this is when she was w harry ((((:

the harry potter books rated by Harry's Sass™
  • the sorcerer's stone: dudley asking harry if he wants to practice sticking his head down the toilet and harry replying "no thanks, the poor toilet's never had anything as horrible as your head down it - it might be sick" like ooo!!! sick burn!!! good for an 11 year old but overall still in the developmental stage. 6/10
  • the chamber of secrets: dudley (once again lmao get rekt) telling harry "i know what day it is" and harry replying "well done, so you've finally learned the days of the week." lockhart trying to be all Amazing Teacher™ and shit and telling harry "just do what i did, harry!" and harry saying "what, drop my wand?" overall good but not with as much of an Oomph™ factor as the sorcerer's stone. 5/10
  • the prisoner of azkaban: ah yes!!! Harry's Sass™ in its adolescent years!!!! no longer a toddler, now solidly about 11 years old. draco making fun of harry for fainting at the quidditch game bc of the dementors and saying "shame [the broom] doesn't come with a parachute - in case you get too near a dementor." and harry replying "pity you can't attach an extra arm to yours, malfoy. then it could catch the snitch for you." 8/10 purely because he fucking MURDERED whiny bitch ass baby malfoy ha ha take that
  • the goblet of fire: a good amount of sass!! a healthy amount of sass! perhaps a bit held back though (come on harry get it together). rita skeeter annoying harry and asking for a word and jk rowling LITERALLY writing "'yeah, you can have a word,' said harry savagely. 'good-bye'" like FUCK he is canon savage in this book!!!! DAMN!!!!! and then he reks malfoy AGAIN "you know that expression [your mother's got], like she's got dung under her nose? has she always looked like that, or was it just because you were with her?" MOTHERFUCK GO OFF 9/10
  • the order of the phoenix: HOLY GRAIL OF HARRY'S SASS™. THE MOTHERLOAD. GOD DAMN. when vernon asks him why he's listening to the news again and harry replies w/ "well, it changes every day, you see." when hermione's warning him about picking fights w/ malfoy bc malfoy will make life hard for him and harry's like "wow, i wonder what it'd be like to have a difficult life" like fuck harry!!! tell us how u really feel!!!! literally ANY TIME he talks to an adult he doesn't like. sassing dudley left & right, putting him in his place w/ "this is night, diddykins. that's what we call it when it goes all dark like this" like fuck harry brought out the big guns w/ "diddykins". overall wonderful, truly. a good healthy teenage dose of sass. 100/10
  • the deathly hallows: "it's time you learned some respect!" "it's time you earned it" sassing the minister of magic hooooooo boy. not much else bc harry's too busy like saving the world and shit. so extra points for multitasking and being an overall well rounded sass-er. 8/10

When Harry is so much of an overprotective Dad, he doesn’t even know who he is anymore.

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Heyy everybody, this is part 3 of my break story! Thank you all so much for reading my little series and sending me so many nice messages. Let me know what you think about this part.xx

She pushed him away with as much force as she could muster up and actually made him stumble a few steps.
“I have a boyfriend!” she exclaimed.
“I-I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. I just thought because-”
“No!” she interrupted him.
“I’m sorry.”
“Don’t ever do that again!” she yelled at the top of her lungs.
She opened her car door, went in and slammed it shut with force. Within seconds she left the parking lot and Tim standing there.
Tears welled up in her eyes, making her vision blurry and she knew she should stop her car and calm down because this wasn’t safe. But she wanted to get home and shower and wash his touch off.
This wasn’t supposed to happen.
She never meant to gave him the feeling wit was okay to kiss her.
The only person who was allowed to kiss her was Harry.
For goodness sake, she kissed him only a few hours before.
But the feeling of lips against hers that still lingered weren’t from Harry’s kiss.
Another man kissed her.
And even though she pushed him away and didn’t respond to his kiss she still felt guilty.

When she finally made it home she was properly crying with fat tears and loud sobs. She ripped her clothes of her body and took a hot shower. She stood underneath the hot water for at least half an hours, washing of the feel of his hands and lips on her.
She checked her phone when she went to bed and more tears fell from her eyes when she saw her lockscreen. Harry and her. Smiling so much that they weren’t able to kiss each other properly.
She cried herself to sleep that night, if she slept at all.

The next morning she woke up with sore eyes and slightly swollen cheeks. She hoped that everything was just a horrible dream but she knew it wasn’t. It was reality.
She just finished breakfast when her phone vibrated on the kitchen table with a text.

I’m in the hotel now. Everything’s fine. I miss you though. H

Her eyes closed briefly and she felt her whole body beginning to tremble.
She tipped back immediately, her fingers shaking so much she missed the right letters.

Can we talk?

She had to tell him. She couldn’t keep this from him.

Now? What’s wrong? Are you okay?


Her phone rung within seconds and even though she knew it would she still jumped at the shrill sound. She took a deep breath and hit the green button, lifting the phone to her cheek.
“Baby? What’s wrong?”
His voice sounded distressed and worried.
A sob interrupted her and she had to brace herself on the kitchen table so she wouldn’t fall down.
“Darling, what’s going on? You’re scaring me.”
“H-He kissed m-me.”
Harry was silent, she heard nothing on the other end of the line.
“W-We left the restaurant and the d-dinner was fun a-and we really got along well. He walked me to my car and when he went t-to say goodbye he leaned in b-but instead of kissing me on the cheek h-he… kissed me on the lips.”
It took her forever to get the words out, sobs and hiccups interrupted her every second.
“Did you kiss him back?” Harry asked lowly and she knew that tone.
She heard it so many times before when some bloke tried to hit on her.
“N-No! I pushed him away immediately. He almost fell to the g-ground because I pushed him so hard and then I screamed at him that I have a b-boyfriend and that he shouldn’t do that ever again and left him standing there.”
“That’s my girl.” Harry chuckled after a moment of silence and Y/N couldn’t believe her ears.
“Baby, there’s nothing for you to cry about. You did everything right and I’m very proud of you even though he deserved to fall flat on his ass. I swear if I’d be home right now I’d cut his tongue off so he wouldn’t be able to-”
“You’re not mad?” she interrupted him.
“Not at you. You didn’t do anything wrong. That bloke is lucky though that I’m not home or else I’d rip his legs out. And arms. And everything else.”
Y/N sighed relieved and a small smile took over her lips.
“Thank you. I was so worried you’d be mad at me and break up and-”
“Stop. Seriously, you have to stop with all your doubts. I love you more than anything and I’m not going to leave you. Yeah, I’m not a fan of this break but I think it really is good for us. Everything’s alright, okay? We’ll figure it out when I’m back.”
“Okay.” she whispered.
“Can you do me a favor?” Harry asked then.
“Stay away from that Tom asshole.”
“I don’t care.”
She laughed softly and promised him she wouldn’t go near him.
“I have to go now, love. Think you’re okay?”
“Don’t cry anymore, yeah? It breaks my heart.”
“I’ll try.” she laughed softly.
“I love you.”
“I love you too. See you soon.”
“Very soon.”
When she placed her phone down on the kitchen table she literally felt all the weight lifted off her shoulders. She was still shaking slightly but she knew it was okay now.
She also knew that Harry was probably planning how he could get back at Tim but she didn’t worry about that, Harry couldn’t hurt a fly. She knew he was probably killing that guy in his thoughts right now but that was okay, she was killing him in her imagination as well.
She honestly didn’t think Harry would react that calm. She expected him to say ‘I knew why I wasn’t happy when you told me about him’ or maybe ‘It was so goddamn obvious he would try something’. She even kind of expected him to be so upset and angry he wouldn’t have let her explain but instead hand up immediately.
But he didn’t. And again she noticed that something had changed since they started the break.
If that would have happened before the escalation two weeks ago Harry would have started screaming at her and in the end he would have left the house.
But his reaction showed that he wanted something to change as well. He was hurting too and even though it sounded strange, Y/N was glad. During all those fights and screaming sessions she was scared she was the only one who was breaking inside.
Even though she wasn’t quite sure what would happen when Harry came home she knew they couldn’t be without each other. That break showed them what they could loose. It showed that what they had was unique and special.
And it also showed that the love they had for each other was stronger than anything else. Y/N knew from the beginning that Harry was the love of her life. Harry knew it too, she was the one for him from the first date.
The only thing they were both scared of now was their future. Would it get to that point again where they had to take a break?

