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Dating Hermione Granger Would Include...

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- you first noticing her punching Malfoy, whilst wanting to do some enjoyment reading. 

- being very impressed. 

- paying more attention to the little things she does, like how she has at least 4 quills on the go at one time. 

- it taking a lot of encouragement from her best friends to finally ask you out.

- Ron and Harry both whooping when you guys made it official. 

- shy hand holding in between lessons. 

- helping her with S.P.E.W and even putting sticking spells on them so now half the school is stuck with a badge. 

- stolen kisses whenever she got the chance. 

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the harry potter books rated by Harry's Sass™
  • the sorcerer's stone: dudley asking harry if he wants to practice sticking his head down the toilet and harry replying "no thanks, the poor toilet's never had anything as horrible as your head down it - it might be sick" like ooo!!! sick burn!!! good for an 11 year old but overall still in the developmental stage. 6/10
  • the chamber of secrets: dudley (once again lmao get rekt) telling harry "i know what day it is" and harry replying "well done, so you've finally learned the days of the week." lockhart trying to be all Amazing Teacher™ and shit and telling harry "just do what i did, harry!" and harry saying "what, drop my wand?" overall good but not with as much of an Oomph™ factor as the sorcerer's stone. 5/10
  • the prisoner of azkaban: ah yes!!! Harry's Sass™ in its adolescent years!!!! no longer a toddler, now solidly about 11 years old. draco making fun of harry for fainting at the quidditch game bc of the dementors and saying "shame [the broom] doesn't come with a parachute - in case you get too near a dementor." and harry replying "pity you can't attach an extra arm to yours, malfoy. then it could catch the snitch for you." 8/10 purely because he fucking MURDERED whiny bitch ass baby malfoy ha ha take that
  • the goblet of fire: a good amount of sass!! a healthy amount of sass! perhaps a bit held back though (come on harry get it together). rita skeeter annoying harry and asking for a word and jk rowling LITERALLY writing "'yeah, you can have a word,' said harry savagely. 'good-bye'" like FUCK he is canon savage in this book!!!! DAMN!!!!! and then he reks malfoy AGAIN "you know that expression [your mother's got], like she's got dung under her nose? has she always looked like that, or was it just because you were with her?" MOTHERFUCK GO OFF 9/10
  • the order of the phoenix: HOLY GRAIL OF HARRY'S SASS™. THE MOTHERLOAD. GOD DAMN. when vernon asks him why he's listening to the news again and harry replies w/ "well, it changes every day, you see." when hermione's warning him about picking fights w/ malfoy bc malfoy will make life hard for him and harry's like "wow, i wonder what it'd be like to have a difficult life" like fuck harry!!! tell us how u really feel!!!! literally ANY TIME he talks to an adult he doesn't like. sassing dudley left & right, putting him in his place w/ "this is night, diddykins. that's what we call it when it goes all dark like this" like fuck harry brought out the big guns w/ "diddykins". overall wonderful, truly. a good healthy teenage dose of sass. 100/10
  • the deathly hallows: "it's time you learned some respect!" "it's time you earned it" sassing the minister of magic hooooooo boy. not much else bc harry's too busy like saving the world and shit. so extra points for multitasking and being an overall well rounded sass-er. 8/10

an underrated harry moment is when that interviewer was like ‘any of you guys into older women ;))) ;) ;)’ and harry literally stood there w a completely stoic expression shrugged n shook his head and she was like ‘i had to ask!’ and he just stared at her blank faced and goes ‘did you?” absolutely wrecked. we witnessed a real life murder. she’s bald now

Larry in 2017 (so far)

just bc i feel like it i present the following highlights reel in no particular order (many thanks 2 @strangenewfriends for her assistance in compiling this List of Larry)

louis’ bday tweet to harry

harry quoting the pink louis pics

the return of the green and blue keys (the footage was released in 2017 it counts ok)

harry celebrating JHO’s #1 with louis and steve (also footage we Received in this great year)

louis not being able to fucking shut up of how proud he is of harry in dunkirk

and then louis exposing himself as watching all the dunkirk promo interviews

roman kemp blessing us w/ the pee tweet exchange in the mariachi game and larry not being able to control their damn faces throughout

louis liking the smallzy tweet with harry

sweet creature and two ghosts Existing

when they had a haircut date w/ lou and she and lottie Exposed it on twitter

when louis posted That Picture that harry obviously took on his instagram

louis’ obsession w/ roses aka his expression of love for his Ultimate Rose

the way they STILL manage to follow each other around the globe wtf

harry STILL being obsessed with still the one thats Also a wtf

also them becoming BFFs w shania twain

bebe and steve being the ultimate louie harrie larries next only to niall

louis taking harry’s birthday off

louis being obviously mia during harry’s first show

harry’s friends liking a buncha pics of louis on ig

ALSO larry being relevant enough to the media in the year of our lord twenty seventeen to warrant as many larry denials as we’ve gotten in this damn year of our lord twenty seventeen

additions shall be made as my memory is jogged and/or as Larry larries

It’s over

First angst one shot. Hope y’all like it!

Request from Anonymous: Can you please do one where the missus sees proof that Harry is cheating on her and he doesn’t have his wedding ring on but he doesn’t fess up to it so then she doesn’t wear her rings anymore and then Harry notices and his heart starts to race and asks her why she doesn’t wear them anymore and she tells him something like, “you weren’t wearing them the night you decided to throw our marriage away” you decide the ending :) xx

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Three years. It took three years for their marriage to fall apart. It took three years for their happy bubble to pop. It took three years until one of them could no longer remain loyal to the other.  She didn’t know how it happened. She didn’t know what she did to have her husband cheat on her with another woman. To have him remove his wedding ring from his finger. The ring that was slid on his finger the day they both promised each other that they’d remain faithful to one another. The ring that represented their love and promise that they’d stick by each other’s side in any problem.  

The past three years of their marriage was filled with so much love and happiness. Sure, there were arguments here and there, but that was normal. They were happy and then all of a sudden they weren’t. 

Y/N started noticing her husband become distant. He’d come home more late than usual, missing out on dinner. He no longer talks to her properly like he use to. She’d ask him something and he’d give her short answers, trying to avoid conversations. He no longer kissed her good morning or a goodnight and even if he did, they were no longer on the lips. They haven’t had sex in weeks, Harry always claiming that he was too tired. 

Y/N also noticed that when she told Harry I love you before he left for work this morning, he didn’t say it back. And that’s what hurt the most.

 There was a heap of laundry that needed to be cleaned so Y/N was currently in the laundry room, sorting out the dark and light colors. She reaches her hands into any pocket’s of the clothes, making sure nothing was there. When she put her hands in the pocket of one of Harry’s jackets, she feels a crumbled up paper inside. She pulls it out, thinking it was an receipt but her eyebrows knit together when sees that it was a note. Her eyes go wide when she reads over the words on the paper. 

That was fun. Maybe we should do it again. Call me sometimes ;)

And at the bottom of the note was written an anonymous phone number. Y/N feels her throat become tight, her stomach churning at the thought of her husband sleeping with another woman. He couldn’t have been cheating. He wouldn’t do that. Harry himself said that cheating is one of the most vile things a man can do. 

So why did Y/N find a note like this in the pocket of his jacket? 

She didn’t want to believe that her own husband was cheating on her. The man who promised her, in his vows, that he’d remain faithful and loyal to her. This note has to be something else. She couldn’t bring herself to decide that he was cheating on her. 

She crumples up the note in her fist but doesn’t throw it away. She puts it into the small pocket of her pants before going back to the laundry and trying to ignore the burning sensation of the paper.

She wasn’t going to ask him what it was.

It’s been a few days later since Y/N found the note. This time, she can smell her everywhere. The other day Harry came home drunk and when she gave him a hug which he half halfheartedly returned, she smelled the floral perfume on his neck. She felt the salt water burn her eyes but she didn’t say anything. She also didn’t say anything when she noticed the mark on his neck and his wedding ring from his finger.

Harry didn’t notice the heartbroken look on Y/N’s face when she noticed he was no longer wearing his wedding band. He didn’t notice the tears that were built up in her eyes because he was so fucking drunk. 

“’M so drunk,” Harry mumbles as Y/N helps him out of his jeans quietly, ignoring the nonsense chatter spilling from Harry’s mouth..

“Go to sleep,” is all she says, caressing his hair before turning off the lamp. She goes to lay on her side of the bed, her back facing him. Her thoughts are consumed with images of Harry and another woman kissing. The woman marking his skin. The woman giving him pleasure in ways she hasn’t in a while. Why didn’t Harry want her anymore? Has he become bored with her? Is this woman prettier than her? Is that why he’s cheating on her?

She was immediately snapped out of her thoughts when she felt arms wrap around her stomach, a nose nuzzling into her neck. Y/N swallows the large lump in her throat and she brings her hand up to cover her mouth as she lets out a quiet sob while Harry sleeps. The tears finally stream down her face when she realizes that it was over. Their marriage was over. The moment Harry decided to sleep with another woman was when he threw away their marriage and broke all of the promises he made to her. 

And in that night, she didn’t get a wink of sleep.

It’s been two days since Y/N found out Harry was cheating on her. He no longer wears the silver wedding band, thinking that Y/N doesn’t notice. He smiles down at his phone whenever he’s texting and when Y/N asks why he laughs, he’d mumble, “S’nothing. Just somethin’ Jeff said.” And with that he’d leave the room, no longer wanting to talk to her.

