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Honestly, I really want Hidekane to be endgame because if Touken stays a thing by the end of this whole mess I just know Hide will accept it with a big goddamn smile and he‘ll be so happy for Kaneki but I just think Hide has been through too much and I want him to be just as happy as Kaneki and I like to think that that‘d be the case when/if they‘re together.

Ehh. Headcanons are all good and dandy, but if you’re asking me…

Kaneki is not going to leave Touka for Hide. She loves him, too, and I don’t think it’s appropriate for Kaneki’s character– at this point of the story, where he chooses to live just to see his wife again– to abandon her for someone else. I would personally balk if that happened. It’s not romantic or touching or anything. 

So, consider this instead: 

Touka and Kaneki staying together doesn’t mean Hide is going to be unhappy. We still don’t know if Hide’s “confession” was a “confession” at all– he only said he loved Kaneki (I say I love my friends all the time and I mean it??), and that doesn’t mean his heart is going to be broken over a relationship he actually encouraged. Honestly, I think he would be the most genuinely enthusiastic, supportive fan of their relationship out of anybody, and all three of them would be a packaged deal together. 

✨ OT3 ✨

Everything’s Blue

Lance sat on the observation deck in the Castle, looking out of the windows into the endlessness of space. He sat with his knees drawn up to his chest, his arms wrapped around his legs.

“Lance?” He turned his head and saw Keith walking towards him before sitting besides him, “You okay? Kinda took a beating out there today.”

“Yeah, I’m fine.” He whispered so quietly you could barely hear it.

“You don’t seem fine.” Keith observed as he noticed how Lance’s thoughts seemed to be else where, “You know you can talk to me right? We’re a team and even though we’re ‘rivals’ I still like to think we’re friends.”

Keith continued looking at Lance for a while before turning his gaze to the windows as well. It was quiet for a few ticks and Keith was about get up to leave when Lance started talking, “Is it weird that I like fighting the Galra?”

Keith looked to Lance, “Uh, no? I mean they’re taking over the universe and you’re helping-“

“No. I mean yes but… I know I’m helping innocent people and all and that’s great and stuff but… I like the adrenaline rush I get, it’s kinda addicting to me, kinda like how drugs are addicting you know? It helps me forget about my family for a while.”

Keith cocked his head to the side furrowing his eyebrows, “Why do you want to forget your family? I mean you love them a ton.”

“Yeah I do,” Lance started, eyes still trained on the stars ahead of him, “But before we left earth… a few days before, me and my hermano were talking and then we kinda got into a fight. It was kinda stupid at first then it just escalated to the point where we both said we hated each other, which we don’t of course! But… I never got to apologize to him. I just disappeared off the face of the earth without telling him sorry.”

“Lance.” Keith started, trying to pick his words carefully in his head, dealing with emotions isn’t his thing, “You’re brother knows you love him, even if you didn’t get to say it one last time. But just think about how you’ll get to say sorry when this is all over.”

“What if something happens though? I could die tomorrow and never get to see my mom smile when she watches that ridiculous telenovella she loves so much.” He left out a small laugh accompanied by a small genuine smile, “It was like this excited smile that made you feel excited also you know?”

“Yeah.” Keith said remembering all the times Lance exuded excitement that latched onto everyone else making them as excited as he was, “I know the feeling.”

“I- I dunno Keith I kinda feel like I’m ripping at the edges. Like back on Earth everything was…” he trailed off for a second trying to think of the right word, “Colorful. Like, everyday felt like a kind of surprise, but at the same time everything was normal and comfortable. Here though, everything feels grey. I had dreams of going to space, duh that’s why I attended the Galaxy Garrison but now that I’m here I don’t want to anymore. Fighting in this war just kinda… stripped away my dream I guess. Like don’t get me wrong it’s insanely beautiful out here but I feel like it’d be even more beautiful if Zarkon wasn’t ruling it and if I didn’t have to risk my life all the time for it. I know I have to since I’m a Paladin of Voltron and everything but I mean… mi familia, Keith.” Lance’s voice began to tighten up and tears gathered in his eyes.