The next few days felt strange. The fact that she saw him and talked to him over the phone made her think they would at least text throughout the day but there was nothing. Still radio silence.
And even though it bothered her she didn’t want to text him first. She knew he was busy and had other things to worry about but she at least thought he would give her a little update on how everything was going.
She worried though. She was scared he forgot about her. She was scared he actually enjoyed the break because now that he was with a lot of other people he didn’t have to think about her and maybe he’d realize that he was secretly missing his freedom?

When she saw him on SNL for his first ever live performance of his single she was a crying mess. One, because she missed him so much and still didn’t hear from him and two, because she was so incredibly proud and three, because she stayed awake until the early hours of the morning. He smashed it. He was absolutely perfect.
And she felt so goddamn bad because she wasn’t there waiting from him when he came off the stage. She wasn’t there to kiss all over his face because she was even prouder than his mum. She wasn’t there.
He told her she should stop doubting his love for her but for some reason she couldn’t help it. She couldn’t help but worry when he wasn’t here and she didn’t hear from him and even though she knew that was the purpose of a break, her mind couldn’t do anything else but come up with her worst nightmares and her heart couldn’t help but break.

When she finally wanted to go to sleep she didn’t knew if she should text him. He knew for sure that she would watch it but would he want her to text him? Her fingers hovered over the keyboard of her phone for several minutes until she decided that yes, she had to text him.

You did so good. I’m so incredibly proud of you.xx

She turned her phone off immediately when she hit send so she wouldn’t wait another few hours for his reply and could get some sleep. Even though she probably couldn’t keep her eyes closed.

She got no reply the next day.
And the day after that? Nothing.
And on the third day she was a mess.
Tears sprung to her eyes when she checked her phone for the thousandth time that day and she still didn’t hear anything from him. She knew he was unbelievably, incredibly busy but…
Was she not important anymore?
Did he not want to talk to her?
Or did he just not see it?
Or maybe the little incident with Tim hurt him more than he would like to admit.
Even though Harry told her she should stop worrying she couldn’t. He made it pretty hard to.
If she wouldn’t have seen his face all over social media and on tv she wouldn’t have known he was still alive during the next week. She felt like she went back in time to the first week of being without him, whenever she had a free moment her mind would immediately wander to him.
Then it was all a blur. It was like she was numb. She didn’t know if she should feel angry or sad or maybe happy because he would be home in a few days. The truth was that she didn’t feel anything.
He told her she could call or text him anytime she felt the need to and to be honest she did need him more than anything but she didn’t try to reach out for him. He didn’t respond to her congratulating him, why should he respond to anything else?

When the fourth week of their break was over he didn’t come home. She knew he’d return that day but he wasn’t there yet. And he probably wouldn’t come. He didn’t tell her when he would land, didn’t ask her to pick him up, didn’t tell her he would come home straight away.
And he didn’t.
She spend another night in the bed they once shared alone. Without him. Without any sort of communication between them.

A loud noise woke her up the next morning, followed by a muttered ‘shit’. Her heart started to pound, her eyes frankly searching for something to defend herself. She got out of bed on shaky legs, grabbing Harry’s golf club which stood beside the drawer. She made her way out of the bedroom and down the stairs on tip toes, making sure she didn’t make any sound.
When she saw the all too familiar suede boots at the front door she knew she didn’t have to defend herself. At least not her body but more her heart. She placed the golf club down on the floor and made her way to the kitchen where she was greeted by a sight which used to make her tummy fill with butterflies but now she was feeling nervous in the most negative way.
“What the hell are you doing here?” she asked and was surprised herself at how cold her voice sounded.
Harry whirled around and stopped draping berries on the waffles he made, his eyes were wide with shock and his mouth agape.
“I-I wanted to surprise you. I made breakfast and-”
She interrupted him with a humorless laugh, crossing her arms over her chest.
“Surprise me? I think you’ve surprised me enough lately.”
“What?” he asked with furrowed brows.
“I was surprised when I didn’t hear from you at all during the last two weeks, nothing to keep me updated. I was surprised when I texted you and didn’t get a reply. I was surprised when you didn’t let me know when you came home. I was surprised when you didn’t come home as soon as you left the airport.”
Harry was standing there completely dumbfounded, suddenly feeling insecure about what he prepared for her. He had no idea what was going on, thought she would jump into his arms as soon as she saw him. He thought she would love the flowers he brought her and the breakfast he prepared. That wasn’t the case, apparently.
“You… I… What?” he asked again.
“I don’t know if I want to see you right now, Harry.”

anonymous asked:

Hi Serra! I recently re-read Draco's profile on Pottermore, the one that Rowling wrote, and she quite severely told off people who thought of Draco as inherently good. It gets quite tricky sometimes when reading Drarry fanfics, to see Draco become someone else entirely. And also it's much easier to "justify" Draco's infatuation w/ Harry, but the other way around? This "morality debate" has probably been around for decades but I guess I just wanted some input! Thanks :)

