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“This is ridiculous!” You huffed and refused to hold the wedding dress your aunt was holding out.


“You don’t have a choice you have to go through with it.” She scolded.


“Why exactly can’t one of the other girls be used to pay them off.” You snapped.


“We’re not using you to buy them off were…” She glowered at you when you interrupted.


“You’re not, is that why he’ll leave us alone if I’m married to one of them?” You dumped the dress on the floor and hurried out of the caravan and hurried off on your own.


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~RP Starter~


*D!Chara wakes up, she puts on clothes and spawns breakfast for Chara, she leaves the house leaving a note*

“Morning~ I made breakfast for you, i’ll be out quick, if your looking for me, i’m out in the area near the bench where me met for the second time”

*she leaves a piece of crafted paper forming a red heart*

It’s getting cooler and the leaves are falling so you KNOW Halloween is just around the corner! My momma raised me on horror flicks so Halloween is one of my very favorite holidays, though I usually spend it curled up on the couch watching Hocus Pocus! 🎃
I always try to read at least one creepy book during the season but horror is the one genre where I will agree that the movie is usually better than the book (🙈🙉🙊). I have yet to find one book that scares me the way the Exorcist does! What’s your all time favorite horror movie/book?
Our #BlackFlameCandle inspired by none other than Hocus Pocus is a spicy and sweet mixture of amber, patchouli and fat of a hanged man (it’s cinnamon, don’t worry!) ☺️ The flame does not burn black unfortunately, but it still give us total Sanderson sister vibes!
Creepy photo by @vixenreads ☠️ #themeltinglibrary #hocuspocus #sandersonsisters #winifredsanderson #hocuspocuscandle #halloweencandles

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Klaus Mikaelson - Not Your Property

Prompt: Could you do one where klaus was crazy for you but you had a one night stand with Damon and klaus finds out and gets really angry and it just turns into angry sex? You can go where you want with it, you’ll have a better idea than me, you’re a great writer x

Smut Warning babes xxx

“Niklaus is looking for you.” Elijah supplied after a few minutes of silence. You narrowed your eyes, your brows contorting into a frown.


Elijah’s eyes flicked up to meet yours from his book and you were concerned to see no amusement in their depths.

“I have no idea.”

You stood up to leave, Elijah and your book abandoned behind you. You had reached the doorway when Elijah’s voice called after you.

“Be careful, Y/N. He looked positively mutinous when I saw him last.”

With your expression still drawn into a frown, you set off in search for Klaus. To say the thought of him being angry with you made you nervous would be a vast understatement; an angry Klaus was something nobody wanted to see. It wasn’t that you were particularly scared he’d hurt you in some way, especially not physically. It was more because you knew that you’d have to cope with his betrayed countenance as you did so. 

It didn’t take long to reach the room in which Klaus had hoard himself up inside. The room full of his paint and canvases was always where he went to relax, the brush strokes an elegant catharsis for him. When the sounds of crashing and breaking filled the air, you knew that you’d come to the right place and a jolt of worry coarser through you. The last thing you wanted was for him to destroy his artwork, especially in your name.

You didn’t bother knocking as you walked inside, shutting the door behind you and facing a livid hybrid. His eyes were bright yellow, wild with a peculiar darkness in them, like a river flooding, murky water scraping at the banks.

You didn’t speak as he faced you, chest heaving up and down. You suppressed an eye roll at how dramatic he could be.

“I allow you to stay in my home, be among my family and treat you as if you were my own blood…” He began, regaining a fraction of his composure, enough for you to comfortably look at the carnage around him. The floor was sticky with spilt paint, dirty glasses of some brown shade of water lying in broken crystals upon the ground. You noticed, quietly pleased, that his canvases, full of beautiful images, were still intact leaning against the wall.

“You do, Klaus, and I’m ever so grateful for it.” You said robotically, unsure of where he was going but knowing that it could not be good by any means.

“And you repay me by sleeping with the enemy.” He spat, turning around and beginning to pace. “Damon Salvatore, of all people?”

You froze, frustration, fear and anger rising up to your chest. Klaus wasn’t wrong, of course he wasn’t, he just had no idea why you had done it.

“Are you telling me that I’m not allowed to sleep with people? Because, what, you said so?” You drawled dryly, crossing your arms.

“Because you live in my house-” He began before you interrupted him.

