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Prompt alert: Lucifer getting used to flying again and ends up taking Chloe for a flight

“Wait,” Ella says. “Are you serious? He has wings? Wingy-wings?”

“Yeah.” Chloe rubs the bridge of her nose. “I know I sound a little cracked, but… I kind of figured that you were the only person I could talk to who might get it.”

“Aw, man. That is so sweet. But.” Ella is not going to be distracted. “He has, you know – ” She does an improvised Funky Chicken in the middle of the forensics lab. “Can he fly? Because I’m sorry, that would be awesome.”

Chloe eyes her narrowly. “You’re taking this surprisingly well.”

“Why not?” Ella shrugs. “I’ve always known there was something different about him. Weird. I mean, not weird – well, yes, weird, a lot weird, but more than just that. Him being an angel, I can’t say I’m all that shocked, you know? It’s not like it’s something that I think can’t happen. I believe in a book where it happens a lot. Hey, has he announced anything? Like the two of you are meant to be and having a miracle baby?”

Chloe’s look turns cold. “No.”

“Darn.” Ella sighs. “Anyway. Wow. I have so many questions. I’m not gonna ask them, because  he’ll do that thing where he spooks and runs away like a startled turtle. If turtles ran, but you know what I mean. Is he here?”

“Yeah. In the break room.” At the other woman’s look of barely restrained curiosity, Chloe sighs and decides that since the cat, or rather the angel, is out of the bag, they might as well at least allow Ella a chance to peek. Not that Lucifer is going to be strutting around the station with his wings (or any other part of him, hopefully) hanging out, but still. “Fine. Come on.”

They leave Ella’s lab and start down the corridor to the break room. Just before they enter, however, they hear a familiar voice complaining, “Lucifer, did you eat my pudding again?”

“I did not.”

“It was right there!” Trust Dan’s dessert-related tribulations to be ongoing. “Look, I might not mind letting you have it if you asked, but you can’t just grab it and – ”

“Fine, if it’s that big of a deal, I’ll just fly down to the corner store and act as your personal messenger angel, shall I? More of Gabby’s gig than mine, but if you insist – ”

“Lucifer, can you not say crazy shit for two seconds and just – how’d you fly, anyway – ”

“Oh for goodness’ sake, Daniel! WITH THESE!”

There is a rush of air, a whoosh, a sudden light that does not come from the dismal fluorescents, and papers swirl off down the hall in a miniature cyclone. Chloe stops, stares, and then rushes forward, Ella on her heels, to wrench the door open and find Dan flattened across the far wall looking as if he is about to have a heart attack. This is understandable, due to the fact that Lucifer is standing with wings unfolded, bursting from the back of his usual smart suit jacket, tips almost touching the workplace safety poster on one wall and the coffee machine on the other. At the sight of her, he folds them tidily against his shoulders and smiles brightly. “Ah! Detective!”

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do you have any hc's about a/o Steve and Bucky being parents! :)

Let’s start this night in the best way with a/b/o, am i right?