JK Rowling was quite harsh with people who liked Draco for a while because she was convinced it was due to Tom Felton being attractive. She did not want young girls excusing Draco’s flaws and make him into the hot bad boy cliche, which i understand but she undervalued Draco’s character a lot in the process in my opinion. She seems to have finally seen that people don’t like Draco simply for Tom and published an article that does justice to his character recently. Both below quote and his characterization in TCC shows me that he’s turned his life around and isn’t an irredeemable evil bully. I’d never seen him having a “heart of gold” or being good deep down, i just believed in him to change and grow as a person and he did. This quote is from a later Pottermore piece“Draco proves himself to be a stronger, braver and more sympathetic character than most of us gave him credit for, and how terrifying the pressure of his Death Eater father has had on his entire life. It makes us rethink the path he’s led and the person he becomes. Most importantly, it shows us the power of redemption and how we can all learn from our mistakes.” 
In the case of Harry’s interest… I don’t think there’s any need to “justify” that. Harry’s interest in Draco is very clear all through the books (not necessarily romantic). I do think that romance would come after the war into their dynamic, but it’s pretty dismissing of the books to say that Harry didn’t care at all about Draco. He did. He always noticed Draco (to the point of noticing the sun shining on Draco’s hair!), he thought about how Draco would react in given situations and always watched his reactions, he wondered about Draco’s well-being, he saved Draco’s life. He didn’t regard Draco as someone irredeemable, he gave him chances. I’m definitely not suggesting Harry had romantic feelings for Draco in Hogwarts (nor vice versa), but he was interested and drawn to Draco, arguably maybe even attracted. They absolutely need to talk through a lot of difficult issues and forgive each other for a lot of things, but Harry being interested in Draco isn’t really implausible in my opinion? We’ve seen that they were able to become friends and move on, i don’t see why it can’t happen sooner and go further. I’ve taken too much from TCC, i’m aware, but despite it’s flaws i found Draco’s characterization important there (mainly because it coincided with mine). It mostly showed that i’d seen Draco perfectly clear in the books and after infos. Ah, what a huge ramble of question. I just woke up from an afternoon nap so it was good way to sober up, cheers! 

More Ryder Family Thoughts

So I’ve been thinking more about Scott and Sara and their relationships with their parents, especially after getting so many great responses to this post.

I’m thinking now that Scott might be a problem child? In your first convo with Lexi on the tempest, if you pick the casual option when she tells you about Harry, if you’re Sara, you say something like “He’ll regret that, Scott’s a handful”, and if you’re Scott you say something like “He knows Sara’s the good one”. 

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jays wedding and the events that followed were honestly so wild remember how we didnt even think harry would show up and then fucking lottie was like.. sweaty (: and instagrammed a pic of him and then fizzy did just incase we didnt get it the first time. and then all those pictures of jay introducing harry to her entire extended family. and when eleanor instagrammed her and louis and said in the caption she was the maid of honour but then fizzy went on and was like.. actually no eleanor wasnt maid of honour there wasnt remember how harry wore the fucking wristband from the wedding for w e e k s afterwards he wore it for so long he got a fucking tanline from wearing it. and then how he went on stage with it still on and then it mysteriously disappeared half way through the show and then a few weeks later he got papped and it was tied to his luggage what the fuck

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Show Recap – Sunday May 21st

Note: This recap was written over several days, so please forgive the bizarre and inconsistent references to time.

What a bizarre, indescribable day. I think this is going to be more a recap of emotions (as I try to figure them out), but of course the cast gave us some beautiful and incredible moments too. I’ll do my best to talk about everything I can, but as I say, it was a little indescribable, and I’m still not sure how I feel.

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….what if Sirius actually kept a photo album(or seven thousands) of him and the Marauders and everyone else he knew back when he was still a student at Hogwarts? And one day, when Harry was taking his kids to visit the house of one of the bravest man he ever knew (sorry Snape), 10-year-old James and 8-year-old Albus found those albums stashed somewhere in an empty room in Grimmauld Place when they were wandering around the house. That was how they (and Lily too, in the end), learned about how great their grandparents were, and the lives they and their friends had before they died to give them all a better future.

From the pictures, they learned how James Potter Sr would do the most idiotic things to impress then Lily Evans (“I can’t believe Granddad actually jumped off the Astronomy Tower and mounted his broom just metres before he crashed!” James Sirius would exclaimed in adoration.). They also learned that their father’s Godfather was probably the coolest person they’d ever seen (“And the most handsome,” Lily Luna would add, earning a look from her brothers, to which she added, “What? I’m 9, but it doesn’t mean that I’m blind. He was fit.”). And when they saw the pictures of Remus trying to separate both heavily-drunk James Sr and Sirius from clawing each other’s eyes (“Man, I wonder what it was all about,” Albus said as he eyed the picture closely, trying to imagine how those people were.), they started to invited their honorary-older brother Teddy Lupin to join them to see the pictures. Because let’s face it, Teddy had a right to those pictures more than they did, seeing that it was his father there in most of the pictures.

They learned a lot of things about the Marauders and his friends. They knew now that James Sr had a crooked-smile that he inherited to Albus, that Sirius loved to tilt his chair to stand on its two back-feet and threw his head back in a laugh, that Remus smiled a lot more than what was appropriate when he was watching his friends fight over something that was no doubt trivial. But there were also some people they didn’t know though. Like that pretty raven-haired girl who Sirius loved to carry on a piggy-back ride all over the Gryffindor Common Room on a lot of the pictures. Or the cute blonde who blushed whenever she saw Remus, even when she pretended she was listening to Lily Evans, who was talking while waving her hands dramatically. Or even the tall guy kissing a nice-looking woman who looked a lot like their Professor Longbottom, with both James Sr and Sirius photo-bombing in the background. They also saw many pictures of a short, mousy-blonde man, who looked at his three friends in adoration. Nevertheless, they didn’t mind the fact that there were some people that they didn’t know. The truth was, the Potter kids and Teddy Lupin learned more about the Marauders from their pictures instead of the stories they often heard.

They never told Harry though. Because they thought it was Harry who stored those pictures away, thinking that it must be too painful for Harry to see it. They never said anything about it, unaware that they probably knew more about their grandparents and their friends more than their own father. So, one day when James Sirius was seventeen, Harry was lecturing his oldest son that he shouldn’t jump from the Astronomy Tower just to impress Neville’s daughter because that was just plain crazy, son, and you can’t be that stupid. Rolling his eyes because he was convinced his father was being ridiculous, oblivious and irritated James Sirius waved his hand dismissively and said, “Yeah right, as if Granddad James hadn’t done it before. I saw the pictures, Dad. You can’t blame me if I followed his example.”

He expected his father to yell at him for his insolence. Instead, Harry froze, those green eyes that were identical like his brother’s and grandmother’s were wide as saucers as he stammered, “W-what pictures, James?”

