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Mistakes - Jason Todd x Reader

Prompt: I was wondering if you can do an imagine where Jason’s cheated on the reader and is now in another relationship but the reader is pregnant and this makes Jason think why he ever cheated on the reader and just wants to be w/the reader but can’t bc he lost that trust? Sorry if that’s confusing (requested by anon)

“Get out! Just fucking leave Jason!” You cried, your angry tears clouding your vision. You angrily threw Jason’s jacket towards him and shouted at him to leave once more. You shoved all of his shit that you could find in a duffel bag and tossed that at him as well.

“Please [Y/N]! This isn’t what it looks like! I can explain!” Jason pleaded with you. He set the duffel bag down and tried to take your hand but you wretched your hand from his grasp.

“Save it for someone who gives a shit, Jason.” You fumed. “I hope you two are fucking happy together asshole. Get out of my apartment. Now.” You growled shoving Jason out of the door and pushing the bag full of his things into his chest. You slammed the door in his face and sank down against the wall. With tears streaming down your face you hugged your knees to your chest.

“[Y/N] please! Just hear me out!” Jason called from beyond the door. You ignored him and silently weeped into your hands. After a while of trying to convince you to let him back in you heard him huff out angrily. “Fine. Fucking fine. I slept with her! I was drunk and not thinking straight but I fucking regret it [Y/N]! I hate myself for what I did to you. Please … don’t let this be the end [Y/N].” He pleaded softly. A new wave of tears stung your eyes at his admission. You bit your knuckle to bite back the sobs taking over your body. You couldn’t handle it anymore. The pain of his betrayal ripped and teared through your heart. You pushed yourself off the floor and sprinted to the bedroom where you buried your head to muffle your sobs.

Jason could hear your cries of pain and it absolutely shattered his heart. Why the fuck would he do this to you? The woman he loved more than anything in this world? He wracked his brain but couldn’t come up with a satisfying answer. He was a fucking idiot.

Jason couldn’t help but to think that he just lost the only good thing he’s ever had all because he was a giant fucking asshole.

I never deserved her anyway. Maybe it’s for the best.’ Jason thought as he walked away from your apartment for the last time.

The next time you saw Jason he had the pretty little harlot he cheated on you with hooked to his arm. You were absolutely fuming when you saw her hanging off of him. You and Jason locked eyes for the briefest moment before you turned and stormed away in the opposite direction as him.

Shortly after you first encounter with him after you had broken up you started to feel sick. Not in the oh-my-god-I-can’t-believe-he-had-the-nerve-to-stay-with-her sort of way more in the holy-shit-I-should-probably-go-see-a-doctor sort of way. When you did end up going to the doctor after about a week of daily vomiting and nausea you were informed that you were pregnant. And god damn it you knew exactly whose child you were carrying.

You were fucking pissed. You were angry at Jason for knocking you up and at yourself for ever loving that asshole to begin with but you could never bring yourself to hate your child. The poor thing never asked to be conceived and as much as you wanted to hate anything to do with Jason this was your child. Sperm donor or no you were going to love this child with all of your heart because despite everything this child was yours.

In your anger and hatred towards your child’s father you decided not to tell him. The last thing you wanted was that man back in you and your child’s life just so he could let you down again. In hindsight you probably should have at least told him about his child but you were so blinded by your anger and betrayal that you could only envision a life without a father in the picture. You were content to keep it that way

“Oh wow.” Dick said staring in shock at something on his phone. He briefly glanced over at Jason, contemplating the question that was burning at the tip of his tongue. Jason rolled his eyes at Dick’s lack of subtlety.

“Just say what you’re going to ask me anyway.” Jason grumbled.

“So … uh … How’s [Y/N] doing since the breakup?” Dick asked hesitantly. Jason froze winced at the stabbing twisting in his gut that the mention of you caused. He frowned at the ground, shook off any physical reaction that he might be feeling and continued to clean his gun.

“How the fuck would I know?” He growled.

“You guys don’t … keep in touch?” Dick questioned.

“No.” Jason replied curtly.

“You … might want to see this Jason.” Dick said hesitantly trying to hand Jason his phone.

“I don’t want to see anything about [Y/N]. We’re through. She made that much perfectly clear.” Jason said pushing Dick’s extended hand back away from him. Dick shook his head and extended his phone back out towards Jason.

“No man. You really need to see this.” Dick insisted. Jason sighed and relented. He took Dick’s phone and hesitantly looked down at the photo that Dick was trying to show you. It was a picture of you and your parents together for some sort of holiday party. You looked happy and relaxed but that’s not what Jason’s eyes zeroed in on. No, what he immediately saw was your hand cradling your defined protruding baby bump.

Immediately Jason’s world stopped turning and his throat constricted and went dry. You had to be at least seven month along and you only split up five … Oh god. Jason shoved the phone back to Dick and buried his head in his hands between his knees.

Oh god, oh god, oh god.’ Jason internally chanted trying to control his breathing and growing anxiety. Why didn’t you tell him that you were pregnant? Was it his? Of course it had to be. You would never cheat on him. There was never any doubt in his mind about that.

Oh god. I’m someone’s father.

“You didn’t know did you?” Dick asked placing a calming hand on Jason’s shoulder. Jason numbly shook his head between his knees. “Hey man just breathe. It’s going to be alright.” Dick comforted.

“The fuck it isn’t! I cheated on her Dick and now she’s having my kid! She wants nothing to do with me!” Jason explained his voice raising in panic.

“You cheated on her?” Dick asked in surprise. Before now Jason never elaborated on why the two of you broke up. He was too ashamed of it. Well it was all coming out now. “Why the fuck would do something stupid like that? I thought you loved her!” Dick seethed.

“I did - I do. God I don’t know why the fuck I did it. I was drunk and in the moment and fuck! I don’t know!” Jason cried.

“You have to fix this.” Dick said.

“How?” Jason looked up at his brother with a desperate look in his eyes. Dick’s eyes softened at how vulnerable Jason looked.

“Talk to her.”

Jason doesn’t know how Dick managed to pull it off but he somehow convinced you to meet up with Jason to talk about … well everything. To be honest Jason was sure that you weren’t going to show, he deserved as much anyway. He was overcome with relief when he saw you waddle from your car to the park bench where Jason sat waiting for you. He immediately got to his feet and tried to give you assistance but you brushed him off.

“I’m fine.” You insisted harshly. Jason nodded and led you over to the bench where you awkwardly sat down, your stomach restricting your movements.

“You look good, [Y/N].” He complimented. You narrowed your eyes suspiciously and glared at him.

“What do you want Jason?” You asked cutting straight to the chase.

“I want to be a part of our child’s life.” He said.

“No.” You immediately rejected.

“[Y/N], you can hate me all you want. I’m not asking for us to get back together. I know I’ve lost that chance. All I want is for our kid to have both of their parents in their lives.” Jason tried to convince you. You crossed your arms over your chest and shook your head.

“It’s not going to happen, Jason. I don’t want you in my child’s life.” You said remaining firm in your stance.

Our child.” Jason corrected. “And you can’t keep me from our kid! I have rights!” Jason said accusingly. You scoffed at the implied threat.

“What are you going to do? Take me to court? That’ll be rich! Yes of course the former Arkham inmate, trigger happy hired gun and former drug lord is fit to raise a child! I can’t see how any court wouldn’t believe so!” You said with your voice dripping with sarcasm.