Y/N no longer wears her wedding ring either. The night Harry came home drunk, drenched in another woman’s perfume and a bare ring finger, she decided it was the last straw. She wonders if Harry noticed her not wearing the ring either. He probably didn’t considering he doesn’t stay at home anymore. 

It was around seven in the evening, Y/N was cooking herself dinner in their large kitchen. Harry was out as always. Her ears perk up when she hears he front door shut. Why was he home so early? Her heart starts to race when she hears his voice talking to someone. She could hear him in the foyer, his voice talking lowly to the person on the phone.

“Yes,” He chuckles, “’ve just got t’ tell m’wife that ‘m staying over….No, she doesn’t know anythin’…” Harry sighs, “…look ‘ve been married to her fo’ three years now, I can’t just divorce her.” 

But it sure was easy for you to cheat on her.

Y/N quickly goes back to occupying herself with dinner, ignoring the ache in her chest. Her hands are slightly shaking as she cuts some vegetables and she feels the tears well in her eyes which she tries to get rid of when she hears Harry’s footsteps walking towards the kitchen. 

She sees his body leaning against the doorway of the kitchen in her peripheral vision. She glances up to see him looking at her with his pale green eyes. She could depict the look on his face but she gives him a small fake smile nonetheless.

“Hey,” She greets, trying to control her shaky voice. “Didn’t hear you come in,” She lies. 

Harry gives her a small smile, walking towards the bar stool. He picks up a carrot from the cutting board, plopping it into his mouth. 

“Yeah…I just got home,” He says lowly, looking at her face. 

She tries not to look at him, pretending to act casual as she chops the vegetables. She tries not to cringe when she feels him lean up to kiss the corner of her mouth. The nerve he had to do that was beyond her. She wishes she could kiss him back but no longer feels like she has the right to when he’s been kissing someone else. Someone who now has his attention more than his own wife’s.

Harry eyebrow’s knit together when he sees how quiet she was being. His gaze lingers on her face before he slowly runs his eyes over her whole figure. He felt his airways constrict, making it less easy to breath. His heart was racing in his chest when he notices that her wedding ring was missing from her finger. Did she know?

He puts his hand on hers, refraining her from cutting the vegetables. She looks at his face in confusion, wondering why he stopped her. She notices his green eyes staring down at her fingers. Her heart clenches in her chest and she felt herself let out a shaky sigh because Harry finally noticed. 

She sees him swallow thickly, his green eyes red around the rims. His lips part when he looks up to see the broken look on her face. She could no longer hold her strong facade and she immediately feels a single tear leave her eye.

“W-Why don’ yeh wear your ring anymore?” He asks in a whisper even though he knew the answer. It’s not like he didn’t notice before. Whenever he’d come home in the last few days, he’d notice her ring finger bare when she was asleep. He didn’t think too much about it at the time but now as he looks at her hand, he felt his heart break in his chest because she knew. He knew that she knew. 

Y/N inhales deeply, gathering the courage to say what she’s been wanting to say for the past few days. “Stopped wearing it once I found out you were no longer mine.”

Harry’s eyes widen, the tears pricking the back of his eyes. He felt his lip wobble and he bites down on his lower lip. Y/N looks at his face, noticing how pale it went and how his eyes are glossy. 

“I-I don’ understand I-I–” Harry stutters, twiddling with his thumbs, not knowing what to say.

“Please, don’t say anything,” She says calmly but on the inside, she felt like she was falling apart. She felt like her heart was going to burst at the amount of pain it felt. “What was it, Harry? Hm?” She asks him. “W-What made you do this? What did I do to deserve this? Tell me, did I do something wrong? Were you not happy anymore?”

Harry stays quiet, not knowing how to answer her questions. His tears can no longer be held and he lets out a choked sob. 

“How long have yeh known?” Is all he asks.

Y/N shakes her head at the fact that he ignored her questions. “Three weeks.” She says, noticing his face break even more. “I notice how you were no longer there with me. You were there, Harry. But you weren’t there,” She cries. “And I tried so hard to convince myself that you would never do something like this. I tried not to jump to conclusions but Jesus, Harry, I smelled her on you and I saw the fucking marks on your neck when you came home drunk the other night! And you think I didn’t notice that you weren’t wearing your ring either!” She finally says, her chest heaving by the end. She felt her head spinning and her chest hurt from the agonizing pain of heart break. 

The air was knocked out of his lungs and he felt like he could no longer breathe at all. He didn’t what to tell her. It wasn’t her that caused him to cheat on her. It was him. It was all of his fault. He met the woman when he out with some friends and he’d accidentally slept with her after getting too drunk. He felt guilty the next day, sobbing in his car outside of their home while his wife was waiting inside, worried sick. 

He didn’t know how to tell her that after cheating on her, he saw that same woman again and developed a sexual affair with her. Harry should’ve known that he was going to get caught eventually. He would ignore the guilt that was at the back of his mind when he was kissing the other woman. He would ignore the sad look on your face every time he left.

Now he felt all the guilt and regret crashing down on him like a sudden wake up call. Seeing her look at him with the broken look on her face dawned him that he could never heal this. She was never going to forgive him. They both knew that.

“I-I can’t stay here anymore,” She whispers sadly and Harry immediately became alarmed at her words. He shook his head, going around the kitchen counter and getting on his knees.

“N-No, I messed up. I know I did. I wasn’t thinking. Please.” He begs, crying out and she pretends to act like it doesn’t phase her.

Y/N pulls his arms from her waist, pushing him off of her but he only tightens his arms. 

“Harry,” Y/N cries out loud, “You can’t do this. You’re the one who ruined this. Ruined us. The moment you decided to even kiss another woman was when you ruined it. A-And the fact that you went back to that woman and decided to have…” She felt herself stop right there, her throat constricting, preventing anymore words from coming out. She couldn’t say the word because it hurt too much and the image that’ll come to mind 

“Our marriage is ruined, Harry,” Y/N says coldly and Harry felt a sharp pain in his chest because hearing her say it out loud felt like a stab to the heart. 

Three years of being married and it only took one decision for it to all crumble.

alright homies, this fucking sucked. I apologize to the anon who requested this if it’s not what you wanted :( I have a hard time imagining Harry as a guy who would cheat so this was a bit difficult to write so i didn’t know how to end it *sigh* plus this is my first angst one lmao. Hopefully i can finish up my other stuff soon to show you guys. I’m gonna be posting less due to vacation.

one more thing, I didn’t proof read at all so ignore any typos. Thanks. 

the types as | people i know

esfp // always fucking with people; loves to pretend he doesn’t care what people think, secretly really does; “what could possibly go wrong?”; everything he does is spontaneous; “we have to go, there’s going to be free food”; gives great practical advice; is loyal af with close friends (but will still fuck w/ you. always)

enfp // biggest goofball daydreamer; loves harry potter more than you. seriously though; p r o c r a s t i n a t i o n; recommends the best books/art/music, and secretly gets upset when you don’t like them; has a huge woolly scarf collection; gives the best cuddles; his patronus is a golden retriever

isfp // “hey look at this painting, it symbolises me overcoming my fear of rejection”; so empathetic, will listen to you talk for hours; gives the best advice; she has the most aesthetically pleasing bedroom; fairy lights; fucking lives for inspirational quotes; owns all the self-help books; owns 4 dream catchers

infp // the shyest bean; spills out all of his thoughts when he finally trusts you (good luck w/ that); all the s a r c a s m; second most socially awkward bean (after intp) but he tries; secretly super witty; isn’t afraid to speak up for himself/his beliefs; will lowkey murder you if you cross him; *eyerolls*

estj // “the boss”; no, literally. he’s my boss; “okay guys, so this is what we’re going to do”; is super intimidating from afar; still quite intimidating up close; a l p h a  m a l e; master of getting shit done™; convinced he’s a social butterfly, is actually kinda awkward; loves spreadsheets + telling people what to do

entj // natural leader; “this is so pointless”; is very protective over her stationery; owns approx. 2389 sharpies; aggressively helpful; is better than everyone at everything (well, she thinks so anyway); organisational skills like no other, thanks to all her sharpies/post-its/lever arch files; “how is that offensive?”

