have drawing this…….. worth it.


Okay back to happier (?) topics - today’s prompts were firsts/future/tears !!!! and honestly that’s probably a happy set why did I go for this even we might just never know

I can’t stop thinking about the scene in Revenge of the Sith when Anakin has his nightmare because he and Padmé are sharing a bed and honestly did they not realize that was risky?? like what if someone needed to speak with Padmé late in the night and walked in?? ‘sorry to wake you Senator but this matter is- OH MY GOODNESS MASTER SKYWALKER’

What is a legacy? It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.

Ever since I saw that tweet about Otabek having mischievous friends I’ve like imagined his friends as buff, frat boy hockey players who like shove each other and bro around but religiously host a live stream party for all of Otabek’s competitions and hoot and holla every time he lands a jump or does something cool and are just generally really supportive friends who also occasionally have an accidental tendency to brake things and set other things on fire (because like the curiosity is strong within them) which then leads to perpetual mom!friend Otabek who constantly is begging them “no pls stop oh my god do not” in the group chat

Also I’m super happy it’s canon that Otabek visits Yuri in St. Petersburg like bless that friendship they deserve to have a best friend in the skating world so much