And that was when James Sirius and his siblings realised that for all his life, Harry was way more clueless than they were about his parents. And they couldn’t help but to feel sorry because they felt like they’d stolen something privately belonged to Harry. So they showed him the pictures, hugged him when he cried, and laughed along with him when he did.

Later, Ginny would tell her brother and Hermione how she had never seen her husband so happy.


she had the world // panic! at the disco

Announcement: Tom Holland x Black Reader

In light of Queen Bey’s pregnancy Reader freaks out and Tom looks at her like she lost her mind.

You were staying in London with Tom and his family. Everyone was sitting at the dinner table, Tom begged you to put your phone done, “Fine.” You closed the screen and turned it face down. You were sitting in between Tom and Harry. 

“So Y/N, when does production start for Y/M/N?” Mr. Holland asked. “In a month.”

After 20 minutes of conversation, your phone started ringing off the hook. “Sorry.” You picked your phone up and opened it. “AHHHHHHHHHH!” You screamed and jumped up. Everyone jumped and looked at you in concern, “Is everything okay?” Mrs. Holland asked. 

You started pacing back and forth, “Oh my God.” Tom got up and grabbed your shoulder, “Love what’s wrong?”

You tried to speak but you couldn’t. After 5 minutes of everyone trying to calm you down, you spoke. “Beyonce is having TWINS!” You yelled. Everyone groaned, “Really Y/N? Really?” Sam asked looking mad. “That’s not important.” Harry said shrugging. “Oh no.” Tom whispered knowing that you were about to go on a rant. 

“Really? You out of your mind? This is the best news since, since I don’t when.”

“God is real.” You said smiling. “That’s it. Now we gotta have kids, Tom.” You said causing his parents to choke on their food. “W-what?”

“Beyonce is having twins now we gotta have twins, come on lets go.”

“What the hell?” Tom asked looking freaked out. “Obviously it’s in your DNA.” You said motioning between Sam and Harry who were dying of laughter. 

“You are ridiculous Y/N.” Tom sighed. “I can’t breathe.” You felt yourself hyperventilating. “I love her. Like why did this bitch just make 2017 better?” You started crying. “I hate her. SHe is so sickening. She’s probably gonna name those kids Green and Poison Ivy, watch.”

“She’s probably gonna copyright the names because she’s THAT bitch.” You said. “I know it was suspicious when her ass just disappeared  and BAM first day of Black History Month. That bitch is cunt.” You nodded taking a sip of your water while everyone stared at you. 

“I’m done. I swear I’m done.” You said looking around at the table. You were quiet for a few minutes until you pulled out the picture and showed Tom. “But look babe, she’s probably going to name them after flowers.”

“Y/N, please just eat and then you can talk about it later.”

“Fine.” You looked around, “Maybe Rose Ivy-”, “Y/N!” Everyone said collectively 


upholstered furniture

pairing: pansy parkinson x harry potter

setting: modern, non-magical, reality/film star au; based on this

word count: 4,654 words

(7:22 am) Did you see the casting news yet? For Boy Who Lived?

(8:15 am) fuck off its sunday

(8:16 am) Ronald.

(8:17 am) unless they chose to go with an actual fucking cgi flamingo i dont give a shit right now and it can wait until tomorrow

(8:19 am) It really can’t. Harry’s going to fire you when he finds out.

(8:19 am) ??????? get ur blasphemous ass back to church no he’s not

(8:20 am) Yes, he is. It was YOUR idea to scrap the chemistry test.

(8:23 am) omg what is ur DAMAGE chemistry tests r dumb af harry hates them

(8:24 am) And sometimes you have to act as his AGENT, not his best friend, and advise him to do the things he hates, Ronald. Like chemistry tests.

(8:25 am) thx for the fortune cookie fun fact i’ll pass it on to harry’s latest oscar nom ok

(8:29 am) Check Variety. They reported on the casting this morning. There was a “leak” at the studio. Naturally.

(8:32 am) harrys gonna fucking fire me ur right

BREAKING: Hurricane Hollywood star tapped for female lead in Paramount’s Boy Who Lived

October 11, 2016. Los Angeles.

Well, it’s official.

Seemingly permanent tabloid staple Pansy Parkinson (Hurricane Hollywood; The Hottie and the Nottie), better known for her outrageous late-night party antics than she is for her acting prowess, has been cast as Harry Potter’s (Under the Stairs) on-screen love interest for the futuristic dystopian thriller, Boy Who Lived, slated for release by Paramount sometime in Summer 2018. While Parkinson has been persistently vocal about her desire to make the transition from her Cristal throne in Vegas to the slightly more respectable silver screen, this will be her first role in a major motion picture.

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i love domestic snowbaz and baz being a gr8 chef and all but

(someone brought this point up idk who or when but they did so im sorry for not crediting you i genuinely do not remember your name or how long its been im sorry)

baz grew up in a rich family

rich as in he had maids and stuff

his family had /chefs/ okay like he never would’ve had to learn how to cook

simon lived in a care home (or something i apologize for my ignorance on this subject in advance)

from what i can tell he’s never had to cook for himself either

so when they move in together (aka when baz just starts “haunting their doorstep”) the cooking is a learning process

penny would probably be in charge of most of the meals

but whenever she was too tired or couldn’t be bothered to actually cook anything simon (and baz) would have to fend for themselves

it start small probably, like box dinners or something

and then once they were more comfortable in the kitchen theyd experiment

id say simon is probably the one who handles cooking meat in the beginning
its not that baz is scared or anything

he just doesnt like the thought of dead animal touching his skin

baz would look for recipes on his phone, definitely, finding one that sounds really good

and he’d ask simon if he wanted to try it

of c he would, he’s simon snow and he is an actual Gourmet

anyways as far as cleaning goes

theyre all pretty lax, penny makes sure the dishes are always done bc she’s lived in a house w dirty dishes sitting in the sink for a few days and its not the kind of thing she wants her apartment to go through

baz always makes simon’s bed though

he’s probably the only one who actively does laundry

he didn’t know /how/ to do laundry

im going on the assumption that their apartment has at least a washing machine

so he probably googled how to use it

and the first time he was trying to hang the clothes up to dry (maybe on a balcony or smthn who knows not me) penny walked in and nearly fainted

bc he was doing it so ??? wrong it was terrifying to say the least

wet clothes on top of wet clothes


she showed him otherwise to say the least

and then they might’ve taken turns w laundry after that bc it was definitely an Event

eventually baz buys a spearmint plant

bc he likes the smell of it

it reminds him of simon

when he had magic and even after that

beyond the cleaning though

every saturday they have a movie night

and theyll either go to the theater (or cinema or w/e)

or marathon like harry potter or disney

sunday they all sit down and pick out a dessert they want

(“SOUR CHERRY SCONES!” “Next week is your week, Simon, this week I want snickerdoodles.”)

and they make it together

as a sort of /family/

they all throw flower at each other

and giggle and just overall have a good time

and dammit they deserve it

they’ve had enough awful prophecies and traumatic father-figure-death’s for ALL of their lifetimes.

and yeah okay maybe they fight sometimes because they dont agree on something

maybe they all suck at housework

theyre young

theyre learning

t o g e t h e r

anyways yeah this is long sorry

JK mentioned that the affection between dumbledore and grindelwald when they were working together was one sided, so maybe grindelwald was kind of manipulating dumbledore and using his feelings for him to try and get access to his sister ariana, who we all thought was a squib.

but it might be more likely she was one of those suppressed child, obscurus or w/e. but she died, which is maybe why he set his sites on acquiring a new obscurus.

which kind of makes dumbledore even more of a tragic character.