istj // grumpy old man syndrome; shows affection through constant nitpicking; he only ever buys plain black socks, except for one pair w/ hotdogs on; “ugh no, that’s not how you do it, let me show you”; nearly always frowning; d a d  j o k e s; has the best dress sense (to his estp friend’s frustration)

intj // loves her cat more than you; surprisingly creative; has a youtube channel for her bullet journal; “it’s legitimately exhausting being around so many idiots”; cares deeply about those close to her; gives incredible pep talks; gets super competitive with her estj + entj colleagues. the worst loser award goes to…

esfj // mom friend who lowkey loves drama; bakes the best lemon drizzle cake; one of the most stubborn people i’ve ever met; thinks she’s not judgemental, is super judgemental; “is that weird?”; can’t help but be kind, even if she dislikes you; always making lists; simultaneously loved and feared

enfj // the reluctant leader; somehow knows when you’re sad; the most friendly, helpful cinnamon roll (until he becomes kinda over-bearing); wants to know your life story, and will tell you his; has all the friends; “it’s okay to be sad, you know”; always looking out for the little guy™; secretive about his true feelings

isfj // shy, fashionable mom friend 2.0; represses all of her feelings; communicates only via her pinterest boards; n o s t a l g i c; only goes out when her esfj friend convinces her - almost instantly regrets it; won’t admit when she’s angry; can be kinda very passive-aggressive; “i’ve missed you”

infj // your free local therapist; socialises even less than isfj; is v sensitive and kind but will drop a truth bomb on you if she has to; recommends the best poetry; is so jaded with people/life/the world; sees right into your soul; can and will quote shakespeare at the drop of a hat; fervent bookmark collector

estp // e g o; always dressed well; the final evolution of the class clown; biggest fuckboy you will ever meet; hate to love him/love to hate him; constantly a danger to his own well-being; “oh, the sling? i broke my arm trying to dumpster dive when i was drunk last weekend”; relentlessly reckless

entp // wit + ego + more wit + more ego; lives to make people laugh; always has a flirtatious glint in his eye; the awkward social butterfly; “well, it depends…”; refuses to plan anything; has a tortoise plushie on his desk called “terrance”; secretly very thoughtful and sentimental; busy defending his infp friend

istp // the fast-thinking lego meme lord; his mother tongue is sarcasm; known to wear sunglasses indoors; always contemplating borderline criminal activities out of sheer boredom; constantly sharing knowing looks w/ intp; p r a n k s; once constructed a makeshift slingshot for estp to launch paper balls at esfp

intp // your local awkward fact-dispenser; cute bookworm; owns the same oversized sweater in five different colours; “oh, yeah, i already knew that”; looks permanently disinterested; watch her eyes light up when she talks about a topic she loves; “please speak slowly, i’m exhausted”; blushes a lot


When Harry is so much of an overprotective Dad, he doesn’t even know who he is anymore.

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ok but.

i was thinking about how gil got his name right, and how he met uma and harry when they were kids and became friends and stuff then right. but why is he called gil.

so, gaston named 2/3 of his kids gaston. unsurprising. the man could give mother gothel a run for her money in a vanity contest.

but why not gil.

and why does gil have a name suited for the ocean (gil, gill yah it’s p obvious) when his villain parent had nothing to do w the ocean.

here comes the theory. 

uma and harry named gil.

uma was always a leader, and harry seemed up for anything. they meet a small kid named gaston, with two older brothers named gaston and a dad named gaston.

uma is having none of it. she will not know someone who is one of four, she needs people who stand out.

so uma takes it upon herself to give him a new name. 

she’d always loved the ocean. it was more like a mother to her than ursula had ever been. she thinks for a second; remembers the fish in the shops, in the waves, remembers how they can breathe in a place with no air.

she looks back at this boy. he is smiling, unafraid, even as harry places his hand on a knife and prods at the various bruises decorating his body and this boy seems content, even in the horror that is the isle and he is finding happiness in a place where joy is drained out of you every second and he is breathing in a place with no air and uma decides.


and a gil he shall be.


Can you write A piece where Harry’s mom doesn’t like you (because she’s wary of you hurting him since he’s been hurt a lot before) but your family adore Harry and are really accepting of him please

When she first met his mum she was sure she would like her. Harry always told her how amazing his mum was, funny and always there for him. She was the most important person in his life.
Harry told his mum how amazing Y/N was too, loving and oh so caring. She was the most important person to him as well.
Anne wasn’t upset about that, she was hoping for years that someone would come along who her son would fall in love with. The problem was that Harry did that a lot, meeting girls and catching feelings for them. But those girls never wanted anything serious. They wanted fun, maybe even the profit being seen with him would bring. He dated models, bloggers and singers. But never a normal girl.
Y/N was exactly that, normal. She went to uni and worked at a cafe when she didn’t have lessons. She didn’t even know who Harry was when she met him even though she knew One Direction. She got to know him, just Harry without glamorous suits and expensive boots. She got to know the real Harry, the normal one.
And then she fell for him.
She fell fast and she fell hard. She loved him. She loved him when he woke her up at 8 am on a Sunday morning and was happier than any normal human should be at that time. She loved him when he drank too much wine and got clingy and whiny. She loved him when he was grumpy and she loved him when he needed someone to be there.
And he loved her just as much. He loved her when she was grumpy in the morning and pushed him away when he woke her up. He loved her when she refused to go to sleep without at least four kisses. He loved her when she was there for him and listened to him. He loved her when she needed him to be there for her and listen to her.
Harry thought that Y/N was perfect, made just for him and he was made just for her. There was no reason as to why Anne wouldn’t like her.

But then he brought Y/N home and Anne was anything but welcoming. She stared Y/N down with cold eyes and didn’t send her one warm smile. She asked her questions that made Harry choke on the water he was drinking and look at his mum with shock. Anne made Y/N feel so uncomfortable that she had tears in her eyes and had to excuse herself from the table in order to go the bathroom and calm down.
Harry tried to talk to his mum during that time and asked her what the hell was going on but Anne just shrugged and told him Y/N sent her bad vibes.
The worst about it was that Y/N’s family absolutely adored Harry. They made him feel so welcome when he first met them. They loved him immediately and accepted him. Harry felt so guilty that his family couldn’t do the same.

When they visited Anne for the second time for a nice barbecue Y/N almost told Harry she was sick and couldn’t go. The thing was that she was scared. Not of Anne or how rude she would be this time but of what Harry would do if his mum really wouldn’t approve of her. She knew how important his mum was to him and she knew that she couldn’t compare to that. He would surely break up with her.

Y/N made it her mission to show Anne that she was right for her son. She was nice to Anne the whole time even though she still threw daggers at her. She even offered to help and set the table on terrace and prepared a salat.
But then something happened that Y/N couldn’t handle. Harry cut himself while slicing the zucchini to lay on the grill and blood was everywhere. His pained whimper made Y/N stop what she was doing and turn to him immediately, running over to him when she saw what happened.
“Oh, Harry! I told you to be careful!”
She ushered him to the sink, holding his bleeding finger underneath the water. But then her hands began to shake and her eyes welled up with tears. She wasn’t the one in physical pain but her she was suffering emotionally.
It never happened before while they were together that Harry hurt himself and maybe that was why it affected her like that. The thing was that Y/N absolutely hated blood. She couldn’t look at it without panicking and getting sick.
And now that Harry was bleeding and in pain, it was too much.
“Hey.” Harry cooed and turned to Y/N, cupping her face with his palms and carefully trying not to get any blood on her.
“Breathe with me, okay? Just like we practiced. In and out.” he demonstrated her, trying to get her to control her ragged breathing.
Anne watched all that from the doorway, how her son held on to his crying girlfriend and how she panicked because her boyfriend was hurt. It dawned on her then that the impression she had of Y/N was completely wrong. She wasn’t using him for anything as she might have thought, she was in it just for him.
Y/N’s breathing was almost back to normal but her tears kept streaming down her cheeks and Harry wiped them away every few seconds.
“I’m okay, you know that, right?” Harry asked her softly.
She nodded after a moment, but her sobs started all over again.
“Shh, oh darling.” Harry pulled her into his arms and hugged her tightly to his chest, his one hand on the back of her head, stroking through his hair and his other hand on her back, moving in soothing circles.
Anne decided to take that moment to walk over to them, placing her hand on Harry’s shoulder.
“Run a warm bath for her, love. Let her calm down.” she spoke to him softly, hesitating for a moment before she stroked over her back as well.
“That sounds good, yeah?” Harry asked Y/N snd pulled back a bit to remove all the hairs that have gotten in her face.
She nodded and wiped her tears away on her own.
“W-Want to take c-care of y-your finger before.” she hiccuped.
“Think that’s a good idea, sweetheart? Don’t want you to panic again.”
She shook her head and pulled Harry with her into the bathroom.

Once inside she rinsed his wound again and put a plaster on top, the whole process taking longer than it normally would due to her shaky hands. When she was done Harry filled the bathtub with warm water, pouring a bit of coconut bubble bath inside to get the bubbles she loves.
He helped her undress, kissing over her skin after each article he dropped to the floor. He held her hand when she stepped inside, careful that she didn’t slip.
“You’ll join me, right?” she asked when he didn’t seem to get undressed any time soon.
“You want me to?”
The thing was that they weren’t together for that long, and intimacy was in the future. Yes, they’ve seen each other naked before but they’ve never touched each other while being naked. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to but they decided in the beginning that they would take it slow.
“Yeah.” she nodded.
“Alright. Let me just grab something to drink real quick.” he kissed her forehead before leaving the bathroom.

“How is she?” Anne asked Harry when he entered the kitchen.
“She’s okay, I think.”
“That was a full blown panic attack. Does that happen often?”
“Sometimes. More often than I would like. But I know what to do when it happens now. I practiced breathing with her and know how to calm her down.”
Anne nodded in understanding and scratched her head awkwardly, the same habit as Harry has.
“Harry, I’m really sorry for how cold I was to her and-”
“Don’t apologize to me, apologize to her. I’ll join her now.” he let his mother know, grabbing a water bottle and walking upstairs again.