  • Bucky was fucking scared of carrying their pup because he thought he could hurt him until one day, Steve faked being super sleeping and he had to go check on the pup and carrying him to calm him. Turns out, nothing bad happened.
  • The pup laughed for the first time at them kissing, they had discovered their pup loves when they are being a couple near him. This amazes the shit out of everyone, especially Vision who found it so fascinating, he may love seeing them being a couple too.
  • Wanda and Natasha are always looking at the pup and asking Steve if he needs help, but the even more into the baby of all, is Bruce who finds it so calming to be near the pup, is wonderful. Bucky has decided he is the only none-omega who can be near the pup during his first months.
  • So Steve is super protective of their pup and Bucky finds it so adorable and is always smiling, people tend to forget he is even more protective of both fo them so when someone enters their space, he is on alert all the time and he may or not even bite you if you ever, even as a joke, try to slap Steve’s arm or something.
  • Their pup loooves Bucky’s metal arm because is shiny and cold, he is always sucking at his fingers or hugging them. Bucky cleans it even more than they clean themselves and the pup, so their son can play with his arm. This is also that warms Steve’s heart hard.
  • Steve nests everywhere. He nest on their bed, on their pups bed, on their couch, at Tony’s couch too and this is because he feels that is too cold and too dangerous for their pup to be out of their home.
  • Feeding the pup is a fucking ritual: they almost fight who does it because they like to do games with the food like “here comes the planeeeeee” and the pup loves it too.
  • They are general good parent but they still feel insecure about it, especially says they feel like their pup is too little and they are too big for the pup.
  • Don’t call their pup ‘baby’. They grow up during a time in wich ‘pups’ where the sons of alphas and ‘babies’ the sons of betas and that’s how they want their son to be called if not by his name.
  • Also, they hate it when peope say things like ‘is that your boy/girlfriend’? to their kid when he/she talks about a friend or something, so don’t do it.
  • The scent of their pup is a mix between them and his own, is amazing. Steve loves feeling it on his lungs because he thought this will never happen. Their pup is almost a miracle in the middle of all the craziness of their world, he loves his pup so fucking much is amazing.
  • Also, Steve is always talking to the pup. He started doing it since the moment he find out he was pregnant. Bucky find this beautiful and it’s not a surprise when the pup first word is ‘dada’ which is the name he calls Steve, while Bucky is ‘papa’.
I Thought You Were Different: Book 2 (Part 10/?) (Rogers/Stark x reader)

Part 9

“I still can’t believe there’s a tiny little us in there,” Steve smiled, lying next to you with the tips of his fingers gently circling around the tiny bump of your belly.  “It’s so weird.”

“Our baby is weird?”

“Not ‘weird’ like that, come on,” he smirked, leaning over to kiss the skin where his hand had just been, “weird that there’s a person growing inside of you.”

“That’s not any better, babe,” you laughed, gently ruffling his hair with your fingers.  “Just quit while you’re still a little bit ahead.”

“Yeah, okay.  Hey, bug,” he smiled against you as he whispered, “I didn’t mean to call you weird. Let’s just forget that happened, okay? You’re not weird at all,” he paused, kissing you again, “you’re our little miracle.”

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Life is Strange

So I finally got what Life is Strange is all about for me or at least how I could interpret it.
I think, if I consider the first title the game should get, “what if”, it becomes sorta clear.
What if you had one week to build up the most important, awesome and beautiful memories with the person you love even though destiny is beyond your control. What if you get a chance to change your mistakes? And then you’re forced to either take the memories and let go or to share the memories and destroy everything else that matters.
The endings of the game were good. They weren’t a happy ending, though, but they were good. Why? Because Life is Strange is forced for the ending it got. It took me long to realize and even accept that, if I want an happy ending, I have to play other games that are forced to have a “happy ever after”.
This is not what LiS is all about. It’s about what life is and what to live means.
It shows that sometimes, even if you hope so much, you can’t change what will happen. You can question why you’re born and alive, but not why you have to die. Life is bigger than us. And death is even bigger than life because your death starts the second you’re born.
But sometimes death doesn’t have a special meaning because it’s just death.
Chloe was forced to die by destiny and the price to change that destiny is too big.
Moral isn’t always the right decision but sometimes Moral is to accept what is already given.
I tried to think about what could’ve happened if Max had decided to visit Chloe a week, or just a day, earlier. Maybe Chloe wouldn’t be in the bathroom the following day and the fate would be changed. But Max didn’t visited Chloe because destiny is bigger than that. They were bounded by destiny and their destiny was to accept what will happen no matter how hard they try to change it.
First, I wasn’t ready to let Chloe die, I couldn’t accept what she already knew, I wanted her alive because I relate so much to her.
So I sacrificed the City and all the innocent people to live my little miracle together with Chloe. To have my little “happy end”.
After the credits, though, I restarted the chapter and sacrificed Chloe, “just to see what could happen.”
I didn’t changed back to the ending where Chloe lives because even though my heart got ripped outta my body, I knew this was the right decision. I cried like a little Baby, my face was covered in tears but I couldn’t change back.
Sometimes love also means letting go, giving up. Both endings aren’t happy endings. People we love die, people we care about. Innocent people, people who deserve to live.
I gave up my little “Chloe is alive” miracle to face the truth. To face what life is about. My tears streamed over my face as I heard Chloe talking to me, that this was the best time in her life, that she loves me. And then I let her die, I let her take her own destiny.
But still, I knew all the memories they’ve shared, they’re still there. They’re still real. And Chloe knows. Even if she had to die.
And I think that’s what Life is Strange wants to tell me. This is how I see this game. To show me that some things are bigger than me. To show me some things aren’t given to be changed. And if we try, we have to pay an unbearable price.
We should accept life as what it is and not as what we wants it to be. Accept, that we can’t control it.
So the one and only decision I could make was to let my precious butterfly die. Once and for all. I took the memories and gave up the miracle that was more like a vision of my own dreams.
I was Chloe’s hero.
And she was mine…

