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I'm sorry. I was the one who requested the guys seeing their crush get confessed to by someone else, I didn't realize that you have a rules page. Since I'm on mobile it doesn't show up. So if you could still do that scenario but only with Miyuki, Sanada, Ryousuke, Testuya, and Kuramochi, that would be awesome! Thanks!!! xx

Hey, don’t worry about it! Thank you for taking the time to read my rules page; I really appreciate it! 

I’d also like to apologize for being so inactive on this blog–I’m in the process of writing college apps and school is just taking up a lot of my time now.  I”ll write when I can, but things might be a bit slow for an indeterminate amount of time. Thanks for sticking with me <3 ~Admin Tress

Original Request: Can I get a scenario with miyuki, kuramochi, tetsu, jun, ryou, and sanada, where they see someone (possibly another male student or another player) confessing to their crush/s.o and how they would react to it?


Miyuki, though phenomenal at baseball, an absolute prodigy at coming up with plays, hadn’t the slightest inkling of how romance worked. Was he supposed to bring them flowers or something? Bake chocolates and confess on Valentines day? Fuck, why did this have to be so difficult?

It had taken him seven months and approximately 24 hints from the baseball team before Kuramochi finally lost it and screamed, “JESUS CHRIST MIYUKI, JUST ADMIT YOU HAVE A CRUSH ON [NAME] BEFORE HELL FREEZES OVER!”

And that had been that.

But now, he really couldn’t get [Name] out of his head, much less know if he should actually confront them or not. A relationship with him would be strained, to say the least. He didn’t have time for dates with baseball occupying every second of his time, and he’d be lying if he said he had any idea of how to love a person.

So when he caught a classmate meeting them behind the gym, the stereotypical place to confess, he gritted his teeth and stayed silent.

And because he hated himself, he forced his body to stay as his crush blushed happily and accepted.


Sanada knew he was attractive, talented, and arguably the most sought-after person in Yakushi. He knew his smile could send hordes of fangirls to their knees, and a charming compliment rendered males and females alike a blushing mess.

Yet when it was him on the opposite side, for once, he finally understood why all the movies made such a big deal out of the protagonist’s confession. Admitting you loved someone was, frankly, terrifying; Sanada could see that even when he wasn’t the one confessing.

In fact, the one confessing was doing so to the one person in Yakushi Sanada wanted, and somehow the one person in Yakushi who didn’t want him back. Day after day he’d flirt with them shamelessly, winning smirk hiding the churning in his stomach, and day after day he’d be annoyingly rejected.

Well, at least he wasn’t the only one, as the poor boy looked like he was about to cry. Sanada took this as his cue, stepping in with a loud, “I know you’re in love with me, [Name], but you could at least let him down easy.”

His crush shoved him in the chest, scoffing, “Haven’t I told you a million times that the answer is no? Give up already.”

Sanda smiled his winning smile, the one that had charmed endless numbers of fans and that he directed toward his crush every day when he asked them out, “Never, [Name]. Never.”


“Um, I like you as a friend and all, but I have a–”

“–[Name], please! Just one date is all I’m asking for. I’ve liked you for almost a year now!”

“Hello~ What’s going on here?” Ryousuke interrupted pleasantly, murderous aura increasing with every step forward.

“Ryou-san?” His partner blinked in surprise. “Aren’t you supposed to be resting your leg?”

“Yes, but when I heard my precious [Name] was being accosted by a filthy ruffian, I had to come.” His s/o could swear the other boy physically flinched when Ryosuke turned to him. “Now, who exactly is it that’s trying to take what’s mine?”

Needless to say, the other boy never bothered his s/o again.


One of the things he loved most about his partner was their willingness to come to every game and cheer for him, no matter how busy their schedule was. Tetsu had always felt that he performed better knowing they were watching from the stands, and today was no exception as Seido easily won the match.

Taking a swig of water, Tetsu scanned the exiting crowd for his s/o. They usually liked to congratulate him in person before sending him off to the bus, which was the flash of [Hair Color] by the rival team surprised him.

Upon further observation, he came to the startling realization that the captain of the other team was standing far closer to them than necessary, casually leaning farther and farther in during their conversation.

Before he knew it, Tetsu was standing behind his s/o, square with the other captain. They matched each other in height and team position (but not skill, Tetsu told himself, and certainly not his partner’s love); surely the other wouldn’t be attempting anything when he was in such close proximity, right? Tetsu nodded to himself in satisfaction, fixing the other with a steely gaze.

Noticing their boyfriend’s unrelenting glare, his s/o sighed good-naturedly. “Thanks for the offer, but as you can see, I’m happily taken. Nice talking to you!” Pulling the still-stony cleanup away, his s/o reached up to place a kiss on his cheek.

“Don’t worry, I was going to reject him anyways. Next time though, try using your words instead of glaring and hoping he gets the message.”


When his crush didn’t appear for lunch at their usual spot on the roof, naturally Kuramochi was concerned. Had a teacher held them back? Or was it more sinister, like being cornered by the school delinquents? Within minutes, he was out scouring the school, searching for any sign of where his crush might be.

“I’m sorry, I don’t understand.” Their familiar voice caught his attention, coming from the quiet area behind the gym.

“I like you, [Name], what more is there to understand? Please, give me a chance.” The voice belonged to none other than their class president and holder of the highest grades in their year. His crush was smart; was that the type of guy they were into? The type of guy that Kuramochi wasn’t and would never be.

Clenching his fist, he kicked the grass and turned away. He must be such an idiot, to think that his crush would even consider someone like him. Someone who couldn’t even muster up the balls to confess. So caught up in his thoughts was Kuramochi that he didn’t catch the quiet “No” from behind the gym.