H a r r y   P o t t e r   W i t c h e s  -  L i l y   E v a n s

Your mother was there for me at a time when no one else was. Not only was she a singularly gifted witch, she was also an uncommonly kind woman. She had a way of seeing the beauty in others even, and perhaps most especially, when that person couldn’t see it in themselves.

The Boys Tell Him To Break Up With You: Part 2

Part 1

It was suddenly cold in his house. Maybe it was because she left, and there was one less person in the house. Or maybe it was the sadness that had completely captivated him from that point on.
He was lost.
So lost, that in fact, he hasn’t moved from the roof in days. It seems that the only time he would leave was when he had to sleep or eat, or use the toilet. He never left for any other reason.
The roof was the only place he was able to think, ever since he was little.
It was a break from all the memories in their house. It wasn’t the same without her. It was silent, so completely lifeless that being in there for too long drove him insane.
He sighed, wrapping the blanket tighter around him as the cold air blew against his skin.
It was silent, it was calming, and just for three good seconds, he forgot all about what had happened.
Suddenly, his phone rang next to him. His eyes shot open and he quickly looked down, hoping to see Y/n’s name creep upon his screen. But it wasn’t her, it was Liam. He didn’t feel like answering, not to any of them, anyway, but he figured that he’d give them a heart attack if he didn’t answer after one week of being missing.
“Harry? Oh my God, Harry.” Liam said.
He had such relief in his voice.
Harry stayed silent, only focusing on the breeze that had been pushed against him.
“Harry, please, where are you?”
He sighed, his gaze being kept right upon the horizon.
“I don’t know anymore. I just want Y/n. I really need her.”
“Harry pl—”
“That’s all I need right now.”
“Harry listen to m—Harry?! HARRY?!” Liam screamed into the phone.
The line went dead, and Liam knew he had lost him.
“Fuck! One damn time he answers and all he asks for is Y/n. Guys, we need to find her. We really need to find her.”
“Yeah, but where the hell is she?” Niall asked.
Zayn sighed, running his hand through his hair.
“She loves that abandoned little cafè just a few blocks down. Maybe she’s there?” He asked.
The boys nodded, tapping Zayn on the shoulder, as if a sign to tell him that it could possibly be a chance that she was there.
“We can’t waste time. We have to go.” Louis said, grabbing his coat.
For some reason, they had forgotten about a car. They just ran, as if it was the only possible way they could get there. Maybe they were trying to run to her because it felt better that way. Like their hard work was what they felt she had deserved.
Once reaching the cafè, they saw her there, reading a small book upon an old table.
“Y/n” Zayn breathed, all of the boys out of breath from all the running they had done.
Y/n looked up at them, her dull eyes meeting their frantic ones.
Taking a good look at her now, they knew just how sevre this had caused her. She looked nothing like herself. All of the life that had made her so different had been sucked out of her like venom.
Her blue eyes were grey.
He tan skin now fare.
She lookned back down at her book. She had no intention on talking with them. If they really had thought she was bad news, she had no care for what they had to say.
None of this would have happened if they weren’t invloved.
“Look—shit—we all know you really don’t like us right now. We really aren’t faund of us either at the moment, but we really need you, Y/n. Like, we really really need you.”
She sighed, her eyes never drifting off of her book.
“But if you get too close to me, you might not make it to your next management meeting. Don’t want to be bad news on you guys.”
Her sarcasm filled the air with tension. The boys immediately felt even worse than they had before.
They knew she never ment any harm, and it hurt them to know they made her feel like she had. They didn’t know what they were caught in the middle of. Their best friend had now been missing, and the love of his life will never feel the same about them again.
They were all one big group. She was like the sixth member, always around, always joining them in video games, dares, twitcams. She was always around, but ever since her and Harry moved in they both started distancing in the worst way.
They thought it couldn’t get worse, and that’s why they thought it would be better off this way. They could have never been more wrong.
“It’s Harry.” Louis mumbled.
Y/n looked up. Niall was biting his nails, always something he had done when he was nervous of anxious.
She swallowed the lump in her throat. What could be happening with Harry? Why was it so urgant?
“W—what about Harry?! Is he okay?!” She panicked, standing up from her chair.
Niall immediately grabbed her arms, trying to calm her down before she panics herself.
“Y/n, we really don’t know. We don’t know where he is. We searched the house, we searched the city. Absolutely everywhere and we just—we just don’t know where he is and he won’t answer us and—and we’re really starting to think that the only person he’ll answer to is you.”
“He hasn’t showed up to anything. We’ve had so many things to do and he never came. He never even called to make him excuses, he just wouldn’t show up. He only answered the phone for the first time today and he gave us nothing. All he asked was for you. We know we hurt you and blamed you but it wasn’t until we all lost you until we realized that it’s worse without you.”
With tears in her eyes, she nodded. She understood they were sorry, and although she felt as if things will never be the same, she at least had their acceptance again.
“Just stop, it’s okay. Can we just find Harry before I drive myself insane?”
The all nodded quickly, instantly grabbing her things for her. Escorting her to the car, Y/n couldn’t seem to shake off the nervousness in the pit of her stomach.
If she couldn’t find Harry, she would never stop thinking about him. It was bad now, running on no sleep and no food just because she didn’t have him. But to not have an idea as to where he was? That was too much for her to process.
Walking in the cold didn’t make it better, because the ice that had been explanding inside of her felt more frozen than before.
She was turning numb.
“You said he wasn’t here?” She asked, approuching what used to be her home.
Her thumb pushing down her other fingers as a sign of anxiousness.
“He isn’t we checked everywhere. But you know this house, and him, more than anybody here.” Liam answered.
She nodded.
She took a deep breath, taking small strides towards the front door. With her shaking hand, she pushed open the door, instantley greeted with a cold breeze.
“What the fuck? It’s so damn cold in here. He must have left a win—”
She stopped her sentence.
She knew.
“Guys. I know where he is.”
“What?! Where?!” They all asked in unison, their eyes wide with concern.
“When he was younger, when his parents started to divorce, he always told me that the roof was the best place to go. A break from the inside. He always said it’s like a new life up there.”
She didn’t give them time to reply, because she was already half way up the stairs by the time she finished what she was saying.
Reaching their bedroom, she grabbed an extra blanket from the bed before climbing out of the window.
There he was. In the fetal position, his knees up to his chest as he hugged around them, the blanket falling loosely off of his body.
He was shivering, his hair now flat with no life.
She sighed, lifting herself up from her position before walking toward him. Reaching to where he was, she swiftly placed her blanket around him.
“What are y—”
Turning around, his eyes widened at the love of his life in front of him.
She looked like him. Hair flat, eyes dull, face sunken in. But he had never felt so much better than how he felt now, with her looking at him with such love.
“Y/n? Is this really you? I’m not just imagining you again?” He asked.
She smiled softly, shaking her head.
“I’m here, Harry, I’m here.”
“Oh my God” he sobbed, his body being lifted up by his sudden adreniline.
He walked up to her, almost as if he was trying to confirm that she really was here, in front of him. He didn’t think she would ever come back, not this soon, anyway. It seemed to fake, like he couldn’t believe she would ever chase after him.
Grabbing her face in his hands, they both instantly broke. It was such an incredible feeling, seeing the one you love more than anything finally in front of you after what felt like an entire lifetime.
“My angel. My angel.” He whispered through his tears, pushing her body into his.
He didn’t smell like himself. He smelt like a stranger, someone who had been working in dirt his whole life. But she didn’t mind, because right now, this is him.
“It was bad. It was so bad.” She sobbed against him.
He squeezed her harder against him, both of their eyes closed as tears were pouring out.
And even though they both looked so sad; so broken, as if both their worlds had just crashed beneath their feet, they were happy. “How about I make us some soup? Yeah? You need to eat.” “No. No.” Harry sighed, burrying his face into her neck, just wanting to feel her with him again. She giggled, sniffling as she rubbed her hand through his hair. “You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me, Y/n” he whispered effortlessly, as if he didn’t have to think it before he spoke it. She had never felt so lucky before, having someone like Harry in her life. She never understood how he could love her this much. “You too, baby. You too.” And just for a couple of minutes, what had happened before seemed to disappear, because now, in this moment, with eachother, they knew nothing could be better.