He hugged her to his chest tightly and held her until the water turned cold and the bubbles disappeared. He stroked her skin and kissed over it, enjoying the closeness and intimacy they shared for the very first time.
Once they started to shiver and goosebumps arose on their skin they got out, wrapping each other in big fluffy towels. Harry got them both clothes from his old room, a shirt that was at least three sizes too big for Y/N and sport shorts that almost slipped down her legs.
And when they came downstairs again Anne was waiting for them on the terrace, everything prepared for their barbecue.
Anne stood up when they came outside, looking at Y/N before she locked eyes with Harry and silently told him to leave them alone for a moment.
“Um… I’ll grab us something to drink.” Harry said before kissing Y/N’s temple and leaving them to themselves.
“Are you feeling better?” Anne asked Y/N.
“Yeah. I’m sorry for causing so much drama but… I often get emotional when it comes to Harry.” she shrugged.
“There is nothing for you to be sorry about, alright? If someone needs to apologize it’s me. I don’t know what came over me to act so cold and rude towards you. It’s just… I see the way Harry looks at you and I know that you have the power to destroy him completely. He’s been hurt so many times and I can’t watch him getting his heart broken again. You’re already so important to him and I was scared that you might not feel the same but… I saw earlier exactly how you feel about him.” Anne smiled softly at her.
“I’m in love with him, Anne. I haven’t told him that because he better be the first to say that.” she joked and Anne giggled softly.
“I really love him and I have no bad intentions in any way. I want to be with him. As long as he’ll have me.”
Anne took a step forward and grabbed Y/N’s hand, squeezing gently.
“I think he’ll want you for a very long time. He might haven’t said it yet but he loves you. He’s never looked at anyone the way he looks at you. I think you’re the one for him.”
Y/N breathed a happy laugh and hugged Anne briefly.
“Thank you for forgiving me.” Anne grinned at Y/N.
“Of course.”

Their barbecue was exactly how it was supposed to be, delicious and filled with nice conversations and laughter. It felt like family.
Y/N was glad she could finally act around Harry how she always does, teasing and bantering.
Harry teased her the whole time as well.
“It’s actually really cute that you cried for me because I cut a finger. Don’t want to know what you’d do if I were about to die.”
And just like that everything felt as perfect as it was supposed to be. Anne was just as Harry had described. Warm and gentle. Loving.
And somehow everything felt familiar.

Mr Styles series: Jealous pt.2

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Summary: Continuation of this where Mr. Styles gets jealous.

Warnings: Smut

Word Count: 970

Word Density: “Harry”


“Get on the bed.”

Once he realized that she was testing his authority and stayed in her place, he grabbed he by he arm and bent her over the bed. With one hand he tightly gripped his belt, the other rested on her lower back. Harry had no clue why he was so jealous. Him and Y/N weren’t together. But he still felt some need to keep her protected.

“Lift up your skirt and pull down your panties.” Y/N quickly complied, not wanting to further anger him.

You let out a soft sigh at the feeling of the cool air on your exposed wetness. You couldn’t even see him but you could tell how he looked. Gazing down at where you were bare, he always towered over your body like a kind gazing down at his kingdom. His hand drifted from your back to the top of your butt.

His hand left your backside, “You’re going to count for me or I’m starting over.”  She mumbled something to let him know she understood.

“One!” Y/N gasped as the slap to her bottom pushed her forward. She could tell that he was still wearing his rings.

“Two.” Harry placed on hand on her hip, holding her up.


After about ten swats, Y/N was slightly shaking. The room seemed so much hotter as her frustration built and her cheeks burned. Harry rubbed her red bottom slightly and she took note of it. No matter what, he always made sure to make sure that he wasn’t too rough. That his hits weren’t too much for her to handle. Just as he was about to go easy on her, Harry remembered what brought them here in the first place. He quickly ripped off her shirt, noticing that she wasn’t wearing a bra. 

“Where’s you bra?” He hissed and pushed her back on the bed so that her head laid against the pillows. “When you left my office, you had a bra on.”

Y/N pushed herself up on her elbows and spread her legs. “Maybe I left it in Mr Payne’s car, or his office, or maybe his bed.” She was just trying to make him mad. In all actuality, her bra was sitting in the fern outside the front door. “You gonna spank me again, Mr Styles.”

Harry loosened his tie and roughly shoved it in her mouth. Y/N’s eyes widened in shock as he’d never done that to her before. “You keep that there. If I hear you say another word, you’re getting the belt. You wanna act like a slut, you’ll get treated like one. Sluts don’t get to talk.”

He quickly stripped his himself down and climbed over top her. Y/N was dripping. She could feel a small pool forming under her from her lust. Harry grabbed his hard cock and rubbed it against her heat, making sure not to put it in. Teasing. He knew she hated it and that she wouldn’t be able to control herself. His sweaty body glimmered in the moonlight as Y/N let out tiny whimpers and whines against the tie.

“What? What’s that?” Harry taunted with a smug smirk. “You want me to fuck you? The way he fucked you?”

She now regretted her attempt to make him jealous, knowing he was now going to torture her. She shook her head no quickly and tried to thrust her hips forward. Just trying to get him where she wants. “Pwese.” She muffled through the tie.

Harry looked down at her for a second before he thrusted in as hard as he could without warning. Y/N’s entire body jolted and she let out a moan-like-scream. Her eyes fluttered shut before they were quickly snapped open. Harry’s large hand gripped her throat as he continued his rough thrusts. He was going harder than he ever had before, causing all new types of sensations to spread through her body. He bit his lip tightly and pinched her left nipple slightly.

“Nobody’s ever gonna be able to fuck you like me. Nobody.” He grunted and pulled the tie out of her mouth. Loud moans and whimpers poured out of her mouth. “He can’t get you screaming like this, can he? Huh? Can he fuck you the way I can? Doesn’t know your body like I do, baby.”

She could feel her orgasm coming and she didn’t want him to hold out on her. “Only you! O-only you can m-make me feel-OH GOD!.” She let out a loud scream as he hit her g-spot over and over again.

His cock twitch slightly and his thrusts got sloppier. “Gonna cum, baby?” She weakly nodded and Harry tightened his grip on her throat slightly. “Look at me, wanna see you face when you cum.”

Before she could even process his words she was quickly hit by her high. Screaming loudly and digger her nails into his back. He let out a loud grunt a gave her a final thrust. His juices painted her walls and she let out a soft moan, feeling him spilling out of her. Dropping on top of her, but holding his weight. He rolled off of her and pulled her into his side.

“W-We picked out engagement rings for Sophia.” Y/N panted as she laid her head on Harry’s chest.

He furred his brows in confusion and let out a breathy chuckle at what he thought went down. Deep down Harry knew Y/N would never go for a guy like Liam. But he didn’t understand why he was so jealous. She was just a stripper he met and turned into his assistant. “Your bra is in the fern isn’t it?”

“Yup, but thanks for that. I’ll have to make you jealous more often.” 

LA Show w/ Niall.

Request: Can I request something where y/n and Harry are a couple and she goes to one of Harry’s concerts with Niall? Just a cute, supportive fic :3

“Yeah, baby. Niall is probably pulling up to pick me right now.” You said through the phone, balancing your mobile between your ear and shoulder as you tied your shoe laces. 

“Think I should sing The Chain tonight?” Harry asked. 

“I thought we established the fact that it’s going to be permenantly on the set-list.” You chuckled, standing up when you heard a car honk. “Nialler is here.”

“Tell him to drive carefully, will you?” 

You chuckled at your boyfriend’s overprotectiveness, getting out of yours and Harry’s LA house, smiling at the grinning Irish who waited for you. “H, if you just would have let me come with you this morning.” 

“It was 12 and you looked so warm in bed, love. Didn’t want to tire you out with me.” Harry replied. 

You got inside the car, exchanging a quick hug with Niall and a kiss on the cheek. “Alright, I’m with Niall.” 

“Harry?” Niall mouthed and you nodded. “Oi, break a leg, mate!” 

Harry chuckled through the mobile and you put it on speaker. “You’re on speaker.” You said, buckling your seatbelt before Niall drove off. 

“Niaaaall,” Harry dragged. “How are you? So glad I’m seeing you tonight, mate.” 

“Me, too, Haz. I’m very proud of you.” Niall smiled as he drove. 

“You two are going to make me cry.” You joked, making them both laugh. 

“Ring me when you arrive, yeah?” 

“Alright, H. We’ll be there shortly.” You answered, putting the mobile off speaker and putting it on your ear. 

“Take care. I love you.” 

“I love you, too, H. Bye.”


“Where’s Harry? Harry Edward Styles!” You and Niall walked through Harry’s crew backstage, searching for your boyfriend. 

“Harold Styles!” Niall called out. 

You then heard a laugh that you knew too well, making you rush towards the sound before seeing your tall Harry, grinning your way. You both wrapped your arms around each other as if you hadn’t seen each this morning. “You smell amazing.” You smiled. 

Harry hummed against your hair, kissing it before pulling away. “You used that new berries shampoo?” 

You nodded, putting your hair on your shoulders, “Smells good, doesn’t it?” 

Harry nodded before leaning down to peck your lips, making you smile softly against his lips. 

“3 years and you still make me third wheel.” You heard Niall say behind you, making you and Harry pull away and laugh. You got out of the way, standing beside Harry and smiling at the both of them as they hugged. 

“You look great, lad.” Niall smiled at Harry, patting his shoulder. 

“You, too, Nialler. Love the new music. Slow Hands is this nutter’s jam.” Harry chuckled, glancing at you and wrapping his arm around your waist, bringing you closer. 

“Can’t help it.” You smiled, putting your hand on Harry’s chest. 

“Aaah, you’re going to make me blush.” Niall laughed, adjusting his hat. 

“Two minutes!” Someone announced, making you turn your head towards the voice before looking at Niall. 

“We should get to our places.” You said, Niall nodding. 

“Alright, see you after the show, Haz.” Niall side hugged Harry before walking away, lingering by the exist to wait for you. 