He sat up straighter as the tears began falling, quickly he wiped them away not wanting Keith to see, “Sorry, sorry. This is all probably really awkward for you I mean I know you’re not great with emotions and I’m basically pouring my heart out to you right now and I-“

“Lance,” Keith cut him off ending his rambling, “It’s okay to miss your family. I mean, I don’t have much family to miss but I can understand how you feel. I mean Shiro disappeared and I was alone and… Lance you say you’re ripping apart but even if you are, you’re still a masterpiece to me. I’ll help put you back together if I need to.”

Lance looked at Keith a bit shocked before his features softened and gave Keith a look that made him either want to melt into the floor or freeze this moment forever.

“Maybe you can help me add color to my life again.” Lance said softly as he laid his head on Keith’s shoulder.

“Yeah,” Keith said with a soft smile on his face, “I’ll help you with anything.”


This was requested by @quidditch-captain if you have any requests send them in please! This is loosely (highly(?)) based on Colors by Halsey. I hope you enjoyed, let me know what you think! :)

a little hello to all you readers out there

Something terrible happened this week in our fandom, something to such an extend I NEVER would have wanted to witness here. This is supposed to be a safe place, at least I see it that way. And when I say safe place, I mean it in so may different ways. This is a place where we support LOVE, JUSTICE and stand behind people who teach us to treat people with KINDNESS and give back GOODNESS. 

Being here isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, I think we all know and have experienced that. It’s come to a point of people leaving, because it’s too much. And I 100% understand them. I’ve been one of them, but I’ve come back.. Because to me this is love, home, passion, compassion, learning things about myself, learning important things about life. I choose to be here and so do everyone of you also. You choose to be here, you choose to act the way you do. Take a step back for a moment, to understand that, to stand behind that person you are. 

I know, being a fic rec blog, that I do post things that aren’t suitable, in my opinion, for underage people. And I would like to take this moment to address everyone who is, if there should be one here scrolling through my blog. You deciding to come here, is your own decision and I can’t make you leave, BUT what I want is you to think and think hard, is this what you want.. When you come across a fic that has explicit content, DON’T open it. There’s a reason these warnings exist! At a certain age, you feel like you´re an adult and you want to experience things that maybe you’re body and/or mind isn’t really ready for, I know that. But maybe take a step back and try to be responsible for yourself. Be responsible. If you start to feel uncomfortable or anxious or anything in that direction, please stop reading, close the page and learn from your experience. You deciding to be here, means you’re responsible for yourself, no matter your age. I haven’t, the writer hasn’t, no one else but you have decided to make this decision. So, please take care of yourself. Rather be safe than sorry. 

To all the writers out there, I would like to remind you of the use of warnings there is in ao3. We all do want to be safe and it’s amazing and important that ao3 has that warning system, so let’s keep embracing it!

To get back to the happenings of this week.. Where is the love? Where is the respect? Where is the kindness? Things and accusations and name calling has been flying around, when the reason behind it all has been wrong. Hurt and anger might have made it happen but the topics that have been talked about and the things that have been accused of these people, are serious and should not under any circumstances be played around. If there was a case of any kind of abuse, it should be dealt with respect and not spread around this site like some gossip. 

Spreading lies about others is unacceptable! Believing in different truths is life. And we have a lot of bullying because of that, in our fandom. And it makes this place feel like hell sometimes. BUT when it comes personal, when the lies and bullying and name calling become things that are directed towards one or two or three people, IT IS UNACCEPTABLE!! When the accusations are so severe, it it not something you can just brush off, YOU DON’T DO IT! (If you actually are in a position where you feel like you are being abused, you find an adult and preferably also a professional who can help you process the experiences and then after that you can contact the person who has abused you if it feels like something you can do.) 

I would like to ask everyone to have a moment to think, to reevaluate this situation. Not only to think about others actions but to think of your own. Do you believe in something because others told you to believe in it, or because the topics were so serious you just have to believe or because you listened to all the information and made a decision yourself? 

Remember love and kindness. Remember the reason you are here. Be an adult and know respect. 

Thank you for reading. 

ps. Hope this comes across okay with my english. 