“Your house, your rules?” You chuckled humourlessly. “That might work on Hope, Klaus, but it sure as hell doesn’t work on me.”

He was seething at this point, his chest rising and falling as quickly as ever, his panting mirroring the crescendo of your heartbeat. “You have no say in what, or who, I do, Klaus. I am not your property.”

“You cannot go around like a harlot, sleeping with other men!” He returned.

“Other men?” you questioned, your resolve faltering as confusion at his words consumed your thoughts. “I haven’t slept with anyone else.”

“So Damon doesn’t count then, does he?” 

“What are you talking about Klaus? Damon is the only person I’ve slept with and that was one night!” You answered, raising your voice. “Who would you like me to sleep with?”

“Me!” He shot back, turning on his heel and facing you, eyebrows knitted together in an animalistic fury, encouraged by his primal urges. “Don’t you see, Y/N? You drive me irrecoverably insane! Everything about you is intoxicating-”

He stalked forwards, eyes blazing. “Can’t you see that it is I that wants you most?”

Before you could answer, his lips were against yours, his hands biting into your hips like a vice. What came over you, you had no idea. You were viciously angry at Klaus; he had no right to feel anything over your love life and his comment about you being a harlot had really pushed you over the edge. So what if you had screwed other people? You anger crashed over you like a wave as you shoved Klaus away, revelling in the lost look that cast over his features.

It was but a second before your hands were either side of your head and you were kissing furiously once more, every breath you took contaminated by Klaus’. He moved backwards, your display of dominance both surprising him and exciting him. Neither of you cared about the way the skin of your feet stuck to the wet floor or skidded in places. The crunching glass was ignored as rainbows were painted in your trail to the sofa that sat quietly and unnoticed in the corner of the room.

Articles of clothing marred your path as your hands pulled his hair roughly. In protest, his large hands gripped your hips harder, pulling you flush against him as your fingers ran down his neck, nails digging in, scratching the surface of the skin. Your moans mingled together, mouths met in an inescapable breath. Your anger at Klaus once again reared its head, a flurry of passion and desire lighting your veins wherever his fingers skimmed your skin.

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Hello Stephanie! I'm gonna be making dubs soon, and I wanted to thank you. Thank you so much. It's gonna be an ask account, where they can ask Annie (League of legends), Tibbers (League of legends), and other League of legends characters, as well as myself. I wanted to thank you for inspiring me. If it wasn't for you and Hawker, I would not have the confidence for this. Sorry, I'm rambling. Anyways, thank you so much. I hope you never leave YouTube or Tumblr. Sincerely, a huge fan (call me Kit)

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I still can’t get over when people say I inspire them thank you so much :A: if you send me the ask blog I’d love to check it out! 

SO I just realized I hit 200 FOLLOWERS????? Where did 100 go?!?!?! And! It just so happens that I’m gonna be by myself for the weekend (thurs - sun morning) soooooooo would anyone be down for maybe some game or art streams??? Maybe some Rabbit streams??? I’m not good at this hhh. But leave me a comment and let me know! Or! If you have any ideas, shoot those at me too! Thank you guys for sticking around me holy hell its only been like a week???? Y'all are nuts

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same anon who mentioned troll!Oro as a legit reason to leave Akatsuki: and now I kind of want a modern AU where Oro's an internet troll and messes around with people and then somehow he BFFs with troll!Sannin (I headcanon that genin!Sannin literally drove their sensei to tears at least twice from *despair* because of their antics) and then falls in love with Sakumo? Somehow? And Akatsuki try to DDoS the website where they all hang out? What even is my head doing. help. Could this even work??

I am of the firm opinion that anything can work if you have enough fun writing it (criminals ‘verse, anyone?), and this sounds like a hell of a lot of fun! :D

herocapes006  asked:

Sometimes in my life I feel so alone. People backstabbing. Being the odd one out. No love life. No story to tell. People coming, people leaving. Never good enough. I just hate feeling that way. I just really need a friend where I can sit down next to and have a shoulder to cry on. Your blog really gives me hope and makes me feel like I'm not the only one. I just really love your blog and it inspires me. Thank you💕