You stood in front of Harry, wrapping your arms around his waist. “Good luck, H. Go wild as you always do.” You smiled. Harry’s dimple showed as he smiled, leaning down to press his lips against yours. 

“Thank you, sweetheart. Love you.” He said softly against your lips. 

You hummed, pecking his lips one more time. “Love you, too.” 

You walked towards Niall, both of you making small talk on your way to your places. 


To say that you and Niall were total dorks would be an understatement. You were wildly dancing and singing, not giving a damn about the fact that a few mobile phones were turned towards you and Niall. 

You twirled Niall as Harry sang Carolina (uh pretend it’s about you), laughing when he put his arms above him like a ballerina. You both attempted to make a wave with your arms, laughing when the person beside Niall declined his offer to join. 

Harry chuckled, looking towards you. “I see you being a…” He paused, looking at you, “…fangirl.” At this, the fans screamed, making Harry giggle and you and Niall to laugh. 

“We love you, Harry!” You and Niall screamed in unison once it was quiet, making everyone errupt in cheers. You both high fived, Harry blushing before waving your way. 

“If you’ve come to see me on the road with my wonderful friends in One Direction you might know this one.” He spoke into the mic, making all of you to scream before Stockholm Syndrome’s intro began playing. 

“Ah, hit me right in the heart.” Niall laughed, looking at you as he put a hand to his heart. 

You cooed, wrapping a friendly arm around his shoulders as you swayed from side to side to the song, singing out loud the words you knew too well. 

The night had gone viral. You had taken a few videos of the show, one of which had Niall lip syncing to The Chain to the camera with a caption that said “Little reunion? Yes, please.” While Niall had snapped a video of you singing dramatically to Sign of The Times, engrossed in watching your boyfriend perform the last song. 

Needless to say, the night was total success and a huge fuck you to everyone who dared to say that the boys weren’t friends anymore. 

Did you feel my anger? Did you? Can’t believe some people actually dared to say that like um…no??? 

I need a 4/4 reunion asap.

There’s Good In Him

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Request:  Hi!Can you do an imagine with Harry Hook where the reader is Ben’s sister and when he gets captured she gets captured as well.Harry starts liking her but also Jay liked her ever since he came to the castle.So this two kind of fight over her and in the end before the celebration Ben brings back Harry because of you.He saw you liked him as well(you saw good in him or something idk) but you also have to apologize to Jay.I’m so sorry if it’s confusing.Thank you so much if you decide to write this!!!

A/N: I loved this idea!!! This is a bit of a long imagine because I got really into it! Thank you for this awesome request!! Hope y’all enjoy! ~Admin Kat // Gif doesn’t belong to us, credit to the creator.

You fidgeted with the sleeve of the leather jacket Evie let you borrow nervously. Mal ran back to the Isle, so here you stood with Jay, Carlos, and Evie near Mal’s place. Ben was upstairs trying to get her to come back. You had never been to the Isle and were honestly afraid of this place, but considering Ben was your brother you had felt compelled to come along and help to the best of your ability.

 “Y/N, relax. You’re not here by yourself, we’re here. And we know this place inside and out, you’re safe.” Evie said sending you a reassuring smile. You sighed and nodded. “ I’m just worried about Ben and Mal.” you said looking up towards the stairs. You knew everyone around you had the same worry. Jay stood next to you. “ You look like you’ve seen a ghost Y/N.” he said chuckling. 

 You rolled your eyes and shoved his shoulder. “ Well when you’re the sister of the King Ben, you have reasons to be worried.” you said looking around. Jay gave you a side hug before speaking. “ I won’t let anything happen to you, promise.” He smiled and winked at you.

 After what felt like hours Ben came down the stairs. You froze when he said Mal wasn’t gonna come back. Ben had walked off and you turned to Jay. “ What do we do now?” you asked softly. Jay grabbed your hand and gave it a squeeze. “ Don’t worry we’re gonna fix all of this.” he said as Evie tried talking to Mal. For a moment you felt safe on this island but still nervous. You looked down at your hand that was with Jay’s. Evie had always made comments to you about Jay liking you. But you always brushed them off because you didn’t know for sure if you liked Jay that way. Then, snapping yourself out of your thoughts you remembered Ben ran off. You mumbled a few swear words before slipping off into the direction he went.

 You found yourself walking down a dark alley. You knew this was a stupid decision but Ben was a bit of a bigger target than you were, so you had to look everywhere. You saw something move in the dark, hoping it was Ben. “ Ben? You there? We need to get back to Mal’s come on.” you said adjusting your jacket sleeves.

 “ Here I thought we would only have one of ya!” an unfamiliar voice exclaimed. “Well, where one goes the other follows.” the person said moving out from the dark as they got closer to you. You stumbled backwards into the barrels that were stacked to the side of the alley. The stranger laughed as he stopped right in front of you.

 “My my.. you’re even prettier in person lass.” the stranger said. That’s when you realized he was holding a hook with his other hand. He must have noticed you looking at it because he let out a chuckle and brought it up. He used the tip of his hook and trailed it up your jaw.

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Heyy everybody, this is part 3 of my break story! Thank you all so much for reading my little series and sending me so many nice messages. Let me know what you think about this part.xx

She pushed him away with as much force as she could muster up and actually made him stumble a few steps.
“I have a boyfriend!” she exclaimed.
“I-I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. I just thought because-”
“No!” she interrupted him.
“I’m sorry.”
“Don’t ever do that again!” she yelled at the top of her lungs.
She opened her car door, went in and slammed it shut with force. Within seconds she left the parking lot and Tim standing there.
Tears welled up in her eyes, making her vision blurry and she knew she should stop her car and calm down because this wasn’t safe. But she wanted to get home and shower and wash his touch off.
This wasn’t supposed to happen.
She never meant to gave him the feeling wit was okay to kiss her.
The only person who was allowed to kiss her was Harry.
For goodness sake, she kissed him only a few hours before.
But the feeling of lips against hers that still lingered weren’t from Harry’s kiss.
Another man kissed her.
And even though she pushed him away and didn’t respond to his kiss she still felt guilty.

When she finally made it home she was properly crying with fat tears and loud sobs. She ripped her clothes of her body and took a hot shower. She stood underneath the hot water for at least half an hours, washing of the feel of his hands and lips on her.
She checked her phone when she went to bed and more tears fell from her eyes when she saw her lockscreen. Harry and her. Smiling so much that they weren’t able to kiss each other properly.
She cried herself to sleep that night, if she slept at all.

The next morning she woke up with sore eyes and slightly swollen cheeks. She hoped that everything was just a horrible dream but she knew it wasn’t. It was reality.
She just finished breakfast when her phone vibrated on the kitchen table with a text.

I’m in the hotel now. Everything’s fine. I miss you though. H

Her eyes closed briefly and she felt her whole body beginning to tremble.
She tipped back immediately, her fingers shaking so much she missed the right letters.

Can we talk?

She had to tell him. She couldn’t keep this from him.

Now? What’s wrong? Are you okay?


Her phone rung within seconds and even though she knew it would she still jumped at the shrill sound. She took a deep breath and hit the green button, lifting the phone to her cheek.
“Baby? What’s wrong?”
His voice sounded distressed and worried.
A sob interrupted her and she had to brace herself on the kitchen table so she wouldn’t fall down.
“Darling, what’s going on? You’re scaring me.”
“H-He kissed m-me.”
Harry was silent, she heard nothing on the other end of the line.
“W-We left the restaurant and the d-dinner was fun a-and we really got along well. He walked me to my car and when he went t-to say goodbye he leaned in b-but instead of kissing me on the cheek h-he… kissed me on the lips.”
It took her forever to get the words out, sobs and hiccups interrupted her every second.
“Did you kiss him back?” Harry asked lowly and she knew that tone.
She heard it so many times before when some bloke tried to hit on her.
“N-No! I pushed him away immediately. He almost fell to the g-ground because I pushed him so hard and then I screamed at him that I have a b-boyfriend and that he shouldn’t do that ever again and left him standing there.”
“That’s my girl.” Harry chuckled after a moment of silence and Y/N couldn’t believe her ears.
“Baby, there’s nothing for you to cry about. You did everything right and I’m very proud of you even though he deserved to fall flat on his ass. I swear if I’d be home right now I’d cut his tongue off so he wouldn’t be able to-”
“You’re not mad?” she interrupted him.
“Not at you. You didn’t do anything wrong. That bloke is lucky though that I’m not home or else I’d rip his legs out. And arms. And everything else.”
Y/N sighed relieved and a small smile took over her lips.
“Thank you. I was so worried you’d be mad at me and break up and-”
“Stop. Seriously, you have to stop with all your doubts. I love you more than anything and I’m not going to leave you. Yeah, I’m not a fan of this break but I think it really is good for us. Everything’s alright, okay? We’ll figure it out when I’m back.”
“Okay.” she whispered.
“Can you do me a favor?” Harry asked then.
“Stay away from that Tom asshole.”
“I don’t care.”
She laughed softly and promised him she wouldn’t go near him.
“I have to go now, love. Think you’re okay?”
“Don’t cry anymore, yeah? It breaks my heart.”
“I’ll try.” she laughed softly.
“I love you.”
“I love you too. See you soon.”
“Very soon.”
When she placed her phone down on the kitchen table she literally felt all the weight lifted off her shoulders. She was still shaking slightly but she knew it was okay now.
She also knew that Harry was probably planning how he could get back at Tim but she didn’t worry about that, Harry couldn’t hurt a fly. She knew he was probably killing that guy in his thoughts right now but that was okay, she was killing him in her imagination as well.
She honestly didn’t think Harry would react that calm. She expected him to say ‘I knew why I wasn’t happy when you told me about him’ or maybe ‘It was so goddamn obvious he would try something’. She even kind of expected him to be so upset and angry he wouldn’t have let her explain but instead hand up immediately.
But he didn’t. And again she noticed that something had changed since they started the break.
If that would have happened before the escalation two weeks ago Harry would have started screaming at her and in the end he would have left the house.
But his reaction showed that he wanted something to change as well. He was hurting too and even though it sounded strange, Y/N was glad. During all those fights and screaming sessions she was scared she was the only one who was breaking inside.
Even though she wasn’t quite sure what would happen when Harry came home she knew they couldn’t be without each other. That break showed them what they could loose. It showed that what they had was unique and special.
And it also showed that the love they had for each other was stronger than anything else. Y/N knew from the beginning that Harry was the love of her life. Harry knew it too, she was the one for him from the first date.
The only thing they were both scared of now was their future. Would it get to that point again where they had to take a break?