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Red~ I'm not sure if you people have it where you're located, but 'splat' hair dye has a bunch of different vibrant colors/colours and usually comes with bleach. It ranges from like $7-$15 a box, but it's turned out pretty well for me. I would suggest leaving it on for at least a half and hour longer than the box says (👌🏻) (they also have ombré and semi-permanent kits too!)

That’s very helpful! Someone else mentioned Splat and I think I’ve seen it before :) Thank you

Offering a Hershey’s kiss to Diana would include...

Sorry for the delay of posting, I’m thinking about other issues now and I’m a little uncreative, an anon asked and here it is.

Anon:  Fic where diana has a crush on the reader. One day the reader asks Diana for a kiss (meaning Hershey’s kiss) and Diana is like “I thought you’d never ask”

I think I’ve seen something like here, anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

  • Diana knew there was something special about you when Bruce showed you a video you caught
  • Your distorted picture of the screen does not leave your head
  • It worsened when she met you in person.
  • You were incredible in many ways.
  • Intelligent, selfless, humble and honest
  • Besides being so cute and beautiful
  • She fell for you at the same speed as a meteor falls to the ground.
  • Quickly and catastrophically
  • She tried to leave you signals but you were so unconscious
  • (it was one of the things she secretly loved about you too)
  • She just wanted to kiss you and spill the love you felt for you, but wanted to make sure you felt the same too

  • You were new to the league.
  • Never in your life did you expect to be part of the team.
  • Like Barry, you initially just “pushed” some people with their powers and left the scene before being caught.
  • Apparently you had not been sneaky enough because the League had found you
  • You soon approached Diana
  • Being the only female member of the group
  • You still didn’t feel very comfortable around the boys
  • Strangely, Bruce was one of the few you were most comfortable with and it was he who was training you
  • But being close to Bruce didn’t mean he took it easy on you
  • Your bruises had bruises
  • And when you were like this: tired and destroyed, you would go to the only person who could make your day.
  • Diana

So you went to a market, bought some niceies and walked steadily to the Museum where Diana was currently working

You were so accustomed to meeting her there for lunches and snacks that all the security of the place already knew you

They greeted you as you passed and you answered with a smile and a small nod.

As you was approaching Diana’s office, you opened your candy bag and pulled out a Hershey’s kiss. Diana loved chocolate, you hoped she would enjoy this little treat.

You knocked on the door and heard Diana’s voice allowing you to enter, smiling, you entered her room and saw her stirring the paperwork.

You approached your table, leaning over the table and whispering “Hey Diana, do you want a kiss?

Diana looked up from the paperwork. She stared at you in surprise and shock you kept a small apologetic smile on your face.

Slowly, Diana got up and walked around the table walking toward you and wrapping an arm around your waist pulling you close. Her free hand cupped your chin and looking into your eyes, she said:

“I thought you’d never ask”

Diana kissed you

You froze for a second before melting into the kiss, pulling her by the neck.
When Diana split, you were still slightly numb.

You lowered the hand that still held small kiss

“I was referring to this, but … I think it can be interpreted that way too”

Diana opened the most radiant smile you’ve ever seen.

"I know. I saw it in your hand, but I couldn’t miss the opportunity.” You blushed deeply and buried your face at the base of your neck. Diana laughed

“Zeus, you’re so cute”

Originally posted by harleysquinn

Ya’ll know that Magnus is gonna go to Edom and just before he leaves we’re gonna have this super dramatic goodbye where Alec is busy trying to stop it and telling Magnus how he shouldn’t/doesnt have to go or whatever the storyline calls for and then Magnus is just gonna interrupt him with “I love you.” And Alec’s gonna be shook asf and so are we coz Magnus never says it first and Alec doesnt even have time to reply then Magnus is gonna go and we’re all gonna die the end :)

the sleep

“the mirror” part two

so this was in high demand… and initially i didn’t understand how i could make a part two but then i had an idea and just had to execute it. i’m very glad that so many of you enjoyed “the mirror” and hope you all enjoy this sequel. 

enjoy the show…

Stuck. You’d been stuck for only God knows how long. Trapped in an area of space where time seemed to be nonexistent. The manor seemed to be the only thing you knew of anymore. A damned place where you couldn’t age, you couldn’t leave, and you couldn’t forget. Every minute of every day you felt the same pain. Sometimes it became a dull throb, sometimes it was so intense all you could do was close your eyes in agony.