I thank the developers so much for this game, for all the work. I don’t think I’ve ever learned so much about life and love and destiny before. This Journey was such a blast but it was worth every second. I’d never expected that a video game would give me so many answers about so many things by giving so little solution within the game itself.
I think it makes so much sense what my brother, who hasn’t played the game nor watched any videos about it, said to me after I finished the game and asked him for what Max got her powers when she can’t save Chloe without that unbearable price:

“Every decision we make, every step in our life, will have a big impact about what will happen in the future. And we can’t change what is already bigger than us, even if we try. Max got her power to see what could be if she changes fate but in the very end it is just what could be and not what will be.
Just like the wing of a tiny butterfly that could cause a storm on the other side of the world.”

EXO Theory - Extra

I feel the need to just briefly (well it was meant to be briefly) go over a few things because I am seeing a person or two getting the wrong idea or being confused. My theory is in no way a prediction of the new EXO concept, I just saw the photos of Sehun and it reminded me of what I’ve been thinking about since Pathcode was released. For all I know those photos could be from his drama and in no way have a connection to EXO’s new comeback.

Now, with Pathcode, I saw someone say “But that was for Call Me Baby, it only spelled out Call Me Baby” and I want to make sure everyone understands my thought process here.

A lot of people seem to forget that the group itself, EXO, is it’s own concept. EXO has it’s own story line that it’s been following since day one of their debut, and I would like to explain the music videos to separate the promotions from the story. (Some of the MV’s might be out of order but that doesn’t really matter)

History: I don’t think the lyrics have anything to do with the story, but the music video itself is meant to show them leaving EXO Planet, hence the meteor at the start.

MAMA: This is a massive part of the story, almost everything about EXO ranging from what they are to where they come from is explained in the MAMA intro. If you look at the MAMA intro and then watch Pathcode straight after it, some things seem to click together, but there are still huge chunks missing. I also advice people to look at the lyrics of MAMA and decide for yourselves whether this could be relevant to their story. When MAMA did come out there was some fun little chit chat going around from fans wondering if EXO was crazy because of what they were singing about, and to me the MAMA lyrics look like EXO possibly crying out for help as something’s attempting to control them (this could all just be me going batshit crazy though don’t think too deeply into that one). The music video for MAMA I think is meant to just show their powers for the first time so we know who’s who, but it’s interesting how different yet similar the K and M versions are. If you see the scene where Chanyeol spreads his fire wings (or whatever they are) and then go to the exact same point of the song in the EXO M MV, Kris will have a dragon behind him that’s been set alight. This shows they are definitely in parallel universes but cannot see each other.