The next few days felt strange. The fact that she saw him and talked to him over the phone made her think they would at least text throughout the day but there was nothing. Still radio silence.
And even though it bothered her she didn’t want to text him first. She knew he was busy and had other things to worry about but she at least thought he would give her a little update on how everything was going.
She worried though. She was scared he forgot about her. She was scared he actually enjoyed the break because now that he was with a lot of other people he didn’t have to think about her and maybe he’d realize that he was secretly missing his freedom?

When she saw him on SNL for his first ever live performance of his single she was a crying mess. One, because she missed him so much and still didn’t hear from him and two, because she was so incredibly proud and three, because she stayed awake until the early hours of the morning. He smashed it. He was absolutely perfect.
And she felt so goddamn bad because she wasn’t there waiting from him when he came off the stage. She wasn’t there to kiss all over his face because she was even prouder than his mum. She wasn’t there.
He told her she should stop doubting his love for her but for some reason she couldn’t help it. She couldn’t help but worry when he wasn’t here and she didn’t hear from him and even though she knew that was the purpose of a break, her mind couldn’t do anything else but come up with her worst nightmares and her heart couldn’t help but break.

When she finally wanted to go to sleep she didn’t knew if she should text him. He knew for sure that she would watch it but would he want her to text him? Her fingers hovered over the keyboard of her phone for several minutes until she decided that yes, she had to text him.

You did so good. I’m so incredibly proud of you.xx

She turned her phone off immediately when she hit send so she wouldn’t wait another few hours for his reply and could get some sleep. Even though she probably couldn’t keep her eyes closed.

She got no reply the next day.
And the day after that? Nothing.
And on the third day she was a mess.
Tears sprung to her eyes when she checked her phone for the thousandth time that day and she still didn’t hear anything from him. She knew he was unbelievably, incredibly busy but…
Was she not important anymore?
Did he not want to talk to her?
Or did he just not see it?
Or maybe the little incident with Tim hurt him more than he would like to admit.
Even though Harry told her she should stop worrying she couldn’t. He made it pretty hard to.
If she wouldn’t have seen his face all over social media and on tv she wouldn’t have known he was still alive during the next week. She felt like she went back in time to the first week of being without him, whenever she had a free moment her mind would immediately wander to him.
Then it was all a blur. It was like she was numb. She didn’t know if she should feel angry or sad or maybe happy because he would be home in a few days. The truth was that she didn’t feel anything.
He told her she could call or text him anytime she felt the need to and to be honest she did need him more than anything but she didn’t try to reach out for him. He didn’t respond to her congratulating him, why should he respond to anything else?

When the fourth week of their break was over he didn’t come home. She knew he’d return that day but he wasn’t there yet. And he probably wouldn’t come. He didn’t tell her when he would land, didn’t ask her to pick him up, didn’t tell her he would come home straight away.
And he didn’t.
She spend another night in the bed they once shared alone. Without him. Without any sort of communication between them.

A loud noise woke her up the next morning, followed by a muttered ‘shit’. Her heart started to pound, her eyes frankly searching for something to defend herself. She got out of bed on shaky legs, grabbing Harry’s golf club which stood beside the drawer. She made her way out of the bedroom and down the stairs on tip toes, making sure she didn’t make any sound.
When she saw the all too familiar suede boots at the front door she knew she didn’t have to defend herself. At least not her body but more her heart. She placed the golf club down on the floor and made her way to the kitchen where she was greeted by a sight which used to make her tummy fill with butterflies but now she was feeling nervous in the most negative way.
“What the hell are you doing here?” she asked and was surprised herself at how cold her voice sounded.
Harry whirled around and stopped draping berries on the waffles he made, his eyes were wide with shock and his mouth agape.
“I-I wanted to surprise you. I made breakfast and-”
She interrupted him with a humorless laugh, crossing her arms over her chest.
“Surprise me? I think you’ve surprised me enough lately.”
“What?” he asked with furrowed brows.
“I was surprised when I didn’t hear from you at all during the last two weeks, nothing to keep me updated. I was surprised when I texted you and didn’t get a reply. I was surprised when you didn’t let me know when you came home. I was surprised when you didn’t come home as soon as you left the airport.”
Harry was standing there completely dumbfounded, suddenly feeling insecure about what he prepared for her. He had no idea what was going on, thought she would jump into his arms as soon as she saw him. He thought she would love the flowers he brought her and the breakfast he prepared. That wasn’t the case, apparently.
“You… I… What?” he asked again.
“I don’t know if I want to see you right now, Harry.”

anonymous asked:

can we get a blurb where harry asks you to move in with him, your from the states tho so hes asking if you can move to London with him instead of LA and you guys end up arguing about it? and make up later ;) please xx

Different anon from the first. But maybe Harry is coming down from the high of a big event, last concert, first solo show, Another Man party, Dunkirk premier he can’t sleep and you have regular sex and he is coming down from his first orgasm. Doggie style. He is running his hand over your bum and you turn around to see a glint in his eye…

So I kind of joined these two although he wasn’t coming down from any high.  Hope you enjoy.  Sorry it took me so long.

Coming off the plane in LAX I was always on alert.  For fans, paparazzi and the occasional body check from someone who was running on their way to their connection.  LAX was always busy, even at 3 am which was when I landed from London.  I didn’t exactly enjoy landing that late, but when she wanted to pick me up at the airport, it was essential.  Fans generally didn’t hang around airports at that hour and paps were on the fewer side.

Her Ford Escape was parked at the curb just like it usually was, engine running.  Her head was leaned against the headrest, her eyes closed.  I walked around to the driver’s side window, peeked my head in and pressed a soft kiss to her mouth.  She didn’t jump or scream.  Simply formed her mouth into a smile as she slowly opened her eyes,

She lifted her hand to thread her fingers into my hair,


I smiled,

“Hi.  Were you sleeping?”


I threw my bag into the backseat, hopped into the passenger side, pecked another kiss to her mouth and then pulled my seatbelt over my lap.  She kept her fingers threaded through mine as we drove back to her place.  Sure, I could have insisted we go to my house, but I kind of liked her apartment.  I never got the experience of living in one on my own so it was nice to at least get it partially.

She pulled into her spot 30 minutes later.  We got upstairs to her apartment quickly.  I walked down the hallway to put my bag in her room while she heated up some water for tea.  

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….what if Sirius actually kept a photo album(or seven thousands) of him and the Marauders and everyone else he knew back when he was still a student at Hogwarts? And one day, when Harry was taking his kids to visit the house of one of the bravest man he ever knew (sorry Snape), 10-year-old James and 8-year-old Albus found those albums stashed somewhere in an empty room in Grimmauld Place when they were wandering around the house. That was how they (and Lily too, in the end), learned about how great their grandparents were, and the lives they and their friends had before they died to give them all a better future.

From the pictures, they learned how James Potter Sr would do the most idiotic things to impress then Lily Evans (“I can’t believe Granddad actually jumped off the Astronomy Tower and mounted his broom just metres before he crashed!” James Sirius would exclaimed in adoration.). They also learned that their father’s Godfather was probably the coolest person they’d ever seen (“And the most handsome,” Lily Luna would add, earning a look from her brothers, to which she added, “What? I’m 9, but it doesn’t mean that I’m blind. He was fit.”). And when they saw the pictures of Remus trying to separate both heavily-drunk James Sr and Sirius from clawing each other’s eyes (“Man, I wonder what it was all about,” Albus said as he eyed the picture closely, trying to imagine how those people were.), they started to invited their honorary-older brother Teddy Lupin to join them to see the pictures. Because let’s face it, Teddy had a right to those pictures more than they did, seeing that it was his father there in most of the pictures.

They learned a lot of things about the Marauders and his friends. They knew now that James Sr had a crooked-smile that he inherited to Albus, that Sirius loved to tilt his chair to stand on its two back-feet and threw his head back in a laugh, that Remus smiled a lot more than what was appropriate when he was watching his friends fight over something that was no doubt trivial. But there were also some people they didn’t know though. Like that pretty raven-haired girl who Sirius loved to carry on a piggy-back ride all over the Gryffindor Common Room on a lot of the pictures. Or the cute blonde who blushed whenever she saw Remus, even when she pretended she was listening to Lily Evans, who was talking while waving her hands dramatically. Or even the tall guy kissing a nice-looking woman who looked a lot like their Professor Longbottom, with both James Sr and Sirius photo-bombing in the background. They also saw many pictures of a short, mousy-blonde man, who looked at his three friends in adoration. Nevertheless, they didn’t mind the fact that there were some people that they didn’t know. The truth was, the Potter kids and Teddy Lupin learned more about the Marauders from their pictures instead of the stories they often heard.