“Please [Y/N]. You and the baby … you’re all I have.” Jason pleaded taking your hands in his. He was surprised when you didn’t immediately pull away from his touch.

“What about what’s-her-face?”

“She’s gone. She broke up with me a while ago saying that she couldn’t be with a man who was hung up on another woman.” Jason explained, feeling no pain at the loss of the other woman. To him, you were the only one for him but she was an outlet to vent his frustrations. When she realized that all Jason had to offer her was sex she left.

“Huh. That didn’t seem to bother her too much while we were still together.” You grumbled.

“Look, I know I fucked up and I’ll probably never be able to fully regain your trust but I beg you please let me be a father to our child. You can hate me for the rest of eternity if you’d like all I ask is that you give me the chance to be the father this kid deserves.” Jason begged. You were silent for a few moments your brow furrowed in contemplation. When you made up your mind you pinched the bridge of your nose in frustration and sighed.

“Fine.” You relented. “But I swear to god Jason one fuck up and you’re gone. Am I clear?” You practically growled. Jason nodded in understanding and pulled you into a tight hug. You didn’t push him away against your better judgment instead taking in his familiar scent that you had forgotten that you missed. Jason’s hand came to rest on top of your stomach as the baby kicked against him.

“I won’t let you down. Not ever again.”


Pairings: Newt Scamander x Reader

Notes: Aye, long time no read right? Sorry about how late this is getting out! I’ve just been in love with Newt lately, it’s ridiculous! I really do hope that you guys like this story! Another note, feel free to leave a message or request in the inbox! I’m always open for headcanons, inspiration or just requests in general!

Warnings: Other than the occasional fluff, nope!

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Letting out a small sigh, you stretched your arms high above your head before letting out a groan of pleasure as your bones readjusted themselves. With the sun just barely peaking in through the curtains, you yawned as you lowered your hands to rest next to you, but the previously occupied space was emptied.

“Oh, Newt…” You sighed out as you shook your head, but you still couldn’t help a smile from forming on your lips. Throwing your legs over the side of the bed, you slipped on a pair of slippers before standing up and pulling a robe over your goose-bump covered skin. It was early in the morning, too early for you, and it was also very cold in your small apartment.

As you stood up from the comfortable mattress, you quickly spotted the worn, brown leather case sitting at the foot of your bed, exactly where he had left it. Grabbing the handle, you moved the case to the middle of your room before setting it on its bottom and opening the case and peering into it. After a few minutes of searching, you cupped a hand around your mouth.

“Newt!” You called out, but the only reply you got was an echo of your own voice. Another sigh escaped your lips, and looking back into the case you called for him once more. “Newton Scamander!” But again, only your voice was heard, with the occasional call of some creature deep within the case.

Grumbling out a string of slightly unpleasant words, you dusted off your robe briefly before stepping foot into the case and climbing down the ladder. Almost immediately the smell of fresh soil and old books filled your senses, making smile fondly as you peered around Newts workstation.

A few empty glass jars were spewed messily around on random wooden shelves, and same old leather bound books as well as some herbs were oddly placed around the room. You could tell that he had been working for what seemed like all night, and it worried you. That man always seemed to be to focused on his work, and never on himself. It seemed like that was your job. You cared for him deeply, it worried you how much time he had spent down here at a time.

Rolling the sleeves of your robe up a bit, you opened up the wooden door to the room and walked out into, what you called, the sanctuary for beasts within the small case. You couldn’t help but marvel at the many different creatures in front of you. Even though you had been in here before, many times to fetch Newt, bring him a meal, or even to help feed the many creatures, you couldn’t help but be transfixed at the sight.

“Y/N! What’re you doing up?”

Jumping around in your spot, you immediately saw Newt standing behind you with a look of surprise on his dirt covered face. He had a boyish look about him, something you only saw on him when he was down here, surround by all of these magnificent animals. “Looking for you.” You replied, wrapping your arms around yourself as you walked towards him, stopping short to look him up and down. “Newt, how long do you think that you have been down here?”

“Well, only for a little bit.” Newt tilted his head unconsciously to the side a bit as he spoke, a small grin on his lips as he set the bucket in his hand down before dusting his hands off. He diverted his eye sight to the ground as he usually did when talking with others, but his eyebrows furrowed immediately when you sighed, looking up from the ground and to your concerned expression. “What is it? Are you alright?” He asked, stepping forward and gently placing his hands on your shoulders.

“Newt, you’ve been down here all night.” You spoke softly, looking around a bit more at the beasts before looking back to him. “You need to eat, and rest.” You told him, leaning forward to wrap your arms around his waist and nuzzle your head into his shoulder.

“I-I’m sorry, Y/N.” Newts arms immediately wrapped themselves around your body, pulling you closer to him as he pressed a comforting kiss to the top of your head. “Merlin’s beard, I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t apologize.” You told him as you pulled away from the hug, pushing on your toes to press a gently kiss to his lips. “Just come with me. I’ll get some breakfast ready while you shower, and then you should get some rest.” You spoke as you grabbed the bucket from off of the ground with one hand, and grabbing his hand with the other.

Without any argument, Newt allowed you to pull him through the sanctuary and back to the room, then up the ladder and out of the case into your room. The sun was higher in the sky when the two of you finally made an appearance, making Newt cover his eyes slightly as he stepped into the room. Once out, you bent down a bit to lock the case again, setting it on to the foot of your bed before turning around to face him.

“There we go.” You smiled up at Newt and pressed another kiss to his cheek as he pulled you in for another hug, burying his face in the crook of your neck. “Now, it’s time for you to shower. You smell horrible.”

A chuckle escaped Newts lips as he stood there, and he tightened his hold on you for a short while before finally letting go. “Why thank you, for that lovely compliment.” He replied with a shy grin, letting your hand slip from his as he walked towards the bathroom.

“You’re very welcome!” You laughed, sitting down on your bed, but quickly jumping up as a small squeak sounded from under you. “Oh my, I’m sorry Pickett!” You bent down to smile apologetically at the Bowtruckle. “Would you like to help me make some breakfast?” You asked, holding your hand out for the small creature to climb on.

Picketts small face smiled up at you as he squeaked again, climbing on to the back of your hand before scurrying up your arm and on to your shoulder. “Okay then, what shall it be today? Pancakes, eggs and bacon?”

Replying with three small squeaks, Pickett pulled gently at a loose strand of hair before pointing to the small gas stove you had in your kitchen. You laughed at his apparent enthusiasm, and nodded as you went towards the cabinet for some flour. “All three it is!” You quickly gathered together all of the ingredients you needed, and grabbing your wand from out of your robe pocket, you gave it a small flick, bringing all of the kitchenware to life.

From down the hallway you could still hear the water from the bathroom running, making you nodded once before flicking your wand towards your room. A fresh pair of clothes flew quickly from the washroom to the bedroom, followed by a pair of fuzzy socks and a comb. The water soon cut off, alerting you that Newt had finished his shower and was soon to be dressed.

“Thank you Pickett.” You smiled over at him as he slowly cracked an egg, spilling the yoke and whites into the floating bowl in front of you. “Now, all we do it wait!”

“For what?” Newt suddenly made an appearance, running a hand through his still slightly damp hair as he walked into the kitchen. “My, that smells wonderful, Y/N.” He smiled down at you as he stepped next to you, looking towards the sizzling eggs on the stove.

