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what time zone are you in tho cause it's like eleven rn where I am and I'm still ready to be awake (even tho I have a huge presentation at school tmr kmn)

((welp im in eastern standard time so like haha its around 2 am rn and boi good look on that presentation then))


So I don’t know if any of you still remember me, but I just wanted to let you know that I’m kinda back? I logged out 6 months ago and somehow just didn’t return.. Much happened in these 6 months, I’m about to graduate from highschool (2 weeks left!!), have actually plans for my future and also fell into kpop hell haha. That was the reason I have a new blog now where I’m much more active rn (feel free to follow me if you’re interested in kpop too or just want to witness me being absolute trash lol) (I’m very embarrassing there though aha).

It’s just that I never wanted to delete this blog and I need some place to be loud about my other interests. So yeah, here I am again ~

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Im so incredibly in love with your blog and probably you cuz you love Star Trek and Star Wars and much as you do ^^ <3 you're great, your blog is out there where they all are trying to boldly go (really high up it's great, why am I such a stupid nerd???) !! Your blog just makes me happy haha. Rip me.. have a good day haha byee

this is so sweet omg!!! and ur not a stupid nerd ur lovely ily 💛💛💛

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So are we going to get hordes of coping arts again? ;)

unfortunately this update hits in the middle of a busy patch, so I don’t think I can do much for it without somersaulting over all these exams and essays I have to hand in… there will be something for it tho, if I can draw that before the next update comes, so at least I am not totally dead right haha

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INTJ and INTJ - Haha. Fluff with Suga and OCs lazy day in where they just talk about random things and do random stuff? c:

SOMEONE TELL ME IF SUGA IS AN INTJ BECAUSE I AM AN INTJ AND I MAY ACTUALLY CRY IF HE IS AN INTJ (oh my god this was so so lame but i enjoyed it) - Avery who is on too much caffeine rn DONT BLOG CAFFEINATED FOLKSย 

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Suga -ย โ€œAll To Ourselvesโ€ (total fluff. fluffity fluffy fluff)

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BTS as taxi drivers:

Jin: safety first evry1!! *buckles everyone’s seatbelts, does a thousand checkups, turns on 4 gps* no such thing as being too safe

Rapmon: dw ladies, ur in very capable hands- *accidentally breaks off steering wheel* wait, come back!! i have really cool jams to make up for this

J-Hope: *has a car with the word HOPE written all over in a bold and eye blinding colour and a sign that says “For UR Hope call: 1234”*

*wonders why nobody approaches him*

V: Seoul tower? I think I can get u there but tbh idk where i am rn haha- w8 y r u walkin away???

Jungkook: *during the ride casually mentions* oh yea im underaged to be a taxi driver and also havnt got my license yet but its ok, ive watched enuf video gam- misS dONT JUMP OUT, THE CAR IS STILL MOVING

Jimin: ayy ladies, thanks for choosing to take a ride in my cab but lets be real here, wat u actually chose was to take a ride on me- *gets slapped and sued*

Suga: *drives at 95mph cutting corners and nearly hits an old lady crossing the road* swag, ur here *police sirens can be heard in the near distance*

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part one // part two

Pairing: Taehyung x Y/N
Genre: Angst
Warnings: Yelling, cursing, nothing too bad
Word Count: 1,050

Of course you heard about people forgetting their partner’s birthday, anniversary, or whatever, but you never thought it would happen to you.

You flicked through the TV channels, barely letting a second of the show play out before turning to the next. You weren’t in the mood to watch TV right now, especially all dressed up like you currently were.

This bored you and eventually you moved on to your phone, scrolling through the multiple unread messages to Taehyung starting from this morning.



7:15 AM: haha i hope you’re not still sleeping, you have work soon :P

7:30 AM: ok, text me when you wake up, i hope youre ok :(

1:28 PM: taehyung?

3:09 PM: are we still on for dinner tonight at 7?

3:36 PM: :(

7:15 PM: where are you? aren’t you supposed to be here rn?

7:16 PM: i’m getting worried, pls resond or answer my calls

8:30 PM: i called jimin he said you just left with your friends? i guess dinner is cancelled??

8:38 PM: i’ll wait for you.

It was now three hours after 7, and two hours after you stopped making excuses for him.

You thought, maybe he was just running late, or his friends probably took him out far, he’s driving back now, which then turned into he got pulled in for a late practice, he’s busy and eventually you just turned to reality and faced the fact that Taehyung forgot your two year anniversary.

Ultimately deciding against moping around with your fancy attire and well done hair and makeup, you took a hot shower before rolling into bed with a comfy t-shirt.

Only minutes later and 267 sheeps counted, you heard the door close shut and your consciousness being pulled back from dreamland.