But whenever you closed your eyes, all you saw were the same last two minutes you spent in the real world. The minutes where a man you had started becoming friends with lost his mind and the man you had loved for years shut you out without a care and walked away.

You hadn’t seen either of them in… could you even tell how long? Was it a week? Was it a day? You couldn’t tell. You had no body anymore thanks to Damien. This meant you were stuck in this strange form of reality. Where it looked real – kind of – felt real – sort of – but wasn’t real – technically. The air was sort of misty and foggy, little particles flowed around carelessly. You didn’t feel time passing. You just felt stuck. Trapped in a time and place that caused you nothing but pain.

Nothing could be worse than this… right?

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The pressure’s off,
no need to leave the light on.
I basked in moth flecked yellow,
waiting for you to come down
from your tower.
But I should have known
you fell in love with the walls,
stone in your heart
anchoring you to the floor.

I pushed off the curb
and gave my heart a hearty wring
trying to expel those feelings
that you never felt for me.
One last glance and I know
you’re where you always wanted to be.
Safely away from me.

Hello this is kinda a PSA but also you can ignore it if you wanna.

I love going back and reading tags and comments and anything that is put on reblogs and just posts I make in general. Like reading the comments and compliments and stuff on my selfies. And reading everything everyone had to say about the fics I write. I love reading the stuff y'all say, tags and all. Like I go through every reblog of something of mine to check the tags on it bc some people put more stuff there and it’s always so nice and it makes me smile so much. Especially on a night, like tonight, where I haven’t felt the greatest. That when I really go through the tags and things.

So to everyone’s that leaves nice comments or reblogs with comments or just puts nice things in the tags of my stuff, selfies, fics, anything, thank you. I love you guys. 💛

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*perches in here* okay so dave do you have any headcanons for specific stims aizawa has because like consider one of the ones he had when he was younger was just bouncing on his feet, like where he stands on the balls of his feet already and then just bounces but his toes never leave the floor and his heel never touches the ground. It drove his fam up a wall. They did not like.


i’ve probably mentioned this before but i think aizawa is big on pressure stimming and his sleeping bag is totally used for that. it’s got a tight fit and it’s heavy so he can roll himself in it and feel safe. also, the thing with the scarves. i have this idea that sometimes when he’s overstimulated, he’ll lay in a closet at home and just pull all his/hizashi’s clothes down on top of him and calm down like that. he likes pressure. for the holidays, hizashi knits him a really heavy blanket made of his favorite yarn and aizawa falls in love with that thing.

i totally agree with ur hc of aizawa bouncing on his feet and walking a little differently too. i don’t see him as a very move-y person, but i can definitely see that. i think he’s more of a sensory person whereas certain materials are Best and need to be around him all the time, otherwise it’s Wrong. he likes the textures of certain clothing materials and he really likes the feeling of fur, hence partially his love for cats. also, repetitive movements are definitely a thing for him.

A Thousand Reasons

Pairing- Dean x Reader

Warnings- Angst/fluff

Word Count- 3,168

A/N- I honestly loved writing this. I cried… sobbed actually, ended up going to the hospital to be revived. I am super happy with how this turned out. Witten for Beka’s Titles Are Hard challenge. @impala-dreamer. Betad by the ever so lovely Amanda, @amanda-teaches and partially written as she helped me a TON when I was struggling. Thank you both!! I loved this and hope you guys do too!

Summary- Dean and reader have an argument that result in reader leaving. 3 months later reader invites Dean to a concert where she sings a song from their past.

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Ok but imagine this: title of your sex tape jokes but Eleanor is jake and chidi is Amy

Originally posted by shawnasgonnagif

Nonnie, this is the GREATEST thing I have ever read.

Omg think of it; before Chidi watched the tape, he had no idea where this was coming from but it amused Eleanor to no end (and gave her a way to talk about the tape without actually talking about it). 