“You, of course!” You gave another flick of your wand, and the floating bowl slowly poured the pancake batter on to the skillet before a spatula flew next to the batch. “Now, why don’t you go sit down while the food is still cooking, and I’ll set the table…”

As you were speaking, Newt had already made his way over to another cabinet that held the plates, and he had already begun to set the table. A small sigh passed your lips again as you shook your head, slowly walking over to him and wrapping your hands around his waist.


“Hm?” He hummed out a small reply, one hand coming to rest in yours as he spun around to face you. Again, his arms wrapped your body fully as he pulled you gently against him, his warmth masking you completely. “Yes, darling?”

“Breakfast is almost ready.” You told him, peering up at him before resting your forehead against the fabric on his shirt.

“I know that, yes.” Newt nodded his head, letting Pickett settle on his shoulder before resting his chin on the top of your head. “And it smells lovely. Do you need help with anything? I can get the–”

“No, no I’m fine.” You lifted your head to look at him again, smiling as you did so. “But, there is one tiny thing you could do for me.”

“What is it?” Newt bent down just a bit, coming face to face with you as a boyish smile lit up his face. Pushing up, just a bit, against the tips of your toes, you began to press little kisses across his cheeks and nose, his eyes fluttering shut at the gestures.

“I… would… love… it… if…” You started to speak as you wrapped your arms around his neck, pausing in between kisses for emphasis. “you… would…” You stopped just short of his lips, letting the silence linger a bit before finally leaning forward.

“What is it, Y/N?” Newt mumbled, his lips still gently attached to yours as you stepped a bit closer to him, his hands moving to rest securely on your hips. “If I would what–”

“Sit down, please.” You abruptly pulled away from the kiss, smiling cheekily up at Newt as his eyes snapped open in surprise. “You need to eat. We can cuddle afterwards, if you’d like.” Newts eyes traveled down to the table to where it was magically setting itself, pancakes and all, then shyly back to your slightly swollen lips and up to your eyes.

“Afterwards.” Newt nodded, his tongue darting out to wet his lips before he sat down, pulling you gently on to his lap before grabbing a fork. “We’ll cuddle, right?”

“Yes, Newt.” You couldn’t help the laugh you let out as you spun around gently, leaning forward to press a ghost of a kiss to the exposed skin on his neck. “We can cuddle all afternoon if you’d like.”

“I would, I would like that a lot.”

In honour of Rubeus Hagrid’s birthday

I don’t even know where to start.

  • Hagrid is one of the people Dumbledore trusts the most and I think that says so much about him
  • He defends everyone who deserves it
  • people rarely saw him angry but his wrath is a force to be reckoned with
  • He is naive to a fault
  • He is incredibly loyal to those who he trust
  • he loves blindly and completely
  • that’s why he brought his giant brother to the Forbidden Forest, his heart didn’t let him leave Grawp there where he would get hurt
  • so he made the decision that would most definitely get him expelled or sent to Azkaban if someone figured out
  • because he loved so much
  • I know people assume him to be a Gryffindor but I think he might be a Slytherpuff
  • He’s always misunderstood and bullied because he is half-giant but he doesn’t let that get under his thick skin
  • when you think about Madame Maxime’s response to him calling her giant descendant, I would even say Hagrid is proud of what he is
  • He loves Fantastic Beasts because he believes they are just as misunderstood as he is
  • he wanted others to see them as he did, that’s why he was a little too enthusiastic in his classes
  • Tom Riddle got Hagrid expelled for something he didn’t do but he didn’t become bitter about it
  • can you imagine how he must have felt when people didn’t even listen to his defence?
  • His heart maybe the same size he is if not bigger
  • Hagrid is the person who pulled Harry out of the house after Voldemort’s attack
  • He was the one who took Harry away from the Dursleys, once to take to Hogwarts and once before the war 
  • Hagrid knew Harry was alone so he instantly befriended him
  • He made him his first birthday cake
  • He bought him his first proper birthday present
  • He came completely out of the blue and became a very important father figure and friend in Harry’s life
  • Hagrid was one of the first people Harry ever trusted
  • I must protect little Harry Potter at all costs
  • and protect he did until Harry didn’t want to be protected anymore
  • He was the person who carried his lifeless body out of the Forest
  • He would have given anything to die instead of him
  • The small baby he cradled in his arms as Lily Evans lied on the floor lifeless and Sirius Black fought him to him
  • The small boy in baggy second hand clothes who didn’t believe he could be important
  • The not-so-small boy who widely grinned at him anytime he saw him with his green eyes shining
  • The brave man who welcomed death like an old friend to save others
  • Hagrid watched with his hands tied as Harry Potter died right in front of his eyes
  • and they made him carry his limp body and he walked as he felt light as a feather in his arms
  • Hagrid is strong
  • not only in the physical sense but in the emotional sense
  • that man went to Azkaban for Merlin’s sake
  • if he wasn’t strong enough he would have never been the same
  • he was always there for the Golden Trio
  • whether they were sad, happy or just curious
  • his methods may not be conventional but he always tried to help people
  • because that’s just who he is
  • a kind and loving ball of fluff with a heart the size of a Ukranian Ironbelly 
  • Happy birthday Hagrid, I’m so happy Harry met you
Biden: 'I'm not committing to not running' in 2020

Vice President Joe Biden is leaving his options open for 2020.

After presiding over the Senate Tuesday, where a cancer-treatment bill was renamed to honor his late son Beau, Biden spoke to reporters about his final days in the Senate before saying he was “going to run again.”

“Yeah I am. I am going to run, in 2020,” he said, with reporters responding with chuckles.

When asked what he was going to run for, he said: “For president, and also you know what, what the hell man.”

Biden was asked if he was kidding about running. After a pause, he said he was not “committing to anything.”

“I’m not committing to not running. I’m not committing to anything. I learned a long time ago fate has a strange way of intervening,” Biden said.

Biden considered running for president this year, but decided against it after Beau died from cancer in May 2015.


At first I need so say my english is bad and I’m sorry for any grammar mistakes, please correct me, when it’s a necessary.
I don’t own any of this characters.

Summary: When Reaper left, he left the blame and coldness. Suddenly the song was heard from the darkness… The song of Love.
“The mood is just a bit sad if I stop and stand here alone.
Lalala… The song of love makes me cry”

Warning: nsfw, swearwords, suicide mentioned.


                                                  Chapter 1
                                  “There’s no blood but it hurts”

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anonymous asked:

Why don't migrations to Westeros leave anyone behind? There are no Andals or Rhoynar or Valyrians left in Essos, but in the real world there are plenty of Saxons still in Saxony. Is it just a coincidence, or are other Essos cultures particularly good at assimilating the stragglers?

I don’t know where you got that idea. There absolutely are those peoples still living in Essos, just changed somewhat due to 400 years of history going by. So if we go looking for the Andals, we find them in Pentos:

“Pentos is the nearest of the Free Cities to King’s Landing, and trading ships pass back and forth between the two cities on an almost daily basis. Founded by Valyrians as a trading outpost, Pentos soon absorbed the hinterlands surrounding it, from the Velvet Hills and the Little Rhoyne to the sea, including almost the whole of the ancient realm of Andalos, the original homeland of the Andals. The first Pentoshi were merchants, traders, seafarers, and farmers, with few of high birth amongst them; perhaps for this reason, they were less protective of their Valyrian blood and more willing to breed with the original inhabitants of the lands they ruled. As a consequence there is considerable Andal blood amongst the men of Pentos, making them perhaps our closest cousins.”

They just intermarried with the Valyrian colonists. But they’re still there, living in the same hill country that Hugor of the Hill did. 