They never told Harry though. Because they thought it was Harry who stored those pictures away, thinking that it must be too painful for Harry to see it. They never said anything about it, unaware that they probably knew more about their grandparents and their friends more than their own father. So, one day when James Sirius was seventeen, Harry was lecturing his oldest son that he shouldn’t jump from the Astronomy Tower just to impress Neville’s daughter because that was just plain crazy, son, and you can’t be that stupid. Rolling his eyes because he was convinced his father was being ridiculous, oblivious and irritated James Sirius waved his hand dismissively and said, “Yeah right, as if Granddad James hadn’t done it before. I saw the pictures, Dad. You can’t blame me if I followed his example.”

He expected his father to yell at him for his insolence. Instead, Harry froze, those green eyes that were identical like his brother’s and grandmother’s were wide as saucers as he stammered, “W-what pictures, James?”

And that was when James Sirius and his siblings realised that for all his life, Harry was way more clueless than they were about his parents. And they couldn’t help but to feel sorry because they felt like they’d stolen something privately belonged to Harry. So they showed him the pictures, hugged him when he cried, and laughed along with him when he did.

Later, Ginny would tell her brother and Hermione how she had never seen her husband so happy.

A touch



“Every intimate encounter that your ever gonna have in your life is gonna start with a touch.”

warning this hella smutty and detailed if you do not like it do not read ok thnks bai.

Y/N and Harry had been seeing each other for four weeks. To say the least, the sexual tension was uncomfortable. Harry was always having to deal with painfully hard boners and having to hide them. Unbearable. Y/N was always one to be very polite and attentive when listening and watching someone who she is attracted to speak. But, in the back of her mind she always was thinking about doing unspeakable things to them. When dating Harry, she found this quality of hers to be amplified. She was constantly thinking about Harry.

Harry could introduce her to Adele, and she would be thinking “Yeah you’re a goddess, but Harry needs to take me to the bathroom so he can ram me on the sink ok thanks bye.” Harry was so unbelievably attractive to her. Everything he did was so irritatingly perfect. 

This was a huge problem for Y/N; because it seemed as though Harry had no interest on taking it a step further. He was a total sweetheart and gentlemen. He always held Y/N hand, gave her sweet kisses on her cheeks and lips, he would hold the door open for her, put his hands around on Y/N’s waist– it never went lower than her waist though. Anytime they would kiss, Y/N would try to intensify the kiss. But, nothing ever happened. Harry would politely say they should cool down. It was nothing against her; it was simply he didn’t want to rush into things with her this time. He had done that in past relationships before and really regretted it. 

That didn’t stop Y/N from losing her mind. 

One night, Harry was driving Y/N home. Throughout the drive she would try to put her hand on his thigh. He would simply grab her hand and kiss it. When he parked, she almost broke down. Is Harry even attracted to you? Was all this tension just on her side of the relationship? 

She leaned over the console to kiss him. She gently let her hand travel down to his cock. A touch. Her touch. Harry was losing self control by the second. she was She gave in and asked a question she never thought she had the courage to, “Do you wanna touch me?”

Harry looked at her like she had kicked a puppy. “uh-uhhhh.. uh”

“I see. Don’t worry I get it.” She smiled at him and unbuckled her seat. “I will see you later.” She got out of the car. Y/N couldn’t walk away from his car fast enough. She ran to her elevator and up into her apartment. When she finally got to her room in her apartment, she slammed the door like a child throwing a fit.

She sulked and took her shoes off. Y/N felt so embarrassed that she just let herself speak like that. Harry must be in his car laughing at her.What a silly little girl.


Who could be at her apartment door? At this hour?  She rushed over to the door as the loud noises continued. She unlocked the door and was shocked to see Harry.

“W-what are you doing here?”

Harry only replied by pushing her back into the apartment. He slams her door shut and pinned her against the wall and gave her a steamy kiss. With her wrists pinned above her head, Harry’s body bent to her height, they both moan into each other’s mouth “ I want you, I swear.”  Harry breaks away.

“A-are you sure about this?” She mutters nervously. But, she can’t help grind into Harry’s thighs. 

“Never been more sure.” And he connects their lips once more. This time he releases her wrists. His hands travel to her hair, grabbing a fistful and tugging on it. Her head tilts back at the tug and moans at it. She actually really liked the feeling. Harry stops kissing her for a moment, “ Gon’a be my good girl for daddy, pet?” She moans loudly at his words. She was definitely surprised by his kinks, but it only made her want him more. “Hmm? Use your words, pet.” Harry made her legs feel like jello. Her legs gave out a little making her clothed core rub more against Harry’s leg.

“Yes, I-i will be your good girl,” She panted feeling his lips mark her neck. He mumbles a “good” and picks up her legs and wraps them around his waist. He gently removes her back from the wall and stars moving slowly to her bedroom. Y/N’s kisses traveled to his jaw as he guided them through her apartment. She could not get enough of this man. The way he always smelled like clean laundry, that cologne Alien, and spearmint. She was entranced by every facial expression he made, every goofy dance move, every perfect note he sang, and every time he fiddled with his hair.

Her hands slid to entwine into his beautiful brown wavy short hair. Slightly tugging on them and he groans.”Easy, tempting me too much.”

He plops her on to the bed, Y/N lets out a squeal and giggles. She rolls of her back and sits on her knees. She watches as Harry unbuttons his Gucci shirt. All his tattoos slowly revealing themselves one by one. She had seen them in pictures, but they looked more beautiful and intricate up close in personal. He rolled the silk shirt off of his shoulders and Y/N pounced on him again, her arms and legs wrapping around him as she pressed kisses everywhere on him. He doesn’t handle this tackle well and he plops on top of both her and the bed.

“This is not being good sweetheart.” He flashes a cocky smile at her once more. He rolls over onto his back. “Let me undress you.” He slips your loose t shirt off over her head. Y/N couldn’t help but continue to grind herself over his growing bulge. Harry groans loudly.

“C-can I keep grinding you just like this, Daddy?” Y/N lets out in whimpers.

“You can do whatever you like princess.” She only grinds harder with such eagerness. Harry works his hands behind her back and attempts to take her red bra off. He was always fond of the way red looked on her. When he succeeds, his hands attack her breasts. He was needy– that didn’t stop him from taking his time to admire his beautiful girl. She was being so good for him.– His lips suck on her breasts, he was desperate to leave hickeys all over them. He reached down to her jeans’ buttons and quickly undid them. “You have been so patient with me. Think you can wait just a little longer? I wanna take my time with you, baby.” She only nods. They roll over and switch positions again. He removes her jeans and admires her panties, too. 

“Look at this cute red lacy thong.” He smirks as he brings back the waist band to lightly snap her skin. Her flesh tints pink and she squirms. “Is this for me?” Harry rubs his fingers over her covered cunt. She is already a panting, moaning mess.

“Yes, Daddyyyy” Just when she started to fully revel in the pleasure, he took his fingers away from her thong-covered clit. He crouches down to be eye-level with her heat. He instructs her to lift her legs and ass up. He pulls off her thong and begins to work on her dripping cunt. 

“So good for me.” He groans and Harry sucks on her clit. Y/N begins to moan louder than she ever did. Embarrassed, she grabs her pillow and covers her face to muffle her moans.”Nuh-uh.” Harry grabs her pillow and throw it to the side of the bed.” Let me hear you baby,” He demands. Harry continues to lap his tongue on his girl’s heat.


“Roll over for me. Ass in the air.” She obeys immediately. Harry spanks her ass lightly. She flinches and whimpers. “You like that? Is this okay?” He breaks his dominant behavior. She replies with a quiet yes. Harry spreads her cheeks and begins to eat out her ass. 

“Whoa!” She yelps

“Is this okay?” Harry asks again. Y/N was shocked. She didn’t know that Harry was such an ass kind of guy. She never pegged him to be this dominant either, not that she minded. She secretly hoped so. She tells him to continue as he was and that she is fine. He continued to rim her, for the lack of a better word, asshole. He took a finger and plunged it into her dripping pussy. Harry’s fingers were so long that even just resting there was already buried deep inside her, hitting that perfect spot. Harry pumps his finger in and out of her, as she grips the sheets.

“M-more, please.” Harry adds two more fingers and speeds up his pumping. He watches as she leans back into his touch. Just when she feels herself reaching her high, Harry pulls out his fingers and takes off his skinny jeans and his boots. He is left in his briefs, that display the biggest tent Y/N has ever seen. 

“Love, can you help me out?” He says while gripping himself. She turns around and removes his hands from himself. She strokes him through the material of his briefs. She looks up from his crotch and up to his lips. She watches as Harry’s lips open and close with each movement of her hands. She examines every detail of Harry’s angelic face. She meets his eyes and his intense stare. When their eyes meet, Harry’s cock twitches in her hand. Harry makes sure to give her another deep kiss. He wants to give her all of his best for as long as she will let him.