Pairing: George x Reader

Request: Hi request plz?reader-muggleborn,bffs w the trio,falls in love w George,becomes bffs w the twins,Fred finds out she likes George,Fred&Harry&Ron&Hermione try to get her&George togethr,when they do its at a DA meeting&they r casting Patronuses?thank u!

A/N: Holy shit here’s another Imagine I totally forgot about, this one’s about three weeks old I’m honestly hopeless

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You had signed up to be a part of Harry Potter’s secret Dark Arts training, known as Dumbledore’s Army. You and around 30 others had all met up just a few weeks ago to sign our names on the piece of parchment, so that we could get a read education this year, not this stupid “no practical work” nonsense placed by Umbridge.

Now, you were in the newly discovered Room of Required which served itself as the perfect place to practice defensive spells, in rebellion against the Ministry and Umbridge.

“Okay, everyone,” Harry grabbed everyone’s attention from the front of the dark room, “Today we’re going to be practicing patronuses,” everyone in the room began to talk quietly among themselves,

“Make it a powerful memory,” Harry began,”the happiest you can remember, allow it to fill you up!”

Everyone in the room scattered into small groups, all practicing the incantation ‘Expecto Patronum’ among themselves,

“Expecto Patronum!” you cried, as a perfect, full bodied Patronus emitted from the end of your wand.

“Well done, Y/n, well done!” Harry congratulated you, amazed that you had conjured it on your first try. The other students looked in amazement as your Patronus flew around the room.

As you watched your Patronus excitedly, Hermione and Ginny gave each other a silent nod, Ginny then going over to Fred and Hermione over to Ron. They both said something to the boys quietly, before all four of them were smiling mischievously and carried on if nothing had happened.

“George looks like he could use some help,” Ginny observed allowed, earning a ‘shut up’ from George, “I think Y/n should give him a hand”

George’s eyes widened, attempting to telepathically tell his sister no.

“I reckon it’s a great idea, Georgie” Fred agreed, nudging George playfully.

Harry caught onto what was happening, and even know the DA was meant to be serious in learning defence against the Dark Arts, he knew how George felt about Y/n, and how she felt about him. “That’s a great idea, guys. Y/n, would you mind helping George with casting a Patronus?”

“I’d love to,” you say with a smile. You weren’t shy around George at all, even though you fancies the heck out of him, so this was a great opportunity for you.

“I’ll leave you two alone to make some magic together,” Fred said trying to hold back a laugh as George attempted to hit him.

“Hey George,” you greet as you walk over to him confidently with a smile on your face,

“Hi, Y/n, thanks for saying you’ll help me out,” George says with a smile,

“Any time, I’m all yours!”

George chuckled, and you swear you heard him say ‘if only’ under his breath.

people really do underestimate the women of the harry potter series. everyone is constantly talkin about dickhead dumbledore and stalker snape and rly forget about the women who mothered and raised harry & hermione & ron & the rest of our faves. like harry was so full of hatred and rage at the thought of mcgonagall being spat on that he hit amycus w/ a cruciatus so hard it knocked amycus out lmfao. & who can forget when mcgonagall went ballistic at umbridge for saying that harry wouldn’t become an auror and swore that she would tutor harry herself to make sure he passes the test. & harry just loved molly so so much. i have no doubt that he would have killed or died for her. he v obviously saw her as a mom, and she went out of her way consistently in the series to make harry feel welcome and safe and loved. the women of hp are so important and much worthier of our love than snape or dumbledore or sirius (yes! even sirius!) or any of the other ultimately useless “father figures” in the series. all they did was deceive and hurt harry whereas all the moms of hp did was protect harry and make him feel loved, unconditionally. 