Likewise, if we’re looking for Rhoynar, we can find them on the Summer Isles, on Abulu the Island of Women, where “A few thousand of [Nymeria’s] followers
chose to remain behind, however, and their descendants remain on the Isle of Women to this day.”
We can find them on the Stepstones, where “even now there are isolated pockets of Rhoynar on the Stepstones, claiming descent from those who were shipwrecked.” And more unhappily, we can no doubt find them in chains in the Volantene empire, tilling their ancestral fields to benefit the Old Blood. 

If we’re looking for Valyrians, we have of course “eight of the Nine Free Cities are proud daughters of Valyria that was, still ruled by the descendants
of the original colonists who established themselves there hundreds or thousands of years ago. In these cities, Valyrian blood is still greatly prized.
” Now, over 400 years, there’s going to be some change, and there’s a good deal of variation. So in Lys, they say that “here more than anywhere else in the known world the old Valyrian bloodlines still run strong…The blood of Valyria still runs strong in Lys, where even the smallfolk oft boast pale skin, silver-gold hair, and the purple, lilac, and pale blue eyes of the dragonlords of old. The Lysene nobility values purity of blood above all” whereas the Myrish interbred with another people: “Myrmen are believed by certain maesters to be akin to the Rhoynar, as many of them share the same olive skin and dark hair as the river people, but this supposed link is likely spurious. There are certain signs that a city stood where Myr now stands even during the Dawn Age and the Long Night, raised by some ancient, vanished people.” And of course, in Old Volantis, you have the Old Blood of the city who dwell within the Black Walls, such that “many Volantenes regard themselves as the natural and rightful successors to the dragonlords of old Valyria.”

And then at last you have Braavos, which from the beginning was a melting pot of every possible ethnicity in Essos:

“Since the escaped slaves came from many lands and held many faiths, the founders of Braavos created a place where all gods were given their due and decreed that none would ever be made paramount over another. They were a diverse people, whose numbers included Andals, Summer Islanders, Ghiscari, Naathi, Rhoynar, Ibbenese, Sarnori, even debtors and criminals of pure Valyrian blood.”

So there you have it. 

99% of people I follow where once the blacksheep of their family

The “odd one”
The “one that listens to that weird music”
The first child to say “fuck off” to their parents
The first one to leave home

And you’re probably made of strong stuff
I admire every one of you


Anonymous said:For your blogmas thing can you write something about being best friends and he tells you how he feels about you over the holidays or maybe you two end up under a mistletoe! :)

So here it is blogmas day 3. Thank you to the anon for this request, I hope you enjoy it. 

Harry and Y/N have been best friends for a while but when Harry tells her he’s got feelings a bit more than friendship it doesn’t go quite as he’d hoped. 


‘Where are you Haz?’

‘Just leaving mine, be with you in 5’

Lou’s gonna kill us.’

Harry was meant to be at Y/N’s house to pick her up for Lux’s surprise Christmas party half an hour ago. Lou had wanted everyone to be there before Sam turned up with Lux simply to make her little girl smile. The five-year-old had asked Lou for a Christmas party back in the summer and Lou had promised she could have one at Christmas. Lux had probably forgotten all about it by now but Lou hadn’t and she was so excited to surprise Lux with it, though it looked like Y/N and Harry wouldn’t be there on time to see her surprised face.

Y/N was Lux’s godmother and after being in New York for a year and only seeing her through her phone during that time she’d been so excited at the idea of surprising her at her Christmas party. So, to say she was slightly annoyed at Harry for being late today of all days was an understatement.

Y/N had met Harry through Lou when she first started working with One Direction. Y/N had just started her studies in hair and makeup and Lou being a family friend had been happy to take her on for some experience. Y/N had done a year on tour with Lou and the boy’s and, as Lou had expected due to their scarily similar personalities, got particularly close with Harry. So close the pair now didn’t go more than two days without talking, even when they were on opposite sides of the globe and working hard on their own projects. After touring with One Direction and finishing at London College of Fashion, Y/N had gone on to work in the film industry, her dream field and it had meant her schedule was never free of meetings or job’s and with Harry and Lou’s schedules being equally packed it meant she rarely saw them. She had been looking forward to this party for weeks and she couldn’t believe she was going to be late.

‘I should have just got the tube.’ She muttered to herself as she fell back into her couch, leopard print coat and black leather boots on ready to go. She scrolled through her phone checking emails to pass the time while she waited for Harry. She’d sent out an email saying she wouldn’t be back to work until after January. She’d finished the job she’d been on last week and decided she’d earned long Christmas break this year but she couldn’t resist checking her emails even so.

The beep of a horn outside her house almost made her jump, she was so engrossed in reading an email she hadn’t noticed Harry’s Range Rover pull up outside. She jumped off her couch and practically ran out the front door, fumbling with her keys to lock it behind her as quickly as could. Y/N could hear Harry’s music playing loudly as she approached the car but he turned it down once she opened the door and scooted onto the seat throwing her bag at her feet.

‘I’m never arranging for you to collect me again.’ Y/N announced pulling her door shut as Harry pulled away out of the cul-de-sac.

‘Nice to see you too.’ Harry said focusing on the road as he tried to pull out onto the main road to head for Lou’s house. Y/N glared at Harry out of the corner of her eye to which Harry chuckled, ‘I’m sorry we’re on our way now though hey?’ Y/N nodded though she was still slightly disappointed as it was a ten-minute drive to Lou’s house and Lux was meant to be arriving at the party about now.

‘It’s ok, how are you anyway?’ Y/N asked, true to form not holding a grudge.

‘Not so bad thanks love.’ Harry told her, glancing over and smiling which she returned. Harry knew then that he was forgiven for being late then. They couldn’t remain angry at one another for too long, they couldn’t remain angry at anyone for too long it wasn’t in their nature. They only time Harry had really had to grovel for Y/N’s forgiveness was when he’d started on a guy she was seeing at a club after thinking that he was trying it on with Y/N without her consent. She’d never heard from the guy after that, not that it was that much of a loss but that wasn’t the point. Harry couldn’t always be there to protect her even if he wished he could and he needed to let her get on with things herself. Harry had never been that angry at Y/N he didn’t think he could be. ‘How was the flight?’

‘Yeah not too bad, the jet lag’s a bitch though I’ve been up since 3am.’ Y/N told Harry to which he chuckled, though reassured her that he couldn’t tell.

The conversation continued to flow easily throughout the drive. They’d only spoken two days earlier, the day Y/N had been flying out of New York but they still found things to talk about. That was half of what Y/N loved about being friends with Harry it was never boring not even for a second, even if they couldn’t find something to talk about they’d find another way of entertaining one another – stupid games, singing and dancing anything.

‘So how about that girl you were seeing, how’s that going?’ Y/N asked a big grin on her face as she looked at Harry but his face dropped and she knew instantly that was not good. She’d been there through all his relationships even the ones that hadn’t really even been relationships, even the ones that went under the media’s radar somehow or another and she could always tell when they’d come to an end sometimes without even asking.

‘I ended it.’ Harry muttered, Y/N furrowed her brow. He’d seemed so keen on this girl. He’d met her at a bar, through a friend a few weeks ago. Harry had told Y/N she was pretty and fun and Harry had seemed genuinely happy about meeting her so Y/N was confused as to why it had come to an end so quickly, especially when he’d been the one to end it.