She pulls down his briefs and his hardness springs up and hits him in the stomach. Y/N’s mouth watered. She was excited that he was excited. She was happy that he wanted her as much as she wanted him. Y/N bent down to suck the tip. She tasted the pre-cum and ignored the salty taste. She never had a fondness of the taste. But, she knew that she wanted her man to feel pleasure. She began to tease this tip with her tongue and her kiss. She let her hand wrap around him and slid it up and down. Harry put two hands on the side of her face. Instead of thrusting into her mouth. He just rubbed her temples lightly. She decides to take him deeper. Harry’s head tilts back and he groans. He can’t stop his hips jolting into her mouth, causing her to gag slightly, “Sorry,” He apologizes, still in complete awe. He removes her from his dick. He grabs a condom from his wallet and quickly puts it on.

Harry wraps his arms around her waits. Their bare chests touch for the first time ever. Harry moves the hair out of Y/N’s face and places a sweet kiss on her forehead, each cheek, and final one on her lips. She smiled into it,This moment was pure bliss. He lays her down on her back. She spreads her legs so Harry can climb in between them. He gets into almost a push up position on top of her.

He watches her facial expression as he slowly pushes himself inside of her. Her eyes gloss over and she sees stars. When he is finally all the way in, he gently pulls out, only a little. With hands pressed into the pillow on each side of her head. He starts of gently thrusting into her. He leans down to give her kisses on her forehead and lips. He kept on gently thrusting, till she grabbed Harry’s hair and pulled him closer to her face to kiss him properly. He lowered himself onto his elbows and he began thrusting deeper and rougher. Y/N never considered herself to be loud in bed, but Harry had this effect on her. 

He was constantly edging her, making her really beg for it. He would be slamming into her making her squirm and shake.He could take her breathe away with a simple innocent look, now with the way he was looking at her now….   He would get her so close and slow down. Then all of a sudden slam into her again making her grab at his back. Her nails left claw marks on her boyfriend’s back.

“I am getting close, baby.” Harry announces. She had been ready for the past 14 minutes. 

“Cum for me, Daddy.” And those words pushed him over the edge. Something about her voice had always made Harry sensitive, in every sense of the word.

Harry buries himself deep inside of her and lets his load into the condom. Y/N cums as he digs into her. He grunts into her ear as he sucks on her neck. His body finally slumps on top of hers. The only sound in the room is the panting they both do. Harry pulls out and throws the condom into her waste bin. Y/N gets up and decides to change. She pick out a gigantic flannel that she had purchased at a thrift shop and some cotton panties. Harry puts on his briefs again, wiping sweat of his forehead. Y/N excuses herself to go pee and brushes passed him quickly. Harry awkwardly sits on her bed decides to put on his jeans again. He hears the toilet flush and decides to hurry and try to put his boots on.

“Harry, where are you going?” She asks standing in the doorway. 

“Thought you wanted me gone?” He answers. As he looked down at his shoes.

“Why would you think that?” 

“Well, you- you just brushed right passed me. There was no ‘Oh Harry that was amazing’ or a simple kiss-”

“I am sorry bub, I just had to pee!” She giggles. She walks over to where he sat on the edge of her bed. She climbs onto his lap and lifts his chin up. “That was amazing. You’re amazing, you do know that, right?” He sighs and runs his hands through his hair. “ I know we have some stuff to talk about, but can it wait ‘till the morning? You wore me out, to be honest.”

“Okay..” Harry moves you off his lap as he continues to dress himself.

“No, I meant stay, silly.” Y/N giggles again, standing up. 

“Are you sure?” 

“Of course.” Y/N thinks to herself,’what am I going to do with you?’ Once Harry is stripped off back into his briefs, they get under her comforter and snuggle. Harry can feel his heart beat race. This is the first night he will stay over at Y/n’s house.His mind starts developing scenarios in which he can fuck this up. Y/N notices he started to retreat into his mind. So she grabs his hand. He peeks an eye open at her only to find she was watching him. “I don’t want you to feel as though I pressured you into sex, Harry.”

“You didn’t”

“You know you can talk to me about anything right? I don’t want you to think that I am using you in anyway.” He nods in agreement. “You make me very happy and as of right now, I am ecstatic with how our relationship is going… are you?”

“Yes, baby, I am.”

“Then stop worrying that gorgeous  head of yours.” She grumbled kissing Harry’s forehead. That is all Harry needed to hear to soothe him asleep.

More Ryder Family Thoughts

So I’ve been thinking more about Scott and Sara and their relationships with their parents, especially after getting so many great responses to this post.

I’m thinking now that Scott might be a problem child? In your first convo with Lexi on the tempest, if you pick the casual option when she tells you about Harry, if you’re Sara, you say something like “He’ll regret that, Scott’s a handful”, and if you’re Scott you say something like “He knows Sara’s the good one”. 

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anonymous asked:

Hi Serra! I recently re-read Draco's profile on Pottermore, the one that Rowling wrote, and she quite severely told off people who thought of Draco as inherently good. It gets quite tricky sometimes when reading Drarry fanfics, to see Draco become someone else entirely. And also it's much easier to "justify" Draco's infatuation w/ Harry, but the other way around? This "morality debate" has probably been around for decades but I guess I just wanted some input! Thanks :)

JK Rowling was quite harsh with people who liked Draco for a while because she was convinced it was due to Tom Felton being attractive. She did not want young girls excusing Draco’s flaws and make him into the hot bad boy cliche, which i understand but she undervalued Draco’s character a lot in the process in my opinion. She seems to have finally seen that people don’t like Draco simply for Tom and published an article that does justice to his character recently. Both below quote and his characterization in TCC shows me that he’s turned his life around and isn’t an irredeemable evil bully. I’d never seen him having a “heart of gold” or being good deep down, i just believed in him to change and grow as a person and he did. This quote is from a later Pottermore piece“Draco proves himself to be a stronger, braver and more sympathetic character than most of us gave him credit for, and how terrifying the pressure of his Death Eater father has had on his entire life. It makes us rethink the path he’s led and the person he becomes. Most importantly, it shows us the power of redemption and how we can all learn from our mistakes.” 
In the case of Harry’s interest… I don’t think there’s any need to “justify” that. Harry’s interest in Draco is very clear all through the books (not necessarily romantic). I do think that romance would come after the war into their dynamic, but it’s pretty dismissing of the books to say that Harry didn’t care at all about Draco. He did. He always noticed Draco (to the point of noticing the sun shining on Draco’s hair!), he thought about how Draco would react in given situations and always watched his reactions, he wondered about Draco’s well-being, he saved Draco’s life. He didn’t regard Draco as someone irredeemable, he gave him chances. I’m definitely not suggesting Harry had romantic feelings for Draco in Hogwarts (nor vice versa), but he was interested and drawn to Draco, arguably maybe even attracted. They absolutely need to talk through a lot of difficult issues and forgive each other for a lot of things, but Harry being interested in Draco isn’t really implausible in my opinion? We’ve seen that they were able to become friends and move on, i don’t see why it can’t happen sooner and go further. I’ve taken too much from TCC, i’m aware, but despite it’s flaws i found Draco’s characterization important there (mainly because it coincided with mine). It mostly showed that i’d seen Draco perfectly clear in the books and after infos. Ah, what a huge ramble of question. I just woke up from an afternoon nap so it was good way to sober up, cheers! 


-I know, Auror!Harry is canon and confirmed by JKR, but think about it : Harry doesn’t want to fight anymore.

-After the War, Kingsley asked all the A.D to join the aurors, but when Ron turned down the proposition, Harry’s confused.

-Harry talked with all his friends, not better.

-He decided to visit Pr.McGonagall and when he said, “I want to change minds without fighting”, she looked at him very seriously, and said  “Be a professor”.

-It hit him.

-Harry announced his choice, and everyone’ve been supportive to him. Hermione helped Ron and him to pass their N.E.W.Ts (She’s doing a 8th year), and everyone came to 12 Grimmauld Place for the renovations.

-He did his 1st year in common with Neville, who wanted to be a Botanic professor. 

-Ginny and him are no longer together, but they’re still good friends, and Harry’s eating every Sunday at the Burrow.

-At the end of the year, he knew what would be his speciality : DADA

-During his 2nd year, he still saw Neville, they talked about school, what became their old classmates…

-When Rita Skeeter caught him kissing a boy, he didn’t deny : he’s a proud black bisexual man.

-Once a week, Hermione, who’s  working at the Ministry of Magic, Ron, who’s working at his brother’s shop, and Harry, go to little pub, run by a Squib, and they talk about their jobs, gossips, and a little about the past.

-Harry also discovered that Dean and Seamus are dating since their 5th year, and that Oliver and Marcus kissed after the Battle. How could he be so obvious?!

-I think he’s seeing a psy.

-During his 3rd year, Harry was one of the best of his promotion. He works hard, has a huge memory, and is naturally gifted in DADA.

-He learned self-defence in the muggle world, it helps him to be more relax and… attentive???? idk, he just likes it.

-The international Quidditch star Ginny Weasley did her coming-out, with the support of her family, her team-mates and her ex-boyfriend, for the greatest pleasure of an ex-Ravenclaw.

-When Harry finally graduated, he has new friends, an almost-normal life, and even if he still has nightmares, they’re less frequent and painfull.

-Harry is Neville’s best man at his wedding with Hannah Abbott.

-Right after his graduation, he sent a owl to the Hogwarts’s headmaster, Pr McGonagall, and she answered that the place of Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor has always been for him.

-Harry Potter is now professor at Hogwarts, and you know what?

-Draco Malefoy is also a professor at Hogwarts, but this story will be for another time.