I know I can’t apologize enough for how long it took me to write this. I know it’s been months and I’m the worst person ever but it’s finally here. If you haven’t read the other chapters or forgot what happened because it’s been ages since you read it they can be found on my masterlist. I apologize for any sloppy parts or any mistakes. Please forgive me for being so

Chapter four

When Harry heard the doorbell ring at 8 o'clock in the morning he couldn’t help but groan and turn around with a annoyed frown on his face. When it rung again he opened his eyes and released a defeated sigh. He knew Gemma wasn’t home, not until tonight because she was visiting a good friend up in Newcastle. Seemed like he had to get up.
He put on a old grey shirt that had tiny holes and ripped spots but it was comfy and he just couldn’t throw it away. He jogged down the stairs, shouting “Coming!” when the person behind the door pressed down on the doorbell again.
He opened the door and his eyes almost fell out of his head when he saw who it was.
“Oh, Harry. Goodness, did I wake you?”
Her voice was panicked, as were her eyes, scanning his half naked body.
“Good morning to you too, love.” he chuckled nervously.
“Good morning.” she breathed with a smile.
“S'okay by the way. It’s actually good that you woke me up, would have slept until noon otherwise.”
“Alright. Uh, well… I’ve got a date with Gemma.”
She was nervous. He noticed it the moment she lied her eyes on him. Her voice was quivering and her eyes were darting around, never finding a place to look at longer than a second.
“Well, Gemma is not here. She is visiting a friend in Newcastle and will be back tonight.“
“Oh. Wait… Today is Sunday, right?”
“Saturday, love.” he smiled softly at her.
“Oh. Oh, goodness I’m so stupid. Sorry, I-I’ll go now. Sorry for waking you. I’m sorry.”
She turned around quicker than Harry could react, walking to her car that was parked in the driveway.
“Wait!” he called before she could open her car door.
She turned around slowly and looked at him with a questioning look.
“Did you already have breakfast?”
She shook her head no. Harry sent her a smile, opened the door and motioned for her to come in.
“Harry, you really don’t have to. I mean-”
“I want to. C'mon now.”
She hesitated a bit before she nodded and stepped into the apartment.
“I’m quickly going to change, yeah? I’ll be right back.”
She was going crazy. And she didn’t know why. But ever since that moment a few days ago something was different.
She was thinking about him. Often. In the most random situations.
She was making coffee and for some reason she thought about him.
She was removing her makeup and then he crossed her mind.
She blamed it on that one moment they had. She found him cute before that but now she found him… appealing?
They connected, she felt it. The fact that he knew how she felt was strange because whenever she told somebody about it they looked at her confused but Harry… he understood.
Ever since that moment she thought about the other things that happened too, like the moment he caught her when she almost fell down. Or the moment when she aimed to kiss his cheek but landed on the corner of his mouth.
She wondered how it would feel to have his lips pressed against-
“Alright, m'ready.”
She looked at him dumbfounded for a moment, her thoughts clearly distracting her. Her eyes wandered from his mesmerizing eyes to his raspberry lips which looked so damn soft and so kissable and-
“You okay, love?” he asked concerned.
“W-What? Oh, yeah. Sorry.” she stammered.
He nodded and made his way through the hallway over to the kitchen, turning around when he didn’t hear her walking behind him.
“You coming?”
“Uhh, yeah.”
She shook her head as if she was trying to shake those thoughts out of her head. It didn’t work.
“Okay, so I thought I’d make some pancakes? With yogurt and fruit on it? How’s that sound for you?”
“Sounds amazing.”


He finished breakfast within twenty minutes, serving her the most delicious food someone could imagine. She was amazed how good it all tasted, the pancakes were the best she ever had and the scrambled eggs were absolutely perfect as well.
Their conversation was great too. They were talking about their families, their jobs and they were… getting to know each other.
During all this time both of their hearts were beating faster than normal. It felt like a date. A real, proper date. A amazing date.
“Harry, that was absolutely amazing.” she sighed contently when they both finished eating.
“Yeah? I’m glad you liked it. Gemma always says my scrambled eggs are too salty.”
“No it was absolutely perfect.” she reassured him.
They smiled at each other for a moment before Harry got up and collected the dishes, Y/N quickly getting up and helping him.
“You don’t have to help, love. S'okay.”
“Nope. No way am I going to let you do the dishes alone after you already prepared the most delicious breakfast in my whole life for me.”
Harry chuckled and let her, telling her to put them in the dishwasher.
It felt to be like that with her. It felt like this was a everyday action that they always did together. Like they were together.
In a way they connected even more during the time they spent. There was something between them that they both couldn’t quite pinpoint or describe. They were like two magnets. There was a pull between them.
When they finished putting away the dishes they stood in the middle of Gemmas kitchen, both not really knowing what to say and both not wanting Y/N to leave.
“Well, I guess I’m going to leave now. Disturbed you enough, haven’t I?” she chuckled nervously.
“You haven’t disturbed me at all, love. Was nice to have breakfast with you.” he sent her a gentle smile.
She looked at him for another few seconds before she took a step forward and engulfed him in a tight hug. Harry released a surprised ‘oh’ when her body crashed against his but wrapped his arms around her immediately. When she felt him hugging her back she pulled him even tighter to her, her face nuzzling into his neck and her nose inhaling his scent that was making her feel dizzy. His hands stroked over her back in slow circles, squeezing her tighter towards his chest every few seconds. His face was nuzzled into her neck as well, the scent of her hair mixed with her cologne was almost overwhelming.
After a two way too short minutes she pulled back, very slowly and Harry almost thought she wanted to kiss him when she stopped with her face right before his face and her eyes wandered to his lips. She didn’t though.
She pulled back completely and when she realized what just happened her eyes widened with shock and her cheeks turned pink.
“Oh god, I’m sorry. Shit, I’m so sorry. I-I didn’t mean to-. I’ll just leave now. Thank you for the breakfast.”
She left and slammed the door shut before Harry could react. He stood there in the middle of his sisters kitchen completely dumbfounded. He heard her shouting ‘fuck’ from outside, which finally snapped him out of his trance.
Fuck, indeed.
She hugged him.
But it wasn’t a normal ‘thank you for the breakfast, I’ll leave now hug’.
It was a proper squeezing each other and being as close as possible hug.
He still felt the ghost of her arms around him and her lips on his shoulder and how they were pressed to his skin there, not in a kiss but simply squeezed against his skin because she was so close.
Harry knew in that moment he fell for her. He was completely in love with her.
It couldn’t be anything else but love.
He’s never been in love before but he was sure this was what it felt like.
He never felt this way before. Never did he meet a girl that took away his breath the first time he saw her. Never before did he feel butterflies erupting in his stomach when a girl kissed his cheek. Never before did he enjoy talking to a girl as much as he did with Y/N. Never before did he open up to a girl so quickly. And never before did he connect with a girl before.
But with Y/N everything felt different. She was like a breath of fresh air. Like sunshine after years of darkness.
She was the girl he subconsciously wrote every song about. She was the girl he never thought he’d find.
And when she hugged him he felt something change between them. Like something snapped in place.
He knew she felt it too. He saw how she looked at his lips. He felt how tightly she held on to him. And for a moment he allowed himself to think she felt the same when she saw him.