What is Love: Okay, it is part of the story, and it shows a lot of them searching for something, but what? Well, I don’t really know. Chanyeol seems to be finding stones? This may be their life force powers or something but that’s only a wild guess and I highly doubt it’s true, I have no idea what those stones are. Now the interesting thing with this one is Sehun and Luhan can see each other, but they’re from EXO M and EXO K, so they shouldn’t be able to see one another. However, what else is in the video? Da da da daaaa~ It’s an eclipse! I realised the MAMA intro doesn’t actually talk about an eclipse BUT it does say “The day the grounds be kept a single file before one sky in two worlds that seem alike, the legends will greet each other.” and shows an eclipse. To me it means something like they can see each other when there’s an eclipse, hence why Luhan and Sehun could see each other. I’m not sure if this is true though but I just know an eclipse plays a vital role in EXO’s story.

Wolf + Growl: Fantastic songs and music videos but this is just promotion, nothing to do with the story (although Wolf had the Tree if Life in the choreography as a little Easter egg I suppose)

Miracles in December: This is a mix of promotion and story. While all of EXO are buying things for whoever there’s also an eclipse going on to which they all look up and stare at yet, it just seems to pass, and none of them acknowledge each other’s presents. Tao then arrives late and tries to flip back time but nothing happens and they’re all left crying. I think this could possibly show they missed that gap between dimensions or something (idk I’m trying my best to explain things man) where they can see each other. Other than that there’s nothing really significant in Miracles in December.

Overdose: The labyrinth at the start shows them trying to escape, and it seems they can hear each other banging on the walls so they do acknowledge each other’s presents. But the main question is, what put them in that labyrinth?

Call Me Baby: OKAY!! NOW!! The MV has absolutely nothing to do with anything that’s just EXO promoting and being sexy! However! What I think they did is combined the story with promotions so we still have EXO’s story continuing and giving us more ideas as to what’s going on. This means the Pathcode mystery is not over, and I am repeating that because it’s vital to me. The Pathcode mystery is not over and is still very much alive. EVERYTHING is interlinked if it is not for promotion, meaning Pathcode is following on from the story since they debuted! Pathcode is following the story line of MAMA!

Love Me Right: It had an Alice In Wonderland concept but I very, very highly doubt anything in that MV had anything to do with EXO’s story.

Sing For You: I also doubt anything in this MV had anything to do with their story unless Sehun being in space with a whale holds any significance? But I doubt it.

The New Album: Well…that’s still a mystery isn’t it? And there’s now a new rumour spreading around it may be a devil concept. Whether this connects to the story? I really do hope so, because it would be fantastic. And also, after actually re-reading what the MAMA intro says, I have found this:

“An eye of red force created the evil which coveted the heart of tree of life, and the heart slowly grew dry.”

“The day the red force is purified, the twelve forces will reunite into one perfect root, a new world shall open up.”

Could this red force possibly be what they are running from and what’s trying to capture them? And here’s another mind boggler for you guys, could this red force be within the forces? Could this red force be eating the Tree of Life from the inside out to destroy it? No? Well then, who in Pathcode was the only one not looking terrified or running away from something?

Kyungsoo. I know this sounds ridiculous because we make all these satansoo jokes but during his Pathcode teaser it showed a flash of a dead tree which I’m assuming symbolises the Tree of Life. So my point stands, is Kyungsoo possibly the red force of which they’re all so afraid of? He symbolises havoc, after all.

Finally, here’s one last thing to screw you guys over. The MAMA intro says “-the twelve forces will reunite into one perfect root, a new world shall open up.” 

A new world, but…what will happen to the old world if this happens? Is the forces all finally joining together going to be a good thing? Or could it possibly symbolise…the world’s end? Is this red force attempting to capture them and keep them apart, or to capture them and put them together?

Only time will tell, but all I know is they are definitely running from something, and whatever it is they’re running from must be pretty terrifying.

(Sorry if this was all ridiculous but this is all my opinion and JUST A THEORY so don’t take any of this as solid fact please!!)

the gentleness of being alive

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.– the gentleness of being alive– Leopold Fitz, Jemma Simmons, Jasper Fitzsimmons (Fitzsimmons)– baby!fic

“Does dad want to hold him for a while?” she asks, nodding down at the bundle of blankets in her arms. Fitz stares at her for a few seconds before the realization dawns that she’s talking to him.

Dad. That’s him.

Fitz holds his son for the first time.

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