‘Why?’ The car came to a stop. Y/N looked out the window, they were outside Lou’s house to Y/N’s surprise it didn’t feel like it had taken enough time to get here but looking at the clock in Harry’s car it had done. She had the house decorated from the outside with fairy lights and fake snowmen and snow around the porch, Y/N smiled knowing Lux would love it before turning back to Harry focusing on him for a second but eager to get in and either see Lux or be there to surprise her.

‘Erm,’ Harry stuttered looking around, anywhere but at her. Y/N knew there was something up, this was what he did when he had something on his mind. He was playing with his rings and biting his lip, he was thinking and he was troubled. Y/N put her hand on his thigh and he visibly flinched.

‘Harry what’s going on?’ Y/N was slightly concerned, she’d never seen him like this.

‘I erm,’ Harry sighed, closed his eyes briefly and scratched his forehead. ‘I really like you.’ Harry said and Y/N chuckled confused. ‘No Y/N really like you, like more than a friend.’ Harry told her now staring straight into her eyes, Y/N staring back at him. She nodded slowly clearly taking it in. ‘I realised I always kinda knew and-‘

‘No Harry, this isn’t the time or the place to have this conversation.’ Harry looked shocked, he hadn’t necessarily expected her to turn around and say she felt the same straight away, although he suspected she did feel similarly, but she sounded angry. He attempted to interrupt. ‘No, I’m late enough for my goddaughter and I’m not talking to you about this right now.’ She told him turning to open the door, Harry called her name, hurt at her reaction. ‘You’re being really unfair right now and I’m not talking to you about this.’ Y/N said finally before getting out of the car and walking up the path to the house.

Y/N was angry but not really so much at Harry as at herself. She pushed all the feelings rushing around inside her to the side and pushed the doorbell. She could feel Harry stood behind her but neither of them said anything or reached out. Y/N felt incredibly guilty, if Harry had done what she’d just done to him she didn’t think she’d have got out of the car. She wanted to turn around and tell him she was sorry, tell him how she felt and give him a hug but she couldn’t do that now.

Finally, Lou opened the door. She had a smile but Y/N knew by the smile they were late. She also saw Lou register the awkwardness that stood at her front door.

‘I’m so sorry we’re late.’ Lou shook her head and embraced her in a hug. Her small frame matched Y/N’s and they stood in each other’s arms for a little while Harry stood behind them looking on.

‘Don’t be silly, Lux is going to be so happy to see you both.’  Y/N pulled out of the hug turning to watch Lou greet Harry in the same way though his eyes focused on Y/N as his large frame smothered Lou. ‘Come through.’ Lou said leading the pair through her house. It looked like they were entering as a couple. Everyone always said they’d be perfect together and they could have been if Y/N hadn’t been so proud and let Harry speak for a second in the car rather than jumping down his throat because she was being selfish and just wanted to get in and see Lux. ‘Lux look who’s here.’ Lou said as they entered the room. There were small children everywhere and a few adults, Niall, Louis and Liam included as well as a few other people Y/N had met through working with Lou and the boys and other people she didn’t know. Lux turned to face her mum before her eyes fell on Y/N and Harry. A large, toothless smile took over her small face before she got to her feet and ran to Y/N.

‘Hey baby.’ Y/N cooed bending down as Lux ran into her wrapping her small arms around her. Y/N wrapped the child up in her arms and picked her up off the floor, one arm under her skinny legs the other holding her close to her body. She placed a kiss against her head of strawberry blonde hair. ‘I missed you so much Luxy.’ Y/N said tears nearly coming to her eyes. Lux pushed her hands against Y/N’s chest so she could look at her.

‘I missed you too Auntie Y/N.’ Y/N smiled at her goddaughter who, despite having seen her on facetime several times, looked so grown up now she could see her in the flesh and Y/N felt like she’d missed so much. Lou was stood on the other side of the room smiling on. Y/N could feel other eyes on her including Harry who she could see out of the corner of her eye his hand ruffling Lux’s hair but Y/N didn’t want to take her eyes of Lux in case she missed anything else.

‘Hey Lux.’ Harry said and Lux laughed loudly as Harry tickled her sides. Y/N smiled at the loud, childish giggle that filled the room.

‘You wanna give your favourite a cuddle now?’ Y/N asked and Lux nodded transfixed by Harry as always. Harry had a way with children and Lux had always been infatuated by him. Y/N laughed at Lux’s nod, as did Niall and Louis who were looking on clearly waiting for Y/N to put Lux down so they could greet her too. ‘You’re so cheeky.’ Y/N laughed turning and passing Lux to Harry, her small arms outstretched to him. Harry didn’t miss the chance to catch Y/N’s gaze but she looked away quickly letting go of Lux before turning to the boys.

‘Hey losers.’ Y/N joked turning straight into Niall’s arms before hugging Louis and Liam also. ‘How have you all been?’ Y/N asked entering into a quick, polite conversation before Lou grabbed Y/N’s arm.

‘Do you want to come and grab a drink?’ Lou asked practically pulling Y/N away. Y/N excused herself from her conversation and followed Lou into the kitchen taking her coat off as she walked. She glanced over her shoulder before leaving the room, Harry was watching her Lux pulling at his now short hair in disbelief Y/N couldn’t help but smile at the scene as she left the room.

Lou closed the kitchen door behind them turning to Y/N who was leaning against the breakfast bar looking at the variety of drinks Lou had on offer.

‘So what’s happened with you and Harry?’ Lou asked suddenly taking Y/N slightly by surprised, she turned to Lou frowning. She didn’t have her extensions in so her white blonde hair sat neatly on her shoulders, wavy, as always, and half of it tied up at the back her fringe falling from it.

‘Just a glass of prosecco would be great thanks.’ Y/N said turning back from Lou and walking around the breakfast bar away from Lou. Lou stood on the other side of it staring at her she shook her head and shrugged. ‘Nothing.’ Y/N insisted eyes wide. Lou just shook her head again.

‘You can’t lie to me and even if you could you were sat in the car for five minutes before you came in and you two couldn’t have been frostier at the door or in the living room,’ Lou rambled on making her point as always, her Yorkshire accent stronger than ever when she did so, getting carried away with herself. ‘Even Niall, the most oblivious person I know, gave me a ‘what the fuck’ look when you came in.’ Y/N rolled her eyes, she didn’t really know what to say, she didn’t really know if she wanted to say anything. It felt like something that should be between Harry and Y/N until she had a chance to talk to him. ‘Y/N tell me, your my best friends and whatever’s happened, one of you will tell me.’

‘Well maybe he should be the one to tell you about it, he could probably do with someone to talk to that’s not me.’

‘Why what’s happened?’ Y/N sighed giving in. Lou was right, both Y/N and Harry told Lou everything she had become a bit like a big sister. If Y/N didn’t tell Lou, Harry definitely would and as much as Harry might need someone else to talk to Y/N needed some advice. The last thing Y/N wanted was to lose Harry completely especially when she wanted what Harry was offering but she wasn’t sure she could go back now she’d reacted so harshly. Harry always forgave her and they never stayed mad for long but she’d been awful to him, she wasn’t sure she’d forgive Harry so easily if it was the other way around.

‘He told me he liked me as more than a friend and I absolutely freaked out.’ Lou looked confused, her head tucked back into her neck and her forehead creased. Y/N could guess why.

