this is when she really started enjoying the party

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FENRYS i love him. he is the best. and he deserves the best

  • So i am trash and i totes ship him and asterin 
  • But their relationship starts out super slow. thing of the enemies to lovers troupe. except they arent enemies but they arent really friends in the beginning. 
  • The get to know each other by training and kicking so much ass. 
  • but of course Fenrys is not all about his relationship. 
  • When maeve dies the blood oath breaks. thank god
  • Fenrys goes off an enjoys his freedom. 
  • He does whatever he wants whenever he wants.
  • After awhile he starts to chill out from all of the partying and sex and whatever else this sweet boy wants to do
  • He ends up going to Terrasen. 
  • He offers the blood oath to aelin if she will take him
  • She doesnt let him have the blood oath. because she does not want anyone else to be in control of him. He gets to make his own choices.
  • So he ends up becoming a trusted adviser and military dude for Terrasen. 
  • He also does spy stuff if anyone needs spy stuff because he can winnow and nobody remembers his fae form is a wolf i know we all remember how could we forget?!
  • While in Terrasen he starts training and working out. This is how he meets Asterin. 
  • They start training together. 
  • they become one bad ass team
  • they go on missions for Aelin or Manon together. 
  • He is always standing up for the underdog. 
  • Him and connall reconnect after maeve dies. I feel like meave would have separated them. 
  • They get to know each other all over again. it is actually really cute and sweet. they do bro things together. 
  • He gets nervous introducing Asterin to Connall. 
  • But they end up tolerating each other. and Fenrys is happy with that
Freedom Or Lies

TITLE: Freedom Or Lies


AUTHOR: the-resawrites

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine that you have always been a quiet, shy girl and no boy has ever been interested in you. When you start working with the Avengers, both the good captain Rogers and the Asgardian Loki take an interest in you…


NOTES/WARNINGS: It kind of got out of hand. Sorry if any typos. Thanks for reading. Please, enjoy!

“What are you still doing in here?” Bruce asked, going over to the counter where Violet sat at. “There’s a party down on the other floor.”

“I know.” She sighed. “Steve asked me to go with him, so did Loki. What do I do?”

“You really want advice from me?” He asked with a smile, which she nodded. “Just go to the party, show up with no one. It isn’t mandatory you go with someone.”

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So you headcanon Shiro as being a dancer (and kinda extra about it), do you think any of the other paladins can dance? I have hard time imagining a universe in which Lance can't. If you have time, look up Matt Steffanina on youtube because that's kinda how I think Lance would dance. (And Darrion Gallegos looks *just* like how I imagine Lance).

Actually, yes!  I think Hunk and Lance are both fond of dancing, but more socially (Hunk moreso.  Lance is a party/fun dancer, while Hunk’s is more cultural (and a little from sports)).  Pidge did do lessons when she was was young as part of living an Enriched Life but hated it and stopped within a few months, and Keith never really had the opportunity.  He might have enjoyed it if he’d started before he met Shiro, who constantly teased him into ‘practicing’ with him.

Something About Him

A/N: As you know, I accidentally deleted my blog (wweoneshotsbycharlie), so I’m reposting all of my stories for you guys. Also, you can follow me on Wattpad (heyitsmecharlie), you can find my stories there as well. I hope you enjoy!
Pairings: Roman Reigns x Reader
Warnings: ———
Summary: What will happen when (Y/N) sees someone she wasn’t quite expecting to see?

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Nervous, Much?

A/N: I’m sorry this took so long!

Request: Please, something like reader &Owen are on a fancy party &she starts to get jealous when he flirts& when he understands what’s wrong, he takes her to the dancefloor &then they sneak out& he proposes(with the girls) I know it doesn’t make much sense:D