And after Chidi watches the tape, Eleanor starts making the jokes as a way to try and prove that she’s totally ok with his not having feelings for her, and after a while Chidi gets over the awkwardness of hearing her joke about it and it becomes a sort of inside joke between them (since it baffles everyone else). 
meanwhile they’re both dying on the inside because Eleanor can’t stop wishing that Chidi did have those feelings and Chidi can’t stop wishing he hadn’t lied about not having them

Lonely Girl

You’re desperate to play the part
Of the lonely girl.
Why is it so hard to see
That you’re making a big mistake.
Will you make me wait for years?
Or can you finally tolerate
The thought of being happy?

Refuse the voices within you
Trust that we’re more than just another phase in life
Accept the place where you belong
And destroy the ones that hold you there

We’ve said things that we don’t mean
Just to build a wall around
The uncomfortable things we feel
But I can see the truth in your eyes

Do you think we can get out of here?
Don’t tell anyone that we’re leaving.
Take your bags and pretend to care
but we both know the truth about it
Different sacrifices from different places
It’s too late to turn back now, my lonely girl

I think that we were destined to find
Each other’s weaknesses
Just so that we couldn’t let it destroy us
Before deciding to accept the consequences

I’m afraid of the future too, you see?
But there’s no way I can go back to what it was like before I met you
It’s you, it’s always been you

Now, I can’t say things that I don’t mean
I wonder if you feel the same way
The stakes being as high as they are
Please take me wherever you go
So you won’t have to play the role of the lonely girl
You were never so good at that.
And neither was I

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Your so good at writing, I love your fics so much! My friend also said they love your recent one! Your so amazing!! Can you do one where patton tries to confess to logan but not by saying flat out 'I love you' it's more like I want to spend the rest of my life with you or you make me the happiest person alive and logan doesn't understand so he's just like uh were litteraly stuck together the rest of our 'lives' anyway. We're sides. And pat just 'oh' and leaves a little teary eyed. (1/2) 🐇🐇

I can actually see this happening….

Patton took a deep breath as he walked into Logan’s room. Today was the day.

He stared as Logan scribbled away frantically, murmuring to himself about hectic schedules. The logical side was such a workaholic.

Patton walked over with a plate of fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies, “Oh Logan, are you overworking yourself again?”

Logan glanced up at the plate of cookies, “I can’t afford to waste any time.”

“Not even for a much deserved snack? You know it isn’t good to strain yourself, Lo. Actually it’s less productive that way.”

The logical side sighed and daintily picked up a cookie from the plate Patton held out to him. They did smell pretty delectable. He got up from his office chair and went to the cabinet where he kept the Crofter’s jam.

Patton grinned knowingly. As much as Logan hated to admit it, he had quite the sweet tooth.

Alright. I can do this. I can do this.


“Yes, Pat?”

“I want to spend the rest of my life with you,” the moral side looked at Logan sheepishly.

Logan chewed thoughtfully, “What do you mean? We’re already in a state of being bound together, we’re sides of a person’s personality. And I wouldn’t consider us to be ‘living.’ Maybe ‘existing’ is the more correct term.”

Patton shook his head, frustrated. Why does he have to take everything so literal!

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Planning to write your next fan fiction update? Wanna doodle your favorite characters? Maybe you need an idea dump notebook that you can easily stash in your purse? Here are four mini notebooks I’m selling at the upcoming Stammi Vicino Caffe next Sunday! Check out these mini notebooks which have 30 leaves (60 pages) where you could collect ideas and put doodles. I used 80 gsm paper for this and it’s fairly friendly to a good number of pens and a very light washes of watercolor.

Interested? You can get them from me at Table #12/Kyaatsudon artist circle. Or send me a message in case you can’t come on the day. :)

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Hi I was wondering if you knew of any historical fiction books that take place in world war 1? I have a lot about world war 2 but I’ve become very interested in ww1 lately and I can’t seem to find very many fictional books that take place in that time


Yes, I do have some books I can recommend, I haven’t read them all though:

Hope there is something here that catches your interest!

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Hey Mindset! Hope you've been well 😊 I've got a question! What do you think rose from the ruins of Winterfell? Do you think that we will learn what it was in the next books? Or do you think GRRM is done explaining whatever that was?