‘What do you mean you freaked out?’ Lou asked standing up straight from her bent position over the kitchen counter. The door opened and Y/N looked it to it, Louis entered the kitchen sauntering in. ‘Out Louis.’ Lou said loudly pointing to the door. Louis smile dropped straight off his face as he reversed back out of the room which Y/N couldn’t help but laugh at, Louis appearing just like a small child. ‘Y/N.’ Y/N looked out to the garden, she didn’t want to admit how she’d acted towards Harry in the car only twenty minutes ago.

‘I just went a bit mental.’ Y/N mumbled looking back at Lou who nodded at her urging her to continue sensing there was more than just that. ‘I told him he was unfair to tell me that then when we were already late for Lux and that I didn’t want to talk to him about it but I kinda shouted and just freaked out.’ Before Lou could even ask the next question Y/N jumped in and answered it. ‘I wasn’t expecting it at all and it took me so by surprise that I didn’t know what to do and I just went straight on the defensive.’ Y/N rambled on trying to justify her actions. ‘You should have seen his face Lou, he looked like I’d just kicked him in the guts.’

‘Well that was bit fucking stupid wasn’t it.’ Lou said, Y/N taken back by her response though not exactly sure what she’d expected. ‘You’ve liked him for such a long time and now he tells you he’s got feelings for you, romantic feelings, and you shut him down.’ When Lou said it like that it made Y/N feel like a complete idiot. Y/N just stared at Lou who shrugged her shoulders and stared back.

‘That was a bit harsh.’

‘Was it? Or was it just honest.’ Lou was right and they both knew it. Y/N sighed again she knew she’d been an idiot and now her best friend was just making sure she was aware of just how much of an idiot she’d been. ‘Just talk to him, explain yourself it’s Harry, he’ll be understanding.’ Y/N nodded, she could guarantee he would be understanding but at the same time she’d seen the hurt on his face and maybe he wouldn’t be. ‘Go find him.’ Lou said pushing Y/N’s arm.

‘I want that prosecco when I get back.’ Lou chucked with Y/N as she pushed her out of the kitchen. No one really noticed her re-entrance to the room. Kids were playing on the floor adults talking in groups around the room. Louis caught her eye and winked to which she smiled before she spotted Harry standing in the corner talking to Sam, Lou’s sister. She wondered if he was having a similar conversation to what she’d just had with Lou, it wouldn’t surprise her. He looked amazing though, now he’d taken his jacket off you could see he had your favourite pink shirt on, the collar turned the wrong way, probably by mistake, showing the black underside, a white t-shirt underneath and Harry’s favourite, old, black skinny jeans and boots. His hair was an unorganised mess and his face was a day, maybe two, unshaven. He looked at ease and relaxed and that was Y/N’s favourite way for him to look.

‘Auntie Y/N.’ Small arms wrapped around her leg, Y/N looked down to see Lux’s smiling face looking up at her. Pieces of her fringe were falling into her eyes so Y/N pushed it away from her eyes securing it the clip Lou had put in her hair to do exactly that. Y/N bent down to her level, her long sleeved black turtle neck top untucking itself from her black jeans as she did so. ‘Can you do my make-up like yours?’ Y/N chuckled. She had minimal make up on but a bright red lip and long flirty lashes. Lux got her love of make-up from her mum and she was sure she’d be in the same industry as them as soon as she could.

‘I just need to go and speak to Uncle Harry.’ Y/N told her tucking Lux’s short hair behind her ears, Lux looked dismayed. ‘Go and find your make up and I’ll do it in a second.’ Y/N smiled and Lux grinned back at her. Y/N had bought Lux a child’s make up kit for Christmas the previous year and she’d loved it. Lou reassured she didn’t leave it alone. Lux ran off and Y/N stood, tucking her top back into her jeans before making her way over to Harry who had been left on his own, Sam tending to her own baby boy for a moment.

‘Can we talk?’ Y/N asked quietly Harry looking down at her from his height advantage. He nodded and Y/N led him from the room and down the hallway to where she knew the spare room was, although Lou was using it more as an office. Y/N had lived with Lou for a little whilst she was in the process of buying her own first house, the spare room had been her bedroom during that time. She turned to look at Harry in the alcove of the door to the bedroom that was shut.

‘What’s going on?’ Harry asked smiling gently trying to be as sweet as he normally would be if Y/N asked to talk to him about something. Y/N glared at him through her eyelashes and he let his mouth fall and pulled his lips in against his teeth.

‘I’m really sorry for how I reacted earlier.’ Y/N began making sure not to look away from Harry as she spoke. She didn’t want to she was so embarrassed but she felt she owed him that much.

‘Y/N it’s fine you don’t-‘

‘No, just let me finish please.’ Y/N begged and Harry nodded apologising quietly. ‘I freaked out, it took me completely by surprise but that’s not an excuse for how I spoke to you or how I dismissed you like that.’ Y/N explained as best she could to which Harry nodded again. Y/N looked away briefly as she tried to decide the best way to word what she was about to say and she didn’t want to get distracted by his beautiful eyes that she always got lost in when he spoke to her. How were they so green? ‘The thing is I like you as more than a friend as well but I just never had the guts to tell you.’ Harry’s eyes went wide, his mouth gaping clearly anticipating just a kinder dismissal. ‘You’ll get stuck like that if the wind changes direction.’ Y/N said breaking the silence that had gone on for too long.

‘Sorry I just wasn’t expecting that after how you reacted earlier.’ Harry explained and Y/N nodded feeling guilty again.

‘Yeah I know I’m sorry about that.’ Harry shook his head taking her hands in his large ringed ones. Y/N smiled up at him. ‘So,’ she said feeling slightly awkward. Y/N and Harry had been best friends for a long time and for a second it felt slightly strange what was happening between them.

Harry looked up to the ceiling for a second taking a deep breath. ‘That’s a bit corny Y/N.’ He said chuckling. Y/N looked up to see a sprig of mistletoe. She shook her head and laughed.

‘I swear I didn’t plan that.’

‘Yeah sure.’ Harry laughed. Y/N shook her head smiling brightly at the coincidence. ‘Well I guess this is going to be the cheesiest first kiss to ever happen.’ Y/N chuckled again as Harry put his hand to her face holding onto her chin as he lowered himself closer to her. ‘You sure?’ Y/N nodded before closing her eyes and letting Harry kiss her softly and sweetly. She relished in the feeling, it was something she’d thought about before but had denied letting herself think it could ever happen, they were too good as friends but it was now she realised they good be really good as a couple as well. Nothing would really change apart from now it wouldn’t be only when Harry was messing around that she’d see him naked and she’d get to wake up in his arms and fall asleep the same way without wondering what it meant.

‘Ew Uncle Harry, Auntie Y/N that’s gross.’ The small voice made them both break away with a smile and a giggle as Lux stared at them from the end of the corridor.

‘Come here you cheeky rascal.’ Harry said chasing Lux back into the living room leaving Y/N with a big smile on her face and a feeling of complete bliss and contentment inside her.  

Draw With Faeb Week!

Earlier this year I had a fun little event where I asked friends and followers to join with me in a week of drawing every day. There were daily prompts in case people didn’t know what to draw or just wanted to draw the same theme with other people. You guys said you wanted to do it again so get ready to draw!

Draw With Faeb Week 2 will be next week, starting on December 11th and running through December 17th. I currently have a list of prompts, but I’m open to ideas from you guys that I might implement! So leave a comment if you have a good prompt idea for me. :) I look forward to doing this again, it was so much fun to socialize and doodle with other artists!