Believe me when I tell you that I feel the same way, like the filler friend. I feel sometimes that I am not needed or sometimes not even loved but then I opened my eyes and I saw the closest of my friends standing there by my side as my life went to hell and back. I am different you know I don’t fit in I am not like the other girls I am smart and I’m not afraid nor ashamed of recognizing it but I know it hurts and I know it doesn’t feel right, you were not born to stick in so go ahead and be different be yourself, for yourself. I know I am just a stranger but I know how you feel because I’ve lived it myself so don’t doubt talking to me because I always be here for you whenever you need. I hope you can find peace within yourself and among others. Thank you for everything

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Hi ! I hope I'm not bothering you or anything and that my question has not already been asked ('cause I looked but I'm still afraid that I have somehow overlooked it). So, I'm going out of my mind, looking for a novel (not written in english) similar to TSH in the sense where it would be a kind of rewriting of greek tragedy, with its theme and everything. Do you have any names or titles coming to mind? Anyway, good luck with your studies and life! :D

Hi love!

I do have a few similar asks here, and here.

Now for the focus on tragedy though…

I think those showcase classical tragic elements as well as modern tragedy. They tackle the concept in very different ways though.

The Picture of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde
Rebecca, Daphné du Maurier
House of Leaves, Mark Z. Danielewski
The Brothers Karamazov, Fyodor Dostoyevsky (Vanya’s storyline)
The Castle of Argol, Julien Gracq
Tess of d’Urbervilles, Thomas Hardy

However, Greek tragedy isn’t the main focus of these books. It’s more about intertextuality than it is about rewriting the Greeks (although it could be argued in the case of Dorian Gray). 

I think there’s something so special that harry came out in this magazine specifically, even it’s title Another Man suits him because that’s what he is isn’t he? Someone who’s so many things at once that he’s considerate and charming and genuine and soft and cuddly yet gritty and punk rock and humble yet confident and nostalgic and just…beautiful. And I’m not just talking about the avalanche of beautiful photos where he rocks seriously EVERY look, but the little pieces of him we got to see through gemma’s excerpt and his favorite poems for crying out loud and his favorite music choices or little stories that have impacted him, little pieces of himself that HE thought represented HIM.  He’s choosing to show us a snippet of the harry behind the name and there is something so precious and brave and endearing about it all.  And this is only the first interview, this is literally only the beginning.

Motorcycles (Obi-wan x day care teacher! reader)

anon requested: Hello! Love your blog and you do a Obi wan x reader #261? Since Ewan loves motorcycles so much 😂 do whatever you want with it, modern AU, if you want but I don’t care as long as it’s cute, fluffy and motorcycles with lots of innuendos 😂 Thanks love 😘😘❤️

and the AU wis credited to the lovely @annie315 who suggested: How about an AU where he’s a single father and the reader is the Daycare lady where he leaves his four year old daughter and they start dating for a while and she finds out that he drives a motorcycle~? ÔwÔ

261: “Since when do you drive a motorcycle?”

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“Come on daddy! I don’t wanna be late again!” Obi-wan’s little girl whines as she wriggles in her car seat.

“hang on Padme, Daddy’s got to make sure you have all your stuff…let see…lunch check, crayons check, pencils check. Okay I think we’re ready to go” Obi-wan mumbles to himself, carding a hand through his auburn hair.

“yaaaay” she cheers as he goes to the back and unbuckles her car seat. “we get to go see teacher (YN)! Are you gonna go talk to her for an hour like you usually do daddy?” She asks looking up at her father with big inquisitive eyes.

Obi-wan tenses up a little bit and almost hits his head on the roof of the car.

“dumb car…” he grumbles to himself as he rubs the back of his head and he hears Padme giggle at his prominent blush.

“having some trouble there Mr. Kenobi?” he hears a playful voice call behind him.

He turns around to see you standing there, a small smirk playing on your oh so kissable lips.

Obi-wan was about to open his mouth to reply with something witty but was cut off when Padme, jumped out of the car and ran up to you, immediately hugging your legs. You smirk turns into a delighted smile as you lean down so you can wrap your arms around the little one, unknowing letting Ob-wan see a quick glimpse of that baby pink lace bra you had underneath your loose blouse. He quickly glances away only returning to his gaze to look at you once you’ve stood up again.

“Why don’t we head inside, since youre early you can have a little free time okay Padme?” you grin down at her.