Warnings: Alcohol, slight language

You really hated these fancy parties. As a high-up trainer, you understood the necessity of being there, but it didn’t mean that you enjoyed yourself. And now you were sitting alone at a table, waiting for your boyfriend to bring you a drink. “What is taking him so long?” you said to yourself, and after a beat you got up to look for him. You were incredibly lucky to have Owen as your boyfriend, you really were. You loved him with all of your heart, and it gave you the tiniest bit of pride when you heard other girls whispering about him. But you also had a jealous streak a mile wide, and so it sometimes made it difficult to be with him. “I swear to God, Owen Grady,” you mumbled as you scanned the crowd, finally locating him beside the bar. You sighed in relief, beginning to make your way to him when you saw it. Well, her. Owen was sitting at the bar, talking about something with none other than Claire Dearing. You forced a smile and walked their way, trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, when she touched his arm. She rubbed it as if she was trying to soothe him, and you swore your vision tinged green. He laughed at her then, and you all but stormed over there, trying to save your rage for when you got him alone. You forced a smile as you reached them, possessively wrapping your arm through his as you stood beside him. “Oh, hi, y/n!” Claire said with a surreptitious glance at Owen. He pulled his arm from yours to wrap around your waist, a nervous expression on his face. “Owen, can I speak to you for a moment?” you asked as sweetly as you could, a big fake smile on your face. “Of course, my love. Wish me luck,” he said with a wink to Claire, and you had to stop yourself from exploding right there. He followed you outside the hotel into the cool night air, and looked like he was about to speak before you rounded on him. “What the hell was that? You were supposed to be getting us drinks, not flirting with Claire.” His eyes widened, and he shook his head. “Babe, that’s not at all what was happening!” You scoffed at him. “Then what was it, Owen? In what universe is her rubbing your arm just a friendly conversation??” you asked, and you could feel the redness creeping up your neck and face as you got more and more angry. “I’m nervous about something, and she was trying to comfort me. That’s it.” Owen genuinely looked nervous, and he was avoiding eye contact. “Why couldn’t you talk about it with me? I thought you were supposed to tell me everything,” you said, a slightly hurt tone to your voice. “Come on, I’ll show you,” he said, taking your hand. You followed him to the car, wondering what on earth the deal was.

As Owen pulled up beside the raptor paddock, you looked at him in confusion. “This? You were nervous about bringing me to the paddock?” He nodded sheepishly, and you rolled your eyes. You should have known he was making things up. “Come here,” he said, opening your door and helping you out of the car. You followed him, wondering just what he had planned that he was so nervous about, when you saw it. In the safety cage there was a blanket laid out, and on top of that blanket was a small basket and some unlit candles. You looked to him, shocked. “You….you were planning a surprise for me?” He nodded, unable to stop the smile that was playing across his features. He grabbed your hand and led you inside the cage, gesturing for you to sit beside him as he pulled out a bottle of champagne and two glasses. “Here, my love,” he said, handing you a glass and taking a sip of his own. He made a face, and you laughed. “What’s with the champagne? We’re both tequila people and you know it,” you teased, and he shrugged. “I thought it was more appropriate for the occasion.” You looked at him in confusion, and he smiled. Owen whistled, and your eyes widened in surprise as you saw the girls gather in front of the cage. “Now, y/n. The girls and I have talked about this for a while now, and they have been very adamant that we need an addition to our family.” The raptors chirped at his words, and you shook your head. “I’m afraid I don’t understand…” Owen’s smile grew wider, and he shifted up onto one knee, pulling a box out of his pocket. “They agree that I need a mate. Blue has protested the most, but we all finally decided that it’s time, and that it should be you. I’ve loved you for quite some time now, baby. So, will you marry me?” You stared at him for a moment. “Is this what you were talking to Claire about?” He nodded, his smile dropping, and you stared for a while longer before attacking him. You tackled him to the ground and kissed him, wrapping your arms tightly around him. When you finally pulled back, he smiled up at you. “That’s a yes, by the way,” you said, and he rolled his eyes. “Of course it is.”

a few scattered thoughts on BALTHDAY and the latest episode, Vegan Fred
  • I love the new character Vegan Fred. (Full disclosure: I am prejudiced in favor of people who wear glasses.)
  • He does seem to be set up as a possible love interest for Balthazar, because he is (1) vegan and (2) into music.
  • On the other hand he said he doesn’t crave sausages.
  • (I’m kind of appalled that I actually just wrote that.)
  • Also, Meg was flirting with him.
  • Speaking of Meg: she really rocks the red lipstick at the party.
  • I am really enjoying Meg and Bea’s friendship and laughter.
  • I love Bea’s yellow skirt.
  • But was Ben acting kind of weird at the party? Like, not as affectionate with Bea as one might expect? … And why was he cleaning up when he could’ve been sleeping with Bea (in either sense)? 
  • Why did Rosa suddenly start being nice to Ben?
  • Rosa got two mugs of water. Who was the second one for? I’m assuming not Balthazar, or she wouldn’t be asking Ben whether he thought Balthazar had had a good night.
  • I still think Freddie might have a crush on Kit.
  • Chelsey and Paige are adorable. 
  • I liked that John was just sitting in the corner reading most of the time, though we did see people sitting with him and talking a few times. He seemed totally nonplussed by Chelsey.
  • Which room was John not supposed to sleep in? … was it Peter’s? … and if so, who is in there???
  • Who called Peter’s phone and shouted into it at 3am?
  • Please tell me Balthazar drank the hard liquor fully willingly and not because he was pressured into it. He really seemed to find it distasteful, but I might be projecting.
  • Back to Vegan Fred–it’s nice that he offered rooms in his house to Kit, Meg, and Bea. I’m glad they can sleep in real beds now.