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Do you think LazyTown will become a legitamate fandom or are we just going to be active just because of Stefan's gofundme and will die out after a few months. Because I really like the lazytown fandom and I want to leave my current one to this one but i don't want to join a fandom that will die out soon

I think at this rate? Yes. It seems to have blown up so much to where I find it hard to imagine it not becoming a true fandom.

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19, 27, 40 with my bb TJ? maybe like a best friend thing?

19. “You hide it in jokes and sarcasm, but I can see how broken you are.” 27. “Is that my sweater?” 40. “You’re blushing.”

“Y/N, let me in.” His voice sounded through your apartment door, and you let out a long sigh, rolling your eyes. You really hadn’t wanted to leave your bed, where you had cocooned yourself in all of the softest blankets you could find. Couldn’t TJ just let you deal with your darkness on your own?

“If you don’t open this door, I’m just going to come in anyway. I’m warning you.” He called and you rolled your eyes again, groaning and standing up slowly, heading over to the door. 

When you finally pulled the door open, his eyes took in your state slowly -  red rimmed eyes, your hair a complete disaster, your lips swollen and red from chewing on them, and wearing nothing but an over-sized grey sweater. “Is that my sweater?” He asked with a small smile and you looked down at yourself, shrugging. “It’s mine now.” You mumbled, walking away from the door and back to your bedroom, retreating into your cocoon. 

You heard him close and lock the door behind him before he followed you into your bedroom, kicking off his shoes and stripping down to his boxers before he crawled into the bed with you. This was a normal thing for you and TJ. He’d seen you in less clothing than you were wearing right now, more times than you’d care to admit. He was your best friend, and though you knew he was strictly into guys, you couldn’t help but have a small crush on him. He was always there when you needed him, and he cared about you more than anyone ever has. He was the true definition of a best friend.

“How are you feeling?” He asked once he was under the blankets, his chest pressed against your back, while his arm rested lazily over your waist. “Just peachy, TJ. Never felt better.” You told him, sniffling a bit and chewing on your lip. It was a lie, you both knew that, but you didn’t want to be upset over it. People get their hearts broken all the time, right?

“Y/N.. You know you can talk to me about anything, don’t you? I mean, hell, you know all of my problems.. You’ve been there to help me countless times.. Let me help you.” He said softly, tracing small circles on your skin through his sweater. You let out a small sigh, “I told you, TJ, I’m fine. I didn’t even like him anyway and his dick was fuckin’ tiny.” You joked, but he didn’t laugh. 

“Y/N…” He whispered, tugging on your hip gently to roll you on your back so he could lean over you, his torso resting on yours as his hand found your cheek. “You hide it in jokes and sarcasm, but I can see how broken you are.” He breathed with a sad smile on his lips. “I’ve been in the same situation you’re in.. Heartbreak sucks, babe..” He paused, his thumb moving across your cheek softly. “But I can tell you right now that he didn’t fuckin’ deserve you. That douchebag has no idea what he’s missing out on.” He continued and you bit into your cheek, adverting your gaze.

“Someday, someone is gonna love you the way you deserve.” He promised, pressing his lips to your forehead, lingering there for a moment. “What would I do without you, TJ?” You whispered, resting your hands on his bare hips and letting out a small sigh. He shivered lightly at the contact before he moved, pressing a kiss to your cheek this time. “Probably eat a fuck ton of ice cream and cry yourself to sleep.” He joked, though it was true. 

He laid back down beside you, propping himself up on his elbow, while his free hand still lingered on your cheek. “You’re so damn beautiful..” He whispered and you felt a light blush form on your cheeks. “Who is he to not want you?” His thumb traced the outline of your lower lip and you shivered, the blush deepening. “Y/N.. You’re blushing.” He pointed out, his lips curving into a small smile. You groaned, leaning forward and hiding your face in the crook of his neck. “Shut up, TJ. Its your fault. You can’t say things like that to me.” You whined, your voice muffled. He chuckled, his hand moving to your hair as he pressed a kiss to the side of your head. “You know if I was gonna be with a girl, it’d be you… don’t you?” He asked, massaging your scalp with his fingertips softly. “I know, babe.. I know.” You replied, pressing a soft kiss to his skin which made him shiver. “I love you.” He breathed, squeezing you a little tighter. “I love you too, TJ.”

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A Coliver winter hiatus fic.

Takes place after the winter finale. Part 2 of ??

Part 1 - AO3

It’s shortly before eight when Connor’s eyes slide open. Groaning softly, he reaches an arm over to where his phone rests on the coffee table. Eyes wincing from the brightness, he turns off the alarm before it can blare obnoxiously throughout the apartment. A minute and a hefty groan later, Connor groggily pulls himself up into sitting position. He feels a bit like someone had stuffed cotton in his brain as he tiredly rubs his eyes with his fingers. He could use about three cups of coffee right now. Or a sedative. Either would work.

Connor stumbles to his feet and glances behind him into the bedroom. Unlike the living room, the bedroom is still dark from the closed curtains. He can see the silhouette of Oliver’s shape underneath the covers, facing away from him. Connor swallows, his morning breath tastes rancid in his mouth. He looks away.

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L.A Girl

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader.

Warnings: This is kinda sad, but fluffy at the same time. Dad-worrying Steve just because of the feels.

@stantasticstan Do you write for Steve? Because he’s not on your list. If you do, can I request a Steve x Reader where the reader used to live in LA and she misses it and since they’re dating Steve surprises her and takes her there and they go to like Disneyland and other LA landmarks? Lots of fluff please! I understand if you don’t want to/can’t write it! I love your other work by the way! 

@orangepenguin5 @shelvesandwhelves @john-benderr @muffinz323@justcallmecinammon@sexyvixen7 @that1awkwardfangirl@sammiesamness @shamvictoria11 @stantasticstan

And there she was again, looking and casually laughing alone at her own old pictures in her beloved California. It hadn’t been a long time since she decided to leave it, she didn’t had much choice either. The L.A division of SHIELD soon fell down after the whole organization did, and for (Y/N) to remain herself, she had to run away to New York City, where boyfriend Steve Rogers and his team of avengers expected her with more joy than anything.

She would join them on an if-needed basis, and that was ok for both parts; although Steve surely wanted her to be with him more and he wanted her to put those incredible abilities that got her into SHIELD in the first place to some good use; she could definitely be a great asset to the team if only she became a permanent member. But there wasn’t much he could do.

She didn’t want to be a full-time avenger; that wasn’t her life. She wanted to get back to California, the place she belonged to and the place her heart would always miss.

And there she was again… Lying on the bed, as she scrolled down her pictures with Steve, her friends, her old co-workers and her family. For the few days she had been on her own at home, her days and nights were spent on reminiscing memories.

“Looking at your old pictures again?” Steve asked, leaning on his side on the doorframe of the master bedroom. He had been gone for a few days because of a rough mission with the Avengers that (Y/N) refused to go due to some invention of hers, a mere excuse. He pursed his lips in concern as he looked at his girlfriend. Her eyes were watery she seemed very distracted, she had been like that for a few weeks now. He knew how much she missed home, and it killed him that he didn’t have the time to take her back at least for a few days to sooth her soul. “Hello stranger.”

“Oh” she looked up to him and shook her thoughts away. “I didn’t hear you, I’m sorry” she hurried to apologize.