You didn’t want to fight, especially not tonight, so you pretended to be asleep for both yours and Taehyung’s sake.

You felt a dip in your bed only moments later and an arm wrapping itself around your waist. You didn’t want to be touched by him right now, you were infuriated by his actions and so you shrugged off his arm and moved even further away from him.

Taehyung sighed deeply before sitting up and turning on his lamp light.

“What’s wrong? I know you’re not sleeping” He asked, with little to no concern in his tone, only sounding annoyed and tired. As if he was the one waiting all day.

“You don’t know what’s wrong?” You replied without even bothering to move from your spot.

“I’m sorry.”

“Oh, so you do know?” You sat up this time, looking at his guilt-ridden face.

“I’ll make it up to you.”

Taehyung reached for your hand, but you refused and pulled it away. You stood up from the bed and began walking to the kitchen, in which he followed closely behind.

“It won’t happen again, I promise.” He said sounding sincere, yet those two last words only pushed you off the edge.

“DON’T MAKE PROMISES YOU CAN’T KEEP!” Your voice rose with each word that left your mouth. He stood there in silence and you continued. “You promised this wouldn’t happen in the first place but look at us now! I don’t even know where you were this whole day!”

“I WAS BUSY AT WORK! Then my friends pulled me along to hang out with them!” At this point, his voice became louder than yours and it was just a screaming fest.

“YOU COULD’VE SAID NO! Did you even think about my feelings?! Or consider the fact I was waiting here all day?!! Have you even read my texts?”

“Oh my god!” At this point, he sounded more annoyed than mad. “NOT EVERYTHING REVOLVES AROUND YOU! I can’t just suddenly drop everything I have to do to come be with you!”

“But today is different! It’s our fucking anniversary and I couldn’t even spend it with you! And why the hell are you making it seem like being with me is a chore, huh? Do you resent me that much?”

“No but right now I do! I thought you understood me and my work!!“

“I do understand you know that! But you promised me you would be here for dinner!”

“God, I have work and I can’t have you distract me from the important things!”

That was it. That was your last straw and telling by his facial expression, he knew it too.

“Oh, so I’m not important? I’m just a distraction?” Your voice suddenly dropped and you felt like sobbing, tears glossing over your eyes. You didn’t think his words would hurt you this much but realizing you’re not as important to someone as you thought you were hurts.

“No, I’m so sorry, Y/N, I didn’t mean it like that. I’m-”

“Stop. If I’m such an unimportant distraction then I’ll leave.” You said, mocking him and his use of words. Your voice was much more quieter and calmer despite the tears and sobs threatening to escape.

You quickly ran past him and towards the door of your shared apartment before your wrists were pulled back were by Taehyung.

“No, please, I didn’t mean it. I love you so so much.” His voice cracked, only shattering your heart even more. Of course you were hurt and mad, but you could never stand to see Taehyung, who was always smiling and radiating happiness, now breaking down in tears.

But this was his fault.

“You didn’t even tell me ‘Happy Anniversary’ so tell me, Taehyung, are you even happy with me? Do you want to break up?” Your voice cracked at the last part and you looked down, not ready for his answer

He didn’t respond for a moment out of pure shock, trying to find the right words. You two fought but breaking up was never mentioned. He thought you two were inseperable, even through all the yelling

But you took his silence as an answer.

You pushed through him and ran out of your apartment, leaving your keys and your phone behind only because it had slipped your mind. You only wanted to get away from him right now.

Taehyung stood there shocked. He only wished he had kept his promise.

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What are your thoughts on the events of the last few episodes?

I am going to be very honest rn and say that I’m really not liking it. The first few episodes of s3 were amazing. I was loving the storyline, the wars etc. and I was really interested in where it was going. But now that JR just started killing hugely liked characters at random, all I think when I start watching an episode is ‘Wow, I wonder who dies this week’ … and that’s not a good thing. A show shouldn’t just run on shock value, because that’s not good writing. Killing someone off and then yelling ‘NO ONE IS SAFE HAHA!’ is not good writing. Lexa and Lincoln’s death were so not necessary. He just killed off 2 of the most liked characters, and 2 halfs of the best relationships on the show, which made the show so likable and relatable.

I don’t know man. I was really enjoying s3, but now I’m losing interest real fast.

- Laura.

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What time zone are you in? Bc it's 2:15 AM where I am, and if you're in my zone, neither of us should be awake rn. I have school in 4 and a half hours. And I have to get up for school in 3 hours. Watching Jack instead of sleeping tho bc I'm an idiot.

I’m in the EST timezone, which is the eastern-most timezone in the United States. It’s currently 5:22am where I am, and I really ought to go to bed, haha. I am very nocturnal.

You should go to bed, though! Especially if you have to be awake in three hours. Go to sleep, friend!

The llama says it’s bedtime. X3

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