She nods and run inside the day care, you and Obi-wan following behind at a slower rate, laughing and talking. At some point his hand slips into yours as you walk into the class room. You wouldn’t say you and Obi-wan ere dating, but there was something there. But that would all change today, Obi-wan had finally worked up the courage to ask you on a proper date. After the last relationship he was in left him with a child and no mother to help raise Padme, he was uncertain about falling for anyone again, but after seeing how kind and gentle you were with Padme and all the other children that were in your class, he knew he had found the right girl this time.

As Padme sat on the large rug, stacking blocks into some sort of city, Obi-wan pulled up a chair near your desk and rested his elbows on top of the metal work area, laying his head in his hands as he gave you a look of pure adoration.

“If I may ask Ms. (yn), would you happen to have any plans later on?” he murmers, getting lost in your eyes.

You smile and take a sip of your coffee before replying.

“As a matter of fact, I’m free tonight” you grin, knowing exactly where this was going.

“well then, since you don’t have any prior plans, and a good friend of mine, Qui Gon has offered to watch Padme for the night…would you perhaps like to catch a movie and some dinner? I think it’d be a nice change in scenery from where we usually meet” he chuckles, gesturing to the vibrantly colored school room, decorated with doodles from students.

“That sounds wonderful” you laugh

“great! So how about I pick you up at about…5:00?” he suggests

“perfect” you reply

glancing up at the clock, Obi-wan rises from his seat.

“well I got to head out to work now, but…I’ll see you later (yn)” he smirks

you roll your eyes and playfully shoo him out as the other children begin scampering in.

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phynali  asked:

I've seen you mention that the producers knew Wentworth wasn't planning to stick around on Legends / that it was his decision to leave, but I've never been able to track down a source for that? Is it something you know through friends in the industry or something you've inferred? Just curious because I'm nosy (and b/c I've always wondered when/how that decision was made) :)

Woooooo this got so long because I ended up going through a bunch of my bookmarks and finding a bunch of interesting things about this!! At least, it’s interesting to me because I’m interested in the business side of the entertainment industry so much.

The first indication we got is when Greg Berlanti said it in the Deadline interview that got posted the same night “Destiny” aired:

“We always knew that [Wentworth] wouldn’t be a permanent member of The Waverider,” Legends of Tomorrow, Flash and Arrowco-creator/executive producer Greg Berlanti said in an interview with Deadline. “We also knew we loved him on the show and all the shows, Flash as well.”

So Berlanti and his team pitched Miller a new arrangement where he would have flexibility and recur on multiple shows simultaneously as Snart.

“We always knew” = he did not sign on longer than for the first season. That they pitched it to him means it was their idea, and that they wanted him to stay, and were trying to figure out a way to make that happen.

The rest can be somewhat inferred just by looking at how SAG actor contracts work. 

Some background: An actor can’t start any work in a union job (which, all network TV is) before a union-approved contract is in place between the two parties - not even costume fittings. They can’t even use your name as a confirmed part of the cast in press releases! 

For a new show on a network, because typically a network will want to see/focus-test the pilot before greenlighting the first season, traditionally you’ll sign a contract just to shoot the pilot episode, then if it goes to series, you negotiate a series principle or series regular contract. 

These are usually for 5 years, so you and your people have to negotiate as much money and benefits as possible for yourself while the network has to hedge its bets on how much money you’re worth and how much revenue the project is liable to generate against what you’re asking for. That’s where everything from your salary to the order you appear in the opening credits to how prominent your picture will be in the promo poster to how much press you’re required to do and how much time off and health insurance you get gets put into writing and solidified. And this can be a very long process: it can typically take months between shooting a pilot and starting work on the rest of the season.

The thing about Legends of Tomorrow’s production schedule is that it didn’t go quite like that. The network already had working relationships with most of the actors (no need for auditions!) and Berlanti (TV’s current Golden Boy) - and they wanted to strike while the superhero-TV-iron was hot, so their production timeline was very truncated and rushed. According to Wentworth back in July 2016, Greg Berlanti conceived of the show, pitched it to the network, talked all the actors into doing it and the network ordered it straight to series before they ever had a single script written:

“There was no script, it was just an idea and there’s the [executive producer] Greg Berlanti piece and he’s done good work on ‘Arrow’ and ‘Flash.’ So it was just a leap of faith and the hope that when the script arrived at my doorstep it’s worth shooting and of course it was.”

So Legends Of Tomorrow never shot a pilot because they didn’t need to. They just jumped right into shooting the show. 