“And apparently you didn’t reply my texts either” the blonde soldier chuckled as he started walking towards the bed, sitting on the foot and caressing her shins. (Y/N) looked at her phone over the table and saw the several unanswered messages and missed calls and took her hand to her forehead. “Everything alright?” (Y/N) nodded, closing her laptop and leaving it aside. She got on all fours and made her way crawling closer to the just-arrived man and tenderly wrapped her arms around his torso. The warmth of his embrace was all she needed after being alone with her thoughts for what it felt like forever.

“I missed you a lot” she hummed softly to his ear, resting her head on the crook of Steve’s neck and letting him roam his strong hands all over her back. “How was your mission?”

Steve sighed, “Terrible because I missed you too, a lot” he replied, “You would’ve been a great addition… You sure you’re ok?”

“Yes, I am” she lied. That sentence had come out of her lips a thousand times now, and even though it felt natural, both of them knew it wasn’t true anymore. Steve didn’t need any hints, he knew (Y/N) enough to know what a terrible liar she was, and what worried him the most was that she started to believe it. “Are you hungry? ‘Cause I’m starving”

“Have you eaten these days, right?” he pulled himself away from (Y/N) and looked at her before she could make up another lie. She replied a quiet nod and Steve rose his blonde eyebrows, “sure?”

“Steve, I ate” she said. She was not lying.

For the next few days her mood seemed to improve just a little, having Steve by her side was a good way of keeping her mind off from missing home so much. But Steve knew she was not going to drop it until she was in Los Angeles for a few days at least, and thanks to a billionaire avenger, he got the plane tickets and the keys to a ridiculously high-tech house.

He sneakily made up a pair of bags with everything they would need in the sunny Los Angeles, but such a big man trying to do things in secret is bound to be discovered by someone sooner than later, and unfortunately, that someone was, of course, (Y/N).

“What are you trying to do?” she asked from behind. “And why on earth are you packing so many light things for… me?”

“Surprise!” he waved his hands in the air, smiling widely at a very unimpressed (Y/N). “We’re going on an adventure!”

“Steven Grant Rogers” she rose her eyebrows, folding her arms over her chest. “What are you doing” her voice was not a question, but she sounded more like a tired mom that had caught her giant 90-year-old puppy-looking-son doing something bad, again.

“No, really. I’m taking a few days off, more like a week or two” he moved his head to the sides, “I think you and I are in need of some well-deserved vacations and I don’t know about you, but I’m missing L.A a bit so…” he took the tickets from his back pocket. (Y/N)’s face lit up like a child that’s getting what they asked for Christmas. “I know you’ve been sad these days, and I feel kinda guilty because I wasn’t here for the past week to keep you company and… Well, I was the one who made you move across the country from your home after all…”

“God, how did I get so lucky with you, dork?” (Y/N)’s smile was inerasable, “please tell me we’re going to Disneyland” she intertwined her hands.

“What kind of trip to L.A would it be without going to Disneyland?” he asked, feeling a little offended by such question, “besides, you’re the biggest Disney nerd there is and so of course I’m taking you there, doll”

“You are amazing, I adore you” she squealed. ”And where else are we going?”

“I was thinking that maybe we could go to the Griffith Observatory on a sweet date? I don’t know where else would you like to go…”

“Yeah!” she said excitedly, “that sounds awesome” she sat on the bed, watching Steve as he meticulously folded clothing into the suitcases, “and please, don’t forget my bathing suit… I miss getting tanned in Santa Monica”

“Who do you think you’re talking to?” he said pointing at a bright piece that was very notorious in all the rest of the clothing “Come on baby, that’s offensive.”

Like okay ASIDE from the fact that Dictator!Kaiba goes SO AGAINST him saying he’s gonna “move toward a better future” and leave Gozaburo behind (because this is some 1984 stuff going here)

Do we– do we REALLY think Yugi would be okay with him doing this?  Why wasn’t there an entire miniseries of movies where Yugi’s dueling him to keep this shit from happening because you can’t just sit back while your friend goes nuts, literally takes over the city, makes it a country, and REGISTERS everyone’s brainwaves.

Like I’ll accept the idea that manga Kaiba might do this, but the idea that the gang would LET him?  I’m sorry, I’m not buying it.

I get comments and questions a lot of the time where people will say that they love my confidence. Tbh I think that a lot of it has stemmed from sharing progress pics on here. When I started this blog 5 years ago (geez I am old) it was just a way to get involved in the fitness community, but over the years it become a place for me to discuss how I feel about my body and fitness and what not. I love how many encouraging comments I get, and I love reblogging other people’s selfies and leaving encouraging comments. When you see someone else that looks awesome and you tell them that, it makes you feel good on the inside. I also think the way you view others bodies can dictate how you feel about your own. So being kind and encouraging to others has helped me be more kind and encouraging to myself.

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Hi Anne, first of all thank you so much for all your hard work: you're seriously amazing! I was wondering if you could help me. Before I became a fan I remember seeing a video from an older (2013-2014) fansign where Hobie leaves because he's not feeling well and Tae gets all worried and starts nagging (I think he wanted to go with him). It was cute. Do you know anything about it? Or is there anyone else who can help me please? I can't find it anymore and now I'm thinking maybe I just imagined it

anyone here knows? sorry I’m not sure about this. someone here might know~ and you’re welcome and thanks!! ^_^

SSM (Final Rose)

“What is an SSM?” Lumina asked.

Vanille paused. “Where did you hear about the SSM?”

The pink-haired woman frowned. She knew that look. “You left your scroll on my bedside table. I saw one of the files. It was labelled ‘SSM’.”

Vanille glanced about furtively and then ordered the robots nearby to close the blinds. Once the blinds were closed, she put a familiar device on the dining table. It was a device that was designed to prevent any and all eavesdropping of any kind. “You have to promise that none of what I’m about to say leaves this room.”


“Good.” Vanille lowered her voice to a whipser. “SSM stands for Surface to Santa Missile.”

“…” Lumina’s mouth opened and closed several times. “What?”

“For years, Santa has been flying through the skies unopposed. He allegedly delivers gifts to good children, but I never got any gifts when I was growing up, and I was a wonderful child.”

Lumina didn’t want to point out the obvious, but she felt morally obligated to do so. “Vanille… after your village was destroyed, you lived in an orphanage for years. I can’t imagine there were gifts to go around. You’ve told me that you had to steal bits and pieces to do your experiments and research, and you built your first robots by raiding dumpsters and trash bins behind electronics stores and component factories.”

The Faunus’s ears twitched. “That’s not the point. The point is that Santa thinks he can fly around without answering to anyone. Well, how do we know he’s not working for the Grimm?”

“Vanille, Santa is not working for the Grimm.”

“He might be. We don’t know. We’ve never had a chance to talk to him.” Vanille nodded to herself. “And that’s why I’ve been working on the Surface to Santa Missile. He might not want to explain himself, but he will if I shoot him out of the sky.”

“You’re going to shoot Santa out of the sky?” Lumina shook her head. “Setting aside the fact that Santa isn’t real, do you realise how insane you sound? You’re trying to shoot him out of the sky with a specially designed missile.”

“I’m not trying to shoot him out of the sky.” Vanille cackled. “I will shoot him out of the sky.”

Lumina sighed. What was that phrase again? Ah, right. There was a fine line between genius and insanity. Clearly, her wife had never heard of that line.

Never Struggle with a Dirty Flour Sifter Again!

Just do what I did!

Leave it sitting on the counter for weeks because you don’t want to deal with that shit!

Finally find a spare five minutes where you feel like cleaning the kitchen!

Take that little bastard apart with some needle nose pliers!

Break it irreparably and throw it in the trash!