Sorry, I’m sure that it was only smoke and fire from Winterfell being sacked, from a wolf’s-eye view. Look at the context.

The ashes fell like a soft grey snow.
He padded over dry needles and brown leaves, to the edge of the wood where the pines grew thin. Beyond the open fields he could see the great piles of man-rock stark against the swirling flames. The wind blew hot and rich with the smell of blood and burnt meat, so strong he began to slaver.
Yet as one smell drew them onward, others warned them back. He sniffed at the drifting smoke. Men, many men, many horses, and fire, fire, fire. No smell was more dangerous, not even the hard cold smell of iron, the stuff of man-claws and hardskin. The smoke and ash clouded his eyes, and in the sky he saw a great winged snake whose roar was a river of flame. He bared his teeth, but then the snake was gone. Behind the cliffs tall fires were eating up the stars.
All through the night the fires crackled, and once there was a great roar and a crash that made the earth jump under his feet. Dogs barked and whined and horses screamed in terror. Howls shuddered through the night; the howls of the man-pack, wails of fear and wild shouts, laughter and screams. No beast was as noisy as man. He pricked up his ears and listened, and his brother growled at every sound. They prowled under the trees as a piney wind blew ashes and embers through the sky. In time the flames began to dwindle, and then they were gone. The sun rose grey and smoky that morning.


There was a big airburst, a plume of flame and smoke, when one of the buildings collapsed, possibly the roof of the Great Hall, maybe the stables. The other big roar and crash probably came when the wall of the First Keep came down, or maybe the bridge.

Besides, if it were an actual dragon, someone would have noticed it by now. Because, y’know, dragons have to eat, and missing cows and sheep would certainly be remarked upon. That’s always something that’s made me roll my eyes about the whole underground dragon heating the hot springs of Winterfell legend – what is this supposed dragon eating? How does it even live? No, sorry, it’s just geothermal energy.

And the “winged snake” was just smoke and fire. That’s the thing about GRRM’s Chekhov’s guns… if they’re important, they keep getting mentioned. Nymeria’s been referenced constantly, Dany often worries about the HotU prophecies, even Tyrek’s disappearance was thought about in ASOS and AFFC… but this wolf dream’s supposed winged snake has never been brought up again, not in Bran’s chapters, not by anyone in the north or anywhere in Westeros. So yeah, I think GRRM’s done explaining. If there were anything more to explain there would have been something said already, anything at all.

Hope that helps!

@markiplier being excited about this story he’s created and where he’s going to go next with it makes me emotional because like??? I dunno I relate to that a lot??? I love making stories and comics and all that and I always get so EXCITED about what I’m going to do next with them and how people are going to react and just………idk dude seeing someone I really look up to a LOT feeling the same way and being so PASSIONATE about what he’s doing is oddly inspirational

Here’s to you, Mark! We are all both excited and terrified for the upcoming future!

himawari0  asked:

how does dom Si manifest when they are sx/sp? Doesn't dom sx go against the contained nature of Si?

ehhhhhh Si isn’t really contained. like all introverted (and especially Pi) functions, it can be a huge clusterfuck, but it doesn’t really contradict with SX, since SX/sp Si-doms will by nature be more “outgoing” than most introverts. being sensing dominant only means that these people have more of an earthy, straightforward style when SX-ing. you’ll generally know exactly where you stand with them, because if they like you, they’ll be frank about it rather than hiding their meaning or leaving their feelings implicit while thinking they’re being clear, like a lot of intuitives. I believe someone on here said that dom Si SX-doms are the most pure SX of all, and I guess that impression could come from the abovementioned fact - also that dom Si will tend to cultivate and maintain existing long-term relationships more than Se will. I’ve met exactly one SX/sp ISTJ and she was extremely funny, good with kids, and came off as an extrovert, although if you knew her well, it’s obvious she isn’t one. SX/sp Si-doms tend to have a lot of hobbies and passions that they spend a lot of time on, be it music, outdoor activities like hiking, or horseback riding. they may even come off as the ISTP stereotype, but less quiet, and tend to have pretty magnetic personalities when compared with other introverts. the only way I could see an SX/sp Si-dom being “contained” is if they were a 9 or a 5.