Wentworth also said in an interview earlier this year that he signed onto the project sight unseen and that it was offered to him by the production team:

“There was no script, but I said, ‘I’m in, regardless’ and was committed to Legends before I saw a single page,” Miller admitted to IGN.

Victor Garber confirmed this in an interview from this year’s SDCC:

“I think that this show is going to be better this season,” said Garber, who plays the Martin Stein-half of Firestorm. “I mean, it was good, but it was weird not doing a pilot. Nobody knew what we were doing. We were just signing on to something, like catching a fast-moving train[.] 

We can infer by all of this that the production team initially offered WM the expanded role on LOT full time like they did for everyone else; he said no to 5 seasons but yes to one season, and they would have all known this before ever shooting a single frame of the show. 

We can also see that they wanted to keep him around so much that they literally invented a new kind of SAG contract just to do it. WM is in fact the first person in SAG history to have a series regular contract that spans multiple shows simultaneously. John Barrowman soon became the second, and Katie Cassidy the third. 

What this essentially means is that the network has first dibs on their time this season. Had they not done this, the network/production team would have been beholden to these actors’ other work schedules whenever they wanted them to pop up on the various show(s). I suspect, but cannot confirm, that these contracts did not come cheap for the network for this reason alone - because it means that the actors potentially have to turn down other work if it conflicts with the CW’s plans.

Anyway, I could seriously go on all day about this stuff, but those are the basics!

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I like that you still have hope in the ot4 friendship. Zayn leaving totally destroyed the illusion for me. I'm sure they wish each other well but I don't think they're in touch at all except maybe birthday wishes. Same as all the other boybands I've followed, same as any other friendship that drifts apart due to distance. It sucks to know this because I doubt they'll ever acknowledge each other's work unless prompted to do so by fans or media, and I'll miss the dynamics.

you’re obviously entitled to your opinion, but yeah, you’re right, and i do still see the ot4 love. it’s not even hope, you know what i mean? i know it’s there. and i know zayn leaving hurt, i totally get that, but he was also never really in, to me. where the other four always seemed to be fully in the band experience, i always felt like zayn was holding back. part of it was his anxiety, sure, and part of it was his image. and, honestly, maybe part of that viewpoint comes from me coming into the fandom right before he left, so i don’t know him as well as the others, but as i watch old interviews and things i can see him drifting before he left. 

now, with ot4, i don’t see that at all. i think it’s absolutely simon and syco’s plan to try and destroy the image of the band that wants to be together, that gets along and that wants to be the new rolling stones, rocking until they’re 80. i feel like i’ve talked about this before, maybe not, but simon was clearly planning on (and absolutely did) capitalizing on every single instance of “this is the end of it! the band is done, buy your merch/CDs/t-shirts/tickets while you still can!” and why their PR team never once stopped the rumors that there was in-fighting in the band, or that they might break up. it played into exactly what they wanted. think of X Factor promo last year, how often it was repeated that “this is their last time on stage together!! tune in!!!” because simon was yanking promo out of them and their self-enforced hiatus. 

idk, i just can’t look at louis and niall during socceraid, mitam promo, the end of otra as a whole, even, and not think they love each other. the 5+ times they played Act My Age during the last show, dancing and crying and hugging because they didn’t want to go, they didn’t have to do that. but they did. of course they’re spending time with other people, of course they’re with the friends they haven’t seen in years, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t also in constant contact with each other, or having boys’ nights when they’re all in LA, or joint skype sessions, or however the hell they communicate. god, a week or so ago we got confirmation that liam was playing in louis’ house’s pool, you think he snuck in and didn’t tell louis about it? 

nah. they love each other. they’ve never been the stereotypical boy band, and i don’t think they’re going to fall apart like one either. 

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when i think of you my chest hurts because i know that your not real and its all a fantasy when will i find someone like you to fill this hole in my heart? i wish, so badly, you were real. I miss you. Where did you go?

I am here right beside you,
I shall be here when you sleep
When you cry
And when you laugh and smile
That smile I love oh so much
So please don’t leave me

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Hi DR i recently bought a new bike and want to make it ugly for theives, what do u reccomend and where can I buy cool bike stickers from in melbourne aka shithole?

make your own stickers up.

spray the spokes with fluro paint.

front wheel different to the back wheel

use a d lock

2 of them

you can leave the d locks locked to the bike rack over night.