The next morning he hoped to wake up to Y/N ringing the doorbell again but it didn’t happen. He stood up with a sigh, getting ready in the bathroom and putting his running clothes on. He needed a good run to clear his mind.
He went downstairs, making his way to the kitchen but stopping dead in his tracks when he saw her shoes and her jacket at the front door.
She had a date with Gemma today.
He gulped before he took a deep breath and walked towards the kitchen where he knew she would be.
“Good morning.“ he said when he entered the kitchen.
“Good morning.” they both replied.
He sent Y/N a soft smile, her cheeks turning lightly pink.
He walked over to where his sister was preparing some tee, kissing her cheek when she handed him a mug.Y/N almost melted at the loving gesture.
“You’re going for a frown again?” Gemma asked him with a frown.
“Um, yeah.” he nodded and took a sip from his tea.
“Everything okay?”
He nodded again, not looking at her because he knew that she looked right through him.
Harry usually never went for runs.
Only when he needs distraction.
Most of the time distraction from a girl.
“That girl?”
Y/N almost chocked on the food she had in her mouth. Girl? He had a girl?
Harry glared at her sister before he sighed. There was no point in lying. Gemma would ask him until he would spill everything.
“Yeah.” he admitted.
“Did you meet her again?”
He dared a quick side glance at Y/N but she didn’t seem to care about their conversation at all. But she did.
“Yeah.” he repeated.
“And?” Gemma pressed.
“Gemma.” he breathed annoyed.
“C'mon, tell me. Something must have happened or else you wouldn’t do that thing again and go for a run. I know why you do that, you know. So, tell me.”
“Yes, I met her and yes, something happened. But I don’t want to talk about it.”
She looked at him for a few moments before she nodded.
“You’ve got a moment though, right? Y/N uploaded a new article.”
“Gemma, he really doesn’t have to read it, I mean-”
“It’s fine, love. I want to read it.”
She gave him a nervous smile and nodded. Gemma gave him her phone where Y/N’s article was opened.

Die Liebe geht durch den Magen.
As a german turn of speech says food can make you fall in love with somebody. The exact translation would be ‘love goes through the stomach.’ And it’s true. A man who can cook is incredibly attractive and sexy. I don’t think any girl out there could deny the fact that a cooking man is the sexiest thing ever.

He looked at Y/N and saw her blushing and biting her bottom lip. The article was about him.
He quickly overflew the next few lines until he came across what he was looking for.

A man who can cook can quickly make a girl loose her mind. It can quickly make her feel something she hasn’t felt before. It can quickly make her fall in love with a man. There’s something special about a man cooking for a woman. It’s flattering and amazing and you know that if a man cooks for you, you’re special to him. But a woman should do something for her man too, right? Of course a nice thank you is enough but a bit a physical thank you is great too, right?

He stopped reading after that, looking at Y/N again.
“Yeah, right? I asked her the whole time who that ‘sexy’ and ‘amazing’ man is who cooked for her but she won’t tell me.”
Harry looked from his sister to Y/N and cleared his throat before he placed Gemma’s phone down on the kitchen table.
“I’m going to go now.”
He turned to leave the kitchen but Y/N’s voice stopped him.
“Harry?” she asked and stood up.
“Yes, love?”
“C-Could we maybe talk for a minute?”
“Um, yeah. Of course.”
They left the kitchen to get some privacy and sat down in the living room across from each other.
“I’m very sorry for what happened yesterday. I didn’t mean to be so… affectionate I guess.”
“Everything’s okay, love. There’s nothing to apologize for, yeah? It was actually one of the greatest hugs I ever shared with someone.” he grinned at her.
She chuckled and shook her head.
“Um… I hope your girlfriend isn’t mad.”
“What girlfriend?”
“You said to Gemma there was a girl?”
“Oh. Um… well, that girl isn’t interested.”
“No? How could any girl in her right mind bot be interested in you?”
“Well, I’m not as great as people make me out to be.” he smirked sadly.
Y/N looked at him for a few moments before she reached out and took one of his hands in hers, her thumb gently stroking over his knuckles.
“I think you’re great.”

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re: articulating why, i feel like it's the knowing better but doing worse thing, like finding it more important to emulate his icons than stand up for his beliefs. if this casual sexism reflected his lifestyle, it would be just, well, honest, but like this, it feels like he puts the genre and the predecessors above his personal beliefs, which doesn't sit right with me, but w/e.

So I’m figuring out why Harry’s lyrics bother me - and I understand that for a lot of people it’s because they expect better - but that’s not actually what it is for me.  I’ll go into my current thoughts when I have time, but at the moment I’m just going to push back a little on what Harry knows and believes.

He’s held a ‘he for she’ sign and made some nonsensical statements about equality.  I think that his understanding of and commitment to feminism has been widely over-read within fandom and I put much more weight on the music he has chosen to release than the vague statements he has made.

I don’t think we can assume that Harry really sees women as people. Most men don’t - particularly not wildly successful men who spend most of their lives in male-dominated spaces. I also don’t think we can assume that he knows what’s wrong with the lines: “Couldn’t take you home to mother in a skirt that short/But I think that’s what I like about it”.  I don’t think he would know what was wrong with that when he went on X-factor.  Most 16 year old boys don’t.  Where would he have picked up that knowledge since? He definitely knows people who would be able to explain it to him - but is he listening to them?

Don’t trust what men say their beliefs about women are - trust what they do.

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A blurb about play fighting w/ Eric and it turns into something really intense

I feel like maybe you would do something to make him semi-mad and he would playfully start fighting with you. It would just be small giggles and chuckles, small threats that were meaningless at this point, you complaining when Eric finally got a full grip on you for a short while. You know, it would just be like that. His room would be full of laughing, probably his mom would be smiling when she hears those giggles behind the door, being muffled partly. It would just be like, until either you fell off the bed and broke your nose somehow. Eric would maybe say a few things in a playful way, not noticing your nose broke.
“How does it feel to get defeated by me?”
Smirking, he finally looks down and speaks to soon, “Huh Y/N?” Then when he sees the blood on your hand and your nose when your hand moves away from covering your nose, his eyes widen.
“U-Uh, y-you okay?” He would ask, his voice soft and his tone shakey. Then when he sees you broke your nose, I can see him running out of his door, slamming the door open, and yelling for his mom.
After your nose was fixed and in healing, I think he would be very sorry for what he did. When it would fully heal and you would try to engage into a play fight, I think Eric would either not go further and not do that, just ignoring you as long as he could. Or he would be telling you on why he thinks he shouldn’t, it would take him a while to actually do that stuff again. I feel like he would remember that time and write about it in an assignment he would get for class on “Something you do that you regret.” He would either explain that story, or another story.

Thank you for requesting this! It was super fun to write!!!!! I don’t know if you wanted this for intense, or a weird romantic exchange. I just decided to mix it up and use this, making it more interesting for me to write. Sorry if you didn’t like this one!